The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1936
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BLVTHEVILLE TH ' DOM1NA "^™ VOL. XXXIII—NO. 211 niytlievllle Courier Blytheville Dally News OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS 'AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU CR NEWS ssnimr ' " * '. • *+-r '•Jin 1.1inu v/uujic* uiji ULi'Yiui; unity ixc^i • — — Blythevlllc Herald -MIsslMli..)! Valley Leader BLYT111SV1I.LR AltKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVKMBBk I!) ' '19SG SINGLE COPIES FlVE'CEtfS DEATH TIWARTIKIZERIURDER TRIAE SeekLast Along the Baltic-Torn Road lo Madrid ^— .. FqrFactory Fund Hope to. Achieve $70,000 - Goal Before Nightfall Friday . A city-wide appeal for the last $10.000 needed to assure the establishment here of a big garment factory by the Rtce-Stix cimnnri" will be made tomorrow by between 75 and 100 volunteer workers, It . was announced this afternoon bv B. A. Lynch, campaign chairman, after members of the Rotary club ill their weekly luncheon had vot-d unantinoii.s«y to devote the day to tile drive. The Lions club had previously promised lo give Friday to an effort to complete .the $70.000 fund. and In addition there will be 25 or . more workers who are not members of either of the service organ- izallons. Meet at 9 Tomorrow The, workers will gather 'at liie Chamber of Commerce office Iti the city halrat 9 o'clock'to receive In- slructions. Mr. Lynch •• that he would ask them not to quit until'the.$70.000 goal Is reached. It is planned to call on every property owner, business man, professional rnari'and salaried worker who can be found. Those who have not yet given will bs asked lo contribute as liberally as posslbl- and those who have alreatij contributed will be asked to give as much more as they arc able Additional contributions today brought the total on hand to So9 430, just 810,570 short of'the re- quetld amount. Scott Boosts Gift Clifton H Scott, receiver for Drainage. District 17, who preyl- . busly had subscribed $100, added SWO to this today, Kress and Co subscribed $500, Dr. W. A Orlm- inett doubled his previous contribution of $50, and there were a number of other small contribu- • tions, including two by out of town firms. Additional gifts by previous contributors: new total Clifton H. Scott $100 $500 Dr. W. A. Grlmmett ... 50 100 ' Contributions not previously acknowledged: Kress and Co $500 Bee Hat and Cap Co., fit. Loufe 25 Russell Gaskin 25 T. H. Estcs 25 H. O. Osborne : 25 Scott Alley 25 Jesse M. Russell '.'.'.'.'. 35 Bud -Davis ..'...- :' 25 Vin Scott " 15 Out of t-own : firm through Shouse-Hcnry Hdw. Co ... 50, Tom A.'Little asked the Courier! News to explain that the second' $500 contribution by the Tom Little Chevrolet Co., announced yesterday, was made up in substantial These the road in the' background ,at left Below •rr^A ""'"''','' '• 5P' r ? s ca.n ( be^ seen in to alls t artlllejj bombards a hamlet," whose roofs distance^ as rebel forces stornut «• nnd ^ , part by voluntary- contributions of employes 1 of the company.' NEW YORK, Nov. 18 (UP)' — Utility stocks led a rally on the : slock exchange today after the list had sagged until nearly all of the traders registered losses. A. T. and T. 186 1-4 Anaconda Cop. 50 5-8 Beth, steel 50 Chrysler V. 128 Cities Service .-. 33.4 Coca Cola .........; „ 132 Gen. Am. Tank 70 Gen. Electric 51 1-4 Gen. Motors 713-4 Int. Harvester 973-4 McKesson 131-2 Montgomery Ward 64 3-8 N. Y. Central « 3-4 Packard 12 : " Insmgent Bombers Met By Smpusing Number' of Loyal Ail craft MADRID, .Nov. ID. (UP)—Eleven insurgent jtri-motored bombing planes, escorted by nine fighters, made another destructive attack on Madrid today and then were driven off by swarms of government planes. One bomb was droppsd on the Circe de Puce, well within the city and another on the buil'iing ne\t dooi, wrecking both buildings Tlie Circe de Price is" just opposite the war ministry and a few blocks north of the Calle de Alcala, which leads into the Puerta del Sol, central plaza of the capital Windows of all shops and houses in Barqulllo street, adjoining Ihs Circe, were' shattered. Broken ..lass covered the street from Calle de Alcala to beyond the war ministry! The planes maneuvered over the - city but the insurgents were un| able to do as much damage ab in [ previous raids because they were met by a surprisingly Incri^ed number of government ships which put the insurgent planes to flight In a series of swooping maneuvers. New York Cotton Radio ;;;•; ,3 3.1 Simmons Bed '......."..... 45 3.3 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 18 (UP)Cotton held very steady within narrow range today and closed one to five points higher. Trading was featured by switching from near to distant months. open high low close Dec . 1177 1178 1169 1176 K 'Jan 1160b — '. lieu March 1163 1163 1157 1162 May 1159 1160 1153 1159 July 1H6 1152 1144 1149 Oct 1109 1115- 1100 HIS Spots closed steady at 1225, un changed. : • , «. Bolivar Hospital 5 Head BOLIVAR, Tenn., Nov. 19. ''(UP) —The Hardenmn county grand jury today leturned indictments against Dr E W Cocke, formerly Tennessee ." commissioner of . institutions nnd for 20 jearb head of the Western state Hospital at Bolhar In connection wlith : an' investigation into affairs of the institution. $2,000 Loss & s Hames Destroy Cotton House A cotton house at the Blytheville Gin company, north Second street, was destroyed by fire of unknown origin about o o'clock lust night. It was estimate that about 10 bales of cotton weie destrojed in the blaiK. The, loss, placed at about $2,000, was covered : by insurance. The fire did not affect or damage the gin proper and ginning operations continued during th= fire and afterwards as usual. Edison Is Named To Naval Post (UP) - NEW YORK, Nov. 18 Cotton closed steady. open high low close Dec 1179 nso 1]72 U78 Jan 1165 1166 1160 1165 March 1164 1166 1159 H63 May 1160 1163 1156 1160 July 1151 1151 1147 1151 Oct 1114 1117 1121 nn Spots closed steady at 1223 up three. Spot Average Is 12.03 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on th? ten designated spot markets today \ v as 1203 according to the Blythcville Board of Trade Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Nov IS (UP)—Hogs: receipts 15,500 Top 3.70 170-230 Ibs 9.50-9.65 140-160 Ibs 7.00-9.55 Bulk sows 8.65-9.00 cattle: receipts 4,000 Slaughter steers 5.25-1175 M i\^.^ rllngs and helf ers 5,SQ-8.00 Slaughter heifers 4.25-11 Oft Beef cows 400-500 ,<^, . Cutters and low cutters 300-3,73 Council Legislatoi and ( Business Man Witnesses in Keenan Trial MEMPHIS, Nov." 19 (UP) — A member of the Tennessee legislature and a prominent, Memphis businessman testified In federal court today that they saw James B Keenan, Forrest City, Ark, federal dry officer, fire the shot which killed J. Cullen Baw, roaci- hbuse bartender. Atty. Walker Percy, newly elected legislature member, and Irn Allstadt, Continental Piston Ring company president, were in the tourist' Inn on the 'night that Baw was shot. The testimony of Percy and Allstadt was the high spot In the trial today of Kcenan on first degree murder charges. According to testimony Keenan was Intoxicated and after frightening occupants of cars parked outside the Inn by flashing a pistol, entered th^inn.. After°flr- ing once at Willie Clgallnl, who had struck Keenan with a stick in an effort to "lay him out," Keenan fired three shots at Baw, who had appeared with a shotgun from behind a counter, or- •deriii.j Keenan to "drop that gun," witnesses testified. Percy testified that Kcenan then ordered him to "get out of here.' T grabbed Ihe gun and backed off Into the middle of the floor," he continued. "Keenan started toward the door where Ira was. I struck him ' In the back of the head with the pistol several times. He started lo run and 1 Ira swung the shotgun and hit him. Keenan stumbled on outside. I hit him again and then Ira knocked him (town with the shotgun." The testimony of Allstadt was substantially the same as that of Percy. He said that both he and Percy had been drinking before the affair. C'-iveininent Gonccntiales Naval Strength at , IKrealencd Polls > LONDON, NOV. 19 (UP) _ firm llrllaln will protect her •hipping' hi Ihe event a blotk- "<lc of Spanish purls Is al- l<m|i(cd, lordgn Secrelar> Million) IMin lohl the housu of 'cotillions loilay, LONDON, Nov. 19. <UI>)— A big concentration of Madrid govern- nient warships : |n the Mediterranean, was reported in authoritative sources'here today. Th" concsntrai'ion was icgarrteil as a sign that Madrid \\as pic- parltig to defy the threatened ,ln- Mirgcnl blockade iff Baicclona, All caute and other ports and If ncccs sarj to challenge Hip Insmgcnt fleet lo n decisive test pf naval strength ' -Tlu> Mj>drld government now has concentrated ab Barcelona the battleship Jaime I the six-Inch gun tndMrs' LlbErUv},) Cervantes and Meiutcz N.mc7, n'uestrovcis and torpedo boats and 0119'or Uvo submarines At Malaga It has four or.-nv» subhnirlncs. Will Not Recognire HloXado Tne disposition of the insurgent vessels was uncertain but 11 was that the cruiser Republlca vvaj at Cadi? iho cruisers Cana- rlas^ and Cervera-wero believed to be at Ceuta, Morocco Great Britain will refusotto lec- ' :e Ilic threatened blocfjadtj, It . Indicated In reliable? quarter? lotlaj Such refusal would be a chalbnge i direct to the nationalists and,their t pretense tp'contiol tnc Mediterranean and'Bay of Biscay<coasts It would Indirect challenge also to the' Italian airi German contention that tile nationalists now are .the real' government of Spain. Foreign Ships Warned The nationalist blockade threat was made yesterday In the form of a .communique:-issued 'by nationalist sources. The communique, as; issued at Lisbon by the nationalist representative there, said that in consequence of imports of mii- ntlons, tanks airplanes and gas at the port of Barcelona, the nationalist government considers Itself obliged to prevent such traftlc bj all means of warfare It therefoie advises all foreign vessels anchored at Barcelona to abandon the citj, especially the ^one around the port This was n threat to sink ships by submarines or airplane bombs If necessary and It was understood the blockade would c:|tend to other porls. Fascist Council Votes Increased Armaments ROME, Nov. 19. (UP)—More guns, more airplanes, more warships, more men were voted by the Fascist grand council toiliv to back up Premier Benlto Mussolini's policies. A few hours after the meeting Mussolini named Pilippo de Clutlh dl Santa Patrizia, now councilor of the embassy lo the Spnnsh loyalist government, as charge d'affaires accredited-to the nationalist government. Another famous name is added to those in If. S. officialdom with appointment of Charles Edt- son, above, son of the late Thomas A. Edison, as assistant secretary of the navy. Edison, long interested In naval affairs, heads the industries built up by .his Inventor father and also Is Naw Jersey director of tlie National Emergency Chicago Wheat open high low close 117 1-4 117 3-4 116 1-2 116 1-2 Three Face Charges in Theft of Money Charges of petit larceny were docketed against three white men, alleged to have stolen money from a fourth, in municipal court this morning and the cases continued. The accused men are: pete Her- Norman shields and Dicic B. Rossngntnt was fined $10 on a charge of public drunkenness in court this morning. Public drunkenness charges were noekotcd against D. Jordan and Bill Bailey. ring, Lair. Negro Admits Burglary of Promised Land Store Dec 1177-4 117"3°-4 116"l-2 l^'Hal Walter Harris, negro, taken Inlo May 115 115 1-2 114 1-2 1H 5-8| custody for questioning in cOn- 4- jnoclion with thefts in the Osceola • °' s ' r 'ct of the county, has confessed lha recent burglary of a rural store In Ihc Promised Land community, near here, the sheriff's of- Chicafjo Corn Dec open 105 1-4 higli low close 104 1-4 104 1-4 103 May 98 5-8 D9 3-8 97 7-8 98 1-4 fice said today. The negro will be brought here 8nd lodged in Jail to nwalf trial. [ FOR PUCE u Bc'icves Buenos Aires Conference May Set Pattern foi Woilcl ' RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. in (UP)—Secretaii of Slate Coidoll Hull and Hie United Slates (lelo- Batlon to the I'an-Amorlc'ui con- fcience at Buuios Alics nuhc(l heic_lodaj aboaul the llnci Am- cilcnn Lesion, holwful thai (he forthcoming dellbei aliens \UI1 make n major contribution to the cause o( peace. 'Wo ntc going to tills confci- cncc," Hull said, ''wllli~n .conviction thnl no people can choose inij otliei lonil to peace limn onu bused on economic undoislandliiB. The pil/c foi which \\a nrf still salving U peimanenl pence, inultinl undentanding, nnd cooperation among stslci icpubltcs of tills hemisphere" Hull commented with satlsfao- tlon on tlic tnnglblu demolish aiion of this llicoiy icprcscnled by the rcclpiocnl trade ngiccinimU, be- Ueen Bra7ll nnil the United States - i I am confident, that by mutual midci standing and - cooperation with oin sister republics or this hcmlspneic, Hull continued, 'a milestone In inteiiijtlonal iclit- llons will be icndicd, not only on Hils continent but In the woild" Hull was tendered n \vann 10- ceptlon 1(10 pity vuis beflagjjed aixl nn enthusiastic crowd turned out to greet him as the sleam- cc dockrd nt 0 3? n in, Annual Red Cioss Mem- beiship Appeal Will Be Launched Saturday Community chairmen «ho will be In immediate,-charge of Tied Crow roll call activities In IJIythc- ville, Armorel, Dell, lynchvllle and Manila utrc nnnounced today ny Max Meycis roll call chairman I he membership campilgn T.III be launched In Blslhsvlllo Saturday with a vlgoious city-uldc appeal nnd It Is probable Hint chairmen n most of the other com mmiltfes will start their «oik ut tnc same time, Mr. Meyers plans to tike |»r- sonal clmrgc of the appeal In Bly- thovllli>, assisted by Mrs. c. L. Wy- Ii2. who Is organizing a group of women workers, and A. A. Arnold uperintendent of the negro school ho will carry on the campaign' among colored residents. Chairmen named for other communities In the Ghlckasawba district are: Manila, Mrs. o. W. Sellers Lcachvllle, waiter Cox Dell, Noble Gill. rtrmoiel Mrs c E crlggcV, white; L W Harawaj negro Vitamin D May Spur Production of Eggs STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP) — Six thousand chickens went lo school— Now- they have graduated. But they will not go to work. Possibly inelr children and their children's children may have to do the work. But these birds are the root of new family trees, or the scratchlngs of a new men in poultry husbandry. Prof. R R Murphy, of tr"- department of poultry husbandry at the college, with several associates, studied these' chickens for four years to determine the effect on egg-laying hens. Then the hens are fed twice the amount of vitamin D from cod liver oil, considered necessary for growing chicki. The professor believes a new scientific principle hi feeding lias been discovered which will Insure extra profit.? to poultry men now faced with high feed costs and low egg prices. Sues for Divorce W p Djnn has filed suit In chancery court asking 3 divorce from Mary Blanche Dunn on the ground "of desertion. E. E. Alexander Is attorney for the plaintiff. Four Perish In Explosion At Coal Mine liA'HS. Alk, Nov 18 (UP)— Four persons \vcio killed and one ieitously Injured here today In an explosion at Ilic No One mine "f Mic nates co\l Mining com- Iiuny, The dcnd; I'lll Cu,k.\ nnd Tom rills balk of, Hates, John nelap of llo\vo, Okla and Joe Tnvloi o[ Hcnvonci, Gun 'His c\ploslon wn>, cnund from COal dust. Jchn Wintcn, •la-jcni-old war Veteran mill miner, was Milouslj' hint hill managed to ciawl to (lie sin fact) i\ml cull la\ \\a\i HIKED KILLER OF Foiinei Wife Succumbs Pciiton.lis of Ciooner ill West to SANTA MONIOA Cal Nov 1!) (UP)—Mcssiges of con tolence cai'ie from the film and ludlo uoikl to- daj to Ihe |ji loving father] of ra> Webb Vallce, foimei nctrew-wlfe of radio crooner Rudy vallco, «ho (II" i last nlnlit > She sucCmnbcd at 0 pill without iccoicilng fioni a coma In which she hud slept for 4"l hour'; The IfHcnr-old former screen extra umarcd phjslclans with Ihe tenacity with \\hlcli sho clung to life, fighting peritonitis which set In following an oneiatlon lust Friday. , • A few minutes before 9 o'clock nuiscs summoned Dr,l«o J Mad- rouncr7,Pollcc Chief.clarence<E Webb of SAnln Monica stood at the foot of his daughter's bod as Dr Madsen nodded that death had conic .i 1 ^ "She's'with- heV J iniolher now," 'ell'l-iBld quietly ''we «cic pals, not fathei and daughtor" Earllar Webb had told ncnspa- licimcn he "foigavo Vallce everything," even the • haid Ihlng, that jure snld" during the court battle^ In \vhicn his dauehtcr and Vallee were principals. The crooner kept in constant touch with his formei wlfc'b condition dmiiigr Ihc past three days and sent condolonccs to Webb He telephoned from New York jestei- day that he would be at'the" bedside except for broadcastinu contracts i B "I Io;e ray Webb,' ho slid "I always have." > Plans Complete for Final Tenant Meeting LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 10 (UP)- Oov. .1. M. Fulrcll nnnounced today he had .been Informed that all preparations had been completed for the-'final meeting of Ihe Arkansas farm tenancy: commission November 23 at Hot Springs. J. P. Morgan Banks Evading Queries "You keep out of trouble vvhen you don't volunteer anything," J. P. Morgan assured interview- ens who crowded around him <m return to New York from abroad. Genially parrying all questions, he refused to comment on anything except-to admit that he had had "a good time, good companions, and 'gooff shooting" during his vacation. End Comes As Deleridant Sits in Sheriffs Car' in Couit Square I'OOAHONTAS, Ark, Nov. 19. (Ul')-Jolm R, Klzor, picturesque <U-jcar-o!d goat raiich operator, illed suddenly here today as he »im being brought to preliminary trial on murdci charges In the poison death of Ills foa^r son, lo-jear- old Donner Klwr, a high ichool football 'star, Slieilff J T Thompson of Randolph county was preparing to take Kl/ci from the sheriff's car 611 ' Court Square when the accused man slumped back in a stiffening and rijlng condition on the rear seat o( the •uitomoblle -' He wns inshcd to the Ballz clinlo \jhcrc physlclani pronounced him dead upon aiihol One of the physicians said every symptom Indicated he had taken poison. Crund Surrounds Car A Inigo crowd, on hand for the tilal \\hlch was to have begun at 1 pm, had gathered around Hie fiheriirs cat • - Shcriu Tliompson had just arrived fiom Paragould, ^here KI- /cr hud been held for safe keeping. Special deputies and stale mng- crs v,cro stundlng guard about th,o comtliouse fs, a sueclal precaution against any violence. Kl?or had been charged »ith muidci In connection ulth his fos- tei son's death The jouth died without medical attention,-An autopsy by state chemists showed he had died fiom strychnine poisoning ^ Deputy Prosecutor George A. Stclmel announced he had discovered that Ki«r purchased a qimu- Uty of pO^on"! from -* local drug • stoic several dayj before'^pung itl- :• zer's dei^th. v ^ . ' Antopejr FUnnrd Tlic bodies of Kizer's wife and motlicr-ln-law, Mrs 'Elizabeth Bonner, nerc ordered exhumed, a few (lays ago and theh viscera, examined for poison * It \\ai recalled that both died unticr circumstances similar to those of tlic son s death—Mr? Kt- zci In 1929, shortly after her marriage, and Mis Bonner last July ' The viscera were sent to stale chemists at Little Rock for examination A report was expected •iOme < time thh afternoon ,An autopsy v,us to p= performed on Klzcr's body this afternoon at * a local) \mdcrtakcr'<j establishment Sheriff Thompson said he liad stopped at Walnut Ridge with Ki- zcr to allow him to get a shave before Jrlal He could not imagine*-'* how he may have obtained poison there or before they left Paragould Postal Workers Will Gather at Lake City LAKE CITY, Ark-Postmasters; post office clerks, city carriers and' rural carriers and their families from all parts of Arkansas and " from southern Missouri arc ex-' pccted here Thanksgiving Day for.'i a potluck dinner and program of entertainment, arianged by the Arkansas Federation of Ruial Let- . tor Carriers. A hiilleltn by Mack Myers, na- lionil-state organiser of the Fed- • eratcd Rural Carriers, announces that Bret B Calllcott of st I/Mils, president of the Railway Mall association, Seventh division, st Louis brain.h, i\lll be the principal speait- • er Will Keep Federal Prisoners at Osceoia JONESBORO, Ark.—Approval Of the jail at Osceola for keepln^ of federal prisoners has been g1\en by the federal, prison authorities. U. S. prisoners from this section in Ihe future will be taken to this Jail Instead of Helena as has been the cise since the goiernment failed to rene* Its agreement for keep- Ing its pilsoners In the jail at Blvlheville. Deputy U s Marshal Wash Burgess on Tuesday took J W. Wiseman, and C J Wa\ler, arrested Monday at Osceola on charge of posMss'&g a still, to the Osceola Jail WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight Friday- fair, somewhat warmer Memphis and ' vicinity— Partly cloudy tonight and Friday I/west temperature 38 to 44 Warmer Prl- dl) The maximum temperature here^ jestcrday was 71, minimum 42, clear, according 16 Samuel F. Morris, official vre»th«r observer,

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