The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, December 8, 1939
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER nw vnivrmr»BT .r,,,. ^ '•' » ^»-^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 223. Blythevllle Courier Blythcvllle Herald Final Estimate Sets Cotton Crop For 1939 At 11,792,000 Bales WASHINGTON, Dec, 8. (UP)—The agriculture ilcpni-l- niont today estimated cotton production at II 79<>000 Inl in its linal report for 1933. ' Thfi crop board estimate was slightly below that of a month ago when production wax estimated at 11,845000 I)fl ICiS ' T, _ Maverick Acquitted Of Charges The crop lolalled 110-13000 bales In 1938. The crop board said the yield of lint cotton per acre averaged '235.9 pounds on 23,828.000 acres harvested. The yield was one-tenth of a pound an acre larger than test year and 45.1 pounds larger than the 1928-1937 average. Collon glnnlngs totalled 11,111.589 bales up lo Dee. 1. The ero;) board said an unusually large proportion of Ihe crop was ginned l>y !)fc. 1 due to favorable fall weather for harvesting. Arkansas production was estimated at 1.410,000 bales with a yield per acre of 3)8 pounds, Missouri production was estimated at 440.000 bales with a yield per acre of 581 pounds. . Farmers Will Vote On Quotas Saturday Farmers throughout Mississippi Courjty are expected to go lo polling places tomorrow where they will vote for r:r against Hie 194.0 eclloiT marketing quota. Because of the question involved and the' campaign launched by extension agents to familiarize farmers with the matter, a record vote Is expected. SAN ANTONIO. Tex,. Dee. 8. (UP)—Mayor Maury Maverick was adjudged innocent today of charges thai he illegally conspired lo pay poll taxes for others during the mayoralty campaign. Some of the courtroom spectators cheered when Hie verdict, was announced. IE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEABT ^KAN8A 3 AND SODTH2AST MISSOURI LLK, ARKANSAS, KUIDAY, DIOCKMRKK 8, Blytheytlle Dally News Mississippi Valley Lfiufcr F Promises Support In Vigorous Denuncation Soviet Aggression Of PARTS. Dec. s. (UP) —Premier Daladler, lo ihe ringing cheers of members of (lie chamber or deputies denounced R,, SS | n » ngeresslou ngnlnsl Finland today, saluted the Minis in the rmwo of (lie yrciicli government ami people nml prom- Iscd Finland aid and support in its appeal to the J.rngi» of Na- lions for help. Finland, (he pi-cinier said, hail awakened (he conscience or (he world lo aggression. He expressed hope that, "even in there were enemy lerrl- men who feli Hospital lo Have Tunnel LONDON (UP) — Arrangements to convey underground its whole personnel, patients, staff and executives in the event of air raids is being made by the Ramsgnte Genera! Hospital. A tunnel, which will be finished before autumn, is being driven through the chalk starling with a ramp from a hcle in the hospital grounds K, will be 450 feet long. New .York Cotton ...NEW-YORK, Dec. 8. :(UP.)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close ..... 1053 1052 1037 1045 ..... 1046 1046 1037 104-ln 1021 1022 106s 1015 991 9DI 974 984 957 957 S3S .946 900 902 891 ' 891 closed 'nominal at 1057, Dec. Jan. Mar. .. May .. July .. Oct. .. Spots lip 4. New Orlenm Cotton NEW ORLEANS. .Dec. 8. (UP) — Cott:n futures rallied today to close with gains ranging up lo 80 cents a bale. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. open high low 1056 1057 10-15 IMG 1040 1046 1028 1029 1014 .. 995 1000 935 . 058 050 948 901 909 896 close 1055 1052b 1025 095 957 904 Spots closed steady at 104G. up 10. Stock Prices . NEW YORK. Dec. 8. (UP) — Stocks and bonds made nn Irregular decline i n u^t trading today A, T. & T 170 Anaconda Copper 31 1-8 Associated D. G -81-4 Beth. Steel 82 5-8 Boeing 1 Air S21-4 Chrysler 87 l-s Cities Service 5 Coca Cola 1201-2 General Electric 387-3 General Motors 531-2 Int. Harvester 60 Mont. Ward 54 3-4 N. Y. Central V 20 Packard 31-2 Phillips 40 1-1 Radio 5 5-S Schenley . '. 131-8 Simmons 231-4 Socoiiy Vacuum : .....; 12 Standard of N. J 44 1-2 Texas Corp 441-2 U. S. Smelt 67 1-2 U. S. Steel 67 7-8 >rotcst within-tliejiiselve.s against. the "crime" of tlie "Russian alack." France goes lo Geneva (omov- -ow to answer Finland's appeal lor juslicc. VJaladler suid. "She will Low, fF/r/i Conn's Help, Wins Over Parents' Objection e ": . , w - -""r *">" IM4...V.* ILIJ m, iMniioii UWCII (Mfn #n IIP Hcrrlck and George I/nvllicv, Til. a former fiancee of liwther) be 1ISL °^., u ! ul <'- "»''!**?«• I«!'.!« »««her V overly f,4w v tectlm, to'plan their weeldlnnV . | wiST ..cVTlf'w k'now'w™' A court order prohibits ai.y fur-' m (ml . y' om . C leplion 0 is („,,L| Ilier interference by Ihe girl's ami so is — •' " ° - - ln ! 1 "" 1 wealthy ixircnl.s or tliclr private nliorney.) ' love you, darling, ivlth nil my . Don't over ' " Ulverliead, Long evening. arm and SINGLE COPIES FIVE CISNTS' remember — you're tiio only i. her falher holding one one in the world I lovo or cnrefor id a detective, John J. Prlci.) "I'll wait for you ,,o matter • "•- other, In »'!,„(. n 0 cnrcf ,,, ^. hn( m .,, 0lor IPMMfMI fnr n Mii>l* nf «'>ifli',» <i«,. i. \ . . her lover's petition for a'writ of where fio, because you're be- habeas corpus, judge Hill, nfter ing followed Don't over ention hear Kg all sides, ruled: , | the contents of this le lo to a her Smrc\il" C h 0 me IS bnt C »s l lon «s Suis" 0 "' 1 ''°" 1C "'"' ' ll0 1) '° CC " chrt Huno n.f 11, !.„.. . i _ _ .. _ii ,.. .._ _ i. . . ... (>*•'' J Oil Oil (ll'S* lives wi.h her parenls and;. ls . P^ing. Nellie Is" o/ nv a 'Or prl ur .tlm.H *•>,„ i.. ,,,i;in>-j Jfi,,v «..*^i • ' •' uiu supported by their control" she iiii(ier|)i!iB angel. i "Goodbye, my sv/eel angel r love riien, In the presence of Uic you and always will, remember judge, objecting parents and at- lorneys, the lovers were |)erjnltled their first kiss In many weeks. <Smacfc, smack) | | Tlie deciding factor was « tender love loiter, smuggled out of thai, I'll eo through lie!) for you Believes Republican President Would Be Man To Make Policies Work WASHINGTON, Dec. 8. <UP)- RussiansMove Slowly Forward In Finland; Italy Warns Soviets HELSINKI, Dec.. 8," : (UP), ROME, Dec. 8 (UP) 1 - Uussmn fe-cnforcemcnts I uiy, ihroimli a' ° fivanil council • of Finland loi^t^ui IS"'* - itS ^"ta't^E Hod- Army thrust In Ident Roosevelt's policy has been lo "stir up friction" Jxa-.veen ROV- cniment and business and calls kr election ol n Republican In 1040 to restore prosperity. Mr. Roosevelt's menl policies, Lnndon told n press conference, uml:ublcdly will bobne of Hie chief Issues cainiinlgn. In the 1940 never keep 1 have. Tlicv'll »w ii)inrl, unless tliey kill ..„ my love, darling angel." Miss uerrlck Is n pretty bin denounce Russian aggression." i Ihe summer Applause came from all parlies, parents at "Nations are big by virtue of from Hlverhciul, and presented lii their men and their civilization,, 00111 ' 1 b >' Lowtlicr as Exhibit A.) netle. Lowther Is .TO. a Yale gritd- Anolher major talc, he salci, will be efficiency in government under Hie New Uenl. I/nmlon declared lliero Is "administrative demoralization." fn calling-for election of a no- not- by their numbers or their ter-l "George, darling," it read, "I'm "" ------- " ' --.. „, „ .„„. „.„„. Publican president. Lundon empha- liomc of tlie girl's,uale, an Insurance salesman. Both 5lliMl tlml "C *»» net suggesting wainscott, 25 mlk'S are prominent socially. .complete repudiation of (ill New 'Her falher, Walter R HerrlckJ Denl IwlWc*. former city park commissioner. rilory," the premier snul. "For the nrst time since the! war began Sept. 1 it seems there \ hear at Walnscolt Nellie, (Ihe family H', 70) with mother, nurse, Nellie p n . «... . is an awakening of an universal tm!nc[1 " ursc - I'm alive but that's former beorgia UtriCial conscience whlcli seemed asleep n "' nlli Thc - v nl ' G lnkln tf ^'^ A,,.,! r n • C !"ndcv the blows of brutal force . mmns '" tlle worlcl to prevent me Agdlll Lomes (Jilt OCC- This perhaps, Is the greatest ser- from movlnB n stc l' '» n »i' <llrec - oncl Besl In Scuffle ATLANTA, On., Dec. 8 (UP)— W. L. Miller, once removed as Georgia highway chairman by cxe- cudvc order and twice by force, loday was under a doctor's care with undetermined injuries suffered during his latest bodily ejection. Dr. W. L. Ballenger said Alillcr had been pretty thoroughly gone over by state guards who dragged him out of his old office by the heels yesterday. "Mr. Miller previously had undergone an operation for hernia and la badly bruised about those areas as a result of the present ruckug," the physician • said. "Therefore,' we will not know'for several days whether there. Is f,o- vice whlcli Finland lo humanity." lias rendered' , - „.„.„.. ' nic country, he snld, has come tola Judge Hill that he objected lo Hccepl some of tho New Deal's to Lpwdior's attcndons lo his soclnl 1'oliclra. IiicIVKUna nodal sc- daiijjliler and illd not believe lie curity and Iho right cf collective detective rind, a loved her. IbnrenlnliiH for labor. The Romeo and Juliet case was! He .said he would not be "pro- iirsl taken to court almost n month sumptions enough" to offer am ago, I/iwther obtained on Nov. 15 suggestions on tbe administration's an oral order from Supremo Court policy In the Russian-Finnish dls- Pulaski County Chancellor Grants .Temporary Writ To Husband A court order restraining hi father-in-law and others from terferrlng with his marital .. , - ... „.. was obtained by .Robert • Ramsey, ing to" be any violent reaction." ! about 40. a husband since August- Miller's surface injuries we're 1 2 «. in Pulaski Chancery court yea-' "I had to write this letter lo you, that's .nil. I had lo. I came last night at 7:30, and liiey are thinking of moving me with detective and nurse to the oilier Waltcv Hcrrlcks in Babylon for a while, so don't, breathe a word. Father wants to take me on a cruise 'ur something, but, fuse to go. I'm going to re- Jusllcc isidor Wasservogel, enllt- pule. ling him to his Jullcl. mil he stiil "Whatever Hie president nml the found the way barred by nurses slain tlcuarlinciil decide to do," he d IT , Icrcd nn airplane nml went lo If you ever mention yon licnrd Rlverliend to appeal to Judge Kill rom me I'll murder yon. God; who has Jurisdiction over (lie knows what they'll do to me. Don't neighborhood of the Hcrrlck coun- rmd detectives at both the llcrrlcl; said, "i nm for them loo" per 'cent mvn mid country homes, and had in that situation. Until an been unable even to communicate " " • will) her by telephone. Yesterday, Inspired by Ihe let- Icr, postmarked Nov. 29, Lowtlicr nud his atlornuy, Johnson, clinr- I see direct evidence that the president wants to gel us inlo war I'm for his foreign policy 100 per cent In a crisis like this." ccme here or mnkc any trouble because Uiey'll get you lor dlsorri- erly conduct. If I ever speak . to Helen (Helen Stcdinnn, a frleniJ) again, the family will prosecute confined to a few bruises and I tpl 'dny. by Gov. E. D. Rivers. Miller was dismissed scratches plus a re-opened hahd- cut which he received when hauled out of his former office last Saturday. ' Miller was in bed at home and it seemed that for today, ct least, the 127-pound former chairman would risk no further brushes with the corps of 200-pound guards posted nbouMlie highway building by tlie lOvernor last Saturday to climax long dispute between tlie highway and executive departments i.r.d Lawson Patten cf Lakeland was appointed in his place. When Miller refused to vacate ills office several hours after being notified of his dismissal, he was jodlly thrown out of the building. Yesterday lie slipped past .the ;uards and when they found him sitting at his old desk they drag- led him out again. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Dec. 3 (UP)— Hogs 13800 Top, 5.60 170-230 IDS., 5.45-5.55 HO-160 ibs., 4.50-5.45 Bulk sows, 4.25-4.75 . Cattle 130» . Steers 6.25-11.25: • Slaughter steers 7.50-9.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers 6.25-11.25 Slaughter heifers 5.00-6.00 Beef cows 3.75-4.75 Fire Destroys Barn On Osceola Farm OSCEOfjA, Ark., Dec. 8.—Fire cf undetermined origin destroyed the barn belonging to Dr. c. M. Harwell located on his 80-acre tract of land on Highway 61 two miles south of town ar;und 8:20 last night. In addition to the loss of the barn, valued at around $1,530 by Dr. Harwell and partially covered by insurance. 2,000 bushels of corn, 25 tons of hay, two was:n loads of cctton ready to go to the gin, three hogs and one calf, all the plow t:ols and harness were burned, representing a loss of §3,500 to Clay Ayres, who rented the farm from Dr. Harwell. Four mules, two cows and around 15 hogs were saved. A tractor, be- Knging to Sir. Ayrcs, was saved but all tlie tires were burned of/. 'Hie 80-acre trnct plus another tract of 160 acres, owned by Mr Ayres. was farmed b } = him in partnership with Bob Taylor, negro who lived near the barn. The last load of the season's Ramsey and Miss Mary Frances Deiure, 19, were married at Benton. His wife entered a Little Rock hospital for an operation recently. Ramsey charged in his court complaint that Ills father-in-law, Vito Deiure. and others had prevented him from feeing bis wife. He alleged a conspiracy existed to remove his wife to nn out-of-state institution. Differing religious beliefs were ascribed as rause of the difficulty. In his petition. Ramsey asked for his wife to be restrocd to him on try home. Judge Hill heard the lover's story and issued n writ, returnable at 3:30 p.m., demanding that Iler- rlck produce Ills daughter In court. Men Sentenced Here Alleged To Have Planned Robbery Three convicts sent from the Chlcknsawba district of Mississippi Blames Dissatisfied Tenants; Labor Commissioner Is Skeptical LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dee. 8.- Dlssnlisfied tenant farmers were,, ,, County t> : . the state penitentiaTv Wametl by state Firo Marshal Guy llnv "« bei) » completed only this where they were serving three to ^,, Will ! a ', ns ', i'^tcrday for u ma- £ cnl > She was launched originally New -British Des trpyer Damaged; Submavinei Is Reported Sunk ' i; , LONDON, Dec. fl (UP) — Three more shipping casualties were admitted by tbe British today. II. M. S, Jersey, a destroyer, has been damaged by a torpedo It was announced officially. Ten men were believed lo have uccn killed. The Jersey normal complement is 183. The Jersey is one of tlic newest destroyers In the British navy, five year terms for burglary and er<UKi lnrcc »y "i"st lace Federal fires' which have destroyed cn '" ore ' lhru1 « score of are convalescence nml fnr n «,rii ^' t5 ' ulj " ™™ny must lac jft'sv. =£»= sr^w-siai S-r-"" ^ Chancellor Dodge Monday. Tlie temporary order granted by the chancellor will enable Ramsey to visit Ills wife at the hospital. James Hill Jr. Heads District Scout Council James Hill Jr., president of tlic Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation, was elected president of the Boy Scouts Eastern Arkansas Ccuncil at. a meeting nt Wynne last night when six other Blytlie- vlllc men also received awards. Floyd A. White, East Arkansas Council chairman cf advancement for this district, received an award for 10 years of service to the Boy Scouts of America while similar ? na ;f er " all. Etc estimated planlalloiw this loss Desire of one of tlic convicts to arrnnge his Federal b:nd in order that a detainer against him could be "lifted" brought the unusual case to light. The convict who iwsted tlie bond of $M00 was Uo Bartholomew. 23, of Marked Tree, c:mmitted lo the penllenttary last March for five years on a charge of burglary. Hersehel Noel Jarrett, 22; Andrew Marshall Rodger.?. 43, and George W. Welch, 24, were, also iurttcted by a federal grand Jury last January on charges of conspiracy to i-:b the Bank of< Cherry Vnlley in Poinsett County. Jarrett pleaded guilty last March and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. In tlie same inojith Bartholomew, Welch and Ro<!$ers were sent to the state prison fr:m this county after charges had also been lodged against them by Poin- sctt County authorities. It is said that the four were Awards were accompanied byi personal letters from James West. | chief scout executive of the Boy Scouts of America commending them on their years of service. A. W. Young, of Osceola. was corn cr:p had been put in the barn j made a jvlce president of the late yesterday afternoon. Staggered System Urged For School Graduations Bitten By Pet, Boys Giver, Pasteur Treatment vcr EVANSTON, 111. —Exodus honor was received by Mr. White , ' Chicago Wheat Dec. May Dec. May open high 97 5-8 98 1-4 94 1-2 95 low close Ark., Dec. S.-John' Andrew Edrington, Jr., and Charles Edrington small sons of Mr. and Mrs John. A. Edrington, were j vcrslty professor of education, 5-8 9S 3-4 I Pet W. Shepherd, of the Little • w h:le classes at the B^el a warrt CCl , Ji r t °^ l ! 1C hc sald ' " B >' Ieavin K sch001 l " m nf TA- i se challes ^mailer groups students could be . . _, . • o -.v „ „,"• °' J °ncsboro, who made absorbed In industry and the pro- started today on a series of treat- ("" Silver Beaver award last night,, fesstom without waiting months ments for prevention of rabies, foi- wns " amKl senlor executive chair- or vcars for a , ob ., e lowing bites and scratches sus- , mttn ° r tne Council. ; ' talned while playlne with thnir i It was decided hv ih. „,„„« n,.f He fcresaw a growing tendency $100,000. "I am convinced most of the fires were set by tenants," Mr. Williams declared, explaining spontaneous combustion may have caused ttliers. Most of the barn fires have been In Mississippi, Polnsell, Cross, Cralghead, Bradley, Lincoln anil Jefferson counties. He said several nejro tcnanU ! Dritlsl1 coast. 20 The British lloynl Ufall freighter Navnsotn, 8,7fl5 tons, lias been torpedoed In the Atlantic ocean it was . announced also. Forty-three persona were listed as missing. The Drltlsli steamer Mcrel 1,088 tons, struck a mine this morning and sank wllnln tcvir minutes off the southeast coast of England. Only two of 18 members of the crew were rescued. Meanwhile ,the air ministry 6n- nounccd that tlic Royal Air Force had sunk a submarine off the torn tempt tho main defense line, ) at- rope what she is I'i»- injf in the Baltic, an Tho Russian jjortcd moving Iho southeastern front in Knre- offensive was 10- slowly nhcncl on - linn, Ihe middle' front along the can eastern border of Finland and in ' tntivo informant; said today. 'Tlie Fascist grand council emphasizes that all that Iti the I" '" vlcw ' high command j attempting to Between break FJnnlsl si m II mans In Polimtl but"'wcnliiw- coii- illllons and repealed counter at- Italy» of the far norti, '^^:^n"RM ^"ZitlUVSr 011 ^ (mM naval vessels wcro reported land-1 fnJ!J r - ltlmc .. fr -'>tlers, which were Ing additional troops near Pel? ' in ft broiul way military snld the Soviet " ' ' apparently dlplo- .'ilk Finnish resistance by ladles' !, , Jr '^trained statement,.'In ullnr lo Dime used by ho aer- lhc '" erprctatl011 B lvc » <t »« --•-•-- '•'•' "nsa etiong wainlng to Russia. 'Hie gmnd council, supreme body - , lacks by Finnish troops liave off- „, lll f lwur set the superior utrength of the Hed army so far. ' hierarchy, met fcr a, its first meeting In months. In token of its ira- Tho Soviet . troops admltlctily , j )ort(ltle < ; , mul the dominance 'of were closo to tlio Mnmicrhelm line lllc , "'Icnmllonnl situation, Coimfc a deep area of natuinl and nr- aa j««rao Clan:, foreign mlnlstel llflclal defenses—In Uic Boulhcasl nml b °n-In-Iaw of Mussolini, a'd- niid appeared to tie,atlcmutbig to ( " f ssca tbe meeting for 2'/, hours "'"' " ?n Mussolini himself ad- It for an hotn and a half, council In an order of The speed up their oifcnslvc before tlia nncl snow—now about four Inches deep —becomes deeper. In (he area taken by the Rus- ll)D day: slims no fnv It was pointed ont liere the Flivrm liavo burned and dcilroye<l many buildings EO that Iho Russians would be forced 10 live In Icnti or otherwise provldi tliclr own sliclters. TJio Finns continued lo claln strong resistance on Ihe Arcln const where limy snld their troop: were fighting back sturdily. Helsinki continued calmly to prepare for aerial attacks oxpedetl whui tlio weather turns favorable. (Messages lo Stockholm 'news snld that Italian planes lug delivered to Flulniul caused excitement' by flying- over Helslnk today). Mllltnry Zone Created MOSCOW, Dec. fl. (UP)—A si clal/mlltt'arj' district'hns been created in tlio O(Josst» region along tho Soviet-Eumanlan'.: IJorder It' ' announced officially 'today.'"'• Tho announcement was considered significant In view of recent Int.'lctitl.'iis that Kiisslft might dc- nancl return of Dcssarnbla from Rumania. Bessarabia Is <\ former Russian province which Ims been Rumnpian since tlio end of tlie World AVar. , - -•- • ~* i«» i.^jn/ wiiaiiM) told him during an investigation c-f a fire several days ago that they were dissatisfied with their iir>-"est settlements. State Lab:r Commissioner Ed I. McKinJey, whose office handles landlord-tenant labor disputes, snlil he had no information concerning the barn fires and commented: "There has been le.« dissatisfaction expressed among the tenant fanners In eastern Arkansas this fnll than fn several years." Nazi Bombers Fly Far Into France PARIS, Dec. 8. (UP)—Severn! large squadrons of German bomb- Ing planes penetrated deeply Into France during the night in an apparent attempt to reach Paris it was made known today. Taking advantage of heavy clouds and racing at an altitude of 2300 feet, the German squadrons crossed the frontier and headed for Paris. Their presence was signaled at once and successive waves of an.'l- Thc E. A. F. plnnc, the ministry said, dropped two bombs on Ihe U-boat, tlie first striking It amld- shlp. The second b:mb dropped directly on tlie submarine as it foundered. . .. , , u,iv« fi CI1Cnd " P °" allcct it was un- Tax Forum Is Held Here By Homer Adkins Homer Adkins, federal collector of Internal revenue for Arkansas, conducted a forum on revenue sin-l taxation at the City Hull lost night which was attended by appr.xi- niately 40 business executives and bookkeepers. He was Introduced by C. A. Cunningham. Hoy O. Paschal, chief of the Income lax division of the office at Wtlle R:ck. accompanied Mr. Adkins and iisslstcd in the answering • of questions asked by individuals at the conclusion of Ihe talk by Mr. Adkins. The recent congressional sessions enacted several statutes making changes In the revenue and laxa- lion laws, particularly income tax and social security measures that then, cast of the capital, derstood. every business Scouts To Collect Toys For Kiwanis Club 93 1-2 Chicago Corn open high low 54 1-8 64 1-4 53 3-4 55 3-4 55 7-8 55 1-4 night Tlie ness Monday morning "and"died The person Is niiThis" position has „.„ within two days. Examination of not yet been decided ~ the head nt a Memphis laboratory plained business men should. close their books on Dec. 31 and how to protect themselves In matters relating to Income tax and social security matters. Mr. Adkins and Mr. Pnschn] are touring the state especially to conduct these forums. Barnes, Robinson and Baker Cases Set For Tuesday,'Dec. 12 Judge a. E. Keck, of Blythevltle, »'i!l preside at a special session of the criminal division of Circuit Court here Tuesday when threo Important cases are slated for trial. W, S. "Pete" Barnes and lila brclher In law, M. C. "Bud" Robinson, charged with assault with Intent lo kill In connection with a street altercation with C. A. Cunningham more than a year ago. Whether Mr. Barnes, who is snld to be seriously 111, will be able to appear, has not been announced. Mr. Cunningham, who was critically Injured, has fully recovered but Mr. Barnes became! Ill several months ago. Alex Baker, fcrmer member of the Manila sciiool district board, is scheduled to face trial on ft charge ot embezzlement of approximately $2000. This charge grow out of alleged misappropda- tlon of funds In the renting' of certain farm lands owned by the district. Fire Chief Warns Against Grass Fires A scries of more grass fires during the past few days have caused Fire Chief Roy Head and P.llce Chief K A. Rice to again issue warnings of people setting grass afire. . Each alarm costs tlie city n substantial sum and an ordinance which prohibits the burning of grass will have to be enforced If they continue, It was announced. The unusually dry fail has made jrass fires spread even m;rc rapidly, than usual, It Is said. Reaffirmed Italy's ntn-bolll- gcrcncc In the wai. , • 2 ficnf firmed tlic Bcilm-Romo axis and alliance, ; 3. Dctci mined to safeguard ils snipping "with nil means, for her prestige and liei vital necessities," H was announced that Count Clano would address Ilio ne 1 Chamber of Fascist Corporation which replaced Hie old Ohamoj <f Deputies, at its meeting .iiei Tlnnsilny. . , That pnrt 'of tho communt wliicli dealt with shipping was ,t licved to have been aimed at ar Brllalu especially, and it wag fa cnst that Itnly might demand -, removal of some restrictions under tlio British-French blockade ' of German}'. Particularly,- It was said, Ifaly might seek to remove tr at least lo mlnlmlTo the/ dfclay to Italian Flair In Tippling Law EL CENTRO, Cal. (OP) — Local field at Gibraltar. Though the conimunlque did not mention Finland, It was understood that botli Mussolini and Glim: discussed the Riissa-Pinnlsh war in Ihclr coiincll speeches. l . The council communique said:', "The council having heard the report of Count Clano, 'Vhl-h was accompanied by Irrefutable, detailed documentation, affirms That the Immedhtc causes of the war, the unchanged character of the war of siege on the Western Front, ilie dc\clopment of tlie war which affected mainly the economic ' field, blockade and counter-blockade aiut the tcriilorlil changes iyhlch have occurred fr in the Baltic to the Viirp.ithlans, 'all.le- litlmire fully ths decision of the cabinet Sept 1, establishing the non-belligerence of Italy— a "decisV Ion which so far has prevented Ihe extension of the conflict \ to . 3 utlicastern Europe and the Medl- 'errnncan. and a .decision", which' :lie, council reaf Inns, "In face of tendenclous informa- lon of foreign origin, the council declares that the relations "betweert Germany and Italy remain the iame as\wcrc fixed by the pact of alliance and exchange cf views tiisit occurred before and after the cori~ "erences of Milan, Salzburz and. Berlin" . Next the council noted Italy's' nterest In the Balkans, and 'its determination to safeguard -'its" shipping. It was the first time the council- lad met since the occupation ;of- Vlbanla last G;od Friday. t 'osey, Fowler Trial * _. To Begin On Dec. IS CARUTIIERSVILLE, Mo, Dec. 8. —The murder trial of Adrian P'qsejr nd Odis Fowler, charged In "cofti- necllon with the death of Mfs. ; ' >ay Vaughn last September,Uls ciicduled to be heard here Monday, Dec. 18, with Judge Rooert I. Cope of Poplar Bluff, presiding. A change of venue was granted' from Judge L H Schult ot this district to Judge Cope of tlie 33rd district. '• Posey and Fowler are accused I of clubbing Mrs. Vaughn to tJealh Sept. 11, 1938, near Harry BalleyS place near Holland in the south part ot the county. Gay Vaughn. . her husband, was seriously Injured at the same time, being confined lo a hospital for sometime. Prior to granting the change of venue mctlon this week, two continuances had been granted In the' case, the first in November," 1938, and the second In July, 1939. showed 53 7-8 Mr. aiic. 55 1-1 to play safe. clarence H. but Mr. Hill 1 Ihe meeting. ' study. He said It in a better balance between employment and The toys will „.. . the sharp break repainted or otherwls now experience in prcpartlon for distribution between graduation and their first children of reedy families (Jobs. ' . -- . . arc decreasing. New civil of suspected drunken driving re- be repaired and scrvcc examinations require as n ceivc n s bricly test. The man who final test a fast mile lap around revealed this weak link in Calt"- race track at tho fa' - - - - .. *-~ WEATHER Arkansas— Fair tonight and Safc- to at temperature.

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