The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 42 KWTHEVILLE COURIEE NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA6T ARKANSAS AND 8OUTHEABV MISSOURI Blyth«TUl« Oourln BI?the»Ul« Dttij Blytti«vl!l« Htrtld Ulululppl V»U«j L«»d*r HLYTHUV 11,1,1'!, AHKANSAS, TUKSUAY, MAY G, HWli HANT ITALIANS ENTER SINGLE COPVE8 FIVE .CENTS Members of Staff Reoccti- py Quarters at. Addis Ababa. Leads Lions WASHINGTON. Mny 5 (UP) — The American legalton at Addis Ababa was reocciiptcd by . part of the American staff at 5 P. M. today. Addis Ababa (line, after being leni|x>rnrily abandoned, the stale department was advised t>y direct radio from the legation. The rccccupatlon force was headed by VIcn-Corisiil William M. Cramu cf Philadelphia. He said lie found the legation anil \vire- -less slatloti unharmed although fears had been entertained that, the place would be wrecked by marauding natives who repeatedly had attacked the legation during the last, three days. The United States 1ms reminded Italy of her responsibility under trie present circumstances for protecting the lives and property o( foreign residents in Ethiopia, it was learned today. In reply the Italian government has promised that all possible measures will be taken to protect the lives and property of foreigners In the city of Addis Ababa, accordin» to the rules of war. The reminder U> the Italian Government ot its responsibility lo foreigners In Ethiopia was sent to Rome yesterday by Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull at the height of anxiety in Washington for the safety of the American legation in Addis Ababa. Milo Reno, Farm Holiday Association Leader, Dies Fill TO PERFECT IPPI Sunrcine Court Issues Death Mandate for ICiir- ruthei's mid Clayton. UTI-LK ROCK. Ark— A •.mnn- date Irom the Arkansas' supremo court to carry out Ihe death penalty Imposed upon Jim X. Car- rilthers and Hubbies Clayton, Mts- slsslpul county negroes, for ciiin- Inully assaulting n white 'woman Si kit Guard at He fell back, stricken by n heart | attack, and died at 10:15 A. M. First Church Plans Baptismal Services "' The 1 'FirSE'' Baptist church will have a baptismal service for men and children at the regular mid- Max B. Reid, local attorney, was elected governor of District 7A, ns International, which eni- xidics one-half of the slate, at he annual state Lions convention n Fort Smith yesterday. [s Accorded Honor at Annual State Convention at Fovt Smith. Max B, Held u-as elected governor of District 7-A, Lions International. In the concluding session of the annual i state Lions convention yesterday at. .Fort Smith. '; Jeff Roland;• RU5sc.ll.'Fnr'r find 'Fred''Salib.a represented Uhe •locAMiufc •;;=••?>•''"" ' ••;'' • ••'.--• Reid, who will share the governorship of the state .with J. O. Russell, . of Camden, has twice EXCELSIOR SPRINOS, Mo., May 6 (UP)—Milo Reno. Des Mclncs farm leader who headed Ihe National Fanners Holiday association, died, loday. Reno came to this health .resort town March 1 lo convalesce from an attack of Influenza. Two weeks later he was sufficiently strong [o give out one of his characteristic attacks on Ihe New Deal farm policies. Later he contracted pneumonia and for several days his death has been feared. The picturesque farm leader was expecting friends to call at Ills hosplial room around 10 A. ,M. Icdav. His -physician said Reno = >1^^^^^ received a letter from the clerk 'of the supreme court of tlie UnH- ed 1 Slates, in rcsporiBe to nil inquiry from the attorney 'general, saying thai no appeal lincl been filed in tlie high court by Cnr- rulbers and Clayton. They were given 00 (lays to flic ah appeal when the slate supreme court denied a motUuP for rehearing January 20 after affirming the death sentences in December. A transcript of the record was prepared for a negro lawyer, John Hlbbler, who represented the con- vlclcd men, but the appeal never was perfected. Illbbter declined last night lo say why llils was not done. He said he Is still representing the pair. Chief Justice C. E. Johnson directed Ibat lire mandate he Issued when confirmation was received that no appeal had Dcen filed. Governor Futrell was 111 at Ills home yesterday and probably will not be at his office for two • or three days, but he will • take lip 'lie matter of fixing u new dale for execution of Clayton nnd car- •uthcrs when he returns.- TIL DF HUT Caraway Marshal Claims Self-Defense in Killing of Former Marshal. LAKE CITY. Ark., May 5-Trla] of Clyde Hurst, Cnniwa'y mar- sha!, on a charge of mrrder ,lu the slaying of John Martin, torm- er marshal of the same town, opened here early yesterday and was still underway this afternoon. It was anticipated that testimony would be completed lias this afternoon although It ap- veek prayer meeting Wednesday " lls -«ll. . of Camden, has twice light. 7:30 o'clock. The pnstor. bee " President of- the local cluu thi) Rev. Alfred Carpenter, speak on "The New Testament Baptismal." The women who joined the church In the recent, evangelistic meeting will be baptized Sunday in a Mother's Day program. Bomb Sent Governor Fails to Explode BOSTON, May 5. (UP)—A time, clock bomb was received through the mall teday by Governor James J. Curley. When he opened the package and saw what it contained he and Is n former deputy district governor. This was the first state convention he. had missed in number of years, but business prevented his attending. • He heads the northern . parl ol llie-site, with - the Arkansas river dividing the two territories. and threw it Into the water, was no explosion. There New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 5. (UP) — Cot Ion closed steady, open high May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1154 1103 1017 1019 1023 1027 1155 1109 1024 1025 1026 1029' low close 1151 1152 1102 HOB 1017 1024 1019 1025 1022 1027 1020 1029 Spots closed steady at 1162, unchanged. preside with ; Mr. Russell at next year's convention ' h Man 1 ice) lo. A toUil of 289 Lions and Uorics'- ses from 25 clubs attended the convention which \vas clhrraxevi with . a banquet and dance last [ night. Resolutions calling fo.r strict enforcement of the-.stale's new lire law r and-sponsorship'of-a movement to obtain wider: recoj- nition for the Arkansas Centennial celebration were among : those adopted. peared unlikely that final argu- menls of counsel would be heard and the case placed In the hands of the jury until tomorrow morning- ' ' . : This afternoon the state had • closed Us evidence by which =11' seeks to convict Hurst of first degree murder and tlie .defense wavwell into- its •preseiitn'tiojiio^ evidence tending lo fefu{6'"' r t)u. L ' ch'arge'•; of the state that '{fiirst deliberately .shot and killed Martin. ;'Hurst,. cjalnis ' self defense hi;the'Staying of the former miir,- shal,;bad feeling having existed between the pair for some Lime. ''Denver L.'Dudley of Jo'n'esbpm, district prosecuting attorney, assisted' by ' Morris: Webb, deputy prosecutor, represents tlie ' slale and -Ivle -'Spencer'-'of Jonesbmo and Joe, Clay Young of-Lake City are .counsel for' Hurst.; A reign of Icrror swept Addis Abnlm when IKJWS circulated Hint ICmpcmr llnlk! Mas-slc and his government had lied from the I'lipllaL to escape approaching lliillan f(]rc<% Most roivlgnci.s tool', refuge bohlnd Hie burb win: enclosed Hi'illsli I/gallon, unaided by UIO Indliin Sikhs on duty there, sane of whom me pictured inarching to tholr posl.s. In the backurnnid tiro tejjallon biillillnu.-i which • hnve l>mi ali|!in«i\U'U l>y U'BU lo bliuitsv refuses. "Ethiopia Is Italian," Mussolini Pioclnims to Italy and AVorlc.1. HOMIS, Mny 5 (UP)—Premier IJriHlo MusWllnl announced lo IhD lldllan mUloii lonliiht that hla Misi'lst Icatbiib had occupied Ad- lils Ababa nitd thai the of Klhioplil was completed, end- . tnit thn win'. .' To solne is 000000 Itullam, , • gathered In Hit! stiuH of every city, and hdihUit -hi'. Italy, Musso- Iliil praelulitaU "Klhln'ijla K Italian" > Ills iil°o was broadcast In various lunijiingcs lo ; tlio,. world. "I nnivoilncfi to |lho {tallaji people and thii world lhal pcucO: inis been re-iMlabllshcd," Ihe dicV tulor diklnnd Mussolini spoke from Hie htil- cony of his palace'in Dome to .. a madly cheering throne while- 1 millions of oliiers llsleticd to loud upcukcis til public S(|iarcs llmiligh- out Hiilj , The entire ..Fascist populatlpti lurried out lira uliiiintlc victory' celebiallnh at UK! call of slrcra,: whistles niid liells. POLICE 1GIIS IS SpU Average Is 11.40 Negro Gets 18 Months for Passing Bad Bill Theodore Roosevelt Bates, local negro, changed his pica of not gullly to a plea of guilty after a jury had been selected for his trial on a charge of passing a counterfeit one dollar bill in federal court at Jonesboro yesterday. | He was sentenced to 18 months ~ In a federal penitenliary by Judge The average price of 7-8 inch! Jolm E - Mnrtincau. ' middling collon on Ihe 10 lead- Ing spot markets today wtis 11.-40. according lo the Blytheville Board Moody of the Gosnell community, near licre, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of moving of Trade. Producers are entitled m '- a concealing untaxed liquor and (o a ssbsidy of .GO of a cent per ] w!ls sentenced to 18 months in pohnd on 1935 crop cotton sold 1 ,^' 5 ™ and L, n ^ d hy them today. Bankhead Urges Government Restoration of Lost Reserves. WASHINGTON, May 5 (OP1 A recomniendaliun that congress should restore to cotton co-operatives and producer members reserves lost through stabilization operations was presented to Ihe senate today by Senator John H. Bankhcod (Dem.. Ala.) in a minority report disapproving findings of the special cotton cooperative investigation committee Bankhead, who was too ill to participate in the inquiry into expenditures by the government for co-operallves, submitted his report through Senator K. D. McKellar /Dem., Tenn.), chairman Services for Well Known Farmer Will/Probably Be Held Thursday. Funeral arrangements arc incomplete but final rites will probably be held Thursday for J. !•', Smith, abort 62, prominent furiu- er', who died at his home on Highway 18, about n hnlf iiitle east of Blytheville., yesterday afternoon. 'He died suddenly of n lieart nltnck while working at his barn. Mr. Srnllh was well known here, having lived on his farm Jusl east of Blyi.heville for many yc and prior': lo Hint lime in Ihe Huffman commnnlly, northeast o' Blytlicville. He had served as a mcmbc. of the. county . Democratic central committee and as a jury commissioner and was well known to business men of Ihe city as well as farmers.. He Is survived by his widow. three daughters and six sons. The Cobb Funeral Home, in charge of funeral arrangements, stated that the final rites would not be held before Thursday anil that Die time \vould Ix.' announced definitely tomorrow. A number of relatives from other slates arc expected lo attend the funeral. "ederal Agents Rcpqrlcc Investigating Leak," in , Gaiig 'Tnip PJan.s../ •.'. ' ST. PAUb. May !> (U!')— Th St! I'at'l Uaily News today alleged 1 the federal Investigation of Alvln Karpls luul turned on St. Paul police department. Federal agents sought, according to the News, lo discover how police department plans for trapplrg the kidnapers ol William liamm Jr., In June, 19:13. leaked out lo the Barker-Karpls gang. The Dally News allegations af- fecled only the highest olliclalii of Ihe police department became only a select group of federal agents and police authorities had access to copies at ransom notes during Hie four-day abduction. Conqueror of Ethiopia o( committee. ____ ..... ,..„. (charges against Guy Webb' aiid McKellar and Senator John Closing Stock Prices j Virgil Moody, arrested In Ipnnlon cases, were dismissed. I NEW YORK, May 5. (UP)—The stock market enjoyed a q'.ilet rise tcday under eadership of motors, coppers and steels. Gains .ranged to three point 1 ; although there were some Issurjs recently under prcssur which rose as much as seven points. A. T. and T 154 1-2 Anaconda Copper .... 33 t 3-4 Beth. Steel GO Chrysler 05. Cities Service 45-8 Coca Cola 80 Gen. Am. Tank 44 1-2 Ocn. Electric 3G 1-4 Gen. Motors 63 3-1 Int. Harvester 82 McKc.sson-Robblns ... 91-4 Montgomery Ward ... 39 1-2 N. V. Central ". 33 3-8 Packard 97-8 Phillips Pet 12 7-8 Radio 101-2 St. L.-S. P. 21-8 Simmons Beds 25 1-2 Standard of N. J 59 Texas Co 34 U. S. Smelting 93 1-2 U. S. Steel 56 1--1 Warner Bros 10 Zonite ,, ft 1-31 OrlCdHS CottOll . JTownscnd (Rep., Del.), the other member, had reached a conclusion that capital loans lo cooperatives are worthless. NEW ORLEANS, May 5. (UP) —Small advances Availed cm of better feeling regarding tlie European political situation and less hedge seling. Tlie market closed with gains ranging to BCV- i open high low close 1144 1145 1H2 1142 1095 1100 1097 1089 1013 1019 1013 1019 i j en points. IDIu 1020 1014 1020 1017 1022 ion 1022 1021 1022 1021 1025b May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnr. Spols closed steady at 1140, up 3. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 97 3-8 97 5-8 95 5-8 90 3-8 July 86 3-4 87 3-4 86 3-4 87 1-' Women Demand Inquiry Into Lepanto Lynching LITTLE ROCK, Ark—An Immediate and thorough investigation of the mob killing of 19- year-old Willie Kees. negro, at Lepanto, Poinselt county, is demanded by the Arkansas council, Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching, in letters to Governor Futrell and Sheriff J. D. DuBard of Poinselt, county. The letter to the governor, signed by Mrs. B. J. Heaves, state chairman of the council, said that 'The Arkansas Council of ttieAs- Street Work Warnings Are Being Served Here The regular semi-annual warning to male residents of the city to work the streets or pay street tax will be completed by Mny 10 Joe Carney, city engineer, tm- nounced loday, after which n list of residents who have failed to perform the work or paid the tax will be turned over to proper city officials for the issuance of warrants. Resldenls are warned l«lcc a year to work the street, utuli Chicago Corn open May 62 July 60 1-2 61 high low close 62 3-8 61 3-1 62 60 1-2 60 5-8 Treasuvy Officials Prepared for Possible Currency Changes Abroad. WASHINGTON, May 5 (UP) — Treasury officials revealed today that a complete set of plans has been drawn for possible monelary action should International politics complicate world fiscal affairs. These plans are the economic counterpart of the famous "red." "white" and "blue" campaigns of Ihe navy and war departments. They delineate a line ol proposed action in case of any major disturbances such as tlie revaluation of a nation's currency or the delaying of embargoes upon gold or sliver. The secret charts have been the srbjcct of particular atten- bccnuse of the unsettled French political situation. DjOi^ef Is . Kndeil LONDON, Miiy 5 (UI>)— Italy completed her conmiest of .Hlh- iDpln today wheii a stream -of. triumphant Iliilinh troops poured 1 Into Addln Ababa, icllcvlng the nUHUicc lo more them 4,000 Americans, Ui I llsli, flench and other foreigner 1 , besieged in the legi- J| lions. ' ' '• The Italian Iroolis In nidtor trucks rolled clohn Hie Impeilal highway ihlu Urn ta r lein n,uii- tcr of Ihu clti 1 and , passed tho . Iht Uiltish niid Anierlcnn denl.i of ilie capilal hud been hcldlng out behllicl , barbed H'lre cnlaniilemenls aRiilnst '. ferocious attacks by thi! natives. News of the occupation was Unshed to Hie foreign office here by Sir Sidney Burton, British minister, over his own -wireless. Sir 'Sidney .said :lhc .Italians began passing tlie legation at, about 4 P. M., Addis Ataba tinle (8:10 A. M.,. C. S. T.): Will Orvu|iy 1'alat-e From ' Ihe Urltlsh legation, the Italian troops Imd two miles of rough, hilly rend through thick eucalypti's groves and scattered huts before reaching "Four Kilo : meter," the crossing of the Imperial highway with the .street, from the old to the new palac3- and Ihe beginning of Ihe town- proper. Beyond "Pour Kllomeler" Is Ihe dingy business section which four days of rioting reduced .to ruins. Unless It has been completely destroyed by the looters the new. palace near .the cross roads would be the logical scat of Italy's provisional government. ]t Is almost the only building of any modernity owned by tlie former^ Ethiopian government. Dominating the. picture in Italy's conquest of Ethiopia, all but coax- plcte as Mussolini's invading legions march Inlo Addis Ababa, is the figure of Marshal Pictro Badogiio, often mentioned as Italy's next dictator if II Ducc comes to an untimely cm]. Badogl.'o. head of (he Italian general stall, wearer of highest World War laurels,.is shown here conferring with an adjutant. a It was learned that the prou-1 lllc mcm lcrs of s , r tern which Is most critically re- j comm itiee." 'Thug" Allen Resigns Olympic Basketball Job LAWRENCE. Kansas. May 5 <U PI—Dr. Forrest C. Allen, athletic director and basketball coach . at nnsas University, loday resljncd ; director of the American Olympics basketball team because of Ihe "unsportsmanlike attitude of the A. A. U. supervision of the city engineer's jnrdcd Is not what ma y happen department, or pay a three dol- lo Ulo French mone , nry position! ar tax semi-aiinually. Failure) blll . wl , al w)] , Gr t Url(n|ll ,, 0 | lo comply win, ihe warning Is n tln the event of a Planes Deliver Meat on Hoof to Italians misdemeanor, punishable in 1 the municipal court. Kennett Brothers Are Indicted at Memphis the franc or an embargo on French gold. MEMPHIS . * 11J > 5 (UP>— W. P, j. "Ji . mi: niMtiiouD v,u"..-.. -" -••- — o . > . sociatlon of Southern Women forif?P arlt s and Crosley Sparks, bro- Ihe Prevention of Lynching deep- 1 "J ers . °f Kennelt, Mo., were in- ly deplores the mob murder of "Icted by a grand Jury hue to- Negro Willie Kees at Lepanto, ""V on two count.'! of robbery and we Implore you to demand atl d' °»e of carrying a pistol af- au investigation of this crime [T taking approximately $500 from and blot upon tho fair name of | lw » men at a dice game at a lo our beloved state of Arkansas." cal hotel. Franc Under Pressure PARIS, May S (UP) '— Tlie French government today discussed drastic measures to protect the frnnc, which has been I'nder pressure since the popular front victory In Sunday's election. Legion Meets Tonight oe Ferguson, State Treasurer, Dies MTTLB ROCK, May 5. (UP)— Joe I-Vrgiiwin. 82. former slate treasurer, died today fcllowing a long illness, lie served as stale Innxurer Irom 19U lo 1625. H. P. Maddox Announces for State Senate Seat LITTLE ROCK, May 5. (UP) —VlrglU Butler, Batesvllle attorney, today nnnouuced' his candidacy for prosecuting attorney In Ihe Third Judicial district. Butler seeks the post now held by Roy Richardson ol Iloxle. H. P. Maddox of Ilarrisburg today announced his candidacy lor (he Democratic nomination for the senate from the Twenty- ninth senalorial district, compos•d o( Poinselt. Jackson and Mls- slfslppi counties, represented in the fnrty-nlnth and fiftieth general assemblies by Senator J. P. Parrlsh of Newport. ASMARA, Erilrea, May 5 (UP) — Airplanes dropped two live oxcu and 200 .live goats by parachute today to Italian troops occupying the Sar<Io region of Aussa province. The method of delivery was: necessary because the tropical temperatures make it impossible lo ship slaughtered, meat. It was' believed to bo the first recorded incident ol the parachuting ol livestock. • . France Will Not Place Embargo on Gold PARIS, May 5. (UP)—France has sufficient, means to hold the,' franc without Ihe need of a gold embargo or other measures toconr trol exchange, the French Inance minister told the United Press today after a twp hour cabinet meeting at which'the nanclal crisis was discussed • f Chrislnns Message Early PASADENA, Cnl. tUP) — City Director John Potter, who l»s i never missed a meeting of the' Clly Board of Directors In nine years, delivered his regular Yiilc- lidc greeting recently. In the past Abandonment of Two Stations Is Authorized The lynching was the first in 1 The brothers claimed they held the stale in i" orc " ian three up the men to recoup money lost The Dud Cason post ,)f tho i ho has always delivered - it on years. » crooked dice game, American Legion will hold Us July I, LITTLE liOCK, Ark—The Arkansas Corporation Commission yesterday grained applications of the Collon Belt railway for authority to abandon stations at Safford. Poinsetf county; Carson, tearing some waggish Mississippi' counly, and to dls- ' , regular weekly meeting at ' Hie member might forestall him this nmnllD ' uppvuxImaMy 1,000 feet Legion Hut -tonight at 7:30 !>. M. year, he advanced tho date. ' of spur' track at the Iwo places WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, warmer In north and central portions tonight. Wednesday portly cloudy. Memphis and Vicinity — Mostly cloudy tonight, and \Yednesday, warmer, . Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 66, minimum 40, clear, According to Samuel P. Norris; official weather observer.

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