Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on September 23, 1933 · 17
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 17

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1933
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SATURDAY BROOKLYN TIMES UNION SEPTEMBER 23, 1933 7A mir Greets Happy Timers With Beauty Elsie Jean Says "V- ' turning . gold brown at 1 many of thi fSJJM will soon lea V- r ' h ' r umnl A ELSIE JEAN appy Timers: . . V . Autumn greet you today. 'ants to tey you that though the leave are turning . golden od them leave summer homes and be trampled underfoot,, still she Is happy, ' for she knows that she brings be a u t y and happiness to all,' for what Is er than a golden day in autumn? she has wreathed herself in tie of her autumn splendor, and h is smiling a sweet good day to all. Though this is not poetry y, I decided to put this lovely oem into our column to celebrate lie first dav of autumn. Autumn Chant .VSu the autumn shudder In the rote's root. Far and wide the ladder Lean among the fruit. Now the autumn clambers Up the trellised frame. And the rote remembers The dint from which it came. Brighter than the bloiom On the rose's bough , Hits the wizened, orange, . "Bitter berry now; Beauty never slumbers; All is in her name; But the rote remembers The dust from which it came. EDNA ST. VINCENT MELLAY, Sent by MURRAY MORRIS, Age , uara zsziu. so liberty ave., e, H. 8 4,, Grade 8A1. j . .. , THE AUTHOR He does not write in book, he wieldt no pen Qn parchment thin or paper smooth ana wnue: Uo does not burrow in some attic den. With head above the clouds, a some authors might, Hut prone in some deep chair beside the we. A white old man, his limb all weak and Trail. He dream and fancies to hit heart's aesire. And weaves for him alone a wond"rous tale. f.'acfc furrowed line you see upon his At orow Will hold for him a memory of jear, A monument forever to him now Of tome mistake or pronto of yet-teryear. Those winkles 'round his mouth ( tale of mirth. As he recalls a joke of college aayi, When he wot young and thought he owned the earth They help , distill the tear of sterner way. for, see a tear that crinkles up hi f . CUB, A tale of romance buried 'neatfc a none. Ot Grandma's tarty death; there comet a tion That he must carry en hi tale aione. So, though hi writings ice may never read, They're stamped with ink that none can erase: o greater knowledge would one ever need If we "could fathom wrinkles on ntt race. FRANCES KATZMAN. are 14 card 7585, 780 Dumont avs.; Thomas jenerson n. s., Term 4. DUSK The em' raid mountain end and the gold beams, The blue and purple fight, and the purple win. A long, deep, gash-iike wound, and the sky bleeds red The blood drops stain the elouds sailing overhead. The echoes take the songs of the hlrdu' tinndmnlnht Entwine thnn. in nur hearti far our ear delight. A gauzy blanket thrown o'er a hum- mini; earth; At the color fades in gray, there is tofter mirth. , Only the outpour thi of a beauty-mad mind. The splendor of a iky, but the eye can find Toe much for human tongue or for human brain To tell in words ot long of a God's domain. ' FRANCES KATZMAN, age 14, card 7685, 780 Dumont ave.; Thomas Jefferson It B, Term 4. NATURE'S BEAUTY When the day it dawning, ' ' And the sunset glows, ..' feel my heart 4s aching For the beauty which it shows. CAROL LUKS, age 9, card 17901, DRAWN BY ANNA TAMBERELLA Happy Timer? Coupon Cut this ' coupon and two others. Mail three coupons to Elsie Jean, Brooklyn limes Union, Times Plata, Brooklyn, N. Y. If you start today then cnt COUPONS 1895, 1606, 1697. Write your NAME, AGE, ADDRESS, DATE OF BIRTH. Send SELF-ADDRESSED and STAMPED ENVELOPE, ami you will receive membership card, with club song and buttons. Any child of 16 or under may Join the Junior Group. Boys and girls over 16 arc eligible to Join the Senior Group. Weekly prize awards. THIS COUPON IS 1695, ALFRED NOYES Alfred Noyes was born in Btaf-- fordshlre in 1880, and studied at . Exeter College, Oxford. In 1911. he delivered a course of lectures at the Lowell Institute, Boston, on The Bea in English Poetry." The same year, he received the degree ot Doctor ot Letters from Yale University. Among his works are "The Elfin Artist," "Beyond the Desert" and "Sherwood." He Is one of the foremost English poets of today. His work combines a straightforward manliness with the simple vision ot a child, that Joyous optimism , which refuses to admit that sordid ADpearances represent the truth, and delights. In an old-fashioned . fairyland. Among his earlier . works are "The Flower of Old Japan," "Forest of Wild Thyme," and "Tales of the Mermaid Tavern," "The Wine Press." and. "A Belgian Christmas Eve." - Ilia -V.,- skill, but although he is fond of sudden changes of meter, he does not Indulge In the unconventional-ity characteristic of many current poets. His poems are read in pub-Uo schools and high schools. SHIRLEY ROSENBERG, arc 14, card 86277, 1988 76th St., New Utrecht H. a, term 4. THE INTERIOR OF A HUNTER'S CABIN The inside of the house showed that the owner was a hunter. The appearance of the rough furniture made it evident that it was homemade. Various animals' furs were placed on the floor for carpets. some at the foot of a bed which stood in a corner of the room. while other furs hung on the walls. The table and chairs stood In an other part ot the house. A few stuffed birds were attached to the side walla In one corner stood a rack which held the hunting ap paratus, guns and bows and arrows. The earthen floor brought out the bareness of the one-room hut. ETHEL CHIRANK Y. age 12. card 81810, 617 Watkins St., J. H. S. 84, grade It A3. WHY SHOULD WE BUILD BIRD HOUSES In the city where there are no trees, the birds have no place to build their nests, and have no protection from the rain and wind. People should build little bird houses, and every morning they should put a saucer of water and some bread crumbs In It. Thousands ot birds die from starvation and exposure. Birds are harmless little things, and people should do all they can to protect them. By building bird-houses we are protecting our property, too. for the sparrows will build their nests any place thy can find, and later they dirty the house. A little bird house nailed to the top of a flag pole or garage Is pretty, and soon you will feel the little birds belong to you. ANNA CHACALOS, Age 12, Card 86196, 102-1 Jamaica ave., Richmond Hill, P. 8. . Grade B. MY FAVORITE MYSTERY STORIES My favorite series of mystery stories is the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Series, written by Carolyn Keenc. Carolyn Keene has written many stories for boys and girls. Which I have read and enjoyed immensely, but I like her Nancy Drew books best of all. They keep you guessing ail tns time, and you won. der what will haonen next. I like to try to solve the mystery before I finish the book. Many times I have wished while reading Carolyn Keene's books that I could be Nancy Drew, helping her friends out 01 tneir many difficulties, When I am reading one of her books, 1 ean always enjoy myself. ETHEL SUE BACON, Age 12, uara nut, iot-3 ggtn Ave., Rich mond Hill, P, 8. 90. Grade 7B. THE EMBARRASSING MOMENT One Sunday afternoon, father, the family, and I went for a ride. Dad had been speeding at the rate of 70 miles an hour. Soon we were stopped by a motorcycle officer. Having taken out his pad, he discovered he had no pencil. He asked my father for one. Father said, "I haven't any," as he threw a penoll to the back of the car. where my brother, aced seven, was seated. My brother picked up the pencil, and exclaimed, "Pop, I've got a pencil." Because ot his honesty, we did not get a ticket, and we alt had a good laugh, ELLIOT WAXMAN, age 11, card 8(461, 667 New Jersey ave., P. 8. 182, grade BJ. HOLLYHOCKS They're pink ant red with ttemt to high. That touch both stonet and rocks. They murmur with the brews and tigh, ''" These lo vely hollyhocks. They stand to straight end never "bend. Except sometimes to lay, "Good evening, flowert, to you we tend J Oreetingt this pleasant day." JEANETTE DOMBROWSKI, age 12, card 84070, 41 Jewell St.; J. H. 8. 128. Grade (At. . Leva to yeu all, ELSIE JEAN. 4 Wr,..M.H ,..H-lt$ ' ' OLIVER'S ADVENTURES Trickled! By GUS MAGER UVEB.1 AND His fbiends,. ; IN SEAECH OF WHO HAS BEEN The uould-be ARE ABOUT TO ENlEf4."tfl& Iolom ISSAFWCO, ' 0NE OF HIS STRONGHOLDS r m mm m 7 ti; of yjiM ble fnSKJHS My FRIENDS"" THERE ABE 14& OUTlINO I ONCE ' ON AG23UMT II I hola! a, CACHE IRO BUSH! HEPEIS3UEEZE " THESE LEAVES OK tUt2. FACES ANP HANDS I IT EES imL AMlGOS', EVEN IOUB FATTHFUL pEfcEZ,UbULD NEVER. TAKE tO FOB. ANTHING BUT lOO MATTVES' LETS SO I ' 0 a nn ) rSfw" PA'S SON-IN-LAW The Missing Gems By WELLINGTON. EO BB APBESTBD W SDEAUMw P1AHOH05 t bvbr evert touched and them to ee khpt IN JAt. SEVEM HOUR? AFTVR BAH. WA MJO. BuY-'fA OWTSUSTH' JFWEUT- STORE 'Til. I ATTHCTOURTRIAU H' 5EUP WOTUIwni 1 XtSHAU-HAVE HO TFOUBtr t01M3 "THAT J I 5 ,ii,iii TMSV OJUf f&UHO ONE OF THOse DWMOMOS IM MX 8a-hov4 rrn"mERfe rvHO lOBA-BuY-ff t fiTiXE "THREsT, A4 THEX CUAIM , ViHCKB ARS lH IHATa WHAT tr YOUTERlHf J I - KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES Eddie Always Was Smart By POP MOM AND X CAM'T H6LP IT. EDOlt - IT Burns me op: WE ACTUALLY CAUCjHrTAR BABY BUT NOBoBY'LL BELIEVE US-- WAIT 'A MINUTE! AL.'.', xVEorr Atst IDEA- J! OH.BCY--OXJ5T LISTEN TO THIS 1 keTiij. SAY!t that's PRETTY 600O-YEAH -IT SOUWDS, lLLlliHr.,! MAW - HAW WE'LL, i HAVE SOMETHIMr ' TO BACK UP This tory about TAR BABY" WHEM we. &ET HOME- 7 w'tlffVI jsWiPil ETTA KETT Her Shadow By PAUL ROBINSON Yousta.VMSGar a j "S r.. ..r itt I , -. I iWATJl DUCK IS SQUPrcrt HE WJOOTO rJ Kf?L TWGuW,OIN3 T6Cr f if J I, ANGSUWATS CffA ,liS IS BOSS, am au.-amg.rjca u moot ball STAIX-HC TO 66 Houe. CiUARO VltU..,IOU LOOK UKE A NATCH OUT riOQ. SU3PKWOUS CHWIACTETCS AlJ KEEP Am Elt. on Utll." tM HOLOWG HOU fifSPOMSIQLE ." w j MUGGS McGINNIS Stormy Weather U t. , .JJTr C IMAGINE GCTTWa PAID 1 Jl III! I Wiwoiin.!.;, 1 fori POUIOninG 10U ABOUMD ll II II I 1 v AratCNEit, rj 1 vjhat a a ratt - inv ecr A I I rV " I P'G SHOT". SYJtLL IDEA tV BB CtiAl."! I U By WALLY BISBOP. All MV Gadb LAb I ASK TUc ' UTy' f TH' HOOSE. IP SHE CAM SPARE 1 . I itr 1 rs. urn I h h ore 1 vr roou run tucak nimq , v wenual morr or th" open i 1 ROAD! i'll BUT SHE TRAMPS FEEDS AH! BUTDOMo ?J3 I "WAT I AH TH' 12L WOSOAL QBC WoTTEU. HP$ "JRaMP'.SAY Victim of QBCUMS&NCES asxy wr-An-SAy-i III Inc. TV? SAY THAT A SEHUAW . 5 Jy AvOAltS WtlHoUT AMD WOOUST A WoRDjUnH HER.! A X 6EKILEAWM WHO HAS Sfea4 - ' rr use.' SHE. Si.V SHE. rCESN.TaRE Th -rsitruS2 "TO' WEATHER. I : f y t . vi HIGH PRESSURE PETE Bras? irC ms"o, 60T50OA P Cbv.0 HS rH MOO Uf The Boomerang NOW) ,UHXC HfsUt SbO teu. ne., 055 7 1 r. in i 'a VT r B1G SISTER No Trespassing fiy LEU FOKGRAVE SMTMEisTOOriG MHAT AREYOO --lVIATW OOlhitt IrA MY -Wr. , OUTWT -VARO? 5-n GETTIN&MY r T 4 BAUV..nFELV. NILU.BALL OB.VXS BA.V.U,WOO'Vt ViO B0IM6 IV VAY .YAW. 1 OIT HAVE.VOO N) WE.tWlTRAVAPL.MOa MY CA5-5. j tAKm MOOR. BAUU AND SET OUT. AWO STAT OUT' AND RErAtMttERTUVS. IP tT CNJER COA OVER WERE AGAVM 1 SHALL KEEP T MOyJ OOM" - Foncer tuact T Copyright, 198S, by Cn(rl Fraw AtKocitUonTlne. T ' geonvavth! itv ) 7. V .VH 3HETWE CRQrm lo&W !5Qr li. SOSS '

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