The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1939
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1339 JjLYTHEVlLLB. (ABK.) COUIUER NEWS PAGE NINK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate pet Jjne /or .consecu- live insertions: One thno i>er line tec For Rent A Real 1 or 'i rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Hcasonuble. Phone 1079. AUni£TftM ft d AIW UHKfolmAS GIFT 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Desirable location. CM 2SO - 5-ck-tli per ... blx times per line per day.'. ...Die Montji rate per line ............ COc Cards of Thanks ......... 50c & 75o Minimum Owrgo sec Ads ordered for three or sis times and stopped before expiration vi'|)J be charged for tlie number/ of times the ndd appeared and adjustment of bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy vibmitted by persons residing oul- wte of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above iiiblo. Advertising ordered (or irregular insertions takes the one time raie. No responsibility will be taken for more thun one incorrect. Insertion of any classified aO. Men only. 310 Walnut. 5-ck-ll Uu-(;e sleeping room with closet and 2 beds, Adjoining bnth. Men preferred. Miss Ellse Mooro, TOO W. Wnlnut. 4,cK,tI 3 room furnished iipnrtmcnt. u'M No. 5th. Mrs. Ehna Crowdcr. 4-ck-tl Coinfoilable bedroom, Outside in- trance. Plionc 351, 515 w. Walnut. 4-ck-lf "M l-'o''cl Tudor '1 room furnished apartment. Also ' 3 ' l ' m(l Tudor For (lie Wliulc Kw iiwl Drive One of (he Phillips' USED CARS C'lciin & Reconditioned Throughout '31 Tcrru|i!aiic Coupe 5 '35 Koril Coupe j '35 Koril Tudor , j 70 Kurd- Tudor 5 bedrooms. 102 W. Davis. Phone 385. l-ck-8 2 room furnished apartment aA- '38 Ford Tudor '39 Ford Tudor For- Sale ^joining bath. 701 W. Ash, Phone '38 Chevrolet Coach I,, 1 Large bedroom, hvbi beds, lira — : _ i closets, steam heat. Men >>re- Roommg Mouse. Good business. 10; forred. phone 1. Mrs. Snclbnrv 10th rooms all filled. Mrs. Harry At- cl —' kins, over (Jem Theater. 5-ck-12 ee Muj'd ptcments, Inc. MULES at Delia 1m- Street. l«-ck-tT Comfortable bedroom for business woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone '39 2-ck-ll Nice bedroom with twin beds. Cou- „ ,,, ; venienl lo bath. Men preferred. „...! Liltlo 9 ^J^.' Maln ' "'""' c m - 24ck2 -^ River Road, 11 miles W. of Luxora.js rooms furnished or unfm~3 2-pk-DJ Furnished. Bath. 014 Hearn. 23-pk-12-23 Pigs, shoals, meat hogs. Vaccinated. D. R. Garner, Armorel, Ark. Unfurnished apartment In Sliane Beautiful Grand Piano. Perfect condition. Value $1200. Will sell lor $500 and can give terms. Telephones 571 and 187. 15-ck-12-15 18-pk-12-13j Apartment Building ori' West Main St. Call 571 or 197. 8-ctc-tf Several good mules, mares young horses. Paul Byrum. and Late model tractors. Rebuilt and refinished. Qood as new. Byrum. 28 Paul 6 Allis-Chnhners Combines. Easy Terms. Paul Byrum. 26-ck-tf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELD1S ne and h specia Barksdaie Drag line and heavy wtldlnj specialty. Phone 19 or Kes. 1013 Farm Loans Large Or Small At Low Interest Rates. We are equipped lo 'handle large or small loans on any sized tract ul farm land, at low eosl, and at a low interest rale. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY •J13 Walnul St. Blythcvllle, Ark. Nice bedroom. Convenient, to bath. Steam heat, Phone 280. 19-ck-tl INotice NOTICE— f am now sniosman for Thomas Land Co. Have good buys on farm and citv prooeny. " H. C. Campbell . "lG-pk-12-16 rgams USED TfiES Some Repossessed, Good ;is New. SHOUSE-HEWRY • HARDM'ARE CO. I'UONK 35 -TRUCKS — '37 C'licv. ..S380 ,,509 5331 '3G Ford Tick-Up 5135 '3(5 Chev. l'ick-Dp $>a[ •35 Ch'cv. rich-Up $175 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5lh ft Walnut , Phone 810-811 for Demonstration Blythcvllle, Ark, Lost HEWARB lor return of male TJtu- Blc hound, White and Tun. Drux- ton Gill, Dell, Ait. l-pk-8 2 bird dogs. Setter inul Dropper Call 116. Raymond Joluison. a-pk-7 Washing Ironing Expert washing end Ironing. Oh«9p. M^XnU Orccn, behind oily Ic« mobile to work when ho toll 1 «w >i'8c to siicccc. When Uio encew w»s over, Morris' car hud climbed " curb niul eiashed into » Ircc. It eost $ios to repair iho uulomobllc. 'The uctunl pull of the-moon on the surface or Iho . carlli depends on llio vmylng distance! ul which " J moon Is lo be found, But, Ihe USED CARS AND TRUCKS A " »-cJc-10-» Tailors Wear a (alior-nitdii suit Ihls /. Muir Illjlhcvllle's Only Tailor Personal Amuse Slugslsh Uvcr, work off I'm bl|o to rid yoursoll of constipation, gns pnins, and that sonr, iniiik feeling. Tnko ona box of KHIUV'S ACTIVE I.IVF.U IMI.LS 25c at all Klrby stores Repairing -^-.- l Q Expert Gun Repairing, ^ cc ij M Damon at Ihc Ulylhcville Arin- ory Lajid For Sale Found Two automobile keys, of Genera Motors make. On small wire ring. Owner may have keys by paying cost of this ad. Couriei News Office. 1939 Arkansas ',£ Ton Trailer License. Number 281-368. Owner may have same by paying cost cJ this ad. Courier News. I^ouis Tiffany invented lavrile o variety of iridescent enamclef glass, in 1894, ICE QUEEN HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured skater. 11 To excite. 13 Amphitheater center. 14 Overmatches. 15 Ham. 16 To bo sick. 17 Plural pronoun. 18 To scalier. 20 Court. 21 Chewed. 22 Noun termination. 2-1 Egyptian sun god. 25 Lifetime. Answer to Previous Puzzle " R'QICJKlNlg ^"trrA lki'/-Mto ^4 Negative prefix. 45 To drink slowly. 1C She is n motion picture 10 Her skating looks like RfirlisSf 21 One more. i 23 Competed in speed. . 25 Wine vessel. S|E 2li Morindin dye. 27 Coal box. 28 Lava. 30 Your. 32 Toward sea. 33 Shoe bottom, 36 Proverb. 31 Fissure. 32 Assumed name. 34 Style. 35 Melodies. 3T To be ruled 39 South Carolinn. 41 Requirement.. 43 Pleased. f>0 To value. f.2 Lug. 53 To surfeil. 55 Measure. 56 Worker in metals. S8 Game. CO She is a famous skater. Cl She was the .„.,_.„ Olympic fancy 38 Food'fish skaling . 40 Tendrils. VERTICAL 42 Da V- 1 South Africa. 43Waist „ _ . measure. 2 Eye socket. 41NcHle ras] , -16 Throe. 48 -Secular. ID Toilcl bo.v. 51 Greek letter. 54 High mountain. 55 Preposition. 56 Southeast. 5T Exclamation. 3 Christmas carol. 4 Law. 5 Shrewd. GTo restrict. 7 Before. 8 Tidy. 9 To bury. 10 Each. J2 Actual being. 59 Upon. LAND FOR SALE in MISSOURI 1C5 acres all in cnlllvalion on eravcl ro.-Kt, | !a |f mile (» so iid school, live a ,:rc grove. Guml anil barn, a real place. Trier. 550.00 per acre. 125 acres, 100 In crop, nice grove of ID acres, good house and barn and an c.\lra good piece of land, sonic fruit on place. Trice 5CO.OO per acre. 255 acres, all in cultivation, nn Gravel road, two larRc barns, two Rood houses null two small ones. N'o better huj,| nnil location wonderful. Price 510.00 per acre. These three farms arc real bargains, one fourth cash, balance four years. We have cut over land veil located on Highway, no cash payment, six years In pay, «nly to those who can build and start I clearing. 40 acres, si.v miles trom litjlhe- ville, all In cultivation, bouso and tarn. Price JGO.w per acre. Conway & Kouchins Blyllicvlllc. Art. Sneeze Costs S103 AMARILLO. Tex. <UP)-Bi-cimse one sneeze cost A. p. M 0r ».| s $103 lies glnd he dccsn't hnve luiy fe\erMoi-rls wns (Irlvlng his nulo- , J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in IllytlievlUe. Glasses Fitted Corrrctly Hc«<iy (o «o, 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan. DC- luw model. |,ow mlteat«. Clean 118 fait be .......... OiUy WJ DfLuxc diin. A Chevrolet Town Se- 1U37 i:iievr«lc| Town Sedan. Knee Atllon ................... j3jj 1!)38 lludsoii 'Vrrraplaiir Jitdan. Ku«lo & healer. Drlvtn only 18,CW miles. S|«elal ....... 5410 11)38 Chevrolet Cuujic. CHy drlxv rcwills obtained ,^'cpchd on .whcthcf or not Iho moon Is : working In co- opti'utlon wlth-tljc tun,-.or ugalnst 1937 Chevrolet 114 T OU 'i\-' ut k, final wheels ............. $335 Dual wheels I Int. I)/, To, Duals Truck Ton l'J:i7 Chevrolet i-lck-iii> Truck, itar- 1931 Ford Slake V-S Ilody Tick-up HUBERT UTLEY'S CAMPCRESCENT SKKVICK STATION AND CAFE 1 (iood Reasons For TradlnR at Hubert Utley's: I. Mo'Jwn Cnbtivi. U All popular brands ol bcci—lUc. 3. 5 inllcfi free rond service, 4. I'lillllps "(Hi" lauded Bnii-I3',4c Gal. 5 Public Ions distance U'lcphono with pilvale line. 9. Certified, modern licnted rest rooms. 7. All iwp«l,ir brands cigarettes, a |* B «. aoc. COMPLETE !M-HOUR ONE-STOl' 8KKV1CK DANCING NIGHTLY AT THE CRESCENT CLUB MOST l)KAUTin>U,y DKUOKAWD JN S,B. MO. I'HONE 17 II W. 01 HOLLAND, MO. s luivo a complete line of trucks makes and nralcls, large and WINTER CONDITION Your Car THE PHILLIPS-WAY- Hero's w'hnt We Do: 1. Drain oul heavy, .worn lubrt' cants and refill transmission and (inferential with new winter dent Oil—up (o 6 pounds. Extra cliaryo for extra ; quanll- 2. Drain out summer weight oil anil refill crankcas* w|(h the correct grade of fresh, clean .whiter nil—up to 5 quartj ef 25n oil. Ex( r;1 charge for over 5 guiirls, premium srailcs, or for (lushing oil. 3. Coni[ilclo lubrication ol 'chassis iiml all moving parts. 4. Clonn and Inspect spark plugs niul reset for cold weather alarllng. 6. Kciiiorc battery from car aurt paint carrier, test tells and clean terminals. fl. Flush radiator with special radiator cleaner and . Inspect • all hose and connections. 7. Inspect heater and windshield wiper. COMPLETE SERVICE $3.95 For Dctler Performance Vise I'lilllljis Safety-Cheek Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Farms For Sale ItiO acres .south of Blythevillc. Z sets good buildings, also other buildings. Can give possession on 1st of year if bought at once. 580 in acre. Part cash, bnlnncc an- umlly »l f,','f. 64 acres at Clear Lake. Improved and. $15.00 an acre. 40 acres near Leaeliville. ',;. mile rom concrete highway. $75~.00 an acre. 4J5 acres at Clear Luke. and. $80.00 an acre. OT acres adjolnlnt; 5125.00 an acre. Blylhevill 80 acres on Highway Cl just south of Blytheville. Fine land veil improved, $125.00 an acre. 80 acre* on concrete at Leach- 'illc. $75.00 an acre. One fourth cash, balance annually at 6%. 80 acres west ol Holland on jrai-cl highway. Nice residence. $100.00 an acre. I0(i acres west of Holland. Wonderful land. $75.00 an acre. We have larger and many other racls. Thomas Laud Co. Wanted To Buy Want land. Have buyers lor 20's— 40's—SD's and larger tracls. Sec us at once. Thomas Land Co 16-cfc-12-lG 2 or V~ carat diamond. Must, be Wire wlilte, pertret and worth money. Advise size and price Write "Diamond". Courier New. 29-ck-7 Shoe Repairing QUALITY Invisible liaH-solln ff . nut soles for every jclioe and hool. Cre'ie leatlicr, rubber, or Grocord. Shots dyed any color.. Tolish, laces .<urt dyes. Shoes dyed black—Me. G(ur- aiilccd. We call for and dcUvcr. rhone 120. H. u. Campbell Cured WKhout TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. •wtvc It lo Itcd RED, re's GOING TD BE <" TOUGH TfcLUcOG ?„ HOW t WAS I^D8e E p »V KKKD.HAKSIAN EXPECTING -tfXJ . FOR. 1HM OP SHOCK VJON-T HELP CAM STU.V. I-\AKE THE -TRIP/ A Kicker .Witli.u'Kick OH, WELL, WHAT'S PONE IS POW6! Ill HWfj 7HE?E HOLES PLUSBED JIFPV NOW VOU SIT DOWN AND KEEP YOUR MITTS OFP OF GUNTVOU'RE AI.WKVS So GOLDANO MVSTERIOUS THINGS WHILE.1 CKAMK ABOUT EVERYTHING; BOOTS AND HER KY K1KJAR MARTIN OlftRV OWE i (\OW OC WASH TUBBS Time for -Action MAVBE VOU MEUTlOMEt) BY HOY CRANE ACROSS TH'-STREET, K6EP1M6W?, /tO,t)XRUVJG, W)»tY,lHO /BUT 1VJ >AV EX- PERIEMCE JOST WavtTl^ FOR ...^ TO COME OUT. THE RE'S WJT6UUN'WHAT THAT -*IY, SCHEMA i UP TO A LITTLB TOO SOON, MAMA <L KKKCKI-KS AND HIS BYJJERRILL BLQ.SSEK 1 iHoucHr Yoo ALWAYS YOKjHAlR. WlSTAN S 'LA "THESE SHOES FITME, CALL' ARE You GOING ovefc? HOMP AT 1452;. VALE SIGNED HILDA GRU8SUEI GOSH , i HOPE SHE'S HOME / J LIKE THAT 13 AUWAY5 HOM15 ' CAME TWS, MORN INS/ i-ck-u

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