The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO _BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia British Columbia Votes To Pay Off Land Mortgage VICTORIA, B. C. (UP)—Forced to-choose between Ihe eviction cf 5,003 Doujihpbors from their lauds, or ransomiiij them from moneylenders, British O.Iumbla's legislature has passed an act author- j Izing spending of treasury funds to redeem from the Sun Life Assurance. Company of Canada tlie mortgaged acres of the Russian, refugees. r Canadian courts recently gave the company title to Douklv.bor lands at Brilliant, B. C., when B $250,000 mortgage was not paid. The shert.i was ordered to evict the Doukliobors, 5,000'of them, Including many aged persons and w:men and children. The sheriff asked for police assistance but the attorney general refused on the grounds that force would lead to bloodshed. "We couldn't Just throw them cut on the highway with their cattle and chickens," said Attorney General Gordon Wismer. Their debt to the assurance company Is the largest of several owned by: the Dauknobors communities. In Saskatchewan where Payne, chairman of the ccmmlttee other Russian settlements went to ouy the school for a demonstra- • Into'Insolvency under the leader- tlon club house. Students' Christinas Vacation Begins Dec. 15 School students of BlythevIHe will begin their celebration of Christmas Friday, Dec..' 15,' when THURSDAY, DECEMBER T, 1939' Second Stomach In Baby h Removed ST. LOUIS, Dec. months-old girl Is 7. — A 14- recuperating rapidly at St. Louis ' Cniklren 1 * classes arc adjourned for 16 days, i H-spita) following removal of a W. D. McClurkjn, superintendent miniature 'stomach present at birth of scli:ob, has announced that ' •••••-- ••- -• • the students will be released fro'm school duties on that day 'Indrder that, those who desire to wort dur- .,.., , .. ing the holidays In downfcwn stores ' secretions reached may have an opportunity to do jo.; caused persistent ulcoration. The sole purpose of dismissing ' removal, ay a surgeon on the at this early date rather than on " i Wednesday, Deo, 20, as had originally been planned, was because cf the large number of students who wished to earn, thdr holiday spending money, Mr. McClurkin stated. Students will start the New Year right by returning to classes on the first day of 18*). ". . . ami so I just told her what a cheap, chiseling little cat she was—in a perfectly nice way, of course, so ahe wouldn't get mad." ship- of the late Peter Verejin II, no legislation has jet been enacted to help them. Fl&uc Canadian lyairs •': Because the Doukhobors " flamed Canadian laws since came here os refugees from re- j In presenting the Christmas ligous persecution in Russia, the'fair. have Retain M. D. Amburgey In Pemiscot County The group also made plans for j a radio program to be heki at fanm-HUB-wr rp *L r>«~ •? Burdette in January and a Christ- ' CA «U'l!!ERoVILLE Mo., Dec. 7. inns program to be given Dec. 20 ~ M the iimml metln « at eight o'clcck. The Farm Bu- , m c ° luy fnrrn 8ro«p officials, „*„ o. - n , they reau will cooperate with the club M ' ,?' Ambu 'W «">» re-employed *t- Seven Students On Yarbro Honor Roll Seven students were named on the Yarbro h:nor roll wheri it was released today for the second 5ix weeks' term. Names and grades of honor roll student.'! follow: first grade—Nell Goodkw and George Franklin Henson; second grade — Ruth Krech, Pattle Mullfns, Rose. Emma Parrlsh; third grade—Peggy Yarbro; sixth grade—Jerry Haley. Honorable mention went to the following students: third grade- Pat tie Hawkins, Bessie Pressnell; Kurth grade—Irene Cotton, Laverne Piessnell; eighth grade — Calvin Hollingsworth; ninth grad<$—Kelly Hale, Gwendolyn Orr; tenth grade —Mary Nell Holmes, Juanlta Neal. Autos Collide At cutcry in the legislature against! During (he social hour, the host- ! county agc " t !l cre , ftt the flrst Street Intersection An automobile driven by Mrs. . W. Owen Blue was heavily damaged and will enter upon his 21st year when it collided with a car driven In addition to a normal stomach. Tlic rudimentary organ, about the _ ze of the ball of a man's thumb, lay at the navel, through which its the skin and Its staff of the hospital and Washington Cniversity School of 'Medicine, Involved opening of the abdominal wall but was described as without particular hazard or complexity. To Open Temporary Navy Recruiting Office The O. 6. Navy Recruiting station at Jone3boro, Ark., is now making plans to open a temporary V. S. Navy recruiting station at the Mississippi County c;uvt house, in BlythevIHe, on the Hth of December, for the purpose of accepting applications from young men in this territory for enlistment in the lAiICed States Navy. The recruiter in charge at Jones- faro states that the requirements for enlistment have been recently revised and that many men who have previously not been eligible for enlistment ma,y now be accepted. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Prices Good For Friday and Saturday PEACHES Ruby Heavy Syrup Rq. 2i Can 12!c Campbell T !r 7Jc STOKELY SNO:SHEEH CAKE 23' Size Small Size CVALTINC LIBBV'S VEAL . 5'Jc .33c LOAF Tin 12 Dyess Youths Join United States Navy' Two Dyess youths were among: those accepted for service in . the ' United States navy and sent this ! week'to-Norfolk. Va.,'for an eight-'| week training pwl:d before actu- | ally entering the service. I They were-. Wl'lmi A. Hinesly I and Fred A. Austin. I COFFEE Chasc & Sanb ir 22? c the government's bill has been great. Why, say the opponents of the measure, _ why raid the public treasury ib succour the one group which more than, any other has .spectacularly proven its lack of pairi.tism? The Uoukhobors reject military scrvfce as immoral. Tlioy spurn all government authority; • refuse to allow their children to attend Canadian schools;' refuse to register births, deaths and marriages, and tpenly .disdain every evidence ol state authgrlty. When British Columbia tried to force: them to submit to its educational laws, schools were djiiamitcd in UoukhoO.r communities. When provincial police were .sent to Brilliant to enforce law, the Doukhobors paraaed .naked through the streets in such numbers that the Jails couldn't h.ld them'. Tne n6w measure authorizes the • government; to buy the lands back from' the assurance company on long term payments, and re-sell .them to the Doukhobora {.n "easy" , terms. . ' Opponents of the measure hove warned that a dangerous precedent was Ming estaohsned, admitting that.if a group was large enough and defiant enough It could compel the government to come to its • assistance. To the members of the legislature, R. E. Burns, Liberal member for Rossland-Trali, told the story of the Doukliobors as lie knew it. Strong • Leader killed It was a cragic tale. Under old Peter Vercjin I, he said, the interest and capital payments were : ' made t,-j the assurance company in accordance with the terms of the mortgage. But om ^eter Veregin I was killed by a mysterious blast while he was riding in a train near Farron, B. C.; in 1924. reter Veregin H came to Canada Irom Russia in 1927 to succeed his iiitner, and d.ea in Saskatoon, Sass., on Feb. 11, 1939. Peter Vereglu II Burns de- sc.r,o_vi as a itsa a'uie leader. Experts (i the Doughobor problem predict that the legislation will be futile because it provides that, each Doukofaor individually must buy back his >n<3. But their reng.on foroios private ownership, and it Is feared that 'all of them will refuse to deal individually with the government, except on a c:m- munal basis. ess, assisted by Mrs. Ira Koonce ° r " xt . E - B. Hope was re , . r once . and Mrs. Harry Lutes, served hot t ° lnra " s asslstnnt ngent, and Miss tamales and coffee. Plan Christmas Party Plans for a Christmas party were made at 'the meeting of the Dell Homo Dem.nstratlon club nt the home of Mrs. J. M. Stevens Friday afternoon when new officers of the club . were Installed. i > The party will be given Wednesday at. the home of Mrs. W. E. Potter. Each member will assist In filling a Christmas basket for the'unfortunate. i A.ter tne gr.up sang the club Mary Frances LeftXvich as home demonstration agent. This will .be Hope's third year, while Miss Left- wlch joined the staff last June. The Missouri College of" Agriculture Extension Service pays the salaries cf the local personnel, various sponsoring the local office cx- by Henry Rhc'des, 21, which was less seriously damaged In an accident which occurred yesterday" at 5:30 p.m. the' Intersection of Chickasawba avenue and Division street. Mrs. Blue Is said to' be suffering from shock. . the pay whlle groups pensc. H. F. Orecnwcll, Haytl, president of the County Farm Bureau, presided over the meeting. Taking part in the retention vote of the present "personnel were C. C. song, the Christmas Story was giv-i Hcamc mlcl Mlss Am y Kelly, Exes by Mrs. Stevens tonowcrt \vith ! to " si n Service representatives, and a prayer by Mrs. Jim Henderson. Committee chairmen were - appointed to serve during the new year. They are .as follows: .Mrs. 1. M. Stevens, yard improvement; Mrs. Dcwey Sheppard, gardening; Mrs. Clyde Gllliland. canning; Mrs. Jinl Moss, cKthing; Mrs. Noble Gill, foods; Mrs. Earl Magera, home management; Mrs. S. L. Smothermim, poultry. Mrs. R. A. Oreenway. home Industries; Mrs. J. L. Ticlwell, child development; Mrs. Harbin Gill, government and taxation; Mrs. Jim Moss, recreati:n; Mrs. W. E. | Potter, reporter; Mrs. E. M, Woort- arri. Mrs. J. A. Luckett, flower committee; Mrs. Gilllland,' chorus lender; Mrs. Woodard and Mrs. Green way, scrapbook. twenty-two Pcmlscbt farm men and women who represented the Farm Bureau and thp Home Economics Clubs Council. • p v. Joins Mississippi State Police Force Creekmore Wright has resigned his position as teacher and basketball coach fn the Gosnell school to accept a job with the Mississippi Highway Patril with head- Legionnaires In High Prsts NASHVILLE, Tenn. <UP>^-Three former state commanders of the American Legion In Tennessee now occupy high stale posts. They nre: Gov. prentice Cooper, Legion c:mmander in 1931; Major Tom E. Morris, state safety directory commander In 1937; and R. G. Turner, director of the state game and fish division, commander in 1934. Americans consume a great deal more fruit than do Englishmen. The club meet with Mrs. Jim Hcndersai In January. The hostess served refreshments during the soclnl hour. Mr. Wright, who wns graduated from the city high school, later attended Mississippi State College at Slar'.-.vlllc. He will go to Jackson Sunday to assume his new duties. Fills every baking and frying need. —PRESCRIPTIONS—i Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drag Co. Main * Fin* Phone 141 BUY NOW PAY NEXT FALL You can buy anything In our line now, paying. only one-half down and the balance next fall, providing the total bill amounts to $40 or more. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Dyess Group Gives Program At Dogwood The Dyess colony group ol the Mississippi County Agriculture Council was In charge of the pro- | sram prcsanted before 18 members ' of the organization at a. meeting at D:gwood Rlrtgi! Tuesday nljht. Ray Johnson, who ncled as ipokasman for the Dyess group, in- i troducetl Mrs. Graham, rural home ' supervisor, and J. s. Olive, agricul-1 lure instructor, who made talks. Freeman Robinsin presided over the meeting In the absence of the president, Harold Splccr, of Osceola. Miss Menu Kojan. district, home demonstration agent, nnrt j. o. Fullcrton, district agriculture agent ; both of Little R:ck, were guests for the dinner meeting. A turkey din-' ner was served by the Dogwood Ridge Home Demonstration clnh. Demonstration Club News Notes The London County Council Welfare gives slicHcr nightly to abolU 3000 hcmetes people, Vho have no money lor a bed. Flan Eingo Party Plans for a bingo party to be given Tuesday night at the Wo man's club were made at a meeting of the Dogwood Rtdge Home Demonstration club yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Waiter Wood. Mrs. W. 8 Langdcn, Mrs. Ira Koonce, Mrs. Charlie Lutes and Miss /Mary Lutes were named to the committee in charge of arrangements for the parly. The devotional period consisted tfie Trigger on Lazy Bowels f and Also Pepsiii-ize. Stomach! When cons(ip,ition brings igson acid iudi- • ,. -~'i ••"•"« "n"&;> vii JLIU mcu- scsium, Wonting, dizayjixits, K-.TS coiled tongue, sour taste, ami b,d brcaih vonr U?n"urdi i ^ Pr0baWy ' ' ; P »-ith c™- move. So y<xi nocd'batti lV|4»°to itcln break up fast tint rich HnrtiEcsl",! foodfin tte trigger on those l.v.y bowels. So 1« . -, W^rfSSlSSf ot toe singing Of Christmas carols ^rfulstoirwchconifort.y.mMltcI --xaliv' and the reading of a poem "Grow- ^^"y^'eayourbowckTcstsiirovcllM _ Ing Older" by Mrs. P. B. Jarrett. j -' The 22 members and one visitcr i present heard reports of the play. 1 "The Last Half Day Of District . School", given st Burdette recent< ly and on the dinner sewed Tues- .1 day night to the. Mississippi Cow- •j ty Agricultural Council. Proceeds j from both affairs went Into the i club treasury. [ The deed fot the club house was j , presented the club by Mrs. 3. A. druggist "today"!' 1 u,, SyS^^S^tte^ aadily and nausea. 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