The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1941
Page 3
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APKTI, 10, 19-11 ig Tunnel Pierces Mountain, Represents Four Years Work (ARK.) COURIER NEWS '•'. Utah (UP)—Eighty men who have been driving through thousands of tons of dirt und braving man-made W«UT- u mountain are approaching (heir long-sought goal—<:om- U»e 24.100-roo; Elton tunnel through tlu> Oquin-h mountains -: estimated the tunnel + ...... sumed in M ;jy , 1937, would be fin- , *neu in May. Workmen .say tlie a " lonllll i' re <-'ord was established engineers' e.siimiues made 'thosp wlien the bore wa - s advanced 1,042 trigmoers 1 e.siimiues, made lour years ago, will be correct. The tunnel, starting from Tooele on ihe western slope of the Oqmrrhs, \vas designed 10 provide drainage for mines ai Uie upper end m Bingham Canyon, site of iaoulously rich deposits of copper and j-are metals. Water from the mines will flow through the tunnel to irrigate hundreds of acres oi now-arid lands in desert-like Tooele. valley Through the tunnel will be hauled ore from the mines to smelters already operating here. The ore now is hauled over u tramway that crosses the summit of the mountains, named the Oqulrrh.s because that is [he Ute Indian word for "West Hills." The mountain-.. <-\ r ,, the western edge uf tin- valley of the Great Salt, Lake. l>rill 35 Feet in Day Average progress of the miners is about :55 feet a clay. Last August FLOWERS FOR EASTER! See our Easter Lillies First. Beautifully Decorated to Suit the Occasion. From 50c per pot to $1.50 per poi. Also other blooming plants. Conie down and make your .selection and wo will hold them for you until Saturday. feet in 31 days. Hard rock and treacherously soft rot-k, in addition to floods of water, have presented the chief dificulties :o the tunnel workers. When hard rock was encountered, a drill carriage was broiighi to the face of the tunnel. Five drillers mounted the carriage, drilled the rock faire in 35 places and loaded the holes with dynamite. The powder, 'exploded electrically, shattered tons of rock from the face and it was hauled out by "bull gangs." Engineers put the average rock broken out with each round of blasts at 125 teas. Tne .soft dirt presented the danger of cave-in.s and carpenters were kept busy, fashioning .supports for the roof of the tunnel. Tne water, trickling through the hill from snow.s tnai cover the mountains irom November to June, came through at. times in virtual torrents, Last December, a .subterranean .stream was struck that released a flow of 5.514 gallons a minute. Average flow ' is 4,300 gallons a minute. Kxi'elsior as Blotter Only through use of tons of excelsior — fashioned into huge blotters — and miles of steel roos that supported the excelsior was the water kept away from the working surface. Four major faults — geological term for strata of rock formed by earth slippage — nave been encountered so far. Superintended A. W. Pilion believed one more fault will be encountered before the tunnel is finished. On Feb. 18 of this year a fault was encountered that was so hard that crews required 30 days to fight their way through 28 feet of water and rock. The tunnel is being drilled by the National Tunnel and Mines Company, a subsidiary of the Ana- conaa Copper Mining company, which also controls the International Smelting and Refining company, operators of the Tooele smelters and the mines with which the tunnel will be connected. The bore was named "Elton tunnel" after J. O. Elton. general manager in this area for the International company. Shaft Down 2.475 Feet The tunnel will connect with the Rood.?haft. or i'ne Utah Apex mine in Upper Bingham canyon at the 2.475 foot level — 2.475 feet below APPY MARKET 109 W. MAIN ST. PHONB 15 FREE DELIVERY All Prices Subject lo Change Without Notice PURE LARD, pound 10 C BEEF ROAST, U. S. Choice, Ib 25c PORK CHOPS, lean first cuts, Ib 21c COUNTRY SAUSAGE, 100'- pork, Ib 17y 2 c WISCONSIN CHEESE, Full Cream, Ib 25c FANCY BACON, Ib. 25 C ; rindless 28c POTATOES, peck 25c CABBAGE, fresh green, Ib 3c LEMONS, dozen 20c LETTUCE, large head 1Q C CAKE FLOUR, Swan's Down 23c GREEN BEANS, BIythevSHe, 3 cans 25c SWEET CORN, Farmer Boy, 3 cans 25c GREENS, Mustard, Spinach, Turnips, 3 cans 25c TOMATO SAUCE, 7% oz. can 5 C CHILI, with or without beans, can 10c CORN BEEF HASH, Ib. can 18 C HOT TAMALES, Gold Medal, 2 cans 25c PANCAKE FLOUR, Pillsbury's 1Q C MACARONI or SPAGHETTI, 2 Ib. box 15c MATCHES, Searchlight, 3 boxes 10c SALT, 3 boxes IQ C PEPPER, Ib. cellophane bag 13 C PROTEX Toilet Soap, bar 5c COFFEE, Folger's; Ib. 28c, 2 Ibs ^55c PEACHES, evaporated, Ib. IQc APPLES, evaporated, !b. 10c PRUNES, Sun-sweet, 2 Ib. box 20c BANANAS, dozen 12 C Iho .siirfsu'f ol' tho mountain. This mine has been opn-ated dowji to the 3,300 foot level in previous years, but tho lower levels had been abandoned because of the high cost oi pumping water that was constantly present. This water now will be drained by gravity through the Elton tunnel, eliminating Hie costly pumping operations and permitting valuable mineral deposits to be Lapped. The actual cut-uiroush nl the tunnel to the Rood aha ft will be a .spectacular operation. Several holes will be bored by diamond drills through an 80-fooi rock wall at the L',475 font level of the mine. When the drills ar«> pulled out the drillers will sush to .safety u« the torrent of water i.s looM-m-d atic! siavt*.- potnhi" through the tunnel. Di^i'H', oix-ruuon.s will be halted until iiie mine iy drained down 10 the urnm-i lev; 1 v| u . n j, will bet co.«..)i&;«d. Total casi o: the four and ora-- mili mile umnd is c'sin:" j u > d -»r SI,250,000. Plies About huslm-xs NEOSHO. Mo. (UP) - John Patch, Columbus, Kas.. invmi-r, isn't a man to lose much time when he makes up his mind whai he want.s. p«tcii got into his .small plane _ and Mew here to get 3UQU strawberry plants. «00 raspberry plants and 50 rhubarb plants. U. took him two trips to get them bai/k lo hi:; farm for planting. Little River Farmer Succumbs Yesterday OSCEOLA, Ark.. April id.—Funeral services were hek! ni the Garden Point Church on Little River at 2 o'clock this afternoon for Oscar L. Kiwr. tanner living etelu miles west of Osceola, who died suddenly Wfdw.sduy morning at his home. Mr. Ki/er, who was 4(j, worked all day Tuesday, arose for work Wednesday morning but collapsed, dying within an hour. lie had been quite ill with influenwi in February. He had farmed in the territory west of O.seooUi for ii\v years, moving here from Pooahontas. }Je leaves his wife. M t . s . Lucy Ki/er, mid fight children. Two sons, MilUmt L. and James C. Kiwi- are in Company (;, I5:<rd Infantry at Camp Robinson; other sons at horni- are Robert. Prank and Jack Kr/.e.r. His ihreu daughters are Mrs. Norm a Morgan of Flood way, Wanda and Mary Evelyn :u home. Murphy Fum-ral Jlorno ui. u?- punio had charge. North Carolina Makes Dogwood Official Flower RALEIGH, N. c. <ui^ __ Tim do|4\vnoii hn.s bmi designated by li'^];uiv<> >;t:nu(e as North Oiiro"- !lt '; i '- ; 'Ulicial i lower. A bill nninlny ihe fhune ax:Uea wii'. mirodiu-cd in the Mate house M icprrsentuuve.s by Tiep. Carroll JJ - Ko^n-.s of Tryon and passed Uie ioue.'' chamber, but the senate wood. Another law a protected p maximum fine ori/ed romoval blossoms from land. North Carolina has never had un oiiioial si.ato flower, although tlie HOhicnrod often \vn.s li.slfc! un- of'iciulh'. muke.s the (.logwood nni and sei.s up u of SM) for unauth- of ilie tree or fiji jniblir or private The best ctec-p red from Burma. nibie.s come (iilt for Nutioiud ih-IVns UKNVEJl (UP« -When u Denver man, now working In Venu- /.uela, mailed hi.s $10 income tax to the collector of internal revenue he enclosed a §100-check as "a gift for national defense." § \ jf ;:: ;'V : ' :i ^ SPARK KJHS, I'Yosh.. 1'UUIO I>OKK SAUS.U Thick Itil) Shoulder Clod. K. C. KOI IN!) STICAKS, Tender. I'OKK ROAST SUOULDI5K .... UINDLICSS KACON, Cudaliy's I'urilan. I'U'NIC HAMS, Tcnderi/ed. .. , COUNTRY W(;<;s, I'Yosh '.'.'.'.'.'.' ...Hi. K il>. .11). T 15c ...11). ISe . ..Ih. IH c .Do/. 2 lc SALIBA MARKET \V, MAIN i)KI.ivKit v Negro Schools Will Hold Rally At Park Final preparations liuv<y been made for UH> 3711, annual school rally and field meet of the negro schools of Mississippi County which will bo hold at Walker Park tomorrow. its will compote In liter- ary, musical, dramatic and aih- letlc events. More than 1500 pupils are expected to attend. Officers of the meet are- L w ' Haraway, president; Bessie Partee ivy, secretary; W. v S. Earabin coach; Alena Erby Wiley Jeanes supervisor. Almost all snowflakes are six- sided. RICHER IN REAL HAM FLAVOR! We're so sure you'll prefer Country Club's grand, smoke-sweet taste and extra tenderness that we've given it our 100 % money- back guarantee. You'll find, too, its shorter shank gives you more meat per pound, less bone and waste. More flavor, more tenderness, more ham—you just can't beat it for real value! rMMt--''liftl W* i "The Easter Feast" LEGV-LAMB ft. 251 PURITAN HAMS »££ 1 22^ FANCY SLICED BACON , 25 ROLLED ROAST Ib. 2Se SLICED CENTER CUT HAM ,> 43 SALT MEAT slreak -»'- | - an ' "*»« Fruits and Vegetables CELERY, good size stalks, each 7%c NEW POTATOES, Tex. Red Triumphs, 4 Ibs. 15c POTATOES, 10 Ib. bag 15 C STRAWBERRIES, red-ripe Louisianas, pint 17V 2 c TURNIPS WITH TOPS, largs bunches 5c LEiWONS, Sunkist, 6 for lOc ASPARAGUS, new crop, 10 oz. bunches ,JOc ORANGES, giant size, seedless, dozen 27c GRAPEFRUIT, 64 size Texas seedless, 4 for 15c FIRST COMES IN ANY LANGUAGE! KROGcR'S COUNTRY CLU& CORN ts GRADE "A" "Ora«Jc A", atnrripcil on the Cr.unlry dud label mrnnj FIU finer Kraiir nl any prln-. by ariLi Plump tcmtrr k.Tn«ls' Heal loaMin' «ii llavnr.'.S&vr safely! VARIETY CORN NO. 2 Cans CLOCK BREAD JACK FROST BREAD BUTTER L'O (»x. Loaf Large Loaf Each Country Club 1 11). Rolls », 2 . w n r* 23 Country Club "i U). Print Kraft .°>2 ox. MAYONNAISE SALAD DRESSING GELATINE ':£ BEVERAGES Embassy :)2 ox. for 35 EATHfORE 0LEO 23 PINEAPPLE Ib. Country Club, sliced or Aft crushed. No. v'/, c:m *V Old 1 Ih. for Lalonia Club, 2-1 ox. Plus bottle deposit. Do/, 14 FRUIT COCKTAIL » CRANBERRY SAUCE Ocean Spray 2 for Spotlight KROGER COFFEES COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE 1 Ib ht 3 Ibs.. French Brand Ib. French Brand :* Ibs. Avondale Avondale 24 ibs We 48 Ibs .$!.*"> SIBLETS Del Maiz ANOEL FOOD CAKE 25 GOLD LAYER CAKE I4i'e. Size 20 oz. Windsor 28 oz. KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY ^cTrPi! fn£^£& ACCEPT THIS AMAZING GUARANTEE: Buy any Kroger brand item. Like it as well as or better than any other, or return unused portion in original container and get FREE *~SPOIIr$&!-s\ c ^r« v • °~, , * ""« s*- 1 - *•" s\.c*& f>$ same item m any brand we sell,'regardless of price. YOUR r ASTIR HAT «** with flowers, feathers, veils! Pedolme-braidj, rough slraw ih block ond navy. 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