The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, WAY 5, 1030 UUTI1HV1LLE, (AUK.) COU1ULCU MIJWS PAGE F1VB Classified PP1NG GUIDE! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rnte )«r lino for consccu- Bi'c Insertions: One lime i/«' Tine lOc Two limes per line per day .. 08c Turec times per Hue par day . 06c Elx times per line per dhy .. 95o Month rote per lino (30c Mlnnnuui charge 60o Afls ordered lor mree or nix tliue.s anil slopped befo.rc expiration will bo charged for the number of times the nil appeared and ~tjuslment of LIU made. ill Advertising cap) EubiiilUcd by persons residing outside of the clly must be accompanied by cash. Rates mny bf computed frjm uuove table. Business Directory { For Rout '2 iH'dvouiii.s or \\ two room fur- nlslu'd iiiMirtmenl, Urusoiiablu. Mrs. J. T. Collins. 10a) Hearn. 5 rooms fi biilli, imfmiislml. Kc'reemxl tack & front )ioivln's. 303 B. Davis. Call OG8 or U50 aft- Kills 'Prevents When They Swann Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co er 5 y,2-ek-tf AavertlstiiE oroeiea for irregular Insertions take the one time rate Mrs. J. J. uavls — Spcuccr corsctlcre Call 421-W for appointments KO rcsporttiminf Will 1» for more than one incorrect ln- of any classified od. STOVES STORED FOE SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal is Black But J treat You White i JOHN UUCIIANAN—PHONE room KI'TICIKNOY apai'lnicnl. pi-lviitc balli, Well located. Cull Mitt. ck-tf 3 Koum FUUNISIIKD Apartment wilh balh and Nlceplus porch. For information npiily C!ofl Ho- lol. i'k-'l 'JVo Nice Ixrsc Ueil rooms. Mrs. 1!. 11. Noli-n, 'M West Wr.liuil. ISc k'f UNV-'UUNlSlllii) -I room iipai'tnionl ttilh bath, Call 327, or 65 ill iilBht. 12-ck-lf Laundry Ilium- bimili<rhi|. cvpeill) dune. U<--.iK«»;i\:u-. Mrs. O. Ci. AuUev- son, 1-107 IS. l-ltli, naileries Ensl •i-rooin furnished apartniL-nt, 1011 W. Ash. Mrs. M. O. Goodwill. Call 415-W. ek-lf Here Is The Very Car To Buy l/.u-h ear listcil below is hacked by our Ifi Hour MONEY HACK (illAUANTI-M-: as well us II"'. "U. & «." anil "Square Deal" Guaranty. Your iiiTsenl ear will P 1 ' 1 slily make the down payment. Take advantage cf the loiv U. U. C. rinam-c I'lan. lli:« I'OI!!) V-RCOIH'K. Good Tilts, i'ainl and Mulor . 5"3 1335 FOKI) V-HTUllOK. Used liy a Duelor SW5 imi FOKI) V-8 TlJDOll. As Clean As a 1'ln 5SG5 1U33 FOKI) V-K Til I) OK. l-'irsl Class in Kvcry Way §335 11)32 FOKI) V-8 l)i: LUXE TUDOlt. Don'l Overlook Thia Splendid Car ?2^^> See or Phone — Graves, Calvin, Shanks or Barber. PHILLIPS USED -CAR LOT Dili •&. Walnul ".','.• ."'•. I'lioiie.' 810' or" 811 " :i " Opcii At Niglll HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE LINE Open 1>A>' iu«l Nlglil 1'HESH CRAPWE 3Sc Every Friday, Salurdiiy & Sunday LION & TEXACO GAB tC.8c gnl. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL GAME EVURY SUNDAY Flione 1505-F4 or 143 ROOM. M;:e 2i by 50, next •/> llublEinl Tire .fc Uiitlcvy; newly decorated, Tom Jnckson. Phone 8. a5-ck-tr Lower floor nl lOia W. Walnut, -1 unfurnished rooms. Call 221-J. ck-tf Three room Inniishcd apartment. Newly dctm-atcd. 710 W. Ciilcka- Sinvbn,' 'Call' a'J7-\V. ck-tf 2 room PURNISIlKn aimrtnuinl Mrs. Prank McGregor. Cull 1026. ' ck-tr Modern •; room apartment on Wiihiut, St. Vacant May 1. ike Miller. • 22-ck-tI l-rm-li HATTKUY SEUVIOK Call J. B. Cimie At 1 Tom Jack;on's Service Hlallou j THIS CURIOUS WORLD M A TOTAL. AF2EA OF ONl_V SQUARE MfLES. Warned To Reii liar Sliidonls Aided IOWA 01TY, la. (VH>)~.'l'he way Is IK-IIII: inaito easy tor aii'iih 1 - •iitl In\vycis throuijli oiroiU of the UtUvw«lly of Iowa. I'lanw have '"•on completed for a summer so Uiroiii!)) which iitinlent.s may coinplvln one-third of (he nwdcmlc year's hliulyim; diuliiK ''• Hliumer SOI 1) OUT Wo are out o[ nlfulfu need uiul '•mi nut i;et miy more from ilu> Itluco we not. tlin kind \VB Imvo been hiinilllni!, and \\i> nro ufruW l<> dimiuc In tviir (hat ||i« «•<•<! would not lie us popular us the «»" thill wo have liiun A r» room hoii^e hy de.slrable family of loiiv, mi children. Musi <;!e:in.i in [;cod iii'lyliborhmd. "I)" Courier. 35-i'k-lt Persona] MATKIIN1TY 1IOM1! for nnfortlin- iilc clrls. 1'iivate. Vory rclinl)to & rensoniiljle. l)ox 3IJ, Wlnfl'elri Kan. i's Poultry Furnlslicd 3-room house. DOB N. Fifth St. Coii]>le Only. illi Extra Special! SOLID UKONZIi Screen Wire 5c per Eq. II. Hubbard Hdw. Co. West. , Furnished Apartment in Shane, Duplex at 11M West Ash. Call -197 or '571. ek-lC Modern" 3 room 'APARTMENT, newly decorated, furnLsliod or nniiir- ulshral.' Main & 2nd, P. Simon. Call 7IH. 27-ck-lf fotn.Tiiv llOUOli'l' fc SQUl Idnhesl Pi Ices I'ald . H. T. WOllTliy—315 K. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices .• For Eggs & Poiillry «ll R. Main ,', .' ' . Jlnrriaiies Called - O'|V : : '."•.' •SAN UKANCISCO. (UPJ—Cjlli foiulu pieopte are ••••-•-'-•-'-" •-•- IN SO/V\E IMSTAIMCE. CAN SOUNDS GANGING FROM TO-#O,OOO VIBRATIONS PEF2. SECOND, SNAILS I-IAVE THE ABILITY TO L.EA.RN SIAAPL.E LESSONS/ Wo Ihunk our Ivude for MKI liood VHlHiiu- of nale.s I hat we have nijoyed. Wo will have them ii|>aln tills fall. Wi> now pH'cr Boy lu-uns -I.nri'do Vlriilnln llrown, Mmiimotii Drown mill nclshi. Teas-Whips Mlxc< mitt New Km, And any kind of Cotlim iiec< Hi-own Jicrc. Sou or call us. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. (-'ollim, l.'otlon Sired, ,v Cnal Tcle|iliony IMI-1'X! Yurliro, Alii. room FURNISH^ Apsulmcn'." '"' [ '"' l! ) lclti "l ! '.»'"•''"I- nm;l.)(; : the Hlviilc uatli. Coo!. Reasonable.' I>1ISL slx '""'"'s, 152 Han.,Euin- Call 28(1. asoi He kit Cisco couples, iiftrr t'lvi|ig' the Ihrrc diiys li'ynl -notice of : Inlen- For Sale WANTED—AM, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to ?5 ton Aluminum ICc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4',-ic Ib, Copper Wirt, 4c to (ie Ib. Radiators, 4!ic Ib. HIDES & PURS WOLF AKIAN PHONE 17G 1'28 B. MAIN Do >'on )Vnnt to Build HOME? '- Invcslii;ate Our FHA 'to •"•'•20 VCOT Paymc.i\l> t'lan ,i:>- ii( -..,„ ... , ' ;, • E. C. Robinson Lumber Co kooni: Apartment, •! rooms Tin-- (ioti to wed, Mien paying l the' $2 idslied. -J. if. Sm;,rl. Call 805-J I dcnesil for a 'license, never iTC- ;: "c kUlliii'iH-d to clulm Hie Inllei-. YOSKHITE "NATIONAL PARK Is « seclilc mnh!-!i-j)lcc(; of moi'c (linn 1100 sriuure mnra, but Yoscmlto. Valley In only a iilacler- srancil. eraek, .seven miles lontf. Prior to the Ice a|;c, It WUB ti V-sh;ii>ed canyon more; than 2000 feel deep, bill cinders around II into a . brand U-shaped valley. The stem 1 of'a (;lanl Inimlioo tveo mny grow mov'c,than n fool n day. Wrecker Service.- Oaj OI'MN Al,l; NIGHT P!III,I,I['S ; Sl-aWCl'!' I'liones. VV7 - ejO m SK11VICK STATION OK A'OIJIl CONVKNJIINOT SINCLAIR GAS AND MJHIUOATION — Unllcry Service —Hotly Work — Peiuler Work — (;IUKS Installed — Ati(i) Paris W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Dodge' & , riymouUi llp;»li*r PHONIC 888 To toughen (heir tcel nuiil lout", weary lilkes over Inmilni; AUiUY 001 HEAR! HEAR! 1C .y.ou L '.Ji.nvc n biiriiir.iiHsouinlioii coiiil'iciilij oC liny kind, on yyui' lovwl OIU-H wliun Ihoy |«IHH nwiiy, we will nccciil Hill vnluo on Llio funcrnl, inxividctl you buy an much its ?50 or more in inorcliniulisc. CQBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONK 2(> THU THAI' SntJNGS—NOW WHAT? WHY, YOU IGGERUWT YAPS - V D'VOU 7HIMK YOU CAW HOLD ) OWTO A DIMOSAUR WITH THAT BIT OF STE1MG7 HAW. 1 OME JERK OF ^ HIS HEAD AM'IT'LL 61 U'tfllHill Cypress and Hnrthvocxl ill sawmill prices, Shingles a n d Wood at yard or three mills. Delivered j anywhere. - TKADiUIS' KXCHANGK 01 IIiglin?f Nurth, K. li. Crossing Red Indian PEACH .secdUnss, 5c each. Mrs. Ivcrson Morris, 51S Lake. Call 377. Uood used Rcmtnglon TVPE- WU1TEU. Cash Peed Store, 112 E. Miiin. 8-ck-5-8 Cotton Seed D. P. W. 11, Half <fc Hall, fc Stone- villc Seed. E. J. BROWNE GIN CO. Call 183 Good Used Trucks 10.15—H; Ton Ford 1035—!i Ton I-ord rick-Uii 1931—1;-; Ton Chevrolet 1(131—Hi Ton intenintioiial All have Oooil iit;vkc Italics TKKMS - Delia linj)]cincnt Co Best Prices Paid For SClxAP IRON WOOL Rags, Mct^l, Hides & Bones JJlythcviJlc Iron & Metal Co. 2SI W. Cherry AWNINGS FOR HOUSES COMMERCIAL, BUlJjDlNGS Heady Made Aivninjs 51.25 up Best Prices lor equality Work Carney Awning Co. Call G-13 113 S. First Screen Wire, !-a;;il, Enamel, Varnish; Tuvpcullnc, Llusced Oil. Everything for spring repairing. Lowtst, liriccs for quality Oberst Store Co,, Inc. Phone 35. Highest Market Prices PAID' roil U/r: 4, HALF A HALF COTTON Slilil) BLYTIIEVILLE GIN CO. $125.00 Credit on Now Chevrolet or used cai', value $-100.00 or nmro. to luiyer linving no trndc-in. Clood diGcomil, tor cash. Box "AB". Courier News. <lh t' Wan Led OIRIjS TO PLAY SOFT • BALL Mrs JC5G ' Horncr. Call 771W, ck-G Automotive CRAP IRON Metals and Rags, Etc. >Vi: 5EMj All I.c;uiing Jlruiuls ol COAL Small lot. 1 ;, Trtick or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co N. Iliway C Phone ",09 ritlCCS CUT OX AUTO PARTS Tires. Tubes, naileries. P.ilnl. Tools. Motor Oil, l-'lrror Mal.s, Seat Covers. Get our prices before you buy.- Save Money! • M'OI.l' AKIAN Phone 176 128 E. Mnln Sho s HOLT'S BAHHKK SHOJ' 101 South 2nd St. HAIHCUT 20C, SHAVE 15c lialh— Close 8 p.m.— SUlnc Wall Paper NEW I'ATTEKNS— LOW ' 1'IltCKS CANVAS, 1'ASTIi AND TACKS ( AVJRI&HT, GUZ-DOVQUR. \ STUFF QUICK-WOW.WE'LL \ SHOW HIM OUR LITTLE GU"Z, OC BOV, WITH YOUR ""THROUE AT STAKE, VOU BETTER HOPE THIS OKAY/ FOOZV- HERE SHE GOES- VIWE DQM'T BREAK &AIO IT, poozy- I'M HOPIW'. BOOTS AND MKU JHJDU1IOS Nit VOU K'bl.tu? ? WOPE / (3\GHT WE OOOD- Ig36 PY Htf. SERVICE. IHC, T. M. RCC. U. 6 WASH.TURKS WASH GUTS THE STARTLING NKWS! HATER: 5TEP ON IT, YOU FOOL/ VOU'VE SHOT THE SHERIFF' SCOTT;LOOKS) ACCIDENT, AN ACCIDeNT.y MV NECK. I AINT PONE PER YET, YE YELLER-8EUIEO SOMS O' SATAM: LULU BELIE ;THEJ SHERIFF'S BlrA' LYIN' IN THE ROADj -WE'RE BRIN61H&..' " A. fllODKUN SIUCItLOCK! Miner.; IllyChcviilc, Arli ASK NEW.'. ABOUT I'AINT FINANCE 1'LAN The Arlcmo Lumber Co. Plicnc 40 I'rce Seeds'- Plants • I'LANTS vt (5AKDEK SEKOS niousands Cortified Polato Slips--- Tomnlo, Pcpiicr. Cahbmic. Egi{ Plnnt, fresh from our ocds. T TKABEKS' EXOUANGE 61 llighwa)- North, n. U. Crossins Wanted -- Usc<) Furnilure Bl'OT CASH 1'AID We Repair fill StOfe,s Wade Furniture Co, 301-303 E,"Ma!n Formerly Davis & Dodson KUKCKL.ES AM) HIS KIUKNDS i THE COIN THAT NUTTY i S/tfS HE LAID OH THE ; COUfJTER,TD PAY FOR 1 THE MEDICIS'E HE'S ! ACCUSED OF TARING. 1 COULD EASILY HAVE j ROLLED OMTD THE FLOOR. 1 , 1 WOTICEp A CRACK IKI "THE FLOOR YESTERDAY.... IT'S BIS EfJOUGH FOR A FIF7Y- cewr PIECE TO DROP THRU !! .- PH,SO YOU'RE DOIMS ALL THIS TO CLEAR ; THAT YOUMG RASCAL, ARE JUST YOU? DO)MQ V3UR{ QILIWG !BE5TTD STOP > THEM ,THE V/HEELS OF ( A . BIT! IF hroiHIWG js FOLWO TO CLEAR WLmY, DOM'T BLAME MR MY IDEA THOUGHT IT UP OUT OF O\VK( HEAD.'

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