The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 7, 1922 · Page 5
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1922
Page 5
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PAGE FIVE THE EVENING NEWS. HARRISBURG, PENNA., SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 1922' WEEKLY BUSINESS REVIEW I A3IERICAN WALL PLASTER Mado from highest quality Gypsum Bock uaJformlT prepared, com bincd with long hair, gives more yards of better walls per ton. "Your plasterer will be pleased to se if PENNSYLVANIA SUPPLY CO. Tenth and Mulberry Sts. Tinier the Bridge" IF IT ISNT A REO IT ISNT A SPEEDWAGON Harrisburg Auto Co. George G. McFarland. Pre. FOURTH AND KELKER STS. C. HARRY ICAIN Registered Architect and Construction Engineer 217 Chestnut St. Bell Phone ARCHITECTURAL Business Snapshots The Gohl & Bruaw firm has been awarded the contract to paint the Interior and exterior of the eighth story added recently to the William Penn Hotel, on Market street, by the Central Construction Corporation. The painters also are refinishlng the interior of the Starkey home. Front and Kelker streets, which was bought recently by I. H. Doutrlch for his own residence. Among other, painting ' contracts are two office buildings of the Standard Oil Company, one at Cameron and Kittatinny streets and the other at Seventeenth and Derry streets. Increased business at Craver's lunch . room, 206 North Second Belmont Announces New Model Two-Ton Chassis The Belmont Motors Corporation, whose executive office Is In Harrisburg, and- plant at Lewistown, has enlarged its line to Include six different models of trucks, ranging from a half ton to three and one-half tons. This includes a new type, model "D," two-"ton chassis. An official 'Of the Belmont said that on these trucks the starting and lighting is furnished as regular equipment. One of the principal features is a straight line drive shaft under load. Vibration is said to be reduced to a minimum through the use of the Buda motor,-mounted on a three point suspension. Speed on the heavier trucks is controlled automatically by a governor. The cooling system on the heavier cars Includes a heavy cast Iron type specially designed tubular radiator. GROCERY PRICES ARE HEADED DOWN C. W. Burtnett, of the wholesale grocery firm of Evans-Burtnett Company, believes there will be more or lees general readjustment of prices on household commodities in the Immediate future. Thia readjustment, he thinks, ought to bring lower prices. He pointed out that fluctuations in sugar prices have resulted in slightly lower costs to the consumer and that within the last couple days prices have dropped a trifle on soaps and on cereals, including rolled oats and corn flakes. Buying has been more or less con-serative recently, he said, the dealers and the consumers "laying It' Just what they really need, though Mr. Burtnett believes conditions will change with the price readjustment and that then there will be more business both for the retailer and the jobbers. . " Official Service Oa Dele. Klaxaa, Resay Bljar Automotive Electrical Eiifat. Dlatrlbatar for Hartford Batteries. Excehior Auto and Batterj Co. llth A. Mulberry Sts Harrlsbura; RUTH M. MAEDER 706 NORTH THIRD STREET, HARRISBURG. PA. Inspect Our Display of Flowers v Bell 'Phone The Work Dene by the HARRISBURG ROLL GRINDING AND CORRUGATING CO. IS RIGHT B20-22 8. Cimrrol St., Harrlsburn; MOVING Where You Get Better Service For the Same Price Padded or Open Vans ' " Any Distance ' ZEITER VAN SERVICE Bell 2770 1927 DERBY ST. James H. Lutz, Jr. PLUMBING AXD HEATING ENGINEER 140 Paxton St Both Phones "A Bath a Day Keep. You Fit Every May" RUSS BROS Velvet Ice Cream "BEST BY TEST" John G. Clements Manufacturer and Jobber Carpets and Rugs MIFFLIN. PA. IIARRLSBURG, : pa. ROAMER North West, Garage 2206 Susquehanna 45&6-J Mahloa Evans G. W. Bartnett Evans-Burtnett Co. Wholesale Grocers Harrisburg Penaa. H. M. Kelley & Company Coal and Wood 10th & State Sts. Bell 1166 FORD AGENCY Ford Cars. Trucks and Fordson Tractors NELL'S GARAGE L. W. NELL, Prop. Sixth St. New Cumberland LUMBER & MILL Shingles, Doors, Oak Flooring Interior Finishing Including Mahogany- E. C. SNYDER 18th and Holly BeU phone 1846 All Forms Of" AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Continental Auto Ins, Ass'n 600 Franklin Bldg. BeU S549-J. neu oiov- vial 30D1 HARRISBURG MACHINE. AXD ELECTRIC WELDING CO., IXC. Eighteenth and Chestnut Sts. . Automobile Repairing and Painting Cylinders Re-ground Welding and Bnulng ENGINEERS AND MACHINISTS Largest of Its Kind in This Part of . the State - Says Auto-Stop Signals Are Reducing Accidents Alexander & Scott, auto accessory dealers at 822 Chestnut street, believe many accidents are being prevented daily because an increased number of motorists are using the automatic red-light stop signals fastened on the rear end of machines. Stepping on the car brake, in day or night time, automatically lights the red stop signal in the rear and trives oncoming motorists due warning of "danger ahead." These Chestnut street dealers say they are having many ealls every day for these lights and they believe it will not be long until most every machine will be so equipped, especially since the attachments are Inexpensive. "It is the best selling? accessory we ever handled," said one of the dealers, "and we believe it Is one of the most important. The few dollars of cost will prevent thousands of dollars of damage. We think these lights are the solution to prevent rear end collisions." SAYS SMALL EVYESTORSf WILL GET LARGER RETURN That the small investor will have unusual opportunities during the next few years to obtain safe and big yield securities is the opinion pf 'C. E. Temple local manager for II. V. Greene Company, Inc. "This will 'be caused largely by the necessity for big business to obtain outside capital in order to carry out expansion policies" he said. "Money which is now hoarded or invested unwisely must be diverted Into proper channels. -. "There is no better Illustration of this," said Mr. Temple, "than the present limited offering of the common capital shares of the Selznick Corporation, which is one of the largest and most firmly established motion picture producing and distributing companies In America." CALL City Transfer Company P. B, R, STATION For Prompt Taxicab and Baggage Service. Bell 25 Dial 2155 YOUR CONFIDENCE IS SOLICITED ARCADE LAUNDRY The Cleveland Discount Company ' 313 Market St Buys and Sells First Mortgage Real Estate and Leased Bonds Safety, dependable income GEO. S. SUMMERS. Mgr. BeU 6346 "Least Wear Bell 147 GRANITE AND LOGAN Central Construction Corp. Will Move Offices The principal offices of the Central Construction Corporation and the various officials. Including the engineering force, will move about April - 1- from the Commonwealth Trust Building, Market street, to the new two-story brick office building which the contracting concern is erecting at the northeast corner of Seventh and Emerald streets, it is announced by one of the heads of the concern. Work was begun a few days ago on the office building which is to be twenty-eight feet wide and forty feet long and will cost approximately $7500. . The Central company now occupies eight rooms in the bank building; four on the fourth -floor and as many more on the second floor. Equipment and construction apparatus and material is stored in the contractors yards at Seventh and Emerald streets, and the heads of the company say "the desire to get closer to our yards" prompted the decision to erect the office building. LIFE OF G AS MANTLE IS FROM 800 TO 1000 HOURS How long should a good gas mantle last? An official of the Har-risburg Gas Company says the answer is from 800 to 1000 burning hours. Turning the gas on and off too frequently; the slight explosion that sometimes results when it is lighted, are both highly destructive to a mantle. Or a mantle, which, burning 'steadily, might last for several thousand hours, may be destroyed in a few minutes by rough handling. The gas man said: "Initial candle power is the measure of brilliancy when a mantle is first lighted. It is extremely high in cheap and inferior mantles, but soon, often within a few minutes, the brilliancy of the light fades, "The real test of a good mantle Is the sustained candle power given out over a long period. The high class mantle may not have an initial candle power equal to that of a cheaper substitute, but in the long test its superiority always is demonstrated." GASOLINE SALES HEAVY Brighter business In general and continued building operations, aided by favorable weather, are some of the reasons advanced by B. I Hauer, of the Harrisburg OH Company, why gasoline sales have been Increasing from week to week. The oil man said he is convinced that business in general is Improving and he gets that impression, he said, from the variety of business represented in the "gas" sales, and from the amount of gasoline that is being consumed; 5 Meter Cabs With Receipts PEIin-IIARRIS TAXI Day and Night Service Bell 4810 'Dial 2250 HERSHEY'S Superior Ice Cream The Standard of the State A smile foUows every spoonful NUSSMFG.CO. Mfffru. of Band Instruments Bay direct from the manufacturer. See what you are getting ind how they are made, no waiting no delay. Any instrument for Band or Orchestra.' llth. A Mulberry Sts., Hbg., Pa. AUTOMATIC VENTILATORS Make Your Room Breathe 425 S. 13th St Harrisburg, Pa. BeU 3286 WILLIAM R. DEUPWOLF Asbestos and Cork Products Cold Storage Insulnrion Sheet and Granulated Cork. Phone 938 Harrisburg, Pa. Myers' Accessory House Cameron and Mulberry Sts. HARRISBURG, PA. DISTRIBUTORS General Cord Tires Ruhrs Bakery Palatable Bread ' ; Once Tasted - Never Wasted 2700 Main St, Penbrook BeU 4706 PHONES Dial 8888 Harrisburg Pipe & Pipe Bending Co. STEEL BILLETS STEEL STRIPS SEAMLESS PIPE COUPLINGS Seaaaleaa Steel High Pressure Gaa Cylinders, Ple Co lis aad Feed Water Heatera ; Harrisburg, Pa. Royal Laundry ED. B. JONES, Prop. "s 1354 Howard Street, BeU 279 Dial 4270 I HARRISBURG WELDING AND BRAZING CO. Scare Cylinders repaired. Cylinders regroand. Welding of all kinds of metal. General Machine Work of all klads. Both Phones M-M S. Cameron St. Harrisburg, Pa. Keystone Rug Company Cornet Cleaning and Rng Mfg. EXPERT CARPET CLEANING Rags and earpeta repaired and al-teredi Shampooing Is onr Specialty Rugs Made From Old Carpels Cameron nnd Daophln Sts. Bell Phoae 204 Dial Phone 4896 Harrisburg. Pa. G. E. BROWN Contractor Bricklaying and Hollow Tile Work BeU Phoae Estimatea Furnished .1815 North Street, City Montgomery & Co. FREIGHT-DRAYAGE AND STORAGE 25 S. TENTH ST. BeU 'Phone 528 MYERS MOTOR SALES CO. Distributors Nash Cars Nash Trucks Perfected Valre-ln-Hend Motor. : . . Sales and Service Office. 1210 Penn Street. Prest-O-Lite Batteries Gas Tank. Welding and Cnttbis; BnppUes. All Makn STOMGi , US TAXES w. J " 1MTW MtWNCB and Recharged. Atlas Electric Service Co. 241 8. CAMERON ST. All Repair Work Called For and 1 ueiirerea THE LIBERTY GARAGE II. A. Hoist, Prop, Erperl Auto Repairing of All KiniK; Storage and Cor Washing Our Specialties! Cadillac, Hndaon, Chandler. J or. daa, Bro, Bulck, Essex , . Day and Mght Service 16th A Walnut Sta. Bell Phone KEYSTONE AUTO TOP CO. Anto Tops, Top Covers, Seat Covering and Cushions Hade to Order and Repaired. We Specialise oa California Tops 17th & Chestnut Streets v Dlnl 47K1 Tl.ll jkbo If Yoaj Need Anything for Your Auto or Truck THINK OF ALEXANDER & SCOTT Anto Necessities 222 CHESTNUT ST. BeU 6143 Dial 6075 FRED. S. LACK TAILOR Work of the Better Grade 26-28-30 Dewberry St BeU 23 10-J Adjustments can be given at your residence as well as at . the office. , H. G. GRANDjONE CHIROPRACTOR 1434 Market St. Bell 2392-M FOR HOUSE CLK AWING Use Rotary Cleanser on white woodwork, hardwood floors, linoleum, painted walls, cleaning bath tuba and for washing curtalna and clothes. GOHL & BRUAW 310 Strawberry Street Bell 44 ,. Dial 2473 Day and Night Garage Service Lexington Distributor Fishman Motor Co. Fourth and Chestnut Sts. ELECTRIC SERVICE Harrisburg Light & Power Co. Michlovitz and Co. IRON AND STEEL HARRISBURG & LEBANON, PA Main Office Paxton St. & P. R. n. Harrisburg, Penna. ERAHAM, PARSONS & CO. R. E. Ayars John AL Mahon, Jr. BONDS FOR INVESTMENT SERVICE F. G. FAHNESTOCK, JR. ARCHITECT 441 Patriot Balldlng Ilarrlsbarg, Pa. ' RALPH WEAST Sheet Metal Work warm Air Heatlag, Metal Cell In ga. Roofing- and gaoatlag 18th and Ethel Sts. Both Phoaea H.E SCHRIYER AUDITS SYSTEM TAX SERVICE laloa Troat Bllg, Harrisburg, Pa. . Establiaatd 1894 Central Construction Corporation Engineers and Contractors HARRISBURG, PA. Bell Phone 2482 Dial Phoae 5322 Automotive Electric- Service Co. Diatrlbatora and Service Agent. Specialists la Ignition, Starting aad Lighting Systems Repairs 209 8. Seveateeath Street Automobile Banking Corp. An Exclusive Automobile Banking Institution We offer unsurpassed financing service to the Local Automobile Dealers. S00 Penn-Harris Trust Bklg. R. J. Coleman, Disc Mgr. A Roof for Any Building, Anywhere Roof Painting- and Repairing Art-Craft Roofing a Specialty S. T.SNYDER Bell 2740-M 3018 Peaa St. Bes1Carew Dial 3818 E. R. Eckenrode GEW. AGT..PFNW MUTUAL LIFE , I.VSU CO. Specializing- In Trust Lea-aele. Insurance That Protects the Beae-flclarlea Against Loss of Insurance Kuads Brinton-Packer Co. SECOND AND WALNUT STS. - WE BUTT AND SELL REAL ESTATE List Your Holdings With la McCALL, RILEY & CO. Stock Brokers Members, Consolidated - Stock Exchange of New York Bell 3498 132 Wafaot St. Dial 2239 Harrisburg, Pa.' New York Philadelphia r Carney's Cement For Brick and Tile Mortar 1 part CARNEV'S, S parts Sand. no lime, is 'The Bond That Guar- anteea the Wall" Rutherford Bro&, Pax tang, Pa. Coal Dynamite Oil Builders' . . Supplies ICE CREAM - SODA 1 CANDY Family Trade Onr Specialty DEAN F. WALKER Both Phones 409 N. Second St. GIBBOKEY & IIACKIN INV. CO. Room 210 Penn-Harris Trust Building We recommend Penn a. Milk Products Co. Preferred Stock for safest and wisest Investment. 17ALLIS COAL CO. New Address 24 II. Fourth St. BeU 4055 Phones Dial 2156 West Shore Dairy Lemoyne, Pa. Home of ICE-CREAM Ask for it BeU3140-R Dial 2441 street, has moved the proprietor, Alfred B. Craver, to enlarge are sandwich and soup lunches to Include plate dinners. Mr. .Craver said hjs lunch sales have increased both in volume and in number from the time he added this feature to his confectionery and ice cream business some weeks ago. Folks in the business district make up the majority of the patrons and "they don't hesitate to comment favorably about the food which they say compares to well with home prepared dishes," the proprietor said. His one leg shot away and amputated within , three inches of . the body. Warren Grim, a World War Veteran, of Butler. Was furnished with an artificial leg here at the factory of the Capital City Artificial Limb Company. Grim weighs 260 pounds and said he lost the member during the lighting in the Argonne Forest. "He was able to walk very well on his first trial," according to Harry Cooper, head of the company. Another man made to walk with an artificial leg was George Flick, of Lewlsburg, who had the leg amp-tated below the knee after he had endured five operations. -. : 'v . 'We have been having lots of business and the prospects for the future seem very bright" said a representative of the Harrisburg Blue Print Company. Many copies of the pans for the first units of the new senior high school to be erected at Sixth and Division streets, were made by the Harrisburg Blue Print Company. Also, it has blueprinted many drawings to start work in the early Spring. There has been some business for the steel mills and these blue-print Jobs, considered as a whole, furnish reason for being optimistic about the business future, representatives of the company said. Earliest life insurance .societies on record were those of the second and third centuries B. C. in Greece. MONTGOMERY C 0 AL 3rd and Chestnut St. BeU 600 Dial 2345 Springs for Any Car Built 4000 IN STOCK 4000 - HARRISBURGTANLEY SPRING WORKS - Either Phone S690 109 MARKET ST. Fixtures Batteries A. A. G0HN Electrical Contractor Wiring and Repairs Bell 4S36 " 15th & Dcrry Sts. THE PLAZA HOTEL Restaurant of Merit Service Table d'Hote una1 a la Carte Private Dining Room L. E. Calladtae, Mgr. yotfftsct aarrlsburs; Restaurant. 20 N. M St. PAXTANG SHOE MANUFACTURING CO. Specialising- on Crowing Girls'. Misses' and Children' Welts "All Leather Shoes" 36UT-38W9 Derrr Street Life Insurance Policy Pays Family Regularly It should be interesting to more men to know how a great many heavily insured men are arranging for the distribution of the proceeds Of life insurance policies according to the views of E. R. Eckenrode, general agent of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. "In many Instances recently," he said, , "we have made provision through trust agreements to guarantee incomes to fathers and mothers, wives, sons and daughters, and granchildren. In some of these cases provision has been made for college educations, special , training and wedding trouseaus. " . "By this method the danger of bad irfvestments is eliminated, and ample provision is made for an income sufficient to take care of all dependents. Because of the many interesting features of this manner of distribution, it is advisable for more men carrying large amounts of life Insurance to investigate thoroughly the possibilities of trust agreements." Flower Sales Are Big The Christmas season was marked by record breaking flower sales but the big distribution in that period has not retarded buying in this post holiday season, according to Ruth M. Maeder, 705 North Third street. The demand for flowers continues heavy and we are fortunate In having on hand a choice lot of cut flowers and potted plants,"-aid Miss Maeder. Narcissus and sweet peas are plentiful for this season of the year and there is an abundance of choice roses arid carnations, she said. "Our assortment is one of the best we have had In many Winters," Bhe added. CALL A TAXI Either phone 2160 "Fool Proof" Meters Reliable Service Harrisburg Taxicab & Baggage Co. CRAVER'S V Luncheonette 11 A. M. to 2 P. BL Dally "They Crave for Craver's" 20 N. Second St. Ben 6362 Just Out January Issue L0CAFAX A Magazine of Local Facts. Office Service Company ' (Builders of Business) 110 S. Second St. IteU 825. HARRISBURG OIL CO. Has Never Lost a Customer Luskenbsugh & Rorhbsugh Plumbing and Heating Engineers and Contractors BeU 6331-J. 712 North 3rd St. Courteous Treatment . Given to Flayers of Billiards and Bowling at THE CASINO No. 15 S. Market Square, and THE RECREATION No. 333 Market Street Simon Scheaff er Co. Stocks and Bonds 305-307 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa. V Bell 6100 New York Philadelphia Cleveland Allentown Mfflville, N.J. Bogar Lumber Co. Anything in Lumber and Mill Work Hardwood Flooring, Roofing, Slated Shingles In Red, Green and Black.' Bishopic Stucco and Niagara Wall Board. - 3365 N. Sixth St. BeU 2274 Dial 4732 J. W. Pomraning Contractor and Builder 709-10-11 Kunkel Bldg. BeU 2428 . Dial 4609 Hanisburg, Pa. COOK WITH GAS Cheaper Cleaner Better See Onr Ranges and Water Heaters HARRISBURG GAS CO. Twin tub power washer, price, $65 Twin tub electric .washer, price, StfS IVi H. P. tiaaoua engine aklddea. sss.eo Full. Line of Farm Implements at Equally Low Prices . See Ua Before Baying KEYSTONE TRACTOR A IMPLEMENT CO., Inc. 1017-10 Market St, Harrlahurg LINGLE & MALSEED Auto Repairing Battery and Electric Work Willard Batteries . Auto Storage Haehnlen & Prone Sts. Phone 2677-R THE R7 L. DOLIINGS COMPANY Investment Bankera a High Grade Securities" 408 Yof fee Building HARRISBURG Philadelphia. Pittsburgh, Columhns H. V. Greene Company Incorporated An International Investment Service BOSTON, MASS. C. E. Temple, Mgr. 305-6 FRANKLIN BLDG. Harrisburg Baking Company Wholesale Bakers 18th & Mulberry VV. E. Bushey EAT HOLSUM BREAD BUTTER-NUT BREAD OUR QUEEN BREAD SCHMIDTS BAKERY ABSOLUTELY FREE SAMPLE FREE ' SUNSHINE COFFEE Ask Your Grocer ENTERPRISE COFFEE CO. Harrisburjr, Penna. E. S. JOSEPH : Insurance Specialist 317 Chestnut St (Formerly The L. F. Neefe Agcy.) TheTitzel Construction Co. Engineering Contractors Building Construction 520 Market St. - Itcll 1581-J Bell 3516 - Bell 6561 V 1KV1JN n. liriluEJr AUTOMOBILES AND SUPPLIES Re pairs any Make Cars and Trucks. Complete Line of Anto Sprinaa. Any Kind Made and Repaired. L E M O Y N K AUTO SHOP Both 'Phones CAPITOL CITY ARTIFICIAL ) LIMB CO. Trasses for Bad Cases of Rupture. Elastic Stockings for Varicose Velnst Abdominal Supporters. Lady Fitter in Attendance Deal With the Manufacturer 424 Market St. Bell Phone 4452-R SIMON N. CLUCK Genera I Upholsterer Furniture Repairer All Orders Receive Prompt Attention , 320 Woodbine Street Bell 'Phone ELECTK1U BLUE PKlJNTLtSU Engineers and Arrhltecta Supplies 3d Floor 10 S. Market So.. Harrisburg Blue Print Co. HARRISBURG. PA. ' ' Bell Fhone PENN-HARRIS HOTEL NONE BETTER Builders of , 2 and 8-Toa Trucks "Master of Road and Load" Main Office: 67 Union Trust Bldg, Harriaburg m Bell 1T5-B Dial 6975 OLD TIME nL Burridge & Olsey Arfto home-made - TAILORS ' ctfflX MARTHA 7Cthiir Wrkmsnt.hlp, fit and WASHINGTON IWrVMI satisfaction guaranteed Wf ." "j , lirV uU" Ma t Order. v CANDIES y Ladles and Gents. . , F&s 308 Chestnut St. Third and Locust Sts. IIAnniSBURG LIOER COMPANY LUMBER AND MILL WORK Hardwood Flooring, Shingles, etc. Distributing Agents for Beaver Board and Vulcanite Asphalt Shingles and Roofing. Bell 4210 , Dial 2450 17TH AND NAUDAIN STS. . , Servjce station Harrisburg Abattoir Motor Electric Sales Co. m. gross and brother forster near from " Wholesale Beef, Pork, BeU 5884 PHONES Dial 6956 Veal, Lamb 184 S. Front StM Steelton , Seventh and Sayford Streets . FOR PI RB x PASTEURIZED MILK aad ' CREAM Also CERTIFIED MILK aad CON DEN SED ' . MILK . Notlfr Pennsylvania Milk Products Co. 2115 N. FOURTH ST. BeU 26 Dial 3628 . fh E. K. Frazer s. Lemoyne, be sure your Washing Machine is fully covered by patents., You are absolutely protected when yovi buy a GALNADAY WASHER, CLEANER or 1RONER Gslnsday Elsstrls Co. 302 CHESTNUT ST. Both Phones Open Evenings DEALERS IN MANUFACTURERS OF ' Mill Work, Stair Work and Interior Finish -Asphalt ShinRlcs. Beaver Board and Hardwood Flooring Phones - Planinjr MU1 on Yard

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