The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1939
Page 3
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£RIDAY, DECEMBER g, 1939 | Committee Is Anxious To uestion William ley Pelley Dud- ec. S.-Wllllum Pelley, head of (lie Silver Shirts, will 'be the next target of I the Dies committee -if the ccm- I mlttee csii only find him. I Just before leaving for Texas to take im enforced rest necessi- overwork. Chairman Mar- I un. Dies appointed a special sub- I committee consisting of Congressmen. Jerry Voorhls; jcseph Cnxey K'.Mid J. Parnell Thomas to quiz [ Pelley about various ramifications Caruthersyiiie Holds Vote On Bonds Jan. 9 CAUUTHEnSVILLE, Mo., Dec. 8. —A special bond Issue election for the purpose of Issuing bonds in the sum of $15.000 ivtll be voted on here Jim. 0, following notion by the elty council In soiling ilie date for the election. The bo;uis will be used, if the measure passes, to purchase the Stephens Corner property al Hie south edge or tew, and develop It Into a public pnrk and playground. The acllon in colling Die election was taken despite the fact that Iwo .. : .^ ..... ...„.,.„,. „,..,„, LJ. ,_,. mi- ' vs of the County - lon mid four of lils aldermen had vl<iullural Cojnmlttee nnd district to County Committee And District Agents Express r\ • *-t •-» l Praise 1'or ri'ogi'ess Exceedingly well pleased \ activities of Mississippi county "' enl ' y in through It.i extension depart- I of his I leader. The .sub-committee's career as Silver Shirts Job may I be a tough one, hnvever. for at I the -moment no one knows where Pelley can be .round. The Dies committee has been I tryuig for weeks la kcale lilm I GET FALSE TIPS I ON PELLEY _ Twice lls own Investigators have I flown to Aslievllle, .N. C., to serve ^him with a subpena, only to learn that the tips which said he was I there were false. The U. S. mar- Ishal there has made a number ot | attempts to serve a Dies subpena | on him. without success. Since the committee 1ms but I three. Investigators on its staff, and Iwill go out of existence nt the lend oMlte 'year, Mr. Voorhis and I his colleagues have been given a | tough jcb. Tn Ihe end. whether Pelley ap- Ipear.s before the committee prob- Tjjably will depend on the Depart- iment of Justice. Both Dies and I Voorhls point out that the com- Imtttce Is ntl equipped to dig up I missing persons, and a formal re- I quest for help will be made of | the Justice Department. If Justice puts some O-men on • the trail, Pelley may be found If I not, there .isn't'much the Dies • committee can do. I DIES AT ODDS I WITH MURPHY Relations between the Justice usce I Department and -the committee clays previously. Mayor D. D. Pin- Ion and four of lils aldermen had.' • — "• ""> Issued a public statement over 1 oxt/CIlitlon i»B c »ts will attempt lu their signatures setting forth Miclr mtlkc cven Ui'Cater strides luirliii; 'to the park ami play- lwo - & w(ls «».» 01 '»«'<> following 1 i 'a meeting Wednesday of the 30 .committee members. J. o. Fuiler- loi), district agricultural ngcnl .uul Miss Mena Hognii, district home ckmonsliaUcm agent, D, s. Uiu- Irlp, county ugrlciilltiral ngenl. and Miss Cora Lee Colenmn, eoim- ty home demonstration agent At the meeting, called (o plan extension work for next your, ninny topics were tnken up. citing that the Chfcknsawba district of Mississippi county had made Ihr best record of any county in Arttan- COURIER NR\VS Hits Financial Comeback Trail erouml electloii proposal. The aldermen were Wyman Dlllman, John Nelson and Humphrey Johnson, members of n committee named by the council lo look into the p.\rk proposal, nnd Hen P. Rogers. Mayor Pinion find his co-signers set out thtit they opposed Hie measure because o! the present status of Hie city finances. However, when the proposal was brought before the council us ti whole, all joined In voting lo have the election and naming the date. The Judges, who will also serve, ,->,.v>j W i as clerks, nnd the polling places l conical. sas, for the ejection were named by the council as follows: Ward 1, Rood Building, Hernia Jumper and Harry Mallourc judges; Ward 2, City Hull, Mrs Jim Me Pall and John Alien; judges; Ward 3, Patterson build Ing across from Grade School Claude Nelson and Ernest WJlks Judges; Ward 4, Library building W. A. Thomas and John Ellis judges. Missouri, Tennessee or In Ilie Ptenl. lo Pi now nesting t| )P fm,\ls, Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correc social usage by answering the lol- lowing questions, then checking against authoritative answers be- music Is sung may it be ap- Ihave net been exactly cordial •date. low: 3. When sacred outside a church plauded? 2. If you enter a church .,„ . prayer is being said, may you go down the aisle to a seat, if von do so quietly? 3. How is a bride's wedding ring isually marked today? 4. Docs the bridegroom or the to Last year the committee'brought • out evidence severely critical of Attorney General Murphy's con•duct as governor of Michigan dur- ling the auto strikes. More recently Ithere has been some disagreement •ab;ut .whether membership in the •Communist-^narty; proves a pet&m • Is an agent 1 of ,'a foreign power • with Mr. Dies taking the aftimia- liive and Mr. Murnhy the negative I The present situation may be • helped In that the recmest for aid ll be made by Mr. Voorhis, who on much nrrre friendly terms •with the administration '. than is |llie chairman, of the committee. In any case, both Dies and Voorhls are very anxious to have Pellev apnenr for nuwlionine; WOULD OUIZ LEADER ¥, ON SILVER SHIHT FUNDS The committee .has compiled a good deal or material about Pelley Par one thing;,'it wants to quiz him about the disposition of funds he collected as head of the silver Shirts. It also wants lo examine him about.-the source of material published in his magazine, with an eye to determining whether any of it (as the committee suspects) came from official propaganda agencies in Germany. Lastly, it wants to make a full istudy ff the organization, extent •nd affiliations of the silver fShlrts. , Pe " ey and the sil have been mentioned at • various times in testimony before •the Dies committee, although so far Ino definite tie linking his ,;roiip J to any of the leading Fascist-type •organizations in America has been |tiirned up. Members of the committee say Ithcy have enough material and •sufficient "leads" from woifc done Ir, w far ' so tlleir Questioning ,-/ IPelley—when and If he is rjro- •diiced-will not be in the nature •of a blind fishing expedition I best, man usually hand Uic cler°y- mnn his fee? 5. What is the conventional «llt of the bridegroom lo the bride? What would you do If— You are a girl arriving at movie with a man, and there is a line at the ticket window Would you— — (a) Stand beside the man as he i wails in- line? (b) Stand away from the line and out of the way of those entering the theatre? • Answers 1. No, it should not be, as it is a form, of worship. 2. No, wait until' the end of the prayer. 3. R. 10, 1938. •i. The best man, though it is given to him by the groom. 5.A piece of jewelry. Best "What Would You Do" solu- tion—(b). M. .and P. C. L. Sept. On the island of Cyprus, wheat threshing is done by means of a sledge, drawn by two oxen. Tlic farmer's children often net as makeweights. Head Courier News want ads. •COURTS Uster A...Rhodes has filed suit •in chnncery court against Mrs •Irene Rhodes seeking a divorce on Ithe ground of Indignities E E IMexander is attorney for the' REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilffas Now Managed bv Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray See Us For Anli-Freeze! Uic district agents told their ,ui- clteiico that nol only the cuiiro slnlc but most of (lie Mkl-Roiiih looked to Misslssi|)pl county sis LI leader In ngricultttral progress. In discussing the 4-II Club work among daughters nnd sons of farm families. Miss Ilogan snul "We look to Mississippi county to lead in 4-H club work for your work Is the example we use." Well plenscd with these reports. the committee members and oilier agricultural lenders decided to concentrate next year on n well planned coujity-widc nmn and home tour wllh both men and women participating in an effoit to Increase interest in belter farm nnd home practices provided a :ould be worked out; to use the extension farm blinding service to better advantage; to tiro- mote an active farm organization In every community; to sponsoi plans for using AAA garden payments to Increase llvlng-nUhomc on tenant and day labor farms and ways the cxlcnsion service can more fully cooperate with tlu HEA, AAA, PSA nnd county fall- in addition to continuing the -1-1! Club activities and the llve-nt- horne plan of the Plant to Prospei contest. Hiick in the financial spotlight is Cyrus Eaton, above, Cnna- tlian-borji Clowland financier who , : . ciueriiii; to buy "dli or any L ;'..'l" of Consumers 1'owoi- of •.lirJ.'-'a,, r rotll Common• ••.'•a..i u ;ij Soutliein. Once Jcadi/i i,, "rogiomil flmincinK" w "°v' wll ' dl l10 '""I! 1 " 1 wilh New yurk interests In || 10 f m - ination of Republic Steel, in the flpaimtr_ of u, c continental Shares investment Imsl nnd in vanous jousts wilh the Insull utility uilcvesls. Ealon ba<l boon comparatively in;iclive recently Number Nine News Mr: and Mrs, Pay Brewer and sen, Jimmy, and Mrs. Charles Bean spent tlie week end in Drerlng. Mo., as the guests of Mr. Brewer's brother, Ronald Brewer, and family. Mrs. E. H. Collins, who has been seriously ill, is slowly Improv- ng. Mr. and Mrs. Von Mullen and children spent the Thanksgiving nolldays with relatives In Black Rock...Ark. . , •, Miss' Patty. .Gcdwiii. of Promised Land, spent the week end here vith her cousin, Miss Mary Lynn Bean. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Collins and ainily of Lilbourn. Mo., are visit- ng relatives here.. Read Courier News want ads. (iny Half Moon News Mrs. H. C. Alexandra, who vis "e<! her mother at Scnath, Mo last week, has returned home Doyle Widncr, of Tucker, Ark , Is nt home with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom WUlner, for n 3C furlough. Mrs. E, B. Walker, who has been ill at her home fcr the uast week, has gone to Memphis to the Methodist hospital for trent- ment. Betty Jean Blankensliij) of Hfon- ette, Ark., spent the week end in the home of her brother. Eulns BJankensliip. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pinter, Mr. and Mrs. Orvlll Mitchell, attended a show in Memphis Sunday night. Wilson Negro Gets Honorable Mention r Wilson, was onorable mention In thc> final contest of ihe npgro live nt IK me i'om,. S |. ...ponsoml by llic Cpminordal Appeal In connection with tir j'laiu to i, mpn . rnuMi for wlnu> [„,.,„ famine, This jii'tjio luimer n nd his wife Idii, wn-u (iw ,. s |.s a ( . (),„ ,, mm! ,l Uve-ai-!in, m > Kally and luncheon yeslci.iHv m Memphis W hl<;li nltwidcd U y 45i) county winners negro iiBiiculiurul loaders and rdn- ' . 1'hp Wilson in 11,0 included a ta.-c wlniilnt; ihr won fourth uiMt which nwurd of $10 after Kciser Boys Join U. S. Marine Corps Two more Mississippi county hoys have uillstod In .service of llio UllflCd «l i( |«;. l,M Kl .ue UftfKc,. , 1U(1 CUnrlPs !•;. O'llrlm, bolh of Krisw, have joined the Mmlno Corps tiKh tin- Nremphh enllstmeiil. Klatlon. ttliuiiiih ihe liniglh of u, c (lay lKi wllh Ihe latitude n ltd' isea- son, every |ilnce cm earth receives .ho .snuie number of hours of (Iny- Hnhl in liie coinsp of n year. Made the old-fashioned Sour Mash wayl We cw promise you'll good wMity when yon the timias Fiddle Dottle. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky Oistribuleit by' Comnilssfon Helena, Ark. SPECIAL! BOTH for $49.75 with licry soliluiro Jintl •! smiill- cr (1 i a in n n tl s . . . ami mad'hiiiR wedding ring dial is set w i Ui 3 clia- montls . . . .boih fur S'!!K75, aii_() if you wish you win ninkc.tivriiiigcmuiits lo jmr- chase them on terms. Come in and sec (htm whether or not you are rcitdy (o Iniy. ?AT O'BRYANT JEWELER f'onici- stain * .Second Sis Townsend Club Is To Meet Tonight The Townsoiicl club, No One will meet tonlaht at lh« co »rl- nl 7:30 o'clock, officers un- nouiu-od today. All members were urged to at- ii'iiil this moollng us the, annual elci-llon of <tu,; m fw lm wm bo comliick'd. P'A'GR THRKh Dead Courier News want, nils. Liquor Often Thwarts Those Trying Suicide BOSTON <UP)-per«ms who attempt suicide lV },|j e {ll . |ll)k dol ,, l have as much success as (hose who hy |o take tlielr own lives while .sober. ' Dr. Merrill Moore, n psychla- lilsl, reports that at one hospital only 0 per cent, of alcoholic would- be suicides died. Diirlni? (lie same period 11 per cent of tlio persons nlfcmpllng stiidde ' while sober were wiccesstul England consumes six bushels of wiieat per head of population annually, Freshest Sto«k Guarantted Itest Pric«i Kirby Drug Stores READY FOR 1940? Turn Over A New Leaf For The New Year You wm make 1!MO n year (lint rcitlly "counts" in your me! Dct'ldp now lo carry out it H.vstcnmiic pltin of siiv- ing. I'ul aside a rejfiilnr pcrcenlngc of your income every month or every nay day—and nt the 'KND of the now year you will he fur iiiimg the roud that leads to a heller future. In carrying out .your Savings Plan we believe you will iwrcclute the convenience nnd the friendly. eod|>eriitlvo spirit of The Firs! National Hunk, a lllythcvllle Institution. There is no red lapc In our Savings Deiwrlment. H yon are thinking of plucinR funds in a Savings Account, nmy we suftgcst lhat yon open your nucouiil In' the lirsl of (he year and take advantage, of our liliend 2% rule during all of the next Intercut period. Of course all accounts nre regarded by us as mutters of the strictest con- deuce. THE FIR§T NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE ' MKMI5ER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION "The Only National Bank in Mississippi County" BOTTLED IN BOND UNDER U.S. GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION .THE AMERICAN O|sflCUH O CO.. (fit. nim. tiiiMMi . liutuiKio ni, I More Variety, More Value, For Your Gift Hollar Wood Salad Bowl title 4-piece Vanity Sel 1.2i> 7-piece Beverage Sel 1.19 5-piece Pop Corn Set 7})<» Indoor Watering Pot {|«) o 7-piece Tom and Jerry Set 2.2f> 7-p!ece Tomato Juice Set 1.20 7-piece Crystal Liquor Sel 7-piece Glass Cocktail Sel J) Console Set wilh Flowers. .• ,, . .1.3J> 8-p!ece Chrome Cocktail Set... .'. 4.4ft 10-piece Tumbler and Tray Set t)«c 6 Picks, Cracker and Nul Bowl 9ttc Montgomery Ward V. S'VO^V: U^v- *£ '^ "***•*, ? ^ ^\ * .-*«v*<.A>

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