The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1936
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, HAY 6, 1936 Farm News Eillle.t by J. o. puu.nrrroN • County Agricultural Agem nLYlTIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS but deposits yellow i'Eg colonies on the lower side of the potato 1 When those eggs hatch, the young beetles start eating rapidly- and will, if not controlled, completely destroy n whole potato O'op, ; There ore ecvcrnt effective poisons which may be used In con Cluster of Grapefruit Produced Yield of 54 iUl'>-The MISSION, Tex. lamest single cluster of citrus mill I'econled lit Die Lower Hlo Grande Vulley is no more. Iovt.o MIIH.-U jiiay ut,' ii^et? in con-' ^ l ' bli; cluster, believed t'^luive • trolling these beetles. One of the col "»l»«l -10 Individual ijmnofruU. ,,,,,, " I most common poisons used is nr- w " s dismembered when federal i <.d of three or more weeks with- remite of lead. This may be up- '>»'' suite department, of asilcnl- uii (latnaso. Also, these facts give |i)le<| us 11 spray or dust. When '""' oirinliils announced they could i M-inc Idea or the value of the new fi|,p]lcd as n spray, one pound n " (1 »« methixl of preserving the M.H conservation program, which may be used to 15 gallons of wat- fnlil «" Hie original stem, is now tang presented to farm- er or m Ulis som , , )v opoillon. When the cluster vvtis broken. ,,'.,,„ ,,,,,. ,, ' ""I'll arseimte of lead Is used 5-1 fruits were found nil bill 11 Ihe water-holding capacity of as a dust, a may be mixed with of limn !*!„„ of ™nu erclal%1/c PO 1. 'l'" 0 ' 1 ^ by adding or- hydmted lime on a 50 pjr cent- mid ihe entire pram wolghlnft 94 r Q -| . ,] , , ennlc matter which may be done cr Imlf nnrf half basis. pounds, ' vuignmi, Ol DOM lo Holcf W Plowing under legume crops Calcium aisenate used in con- The clusler was Imm I ntre> rop'^Mileror^by^ul'lng''^''.! ,n°"!he ^an^n^mcr'""^ "it "wat here!'" "''"" lU '' " a ' BC lpwr "" 5 "«"• Moisture Is tal Importance. Legume- crops, when plowed im- be used but wi! Acco 11 ^i ] n ( ' e '' "° l °"' y '"*'' "'Bi'ilo matter If cnrc. Is nol t,,.,.^ n i'. ' m ' e - s011 ' ex- to the soil but they t»7so add about Strom solution tension agronomist. University of 50 pounds of nitrogen' for each! ' _ Artnnsns college of nsrlcuHure. ton of dry mailer In Ihe crop.!' he linpoi'lance ol the water-hold- This added nitrogen makes lie, Cut Alfilfn bMheTci y thIt iftaT" ^ S ' 10Wn IV " lC1 ' "'° rc elricl " lt '" Sowing l alla " a one iioimil of corn-or atom sev- n, , ~ Z7T~r. n en tons of wuler to grow one Miady (jtOVe ,Glub Sells There Is n comparatively short! 303 Bushels of Radishes period when most of the moisture I Is used by growing corn; that is. i Tlio Shady drove Junior-Adult fi* the plant approaches maturity, j 1 *-" club h«s jusl sold 303 bushels ........ M^.J,. u.iv..,it.T EluullllLV. 1 • -">••' ,1.^1 J.l.l^ .^U1(L JUJ UllAJItJI.^ During tills period n stalk of coiii cf radishes from five acres for takes from the soil from 4 to 10 which (hey received "a gross in- pounds of water per day. An col "e of $132.49. A net Income acre of-coni with' stalks spaced lo tllu etub of $37.00 was reall/.- ci . i ! "i'>i'k-15i-uiiRht has been kept on 1 DtlOOIS Appear '"»«l fur all th« family In the — • llollll! «f Mr. W. A. Lemons, of - According (o the 1935 census. Illcll) |!i'mleiii-e, Va., since twenty Mississippi county had 15,000 acres yi ' l "' s ' l| '°- Mr. Lemons writes seeded to alfalfa. The season for " lu ' llll:|lli it- as a ' Inxallvc .harvestint' tliu nisi,cutting from '" l "' si ' s of "tseadachf, dull, tired the old crop Is near at hand. I r '- ( '""l!. l)" ' A » old i-ulo Is to cut alfalfa' ' A " cl ' l:ll!l ' " " I feel 1111:0111- wlien the plants arc In full bloom, j ,'" bll> n[ iei-,n heavy meal," he However, this rule cannot always ''"""• "' c«t'eclally use 11 for sick be relied IIIWM. D. J. linrleson. ex-i "°' uhicl1 " " ' tension ngronomisl of the Unl-! Wlle " ....... ^ ..... t-i 4 feet by •! feet removes from Approximately 55 per cent of '' s rom . n o tlie soil an nveragc or about 9 to llle crop was lost 'due' to •Inability " at the right 10 Ions of water per day as the to secure pickers crop approaches 'maturity. | """" A rain of one Inch adds 1131 - - -• •• — tons of water per acre. If the °' wnom al>e boys. Russell Mas- lantl is properly terraced so thai' sey Is P'' cii| dcnt, Pearl Neeley, see- none of the water runs oft. If the retiu - v - J - H - David Is local soil has sufficient water-holding ltluiei 'capacity to absorb all of it for I the crop, and It there is very, P rn f Pr f Yniir P«»3»/ia* little evaporation from the sur- rr0lCCt »<>W rotatOCS L a T' I! 10 ', 1 ?o °! le - ilH; " ral » w" ul <i Against Colorado Beetle ifist, aDoul 12 days. These facts show, Mr. Curleson j Tlie Colorado |»tato beetle has pointed oiil. why a crop of com made Its appearance on Irish noon lund with low water-holding lato plants early. The striped capacity cannot stand a dry pe- shelled beetle does little eating verslly of s college of, ng- 1 Ulnll «''l I . It certainly Is KIWI." | ll mnii says "Ulnck- it Is probably . , - . - rlciiltui'e, states thai the crop Is I C1 " sc lu! ''t'inciiilvrs the prompt, '-'fr' ready for harvest when young , it brnnghl. In , nu i "re your next cutting and l " olls t | l>«llon troubles. it Is a The club has 37 members m " lc ""I 1 sllolll<1 then be cut to, Klm|ll °' llcll) laxative; natural In Vlllu ...1.1 01 UILIUUII.,, ^J ,,,,,l.n ^,,n... r-.. n. _ ~ .. mill IUI1.1 Mf.f, ...... .., room for the succeeding one. On the basis of a 17-ccnt gallon, the average Ohio motorist pays $72.25 a year for gasoline. DR. SALIBA Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Ollnlc GI,ASSES FITTED Room 210 - Ingram Bklg. Office PhoiiL* 418 - Res. 410 composition and ncuun. -Adv. 2HI59 Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 p. M. 1109 Chlckasawba INSTRUCTIONS KHBE aUUERS TAKEN FOR "BEHNAT" YARN Mre. Leslie Hooper Mra. A. c. Haley Phone 792 m-M¥^^^^ MI* A wrx'*^--: M™ -I-., A-. -f w*,«* rfK4a&,,>A*L *&&"**»*'. " •.«-'.> of differeiiee! O NE of the lowest priced and most economical cars in the world lo.Iay slarnls in a class by ilsclf for riiccr performance and driving pleas- .lire. Over two and » half million American motorist* have swung lo il in less llian four years. Over one million chose it in 1935 alone. That car is the Ford V-8. Now we urge you to drive this great new 1936 Ford V- 8 hefore you decide on any car at any price. We urge you to know for youreclf the "feel" of Ford V-8 engine performance-the almost effortless ease of handling-lhe remarkable stability under all road condi- lions-tlie true fine-car riding comfort-which have "taken hold" so quickly and convincingly with the hardest-buying audience that ever tested America's cars. Before you set out to judge modern motor car values/get the "feel" of the one low-price car that's in a class all by itself 1 PFHIOHMAMK WITH KCONOMV Ttrrri! a) low as $25 a monlli, afler down payment, under new UCC '/ rer C( . n monlli plans. Prircs }510 anj i, p Fl/u nelroil, including Snfuy Gloss ihron'ghoul. Standard accessory grouj) extra. nt a roii BORROW A CAR FROM YOUR FORD DEATBR Tnn^v AND CET THAT v . g FEELING, We Invite You to Call Us Today For Demonstration-Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers y ^ v PHILLIPS' 1 Mllkal MINHSH'S '• gfefi It rin... B.€P Baseball Caps [Playground Ball] in ORLIS^ TOOTH PASTE 27' 'for 1 70' -^ TENNIS BALLS" 29c-50c SUN GLASSES 19c to 69c lOc 3 23 ( EenJ 3 boi top) arid lOr J i toSuperSuiii— Jeticy i i- Ciiy.H.J.,»ndrc. J * • nlctilnail bruili. Jj TIDY Deodorant Liquid, Ci«am or tVvrdcr 49 C ,««J«iiv«lori ] Co check pe;i- t'iralion. - 10.oi.SJ.o~, Justrtte Cleaning Fluid Real Value! PLAYGROUND BALLS Rcirulalion iue. eovy. rildt cover. Anr quAlAv Sf»rn». *ul>fe uiuHc</, OFFICIAL BALL For Tour- J> PAGE TITREE . Sij£tem. Stoi*e •MaeM SOc Jergeij's Lotion 39 C KIRBY BEOS DRUG CO. I-'OHHMOKT I'HKSCKII'TION S'l'OKIO Money.Saving S|u-i-inls for Tluiiwl.iy . Frlility . 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T.iiicu-socsi.e ..... :r Til lor Corns • fjp 3ScSi,c ............ ... Carfer's Pilfs ft'i? Corn Remedy HATH HIEUSIIKS i'(nvni:n rui'TS (!.H)[ Wlllli: ACIUINI; 75n V:itnc OVAI.T1NH 7.10 VahiiAKGOTAM: S1.ZS Value .... CIlEOMtll.SlON AHACIN .40". ;, •«. '...oJ c Jlo 25° DIXII: MAID OICIAIIS. 12 fin I'ltlNUK Al.HKIt'l' 'I AC Can '•" HAM-' * IIALI' 'i no Can •'•' J •VKLVliT I A< Can :'•" ICc SMQK1NU 9C(! TOBACCO. 3 for., ^' } r,u SMOKING OCC TOHAOCO, C for .."-' Campan*ItalianBilm in I 60cSi.« 4iJC Woodbury't • F«cc Povulcr— SOc Silt , ! ' Fitch Shampoo JScSirc. :. .' ' Tangeo Llpsllclr i n/4 11.IOV«lut. ; D4C j 37c Lavtndtr Lotion Ma^LAeV t.oz;. .... Annelut Rouge JncarnKl—60c 9ije,... lt<>tintn catn o/f^our folri uflri BOST TOOTH PASTE Plain or Chocol»t» MALTED MILK Pound Jar MINERAL OIL & AGAR Plntsii. MAK-O-Oll, Sl.OO Value ... 75o GI.OVKIt'S iM:tiige Ueiuoily MAHY T. UOLD91AN .... H. 1'AOI. IIIiNNA FITCH HAIR TONIC . ANGKU.US 1,1!' STICK . . MATCniiD MAKK-Ur .... ! INGRAM'S ( : 3ScShlY- 60c MEET Dcpiistory 49 WILLSON SUN GOGGLES Ma<U In W, S. A. Smoked L«n» 13c Octagon Shipe 50c KOLVNOS Tooth Paste 33 s t/piel Stomach? Get Quick «tli,l uiilh \ Bismadine New Hindi-Pack Canta!nt3 Dote* 10 C .Relievenour ilomjidi, . indiatitton and other stomcch diicpniforli.- $1 Groves Chill Tonic $1 Risodol ^ j 25c Griffin White Polish 19c 69c I 75c Paw Pile Ointment 59c Jl Nash Chill Tonic 69c $1.25 SSS Tonic 89c Alka-Seltzer 49c 35c Bromo Quinine '35c Vicks Salve 23c 35c Gold Medal Harlem Caps 29c 25c Nash Purgatine 19c $1.25 Pinkham Vegetable Com, 89c Bathing Alcohol, pint lOc Milk of Magnesia, pint 19c Russian Mineral Oil, pint 29c 102, Quinine 89c

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