The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1941
Page 9
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NTCWS 48 Fiery Hours ... But Union Jack Flies On Fees Now Greatly Reduced And Scholarships Are Provided 'LONDON (UP)—The Dartmouth Roya! Naval Training College. i'or BO years attended by youth of the monitd class, henceforth will be open to rich and poor alike. When A. V. Alexander, iirsi lord or the admiralty, announced in the House, of Common.'; thai in the fuiurt- Dartmouth would be open, through ihe medium of scholarships and greuily reduced ices, to boys from grant-aided .secondary j-chools. he said: "It, b hoped the college will gi-t its share of the pick of the nation's you ill o» as wide a basis ris possible-." Cupi. Bernard AckWorth, naval writer, hits .sai;l the innovation will be u'f-k-omec! not, only on the lower deck but on the quarterdeck a.s well. AH Krpenses Covered Under the new arrangement, the poorest parents will be relieved of all expenses arising out of the boys' clothing and traveling expense; and. if necessary, provision lor their maintenance during the holidays. The cadet also will be supplied with the clothing required by him as a midshipman. Ten scholarships will be offered to candidates from grant-aided schools" to be competed for at each enu-y—30 scholarships a year. Further scholarships, not exceeding. 10 on each occasion, will go to boys not coming from gram-aided secondary schools, and one also will go each time to the son of a rating or ex-rating who had not got. one | of the open scholarships. The history of the making of naval officers in past centuries has been extraordinarily varied and interesting. In the. time of Henry V. for example, merchant ships were taken over and turned into king's ships with their officers. Era Past of "Young Gentlemen" In the reign of Henry VIII. and again in Charles II's reign, "voting gentlemen" were sent up to the lord high admiral by the king to be trained as naval officers, and the term "the young gentlemen" still attaches to the gun-room officers. who include sub-lieutenants and midshipmen. It was in the 1860s that the old line-pf-battle ship Britannia was towed: round.- to,. Dartmouth, and for about;: 40 years "was the. tKtit«ng ship tpr i ,cadets"Avho, before entering for trie extremely stiff competitive examination at the age of 14. had to obtain a "nomination." In 1905 the imposing red brick Royal Naval Training College, which stands on a steep eminence in its own extensive grounds overlooking Dartmouth "harbor, was opened. The bulk of officers now serving, including junior flag officers went through the college. tt. Shipyards Soon To Cluster l»ie In Los Angeles Harbor I'KLMO. Calif. iUl> Terminal bland, wi-d^ed in icenU'i ui tin- man-uuide Los gt'les harbor, lias suddenly trail' ilirijird ti'mn -t i.-lfi<\ ,\\ Y l J ... . the An- been land a basi- for fishermen to a vital point in the Clour %a* Firemen of blasted Plymouth England, rest after Uvo nights of Gorman air attacks tmd show defiance o[ Adoit Hitler's destructionists by running up the Union Jack un a lamp post (licir Walrus Flies for King George \\ Works With U.S. on Defense Plan Office of Ezequicl Padilhi, above, Mexican minister of foreign affairs, is "exchanging viewpoints" with U. S. looking to co-ordination of mutual defense. '-i.*Read Courier i.':r: ri";-'; "•'\-- and MM; nation'.'; In .1 lew niomh.s, building of destroyrr.-, and irvi^hter.s lor the navy and nierehanc marine will begin on tiii..-, amazing island as private, companies and government uytJH'ics start work on almost S2,00(i.ouO.(jOO in .shipbuilding r0 n| tracts, iiy the .spring of 19-12 these i contract-; will ij« mure Ouin libiib- ! It'll a.-: the shipyards move into _ their tui! .stride. , . k . Today morr- than :wu() mm uri* work in!-, double .shii'ts ron.structin}' the .shipyards, building m-vv roacl.s blasting harbor ehunnels <j) nil drbrLs. Shuju'd Like "V" tin;; .small V-.shaped Lslund, i is no more than tour mile.s ami three-quarter:; of a mile Permanent buililings an- be- inf. cn-cu-d to iwusi' men. steel, eemcni. great quaniitie.-; of lumber and nil of the neees.sary .supplies which go iniu the making of .sleek fighting ships and streamlined freighters. In six months, approximately, liO.CUi) men will be em|)loyed on the iNhuul. wrokin-4 at, the newly- oi'gani/ctl California .Shipbuilding Corpora ion',-; new yard.s. 'i new niivui ;tnd an army triULsport. production base. The newest industry to be developed on Terminal Island i.s the huge Ciiliiorniii Shipbuilding Cor- pcnu.ion. A thousand men are wciking on a S'UGO.OOO shipyard for tin- Sinn. Hrrc \\\ new 10.000- ton freitihtor.s will be con.structed at a cost of SfiU.OGO.lHK). Eight .snips al a time will go down the ways of the new company and 7.500 men will work on the f reign tens. The snips wiil be 423 frs'i long, have a f,7 loot, beam and will have a oniishu- speed of 11 knots. Vnchts lo I5c Ousted The company has a five-year lease on I lie urea i! will use under the U. S. Maritime .Commission*-,supervision and virtually all one OIK! of the island will have to be remodeled. A large private yacht harbor must be enlarged and the spick-anci-.span pleasure boats hove to find new berths. The navy figuratively i.s getting behind each pile-driver and steamroller as work progresses on a gi- . gantic new $20,000.000 naval base 1 on another .section of the Lsliuid. 1 The big base will be rend; for use j fitny in 1942. according to unoffi- 1 cial announcements. A Inrge $18.000,000 graving dock also is to be built on the navy's site nnci that will be completed loward t.hc end ol next year. Not to be outdone, the nrmy is reported casting covetous glunce.s toward this future in.sular beehive and Ls .said to be interested in developing a transport terminal th« i re. Plans for the project are already being- worked out und army officials recently opened no- goth'tioius with Los Angeles harbor officials in a move to take over several of the private docks on the island. The,. Bethlehem Steel Corporation's ^ shipbuilding division has its hnt, in the vinij. The bi x pany will build 10 .the uavy uy yard.-; to-jln- construct.'»•<! <m-'JYnr]h)!il I.shuffi. ': : ,'v; ; . Coiisli iH'tion Funds lU-udjv The destroyers will -cost $11*100.000 each and the "navy has made $2,500.000 available for yard construction work preliminary to actual shipbuilding More tiuin 7,500 men will be employed UL the Bethlehem yards when construction of the m»w-typi. warships i;-et.s under way. l-'or a small island. Terminal s !-! rowing into its first pair of long pants. There are also Severn! other vital oi'KJumnilon.s tucked away on this strip ol land. Heeves Field, a full-fledged n.'ivul air base is located on the Isle. The airfield, a for sen :md land planes, ranks with .similar buses recently constructed all along the Pacific Coast us fur north as Alaska. Terminal island is the home of the Southern Cnllfc-rnhi branch 1 of the U. S. Immigration service. ; The U. s. Public Health service has its southland headquarters there too. Ami on another point of the Island is a federal prison, the Federal Correctional Institution. Fish Cunning Center One of i he greatest fishing and fish canning centers in the world ( is situated at Fish Harbor on i Terminal Island. Experts say the ! ilsh business in this urea amounts lo $130.000,000 mmuully. The government hasn't overlooked protection of (.his increasingly important island. The bin coastal guns of Port MucArtlnir, located near Point Perm in on the inuinkm'j, guard the enlire bos Angeles harbor. Although the large guns aren't fired often (the explosions shatter windows for mile.s around), the fort Ls considered capable of donfcndlng the harbor against ,'i sea attack. The harbor and island lire patrolled cor:sfnnt]y by land, water and air. The large naval base at San Diego i.s only a few mile.s distant. And the large March Field bombing base i.s well within striking distance'in case of attack. e £ . Bri , tis . h Se * mi § ht * this Picture of a Walrus bcmg hoisted aboard new H. M. S. King George V l fleet unit, after reluming from patrol. ' of the depart- the New York City Men More Virile, Noted Doctor Declares EL PASO. Tex. (UP) — Contrary to a long popular belief, the city man i.s more virile than the man in the country, according to Dr. Oswald Swinney Lowsley. Dr. Lowsley. head mem of urology at Hospital of New York ciiy. 'saki ' the city man is more virile been use- he is beginning to appreciate the benefits of exercise and ri»ht living , "Mankind is improving." he said. Men and women should system- jAriLTttly work to attain the" | physical condition in me fare of • the world crisis and nerves. Dr I Lowsley suid. They will need this bolstering to be able to "take it" he emphasized. "The lot of the man on the _sireet, i« highly imporlnnt today." he declared. Your Olfl nr Sell it Furniture in CHI (o Us For Cash. Alvin Hardy 301 E. Main Furn. 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