The Topeka Journal from Topeka, Indiana on January 9, 1913 · 2
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The Topeka Journal from Topeka, Indiana · 2

Topeka, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1913
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4 i I! II L i -r -'( i ' s - - - ? ' V' : ‘ V" - !S X - t V - ' - j ? - " '-' -'I 1 - m' —' - -’ ' - -- - - " - f '- ' " A - 1 t --' '- v - ' r ’- ’ - i I - ' j -' -- a TOPEKA JOURNAL L CHAS W MATTINGLY Publisher TOPEKA INDIANA FIVE ARRESTS MADE NEW YORK POLICE LOCATE BIG CACHE t LONG SEARCH IS ENDED Find a Room on the West Side T t Packed From Floor to Celling With r Furs and Wearing Apparel Valued at $250000 — Other News of the Day New York Jan 7 — The arrest of five men and a woman according to the police ended a search of more tbsm a month for the gang of thieves who have operated throughout the city The ‘police also announced the discovery of a cache where stolen goods ‘were hidden It was a room on the west side and it was packed from floor to ceiling with furs and wearing apparel which according to police estimate are valued at $250-000 Here the police arrested James Pritch&rd 43 yearsold Of the others arrested Percy Wyskoff 24 years old and Harry Willis 28 years old are charged with a robbery in the St Andrew hotel when jewelry valued at '$10000 was taken from the apartment of Miss Prances Barnes Georges Carr 28 William Maddox 28 and Carr’s wife were arrested charged with having received stolen goods' His Persistence Is- Rewarded Epernay France Jan 3 — A New Year’s suicide of an extraordinary character was committed here by Gae-tan Valencin a "workman aged 26 who had been disappointed in loves Valencin first placed a dynamite cartridge on his breast and caused it to explode He wras frightfully burned but not mortally hurt He then stabbed himself twice ‘over the heart He was still able to remark to some neighbors who bad rushed in “I have started to kill myself and now I am ' going to finish” He thereupon placed another dynamite cartridge in his mouth lighted the fuse and waited for the explosion which tore his head Into fragments Child Beaten to Death Tulsa Okla Jan 4-— Ella Brown 9 - years old died” or injuries sustained wherf she-was- assaulted 'and -beaten" Into— an "umdeM!”d mamax - her hom at : Ke f e r f G a Two suspects ' are ’under arrest: at yYCeifer' and a mobof more than one hundred meir has assembled about the VTtown " jail - awaiting the' return of a ' posse searching the surrounding country for her assailants Should the' posse 1 be successful ybr either of the men ar-rested he connected with the prime to the satisfaction of the crowd It ris feared there will he a lynching The child disappeared Thursday afternoon She was found a quarter of a mile from her home ih a dying condition Ditch Digger Finds Fortune In Gold Nowata Okla Jan 4 — George Hardsook a labocer unearthed $37500 in gold while digging a trench near! the village of Oglesby Hardsook’s possession of the wealth however! will probably he of short duration as state laws require that such finds be surrendered to the owner of the land Kentucky Jury Disagrees ' Winchester Ky Jan 7 — The jury In the case of Fletcher Deaton the first of fifteen charged with the death of former Sheriff Ed Callahan of Breathitt county reported that they had difereed after being out since Saturday noon Killed By Insane Lover San Francisco Cal Jan 4 — Mrs Rita Di Rovey wife of Frank DI Rovey a retired Italian officer and at one time an actress was shot and j Instantly killed at her home by M -J How ley aged 25 of Scranton Pa Howley then committed suicide Hinshaw Near Death’s Door Michigan City Ind Jan 4 — William E Hinshaw a former clergyman of Danville Ind w-ho Is serving a life sentence in the state prison here for slaying his wife is near death In the hospital department of the institution New Flying Record Mulhausen Germany Jan 4 — Arthur Fuller the aviator exceeded by five seconds' the world’s record for a duration flight ia a biplane carrying fi' e passengers His time was one hour six minutes and five secondij Father and Son Killed by Train I Cincinnati O Jan- 2 — Eugene W Dahl traveling freight agent of the Grand Trunk Railroad and his young son were instantly killed when they were hit by a train on the Cinclnnlati Lebanon and Northern Railroad tracks at' Pleasant Ridge Eight Rescued Alive 1 Tamaqua Pa Jan 2 — After being imprisoned behind a fall of coal rock and other refuse eight of the nine mn entombed Tuesday in the colliery of the East Lehigh Coal Company near here were rescued alive last night riFT AT own TIKE’ FAVORS ARBITRATION OF PANAMA CANAL’TOLLS IN NEW YQRK SPEECH I ' — UGGESTS HAGUE TRIBUNAL vhief Executive Refers to Roosevelt— Attacks the Enemies He Holds Responsible for His Political “Demise” — Answers Banker Clews New York Jan 7 — In event the pending -negotiations between Great Britain and the United States fail to bring about a settlement President Taft declared himself here Saturday unequivocally in favor of arbitrating the Panama canal tolls The president’s first public declaration of his attitude on the question was made at a luncheon given in his honor by the international peace forum Later at the Republican “reorganization” dinner he presided at what he styled his own political “wake” He made the funeral ora--iion over his political corpse asked modest praise for hisl deeds duHng the time he lived at the White House recited at length1 the causes that led up to Kls “demise” and 'attacked the enemies he held responsible for his taking off In the course of this speech the president made his first public reference to Colonel Roosevelt since the campaign saying that probably 1000000 Republicans voted for Wilson “to avert the danger of Roosevelt’s election The president’s remarks on the Panhma question apparently were prompted by a declaration In a speech- by Henry Clews banker asserting that for President Taft’s administration “to concede the right to arbitrate the difference would be a splendid achievement” but holding that “we are in the wrong and would most likely be defeated if it should gO to The Hague for decision” Referring to the Panama canal ' treaty the president who had said at the outset of his remarks that he rose “with mingled feelings of sorrow and pleasure” continued: j “My friend Mr Clews differs with me and with the 'administration In the constructions of that treaty That is all right I suppose questions before have arisen aa ‘ to construction of contracts in which good honest people have been on both sides Now that- presents to me a very significant and useful example with respect to arbitration A good many people are skying: “Don't arbitrate because you are going to lose This Is our own canal and -while England is making a point of it England would not fight about it and therefore why give up when you fire’not Tlk’’’ " aii y rbltration tb a (TVllI ' ctory to- you ar-d your view' o£ ini construction!’ y - Is- view were “Now then-— even lf this-correct as to probability jt result which: I need not admit— 1$ Just the time-when I am in favor of an arbitration” - JAILED EDITORS STIR T R - j Roosevelt Declares Sentence Of the Idaho Supreme Court Is an Out- rage — Seeks Senate Action Caldwell Idaho Jan 7 — Col Theodore Roosevelt in a telegram to James H Gibson Progressive state Chairman which was received here Saturday extended to R S Sheridan C O Broxon and A R Cruzen publishers of tfie Capital News who were sent to jail for publishing Colonel Roosevelt’s- criticism of the Idaho supreme court his sympathy and admiration He also communicated with Progressive senators to see If something can be 'done in the United States senate with regard to what he (erms the “outrage” 1 Colonel Roosevelt’s telegram In part follows: “I am confident I express the feelings of every decent American citizen when I say that I am outraged fend Indignant beyond measure at the Infamy that has been perpetrated in Idaho “In its essence the action of the Court is in the first place to deny to a very large minority possibly a plurality of the voters of Idaho the right effectively to express their desire as to who shall be the chief magistrate pf the nation and- In the second place to punish those whc protest against this denial of justice and thereby seek to intimidate all men who may hereafter desire to protest against similar outrages £ -‘No anarchist agitator could ever do any thing against the courts comparable In effect to these actions of the highest of one of our state courts” Physician Drives to Death Toledo O Jan 7 — While fn delirium due to fever Dr Peter Donnelly drove his high-power auto through the guard chains at the dock at Madison avenue crashed through the ice of river and was drowned Sunday Prefers Jail to Paying Alimony New York Jan 4 — Theodore Rob-terts actor and manager elected to go to jail Thursday rather than pay the $50 a week alimony recently awarded his Tife when she secured a legal separation from him pen Edward M Lee Dead New York Jan- 4 — Gen Edward Merwin Lee said to be a relative of Gen Robert E Lee the famous Confederate commander died in a private eafiltarium here Thursday at the ago of seventy-Beven " PRINCESS JULIANA This is the latest photograph of Juliana th beautiful little daughter of the king and queen of Holland LEGISLATOR A SUICIDE CONGRESSMAN WEDEMEYER OF MICHIGAN LEAPS INTO SEA Became III Then Violent on Trip to Panama— Raved Over Failure to Be Re-Elected t Washington -Jan 6 — Representative William W - Wedemeyer of Ann Arbor Mich who suddenly became 111 and was thought to he Insane’ at Colon Panama at the time of President Taft’s recent visit to the isthmus jumped overboard from a ship on which he had been taken at Colon His body had not been recovered Representative Wedemeyer went to the Isthmus with a congressional party at the same time the president visited there On the voyage from New York he collapsed and was taken first to a sanitarium In Panama and later was put in confinement in a hospital where he became violent and raved about his defeat at the last Election He developed a suicidal tendency and was closely- watched Mr ' Wede-meyer’s close friend s eay- that a few daysbefore leaving for thAJsthmus he'felL and struejr his head-on an icy ’dewalV- It was'ifetVegadedas'ri-oua and did not deter him from 'going with the congressional party 5 Ann Arhor Mich? Jan ©--Although it was reported that the mental "con-dition "of Congressman ‘"William - W Wedemeyer who while insane leaped overboard from a steamer carrying him home from Colon Panama “was due largely to a falLJje received recently In Washington his local friends and associates attribute the congressman’s breakdown to the strenuous campaign he went through last fall Which resulted in his defeat byj S W Beakes Democrat and his enthusiastic congressional work in general GOMPERS'AND AIDS APPEAL Petition Alleges Court Erred In Sentencing Labor Leaders to Jail for Contempt j Washington Jan 4 — Samuel Gomp-ersJohn Mitchell and Frank Morrison of the American Federation of Labor convicted of contempt of court and sentenced to jail in connection with the Buck’s Stove & Range case have filed their appeal in the District of Columbia court of appeals - It alleges the men were convicted not of contempt of court but of want of respect foiWmHdal authority Seventeen allei$$k errors are charged against Justice Wright- The “committee of prosecutors” will file a brief In reply before February 5 JAMES R KEENE SUCCUMBS Death of Financier Follows Operation ' For Abdominal Trouble — Had Been III Two Years New York Jan 4 — James R Keene died Friday morning in Miss Alston’s private hospital Death followed an operation for an abdominal trouble of long standing which became acute a few daj ago and which necessitated his removal from the Waldorf-Astoria hotel to the place where he died Mr Keene had been an ill man for two years He was a leader in Wall street stock speculation and also a commanding figure on the turf He had the distinction of having owned bred and raced some of the greatest horses in the history Of the American turf Honor for a Singer London Jan 7 — The gold mBal of the Royal Philharmonic society Svas presented to Mme Tetrazzini Sunday Her predecessors in the honor were Patti Nilsson TIetjens Albani Kirk-by-Lunn and Santley Woolley Quits His Party Battle Creek Mich Jan 7 — John G Woolley former Prohibition candidate for president announced here Saturday that he is through with the Prohibition party It Is a “lost cause according to Woolley - FREE HER OH BftiL DYNAMITERS CAN LEAVE PRISON BY SCHEDULING $1070000 PENDING APPEAL H0CKIN ACCEPTS SENTENCE i Supersedeas Bond Fixed in Chicago to Await Hearing cn Writ of Er-v ror-AShould One Flee J U S They Cannot Be Returned i Chicago Jan 6 — Writs of supersedeas were granted Friday by the United States court of appeals iu the case of thirty-two of the thirty-three labor leaders convicted of a dynamite plot j All will be released on bonds That of Frank M Ryan was placed at $70-000 The bonds were made on a basi3 of $10000 for each year i of the term to which the men had been sentenced In fixing the bonds Judge Baker reviewed the evidence and the" arguments Ln the case and stated that the bonds should be large enough to make the persons furnishing them very much concerned in getting the men Into court when they are wanted The charge is not one in which extradition may be resorted to he said If the men should once get’ out of the country he declared it doubtful if they could be compelled to -return or If the government could punish them Only thirty-two of the( thirty-three committed men were specifically represented although all were mentioned in the petition Herbert S Hockin of Indianapolis had expressed a willingness to serve his sentence and not ask kn appeal Attorneys for the 33 convicted labor leaders at once took steps to provide suitable bonds for their clients The bonds for the 32 men as fixed by the court aggregate $1070000 Immediately following the decision of the court of appeals the point was raised by whom the bonds should be approved It was agreed by the court ancl the attorneys that Federal Judge Anderson in the district court at Indianapolis should be the judge to approve the bonds ROCKEFELLER WILL TESTIFY Oil Magnate Accepts Service to Appear Before the Pujo Money Investigating Committee Washington Jaq 6 — The end of the long search for William G Rockefeller Standard Oil magnate wanted as aTwitness before the money trust investigating committee came Friday when Chairman Pujo was notified by Rockefeller hat be would accept service ' ' -Tbesearcfc-biftL lasted sine June whenthia me ssaj?-wR sent from the asd1 forthe-Iast Lw weeks as cct ft ' thepublicat Ieast4i£00 a dayT - IT 'r '? ’ — -— — — — L - It was arranged tnt Mr-Rockefeller will appear before the committee on January 13 J - J" ' - Rockefeller’s decision was communicated to Chairman Pujo through Attorney Samnel Untermyer counsel for the committee and Honse Ser-geant-at-Arms Riddell both of whom are-in New York Mr Pujo would not discuss the terms of Mr Rockefeller’s surrender if terms were made by the Rockefeller lawyer's Details of Mr Rockefeller’s agreement to appear before the committee were left to Mr Untermyer although there were frequent telephone conferences between the chairman of the committee and Its counsel during the day SENATOR DAVIS IS DEAD Passes Av(ay Suddenly of Apoplexy at His Home in Little Rock — Was I Enemy of Plutocrats Little Rock Ark Jan 4 — United States Senator Jeff Davis of Arkansas died on Friday of apoplexy at his home in Little Rock Tis term will not expire until 1917 He was elected to office when twenty-one serving continually since that time He was fifty-one years old He served three terms as governor of Arkansas Mr Davis vas one of the most spectacular members of the United States senate At all times an inveterate enemy of “the plutocrats” he attracted world-wide attention in the winter of 1910 in a speech opposing a bill to give a right of way ' through Arkansas for a gas pipe line He was proud of being known as a “trusMbuster” Senator Davis was born in Russellville Ark May 6 1862 and was graduated from Vanderbilt university in 1884 being admitted to the bar the same year- He married Jna McKenzie in 1882 Three sons and 'four daughters were born to them Two years after Mrs Davis died he married Miss Leila Carter Italy Buys Coal ln America Cardiff Wales Jan 6 — Italy following the lead of the Egyptian railways placed an order for 200000 tons of coal in America Friday while she has invited tenders for a large quantity from the Yorkshire mines Heir of Czar Getting Well " St Petersburg Jan 7 — Crown Prince Alexis walked about hlsrooms in the palace at Tsarskoye-Selo Sunday showing that his convalescence is satisfactory This disposes of reports that he is a helpless cripple Horse 38 Years Old Is DHad Minneapolis Minn Jan 7 — Flying Cloud a geldihg thirty years ago well known In the northwest as a trotter’ died here Sunday at the age of 38 years on the farm of his owuer Mar tin Jevne of Minneapolis Congressman A W Rucker of Colorado while in Havana recently per mitted the papers there to exploit him as the next minister to Cuba-— but President-elect Wilson has said’ nothing about IL SHIP SINKS IN GALE STEAMER GOES DOWN WITH 24 PERSONS IN CHESAPEAKE BAY Hamburg-American Liner Amerlka' Goes Aground Off Staten Island — Has Large Passenger LRt Baltimore Md Jan 9 — A dispatch received on Saturday from Newport News stated that the steamer J L Luckenbach from Baltimore was sunk during a gale in Chesapeake bay and that the captain his wife and 21 member of the crew were drowned New York Jan 6 — The Hamburg-American liner Amerika which left her dock in Hoboken Saturday- went aground off Tompkinsville Staten Island shortly after nine o’clock The steamer was floated at high tide The Amerika has a large passenger list on board bound for Europe Cadiz Spain Jan 6 — The British steamship Clan Mackenzis went ashore near Cape Trafalgar The message telling of the disaster said that a hole had been caved in the bow of the ship and that she was water-logged - The crew and passengers 200 in number were on board Washington Jan 4 — Presjdent Taft sent to the senate the name of Henry S Boutell of ’ Chicago minister to Switzerland for appointment to the United Sattes court of claims Mr Boutell wis a former member of congress The president nominated Judge Fenton W Booth for the position of chief justice in place of Stanton J Petlle wbq retired — Cincinnati Jan 4 — Harry G Ellard better known to’ the literary world as the “Cowboy Poet” and the “Poet Lariat” is dead here in his fifty-fourth year after a life spent in traveling about the woVld during which time he wrote many interesting and clever poems and books Washington Jan 3 — Secretary of War Henry L Stimson has made a formal request that congress Immediately appropriate $100000 for horses for all branches of the army He stated that the service Is seriously hampered by lack of mounts Concorn N H Jan 3 — Samuel D Felker Democrat was chosen governor of New Hampshire by the legislature which had been called on to choose an executive as neither leading candidate in last November’s election had received the necessary majority at the polls Mr Felker received 222 votes to 191 for Franklin Worcester the Republican candidate BAILEY QUITS THE SENATE Texan ' Sends His Resignation to President Pro Tern Galflnger in - Brief Note Washington Jan 6 — In a brief letter Senator Joseph W Bailey o' Texas resigned from the senate His note of resignation sent to Senator Galling" president pro tem of (he senate follows: “L hereby tender my resignation as alienator from Texas (Signed) “J W BAILEY" Senator Bailey telegraphed Governor Colquitt of Texas of hi action before pending his not to Senator Gallinger $50:W)O Fire at Fond du Lao Fondau Lac Wis Jan 7— The most disastrous lira In Fond du Las i five ears occurred when a blaze of mysterious origin caused less of $50000 to the plant of the Boax Holman Candy company Sunday Johnston Heir to Bailey' Austin Tex Jan 7 — The appointment of R M Johnston editor of tho Houston Post as successor to Joseph W Bailey in tho senate for the term expiring March 4 next was announced Sunday by Governor Colquitt 1 GET THIS FOR COLDS Prescription for Positive Results Don't Experiment “From your druggist get two ounce of Glycerine nd halt an ounce of Globe Fine Compound (Concentrated Pipe) Take these two ingredients home’ end put them into a halt pint of good whiskey Shake well Take one to two teaspoonfuls after each meal and at bed time Smaller donee to children ae cording to age" This Is said to be th quickest cough and cold cur known to the medical profession Be sure to get only th genuine Globe Pine Compound (Concentrated Pine) Each half ounce bottle comes ln a tin screw-top sealed case If your druggist Is out of stock he will quickly get It frotn his wholesale house Don’t fool with uncertela mixtures It is risky Local druggists say that for the past six years this has had a wonderful -demand Published fr the Globe Pharmaceutical laboratories of Chicago 9 The mills of the gods are never shut down on account of a strike Mrs Austin’s famous pancakes make a really delicious wholesome breakfast Adr Which? “Have you had much experience in hooking up?” “Horses or waists?" Her 8nip Came In The mother a widow with six chil-fren had more energy than money Little Dot asked frequently for things which her mother could not give “Just wait till my Bhlp comes In” he would say assurlngly One day the mother gave Dot a nickel It was an unheard of happening “Has your ship come In?” the little girl asked eagerly - ! Surprised Him a There was a fellow who proposed to ill the girls just for fun He had no idea of getting himself engaged hut he enjoyed the preliminaries So he was j disagreeably surprised once and lerved him right “Miss Evelyn” he said soulfully “do you think you could love me well enough to be my wife?” ’ “Yes darling” she cried 1 “Well — er — now I know where to come ln case I should want to marry” —Detroit Free Press Both Vows Broken Apropos of the anti-vivisectionlsts Bght against the Nobel prize award to Dr Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller institute Prof Ileobert Satterley laid the other day In Jacksonville: “These antis contradict themselves terribly when they try to prove that inimah research is useless and futile rhey just put themselves In the position of one of their number whom I met kt my hotel the other day “As this anti was dining 1 bent for-’ ward and said to him “ Tardon me but you are I believe both an anti-vivlsectlonlst and a veg-larlan?” ' " i “Yes sir that Is correct' be -iwer1- ”“3 1 j be sioekf-i - L !—t uat eaten alive caterpiilar lth jf lettuce sadad '- LOGICAL “The-manager always keeps back a portion of the villain’s salary” “Why does he do that — afraid he’d skip?” “No but he always acts his part better when he’s mad” THE BETf TEACHER Old Experience Still Holds the Palm- For real practical reliability and something to swear by experience-plain old experience — ia able to carry a big load yet without getting sway-backed A 1 So Dak woman found some things about food from Old Experience a good reliable teacher She writes: “I I think I have used almost every breakfast food manufactured but non equal Grape-Nuts in my estimation “I was greatly bothered with weak stomach and indigestion with formation of gas after eating and triad many remedies for It but did ’not find relief “Then I decided I must diet and see If I1 could overcome the difficulty that way My choice of food was Grape-Nuts because the doctor told mo I could not digest starchy food “Grape-Nuts food has been a great benefit to me for I feel like a different person since I begun to eat It It is wonderful to me how strong" my nerves have become I advise everyone to try it for experience Is tho best teacher “If you have any stomach trouble— can’t digest your food use Grape" Nuts food for breakfast at least and you won’t be able to praise It enough when you see how different'you feel" Name given by Postum Co Battls Creek Mich Read the little book “The Road to Wellville” in pkgs “There’s a Reason” Ever tmI tk kt A M appear fruoa lima t tlua H'l r (nils I rue a 4 tall of baiaaa ' latliMt A4 A

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