Longview Daily News from Longview, Washington on September 21, 1960 · 10
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Longview Daily News from Longview, Washington · 10

Longview, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 21, 1960
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fog 10 Loncvipw Daily News wdni$day, $pt. 21, i960 i 1 "vi V"'' V New York Police, Riotous Demonstrators Clash Often ? " V' 1 - ! 1 NEW YORK fAP)-Club winging police and riotous demonstrators battled into the night follow-ing Tuesday's opening session of the United Nations General Assembly. The brawls swirled around mid-town streets as task forces of police and mounted patrolmen moved swiftly to curb the disorders. Eggs and lighted firecrackers were hurled at police who pushed and shoved and fought hack with clubs. At least three demonstrators were injured and four arrested. The heavy police security was praised by most New Yorkers but damned by some Communist bloc chieftains. Stealing the spotlight Tuesday was the meeting in Harlem between Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Cuba's Prime Minister Fidel Castro. The controversial leaders talked for 22 minutes in Castro's hotel, then emerged with their arms around each other's shoulders. The large assembly of Communist bloc leaders and the Castro entourage gave police their biggest security headache. About 8.000 police have been assigned to protect them. Helping make matters more trying for hard working police was the large melange of foreign-born residents in this city of eight mil lion. Many came from East Euro- PEMONSTRATIONS PAVE THE WAY Police collar woman demonstrator on cur-stone near United Nations headquarters in New York Tuesday. Rioting on streets outside marked opening of U.N. General Assembly. Police afoot and on horseback charged excitable demonstrators. AP Wirephoto. Grays Harbor Seashore Development Is Luxurious By JMMsr. Southern California has come to Southwest Washington in the form of a recreational and real estate project. From a purely local pride viewpoint we regret that we cannot say that it is located on the Long Beach Peninsula within comparably short driving distance of Longview. But instead it is the fabulous new Ocean Shores development over on the peninsula that juts into the mouth of Grays Harbor and is located j about 20 miles out of Hoquiam. I This writer visited it a few! days ago and being fairly familiar with what is happening in like enterprises in Southern Cali- fornia he can say with some! auuionty trial ne nasn t seen were a group of Puget Sound men. Like most of these projects the plan is to sell residential lots around the recreational area and this is now being done. We were also informed that there had been satisfactory public accept ante and quite a number of the lots which have been platted and where streets and utilities were being iastalled had been sold. These, of course, at a handsome profit, which in turn will help liquidate the expense of the recreational facilities. Another Southern California gimmick is that of tying prominent people in the entertainment world in with the development. Ownership of the lush restaurant is attributed to Ginny Simms, a anything north of Monterey Bay j scintillating figure in the theatri- in California to equal the extent and luxurious character of the oceanside project now under way on Grays Harbor. It is one of those undertakings in which the promoters are not attempting to economize as everything is being done on a grand scale. This includes the "night clubby" restaurant, the rows of motels, the chateau type of rent-el cottages, the swimming pool, the golf course now under construction and the building housing the shops which are soon to be open. SEATTLE CAPITAL When we inquired as to where all the money was coming from, we were told that it was largely Seattle capital and the promoters cal world. According to a Palm Springs, Calif., columnist, Ginny is wearing a diamond given to her by Don Eastvold, the former Republican attorney general and a one-time candidate for governor. This would indicate that Eastvold has divested himself of his former wife and there are several children involved. There has been little heard of East-void in recent years and, according to the columnist, he is now identified with the glamor crowd in Southern California. LOT OWNERS NAMED Other names of lot owners are bandied about such as Jane Powell, Hugh O'Brien and Joan Winchell. It is gratifying to all Southwest Washington residents to see a recreational community undertaken on such a grand scale as Ocean Shores. The promoters make the usual claims for its ocean side location such as surf bathing, clamming, beachcomb ing, salmon and surf fishing, horseback riding, duck shooting, golf, etc. They also maintain in print, at least, in sort of a tongue-in-cheek attitude, that they have more days of sunshine in the Ocean Shores area than anywhere else on the Southwest Washington neacnes. lci s nope tnore are some grounds for this claim as sunny days are not one of our most dependable assets at the seashore. LONESOME DRIVE One comes upon the Ocean Shore luxury community almost unexpectedly. It's rather a lonesome drive up through the timber and generally undeveloped land between Hoquiam and that location which incidentally adjoins that weary, paintless community of Oyhut which has been a modest seaside resort for many years. Just up the Beach a little further is Ocean City which was made infamous by Nora Berg, the onetime Longview resident who was the author of the book, "Lady on the Beach." the autobiographical story of her life with her husband Sarge, much of which was spent in Ocean City. A little further up is Copalis which enjoys a somewhat better rating than its neighbors. The contrast between Ocean Shores and Oyhut would be amusing if it weren't so pathetic. Way off there on the beaches of the Grays Harbor section of the Pacific fabulous Ocean Shores ! is something to see but it might ; be suggested that if you go to 1 see it you had better keep your hand on your pockctbook or on 1 your ballpoint pen as there are j some pretty high powered sales-' men on duty over there taking! their cues from those who aret able to show how it is done in j Southern California. And anyone will admit that they surely know j how to do it, especially if they j have ever been down to the Salt- j on Sea in the desert and have 1 seen how real estate transactions are handled on a major scale along the shores of that 30-mile inland body of salt water. j A beautiful "new" room costs less than you think, with THE DELUXE LATEX WALL PAINT Harried? Find a Barber (or Lawn Mower) fast ff v ' N in the I .v YELLOW 1 PactficTeIe phone -North west i lib. ' ..fv VJam SC59 ... in fact, one gallon at does the walls of an average room I Super Kem-Tone flows on smoothly and easily from brush or Roller-Koater. In no time you're through and you have a beautiful, super-washable surface. Gorgeous colors . . . choose yours today! Color-Matched in KEM-GL0J America's Favorite name! I For kitchens, bathrooms, all woodwork, Ketn-Glo i the alkyd enamel that looks and washes lik baked enamel. So easy to use! Cmm In and i.l.ct your eolwi nw In Supar Km-Toft and Km-OI for Mi fo4, miImI dtcwatlng vwl COWLITZ COUNTY'S BUILDING HEADQUARTERS $A90 2 QlMMf QUALITY MATERIALS Jternatwnalaper Commerce ot Douglas Phone HA 3-9390 pean countries and lands now under Communist rule. The worst of the street brawls erupted near the U.N. headquarters and the Soviet headquarters for Its U.N. mission. In one threehour melee near the U.N., mounted policemen Multi-Million Dollar Resort Plan Announced BELLINOHAM (AP) - Plans for a multi-million dollar resort development on Fir aider's Bay near Anacortes were announced Tuesday. Dr. H. A. Neils of Bellingham, spokesman for a group of businessmen known as Skyline on Burroughs Bay Inc., said the group hoped to open the develop ment in the spring of 1961. Facilities for the moorage and storage of 4X) boats will be available initially, he said. Ultimate expansion will provide both wet and dry storage for 2,500 boats. Neils said the group plans to make available 500 residential sites, and the development will contain a convention hall and 33- room lodge. A proposal for dredging Flounder's Bay is awaiting the approval of the Army Engineers, he said. charged about 50 Ukrainian and Hungarian pickets. Many were thrown to the ground Fists and nightsticks flew later when police and mounted patrolmen tangled with demonstrators near the Soviet building. Three fights at the United Nations involved the Ukrainians and the police; a fourth involved the anti-Greek Albanians and anti-Albanian Greeks. A fifth was between anti-Castro and pro-Castro Cubans. Forest Fire Report Made OLYMPIA (AP) - Forty forest fires blackened 4.618 acres of state protected timberlands dur ing the first half of September, the Department of Natural Resources reported Tuesday. Most of the area was in the demons mountain region where one fire last week razed more than 4,500 acres. In tne same period last year 51 fires were held to 40 acres, The report said so far this year 808 fires have burned 10,556 acres of state-protected timber and range land. NOTDCIi! We are sorry for the Inconvenience, but 15th Ave. between Florida and Douglas will be closed to THRU traffic during sewer replacement work at 15th and Fir from: Sept. 20th to 23rd Northbound troffie detour et Douglos East to Commerce Southbound troffie detour ot Florida East to Commerce Thank you Longview Sewer Dept. Adult Education Classes Lower Columbia Junior College Evening School Classes Start September 19TH The Evening School is endeavoring to serve the educational needs of the community. There are courses in home improvement, business, vocotionol, industrial, as well as academic and cultural. FOR INFORMATION CALL HA 5-500 OR VISIT THE CLASS OF YOUR INTEREST PROGRAM OF CLASSES Classes start the week of September 1 9, 1 960 ACADEMIC & CULTURAL Course Title of Credit Location & No. Course Hours Room Day Time Instructor Cost Eng. 101 English Comp. 3 L.C.J.C. 21 M-W 7:00-9:30 Johansen 9.00 Eng. 131 Creative Writing 3 L.C.J.C. 23 M 7:00-10:00 Mikalson 9.00 Eng. 2 U.S. English 3 R.A. Long 211 M-W 7:00-9:00 Lint 9.00 Hist. 1 U.S. History 3 R.A. Long 211 M-W 7:00-9:00 Lint 9.00 Speech 101 Public Speaking 3 Fine Arts 28 W 7:00-10:00 Vreswyk 9.00 Speech 102 Public Speaking 3 Fine Arts 28 W 7:00-10:00 Vreswyk 9.00 French 101 Beg. French 5 L.C.J.C. 15 M-W 7:00-9:30 August 15.00 German 101 Beg. German 5 L.C.J.C. 15 T-Th 7:00-9:30 Kotte 15.00 Russian 11 Russian 3 L.C.J.C. 25 Th. 7:00-10:00 Leese 9.00 Spanish 101 Spanish 5 App. Arts 21 T-Th 7:00-9:30 Lapray 15.00 Hist. 104 Hist, of Western 5 L.C.J.C. 25 T 7:00-10:00 Mooney 15.00 Civilization 20 wks. Pol. Scl. 80 Contemporary World 3 L.C.J.C. 25 W 7:00-10:00 Pike 9.00 Problems Hist. 254 Wn. St. History 3 L.C.J.C. 27 W 7:00-10:00 Melius 9.00 Philosophy 274 Logic-20 weeks 5 L.C.J.C. 23 W 7:00-10:00 Rlslov 15.00 Math. 1-3- 109-111-112 Alg. Geom. Trig. 5 App. Arts 40 T-Th 7:00-9:30 Lennstrom 15.00 Math. 125 Modern Algebra 3 App. Arts 40 W 7:00-10:00 Lennstrom 9.00 This course is given on M., W. ing Resources Inc. Instructor room 40, starting Sept. 26. Soc. 91 Youth Leadership Starts Sept. 27 ARTS & CRAFTS , F., 6:30-7:00 A.M. over N.B.C.-T.V. Channel 8. Sponsors: Learn-help available on Wed. night 7:00-10:00 p.m. App. Arts building, Trng. V2 App. Arts 7 T 7:30-10:00 Adkins 4.50 Course No. 104 41 Art Art A.C. A.C. A.C. A.C. HE. II. E. H.E. A.C. 30 31 35 40 115 A 115B 37 32 BUSPs,ESS & Course No. Off. Tr. 31A Off. Tr. 31B Tr. Tr. Tr. Tr. Tr. Tr. Off. Off. Off. Off. Off. Off. Off. Off. Tr, Off. Tr, 32 110 111 110 102 101 A Tr. 101B 120 120 Title of Credit Location lc Course Hours Room Day Time Instructor Cost Drawing & Painting 3 App. Arts 17 T-Th 7:00-10:00 Miller 9.00 Commercial Illus. & 2 App. Arts 17 M 7:00-10:00 Sharman 6.00 Sketching Ceramics 3 Montlcello 19 T-Th 7:00-10:00 Smith 10.00 Lapidary i L.C.J.C. 22 T 7:00-10:00 Snead 8.00 Leather & Home Crafts 3 R.A.L. Shop T-Th 7:00-10:00 Erickson 10.00 Woodworking for Women 3 R.A.L. Cb. Shp. M-W 7:00-10:00 Johnson 10.00 Sewing & Dressmaking 2 M.M.H.S. D2 T-Th 7:00-10:00 Milner 6.00 Sewing & Dressmaking 2 M.M.H.S. D2 M-W "7:00-10:00 Milner 6.00 Home Decorating 1 J.C. 14 W 7:30-9:30 Davis 3.00 Metal Craft & Jewelry 3 Kelso H.S. 14 M-W 7:00-10:00 Guglomo 10.00 PROFESSIONAL Title of Credit Location & Course Hours Room Day Time Instructor Cost Beg. Bookkeeping 1 App. Arts 9 T-Th 7:00-7:55 Hnrst 3.00 Beg. Bookkeeping 1 App. Arts 9 T-Th 8:00-8:55 Hurst 3.00 Adv. Bookkeeping 1 App. Arts 9 T-Th 9:00-9:55 Hurst 3.00 Beg. Typing 1 App. Arts IS T-Th 7:00-7:55 McKee 3.00 Adv. Typing 1 App. Arts 15 T-Th 8:00-8:55 McKee 3.00 Beg. Typing l App. Arts 15 T-Th 9:00-9:55 McKee 3.00 Adv. Shorthand 1 App. Arts 22 T-Th 7:00-7:55 Reed 3.00 Beg. Shorthand 1 App. Arts 22 T-Th 8:00-8:55 Reed 3.00 Beg. Shorthand 1 App. Arts 22 T-Th 9:00-9:55 Reed 3.00 Business Machines 1 App. Arts 10 T-Th 7:00-7:55 Burgeson 3.00 Business Machines 1 App. Arts 10 T-Th 8:00-8:55 Burgeson 3.00 Business Machines 1 App. Arts 10 T-Th 9:00-9:55 Burgeson 3.00 Showcard Lettering 1 App. Arts 39 M 7:30-9:30 Coulter 3.00 Off. Tr. 120 Art. 51 VOCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL Coarse Title of No. Course Elec. 51 Industrial Electricity Carp. 61 Cabinet Making Carp. 61 Cabinet Making Inst. 71 Indust. Instruments Elec. 71N Ind. Electronics Elec. 72N . Ind. Electronics Elec. 74N Ind. Electronics Math. 91 Ind. Mathematics Welding 51A Weld. (Gas, Elec.) 6 wks. Welding 51B Weld (Gas, Elec.) 6 wks. Welding 71 Weld (Inert, Gas) 3 wks. First Aid 61 Ind. First Aid Engineering 91 Drawing & Plan Read. Supv. 91A Human Relations in supervisory Chem. 91 Industrial Chemistry Physics 91 Industrial Physics MISCELLANEOUS CLASSES Coarse Title of No. Course R.R. 50 Drivers Education R.R. 51 Behind-the-Wheel Driving R.R. 53 Contract Bridge (8 wks.) R.R. 61 Citizenship Eng. Boating 61 Adv. Piloting U.S. Power Squadron Credit Hoars Location k Room Day Time 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 3 m i i 3 3 3 3 Voc. Elec. Shop M R.A.L. Shop T-Th Kelso Hi Shop M-W J.C. Inst. Shop W Voc. 116 T Voc. 116 M Voc. 116 Th App. Arts 41 T-Th Voc. Weld. Shop M-W Voc. Weld. Shop T-Th Voc. Weld Various App. Arts Voc. 115 Science 16 Science 16 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:30-9:30 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 Shop By, arngmnt. To be arranged 39 T-Th T T Th 7:30-9:30 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 7:00-10:00 Instructor McTee Walker Gaffi Wooster Noblitt Noblitt Noblitt Mainz Newt Newt Newt Various Strader Wimer Guide Schaer Credit Hours Location & Room Cost 6.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 9.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 none 9.00 9.00 9.00 9:00 Cost Day Time Instructor 1 Start Oct. 3 M-W 7:30-9:30 Dexter 6.00 1-R To be arranged in class per hour 4.00 0 Student Center W 7:30-10:00 Donovan 5.00 5 To be arranged if enough people are interested 2 A.A. 36 M 7:30-9:30 Poehlman none Registration may be completed In the Junior College Administration Bldg., 16th & Maple, from 12:00 noon to 500 p.m., Monday through Friday. Register during the evening Monday through Thursday. 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the office, or in the class room indicated in the schedule of classes. For further information call John Ericksen at HA 5-5000 or visit the class and talk to the instructor. Other classes may be arranged if 12 or more persons agree to enroll, providing space and facilities are availabe. Courses are 12 weeks in length unless specified. i APPRENTICE CLASSES (Limited to Indentured Apprentice working at the trade) 1 Auto 31 Carp. 31 Elec. 31 Automotive Carpenters Electricians Mech. 3 J.C. Auto Shop T-Th 7:00-10:00 Peterson 5.00 3 M.M.H.S. Shop M-W 7:00-10:00 Keizur 5.00 3 J.C. Voc. Elec. T-Th 7:00-10:00 Wilson 5.00

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