Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1891
Page 7
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SYMPTOMS OB JLTTER DISEASE* Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste in Ine mouth; tongue coated; pain under tbo •fconlder-blade ; in the back or side— often mistaken for rheumatism: sour stomaeU with flatulency and -water-brash; Indigestion; bowels lax and costive by turns- headache, -with dull, heavy sensation; restlessness, with sensation of having left something undone which ought to have boon done; fullness after eating- bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellSV appearance of sMnand eyes; dizziness, etc. Wot all, but always some of these indi, cute want of action or tae Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy ^ that can do no harm and has cover been known to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator & — AJT EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC TOK, Malaria, Bowel Complaints, Dyipepsla, sick Headache, Constipation, Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHTSICIAITS OPrNIOJf. "I hive been practicing medicine for twenty years and hive never been able to put up i vegetable compound tbit would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectually move the ijver to action, and at the same time aid (instead « weakening) the digestive and assimilative poirers of the system. L- M. HINTON, M.D., Washio^ton, Ark. HOMEMADE INCUBATOR. A. Cheap and Serviceable Device Which ti Not Fatontiid, Mr. TV. C. Macgeorg-e sends a design of his incubator, which the readers of this journal may use, there being 1 no patent on it. In describing it ho Bays: "Th;s incubator may be made on a larger or smaller scale, as may be preferred. For the experiment I simply took a rough box 20 inches long-, 15 inches wide and IT inches high, but I would advise that it be made double, with sawdust packing-. The following is better: Length of box, 20 inches; width, 29 inches; height, 15% inches— outside measure; inside 2 inches :> OS1T Has our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J.EZailin & Cn. r Philadelphia, Pa. If You Have So appetite, Indication. Flatulence, Sick Heudaciie, **»!! rliu down," lo*> lesh, yon will find tbe remedy yon need. Thcjr loncnp. the weuK Htomut'h und build up tbe f 'a(CCi"S ciierfiie*. Sufferers from mental or p!iy*i«-iiI overlook will rind relief truiu (hem. ,Motl.v»ugur coated. SOJUD niip Httle fortune HAYC been mad«u work for us, by Anna FHRC, Austin, I »R9, and Jno. llonn. Toledo, Ohio. cut. Otlicr»nreduin(tMwcU. Why you? Some ?nrn over #500.00 i ioiitli. You inn do (he work and llr* t iiome, whcrpvpryoii .re. Even b«- pinner«nrcen»J]y«rntntr fVom *S to *10ad)iy.AllmpeB, W* nhow you bow »nd BUiri you. Can work In «nnre time oral] tin- time. Hip nionny forwork- cr». KnlltK-e unknown nmtiup them. TOP VIEW OF BOILER ASD TANK. smaller; that is, there is a space of 2 inches between the two boxes all around, except in front. There is an upper ventilator and a lower one, with tubes for fresh, air in the bottom. The machine is 30 inches high from floor of room to top of incubator. "The tank is of galvanized iron, 18J<f inches long-, IS inches wide and 134 inches deep, with two pipes at the left- hand side to connect with the boiler, one a little lower than the other, and spreading- off at rig-lit angles to the tank. ' "The boiler is of iron, 6x6 inches, with %-inch pipes and connections. The hood (globe) under the boiler is 4 inches high and S inches m diameter at the base. The burner is a regular burner, and should burn without a chimney. "The egg-tray has rollers on the .bottom, which makes the turning- of the eggs very easy. . "The cost of this incubator should not exceed six dollars, and the cost of operating is about three cents a day. The ABOUT INSECTICIDES. Concerted Action Necessary to the Extermination of Parasites. One reason for the increase of de- Btructive insects is the lack of concerted effort among farmers and fruit growers to exterminate them. One in a neighborhood may take considerable pains, keeping- his place clean, gathering-up and burning- or plowing- under all the rubbish that would afford them a hiding- or breeding- place. Rut if he is only one of a dozen his work will liave but a small effect in his neighborhood. To a considerable extent, at least, a greater part of the work done in fig-hting- pasts is of a negative or defensive character rather than a war of extermination, and; in consequence, they keep on increasing- year after year. Of course some seasons are more favora.ble for their development than others, or for one kind more than another, but under averag-e conditions there are certainly cnoug-h. Cleanliness about the place will help materially to decrease them. If a,, warfare is undertaken against them it should be done as soon as they make their appearance. A large proportion of pests increase very rapidly after they once g-et a start, and the long-er the work is delayed the more difficult it will be to exterminate them. Most of them live their season, and after that has passed very little trouble will be occasioned by them. It is important, then, to understand their habits and work to destroy them in a systematic manner. Spasmodic Work is of little benefit; persistent, thoroug-h work is necessary and the more fully, and I might add the earlier, this is given the better. Cut worms, black fleas, curculio, codling moth, and a few others generally come in first or earliest in the spring-, and one kind after another follows through the season until frosty weather in the falL With many the remedy is easy and certain if properly applied. With others experiments are necessary. In very many cases a poison is the only effectual remedy, but if care is taken in handling and'applying there need be no bad results.—Cor. Prairie Farmer. KoiU'K As a Delicacy. There is a man in town who eats bones, and who is known among his friends as the "great American bono eater," He is a scientist, and when a question was put to him he said: "I do not follow this habit for any fan- tas#c reason. I believe that the or- ga-nic ehernit-nl elements found in bones, such as phosphate and carbonate of lime, are greatly ni»tled in the human j frame for the development of the osse- ! ous system. 1 do not make a dinner of I bones, but merely take a little bone , delicacy at times, when not in corn- I pany. I will go through the rib bones of a spring- chicken or quail, or what not. Twill have the grilled leg bones [of a-young chicken,' which are easily j eaten when well grilled, and are very i niee. Then there are the grilled bones I of a suckling pig, or of a lamb and, in fact, there are sundry bones that can j be prepared in various ways to the ad- j vantage of the eater. I have had bene- : fit from bone eating, and I know sev- ; eral bone eaters. Some of the African negroes, who are very strong, eat the ; bones of game after making them crisp at the fire, and the books tell of the bone eaters of Europe in olden times. I would advise you to get a few dainty . bones in nice order and try them."—N. I Y. Sun. it's A ftural Savant. Constable — Don't you know against the law to shoot robins? Frayed-out Gunner—Yes, but I'm doing it for scientific purposes, sir. Constable—What do you know about science? Gunner—Please, sir, I've been trying to fill a vacuum for pretty much aU my life.—Judge. ." Continual dropping wears away the stone." The continual breaking of lamp-chimneys costs a good deal in the course of a year. You can stop it. Get Macbeth 's "pearl top " or " pearl glass." You will have no more trouble with breaking from heat. You will have clear glass instead of misty ; fine instead of rough ; right shape instead of wrong; and uniform, one the same as another. You will pay a nickel a chimney more; and your dealer will gain in good-will what he loses in trade; he will widen his-trade by better service. Plttsburg. G1!0. A. XlACBETll&Co. East, West, yorih. Sontnl i ennsylvaniaLinesL Schedule Of Passenger Trains-Central T!m»:;| CHICAGO DIVISION. : lf Westward. Columbus Iv, Marlon. " Z.o{ranBport. j ^ Wlnamac " Crown Point " ar. CWcagfl Lots For Sale. Eastward. |.", .„;,„• Chicago Iv Crown Point " Wmainac , " E-o~niisport Marion Columbus ar. Pullman Vestibule Binint «.ut lii=T Cars run on BTos. 20 and 21 oeiweem^ Chicago and Columbus. Pittsburptb, BalUmorei-'l Washington, Philadelphia and New Yorlt^.'*? P »It man Sleeping Cars on A'os. 3 and I Oy0 . BETWEEN LOGflNSPORT AND EFFNER. '&> Read Down. Read Up. JCOOO.OOaycarlabelngr n^ncbj Jobn R. Goodwln,Yroy.N.Y.,at work for ua. K&adar, you nmy D*l make aa .iiuch, but wo cnn .H-ach you quickly how to earn from V5 to r *lu it day ul tlio man, and more ai you CO n. Both scxe". all apce. In any part of .mrrlca, vou can commencf jit homo, glr- ,-.it? nil your timc.or a)iare momenta on]]-to the work. All In *o\v. Great pay SUUK for every workor, "We ttart y»u, 'furnlaritnir rveiythinE, EASILY, SPEEDILY learned, TAKneULAKS FItKE. Addreaa at once, STIXSON it CO., rOKTLAJiD, JLU3JC. HIRE§' ^ftf-^^^^^yv.^SSjP^ti^KiK^stu^sS' «« HIRES' IMPROVED Z5c ROOT BEER! IKH1U1C. HO BOIUNCOP.tTRAINIKC ttSHTnUK THIS PACBICE MAKES JtVg GAIMM. | OOTBEFR. The most APPETIZDT(J T and WHOLZ8OMB TEMPERANCE DBINK in the world. .Delicious and Sparkling. TRY Tf w your Druggiat OP Grocer for U; C. E. HIRES, PHILADELPHIA* »«•. White's Dandelion Alterative. . BnC It the best rcmc j.,- for Dyspepsia Biliousnc-38, Bbcamntlsni, Neuralgia end all disorders of-Jtie Stomach, liver and Kidneys. It pnrlUes «he blood makes the weak strong and gives to tbe old the vigor of youth. oolcl by-B. F. Keesliug and. D.E Pryor. BE SURE YOUR SIN is known I It you have Evil Dreams. Losses »re Impotent, full of Fears, Undeveloped or Stunted, Victim of Excess or Contagious Disease, you can escape ail. Consequences by our £zclurlve and Successful Jfetfiods JOT Home WILL FIND YOU OUT! VEGETABLE COUGHS AND COLDS. 35c. and SI. at all druggist!. & SONS, - - IWetors, PROVIDENCE. R,L TBADESUPPLIEDoy ROSS GORDON t KaFayette, Ind. by.' B.---F-Eccslirg- HOMEMADE IS-CTJB.4.TOB. IA egg drawer, B boiler, "C tank, D lower ventilator, E warm air space, F upper ventilator, G seotioa showing rollers in egg drawer, H end view of leg. greatest expense is the tank and boiler. My lumber cost very little, as I used "boxes. There is no regulator. If kept out of the draug-ht this incubator will work like a charm. "In operating it the heat is kept at 103 degrees, the bulb of the thermometer resting on an eg-g-. I kept two pans of water in mine all the time, under ' the egg- ^drawer, and . also... a -wet sponge or two in the eg-g drawer, fcut when hatching-, add more sponges and keep the drawer shut The machine illustrated here explains itself .without any extended description being necessary,"—Farm and Fireside. ; AMONG THE POULTRY. j. HENS that lay well are neither him- gry nor fat A SAFE rule is to keep a hen as long 'as she is profitable. ^EliNT of the ailments in the poultry yard arise either from cold or indigestion. TRY to arrange the poultry yards so 'that the chickens can have the morning 'snn. SUPPLYING plenty of broken crock- eryware will often keep the hens from pulling; feathers. TUEKEYS will thrive better if they can have the run of good pastures on well drained soil. MARK all eggs when set with the date, so that if eggs are laid to them they can be taken out. WHES turkeys are first hatched they need a little feed often rather than large feeds occasionally. CoBJTJfEAL mixed with sweet milk and hard boiled eggs chopped up fine makes an, excellent ration for young- turkeys. If well fed from the start, a turkey should be ready for market by the time it is seven months old.—St. Lauis Republic. Treatment for Ophthalmia. Ophthalmia, a most troublesome, though not common ailment in sheep, is said to be curable in the following manner: Take powdered sugar half an ounce, - prepared calamine, two drachms. Mix them together well and let a little be blown into the eyes jnce a day quietly with a quill until they are well or the film be removed. For the more dangerous symptoms such as strong inflammation, or total blindness, plentiful bleeding is necessary near the eyes, which sho-old be washed once or twice a day with warm water, afterwards applying the follow- ng lotion: Sulphate of zinc, twenty grains; tincture of opium, one drachm; soft .water, one pint; with this bathe •the eyes twice a day. As soon as the inflammation is abated, if the slough >r film continue it must be removed by jlowing powdered loaf sugar and calamine into the eyes as before advised An unusual offer —the one that's made by the proprietors of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Unusual, but made in good faith. It's a reward of $500 for an incurable case of Catarrh. If you have one, the money's for you. But you can't know whether you have one, till you've tried'Dr. Sage's Remedy! What's incurable by any other means, yields to that. By its mild, soothing, cleansing and healing properties, it cures the worst cases, no matter of how long standing. That's the reason the money can be offered. There's a risk about it, to be sure. But it's so small that the proprietors are willing to take it. The symptoms of catarrh are, headache, obstruction of nose, discharges falling into throat, sometimes profuse, watery, and acrid, at others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent, bloody, putrid and offensive ; eyes weak, ringing in ears, deafness; offensive breath; smell and taste impaired, and general debility. , Only. ,a . few: of these symptoms likely to be present at once. ' Take Good Care of the Calverf. Give calves a comfortable yard or pen whether raised by hand or the cow, writes a farmer. Confined in close quarters, the 'floor beneath should be cleaned often and littered abundantly. It is as cruel as unprofitable to keep them tied in cold, filthy places. Two calves may often be profitably raised on one cow. Always scald or cook meal for young- calves before mingling •it with any kind of milk or feed, as raw meal is' very liable to produce scours. Wheat flour boiled in milk checks scours.—Western Eural. Why not buy a Jot at BELLEWOOD wltH GRADED STREETS, a'l3i:t30|S74 AM AM I AM f5 45K-1130 f5 OOHvT EfTnor ar. 55411141 522!" ... Kentland ... ", 1UJU 6 03|u 59 6 091" ... Goodland ... " jio 14 '< 6 24 12 12 7031249 9l4l 714 100 950i AM P - ... 6 56 " ...Remington... " " ...... ...Montlcello ..... Idaville ..... .... 7 45 1 3011 15ar.l,os:aii»portlv, AM RICHMOND DIVISION. CLEVELAND STONE SIDEWALKS AND FINE CATALPA TREES, for'• $175.00, on payments ol $7 DOWN AND $7 PER MONTH. Within 750 feet of BELLEWOOD STATION. (C., St. P. & K. C. Ky.) BELLEWOOD Is located Btt miles West of the City limits of Chicago, between the CHICAGO. ST. PAUL & KANSAS CITY RY. arid tbe CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN RY. and lias 1.4 mile South frontage on Madison Street. VARIOUS MANUFACTORIES are near BELLEWOOD, assuring a prosperous and thriving future for this Suburb. With the Cicero & Proviso Electric P.oad now running nearly to Bellewood, think what an Investment this Is and BUY TWO LOTS IMMEDIATELY ! I am selling BELLEWOOD lots adjoining tbe above mentioned property with plank sidewalk Instead-of stone, lor $125 APIECE, on payments of $5 DOWN and $5 PER MONTH. Write for plats or call and you will be taken out to see the property free of expense to yourself. BUTLER LOWRY, 507 Tacciia Building, Cor. LaSalle and MadlsoBt Chicago, Illinois. Westward. Cincinnati Iv. Hamilton " Richmond New Castle Anderson Elwood Kokomo Galveston Logans port ar ar Eastward. ........Iv. Gufveston '".". " Kokomo " Elwood " Anderson '.'.'." New Castle " Richmond " Hamilton.. " Cincinnati.'.. .'i.ar. Pullman Sleeping: Cars — J '" -- J ;t Parlor BETWEEN LOGANSPORT AttO LOUISVILLE.' Read Down. Rcad-Upi' ~ 10 PM *820 1255 330 659 AM ia AM •945 125 345 730 u ar...... ar. Pil| Chicago ...LOR&nsport.... ...Indianapolis... ._. Louisville ....ar. ar. .'.'.Jv. 11T PM *S10 1130 1105 730 ITS" AM' •730; w AMJPJtS -.... 10 and J3 carry Pullman Sleeping Cars; Pullman Buffet Parlor Cm are run on Nos. 18 and 19. JOSEPH "WOOD, E. A. FORD, GfiQeral auLuggor, General Pusenrtr ixut, For time cards, rates of fare, through, tickets baggage checks, and farther Information regarding the running of trains apply to any Agent of the Pennsylvania Lineg. J.^X McCDLLOUGH.LTkketAgent •-.:• Logansport, Ind. DISEASES ; nil ctees of Youthful Error*. | H0.2P OSITIVE HHIAL REMEDY I* cures tionorHnaia and tilcet ls ia a few a»ys. NO 3 POSITIVE HERBAL REMEDY an tofJliblo cure lor Si-phili*. Price each Remedy, Two Dollars. ---- -^ Small pill form. Spntfn itlain,tealcd ill. with Rules. Enor- r£=TT — ""• ..... •;• '( f 7 ! *"* ™'?!'JS'' |i"-«'"IPAiiratjlT.| pack._ . , .,„... .,..„.- mniin mil".. ftuiirftntecd Curei*. !>!£. PEKCV, KOI TS.Cl.Tplsa.l.O. SCHIFFMNN'S ASTHMA CUR yrales of J^af I " ^^^^^^^""""™ ' insist on trying it. v SnPinreTrfcfcro5. A HOW or two of sunflowers planted along- with the corn will be found profffcable to use in making a good variety of feed, especially during the winter, A HALF teaspoonful glaubers salts dissolved in water is recommended as a pood cure for cholera araonfr fowls. Sealed Proposals, To f urnlsla supplies for the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, For me Montn or June, 1891, Will be received by tlie Board of Trustees at the hospital, until 12 o'clock M. on. Tuesday, May 12,1S91. See Specifications In Post Office Looby By order of the Board. JOS. G. ROGERS, Medical Supt Logansport; Incl., May 5,1891. Cheap Lands and Homes in Kentucky, Temiesee, AILABAMA Adopted bjrthe German Govcrnmenttot Hospital &Armyns» P.S.C. isputupfoi American trade 1O a patent bottle hiitu.^ iiigiyringe (see cm) At druggists, tl.Oa, tu&np-Syrjtire,or ^--r — • cnt.sealei for IJ.10 i he Von Mohl Company, Cincinnati, Chifc fioloAujcrfcallAcsiii ,Bj ¥. KEESLING, AgeiiD. Logansport, Ind. Ladies "500 Reward. Dr. Anderson's EnplMi Female Eeitilatlnz Pills a;p tlii' siifesf and must reliiiblf. Give them a trial ami i- cyiul ced. M Drug Moie or by mall, posl-ijaiiJ j er box fti.uO.-S boxes Jor.$2 60. • Moka ifJ^dicIiietCo., Toledo, O. For sale In Lnpansi oil. Ind.byBen Flsber, Ko 311 . lourih Stiett, • ...... Mention PAINLESS. i»~ WORTH A GUINEA ~b~ BOX. — For BILIOUS JtlifWOUS DISORDERS Such as Wind and Pain in the, Stomach, Fullness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness, and Drowsiness, Oo!d Chills,Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scarify, Blotcheson the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. THE rlRST DOSE WILL CIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. BEECHAM'S PILLS TAKEN AS DIRECTED RESTORE. FEMALES TO COMPLETE HEALTH. For Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc., they ACT LIKE MA3/C, Strengthening the muscular System,' restoring lonp^lost Com- V £'I5/-?i?tInglpgbiick the/reen edge of anpetlte, and-aroustng wlth.lhe ROSEBUD OF ( HcALin Wlfi Whole hhusirnl t>.nar/iti nf tVin )>,, m n« *«„-*« a' f\-,,n. ^f t-iiA K»ut (vn.iwi » t-nn. n i Mississippi and Louisiana. On the line of the Queen & Crescent Route csi be found 2,000,000 acres of splendid bottom uu land, timber and stock lands. Also tbe llnesi fruit and mineral lands on tae continent £or sal« on favorable terms. FARMERS! with all thr getting get a home li che sunny South, where blizzards and Ice dm plains are unknown. The Queen & Crescent Route is 94 Miles the Shortest and Quickest Line Cincinati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours.' Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Cay Coaches and Sleepers run through wlthoot change. 110 Miles the Shortest, 8 Hours the Qnlcke' Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla Time 27 Hours. The only line runnlHg Solid Trains and Throne • Sleeping Cars. ONLY LINE FROM CINCINNATI TO Chattanoga, Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala,, Merldia:, ™.»,, Sh i' V'ckburg, M1 s fi -. Shreverrort. La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington, K) 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvllfe, Teuii 116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta um JOSEPH GiLLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PASIS EXPOSITIONJ 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Mr«. Alien'* Parlclun FaoeBIaaori- , Golden Hair Wash. Mamma Dura, for devtl. opinr the bust. Rusraa,Tor rcmovinc upcrtu- 005 hair. Banff drcsilnj:. All roods wholMalu ind retail. Send 2 ra, for illustrated circular. Fill line of fine hair roods. Mrs. R. W. Allen, = Wood. Av., Detroit. Mich. Sol Augusta, OJa. test Ci me ra ' n ege o appee, ant-a . HEALTH the whole physical energy uf the human frame'. One of tlio best pmtrantees '*' s '" u * HAVE THE LARGEST SALE OF Prrn..r£d only /by TI1OS. . i. .-^n.. ,.inc.i»,-*. Enclnnd. " ALLEN C0 - 365 and 357 Canal St " New Y <"*r ,i m - <,f „„„,. dmi-ciat does not koop thorn) TVILL M Ali .^stB. A BOX. (MENTION THIS , . 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ate 28 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Btanlnghun Ala. ' 16 Miles Shortest Cincinnati .to Mobile. AlH. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shrevepor For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot. Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge- or 'Kentucky and rounding .the base of i,ookoul Mountain. Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Train.-.. Over One Million Acres of Land in Albania thf future Great State of the South subject 1 0 pre-emption. Unsurpassed rllmare. For Correct County Maps, Lowest Rates ino full particulars addres. D. fi. EDWARDS ften Passenger * Tfcket Agent, '. Queen & Crescent Rout?. Clnclmi.-'tl. 0. r - OnrMalydoriPcrtectlon Syringe free with «v-cr» Bottle. Prevents Mri..(i.ro. Cures Goaorrttam •r-d Qleet in I to -I <to.rn. Ask your Draggltt >or It. Sent tu any address for 41.00. Addrw "AI.YDOR «'A";UF'Q CO-.tANCASTEIta JUDICIOUS AND PERSlSTEHt Advertising has altvuys proven successful. Before pliicmsany Newspaper ^Ivortisin^r consult LORD & THOMAS. ABV«I:TI«I.\« *;;;;• TS, It, (o 4!1 H.,.^,,1,K, Slr,P,. CHICAGO SPRING CURRY COMB Patented in United ' States, July 16, 1889. HI:' to Ten Foreign Countries A'COMB THAT COMBtNCS THE STRENGTH' OF METAL WITH THE ELASTlCITYor* BRUSH. --^^^^trvQHML • W ' Efficient, Humane, Convenient and Durable. . .>u«^MMkh___ JS'CTRCTILAES ON APPIIOATl6lT."C(l Ask jonr deaJer for It, or sond Sfc. -for sample bv mult SPRING GURRY COMB CO,, South Bend, Ifli '..,.^*aJ?,.,*'

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