The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1939
Page 7
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•THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 19R9 B.S/PBICES BE [\m Cornell Economists Say Rise Cannot Be Presumed > ITHACA, -N. Y. (UP)-Tl!C effects of the European war on prices may bo complicated because past, wars have teen aecompanlscl by all sorts of movements in commodity prices, according to p r r P. A. Pearson and u r vv [, Myers of Cornell University. ' Some wars caused iitilr- or no change in prices in countries not nt war, mul other war.s raised prices to rise in the neutral as we! as in (lie combatant coimtrie; they suy. "The Napoleonic wars and ihi World War are the only conflict thai had any materinl effects m the world price level. The minoi war.s- of Circat Britain, France Germany, tmd Die United states as well as the Russian, the Japanese. Hie .Sino-Jnpanese wnvs. and the recent Spanish revcliitlon. iiai little effect. Whether the present war will be. a major or minor conflict is not yet certain. "During the World War, prices REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station foi Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilgas Now Ulanagcd bv Witltcr Cox, Jr." and E. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! more than doubled. The dollar was relatively strong, and hence mcsl of the rise In the United States was due to n worldwide decline in the value of gold/Based on past experience, the Cornell economists say, the level of prices to be expected in any gold standard country during the present wnr will depend :i° the world value of gold and on (he value of that country's currejicv In terms of gold. "In view of the recent abnormally high value of gold and the instability cf most currencies, it is reasonable to assume that a prolonged war will be accompanied by a marked rise in community prices despite efforts to maintain the high value of gold through price eonlrcl, and the high value, of potentially weak currencies through exchange control, I'rice Control Is 1'rolilrin "Prices rose for a year-aud-a- half alter the Armistice of IUIB. Mllli:ns of returning soldiers resumed their normal occupations' during tin? |KTiod of high prices, i later to be faced with violent de' nation. In considering the imme diatc advantages of regulnlcc prices and controlled currencies Ihe problems that arise with Iheii eventual removal should not lx overlooked." After the outbreak: of the war ii 1314, all grain prices rose, but fel back with the large crops of 1915 the Cornell agricultural ec: no- mists point out. Beans ami wool responded quickly to the ndvanc ing price level. Milk prices rose about in step with feed prices, but egg prices lagged. Farm wages advanced less rapidly than did farm prices. "At present there Is a wlde'dls- >arity in the price structure, and a. substantial increase in the prices at basic commodities is necessary I-- restore equilibrium. If prices •isc too far thereafter, it is ex- Jectcd that the next adjustment of farm, wholesale, and retail irices, wages, and the cost of llv- iik will be more rapid than in the recent period of falling prices," Myers and Pearson concluded. Read Courier News want ads. JLYTHEVILLE (ARTC.y COURIER NEW Hoos Back With the Wind Try One of Our Delicious HOT PIT BARKECUE SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across from High Scllunl Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All Slakes of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines anil ., Calculators—Repairing—Fart»—Kll)boni i ii am Coin's Record of Usl Summer May Stand For Long Time SALT MICE C1TV, Ulnli (UP)_ Mirny years nmy pass Mom Uliih'i; linnnnvllln salt, spoodwuy sects mi- cllitv rncflin mi- mul tlio present, lnnd speed iword nmy stniul for long lime, Oils Hnckmnn, presi- (lent of the lionncvllKi rndnis ns- soclutlon, belleve.s. Euro|>i>'j; wnr Is din pilnmry »n- son for (host, prediction,;, lincknmn doeliuTd. H wns pointed out llmL nfk'i John G'obb, Urely on the actions of Hcrr Jill lor," IK> declared. That, wns on 8. 2(1. A week Inter lits nation wns at wnr with dcnnmsy. ExnMly wlmt Kyston Is doing Im 5 not been announced, but a recent news reel shown) » new Jirlllsli sub-chnsiH' with tho erart's de- sifter til Hie wheel, The nmn nt, lilt' whoi'l SVIIB Kysloii, Will! Cclib mul lesion removed iMiiiiornrlly from (ho world's Ulu 'I'lirro of rnc/iiif, only Ai> Jenkins, Aiiicrlctin holder of nil sUindlng mile records, rcmnlns ns a possibility for runs cm tho suit, Hals during wnr yenrs. No Motors Avnllnbln Hnl Jenkins' Mnrnicn Meteor III tloM not Imvo (he power or Cobb's nnllion lied Lion. Nor Is thero n motor In ih,. United Stntos—n motor iidnpiiiblt! to high sjiccil rncfng —nvulliiuie u> power nn American contender for (lie land speed vcc- cnh now held by tho English rur broker. PAGE:SEVEN ,, ........... "•• n-^iu 01 miles nil liour, lie sold his "All In nil, ll would cost nboul ?I.OOO.UOO to ]iii(, ii e:ir on tho Milt, I.HI-I cii]jnbl(! of Jfelteriiif; C'oUb's rcc- klntj, oiil," liiiekinnn suld. "A imlr ot of motors nlone would prolmbly cost There'll be a riutllug of petticoats down l,rAtlanta wheu the JunloV iu. ngBB starts measuring' ipll/": In stin «'h'"l, mrttK >ij>»>.)» rn~ jt.,, .,,/>»,.,...*,i.i-..j. _-.... ,- a measurements of Vivien Leigh. Winner wear "Scarlett belles lo see w)i!?h n\osX nearly fits (lie O'Hara" drapery gown, modeled at left by Sara Ramon Smith, to, "O mf With Ihe'wimr nmnta ball. Mrs. Bruce WoodrufI and Mrs. William linger, ofllclal measurers. n re testing (he tape oil Murr McGnugliey. Miss Leigh, who i,mys Scarlett in the film, Is a slender Ilve-foot-lhree from $374,000 to $4,534,- Vliilionaires Enjoy South- em State's Bargain Rates In Taxes TAMPA, Fin. (UP)—Millionaires i'e moving to Florida in Incrras- ng numbers. Here they enjoy the state's uar- ain (ax rates on estates and in- nngible holdings. When Hie intangibles tax—a tax n stocks, bonds and bank accounts —first, was levied in 1033, the state ollected ?80,000. For the fiscal ear ended last June 30, tt collected 5828,000. During the same time, collections of estate taxes were In- creased 1)00. Jchn H. Uoiishall. trust officer of Hie First National Bank, and k If. miller, deputy revenue commissioner of the Florida comptroller's c.TlfC, iniole these figures ns proof Hint the state would kill Ihe goose that lays Use golden egg If it raises the present low tax Miles. Botishall said persons with large stock mid bond holdings; could sai-c money by placing their legiil residence In Florida. , "We've got the lowest intangibles tax anywhere," he said, "and there's no estate tax lower tliiin ours." Butler contended that the low tax would ,niean thousands of new citizens for Florida and millions of dollars more in revenue In years to come. When their food Is juicy, rnffes ciui do without water most as lonff ns camels can, IN THK CHANCERY COURT FOB 'HIE CIII OK AS A WD A DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Alberta Dees, Plaintiff, vs. No. 1070 Chnrles Dees, Defendant H'AKNINO OUllKIt The Defendant, Charles Dees, Is warned to appear in the Chancery Court, for (lie Clileknsawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answcf the complaint of the Plaintiff Alberta Dees. return lo II"' only |. nt. pre.senl. ,„ dciieiul on whelhei In Ktiroiic. Moroovor, there Is only . s p cc dwny- | n (1,0 world flUi'd for speed nuts— would mink and tlmf Is owned by nii- olhcr Hi'llon—C«iH. IG13T Eyston. Neither he nor Cobb' wish to risk Mich' hlt(h-i)o»'cre<l-nii(l- blsh-ptlccd specdstci's hi crosslnu mi occnn Infested with Clcrmim U-bonts. Ocbb, who now liolrts nil records uctAvecn one kilometer nnd to "illcs, lmllcnlc<l Insl. summer lie would m ,t ret,,.'.! ; 0 (he sn n i r wnl . slnrlecl. • "My fuluii Illllf 111!.' IIDIOllIll iHVHUSu HjIC'Clnl nitlds nnd dle.t would liavo lo be cut." "Unless Bome Ainoricnn motor inniiiifncLiux'r becomes Interested In the .speed records, it looks like we won't hnve miy Ainmlcnn rnc- '•"- In Hie Jlylnu mllo Broiip foi ... time-," Ins snld. Cobb wns fortunate In oblnlnliiK bis twin Nnpler Lion onjjlnes to power the turtlc-Minpcd Ucd Lion ifl motors were borrowed from the British government after they nnd been .used In 'England's sclmeWer cup race airplanes, Converted for land use, the motors proved to be the best possible for "isli speed racing. lil.ickblris Serve Sheep 1'ULARE, Cal. (UP)-Blackbirds are giving yocmcn service lo sheep raisers here. The birds pcr-h either on the back or the head of the sleep and cat ticks or other parasites out. of the sheep's woo! The sheep show no concern. LAST TIMES TODAY DRUMS AlDNLIHt : ciAUpim - fllfflfr IN ' raratnaiint Ni vii & Comedy FRIDAY 225,00 (Jond Ueasons why Von Sfioulil Allciul Tor Christmas Give HOI- HIOAl.TH AN!) IJKAUTY A coiiwo of Swedish Massage, Vapor Baths and Reducing Trcntmcnts, HJKS. KUTH LAWflON At Mnrynrcl's neniily Shop Witness my hand as clerk of Reindeer scratch their hind legs with their antlers. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOB THE OHfCKASAWBATOS- THICT OP AilSSISSJPPI COUN, TY, ARKANSAS, PROBATE DIVISfON. In the Matter of the ) Estate ot )No. 1301 R. J. Martlncltl, deceased) NOTICE OF ADMINJSTHATION Notice Is hereby given Hint let- (crs testamentary were granted to the undersigned upon the cstntc of R. J. MnrtliiGllI, deceased, on the Ifllli dny of October, 1039, by the Probate Division of Hie Clran- cery Court for the ChlckosnWbn District of Mississippi County, Arkniuns. All [icrsons liavliii; j claims or demands upon snld cs- talc must present, them, duly mi- tliciitfcnted, to (he undersigned for allowance before Hie end of one year from the date of granting of snld letters. If not so presented within such time, they will be forever barred; aim those clnlms presented within six months from Ihe dntc ol said letters will hove priority over those filed after the Inpse of said six months. Dated this 27th day of October 103!). HELEN MARTINETTI, Executrix. Reid & Evrard, Attys. U-1C-23-30-7-H snld Court, mid (he seal thereof on this the IQlh day of November 1!)39. ' HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Elizabeth Dlythe, D. C. G. W. Darlmni, Ally for p|tf J. Grnliam Sudbiiry, Ally. Ad Liletn 1G-S3-30-7 D1KSKL AND TRACTOtt FUUr, dumber One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Stove and Furnace DAY BAHNSDALL HIJPINING CORI'OKATrON Amciu-tt's First Oil Itcflncry , Jr., NIUIIT LAST .TIMES TONIGHT Also Selected "Sliorts" Fri. & Sat. \lsn C.irloon A Serial 'Tlghllng Dcvlldogs" ' USTKN TO KI.CN l:W ii.m.— IZ-.K p.m. —4:30 p.ui. Tht mvdtl inuttrnltii it the Bmck SWPER medtl51 j'wr-tfoor louring ittian f 1109 Jeli-vereJ al Flint, Mitti. n'hilt iiJi--uiall lira additional.' Y ou look tliis smooth-stepping Ruick ' honey over, and its very manner tells you here's a onc-in-n-million kind of automobile. You look at the advertised prices, add something more for accessories — mid there you begin to go wrong! For one of tlie tilings (hat give this Buick its outstanding buy-vnluc is the number of items included hi the price (hat cost you extra elsewhere! For instance-lire Flash-Way Direction Signal is standard on all models, cor.ts nround $10 extra elsewhere—even without the automatic cut-off. Every Buick comes to you with automatic choke nnd every one has nn LA NGSTON-ff'ROTKN CO. Rroathyay and Wahnil lilvlhcvillc STANDARD TIRES PROPORTIONATELY J OW// AT TODAY'S efficient oil cleaner — it's surprising how often they're sold sis "extras." Every Bm'ck lias dual horns, dual sun visors, locks on both front doors, electric lighter, assist straps,! robe cord,f glove compartment lock, front-door armrests, gas tank lock - all things often charged for elsewhere. Every Huiek has a Dynntlash valvc-in- hcncl straight-eight engine, rear coil springs, torque-tube drive. And nil this is included in the at-thc- fnctory price. Why not see the nearest liuick dealer and sec how little more it costs delivered to your door? J Se,l,n mejth only Value Features Convenience low Temperature with High Humidity ._i~.m SELECTIVE MR CONDITIONS High Humidity wilh Moderate Temperature Storage Safety-Zone Storage Perfcctcd at the World's Greatest Electrical Research Laboratories Sub-Freezing Storage Blutheville, Ark.

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