The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1936 ""•""'"'• ••• • -r . .. .'.- . t ;•• Bt,YTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE iberalizecl Credit a n d Recognition of Need Held Responsible.' Specula live home-builders' op- rallon and development company ctlvitles have broadened consul - rably during tlic lasl 15 1110111115 wording to U Selh Sclinltman IHef statistician of the P. W lodge Corporation, In nn article i the April issue ot the Archi- |;ctural Uecord. rhls activity has been credited |y Uie author to (he recognition builders Hint a demand exist? an Inexpensive, well-bull! louse nnd to Hie activities of Ihe federal Housing Administration In |x>scnlng Ihe flow of credll i; mortgage fields. Mr. Sennit- tim writes: ] ."Liberalized financing is play- Its purl. Directly and indl- l-etly. the Federal Housing Ad- liiuistratlon plan of insured morl- liges lias afforded consUterabl liinulus to speculative building Indertaklngs In the small-house Telil. (••Tlie availability of first mort. l<ge money for small houses 01 |>c basis of nil 80 per cenl ra 10 to Ihe appraisal value, amor |zlng over a period of 20 yean> eiiiiilnated the need for Jim financing. To be sure, no 11 small houses now behig erect It nre (Innnced under the Fed lal Housing Administration's In lired mortgage plan. Tills pro I'nm, none tlie less, lias impellci f.vlngs banks and slatc-chnrter building and lonn (issociatons Itio lire not. operating on the iii |ircd plnn to extend their term cover a 20-year amorlualio hriod on inlcresl rales at lea: nllractive as those offered b Istitutions subscribing to Hi I'dcrnl Housing Artminlstratlo Ian." I'.iould Be Selected Wit View to' Use arid EtTec Desired. The '"Dream Home" This combination of steep pltch- 0 roof with ornamcnlul entrance lln-cc steps, Is the cntrnnce hall lo the sleeping quarters and the bathroom. This arrangement furnishes the occupants the feeling of security in being up iibove the ground level, and this feature makes room for the basement below, which holds the' laudry, henl- Ing equipment, nnd storage room. Both Its Stnicluvc and Its Covering Require Consideration. 1 lousing Question Box Is ii iniicllctU to ivplnenily, mid Mlliii! 11 dry , ordhuiiy class with IiUitt; Klus« tut pul oiv two wills ot Uiu vuvuisli. 'I'lnve couls would bo belter, but l\vo will do. Thi! nUoniitllvo Is lo cover It wllli llnoleuin. It seems bromldlc lo say thnt tlie rcof Is ono of the mast important purls of Ihe house, nevertheless II is true Unit too frequently tnsullicleiil consideration C nt e u Is given (o bolli ils stiuclurc and Its covering. In building the framework for windows with smiill pum-s? A. Yes. It is. u may ue necessary to Inavuse (he sl».e ot Din siish* welkins us plulo Is a little Imtvtrr ihan ordinary tjrndiv;. (j Our chimney sluiuls up nloiie for nbont 12 fi'el; Is there nny way to brace 11? A. Yes; anchor II wllli nn Iron lie rod. fastening one ond to the hlniney and (he ollu'r to lln' If you DM' linn plute gluss the difference may not be enough lo luwssllule n Q, I wiim to build a BIUUBC oh my lot which | s 50 by 100 foil. nnd 1 would like lo know whni [you think h the best place lo lo- A. Without luivlng a plot plnn or kuowins Uu< ohnriu-ter uf Ihe below the Invntory; tubs with )n- ti'iii'iU (icnts; toilets with low liuiks, etc,, sivu HID home builder u \vide choice. . Replacement o( I'ipiiiu Is) I, „ ..,,,. ,' b J Usiinlly Dltlicilll Paper Should Not Go Under Shingles Expensive. a sloping roof It must be borne. In mind ihnt the wcliiht of the icof luis a tendency lo cnuso the slrucliirc to .sprend, therefore the These rooms are papered on the raftcis V< the two slopes must be side wulls and pnlnlcil on tliei" 01 ' to 8 ell ' L ' r '«> close, lo Uic bol- ceillngs. Prom the character of lom ns l >ossll> le 1° coiinlcrucl this the place It would be well to' tc ' lllc " c >'- Wherever iiosslblc the '' ' • celling Joists thnt occur al or near Hie |»lnt where the', rafters meet, the sine walls shimM run paral- stick lo fanciful flowered designs, rather tliah anything modern. The bathroom has n tlled-ln - - . , ... ,, oor, and tlic balcony on the liv- ] tub' recess with shower, while the' w l ' 1B l ' lltll ' rs i>»d serve ns ig room cud wall, has a decided oll 'er walls nrc n combination of " le llc ' a tllls low I* 01 " 1 - If ll iwlss flavor. The wavy lines of paper and plnslic paint. Lacquer . l'»l >ossll)| e lo "in these-Joists siirroiindliics it is dIKiciill to advise yniL Iliiumiir, spi'iiklun neii- erally. If it is jiosKlble, allnch the tiniiiin' to the house. Tills koeixs ilu 1 (iii\'i>\vny shoit Jind leaves ilu- liiu-k ynrd freo for di 1 - velopmi'iu. II this cnn'l be try and locate It where it will Interfere IcnM wllli the yard. lie rough stained siding softens 'be paper when finished hanging he texture of the exterior enough n " (1 it will stand years of hard o add distinction to the general use and not detract from the ect of comfort nnd coziness. I color or texture of the paper a The color scheme outside is one" ^It. [ weathered browns set off by a' Undoubtedly the most popular ouch of color around, the en- heating unit for such n home Is ranee where the painted '.ran- a seml-alr conditioned warm air It shows through the half Urn-' heating plant. This type ofcqulp- cring. The sash, too, should be 'mcnl will, insure the family clean Minted a shade lliat will har- warm air nl all Mines, nnd under nonize; say a rich cream. The • " 1B "lost adverse conditions, for chimney pots cnn be a striking " small monthly fuel expense, The blue or orange. I fan attachment can he used to Q. Is plywood suitable for recovering ii plaster wall thnt luij become bmlly cracked? A. Yo.s, It makes a very nice [wall. It- cnn lie left natural, 01 A wnxed, or painted. If II ii painted il Is well lo slm It will .shellac lo kee|) Die grain frou rnlslng, There Is the living room with circulate the air in hoi weather, ts studio type ceiling and pine Tlie cost is no more than the or- lanelcd side walls. A real fire-, diimry furnace used lo cost nnd )lace located close to the book-, by comparison Is much, much, shelves to create a corner where .much more satisfactory. •enl comfort can be enjoyed on a bad night. Of course this home is insulated thoroughly; it inusl be to get Then there is the'dining alcove full advantage of the heating which is also beautifully finished n pine panels wllli glazed walls ibove. The kitchen is modem and :onvenient to the last word. Tho walls are covered with a washn- ble paper hi a gingham design in combination of reds and yellow. Between the bookcases, and up The cost of this house In Ihc In this direction, there should be' ,,„.; ,.',, mclal straps attached (o (lie rnf-|j,! ters nnd run over and nailed to at lenst four Joists, in addition, ttiere should be tie beams from raller to vatlcr ns near Ihc bottom of the spread us possible. The covering nmy be of many types nnd materials: Slate, tlie, wood, coiit|x>sllton, asphalt either In single units or In strips. Slnte should be of good quality, without ribbons. The thicker grades are longer lived anil give n lovely texture lo Ihe roof. 'Hie may be of a variety of designs and costs. Wood shingles should be edge grain and of llrsl quality ami should be Inld wllli generous lapping and comparatively small exposure. Asbestos coniposlUon shingles nre available In Infinite variety nntl innke a very sallsfac- melted In n furnace lo make Q, I am greatly disturbed ove my kileheii floors. I jusl can' keep lih'in clean. How can 1 bes finish them to make them cns lo cure foi? A. if Hie Hoor Is of wood, gc Komi: of Ihc best sjmr viirnisli.nm afti'i denning Ihc floor lhoroii|:h nnlilni! In the pvc.vnl-ilay <•' is us Important untl ni'ces- aflevs of the roof. If nol iwssl- M , y lls n l( , nool .,, ,„. W|1 | ls N|) lu lo pierce the chimney, you lim, Sl . clin bl> folu ,i ( lercd to mrel nn put, an Iron bund around tin- t| u . requirements of uuxlern llv- . In laying wood shingles on ft ttllu 100 '' "• ' s I'i'llcr not lo iiso nny ))iipi'r between llio shingles and (ho lath or alienllilng lo whtdv llicy tire inilli'd, \Vllli changes In imrt lunnldlly, wood nttnehca. lo which the rod uuiy ing siaudimls Unit docs n ot ln- ji'lmle a kllchen sink, n romplt'le Mlp- ,.i,., , mid an mlciiimtc fuu- Q. 1 rend .somewhere (hut II Is ,,i v ai , U)t w , lll , l , Tlu< ' , „ ,' unuerous to kn-p oil rans inul || lra , ,, slmvs shwlUl ^ 1M K HOIK In a closet; where Is II sufo ,, lUy ,„„„,,,, |1|1(| s]l , ol[lo ,, , ls o ki'cy thcin( 'nti,,.,. |M1 . t ()f |, , , , A. 1'iit cord loops on the end* ,,.,,,,, ,. ', , >f (he mops nnd brooms nnd ''I 1 I)( «}l0'i «» >!>» main soil inor mivK them on liooka In a ullllly room or back hall, or on Iho rear porch, If you cul holes war ;he lop of Uic door or cut oil a Itnlf Inch from Ihe lop and bot- ;om of the door lo allow lor von- Illnllon, they nmy be safely kepi in a elosel. ! | .swealK nnd lhi;iefoie must 'iH'WiMio.", else the. dampness stays on Iho under sl<le of Iho shingles and rot. 1 ! them, if paper is Inld- beneath Iho shinnies Ihc iilr Ls kept mviiy from Ilio upper side mid prevents proper brcnthlng. Mrs. Craig Redecorating Former Carries House Glass Wool, Like Tlint From Sheep,' Stops Hcut Loss The same materials tlml are A ilUin'ODr or Illylliirvilli) residences are being Improved I his week by rcdecorntlui; nnd lepnlr- lui>. Mrs. Jcimlo Crnlj!. widow of Ihc lute IJnve Cnili; of I'errldny, la., Is ImprovliiK Ihc Ciirnes lesi- dcnee nl DOC W. Main street, which she has iiurchnsed. II Is helng redecoriiled on the Inside and repainted white on Ihc outside nnd minor repairs are being before Mrs. Crulg moves liinde. ere ..._ _______ ...... _ Chicago area is less than you lory covering. Only tile, best fl ' om which milk hollies arc blown svculd expect In this highest of quality asphalt shingles should he' high priced nones, namely about' »sed, as tlic inferior grades will J4,2tO. which means Ihnt in most places It will be built for $3,500, according to the luxuries installed. Phoenix High School Pupils Construct Model Home IWnrm rooms can be made lipear cooler, dark rooms can Iven better lighting by the s Iclloii of the proper wallpap flor nnd piitlern, according Wallpaper Inslitutc. (This exiilains in part why nn TalysLs of Federal Housing Ad- linistrntion insured niodernizalion ledil shows that a large part, of le money has been used by bor- Iwers for interior decoration. |Not only the color but the pat|i-n and texture of the paper as I'.lt influence the amount ot light |id the seeming degree of warmth coldness In a room, author^ s reveal. The lighter colors re- let more light and generally ap- Var wnnner, whereas the dark. Itors absorb light and make n lorn seem cooler, more restful. • Colors most used to secure light, le light yellow, bun", cream, pink, •rawbcrry, and certain metallic Ipers. While ceilings nnd while liodwork augment the effect of lilliancc. White on yellow and • lie on white nre typical compilations used to get the effect warin. light rooms. Icoolcr, darker eltects result from png dark greens, blues—especial- Ihe darker hues—tans, brown, lid deep reds, Including wines Td maroons. Wallopers with lossy finishes, such ns the var- Ishcd pnpers popular for bnlh- |oms and kitchens, emphasizes "cool" qualities of n wallpa- the 'Institute states. The Slate Director ot Arizona is. resoousiijle for nn interesting dem-! onstratiou of model construction which is about . to be started In Phoenix by manual training students of the Phoenix high schools. Although preliminary negotiations were started several months ago, inal plans, such as selection of a ot and approval of plans and sp?c- ficatious for the hoiise to be built, iiave just been completed. .Under Uie supervision of Ihe instructor of cnrpentry and woodworking crafts, manual-training students In the high schools will build a model modern house. Stu-. dents In the electrical class will nslall the wiring and fixtures, nearly nil of which will be made by the Iromvorking classes. Sheet metal work necessary in construction will be carried out by sheet |lan New Wardrobe to Fit Your Needs metal classes school. the vocational agreed to handle all fliuincial •matters. The properly will be sold under the Single Mortgage System. The plan was arranged by the State director In a series of conferences with city officials, members of the school board, and the superintendent, of schools. Students cooperating. In the project will : receive double credil for the work done. it is suggested Ihnl in many need replacement loo soon lo mnkc economical. Paint I'rimer paint.. It covers well and seems lo make a waterproof coating over " E^'wood that Inste. Plans for the home, which have been approved bp the chief architect, were supplied by an architectural firm In Phoenix. All build- Ing materials will be supplied by local firms who will receive payment al the lime the house Is sold. '|l A local financial institution has' cities a demoiislrutlon of this type is both possible and desirable. The State Director for Arizona will be' nble to supply nil details for those Interested in such a plan. If you do any outside painting, be sure to wall for a dry spell. Paint put on damp wood will noo' hold. It Is worse than a waste of good material to paint on such a surface. Not only will n good deal of the paint peel, but to repaint and make a good job of It Ihc paint that has not peeled nre now being made into n light weight Jlutfy \vool, for use In insulating houses. The elfecllvcncss of f;lnss wool for Insulation Is In Els form which Is Identical with the finest ., , , , grade of sheep's wool, The long Aluminum paint makes an ex- fine fibres In n wool. blanket, keep collcnt .priming coal for outside you wnnn by preventing the r.s- capc of heat while you sleep. The long fine fibres of glass wool keep heat from escaping froip your house. This saving in hent loss will cul fuel bills 30 per cent to 50 cent and nlso keep the temperature uniformly eomlorlnblc Ihru- otit the house. Insulating will glass wool stops Ihose chilly lirafUs nnd cold spots lhat make so ninny homes uncomfortable. Glass wool installed In the hollow spaces of wnlls and Cellini not only makes nn easier hentci house In winter but It works li the same manner lo keep out UK Intense summer lient. A hous insulalcd wllli glnss wool will b> 10 lo 15 degrees cooler during th hot summer days. Olnss wool Is nlso made hit the form of small grnnulcs fo An ensy wny of building an at- trncllve garden path or n siring of stepping stones is lo make a form of lumber, 4 Inches wide by i 1-8 inches thick with rectangular cells In multiples of 0 inches, Urns blocks 0 by C, G by 12, 0 by 18. 12 by 12, nnd 12 by 18 cnn be •ast of concrete, and the top surface trowelled smooth. These slocks arc then placed In Ihc lawn either as Individual step ping stones or nut logelher in should be burned otherwise pattern 2-inch spaces between. The surface of the stones •;liould be slightly below the surface of the ground so thai a lawn mower may pass over them without hitting. If a variety of color Is desired, a litlle lamp black can • Installing n-| house Insulation b be added or different colored I blowing In Ihe hollow spaces I snnds used in the individual blocks.' walls ami ceilings. Ihe edges of the peeled places will show. -—Announcing— THH HrA'THMVILUC SHKKT MRTA1, WOHKS E. Main .t Lily Streets Contractors for Sheet Molal Work of All Kinds Wcodrow Ii. Fisher Leslie Shepherd IWhen adding a new wardrobe Jrefully plan tt to accommodate clothing nnd accessories with- it crowding. Iciothes need iilenly of air |>ng, shallow closets properly veil Inted arc more efficient nnd Invenlcnt than deep closets. |«'enty Inches Is a minimum Iptii. • i , ; (• |To keep clothing from being lowdcd, place small wooden spa- Irs .On the pole between each linger. • i • For articles which must be laid lit use shallow drawers. A deep er Is not convenient, for the Jticles must lie on top of one liolher, crushing and mussing l.osc below, (shoes set up from the floor on shelf will not get as dusty as they were placed on the floor. lie closet floor Is also much eas- Ir to clean. lA long, shallow halshelf, pref- Jably enclosed, fi:id provided wllh lit stands, will keep hats proper- ] Special compartments for small |:cessories also nre convenient. Development Group Plans 500 New Homes ST. PAUL, Minn—New Homes, Inc., a building development concern of tills city, Is planning to build a number of houses ranging In price from $3,000 to $5,000' and hopes to attain a volume of 500 new homes during 1936, according to Information supplied the local Federal Housing Administration office. , These homes nre scheduled to be built in St. Paul and Minneapolis, (is well as many other sections ol the Northwest, in units of 25 each. Tlie building concern anticipates an active Summer sen- son. liead Courier News Classified Ads. Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 P. M. 1109 chlckasawbft INSTRUCTIONS FREE ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YARN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley Phone 792 WELDING ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE PROMPT SEKV1CE REASONABLE TRICES Barksdale Mfg. Co. Now Is the Time to Build Your Home-Easy Monthly Payments This company will gladly help you with your loan applications through arrangements perfected by the American Asphalt Roof Corporation, we have connections with the Planters Bank and Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby it will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Blytheville and vicinity. East Arkansas Builders Supply Company fid R. Jones, Mar. Phone 29 lo mnkc her home. nl Mrs, Oinli! lived hero Mi. until should be shown on |hi'. plans nnd u wall thickness pro- drted sufflclonl lo contnlii It. A •l-lncli soil line Hint Is needed ft'liere n lollol In liLslnlled, cnn- tuil be contaliuxl In u wi\l\ luiule »f -l-lnch studs. Unless a wall wllli O-lntili binds Is iirovliled, (he sull llm> must be boxed In elllier wltli wniKl or wllh Inth and plns- U-r. Tills makes n brenk In lln> wull thnl In ninny cases could lum> been nvoklnl by proper planning. Somellme.i Ibis box cnn be Placed In a closet where it la not objectionable. Many inclnls nru now used foi water nlphiK, anil Hie proper ono to bi> inslnlli'd fr«|uently will lie delnmlned by llio cliemlcal composition nf the walur. 'rlin best piping jiosslljlc within llin liuilgel ulinulil bo Inslnlli'd, ns roplncimienl of pliiiiiK Is nsiiiilly an expensive and difficult operation nnd r«- 1111111'.! tearing out sections of walls years nuo and she recently turned. The l'. K. Coolcy residence,' nl •15 W. Walnut struct, Is I decornied. Similar work is g tlono nt tlie A. O, Hudson •use, nl UOli Chlcknsawbii Ave. d ilic Crockclt house (itcii|ilC(l Mr. inul Mrs. E. U Jones nl 0 W. Wiilnnl. 'Hie Virgil Orceiie sidencc, nl f.21 W. Walnut St., gelling n new floor In Ihu llv _• room. The Greenes plnn lo model Ihelr house n little Inter. Outlet Cuvcra Children occasloimlly rccnlve bums by pushing huh- pliu and nthor in lick's Into I'lcctrlcal con- veiilonce outlets. Onllct.s will) fprlng-Unp or screw lypo covers nro nvnllnble and nro n viilublo iii'olectlon, and llaors. Dnthroom nnd kitchen llxluros eomu in Intitule ynrlely nnil havo been Improved krailly In <lesl|jn ntui usefulj- ».s. A coinblnallon sink and i mndry Irny for the kllchen, or, where n separnle Inuu.hy room cxlsl.s, nn nll-motnl sink nnd driiln board; lavatories wllli lileli backs tn protect Ihc walls mid raise Ihc fniiccls high enough above the Imsln lo Ire well ••> out of the wny mid with cnoui'h - lint area lo .set down n brush or " Jnr without hnvlng It K i| ( | K I,UD Ihe wnler; medicine cupboards sel Hoard for I'ltiorn Attractive and practical tlooi?; in be made from squares of nrd-prc.sscd fibre bonril. They in be laid in mnstlu or nailed ver old lluuis nnd Lnke a fine nish if wnxed. There Is Just iiough variety In the color slindi'.i 3 prevent monotony, and they 'car well. ..-...- oad Courier News ~:»ussined Ads RADIO REPAIRING . . ' A Oomplcto t.lne' of TuhM «nd I'arU HVHRARD TIRr. ft ItATTKtlY CO. ••HONK Vt INSULATION PAYS! It pays dlvldelldn In ycnr nroiind comforl, besides saving on lucl hi, whiter It helps cut Ihe cost of I'imnhii! electric fans nil summer. Cull us for a Iron estimate. Wu Itccommontl Itctl 'Pop Wivol Cclolcx THE AI1KMO "Lu.ivimi;jf{"cb. I'honc '10 Oil, What a Difference Modernisation' and Paint Can Make! Fully realizing thnt reconditioned nnil iiio'dnriiizril homes, repainted and redecorated homes, tire more of n community asset . . . look hctler . . . arc more easily sold or rented — the Government has nrningnd lo insure liberal loans for these important purposes. This financing cnn ho done without delay or emharrassment. We will ussist you in completing tlie delnils, if you wish. Glil houses, architecturally ugly houses, neglected liouses — we nre specialists in making them smurtly modern . . . yel at modest ex- e. Let's talk it over, ' E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 Illythcvillc, Ark. Clean Up-Faint Up, Fix Up in the Better •.. * * • _» •-•-» .11- Give your property a NEW, DEAL

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