Longview Daily News from Longview, Washington on September 21, 1953 · 3
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Longview Daily News from Longview, Washington · 3

Longview, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1953
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1 LONGVIEW DAILY NEWS, LONGV1EW, WASH. PAGE THREE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1953 Jean Peters Role As Sexy Refuses Siren By BOB THOMAS refusing to pose for the usual run HOLLYWOOD UP No matter of studio cheesecake pictures, how hard her press agents try. She'll do fashion layouts and occa-they can't make a sexy siren out sional bathing suit shots, but she of Jean Peters. iputs her dainty foot down on the The former Ohio State coed just traditional leg art. You know, the won't go for it. And that's despite shots where the gal is popping out. the fact that she recently scored of a pumpkin for halloween or her biggest screen success asho!ding up a shamrock for St. the pocket-picking siren in "Pick-, Patrick's Day. up on South Street." i While Jean doesn't think herself "Okay, so the picture was fun e physical type, her studio has to do," she admitted. "It also was other ideas. She thought that think-fine for my career. But that ing had changed when she was doesn't mean I'm going to put on cast in "We Believe in Love, a tight sweater and skirt and "When I heard Dorothy McGuire, blither around. I'm just not the. Clifton Webb and Maggie Mc.a-type. On Marilyn Monroe it looks ara were going to be in the pic-sood. On me it would just look ture," she observed "I thought sljjy that I would finally have the kind Ot'all her tributes, Jean is proud- of role that suited me. They soundest of words from Director Jean ed like smart, sophisticated com-isegulesco: "Jean is the kind of pany. girl you would want on a desert? But when I got to Italy and .nfihnt nnt fnr tho rpawn vnn read the script, I discovered I was think. You'd want her because you going to be an earthy kind of girl I know r-fuirl makp thp hf-st hut. 'again- ine script nau me ncany rdstle up some food and carry on a fire conversation." Jean backs up her notions by SKK 1HK KXTIItK SHOW OX OI K WIDE-SCOPE SCREEN TQNITE & TUES. ROBERT AYA TAYLOR GARDNER KEEL HOWARD BULLET. SCARRED STORY of the Bandit King of Ail Texas! v Little Lumber May Save Your Life In Atomic Bomb Attack WASHINGTON, D.C. A few til wint r TECHNICOLOR PHOTOGRAPHED IN AN5CO COLOR ANTHONY QUINN KURT KASZNAR FILMED in LONGVIEW! Plus Weyerhaeuser's Also "GREEN OMKDV HARVEST" CAKTOOX - XKWS! 33323 Hoors Open 6:15 p.m. me being killed in a runaway truck. After hoping to meet a rich Italian, I fall for a poorer young man. We make love in an apple tree." Capsule Review: "The Actress" is scarcely more than a vignette. A sentimental remembrance of! Ruth Gordon's struggle to become, an actress, it has charm and' humor, but not enough plot to lastj a full-length movie. The principal, value is in the portrayal of Spen-1 cer Tracy as Miss Gordon's for-i merly seafaring father. He gives j a sterling performance, well shad- iitVi t-nmnrlv Trftji Wright is' .viionf fmi a his u-ifp. and (board feet of lumber may save ! c;,rv,r,.. ic- t0,-i Wonco'your iamny s me in an atomic ai- U t OH JlllllHJLia u J m. ij ill vv iiv - as the budding actress. f a report just published by the National Lumber Manufacturers Assn. tells how simple wooden shelters in the basements of two wood frame houses survived an atomic blast during tests last March in the Nevada desert. Two types of wooden shelters, a lean-to and a corner room, were constructed in the basements of both test houses. The houses were located about two-thirds of a mile and a mile and a half from ground zero the point directly below a 300-foot tower from which the explosion was set off. The atomic blast was equal to some 15,000 tons of TNT about 25 per cent less than the A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Shelters Survive In the house closest to ground zero, the shelters remained virtually intact despite collapse of the first and second stories. The NLMA report saul the test indicated that under similar conditions persons inside the shelters would be safe from falling debris and flying missiles. An important factor here, according to the report, was the manner in which the first and second stories of the house collapsed. The lumbermen's association explained that the resiliency and integration of parts in the wood frame construction prevented the upper floors of the house from crashing into the basement in a compact heap of heavy rubble. Debris from the wood frame house was distributed so that the basement shelters were spared the burden of a single curshing load. The second wood frame house, located more than twice the dis tance from ground zero, remained upright and there was no debris of r5 -Tl If It WS4M I The fine points of organization for the home builders' section Wool Th WMIIU,liy 1 ,uu" TT - of the Community Chest drive, part of Building Trades Week, is explained by Harold Promensk, right, section chairman, to Art Newton, left, and J. J. Flaskerud, center, two members of the home builders' team which started soliciting Monday. Building Trades Week is Sept. 21-26. States Tighten Laws To Protect Lives Of 22 Million U. S. Dogs NOW! ENDS TUESDAY , Open Week Days 6:30 p.m. 7?? ft WRO$i BOB MICKEY HOPE R00NEY Mii,. MAXWELL -. AND OUR co-feature: "7 L MacRAE COCHRAN T. k - 97 i Also NEWS, CARTOON any consequence deposited in the basement. Here again, the lumbermen declared, the wooden shelters proved they would afford effective protection and permit easy rescue. The cost of materials for the wooden lean-to, the easiest of the shelters to construct, is estimated at about S40. Materials for the corner room are figured at about S95. Both may be constructed with the simplest hand tools. Little Floor Space The wooden lean-to is made of two-by-sixes spaced five inches apart and running at about a 45 degree angle from the wall to the floor of the basement. The two-by-sixes are covered with one-inch boards. Very little floor space is required since the shelter needs to be only eight feet long to accommodate four persons. The base of the shelter should be approximate ly four feet from the basement wall. It is suggested that the lean- to be built against the wall facing the most probable target area. The basement corner room, a box-like structure independent of the basement itself, has walls and roof of wood. Measuring about six feet square, it will accommodate four persons and is recommended for the intersection of the two basement walls nearest to the probable target area. The corner room, which affords more comtort ana space tnan tne lean-to, has an additional advant age in that it may be used for storage purposes when there is no danger of atomic attack. Detailed instructions for the building of basement A - bomb shelters are available from the Federal Civil Defense Administration. Foreign News Briefs MESCHEDE, Germany ( Siegfried von Der Burg, 19, was one of four persons selected by lot Sunday to go up in a balloon. As the balloon descended, Siegfried leaned from the gondola and accidentally touched a high tension wire. He was electrocuted. The pilot landed the balloon and the other three passengers safely. By SAUL PETT NEW YORK tffi This is national dog week, and if you don t get the idea, you not the dog may-end up needing a lawyer. For asevery year goes by, there are more state laws ard more judicial decisions around the country to protect the 22 million dogs in this country from people. Almost every state, according to the Gaines Dog Research Center, now makes it a criminal offense to kill a dog simply because he trespassed on your property. Just this year Arkansas joined several other states in makirg it illegal to "dump" or abandon dogs along roads and other places. Law Explained In Maryland, you now can be fined up to $500 and sent to jail for a year for the "unlawful killing, maiming, or poisoning of the dog of another persons, or of exposing poison or ground glass with the intent that it shall be taken by dogs." In Louisiana, not long ago, the state court of appeals ruled that the owner of a dog who runs into pedestrians while answering his owner's whistle is not responsible. Dogs, the court ruled, have the same right as people to bump accidentally into pedestrians. The California Court of Appeals has held it is not the fault of a Great Dane if he bowls over a small woman in leanirg on her. Small women, the court ruled in effect, should know better than to let Great Danes lean on them. In New York State, it is a misdemeanor to clip a dog's ears. You also can be fined up to $1,000 and given up to a year in jail for starting a fight, between dogs or between other animals. And this law, too is on the books: "A person who wilfully throws, drops or places, or causes to be thrown, dropped or placed upon any road, highway, street, or public place, any glace, nails, pieces of metal or other substance which might wound, disable or injure any animal, is guilty of a misdemeanor." In New York City, you can be Hughes' Flying Boat Is Damaged SAN PEDRO, Calif. (.TiHoward Hughes has disclosed that a break of an earth dike at the harbor has caused damage of more than five million dollars to his gigantic wooden flying boat, the world's largest airplane. The flying boat has been under experimental construction more than 10 years under a government contract. It has a wing span of 320 feet and is 219 feet long. The plane weighs more than 200 tons and its tail is as tall as a two-story building. It is designed for a passenger capacity of 700. The earth dike had been constructed by a dredging company to retain material pumped from the harbor bottom. The hangar of the eight-engine plane was flooded with thousands of tons of mud, silt and water. fined $10 and-or sent to the clink Ifor 10 days for stealing a dog. j In Huntington, W.Va.; last month, a man was sentenced to six months in jail and fined S10 for kicking a puppy to death. The man said the pup nipped his son and himself but the court held that was not suitable provocation. While there are more statutes designed to protect dogs, some states hold that dogs, like people, should live up to the letter of the law. In Quincy, Mass., a gardener died, bequeathing 55.000 for the old age care of his dog. The state tax commissioner ruled that the dog must pay a state inheritance tax, plus an annual tax on any income from the balance. 465-Pound Man Dies In West Virginia HUNTINGTON, Wr. Va. WV-The largest man in West Virginia's largest city is dead. Alfred Alton Jackson, 30-year-old Negro, died Saturday following a short illness. He weighed 465 pounds. Funeral home attendants said a special casket will be ordered from a local firm, but they haven't decided yet on the size. WW 1847 ROGERS BROS. SILVERPLATE SET 52 Pieces, Complete Service for 8 Lovely "Eternally Yours" Pattern Comes with Lovely Mahogany Tarnishproof Case Originally $85.00. Our Pr ice $57.50 WEST COAST LOAN 104 Allen St. Kelso REGULAR PRICE! NO CHARGE For SPECIAL-TYPE GLASSES 4 SENSATIONAL BIG DAYS Starting T0NIGH Doors Open 6:45 p.m. WW GB333 glOHT OFF T"" m i i i i i ' i c i i i i r i i m tr tt m CO-HIT!! PLUS "LOVE FOR SALE", 3-D FEATURETTE! 0 B "UNTAMED BREED" IHI:H:WMfld "CARTOON and NEWSREEL! Sonny TUFTS Barbara BRITTON Tour Opened By House Members SEATTLE m Fourteen members of the House Public Works Committee and staff assistants arrived here Sunday on their extensive Pacific Northwest inspection tour. Robert F. McConnell, chief clerk and counsel for the committee, said the purpose of the tour was to learn what federal projects would be needed most in the future. The committee has been checking on roads, highways, public buildings and river, harbor and flood control work in the area. Monday the congressmen will go to Victoria, B. C, then visit the Olympic Peninsula, Aberdeen, Olympia and Longview. TAIPEH. Formosa W) The official news agency of Nationalist China's interior ministry said Monday Red Chinese premier Chou En-Lai went secretly to Moscow Sept. 5 with proposals for strengthening Communism in East Asia. The Ta Tao agency said its information came from reliable sources in Peiping. However, such Nationalist reports often prove erroneous. MANILA W) Six persons were killed Monday in an ambush by Communist-led Huk outlaws off the main national highway about 55 miles north of Manila. Philippine News Service said the dead were four civilian guards riding in a jeep and two women killed by stray bullets. MANILA LP) A typhoon with winds raging up to 100 miles an hour veered from its course toward the Philippines Monday. Weathermen said it would pass to the north, possibly striking Formosa or the southern Ryukyu Islands. SEOUL LF South Korean Defense Minister Sohn Won II said Monday a well-known South Korean newsman has been charged with espionage and with collecting and contributing $139,000 in war funds to North Korean Premier Kim II Sung. Sohn identified the man as Chung Took Eun, one-time correspondent in Japan for the South Korean daily "Yunhap Shinmoon." Chung, 36, was arrested by the South Korean Counter Intelligence Corps Aug. 31 on charges of espionage. Crime Takes Holiday For Police Wedding SALISBURY, Mass. UP) Crime took a holiday yesterday while Po lice Capt. Benjamin Sturgis and Miss Wanda Woron of Newbury port , were married. The entire police force took off despite heavy Sunday traffic in the ocean front town. State police, filling in for the absent force, reported no crime-not even an automobile accident ENDS Tuesday John II WAYNE in THE QUIET MAH" CO-HIT Lawrence TIERNEY in "THE HOODLUM" YOUR m Phone 5230 Children Under 10 Yrs. FREE Open 6:30 p.m. Shows at Dl'SK" Take Advantage of the Beautiful Fall Days Visit YOUR DRIVE-IN TONITE! Raise Requested For AFL Leaders ST. LOUIS UPf The AFL's top leaders should get a pay raise, the union's executive council says. No specific amount was mentioned, but the council's report, prepared for the national convention which opens today, said the salaries "do not meet present-day standards and conditions." George Meany, AFL president, now receives $25,000 a year. Secretary-Treasurer William Schnitz-ler gets $22,000. This Week Only! The Hottest Oil Heater Buy in Town . . . Open 6:30 p.m. Shows 7 & 9:10 ENDS TUESDAY! DOES THE KINSEY REPORT COVER LATIN LOVERS?? M-G-M'g BIG MUSICAL ROMANCE OF TROPICAL ECSTASY! m STARRING UNA TURNER RICARD0 " MONTALBAN p JOHN LOUIS 1 I JjljMatHEgH j CARTOON & NEWS! 1 FULL SIZE, BIG CAPACITY GENUINE DUO-THERM CIRCULATING OIL HEATER Heats plenty! Heats beautifully! Heats clean! 74 95 Buy any Duo Therm this week and get . Luxurious Mahogany Finish! 4 Big: Heat radiating doors! Waist-high heat control dial! Automatic Draft Minder! Exclusive Duo-Therm Dual Chamber! no DOWN (53) DUO-THERM WINDSOR Jl $1095 with exclusive electric Self Lighter 5 CftB value Set It ond forget It. No wirei, electricity or Installation "extra." FREE of Extra Cost with any DUO-THERM OIL HEATER purchased this week only!! 10 DOWN Easy . . Easy Terms! Fine furniture styling. Mahogany finish. Brass trim. Kxcluive Dual Chamber Burner gives you more Iieat from drop door for ' eat from every of oil. Radiant I f If r fast warinups. fill m r i mam us.

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