The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1967 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1967
Page 10
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F»ft Ten • Blyttievitle (Ark,) Courier News — Tuesday, June ZT, 19W CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION -All classified advertising mus be in by 4 p.m. preceding day o publication except lor Monday's Issue when Ads must be in before DOOD Saturday Only rates p« (ln« uasertion. Minimum charg* £ .time per Una 2 tl.:iep per line per day 3 limes per line per day 7 clmca per Une per day Month per line 1 Une minimum Count trim average words to 10« 4BC. Ad ordered tor three or seven times and stopped before expiration will bo charged lor the number of times the ad appeared nno adjustments of bill made. Cash «• funds mU5t be picked up within » d»j» »I1 classified advertising must be accompanied by . Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered lor Irresuiai Insertion tane the one time tablr No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion classified ad All ads ire restricted to then proper classified style and type The Courier News reserves Me right to edit or reject any ad (Notice: Two lilies ol a standing classified advertisement may be changed in any 30-day period al a charge ol 60 cents. When additional changes are required, the advertisement will be billed as a new advertisement.) WITH me HEW PATT-0-RAMA 8225 SWING INTO style with this de- jightful variation on the culotte theme. The playsuit with a ten- ty shape makes an ideal selec-1 •tion for the action - loving set, j "No. 8225 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 18. Bust 30V4 to 38. Size 11, 31& bust, 3% yards of 45-nch. KEEP PACE with the latest fashions by ordering th 1967 Spring and Summer Bas FASHION. 50 cents a copy. send SUc tci eaui pattern. —To Order Mail To:— . Blytlieville Courier New :." Fottern Dept. 723 407 South Wockcr Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60607 Name .. Addrtii .Zip. Pattern No. ...Siz»...... Fashion Book Q for tint dais mai/in? add JOc i»r 'taeti pattern. SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY Underwood — Olivetti ;Sales - Services - Rentals Business Machines Co. 2008 W. Main PO 3-8991 «-» ct t Aluminum Awnings ;Carperli, patio copers, store ;ron murnuess. Bank financing. 61 Weld lh|[ Workj, PO 3-3135. 6-23 ck 7-2' Antiques ;N«w locitlon. Mrn, Relive* An- Iliiues t junk Shop. 318 8. <u (Across from Liberty Super Mkt.) etm» and browse. K-14 pk 7-l( 5 Volkswagen CENTRAL MOTOR SALES So Division Ph. PO 3-1812 '69 FORO LTD 2 door H.T., V8, cruisc-u-nmlic trans., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, radio and hcnter, white sidcwall tires, white with black vinyl top, exceptionally .lice cur, low mileage $2895 '65 FORO 2 door H.T., V8, automatic trans, radio and heater, white sidewall Ures, solid red §1895 '66 CIIEVELLE Malilm 2 door H.T., fi cylinder, automatic trans,, radio and heater, white sidev/rJI tires, one owner, very nice ear S1995 '60 CADILLAC Flectwood 4 door H.T., full power including factory air conditioner, ;ti.t»mati(; trans., radio and heater, real clean local car $695 '63 VOLKSWAGEN ftarmann Ghia, radio aati heater, white sidewall tires, local one owner, 100% guaranteed sharpest lit- tie car in toirn $1195 '65 CHEVROLET Bel-Air V8, automatic trans,, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, 51695 '64 CHEVROLET Bel-Air sta- I lion wagon. V8, radio and ! heater, automatic trans., tur- | quoise, this wagon is clean as new, low mileage, one owner S1495 '56 CHEVROLET Impala 4 loor H.T., VH, automatic trans, power steering and brakes, white sidewall tires, radio and heater, real clean low mileage :ar $$$ '58 CHEVROLET Impala 2 door H.T. V8, automatic t vans,, $195 '65 CHEVROLET Bel-Air, 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder, standard trans., radio and heater, white sidewall tires. .. $1495 '64 CHEVELLE Convertible, V8, standard trans., radio and heater, white sidewall tires, real clean $1495 '66 FORD Custom 4 door sedan, V8 ( automatic trans., radio and heater white sidewall tires S1495 '65 CHEVEtLE 4 door sedan, V8, automatic trans., white sidewail tires, radio and heater, real nice .. S1595 '66 FORD Oaiaxie '500' 4 door H.T., V8, automatic trans., full power including factory air conditioner white sidewall tirefl radio and heater $2495 '59 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door, V8> automatic trans., $195 '62 CHEVROLET strper sports, power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, radio and beater, white sidewall tires two-tone paint, real sharp car. ,. ...... 51295 '64 CHEVROLET Impala Z door H.T. power steering and brakes, V8, automatic trans., low mileage, real nice car for only §1595 '66 CHEVROLET Impala 2 door H.T., V8, automatic trans, power steering and brakes, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, white with beautiful red interior, nicest little car in town, .... $2395 '64 CHEVROLET Impala 2 door H.T., automatic trajis,, V8, power steering and brakes, low mileage, nice car .. ?1595 Insurant* Call PO 3-4553 For Complett insurance Protection V. J. POLLARD AGENCY Planned Protection B«tn«»lll» Federal Bullrtln- 1-8 ek tf Motor* ucooart' OOEOI .epalrs *nn repUrl. BTRDU HARD W4BE UF R Uiln 10-1 ct - - - • - *rfvw*/vw«*'*»%*WS'v% Rug Cleaning Peerless Rug Cleaners P'cltUp Of D«ll»erv ii*rPlr> lie S. Franklin — Ph. PO 2-2433 1-21 ck u _ _ . *s« Sandblasting _ nunoT* run. corrosion, oia pulnt and etc., from met*! by •ud- OlaatinjE- No Item too largt 01 nnall C UcBaney <b SOD*. Inc. »-74 Ok tt •WVSJ^.^*.->A^XV^VVWV^ Seat Covert SEAT COVERS ALL BICES INSTALLED, GILBERT'S, 600 E. MAIN, 0 3-6742. 11-3 ck ti Seofie Tank Servie* 1 clean septjo tanks, eess pools, rease traps and sewer lines. AH fork guaranteed. Gene Nuckles, DOT W. Vine. BlytiWTilJe. ArK. Eh. O 3-4482. 6-1 pk 7-2 Sewing SEWING resses - blouses - skirts - drapes nd alterations. Mrs. Stevenson, 412 . Rose, PO 3-0196. 6-22 pk 7-22 Trailer Parts Trailer Parts Camp trailers hitches-made to or- er - $17.50 up: Equalizer, hitches, rake controlls, 81 Weldln? Works. " 3-3135. 5-15 ck 7-17 Venetian Blind Work enetlan blinds repair. Gordon Hars, 817 Chickasawba. PO 2-'2898. 6-20 pk 7-31 For Rent 2-furn. duplex. Good location. 0.00 mo PO 3-7919 or PO 3-0422. 6-27 pk 7-38 2-rro &. bath lurn. house. Men. tl. pd. PO 3-8684. 6-27 pk 7-29 3 rms. & bath. Natural gas. 125 Rose. 6-21 pk 6-30 Unfurn. 5-room house. $25 mo. 416 ak. Inquire next door, 835 Clark. 6-27 pk 6-30 4-rm. furn. hou t. PO 3-8790. - 3-rm. furn. 6-27 pt 7-29 2 room furnished apt. Utilities pcf. O 3-80B7 art. 5. 6-24 pk 7-24 TOWN HOUSE APTS. tOO W. Davis 5 room luxury apis. Central air conditioning. Wall to wall Carpets Built In stoves & refrig. Garage with storage. No Children or pets. Available June 19. 2 bdrm brick house. Air cond. Mrs. J. L, Lewis, PO 3-4050. 0. 831 E. Walnut, PO 3-6040. 6-5 6-26 ck tf 3 bedroom. Hi baths, built in, «ve. 1116 Highland. Rent is $98.50 r mo. PO 3-8476 or PO 3-4124. BRING YOUR CAR WHERE THE EXPERTS ARE YOUR $ CHOICE 5 88 ENGINE TUNE-UP Any 6 cyl U.S. auto plus part!. 8 eyt, autos $3.88 plus parts. Add $2 ei. for air conditioning We'll clean & re-space plugs; reset timing & points; adjust carburetor ft choke; clean fuel bowl, air filter & battery; check ignition wire*, condenser, distributor cap, starter, regulator, generator, fan belt, cylinder compression, battery. FRONT-END ALIGNMENT (Offer good during month ol June on}y) Any U.S. iuto plus turts. Md J211. for torsion birt or air conditioning Our experts will do all this work at this special low price ... Inspect front-end, springs, shock absorbers and steering wheel assembly; align front-end; correct camber, caster and toe-in. Service now..,use our easy pay plan. mff/nvftrf/rffflwww/fw"fwwrt*frT'w'*f' GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE 131 E. Main — Pll, PO 3-8110 4-room apartment. .Air condition £tove ana refrlg. furn. Carpo Available now. Unfurnished 3-roc apartment, stove & relrigerat Avail. 1st. PO 3-7171. 6-24 ck Furn. 4 rm. & bath, electric 1: ras heat, carpeted. $60. mo. Hu 3ard & Hoke Furnitura PO 3-4409 6-23 ck Furnished two bedroom and d brick dupjex. Air conditioned, ce tral heat, no chil ren. PO 3-0399 6-22 pk 74 room furnished apt. Escell* location. PO 2-2465 fi-20 ck 2 room turn. apt. Couple only. P 3-6337. 5-27 pk 6& 2 bedrm. duplex. Adu. only. PO 3-7869. 6-20 pk 63-lm & bath turn. apt. $40 m 320 N. 2nd, PO 3-7943. 6-17 pk 74-room apartment. Air conditlo er, stove and refrlg. furn. Carpoj June 15. PO 3-7171. 6-10 ck 4-room unfurnished duplex apa: ment. 1C09 W. H«arn, PO 3-7414. 6-9 ck 6 room house. & bath furnished. catfid at 1507 Chlckfisawba. Km rage etc. Nice Will be available ,ly 1st. Hubbard' & Hoke Furniture > 3-4409. fl~26 pk tf furnished house. PO 36-24 pk 6-30 jarge country home. PO 2-2256 ,er 5 p.m. 8-24 pk 7-2 J bedroom Ac den. 2 baths, Genii air-conditioning. Carpeted, nice ;a. PO 3-41GO. 6-6 pk 7-r bdrm & den w/t!replace. buUt- kit. $95 mo. PO 3-7859 alter 5 p.m. Pittman. 6-23 ck tf Open 'Til 9 P.M. Daily See One of These Men Today: • Claude Williams • John Nelson • Bob Reagan • Bruce Ritchev Auto Upholstery ~W*^~***W^rvW- ^^wsrt, Car-Truck-* arm equip aeau Gil- iert'a, 600 B, Main PO 3-8742. 11*3 ck L Equip Tionf Rental Bulldozer- Back Hoe-End Loaders- and Electric Wotdets-Crains-Graders Tractoi-s - Trenchers - Heavy Jacks Scarroiins - Wheel chairs - Roiiwa Beds PO 3-829* — PO 3-3739 FKANCIS AND POE 4-25 ck tl Cabinets rooms &• bath unfurnished apt. E. Dougan. Available July 1. PO 3-7572. , 6-23 Ck 7-1 3-room modern upstairs furnished apt. Air conditioner. Screened In porch. For I or 2 adults. Call PO 2-2921. 6-22 ck tf clean, 3-rm. (urn. House, wati Sum. PO 3-6272. 6-2 pK 7- AVAILABLE NOW. ONFUBN. APT ALL ELECTRIC. ALL BRICK, " PANELED RMS. BUILT IN RANGE VANITY IN BATH, CARPET IN L ELECTRIC HEAT. PLENTY STOR AGE fc SIDE WALKS - 896 SQ. FT IN THE NEW TOWN & COUN.TR APTS. S100 PER MO, CALL. SAMM SHIELDS, LE 2-5316 OR LE 2-5561 2 bdrm uniurn. brick ape. Wort 21st St. PO 3-6217. 5-35 ck * Furo apta. PO 3-8096 or PO 2-SO4 10-11 ck tf 2 fm. modern tur. apt. for 1 person $12.50. For & couple $15.00 per wk Dtl fum, PO 2-2112 or PO 3-3331 1-4 ck 2 room furnished house, bath. utility room, water furnished. 415 E. Sycamore. PO 2-2778. 6-21 pk 6-29 Two bedroom trailer, PO 3-4404. fi-15 ck tf Two 5-room houses, 1 in Manila. PO 3-8313 or PO 3-8672. 6-15 pk 7-16 1500 acres. Ideal for cattle & soybeans, 75 acre cotton. J. E. McCain, Bank of Okolona, Okolona, Miss. 6-13 cb 7-14 4-room furn. house. u>.U. pd^ 115 E. Ash, FO 3-6417. 6-10 pk 7-11 3-bedroom houses for rent. Phone PO 3-8315. 6-10 ck tf 4-room unfurnished house, 2303 Marfruerlte, PO 3-7572. b'-8 ck tf 3-rm. furnished house, couples only. 1123 West Ash. PO 3-7572. 8-8 cfc tf 3-bdriB. house. 41; IJlly St. Work lor part of rent. PO 3-J551. 6-3 pk 7-9 Efficiency apt. completely turn and equipped, mi. furn. Bt day week or month. FO 3-aitt. 1-31 ek tf Modern turn, apt., 3 nn. and oats gas equipment, air conditioned, couple only P. Simon, ^n. PO 3-3373 or PO 3-3181. 1-15 ck tf "For 2 bdrm brick, 209 Walker PO 3' 7452. , 6-£l pk 6-29 For SaM Grocery fixtures <fe atock. Build- Ing rented. Call PO 2-6097 alter 6 6-27 pK 7-1 Ice cold water melons. Pickard's Grocery, 1044 Chickasawba. fi-27 cit 7-« Larry's Whiskey Store, 403 "W: Ash, PO 3-96S5. 6-27 pk 7-6 2—38 ft, tandem grain trailers, PO ,1-fiJSO. 6-27 pk 7-2S 12x50 ft., 2 bedroom, air conditioned trailer. 1 smaller trailer, 1 bedroom with air conditioner. No nets. Mathis Trailer Courts, S. 61 Hlgh- way. 6-8 ck tf Custom or preflnished kltchei cabinets. Post form tops in £toc or rush delivery. Hcnrj Woods cnh net Shop. 1033 W. Moultrle Dr PO 'ijil-li^^^™.^ 6 --i.° k 7 ' 2 Cosmetics all Mildred Smith, Po'3°"l34. T ' Z * 6-8 pk 7. Dishwashers Kitchen-Aid automatic dlshwnsh- rs. Henry Woods Cabinet Shop, 1033 V. Moultrie Dr; PO l-fi!7fi. 6-24 ck 7-25 Donncr Hyhird Wlgflcrs S. Hlwaj ,. PO 3-6726. s-29 pk 8-29 -W>^-^AA^^^V*S^S^« Foam Rubber •J^*^*v*fw*. FOAM RObBfitt, AUJ SIZES OIL- ERT'S «00 E. MAIN PO 3-9741 11-3 ct U fornttun W«n»«d Wanted us«d furniture. Johnson so. «, K> *-mr. 4-90 Ck Ml 2-bdrrn. mobile home, atr cond., utl. turn. 1121 S. Highway 61. PO 2-2112. 6-7 Ik tf 2 unfuru.- houses. * baso gflie. LE 2-S452, mile from 6-1 ck tf 3 bdrm. mobile home. Like new, NO pets S100 mo. LE 2-8128 or LE 2-8536. OosneJl. 5-30 pk tf-31 Tree-ripen peaches. 705 Clear Lake Ave, PO 3-6978. fi-26 Ck 7-4 Sectlonnl living room suite, nice Bedroom suite, reasonable. Beckham Moving & Storage, 900 N. 2nd. 6-24 ck 7-3 '67 OWs Vista Cnilser, only 5,000 ml. Sm. equity & assume payments, PO 3-S726. 6-24 pk 7-3 Tropical Fish, food, Aquariums and iupplles. TROPICAL FfSHLAND. m S. 21st Ph. PO 3-9944. 6-22 pk 7-M 2 bdrm house at Gosncll 2 A 3 bdrm trailer at Dogwood Trailer Park. See Ben Craig. 5-29 pk 6-30 Commercial Buildinj — 105 N. Franklin. Across from Hays store. 50 or 70 foot Iron tag* available. Utho BamftS, FO 3-4144. Atall. Now—New Town & Country Center In Quality Acres. One mile from Air Base jat«. Colonial design oeauty shop & grocery store, also 18 i 20 area for rent. Plenty park- Ing. Call Shlsldt & SOD LE 2-5316 PO 3-9400. 4-1 ck tf 2 BB moblU fiomt CIOM in town Wt. furn. PO 2-2112 or PO 3-4331. 4-24 ct tf 1952 CMC, 1955 International 2 ton trucks. 2 speed axel. 14 ft grain beds. 21,000 actual miles. (Slick) $1,500 each. 1848 I'/, ton Chevrolet. Nearly new tires. Good 12 ft grain bed. (Slick) $700. All trucks in perfect condition, ready to po. W. H. Heath - PO 2-2869 or Blan Heath PO 3-3688. 6-23 pk 7-24 400 folding condition. theatre scats In good ill sell any amount. Priced to move. Call PO 3-8380 or PO 3-0682 Blythevllle, Ark. 6-23 ck 7-1 New Jull poiver vacuum cJeane $34.95, The Singer Co., Plaza Shop pin?; Center, PO 2-2782. 6-20 ck 6-2 Open stock electric portable Sing: er typewriter Model T-80, $119.95 $5 per month. Phone PO 2-2782 fo home demonstration. The Singe Co., Plaza Shopping Center. 6-20 cfc 6-2 3 used Bob trucks with bean beds Cheap. Scotty's car & Truck Ren tals. PO 3-7161. 6-17 Ck t 2J.' S ton Gibson air-couditloner good condition. $185. Contact Vii Quails, Hays Store on Main. 6-16 pic 7-16 ANTIQUES COWPOKE TRADING POST, TWO MILES SOtJTH OF BLTTHEVILLE ON HI-WAY 61 S. WELCOME TO BROUSE. 6-13 ck 7-14 52x10 3-BR mobile home, air cond. carpets, utt. house. PO 3-8461. 6- 13pk 7-14 PIANOS <fc GUITARS—For sale or rent - summer prices. MATES BOOK & MUSIC STORE. 118 W. Main St Tele. PO 3-6815. Blytheville. Arkansas. 6-10 ck tf Hybrid Daylillies now in bloom Over 400 named varieties. Visitors welcome. PO 3-4794. 6-10 pk 7-10 TROPICAL FISH di/erent kinds. New shipment each week. 10 gallon aquariums $6.95. 20 gallon aquarium* $16.95, 30 gallon aquariums §24,95. The Tropic Shop, N. Hwy. 61, PO 3-9799 6-13 ck 7-14 El Dorado Camper Sales. Bob Sullivan Chevrolet-Cadillac Co. PO 3-4578. 1400 S. Division. 6-10 ck 7-12 Just arrived—2 new 1967 Shelby's, a 6lxl2 1967 Early American and a 56x12 2-bectrm. modern one. Green Acres, Air Base Highway. LE 2-8586. WANTED 'TOUR FEET FOR OUR SHOES" HEUER'S SHOE STORE 6-6 cfr 7-7 Igloo Drive Inn, lot. buildlns & iquipment $16.000. 695-4409 Steele. Mo. Or 695-3768. 6-1 pk 7-1 New mobile homes 12 x 50 it. 'peclal Price $3995. Sunset Trailer 'ark. LE 2-8129 - LE 2-B168. 5-30 pk 7-7 Just got In 1 new 1967 54 x rent kitchen, 3 bdrm Champion & new 1967 60 x 12 3 bdrm bath &; ^, Jet Liner. Reas. pymts. that will it your budget. Green A:res Moile Home, Air Bass Hwy. LE 2-S5S6. 5-17 ct tf AKC registered German Shepherd upplefi. Black <fe tan. Champion ne. LE 2-8393 or LE 2-5233. 5-2 ct tt 5 acres land located between Qos- ell <fc Half Mooa. Cash or terms. O 3-6936. 5-1 pk 7-3 WATEB Sties ana wmce tor uouia Dom- ng Lero and Modern Water «often. rs. Subbard Eardwftr*. 313 or Main 1-25 ck tf Cuu bens. aoc. O 3-7W» g farm i-8 ck U U ml. «eel rtHery PO «. oaiTflia. fret 1-3 ek U We mate pbotootatio copier Money loaned on diamond*. We buy old gold rings; O'Stcen'B Jewelry 105 W Halo 1-8 ck tf- Dog nou£«, porch swings, bird ouses, fencM. Reasonable. Georg* arx, 201 N. 22nd St., PO 3-8738. 11-17 ck W Coed REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up dLALSELL & WHITE WI W M«w sed Ptigiaaaru «inoa.utic wuti Osed Blaytftg vuhen. All nrlctl? rastwd. flALSELL at warn 307 W Uaio '»•%^^ 1 wv^*•w•wS^'»«*vw^/w^llSy^/^/^, For Sato fetal Estate 105 W»ra L»ne — BricH 3 BB, tlis. Small equity. Assume PHA PO 3-0783. 6-27 pk 7-6 One gsntla horse, 8 years old. JO -2873. 6-23 pk 7-24 Store Building I. mm, 33' I M' His gu beat, ttort lung-Ing from celling. Fluoraictnt lighting. Would ell i^dmlnd. PO 3-S83 lira a Mm RUM. iituan UOMI 19-17 CK 0 For Rinr—Apartmmti 3 Irg. furn. roornn. llillltles pd. 70 mo. 10J W. Mnln, PO 3-7853 «-2 -pit «-30 3>room furn. apt. aso, PO 3-24A5. «-J7 ck a PvirnUhed 4 roomj 4V. bath, electric Itchen, sit hem. c»rp"-n »«o NIOHT SPECIALS Wed. June il - Wed. June 28 .. U Fried chicken with french Irlfls. slaw, hot rolls B7c M St. B BRAOKIN'S CAFE 123 South 3 rd. Nadcnn and Tom Hester, Night mnnngen;. A-21 ck 6-29 Honda 160. low mileage. Excellent condition 1440.00. PO 3-7426. 6-20 pk 6-26 SUPER atuf, sure nufl Thdt's Blue Lustre for cleaning russ and upholstery. Rent electric xhamuooer «. Hublurd Hirdmn Co. 213 W. Main. «-20 ck 6-28 sinner zlg-Zag sewing machine. WiMnut cabinet model. Balance $107, payments $5 per month. PO 2-2782 tor horns demon, atratlon. Thr, Singer Co., Plaza Shopping Center. 6-20 ck S-28 ^. 1 ..J V ''^"1;.2a. b ' l " r<l * ?««_£':' MonK."*"* a* Drufs, 7 d»« HUM. tO 1>440*. ••13 pk if p« vtik. •k U 5 West WaJnut Street, .Two bed- ms «nd large den or can be need A three bedtoom home. Now fl- nc«d at interest rates lower than a new loan will be. We'll uell $l,OOC below FHA appraised value. Transfer loan with low equity. 913 Webster. This three bedroom home financed on low interest with payment* of only $81.00 per month. Immediate possession. Corner Jot and near all schools and new ehop ping center. Low equity. 202 Acres of woodsland near Ravenden, Arkansas. Has five room house and bath. Running water and, electricity In house. Will sacrifice for Immediate sale. Some terms can be ftrrnnped. Others to choos* from. RAYMOND ZAOHttT REALTOR 420 P*rlc Street Phone PO 3-8815 4-19 pk 0-30 3 BR home, large lot, 810 Biltmora, will Into ^dde. Hlndman, PO, 3-1551 or PO 2-22R3. fl-20 pit 7-21 HAVE SOLD TOO LOW ON HOUSES NEED YOURS FOB SALE NOW. CALL ME TOR. QUICK ACTION RAYMOND ZACHRY REALTOR 490 Park Stria* Phone PO 3-8819 <•» ek 1-30 CLEAR LAKE ROAD — 3 mllf outsJda cJty limits. i# acres, brick 3 bedrooms, den. Jiving room, dlnln area, kitchen Central heat and air 2 car garage. 409 MIMOSA — brick, 3 bedroom living room, kitchen, bath, carpori Can more in today. 116 SHIELDS LANE - 3 bedroom targe lot 70x205. 100% Ol loan. 509 NORTH '3th. Duplex, Brlclc new. See us for houses displaying FH. signs. TOM LITTLE REALTY PO 2-2323 Russell K Marr, Salesman PO 3 3355 NlShts John P Holland, Salesman PO 3-7335 Nights 5-17 ck tf 1028 High—3 BR, nath and half central heat, built-in oven, fencet back yard. Call or see Elton R. Jones Montgomery Ward, PO 3-9908 or PO 3-9260 nights. 6-8 pk 7-9 For Sato Cart & Trucks 1058 Chov y ton pickup. LE 2-5238 after S p.m. fi-27 ck tf 1960 Pontlac wagon, one owner. Clean & good shape. PO 3-6024. 6-27 pk 7-16 I help people to get the beet deals on new and used cars and rucks. Jim ziellnskl. Boh Sullivan hevrolet-Cadillac Co. Phone PO 3-4578 or PO 3-9561. 6-27 ck 7-29 1958 Chevrolet Pickup with stake led made to haul furniture, etc. See at Wilson's TV Center, 109 E. Main, PO 3-4237. fi-27 ck 7-g '64 Rambler 4 door sedan. R & H. V.S.W., economical S cyl. engine. PO 2-2202. 5-30 ck tf Help Wanted Female YOU CAN EARN $30 - $40 weekly. o experience necessary, we train vou! Avon Cosmetics are in great demand. Write Box 177. Jonesboro giving directions to your home if .-ural address. 6-26 ck 6-29 . SEAMSTRESS Sxperience in men's cloth- ng. Permanent position, Peasant working:, conditions. 5 days a week. Top wages. Apply Kelly's Air base highway. School Nurse neded for Luiora SchoT Prefer R. N. but wll con slder L.P.N. interested person should contact Carroll D. Kins, Sup erlntendent of Schools, Luxora, Ark Waitress wanted. Eustlo Inn. PC 2-2202. 6-" »* tr ATTENTION - U you need AWD uroducts or would tike W eell ArffL call PO 2-2000. Leave name, addres: and phone number. 4-27 ck u "TKiT"w^e5"^GiIt~or WAftT£I>- Una oi uaj »6o cares (or tnelr family, wants tht> fine, things In life not content wit) $100 per week. Wants their own business n be their own boss, for Inter- »lew write M P Taylor Bni J7S n. Oil WE 2-4999 Jonea&wo. 8-3 c* n Help' BOYS SUMMER WORK The Courier News soon will have openings for 'oung men between ages of L2 and 15, who will be assigned to deliver the paper n their neighborhoods. Contact Ted Brown, Courier News. 3-29 dh tf *n*s**^*f^*>f*svw*r+t*f*St***w*rw*^ Business Opportunities 100 gum vending machines. On ocation. 50 in Blytheville, rest in Caruthereville. Haytl & Kcnnett. Sell heap. Leaving state. TO 8-9886 or n 8-9756. .6-27 pk 7-29 Wanted Would like to rent a 3-bdrm. mo- tfe home close to atr base, by Aug. 1, 1967. Call LE 2-5427, 6-24 wp 6-2 Anyone knowing the 'whereabouts f Geraldlne Goff, maiden name Geraldine Hlnton, also Patricia Hin- on Goff, Deborah Got! & Larry off, contact George Goff, 695-3510 tecJe, Mo. $300 reward. 6-27 pk 7-1 I am responsible only for those ebts contracted by myself. Signed jester Moore. 6-27 pk 7-6 Martha ROBC'B Beauty Shop now open every day Permanent waves °P price June 28 - July 1. PO 3-0550. 3-0885. 6-23 pk 8-23 We will come to your home and make a no oblisatlon estimate on the repairs of your sewing machine. PO 2-2782. The Singer Co. Plaza Shopplns Center. 6-20 c> 6-28 Attention girls 10 to 18 years of axe. Learn to sew at singer. Classes Sow forming. Call PO 2-2782 for further information. The Singer Co. PJaza Shop Center. 6-20 ck 6-23 Do you need a baby sitter thru the day? CaU Mel PO "BILL'S COIN SHOP" 108 N. Franklin We buy and seU rare coln«. Phone PO 3-0372 e-a'wf 1-1 Few selected antiques and also round table saie. Rollison's, West Hwy. 18. 6-10 Pk 7-" Rent a new Baldwin piano for sio a month Rental ap- lies to purchase price. 20 models to choose from, Skidmord Piano Co. 101 E. Main Blytnevllle, Ark 3-1 cfc tl Tin Mississippi Count; Onion Mission needs your surplus clothing household items, hardware, furniture, etc. Please call PO 3-83BO or brine to Walnut & Laelede. 4-18 cfc a ^. Lost & Found ale Siamese cat in vicinity of Atr Base, June 18. Reward offered. LE 2-5334. 6-27 pk 7-6 Private Rooms 5 larfje cool bedrooms, men only. Ill E. Davis. PO 3-4050. 6-13 ck tf Nicely furn. front bdrm. 1708 W. Main, PO 3-6248. 6-13 pi 7-13 Wantea to Buy ee- pianos ae organs. PO 3-7071. Skidmore Piano Co. 12-20 ck tl WANTED; used furm'urc Hajseil White Ph 5-8098 o> PO 2-5045. Antique rifles, nnfl suns O'St«er. • os E Main PO 3-452?. i a-1 a THIS GROWING-OP BUSINESS A homa-deftvery newspaper route k a. "growing up unlike any other. It alone provides a youngster with an opportunity to put miMcle into what he v taught in school, by putting him in a part-time business where he buys at wholesale and sells at retail; serves all kinds of people; keeps his own records; makes his own collections; and discovers the rewards of salesmanship. Here he learns, before his classmates, the fanportance of responsibility, self-reliance, punctuality and courtesy, and adopts right attitudes about what wffl be essential to his futwe success. Encouraged by parent* who reaBae tibe many benefits which come from route management and by men who are interested m and trained to work with boys, he will some day look back on hi* newspaper rout* experience and say "This was whan I really started growing «p". If you have a ton or Imwf of & youngster uiho might similarly profit by having xeutspoptr route experience, phone er atrite fe our t BLYTHEVILLC COURIER NEWS

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