The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER G, It May Have Been Disgruntled Briton Or Any Lnemy Agent BY MII/TON nncmjF.n, N'EA Service Slafr Correspondent LONDON, Dec. 0.—Strange animals prowl In (he dark—not only in the jungles, but in the very streets of London, London at night Is a . wartime picture of intense blackness. If someone accosts you, unless yon have n flashlight and break the law by turning It in his face, yon can never' recognize Win again. And maybe that, is an opportunity for friends of Germany. For instance: This correspondent the other night, wauled a breath of fresh air So he stood just, beside tlip maiii entrance to his hotel in the Egyptian darkness. He did not, even realize that anybody was beside him. "This is a helluva war," grumbled n voice. "The Royal Air Perec (irops love and kisses pamphlets over Germany but you don't, catch the Boche doing that sort of tiling. Rlglit on our own doorstep, so to speak, they come with their submarines and their bombers.. "Look at Scapa Flosv. A submarine waltzes right In, torpedoes the battleship "Royal Oak" and waltzes right out again. If we can't protect our warships put to bed for the night in that harbor, where can we protect them? "Then to add insult to injury, they new their bombers over that same harbor and took a crack at some more of our ships. Those Germans are devilishly clever and efficient. Looks pretty bad." "Are you English?" I asked In BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.)' COUIUER NEW Night Time In London — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone 141 .some surprise. "No. I am Australian mid I don't like the way things arc going . . The British Broadcast ing Conijianj this evening en Hie radio advised people here to stay Indoors, close to their air mid shelters. Thej said (hey liad information that German bombers were coming ovei London tonight." Now this correspondent happened to knmv that the B,BC. had done nothing of the sort. "Your lino of defeatist talk to nn utter stranger certainly sounds queer to me," I said. "The B.I3.C. did not say such a thing." Then I foimd I was talking to a void. with the voice had vanished. » « * TRY THIS FINE RECIPE FOR Nut Muff ins Mix together three and a fourth cups flour . . . two teaspoons baking serin Half'teaspoon salt . . Beat two eggs with one and a half cup brown sugar. . . -Add two cups buttermilk and nuts. . . Stir all together... You'll find them delicate in texture and appetizing when made with BEST FLOUR AT YOUR GROCER Maybe he was on the level— just a chap from tlie Antipodes setting rid cf a. grouse against, his own :mnire to anybody who would lis- [oii to him. But, again, he may lave been a man wlio had undertaken ''to work for the enemy of his country for 30 pieces of silver. Such an agent does not do es- )Ionage work. He is not a spy. His job is to undermine the morale of the people. He is to tnlk in a despondent patriotic tone in street cars, in buses, in the underground trains, in pubs, in restaurants, In , , , any place where lie can engage WED. & THUR. DRUMS corar • HENRY "•' FONDA7 ALONG THE Ciif «f .'nawandit I'nranioiinl News & Comedy XY WED. - THUR. Also Scleclea'siToTfs" LISTEN' TO KLCN 11:00 a.m. —12:45 p.m. — 4;3Q p . m . Phone Kit?. 224 Phone Rosy'333 Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All Makes of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines Calculators—Repairing—Part*—Klbbonj tew people In conversation. He Is the kind it is almost Impossible for the police or the intelligence scvvlce to bag. olllcials Imvc (old me. it is hard lo n'lu anything on him. In n democratic country a nmn can criticize hit government and ts conduct. It it. ft trying job (o distinguish between the man who really love.s his country nnd is distressed by some cf the things that happen in a war and the nmn who 1ms sold his country and is talking to enni his pay. List Caruthersville Awards In Parade CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo., Dec 0 •Clayton Scluiltz, general chairman of the Jum.-r Chnmber of Commerce sponsored Christmas Festival and Festival Queen's Ball, yesterday announced the official prize awards to the twenty countywide contesting floats and units He stated Hint the official estimate of the cr;wd which lined Die len- block parade route was over ten thousand, with persons coming as far ns fifty miles mvny to witness the event. Pour county high school bands participated in addition to the floats and units, being Warden, Stcele-Cooler combined, Holland nnd Caruthersville. At the Queen's Ball following the parade, Miss Demetra Ann Baker, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. .Harry. Baker of Ca T . rulhersville was officially cr-:wned nnd she r.Md her escort led the opening Grantl March. Her maids ivere Misses Peggy Asher, Robbie Buchanan and Iris Smith. The official awards to the floats ind units were: School Floats — Cariiliiersvllle Queen's Float, first; nnd n tic for sec:n«l between (he Holland school float and the CaniUiersvillc FPA itudents float. Marching Uniis—"Safllc Hawkins Day" characters entered by (he Steele, Mo., Ooo:ltellows club first; Nellie McClaiiiirmu nnd her Family. Cnnitliersvillc, second; Cub Scouts Patrol, Cariithersvlllc, third. Bicycle Parade — Martha Lou Johnson nnd Nadine D:\vning (one entry), first; Jacqueline Roland PTA-sponsored entry, second; nnd James Ralph Murphy, third. Civic and Individual Floats—Caruthersville Girl Scouts, lirst; Civic Players and Boy Scouts, tie for second; Sh:e Factory and R. C Powell, tie for third. The judges voted the Sadie Hawkins unit the best individual entry in the parade. Acrobatic Family Traces Profession Back to 1642 ; YAKIMA, .Wash.- (UP)—Members of the Hustrle family have been engaged in the aerial acrobntics profession:since 1642, ncconliny' to Alex Hiistric. Hustrle and • his . four sons have been- performing tricks -at fairs In the Pacific Nouhwcsl. Hunters Rush by Plane WILLOWS, Cal. (UP)—For the brief open pheasant limiting season, for which Glenn, Colusn and Bultc counties constitute the center, more than 3,000 hunters rushed here frcin all parts of California. Eight planes carried hunters from Southern California, and six from the region of San Francisco and Oakland. A D E 90 PROOF MEUOW AS MOONLIGHT Think of something rcfreshing- n tall glass, bubbling with soda, inkling with icc-and given meaning by a jigger of Cascade. Try Cascade and Soda! Caltade is made by the ]ai m ,,, SKrrl £>,V£ f ; jcrmala It s« 111 utnml character and Raror Jrom Ihr-Mluro! lijc and i-isa, „/ ,,/„„,, ^^ QUART $2.45 VIGOR OF THE GRAIN" COM. |«. Gso. A. Ditiii DMT™, Co.; i«. t.»i W(M Kr Pint $J.25 Recomincndali o n s A r Made By New Stale Advisory Board LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 0.- Expntistni of the farm Seciuil) Administration's |)r=|>nim of loan: to farm tenants under the Hank' head-Jones net was recommendec by Die stale advisory committee! of the KSA (or Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi nt a Joint meeting held n t (he regional PSA I office here yesterday. A resolution suggesting the expansion move was offered by Husl: P. McWIlllams of llnttlrsbint' Miss., and its adoption wns seconded by Lawrence c. Sloan of Strawberry, /irk. The three-stall- committees, <xn- slstlng of well known cillr.ens Interested In agriculture who have been Appointed by the secretary of agriculture io assist the Fimu Security Administration in an advisory capacity, concluded n hvo-duy session at neon mid held informal group meetings during the afternoon. At the morning session A. M. Rogers, director of rural rehabilitation in the three states for the PSA, reported the PCA collection record among farmers prove* that s emphasis on ft livc-nt-hoinc pro grain among borrowers Is sound. Despite two riroiitli and flood areas in the region which have resulted 'In partial crcp failures, 103D collections ngnlnst rehabilitation loans in the three states, through No- pcmber 30 amounted to $4,153,000, compared with $3,107,080 collected during the same period Inst year! Stress placde by the FSA on Increased livestock production mid Die development of additional sources of farm Income to supplement cotton production Is credited with (he Increase in collections he said. A, D, Stewart of Jackson, Miss., general manager of Hie Mississippi Co-operative Cotton Association and a. member of the Mississippi Advisory Committee for the PDA, urged n program of long-term leases as one method of encouraging improved agricultural practices, under the prevailing system of one- year lenses there is little Incentive t» tenants to adopt soil-conserving practices, lie said. And Frcbli Blossoms Charming Christinas Gift! Chop siioy originated In New Yorks Chinatown in 1S9C and Is prncticnlly unknown In China. Youngest Mayor Aims. at_ College His honor, Bill Collins, mayor of Whilcsburg, Ky., claims lo be (he youngest mayor in the country at 23. He was only 21 when lie won the office by defeating the school teacher, who spanked liim in grade school. Now he's opening a filling station to get money to go to college. UAPPY UOUR GRO.& "MKT. FREB DELIVERY 109 W. Main St. Phone 15 NU-WA laundry-Cleaner? Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Serrlce surrounded oilier liawil beside !jy ' pine . boughs or A. snnta clnns, n nilnlnluro sled filled wllli HitirlgoldR, sweet, , bctsonlns nnd Illlos-ol'-thc-valley, is iiiiotlirr mantle shelf favorite. <'ON'n,'NTK,tTt;i) AND cm:i:nv IJccornlors niul llorlsl.s BCDIU lo 'ivi! (lint It's better to conccn- Inue on Ihreo or four smart, clu-cry croupii of greens nnd How- crs (linn to cover the houso from olio OH) lo (ho ollic-i- with bunches nnil tairlunds und clusters of this mid Hint. Tho Inble In thti foyer Is (he, Klcal pliirc for one display. 'IVill red I'luidios t,j a shnllow, Infor- nally iin-miKMl bank or pine uoiiuhs is Kini)ji,< yel effective l'lu> nitmtlu Nhelf offers nil kln'iU of ixisslblllllos. A table between 1'ivo ivIiidOH 1 .-; <»• K (emjioi-nry cof- loe table, plural between (he llrc- •iliic dmlis, inny hold it vasu ol flowers will! :>!<.• L-a:;i5 surroii hy uii'ens. or u imwl of liolly, hinkcd by (nil candles In evor- ;reeii-oovcrcd lioldc'i-s. 'J'ho liniitljioiiietil display of -will be in [ho center of the dining 'ooiu table, uf course. The new Jllj'-shnpei! candles, flouting In n fii'j'slnl bowl, niljjht be n cmnvl iniclcus fov » lona, Emccful cen- tcrplivc or srcPiia wllh the, cones iitlnclu'd. Or consider live or .six chubby Illtk' iinsjels-encli holil- Ini! n .small red candle — 011 u round mirror wllh greens or Ire.* Ilowers around the mirror. Deep sciiiIH polnseltlns nve fn- vorlte.s nniuiig Chrlslinns pl.wls. C.vclnnien, Jenisulein ehpvrles nnd TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS t An ideal Christmas girt for any woman on your shnpybig list would >e a plant covered wllh buds and blossoms which she can pick ami . And, of course, It would be a lovely adjunct lo such lovely homo decorations as the cvergreen-garlnuded mirror. UY MAIUAN YOUNO ilself-arc si 111 first), on Ihe list ol -.A Service Staff C'um>.sunm1enl Christmas decorations, nut, In ad- NBW YORK. — Whether your clltlt!u , there are new and unusual 3hrlstmns will Include u lnr(jcl nn(1 "I"" 1 '! 1 chimnliiH effects lo amily circle or Just "stockings lot 1 bo oblnlncd. wo," fresh flowcm and gay nr- angcinenls of Christmas greens re basic—and easily achieved— ssenllals of the. festive holiday eason. The old favorites—wreaths In ie windows, a sprig of mistletoe Even If you don't plan to hnnir «!> stockings, (lie fireplace should be n dramatic spot In (lie living room. For an arrangement with religious filgnlllcance, consider ond of the low Madonna vases, filled with deep red rases or gladioli PAGE-'SEVENS • Jieathcr plants arc fine to have ' anti fine lo send as gilts too Speaking of gifts, .it's-a Christmas 1020 Men to send a girl a car- • .(IfJiIii plant from which she caii pick her own corsages throughout he holiday season, or a little iloiver hut lo wear wllh her dinner clothes, a corsage with silver Mils among the blossoms or per- h«p.s n necklace and matching bracelet of fresh hurts. Gifts of this type, as well as boxes of fi-eens and traditional mixtures of cut (lowers, can - be wired anywhere In the country and will be delivered within a few hours. Road courier News want ads. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKfcs 'EM BEE" Over Joo Isaacs' 'store Phone 540 KKMKMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilgas Now Managed by Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! ., • 71--a - .....,.*,*. n i u i iiuL-i, icii rases or r/innlon w Jlwjoorw»y;jnd the tree „,„, whll j carnnllonso, lilies ,'ml CASH PAID FOR YOXJH 19.'i8-1 M!) COTTON LOAN EQUITIES You Must Bring the Copy ol Your Loan Agreement WEIL BROTHERS 111 Walnut IJlythcvillt', Ark. Phone 267 Tin Special De LmtB Sport Sedan. MM* NEW "ROYAl ClIPPtR" NEW EXCLUSIVE "THE IOHGHT OF THE LOT" VACUUM-POWER SHIFT f'o™ 'rw.l <,! «rW« u r.or ol kai-, (161 iothei) Ch.nolel ^ __^ fof 19*0 U Iho longeiT of cl] lowftil-pr'cod coril PERHCTEO NEW SEALED BEAM SUPER-SltENf NEW FULL-VISIOM HYDRAULIC BRAKES HEADUGHIS VAWE-IN-HIAD ENGINE BODIES BY FISHER €i|e If •• T/u| It •• Btu| It! Chevrolefs are Shipped to Dealers—NOT DRIVEN OVERLAND! TOM LITTLE Phone 633 Everybody knows, it takes fine features to make fine cars! . '. .And Chevrolet for MO is the only car in the low-price fieW that has -all the fine car features pictured at the left! . . . Furthermore, this brilliantly engineered Chevrolet Is the longest of all lowest-priced cars— it's "The Beauty Lcuiler"—it has a degree of driving and riding case all its own— and it definitely 'out-accelerates and out-climbs all other cars in its price range! . . . Small wonder, then, that it is also out-selling all other new cars for '40 ---- Eye it, try it, buy it, and you'll be thoroughly convinced that "Chevrolet's FIRST Again 1" 85-H.P. VALVMN-HEAD JIX AND Ut, »al FH, McHfK TroniparWrofl bnjM on rofl re!.., ilof> c.-J hfd bill lif l aid . Kt to tjionyt viftauf Kilk». unMr suanfi— titta on Mot- K 85 $ TCO.

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