Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1957 · Page 28
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 28

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1957
Page 28
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lixteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Researchers Use Cobalt Swimming Pool in Tests TROY, N.Y.—No one plunges into a new swimming pool at Rens- telaer Polytechnic Institute here. It's not a fence that keeps swimmers away, or the temperature of the water; only a small pipe at the bottom. The pipe contains radioactive cobalt which emits-hundreds of billions of lethal gamma rays every second. The cobalt 60 swimming pool, as K Is Vnown officially, is one of less than 20 similar installations in the country, and is designed for tests on the effects of gamma rays on biological and chemical specimens. p.PI built the pool in conjunction with Sterlini?-V/inthrop Research Institute which contributed to the building-and operating ex- ^Tests deal with such problems as sterilizing of foods and sealed torn and the treatment of plas- tta synthetic fibers .and many other industrial material*. Sciet.- ««*s already have started usmz tho facility with initial experi- tnt, dealing, with the £^M radiation on viruses and Evnanslon Possible The cobalt source, which has a ra.lu.tion half-life of 5.3 years recently was Iran-sported from Brookhaven National Laboratories on I^nK Island, New York, In the center of a 4,000-pound p,g of lead. The pi3 was removed by crane from the truck and ^"^^ ^ water" The jjtowins pipe nf cobalt wa, then removed by remote con n and placed in the center cy linter of a sheet brass "? iWcr -. , The Pipe is about 13 ^^ United Fund of Miami County held in the GAR room of the Courthouse Wednesday night. John Kirkmeyer, who had been named for me uoard of directors for. a three year term . withdrew Wednesday. The nominating committee nominated Jack Noble to serve in his place. The-board will have its firs meeting June 25 at 8 p.m. in the GAR room at which time they will elect officers and adopt the by-laws. Peru's Company "L" of the U . Army Reserve will join thou sands of other reserves torn nor Jiern Indiana June 23 for twc weeks of extensive summer train mg, at Camp McCoy, near La Crosse, Wls. Company "L", commanded bj Capt. Theron L. Comer, 566 W Third street, is composed of thre officers, one warrant officer an 21 enlisted men. Galveston The Otterbein and Galveston E U B. churches honored their hig! school seniors with a fellowship supper at the Galveston church Bibles were presented to Marth Hunt, Bnrt Laccy and Stanley Sa lee by the Galveston church, an Charles Bowman of the Ottcrbei church wax presented a Bible b his parents. Tho Rev. E. TS. Reiilcnbac made the presentations and gav a short talk. The tables were dec orated with flowers ami the sen j or colors. The honored guests an „ Interned raiiallon ound it. When can he expanded to 5,000 curies by *a"lsl!»U"n of additional pipM A Clir!e i» „ measure f ra.latlon.Tn ov 1( ' U iin;«'T«* % - '• , ,n.-,ny of llwj rays rl.-crra-i^ by a .If for about each five inches of ance from the radiation ccn- 'f)r T>/'l*l Wibon of HPI's hlol- n ?y family said any llvinn or;;an- 1,-in ilii-i tt«™ hri ''' '••*P< m ' r ' : " MK to tho cobalt pipe. A frw «amma rays ei«*P« throuxh the top 01 the pool, but lew, than are norrna - lv In the atmosphere. I he snlem- In? water h H feel-four feet d<. ( .p<T than h roKiirdftd ai.ade- _...i. prolee'ion. The water In mlaminat'.-d by Karnma ray t* nit)C is aooul IA UI^H^.T I...T- jnr uoioii*. jnu uvin/i^<* jsu^-.v.. ^ .-,i 'ihrail Iwo inches in diameter. lh( ..| r parents were Heated at The crater of the pipe stands open --- -—- ••- .<— >"-i,,, for the insertion of a « a "' cr J'. 0 !' - specimen* to bo.subjected to (.1. __:«,.,) i-nriiittii'm from Truelife Adventures UNOPHRVNE ARBORIFER ( A. PEEF-SEAx AW<SUSK FISH ) TO HAVE , A MOUTH BIOSERTHASI HIS STOMACH. BUT POW'T U=r HIS STRETCH SO .THAT HIS STOMACH VJIL.V, HOU7 A VICTIM TW<2E AS BIS AS HE. .„.,.,. ....... decorations Include the class motto, and a cake an place-cards representing diploma Following the supper, duets wcr mmi{ by Preida and Marilyn Sale and Mlns Ruth Schonbachcr, an Miss Belly Shroch. A reading wj von by Mr«. Valtie Conk. Klclon Shrock, master of ccrcm nlc.'i, Introduced the neniors and made a fow rr.-markn. Mr. and Mrs. Ned Johmion nnd family have been vlsitin« Mr. and Mrs. Georxe TJaxree and family of Traverse City, Michigan and Milwaukee. The June meeting of tho Lincoln W. fi. C. S. wan hold ul the homo of Mr«. Nellie Wlrlup. The now office™ wore In charge, Duvotlonn, on the theme, "The lvalue of God", and the fMHh Psalm were Iven by MrH. Florence Uuber. The lennon, baned - upon Chrin- iiuilty in the I'hllllpplncs, wan liven by Mr«. Dorolha liellc I^y- iaa, miniated by Mewlamos Ola Leonard hyna« nnd radlutlon. Delphi The D'-er Creek Towwhlp HD Club met Thursday .Junn l.'l, "I «hp K K M. C with 21 member*. <,m) j'iK'Ht, :mtl four children pr«- wnt Devotlon.'i were «iven by .fl flnlherlne Hclmepp- Mr "- • '• •/inn , !; ,ve Hie Iri'A of the Inwion n on free/lnK. The Safely l'«M.n v/im prer-(er,'.e(5 by Mrs. Ami'-ll; KW/C. on "The fllialli-ni'B of A;/e. llo;;teB.«.e.i were Crntio Sliiifler r.riieo Menauxh, and CiiLherlru Hrhnepp. On Thuradny rtiornlnK June 13 Mr«. .Inhn P^'-erion, Mr:i. I'Moye Schroder, Mra. Robert MlIlK ml' j/tr». ChMrlci! An'lernon, altenilec the 'llome neinonrdnitl'in Confer «nr:e lit I'linliift. Modern Iliitiinmrikern nrnnnnn tloii nf iHptil l.i fljion/iorlim « '- r| l to Mlrlili'iin on -Inly « end 1». Any <,no wlihlnj! t'i l!» '""V conlnc Mm. Kenneth Nnwell. phono 8M Will!. The Modern Ilornemiilterri Horn 1 T>emonvilr;it1on club will meet on •W'-dni'i'Iny. June V.n, »l B:oo p.m., •with Keba S[illler. lf')".i.e»'»e« lire MldKB Kelly, Keb;. Spltler and ttl.-iilyn I.«n(11/i. Mr. nnd Mr.i. Karl Clnwt'iri left thin wei'k to vl.ilt lln-lr n»". Mobert nnd family at Trnnlnn. New .Ter- xi-y. The fllawMimn will ho C.oni; about ID ilny.i. Peru Kevernl huiulreil ilollam property damago lias nvinlli'il from vnn- (1;il!im In Maconnc|iiiiti I'nrlt ;ic- cordlnR l.o W;inl lliilierl«, /(Ujierlii- tenderii of pulille workn. Tim clly will pny VK> rnwurd foi Mile Salisbury. Mm. linrbara Itn- labauc.h, UK; now pn.-Kldenl, W;JH n charKB of the bu«lm;«n iicDHlon. After dinmlwial, an auction wan iclil, Koiirti;i;n raemlioni and a vir.il.or were prenunt. Mr. and Mm. J. H. Mw.« have rnturnwl from a vacation. In Florida. Mr. nnd Mm. Unhurt F. Culh- burl vlHltcd recently with Mr. nnd Mm, Unburt llnlntisad »t Muncrlii, and Mr. and Mro. Hick Cully nl U)ban(in. Irifonriallon Iti l.lin conviction of ,-inyone eommlUlru: ncl.- of v.-indallnin In l.hn park, Hobei't: <li'f||ire(l. Wtdni-niJiiy tilnhf, jioinriini 1 de:i troycd n tnlli-l nlool, ripped out thn fliwliliin triiM.'hanlim and tor* Hie wnler liner. In the ladle; rc.'ilroom In the park. w»i e.'itlmali-d to In' at leant $W). Knrl (flanhurii, . ;inperln Hospital Notes MKMOKIAI. Born: To Mr. nnd Mrs. Franklin Woodruff. r>14 WMhlniilon nt'reol. a win; to Mr. and Mm. Wllnon DcVo.iM, 1100 North Third «l.re«t. i; daiiKhtttr; to Mr. antl Mrn, Dull DoiiHln.'i/i, Delphi, n /ion. Admitted: Ma»l«r Michael I'u fahl, Hfiyal Oinler; Frnnk Mullen (lorn, Flora; Mr*. 1'ntrlclii Mi: Manu.i, route 1; Mm. Mary llrynn Camdun; Mr«, Cnrnllno I'lcrcy, l»l Kant Ollnwn flti'eet. Dlflmbii'.eil: I'hllllp Bow;iher, route 8, Montlccllo; Mni, Shirley Jox, va Twnirth nil-wit: Harry )ay, (MO IlurllnKton avenue; Mni. Mary Jneknon, route I, flalveiiton; (nlpli KalliKrwnltl, Cwlar Lake; Mauler Arthur Tlirtand, I Kill Koa- mi nvciiiM!; Mn.-ili-r Carl Knlpim, route II, Del|ihl; Mr.-i. Florence Wlillehi-iid 117 Seventh filrenl. HT. JOHKIMf'B AdmlHwl; Mn.itnr David fini- lenrni^yer, r.2!) We.it Clinton iiln-nl; MlHH l>liirn» ami Minl.er David I'nr- •one, 400 IllKhland Mreet; Mauler Michael Kluccil, roule ?.; Mr.i. Hi:ha Hiimly, IIIB Klnvenlli »lnnil; Mm. fjiildln MiuiKlirfier, Walton; Mii«l'ir li.oliei'l Ilrenner, 1117 Keven- 'wnlli «lrei!l; Mrn. Clirlnllmi Cll- ley, 1)11 Slxlm-nlli ulrwl, '...flniliiKijrl; Wlililo Thoma;i, 2!!l We.il Miami nvunue; .'lolin'llaiielii'l Wlnamiu 1 ; Mr.i, Ann '!nuly, 7«' Klfleenlli iitreet; Mi'rt Lena (lordim Mill Sl.'iln nlreet; llaliy I'arnel,' Sun OIT, 2in Twimly-lhli-d «lrm<l; Mrn Illitliard M.veivi and ilnuiililur, j Frnin-i'iivlllri; Mm Tlioina.-i Hlii/iinr 1 nnrl non, 15X1 UlRh jitrfiet; Mm Wal- Appoint BSA Committees The regular monthly meeting o[ tho Throe Rivers Council, Boy Scouts of America, executive board was held on Wednesday evening, at the country residence of Dr. M. T. Barco in Star City, Ind. Thirty mcmbcrn and guests wore In attendance. Council President Virgil McCllntic of Monllcollo presided over the evening's liusincKs. Operating committee reports presented by the various committee chairmen included the following high-lights: The membership of the Council as of May -Ust totaled 3,523 Scouts and leaders, with .several now units having been organized in reccnl months. Mr. S. W. Kllamler nf the regional Hoy Scout office in Chicago will conduct his annual inspection of Camp Buffalo Scout Camp on Wednesday. June aith. 4.'!7 Scouts from 34 Troops in the Council are rcglulered for participation In tho summer camp pro- rram which began on June Kith. Many additional physical improve- menl« have been mudo at the Camp. us Council calendar of events for the year beginning Sept. 1st was presented and approved. The following Council Operating and Special Committees were appointed by President Virgil McCllntic: FINANCE—Hnljih Todd, fJeorgc Wul.rous, Mark Smith, Sidney •imil.h, Ralph Tucker, Charles' Wood, KrncNl Thonmihlen, Nor- lerl Schrocdor, Howard J'arkn and Hurl Sherrlll. CAMIMN« * Af.'TIVrriKS—Ilob- :rl. Arnold, Floyd Rone, Wllwm Voorhees, Robert. Crltlen. William Hamirioml, (jisorgo Fahl and Rtis- ll I'arkf/. AI»VANCKMKNT — Overt (i n' cnihbergiir, F.dwln Hnlley. James Vnlpei-l and Flelchor llllKer. CIAIVII' JJKVKI.OI'MKNT—(OHKph Marhurxer, Jr.. Henry Wolf, ficoi'His Miiehlliiiiisen, (Jlarence llattenfleld, Tliomas Diiknr, F,(hvln Meeker, Thomaii Mnllien, I'Vonk Wilkinson, Carl SoincrH. Norberl. Seliroeder and Hurl Slierrlil. KI'KCIAI. l'll().IK(.")'K ft TKUNT dND—|)r. M. T. llnrco, I.elnnd .Sinll.li, Roy K. Severnii, JiiilKe Hun- icll Cordon and Howard Parks, CHURCH RELATIONSHIPS — Harold Phend, Rev. Raymon Echols, William Redmon and Ton Vitello. ORGANIZATION & EXTENSIO —Ronald Barnes, H. H. Giilcspl . Richard Helm, Ancil Beall and Claude Salisbury. LEADEKSHIP-TRAINING — Os- : ourth Degree (nights Elect Irvin Schneidt, Rensselaer, was lected faithful navigator of the ulaski Assembly, Fourth Degree •Cnights of Columbus, at a meet- ng in Winamac Wednesday night. Other officers chosen include Charles Merten, Kokomo, captain; Edward Monahan, Peru, admiral; 'ony Vitello, Logansport, purser; Charles J. -Elpers, Logansport, omptroller; Lewis Friend; Logans>ort, scribe; Claude Berkshire ,ake Cicott, pilot; Gerald Shank Winamac, inner guard;. and Mar in Huntley,. Kokomo, outer guard The new officers will be-install ed here July 17. Henry Hasley ^ort Wayne, master of the Fourth ms been invited to conduct th nstallalion, Tony Vitello' was named chair man of the annual picnic commit- ee. The affair will be held here n August. Gerald Shank, district deputy of he third degree section, announced he will visit Logansport Monday, July 1, to'install the new of- icers of the Logansport Council. Royal Center Band Enters State Fair ROYAL CENTER. — The local high school lias officially entered the 1957 Indiana State Fair Band Parade contest to be held at the fairgrounds, Aug. 29, it was announced today by principal L.-M. Parker. The band will be under the di- rection of Wallace Young. ' Cash awards totalling $760 will be given to the top 23 bands. First three winning bands will be given :rophies also. The band has 45 members, and a drum major and four baton twirlers. Winner of the 1956 contest when 68 bands participated was Franklin high school. car Beasey, Walter McColly, Emerson Felder,' R. W. Benjamin and .he Rev. Raymond Echols. HEALTH & SAFETY — Brice Fitzgerald and Dr. W. V. Morn's. PUBLIC RELATIONS— Dr. Donold Winter and Tom Spackman. CHRISTMAS TREE FOREST — Jack Naugle and Ralph Masters. JAMBOREE — Fletcher Bilger, Ralph Tucker, Wilson Voorhees, Floyd Rose and Clarence Hill. PERSONNEL & EXECUTIVE — Virgil McClinlic, Sidney Smith, Ra!ph Tucker, Charles Wood, Clarence Hill,'Mark Smith, Ray Wiggs, Richard Rarnmel Jerry Long and Ralph Todd. EXPLORER PLANNING—Albert Drompp and Col. J. H. Moore. FOR COOLER Comfort this summer install STATIONARY OR ROLL UP ALUMINUM AWNINGS Also, any size gable and roof vontllafon. FREE ESTIMATES Myers Greenhouse. Dial 30M. ROUND AND SQUARE DANCING Ixcrak Wolton'league SATL»RDAY-9:30-12:30 Friday Evening, June 21, 193T. Salvation Youth Director to Speak . Special program of the Salvation Army will be held Sunday at 10 a.m. at 414 Third street. Special music and the sermon will be delivered by Capt. and Mrs. Bernard Lodge. Capt. Lodge is State Youth Director of the Indiana Salvation Army. Officers in charge are Major and Mrs. R. C. Ellis. RUBBER STAMPS Made In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVERY CHRONICLE PRINTING CO. 417 Market Ph. 4362 GYM SETS From . . . . $1998 SPORTLAND 515 Broadway Ph. 23TO ROUND & SQUARE DANCING Saturday Night Music by Gladys French ROYALE BAR Royal Center, Ind. GARDEN TIUER FOR RENT Self Propelled, Selective Tilling. Garden the eaiy way with a Merry-Tiller. THESE GARDEN TO<HS FOR RENT Power lawn mowers, Aerators, Fertilizer Spreader*, Rollers, Fence Stretcheri, Grub Hoei, Electric Hedge Trimmer, Poit Hole Augera Pruning Saw», Shoveli, Tro» Trimmers. ALL AT TOOL RENTAL DEPT. South Side Lbr. Co. Oil Burlington Ave. Phone 2319 Open Sunday Morning Phone 3666 T/j Mi. North on 17 » Guaranteed Forever After lilt Years We Know Wi; Can Mnlto Thltt Gimrnnl.fie W« liiivc n Nntloiial Uuptilullon for Finn Mmmrm'.nl.M nnil Hc-milll'iil Comu In mid Sec Our Imrno Stock Billman Monument Co AT MAIN KNTKANCI'.; OF MT. IIOI'li: CKMKTKRY nald approximately sail! diunfitle In lalior expeine han hum dour In Hie KI-<'I-II;I by per.-ion pnkliiK liolf-,1 In thein with pipe. off tin) Koltlmll wi«lii>r«. l''l;it! pole rna;'l((.-r<'> on the ... nnd ball wa.ilier.i al»o havn bum broken. A lioard of director.-! wiw iiniml rri'in,-.ly irlccicd at a nieolInK of th< POWLEN BETTER USED CARS ALL. PRICED UNDBR RED BOOK VACATION SPECIALS 1956 CHEV. 210 STATION WAOON. 1954 FORO VB RANCH WAGON Both ar» exclopllonally tloan and inrvlced, roady for your vacation. 1956 Oldi 88 Holiday indan. Radio - hoatnr - Hydramatlc - whlto tlrnn, Lookn now and hai only 8000 mll*s. ler Wedeklnd and non, rout.it 1. 3011 North 'llrwf Dion. 4/1V 1955 Old. 88 Holiday coupa. Tuton') paint cm am with black top. Radio - lioator - Hydra- matlc. You'll Ilka llil» ODD. Low 1953 Ford VB 4 - Door- Cuitonn. Radio - Hocitur. No Fordomalic. Roal cl«an intlda and out. PUBLIC AUCTION Wn will null til llui Hliniy I'lkti Itnllnr iUnk, Bunt Muln HI.. l,(«nnn |»iirt, on HATUKDAY. Junn XX, l«57, lit 1 p.m. »HT, tlm f<illiiwiii(! Unmii: Rolilnpol rcfrlKiirnlor, llvlnc, rrmin iiulto, nUiillo fioucli, knoo-linlo. (limli, cxtni K'wl, fJnni-rftl Mint-trie tilovii, Slmjor tn;Wlii« inuclilnii, l)««w,' mirltiKM. iiinitr«n»cn dnip-lunf tnl>ln, Uftoll wiinliliiK mnchlriii. upliol-] dtorml oluilni, raillim, hunk IXMIN, '1'V In ROM! «oii'llllo». twin, client of| (Iriiwnrn. chiilrn. ilrunnnm. kltclien ciililni.-i, oil linnlnr, Kiinlcn ln«i«,i wlmlnwn, ciiplxKird, (Iliihun, t-naklnK uli'nullii, 'HIKJ n (| i»« nntliiuBii. )lrln« imy ii«l«iilili) priiperty ymi wniit to null. Waldron AMclloii—Dlnl .IDI.'IO Hiilliir Hlnk Luneh Konin—Dial 51)77 Tonm: Cunli. NuL runiioimlbla (or uccldoiiU, 1956 Cadillac Sedan D'Vllle. Llko n«w. Sav« that flrit yaar daprucla- tlon. 1955 Cadillac 62 A door. Vary low mlloagr) and look* Ilko "How. Priced to •all now. Potato, Bean or Macaroni Salad 39c pt. HAM SALAD 49c Ib. GROUND BEEF 39c Ib. SLICING BOLOGNA 33c Ib. CHOICE ROUND STEAK 89c Ib. 1955 Chry»lor Wlndtor Nc<»». Hardtop coupo, radio - hoatar • automatic. Good cluKip transportation. 1952 Chevrolnl 2 Dr. hardtop. Powor Glldo and all otiinr extra*. A roal smooth car. 1955 Cadillac Coops D»- vllla. Thli car U »potU«». Powor »t««rlno, pow»r brakoi, Hydramatlc, pow- •r window* and powor mat, Top* In parformanc* and riding qualltlot. 6AR-8-QUE SPECIAL THIS WHKI OCOMA HALF CHICKENS f[«|>ar«d esjiiiln fur Iliirliudiltig 69 CHARMIN TISSUE Roll. Kool-Vent Awning SALIS t SERVICE GLEN REID'S A * A 511 E,i. Phan. 3650 PICNIC SUPPLIES Papttr Plato*, Cupi Charcoal BrlckoHn 5 Ib. ban 49c Barbecue Grill . . , $4.49 Far All Occasions GREETING CARDS "that say what you want to say' HIATT'S NEXT TO LOGAN THEATRE GIVE YOUR OLD FURNITURE A NEW LEASE ON BEAUTY. if Top Workmonihip •^r Low Prl«i •fc Nice loliclion ot fobnci. -FREE ESTfMATE- Wt will recover your prtitnt dinetlfl tet WALTON UPHOLSTERY SHOP \ Phon. 3733, Walton, Irld. N»^^*^^»ir^< WE HAVE SEVERAL OLDER MODEL CARS >N GOOD CONDITION. THEY ARE PRICED TO SUIT ALL POCKETBOOKS. COMB IN AND LOOK. Many Othorn To Chooto From BROADWAY AT THIRD DIETETIC . FOODS. lot diabetics and diets Cookies Fruits Candies Syrups Jellies Pop MER-DEL'S ICE CREAM Thl» Wank't Spaclalt BANANA ICE CREAM „ T^ON 69c BUTTER PECAN KRISP r K0 Mto N 89c VANILLA ICE CREAM . OMION $|£9 1 DAY PHOTO FINISHING SERVICE AND PHOTO SUPPLIES Amurlean Expr*»« Mon«y OrcUrt AI All Tlm»« SMITH'S MARKET T7th and Ooora* St. Phon. 3378 Op»r> Until 10 p, m.-Sunday« and W»»kdoy» AT LAST! ONE LOTION WAVES ALL HAIR-TEXTURES IN 10 MINUTES! No'more searching! No more guesswork in selection of lotion, texture and waving time! No more clock-watching! CHEMTRON1C LIFE permanent is easiest, loveliest-a true custom permanent, hair by hair. It's as automatic as today's no-shift car transmission. CHEMTRONIC PERMANENT PRODUCT BY ILtT»lte. NORTH DRUGS C. J. Shinabcirgor, R. Ph. 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