The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1967 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1967
Page 10
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P»ge Ven -» Blyltovffle (Ark.) Courier Ntwi - Mantey. Jun« M. OUR BOARDING HOUSE — With Motor Hotplr OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams ssr«^^^-— li|gif|s) VOUR ; -SURFBOARD/,. k NO MORE | OAN6ER- ] 0US fHArO A (SCAT (WITH A BEAD- f-lt TELL VOL) WHAT--FDR y TKAMSLATIOM; HE A SMALL PEE I'LL STARTS AS YOUR A6SN1; HUSTLE SOME NEW / FAT THEM BECOMES YOJR CUSTOMERS FOR. / PARTWER.AKJD FIMALLY you, ISIVE you A ^THEHIREPHELPBE- 5I2B ROUTE, BUT I CAW AI.WAVSUSE MORE CUSTOMERS... COMES THE HEAD MAW AMP YOU WIND UP ASSIST- IKJS YOUR ASSISTANT/ A WORD TOTH' WISE..; , MAS RENTED A CAMPER FOR A TRIP INTO IDAHO.. MOMTAMA AND WYOMING . WOUU7 YOUR FOLKS u-r you SO Fop. THE SUJAMER? WHAT WAS I nlS I rt-t -7- lAUgtfER/lffi* WE Osann §' OBO!.rWA.Uc.THl«.IIill«.0» * • • 5j IjjjyyijUUjjULUJUUULO^ *7^ V&tUJiSiJlUMAMMM*^^ '. Alioe wants to go to a swank resort on our vacation. »A tent dress, eh? 1 didn't know Omar the tent maker The kWs and j cast a minority vote for a camping trip, j had a shop in town!" H£V MEEK! LEWD ME A DOLLAR-! I VJWT TO BUY A SAUDKJICH / DOES EEK ALWAYS BORROW MONJEV TO EAT? VOO DOWT KWOUJ THE HALF OF IT/ IF HE PfC<S OP HIS OWM cHecK oiuce /w AWJH1LE HE FEEL^ H&'S TREAT1MG ! Televisior ft KEf J iThanne) . . Mon., June 26 0 :OU tlignwuy e-ucrol 6:30 MfirshaH DUUon 7:00 Mr. Terrllic 7:30 The Lucy Show 8:00 And? Griffith 8:30 Family Aflalr 9:00 Warren Report 9:30 Password 10:00 NerwB 10:20 Late Movie 12^30 Las Vegas Show 2:00 NGWH & Weather ; .; Tue., June 27 Allo BUXDLUle) L^CZ^BMlt 6:45 Above the Clouds 7:00 Good Morn. P. M 7:50 CB3 NBWB 10:30 Diet Van D?k» 11:00 Love or Life 11:25 CBB Ne«fl 11-.30 Search for 11:45 Quidlng Light WOULD VDU PUT A OP RELtSM ON MYj MASHED POTATO SANDWICH? Tom. 12:00 December Bride 12:30 As tbe Worm T. 1:00 Passwuiu 1:30 uousepany 2:nn To Tell ttte rrutb n :2b CBS ntm- 2:30 Bdce of Nlsht 3:o*j aecrot otona 3:30 Early Movie a:uo WKEC.TV News 5:25 Weather 5:30 Walter Oronfclt* H:00 Hlirhw&T fatrol 6:30 Daktan 7:30 Spotlight 8:30 Petticoat Janet. 9:00 Warren Report 10:00 --n O'clocB u?m 10:20 Late Movie 12:00 Las Vegas Show 2:00 News & Weather WMCT--cnannei S MOn., JUDR 38 6:00 News 6:30 The Monkees 7:00 I Dream of Jean. 7:30 Captain Nice 8:00 Road West 9:00 Run foi your life 10:20 TontRnt Show 12:05 TV Chapel 12:10 Sign Off 10:00 News Tue., June 27 6:&D TV cnapw 7:00 Todav 7J5 Today i;i Mld-S. 7:30 Today 8:25 Today wltb.pef 8:30 Todas 0:00 Reacb for tbe Stars 8:25 NBO NeVB 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Pat fcoonc Show 10:30 Hollywood Sq. >l:w Jeopard? 11:55 Mlddav Report 12:00 Merv. Qrlflui Sh. ; 12:f1Q LCODBV ZiOO 12:3U ijefs BiaKe ueai 12:55 NEC News Rept, 1:00 Dye Of Our Lives tl:30 Bwglng country 1:3U Tae Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 lou uon't Say 3:00 Match Game 3:30 fcUKe Douglas 5:00 Lawman 5:30 Huntloy-Brlntley 6:00 News Report fl;lO Tn state Raport 6:lf Wearoer Report 6:20 Sports Eteiwrt 6:25 Camera ' Sept. 6:30 Girl from UNCLE 7:30 Occasional Wife 8:00 TUBE. Nlte Movie iniiiu News 10:15 Norm Brewer Re 10:2u roaay in ouortE 10:25 WflfttnHr 10:30 NBC-WMCT News 12-05 TV onsiMl WHBo— Oiannel IS Mon., June 26 6:30 Iron Horse 7:30 Rat Patrol 8:0u Aion fine Movie 10:00 Mid-South News 10:15 moving weather 10:20 Sports 10:30 Joey Bishop Tue,, Juns 27 0:29 taiay worn 6:30 Agriculture 7:00 Cartoons 8:00 Porky Pig 8:30 Girl Talk 9:00 Jack LaLanne 9:30 Dateline H'wood 10:0u aupernisi nwen 10:3u One in a Minion 11:00 Everybody's Talking 11:30 Donna Reefl 12:00 -Fugitive l:0u wewlywea uamn 1:30 Dream Girt 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 Dark Shadows 3:30 Fun House 4:15 Yogi Bear 4:45 News 4:55 Weather 5:00 News 5:30 Cheyene 6:30 Combat 7:30 Invaders 8:30 Peyton Placa D:00 The Fugitive 10:00 Mltlsouttt flewb ^0:15 Moving Weatnaj 10:20 Snorts 10:30 Joey Bishop ANY TIME YOUR PLANT BREAKS DOWN AND NO SOLUTION IS FOUND, CALL US WE MAY CUSS — BUT YOU WON'T HEAR IT. Manufacturing and Machine Works PO 2-2911 BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway In order to win this $500.00 Cash fou must turn a car over and land In a specialy-marted space in front of the grandstand. Any fan over the age of 31 is invited to try! STOCK CAR RACING EVERY FRIDAY NITE Time Trials 7:30 p.m. (DST) Races 9:00 (DST) Super Modified & "C" Class Cars "SOUTK'S FAST GUMBO TRACK" Osceoia Speedway "WHERE TH£ ACTION /S" 1-55 & 140 — 4 Miles West of Osceoia GO CLASSIFIED Blytheville Courier News BARBARA SHARPE formerly of Jonesboro has joined th« staff ••':. ' • 8t •Betty's Beauty Shop JB9 N. 10th PO 3-3676 BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. MAIN OWENS DRUG STORE 523 NORTH SIXTH HIWAY DRUGS MAIN AT DIVISION MALL DRUG STORE DAY SHOPPING CENTER (OPENING SOON) SOME CATSUf? PICKLES, HORSE RADISH... YES, NOW SCRAPE OFF THE MASHED THE PARI-MOTOEL. WINDOWS VWU- CLOSE IN FIVB MINOTHS/ GO TO BEDS COMMON — GO TO BSD, NEW ORLEANS POLICE ARE FWlNS UP TO eerw PKISOWEKS, CAPTAIM e/isVl THEY . Will. WW yO)R STORVi^ ^ SURE ni WAIT; SUH. now m CAJ.L HOME! CflgQU EASY RECOVEKEP \ VOUR GK/WPMOTHER'5 JEWELPV VC IMHERIT! .MR-McKEE- WANTS YOU TO CHECK OW TH' RUAWR-THAT COBALT'S- .BEEW PISCOVEREP IW SOUTHERN UTAH; Y'SAY SUZ WAMTS US T'COME TO A CONFERENCE? NEVER KNEW OF HIM T'CALL ANY OF US THAT BEFORE! OWENS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 527 North Sixth — Located in Rainwater-Workman Clinic YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUG STORES —5 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS— "filling Your Prescription It The Most Important Part Of Our Business." •me jestee. \s FALUNS TOWN ON THE 308>. f ui MN'T 8E-TOO WAE9 ON WN\,6iee. ME, NEITHER... THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME SUSPICIOUS! 6H! IT HEART;

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