The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1936
Page 8
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BLTTHUVILLE (ARK.) COtJREBR NEWS Slt lRE'l .'IfA's All-Star Southwest,' ' ern Eleven 1 Is Overflow- ^f-ing Witti Talent TSy NFA Ser\lce -3'Eo many stars shine In the hi? ', Southwest Conference this jear th&t it really is a hazardous occu- t -potion to bs a plckei. Any club "Selected, either first, or second, ;[>i)lght bring a couple of 45 soft •i slugs as an aftermath. That is '•one reason \\hy the league has been Ijhayvvire this season. .1 j If the dope of Pop Boonc, vet'•«ran sports editor of the rort ' ^orlh Press, Is right, Texas Christian T^ill tear things up In its rc- -maining games, which include engagements with Southern Melh- ,odtsl In Dallas, Nov. 28, and un- ibeatcn and untied Santa Clara In San Francisco, Dec. 12. v ,, If the Fort Worth array accom- •pllshes this, Slinging Sam Uaugh, ^ 'jRoach, named quarlcrback, and Walls and the on Homed Frog ends the All-Southwest .Conference first team, will have •jyiied. their rlgbi to be on the • issued Shine In Southwest Firr.1 Team 1'oslllon Walls, Texas Christian' ' LB \Vliitfleld, Texas'A. & M. IJT Routt, Texas A. & M. ..'•. ItQ Reynolds, Baylor 0 Ard, Rice HO Van. Sickle, Arkansas ET Roach, Texas Christian' RE Baugh,'. Texas •Christian-.' Q Bobbins,- Arkansas LH Todd, Texas A. & M. nil Wolfe, Texas P HONORABLE MENTION: Texas; Clark, Baylor;. Hamilton, Arkansas; Morrow,' Texac' A|—fc M. Tackiest-Keeling, Texas; Dougherty and Franklc, nice; Whllflcld, Texas A. & M. Guards—Gilmore and Owens, Arkansas; Lylhlnn and Jones, Texas A. •&. M. Center—Small, Texas; Aldrlcli, Texas Chrls- n. Quarterbacks—Smith, nice; SherUtnn, Texas, Halfbacks—McClure, Mc'Call ami Caldwell, :nicc; Masters, Jiaylor; Manning nnd Vltek, Texas A. ft M,; Slonne, Arkansas. Fullbacks— Patterson', Southern Methodist; Holt, Arkansas; Spraguo, Southern Mcthocllsl. Second Team Stages, Texas A. & M. Young, Texas A. & M, ScoUIno, So. Methodist DeWare, Texas A. & M, Haulson, Texas Christian Ellis, Texas Clirlsllan BciUon, Arkansas Shoc'kley, Texas A. &. M. Russell, Baylor Pi n ley, So, Met! rod 1st Friedman, Rice Ends—Mabry, Texas Christian; Collins, hasn't played much In rc- "cent games, but did plenty of dain- [afeV while he was on the front, line. He pitched Ihe Progs to 18 points in ;18 minutes against Baylor, 18 points in 22 minutes against Texas, - ond to 12 points In 10 minutes against centenary. The 145-potmd -Davey O'Brien carried on the reot ^<5f s the \\ay on each occasion. I--Baugh was on one leg In the Texas A. and M till The Howard Payne, Texas Tech, Tulsa, mid Mississippi state cngagrr/vnts were plajed In mud. ! E»ujh and Routt Stand Out _ Southwestern schools can con- frlbulc a brilliant array ol lalent «to the east-nest Shrine game in San Francisco on New Year's Day. Nearly all of the men on'the flioi S)Kd second all-star teams, as well t£s7other luminaries, graduate and thus will be available. •J^Baugh, despite being handicapped,* is Ihe southwest's foremost candidate for All-America lionois, - Joe Routt of Texas A. and M. s'tahds out as the best guard In the conference. ' .Southwest aggregations continue to lean to passing. ' Jack Robblns of Arkansas and Dick Todd of Texas"^ and M, the halfbacks, aic adept'passers., Robblns tossed a large share of, the 105 passes the Razorbacks used In their hrst three starts, and has been at it ever sinca. Robnins is a triple-threat man. Both he and Todd are elusUe and slambang runners and good Mockers.' '~ -Wolfe, Texas fullback, can smacV; the line and block football Fortunes Change •JOhnny • whltfield of Tcsas A and M. and Cliff Van Sickle of Ar- lr,Misas are the tackles They are large men, capable of pulling out ofj the line. They rush passers and are, rocks In the line when thiusts are directed at them, '^{either Routt nor Ard of Htce Is of the watch-charm variety, yel each is plenty fast, and figures prominently in the running attack of his varsity Thev're rugged enough to ho'd their own In bruising attacks on thslr positions on defense. At center is Reynolds ol Bajloi. The Bear pivot man is a. Gibraltar of tile forward line. Past, ho is"a great punt coverer. - It is Interesting to note that at ,tl»Is time last "year, Southern Math- cdls and Texas Chuslian, the former" with an undefeated n nd un'Ld xiuad, and the latter with a team defeated only once, monopolized the Southwest All-Star team i<ool- oall fortunes change with graduation exercises. By Harry Gray son NEW YORK—American League finally got around to gi\mg ne\\ owners/an "opportunity to ball but the SI Louis Browns with a "limited number of night games ^Cardinals nil! be the second National League club to resort, to the »rc lights next season Washington and' Philadelphia outfits ot the junior loop can't make up their mtads, although bolh are In dire need of help ln j Ihe way of attendance. Thay •si.anl to sae hon :he nocturnal variely of ptas io'rks out at Sportsman's Part , Their reluctance to play at nigM Is characteristic of the major leagues^-alflays slow to sec' needs for.'changes and slower to adopt new kJeas. Night baseball musl come In the big show, outside ol th« Jarger centers at least, and t*o seasons of It in Cincinnati fumlsh- edrposltive proof of its practicability and lucrative qualities "J-At the National Association convention In Montreal,'Dec. 2, 3, and VJ3U!' Griffith, publicity man of the Columbus club of the Amerl- c»n Association, wUl carry on with his display of promotional ideas, ah^lnnoviUon at the 1935 meeting »t Dtyton. * * , Griffith* collects proinotionsl •wrtaklts th»t"hav-e been used to 1 advantage in. various parts of the country,-mounts" them attractively ' on display panels and'offers them lor the-perusal of all «hO care to ; Tht.exhiblt mad« t tremcn- • dous hit (K first lime out, nnd, like ' the circus, should be bigger and better this trip. The thirty-fifth annual conclave of- the minor leagues this winter will carry the magnates across the Canadian border into a country where baseball Is just about ns Important a part of the summer recreational program as it is on Uncle 'Samuel's, greensward. • * • Western t'anmlu l.ooji Cotildh* Revived Montreal houses a franchise lu the International League. So docs Toronto Tiil.s circuit oilers the brand :of ball Just below the top grade,' which Is ample evidence of the . fact that our Canadian brothers have gone In for the pastime In a generous v*ay < .Winnipeg' operates In the North- Proposed amendments lo the code of minor'league baseball are discussed and adopted or rejeclcd. Unless some of ihc members sally forth with unexpected proposals, there is nothing In the way ;of drastic changes In tho offing. Since lha udvant of President W. G. Ilrainimm in December, I9;ji>, the constitution of the minors has been brushed lo III Iho modern demands ol Hie game and it needs little, If any, tinkering. Tiicse annual meetings, winter high spots of baseball, furnish many Inl'rcstlhg developments. They bring together insn from all walks of the 'game. Free agents attend them lo get Jobs, and club owners pick up free agents who fit Into their plans. There Is a fellowship about the hotel lobby tint c.iu bj geneiated . ern League and draws real crowds. Ol1| y bj mm who sec lach othei There aie clubs at Perth, Ottawa, uul oncc " vcnr - There nr« many , , and Brockville In the Canadian- ot tne M<sl expinsc cov- Ameiican League, all under the C1C(I u l mlnoi league Inseball , regulations and protection ot or- nmi thcl1 baseball. shoulder-nibbing Is something that Is difficult to And it strikes me mat It Is about ! m T lr "' 11 do(1 ' 1 "'' llnd "nts-o, line for old Joe Carr. ot baseball's ' ?° tlle > "S" 10 ,. 1 " l»"')rts nml shill- iew business department, lo doj'" gs ovc ' "' "' c "°'" i " i °»? something about rc-oreanlzinjj tho'.... ~ ~ Western Canada loop of p're-vvnr rilots Booster Banquet memory. With Vancouver, vlcto-1 T n n 11 n 11 i rla and Tacoma of the old North- 1 0 DC Meld Un Monday ivestein League oi>cn, theic Is splendid, field for a'circuit fiom CARO'IHLli&VILLD Mo Nov the prairie to the coast. 18 — A ' rans Boostei Banquet" WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1936 •Wrest" City Writer; Insists Report of Injuries No Bear Story ".;;. Y . )!V KAOUI, CAItUSI.K romsl City Dally Times -Herald " S|iorls Killlnr FORREST CITY, Nov. 18, Tile . , >tK (jnrnc of the year Is. always .lie Ulyllicylllc contest for Uiu Mustangs arid each ydar Ihoy look orward to contest. : ns the ' Jiccc-dc-re.sistance of the 'season. The cnibrogllo ' will " b'c' he!d nt laley Field this Friday hl(>nt',an<l i record attendance Is anticipated. The same lit . Forrest City last November drew a new. record con- Ereeatlon of over 5,000 , r so the lorlhcrn city lias to pack: 'em In ilits week to top '.: that; Forrest City populace ts nil agog over the coining fracns and a huge delegation will trek north 'from here as well ns from the : surrounding lerritoi-y. A special train was np- pllcd Tor bul could not be arranged due to tile fact that too round about, railing over at least two different railroads would be required. Specinl busses ;nnd motor cade", nlll suffice In transporting the attendance, to Blytlievllle, KCSIICI I CMikasaws The Mustangs well' know the efficiency mid ixmei of thch rivals a 1 ! the Chldvasawi arc no doubt Ihe most ponciful pi op mitflt In tile state this season and possess a mnrveloiis record of consecutive wins 'ihey have n heavlci team tlian lust, fnll and plenty of speed ami drive along .with ' the > weight. l' osts wltl1 touch Cainoy Lnblie.hns.a yen for Frye will heir most important encounter. of he season. The ailing list show.s he following vurnUy performers on the sheet, Fryc, Metz, Montgomery, Parker, Vnnce and Dlcus comprising the most .serious and a, few btltcrs with various and sundry ailments. The Mustangs nave had an In and out season, viz playing both good and bad football. Of course the heavy schedule was a bit too much of an undertaking as four of the slate's outaUndlug teams' were met and all admitted pointing for the Mustangs. However the Blue and Wiiltc derives satisfaction In that hey arc one of the best drawing cards in. llio state and )iave played every contest this fnll to huge iftemlnme.s. Veteran, He.ivy Team Bight Ictlennen grace the lineup and this season's edition is ilie heaviest to ever represent Forrest city. The outstanding pcr- fatmers and possible all-slate nominees are Ehlo'n nicus, 210 pound tackle who has starred In every Ick On the Outside—Looking In "HV DUKE" Chicks Slale Champions The Joncsuoro Evening Sun awards the unofficial state championship to the BIytheville Chlcka- saws.with the following commsni: "Tile defeat of the Hope Bobcats by DcQuccn, and the victory of the Little Rock Tigers over Pins Bluff's Zebras makes the overwhelming triumph of BIytheville over Searcy compel football fans to respect the chicks and their claim to the Etatc grid championship of Arkansas. EsiKcIally is that true from j the standpoint of record; notwithstanding the fact that the majority of Blytheville's victories iiavc come from ihosc particular kinds of schools knowli as "sst-nps," the Chicks.-have played a few Barnes with good ball clubs. Naturally Jonesboro "spectators who witness- game fills season, Thader- i c '! t'ne Hurricane defeat are a little I Bluff early In the .season when he .Judges, outweighed 20 pounds o the man, had not reached their op form? : •'•'., "Wliilc Hope was being toppled roin the ranks of the unbeaten >y DeQucen, BIytheville was con- inuing Its unbeaten march at lh= expense of the Searcy Lions, 50 o 7. And followers of the grid ,ame in the Wonder Stale will •ouch for the fact that the Lions ire nobody's pushovers. (Echo: But Blytheville's.) "Cur comment on the Hopc- ilytheville affair may sound par- alum, 183 pound fullback, v.'ho is a pile driver line plunger \vho has really carried the mail against every opponent and is' the team's lending scorer and has scored against every team but one. Jack Metz, nO-pound half- bnck is the most versatile back ever to wear the Blue and White as he does everything with the iirghide except swallow It and Is one of the best, passers and kickers in the slate. .The Mustangs have four adept passers and therefore are exponents of the razalc- da/v-le that spectators adore. Blylhevlllc patrons can get set for Ihe razzle-dazzle as it is.cer- tainly coming lo town. At Spres- ent the following setup will grace the lineup If the players are ."able to climb into uniforms at' Haley Field; Thomas and Vance on Ihe wings, Dlcus and Montgomery; at the tackle spots, Caplntn Eugene Ferguson and Cox at the guard Beasley at center. Phil be on quarter duty and reluctant l o give the Chicks a state championship for the very good reason that it looks like the Chicks were lucky to .win from Jonesboro. "So it finally looks as If the Chicks will get their km^-souglit iionor. of course the Forrest City Mustangs remain on the Blythc- ville schedule, but it seems a little unreasonable to assume that Forrest City !ias even a fair chance of defeating the Chicks." *-w(i*.zi \jt\i iu:y ijuauu. nus n yen IOrj il J u >vm ul: uu Miuuxet limy uuu tinning out. fine giid machines | Tatum at.full with , Me In \orul rccoid discloses and this >cais aggiegatlon is uell up to par .with former elevens! Mustangs' .Headman William Irving and his assistant coach, Ken drilling their non Moore arc Thundering Herd and allowing no rmaitei letdowns as they top speed any realize Hint Orlgmallj scheduled to open lhe' WLl1 be, held hcie Monday night third Wednesday in November, Urn Nov 23 . *niw icsenallons arc be- mlnois changed to the December. ni B mn[ie r °r about two hundred, dates so their magnates fiom dls- according to Wld C Matthew? Uint, ix>ints, such as the Pacific fo 'nici big Icaguci, who Is secre- coast sector, could attend both tho tnry-trc-asirrer of the Ccmitheis- major and mlnoi meetings on oiie, vlllc Baseball Association ovtiiei 1 , cross-continent ticket The majors of 'he "Pilots." The association Is get together the week, , niter the sponsoring the banquet. "*"-•' — '-- ' I H Is being. held primarily for j the purpose 01 soliciting and form Ing a ' ucoster Club' foi Ihe 1917 season. All who indicate their dc- Monlrenl Invasion Inicr&tlng Developments at Annual Conclaves Business anil pleasure are mixed nothing shoit of perfection will stop theli ponciful rivals hea\y ••cot Ing offense Injmles Infest the locals In everj foim and shape and Team Physician Bogai t Is do- Ing double duty endeavoring to fee the squad in fair shape, for Parker at the halves. The latter setup Is. however, ' a longshot gesture as the "many. Injuries now rife may enhance the changes. It Is no bear slory. that the Thunrlu'ring Herd' is greatly bunged up but every, man on Hie squad Is doing his nlin'o$t to convalesce rapidly as possible "so" that he;, may get In the ,b1g; game: All Iri all it will be a • great:-/einbroglio. .and with all the amazing power possessed by the finf.BlythEVllIe ele-, ven the Mustangs "will go into bat- wlth plenty' of spirit to give Mr. Hammons' Critic The BIytheville Chlckasaws seem lo have a staunch supporter or rallicr Coach Foy Hammons ot the Hope Bobcats seems to have "a stout critic in the sports editor of the Helena World. Here's what the Helena writer has to say in his Monday sports column: "This brlgli't- Monday morning must find Fov Hammons, master mind of the Hope Bobcats, intjuir- iiie. uike Jack Benny, if there. I? any. more room behind the eifjht- ball. . Because that • is exactly where the ' startling' 13 to C victory of DeCJueen's battling Leopards placed the Hope mentor. "H was Mr.'iHammons, you will no. doubt- remember, who raised such a howl about Blytheville's claims' to the state title and issued a challenge to" the Chicks to play: his boys next week-end, In- 1 dlcatlng .that .they were "afraid" if ; tney did not. accept It. recent Pine '-Bluff-Little nock game has been blacklisted by Pine Bluff and will never again officiate In a Pine Bluff • game. Pine Bluff officials claim Uia, Hie game official failed lo calllii alleged clipping of a Pine Bin! 1 , player on a 10-yard touchdown run by Oimn, Little Rock back : though the alleged illegal act oc- | currcd right in front of him Eugene Wiley of the Pine Bluff Commercial (says that nine coaches on the sidelines were of the unanimous opinion that a Pine Bluff player was clipped on the play Those listed by Wiley as saying the " touchdown 'should not have been allowed are: Alhlellc Director Earl Qulglcy 'of Little Rock Lowell Manning of' Jonesboro',' •'Spider" Irving of Forrest City Ralph Tlalzllp of North Littfe .Isan, but it is not meant that! R0(;k ' Mervlng Perry of Hot vay. We have no personal pro- j s P rin g s . Eugene "Bo" Sherman of forcncc in ihe race for Ihe state' Arkansas A. and M. college nnd championship, but we do believe j Coaches Dunaway, Terry and n supporting Ihe claims of the! Charles of Pine Bluff, iest team. i, Wiley says further lhat the "In our unsolicited opinion, Mr. same black-lisling .probably also iammons overstepped his bounds i w-ill be given a second official who when lie Issued his ultimatum i failed to call-an alleged forward that niyihevillc-cither cancel Its 2iigagemcnt with Forrest City Friday and meet his charges or silence its claims to the slate championship." On Zebras "Black I,isl" • An official who served In the pass on the reported forward- lateral that gave Little Rock a gain of 57 yards and placed the ball in touchdown territory' in the final quarter. Elephants live to an age of 150 to 200 years. the spectators a show "Now, Hammons. on just' whatvbasis dp-you claim the right to-, play such top-notch teams as •BIytheville? Is : It on a -basis of that' scoreless deadlock with Pine NOTICE Having sold my interest in the BIythe- ville Motor Sales Company we are again resuming our 24 HOUR SERVICE Gasoline--Minor Repairs Wrecker Service : Phone 633 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 4 volition, to bd'hicicl liv Montreal,] Cniiada, ill early December, The Pilots/ flist team of 01- gnulzed ball : ever to Incated at these annual conclaves and n she to jolli Ihe club will be ghen 'tJI very palatable potion results The Elason tlckels toi all at-home!~l club owner can corner his fellow game's of the "Pilots' at halt magnaterinrrango a trade qi a pin- price, Matthews staled ttxlrij He i chaso^ set' tip the nucleus of his said he expected for tiic club' lo' playing machine for ne\t season, l'n\c at least 600 members be-, and have n good time while he's foie nc\t season opens • it l" I At the banquet Mondnj night I The host city always sees to Hint Matthews will also explain cer-j .There'll be plenty of entertainment tain plans foi next jcai and al'o heie, woh the Noilhenst Aikans'-\s Class D League Championship for 11JG TI^Cl on the iirogiam. Including the annual association banquet suggestions concerning the wishes of the fans loi the 1917' Tli3 association propei schedules season, pilor to his dcpnilmc foi a business session for 'each the National Mlnoi Leagues' Con- Before fan Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE Z H. P. SsA 1 ^ Single CjI. V^*«> (Other Sizes to '10 II P.I HUBKARD TIRE * liATTEUY CO. • oil might as well get Crab Orchnnl— the Top-Hun whiskey—top all through till you come to the jiricc. It's'Btraight Kentucky bourbon, <lis- lillcd the way nil fine whiskies are made , —18-month ngc — srrio(tf/i any way you take it —full 93 proof, with a lastc you can't beat for -warm glow nnd strength. It's Irelter than ever now— at tlio same low price. More Than Ten Million People viewed the New Chevrolet in the first 24 hours Thousands upon thousands have already placed orders..~.~ Other thousands are buying at this moment. ... 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