The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1936
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1936 Navy Officer Supports Private Muniions Idea WASHINGTON. (UP) — Private Industry should produce Amori- can munitions Ui event of war, believes Capt. W,. D. Pulcston, author and officer of the United States Navy. j In nn article published la "Army ordnance." the Journal of the Array Ordnance Association, Pu- leslon Kifd: "A sound munitions and shipbuilding industry Is as essential to a modern state as; Is Its army and navy." ' Pulesioii said that, such supervision .of industry as might >b2 necessary should be exercised by » vvnr Industries board that would control factories, mines and plants while leaving (hem under private management. This board would derive its authority from the war- making powers of Congress, he said, but would-'need (he support of public opinion to become effective. BLYTHBV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS For Thanksgiving Dinner for your cntcrialnmenf and comfort Thursday..'- Friday r ' M AT LAST AT POPULAR PRICES! prefers nn 8 to 12 poiimi miulo of olive oil a nil lemon Julco larger S S, 1 u" *„? b^"? S. SP ' C ° S "^ "^ ""» '-^ market value for you. Ono more pie |n tlia cheerful prc-Thanksgiving word— I this with top pastry und b»Vo. Is prices ought, to, to reasonable. bring up n child to honor his par- ems In llicir old age. Tlie bnslo principal is nbont the snme in aU good American fumtlics, however. Hrst conies the matter of stuffing Oysters, chestnuts, sausage cmd what-not pass In delectable review. We'll appoint an apple stuffing to honor tills year's feast. . Apple Stuffing (For a 12 Pound Turkey) Ingredients: 1-2 cup diced salt l 1-4 cups chopped celery, -1 cup chopped onion, 2 clips fine, ry liread crumbs, 1-3 cup chop- cd parsley, 10 sour apples cut in l cup sugar, 1-18 teaspoon seasoning, . salt and pep- Tfc. tain meat triumph' In jcre»n hUloryl Three houri of glorioui speclacl* and romance...50' stars...300 girli... myriad jonghrttl | Pumpkin pic dressed up in a silver pic holder. Witli or without t any fancy holders, pumpkin pie finds welcome writlvn on every i - dining room door :ill day long on Thanksgiving. Hy NEA Service The turkey Is tlic big news. Fixln's, yes, of course, but tho great American inntily feast should be built around the royal American bird. And tills year there will be five million more turkeys en the Thanksgiving market/than Adm.—Always 10 & 25e—Ic Tus Show 'livery iMalinccs Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday iilalinccs—2:15 Saturday Matinee — Continuous Shun-Ill? — 1:00 Till 11:00 p. M Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! 12 Adults Admitted for Trice of All Children—lOc - N£VV SONG HITS BY BROADWAY'S •^'r mi t) i> iiituii L\UHI,\CI HIM) I, I I WENDY GREGORY RATOFf ARTHUR TRfACHER ,-,',„, WILLIAM POWELL Myrna LOY • Luise RAINERj : wild Frank Murgan • Fannie Brie» I Virginia Bruce • Reginald Owen' ! Ray Bolger - Ernest Cosurt ' A Robtrt Z. LtonarjProduction froJuail t> r HIMI Slrombtu Matinee Starts 2 r. M. Night Show Slarls 7 r.'SI. Ilo.v Office Closes 3 I'. M. :mrt 0 P. SI. NOTICE TO PATRONS — I'al Night has been discontinued this Friday owing; to (he three day run of this picture. —Admission— Matinee—10 ,t 31c Night—1G & 41c last year. Poultry raisers have been studying the feeding and raising of Infants, you see. Tender birds,. with smooth .black legs, pliable breast bones and fat well distriutcd under. the skin—these, await yon at the market. Fresh turkeys—never a cold storage bird for Thanksgiving, remember. No need for that, despite what anyone may tell you. Those shipped in Ice or partially frozen are not cold-storage; they have been freshly killed" but frozen slightly merely 'to keep them fresh iii transit to your oven. A 10 pound turkey will feed 20 of tho clan in one sitting. And a 10 pound bird will produce approximately four times as-much meat as an 8 pound turkey. Figure that bountiful yield when you are ordering. The average small Novelty—"Midnight Blinders" Friday-Saturday , ACTION!; y TUES1)A\, Is'OV. 24— SH25 BANK NIGHT! ! ! ! -. COLUMBIA PICTURE; Abb Cartoon and Serial—"The Clutching Hand" with Jack Mnlhall TOO I,ATE TO CLASSIFY LAND FOR SALB 40 acres on road to : Nb. 9. Dandy place. S3200. Easy .terms. 160 E:;KJ-.south of Dlythevills, highly Improved. If bought, H once, 575 per acre. $3000 cash, bal! annually at 6 per cent. GGO acres 4 miles of Blythevilie. Fins tract. 500 A in cultivation, well improved.. Bayou land 90 acres on'-=i at . Biytheville, $125 per aero. Terms. 3D acres near Uell. Fine land $15(W cash gets it. 320 acres close to Osccoia. Wcl improved, $75 acre. If you want to buy better buy qiiick. lands ore being leased each day for next year. You may be tco iatc. THOMAS LAND, COMPANY Real Estate FOR SALE—Beautiful home on large lot. Hot water heat: You cai move Into tills ^ncs tomorrow Price $60(10. Terms easy. Why pay rent'/ Lot us th:w you this placi today. • : THOJFAS LAND CO. SPECIAL THIS WEE Milk White Glass Stir. Mixing Bowl Aluminum ROASTER For cake batter & other mixtures, Hexagon base . .. Evergreen Kitchen Towels Most useful pans in the n. A bis 39cvalu«. Entire set of siies 1, 1Vi and 2 for only - - - Polish silyer,wipe skillets.Forhands and face. *\C LIMIT 2 SETS TO A CUSTOMER 16 5 /4x9'/«in. Addi ro the goodness of your roast . . \Viiite Gla/ecl Cups Saucers Set cf 6 Cups and 0 Saucers 59c There arc « limny ways to roasted SS*\£« con^hat't liXXA^JWJ!'*'"*- «»"<»«« •>* 'Want. mo mince meat pie reclpo gtveiv hero Is now, imvlng lemon Julco in tho el-tut nnd currant Jelly In Hie mixture. II should bring 1 lo a bountiful ami friendly • close tlie gnia menl of 1830. New Mln« I'ln for Six "" One cui> brown suijiir, l cui> chopped apples, 1 cup chopped raisins, i cup chopped cooked meat, l-l cup butter, 1 tablespoon niola.sxes, 1 tablespoon salt., 1-a leasiioou nuttiteg,, 1 Icnspoon clu- nntnoii, 1-3 lcasi>ooii cloves, 3-1 cup elder or incut stock, U tablespoons cummt Jelly, pastry for two-crust pic. Mix nil ingredients together except ihe jelly. Simmer until tlio apples are tender nnd tho mixture thickened, nbolit, 30 minutes. Cool and pour Inlo pastry lined Pie plntc. Dot with Jelly,' cover IWHEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thii Old Trwtnwnt Oftra Brin|« Happy R.litf Miny «uS<mj r«l!«v« osiilns bitVjcho ivuckly, oaf* Oiey discover Iti.-a tlie [*•! «,... »l Ihrfr Iroulile m«y U Urnl VIJnt>> Ihe luiimyi lit N>tur>'i Mil way ol Ulioz lh« ticfx ln <li ud w.ilf cut or Ilia blooJ.. Mwl Pf.ople |>an «l«JUt3riiull»iiayor«ljOut 3 pound) ol UA>IC. Conrention / Will Meet tt Etowah Tnc Mississippi COlllity Singing Convention will hold «n «U dny meeting at Ktow>h Sundiy, beginning- nt 10 o'clock In' trie-morning, winner will be served iix bosket It- rsnion with eaeh'oiie pwsont taking .R dish. ..'_'_ , •; . .• •..• • This' Brdup,rv,'liVe1r~nvMir~c»cii flflli Simdny for sovernl hours of singing, Is headed Uy-o. H. Ktntt, of Kclser, as president, and Henry Brlnklejvi-jcrelary. ' n large fry the pork, hen remove. In the (at. fry col- onion, parsley for.2 minutes, hen remove and add the apples 'iilch have been sprinkled with ugar. Cover, simmer until U.n- er. nemove cover and simmer few minutes inonj. tl'sn add minks, cooked pork and voge- ablcs. Season. Thm-p's n farm tradlUon that if lurkcy should bo stulfed the ilRtit btfore using, and that some f tho stuMlng should be rubbed n Hie surface. Farm vrndltlmu cscrvo Thanksgiving respe;-t. Tho festive critter has been Inged. all plnfcnthers removed, bird washed liislda nnd out 'ilh running water, dried, stuffed. r ow sew him up . w-lh darning lii-eati, truss him, dust with salt ml pepper, place In a roaster, ten set In a cold place to -,valt .grateful to' '' ic dawning of lorrow. f To roast, place first In n very ol ovuu • and cook fast for 25 limitof. Then lower lieai and ontliiiiD to roast' for 23 jninntes KI- pound. Baste frerjiiently. in orvlng at table, .place the ' neck nd of tlio turkey .toward tlic ft of the carrer. : cllow Turnips and Sweet Potatoes This is n golden: novelty simple o make. Use equal amounts at lashed boiled turnips n'iid mnsh- d boiled sweet potatoes: Bo gen- rous—it's' Thanksalvinu;.' rchicVn- er—with butter and use a little ream Instead of more milk. ' Endive and Grapefruit Salart Keep 11 delicate aiul cold. Use cndcr endive, very cold, and per- ect sections of grapefruit mcnl Inangc clusters of endive on st\!-' .d plate and mass .the grapefruit 1 n an attractive design. Justibc- ore serving', pour n little o po Fl tnil worn with your kl(!o«j'a or iJ An eitcjj ol i riili or poisons In youi blood «bm duo lo funelloinl luJney <lboi.lcn. m.y l» tli a . or »c«nly punactl wtlh nrullnr. burning >),mi (lure may lie louitllJnii n l» tlia catiit o( Jney . ( wstlnj bacluclio, rbtuunli pt!i». lumhiEo. Its niliu, Ion r,l ,,tp ,,„,! enBellini: up iildili,-. nw , "if, Bellini: up iildili,-. nw.Uiiij, imdinMj uniltr the eyes, litsihcliM mil iliiilnw Don t vmll Aik your driiftiil ror Donn'i tiled lucceutufly by million] [or ovtr -10 ,'esn.TIjo; 15 mtlci of lldiro KAile Irojn your .. JtdielMid vrilllitlnUi, tlll)C3 Illlsh Olll poinnntlua Juod. Get l>oan's I'jllv hUKCTBIC ACETVliKNK- WELDING AT BEST PRIORS PROMPT SERVICE; Barksdale Mf g. Co. PHONE 10 Evfrj r Mon. .& Ttiurs, on 1'lalo Lunch Hut Blsciiils Every Night DICK'S CAFE Across the Street From Kress' SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. J. \V. Sh&usc "The Progressive Store" I'hona 35 , Wilson Henry »ct-.. becoming mere ilhs when focused" in thought. Colored portion sharp and piercing. WhTia clear. Browbcctlinf dowrnvariJ. K«en lips Thin, firm —held rigidly teeth. Con- ptpcuoua 1 edges. Flesh bt- low under lip inclined lo bulge Keen shoppers with an eye to economy and good taste are over-joyed at finding this delicious''dotible-rich" Kentucky straight Bourbon! yrictit 1918. SCHEM.IY DISTRIBUTORS. ISC., X.V. Some of Iho Invest nml most •nlliiible timber fo«st» of tlio »orltl nro novtli ot latllitdo 60 degrees ind mining nnd llshlnV Industrie! nourish there. Woman, 105, Snuffs Out Ali Cake Candles OANTON, M Y. (UP)-Mrs. Mary Jane Bushey's birthday cake wos almost bipricd under 105 lighted candles, pbwrvmg her 105th birthday, Mrj. Butiisy, believed lobe the olc|e«t'womtit'ln the state, counted all tho candles before sitting down to dine with relations at u birthday celebration. Mrs. Husliey boosts 131'defen- dants, amoiiB llwm great-groat grandchildren. HHJ ! ngcd woman still does her o»n washing. In her younger days sliu served »s « midwife. DiMllsli Hurl't'muti Pulfs STOCKTON, Cot. (UP) -Leon Lovely, formerly a- student In I'srls, challenged Rlohnrd ' ' ] j ? to a duel Eaton,' aa tlia challengedj hud the right of 'choice of.wearH . ons, and choso cream puds nt paces. Diy cleaners treated both of the combatanta. . Rend Courier'News Want A LANDSLIDE victory against terrible cra'ckfl feet called ATHLKTE'sd i> •> °vY!£ rful »'«lw|)Hi! knowStl us »«0\V.N'S LOTION kills U1&I tiny parasites tliat cause ft, oftefifl Instantly, Cases of lorn; stand inx-l often cured in four or five dnvs . LOTION fall.r'ci. 'S FOOT In fourteen'I •Inys, your druggist will refund your 1 1 money. A clean, enny-to-uso liqulirl —not B mcs»y paste. Used only otjl nlBlH. COu uucl $1.00. auamutccd byH Klrby Bros. Drug Co. You'll Want New Clothes for THANKSGIVING And you can buy everything; you need for any member of (he famllv rltfht here a "Your One-l'rlce Store"... .h,re vvhurc you are a ™ vs » S «ur«d of Kr«t ««,Hty merchan«li»e »( the Ri K ht Prl.L " amount h r M 0r I *' r 5T y W " tCr " Wd ' ' ' yOU '" • Slivo amount by .shopping at Isaacs. ' Nothing Setter Than One of These Guaranteed CURLEE SUITS Yes nit! * \ym-ii heller dofhfs iiro m.idc (!i:tlcc will make nrp the piittcrn-i In 100% vmol fiibili-s with lallorln/r Hint MoiiU ilo jusllc-c In m«ch higher priced suits., .slnjte a. n il dnuble lircaslcd madrb In jreys, tan», browns unit blue*. 24-" KENTUCKY STRAIGHF BOURBON WHISKEY-90 PROOF Or //" You Prefer a Cheaper Suit Select from These ~ ~ Two Groups Attractive woiwie* and ca.»lnif r t» I,, a i, lrrB stiowinc of ul- IractKe new p»l»<!ma... a lnnl e and double hi«w«M style,. $ 14 75 «19 75 All Men Like Th«R> CVRLEE TOPCOATS Warmth without weight ... a Inily remarkable Coat for a Hide money . . . beauli- MTP £A ful new patterns y 11 • vll Up MBN'S - $12.95 The People's Choice in' Aristocratic Fur Trimmed WINTER COATS • Genuine Fur Trimmings § 100' ; Wool Fabrics • Warm Interlining? IO95- ,, CIULDRBN'S COATS Ladies' Novelty SHOES PUMPS, STRAPS,'TIES and OXFORDS in brown and black kiri, patent leather and the novelty fabrics. t SI 39 to $4.75 Men's Dress, SHOES Thr. style, the size, and the price lo meet every man's ideas. We can. fit you cdircclly and ccon- 'ji.98io$6 Everything for the Boy Vour. Infdgct may lie limited hut >on'rc sure lo find :v Coal'in this large showing llial will :meet; your sljle and .qiialflyj: denianils without rvccedlnj; jour hudgcl. Ilraiidrm fiibrics, c\- ihwhc stjlts, gennluc fur lrinmiin{*s, w^rm in- tcrlininss -arc a few of the highlights in Isaacs' coals, Smart New DRESSES. Velveteens: I'laids! Sheer'Wools!.. Crepes! rictks tor street, business, afternoon or evening ivrar in , a marrclous :selcc- llon of HIP advanced, styles...we invilc 3our leisurely obligation to buy. to S W 5 Children's Frocks •W'iuh.tblt!< ccllou prints and crepes. New styles rriccd 49c to §3.95 WE GIVE AND REDtiEM EAGLE STAMPS JOE ISAACS, Inc.

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