The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1939
Page 6
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' PA'GE SIX Selection Assures .Sellout For Event In New Orleans J an. NEW' ORLEANS, Dec. 0 (UP)— The Midwinter Sports Association's troubles wilh the best football teams looking for. bargains were over tcday with Tulanc mid Ti\\n:> A. & M. signed to piny !n the Sugar Bowl Jan. i. .The association's executive com- miiue was happy to announce last ;: night • that the two teams had been "unanimously selected" shortly after the Aggies told Tennessee il had laken them too long to decide whether H would be worth $85,000 lo play In Die KMllns cot, ton Bowl. The unbeaten champions ot I he Southwestern conference hud preferred the Cotton Bowl and promises of cash on (lie line. But since Tennessee had to -wail until Sat- 'nrday before announcing its preference. Texas A. & M. voted for the Sugar Bowl, it was not announced what the Tcxaiis would get out of Use local game. Nevertheless, it was the match 'that New Orleans sports fans and .editors hurt been hotrllng foe ever .since 'it. became apparent that the two teams would iinish the season undefeated. .The selection virtually 'assured a sellout of the 70,000 seats in the' Sugar Bowl on New Years Day. Texas A. & M. asked for 10,000 -seats. , . Undisputed • champions of the southwest,, the A. & M. powerhouse,- coached by Homer ' Norton, "swept through 10 opponents undefeated. Tiilnne has finished nine games with 1 nb defeats and only one 14-14 mid-Season tic with : North Carolina's Tarheels. ; The Aggies defeated: Oklahoma '.. A. & M., 32-0; Sentenary, 14-0; Santa Clara. 7-3; Villanova, 33-7; Texas Christian, 20-6; Baylor, 20-0; Arkansas, 27-0; Southern Methodist; 6-2; Rice, lfl-0, mid Texas 20-0. Tulane has beaten: Clemson, 7- C, Aubuin, 12-0, Pordham, 7-0; Mississippi University, 1C-G; Alabama, 13-0; Columbia; 25-0; Sewanee, 52-c. and Louisiana Slate, 33-20. An unblemished record in the Southeastern conference left Tulane in a three-way tie for the mythical crcwn with Tennessee and Georgia Tech. Bothi teams play similar games, depending upon power in the line, /leetncss in the backfleld and a long bench lull of substitutes. . Tulane features such stars as Ifarley McGolIu'm, 235-pound tack- BLYTHEYitLE; I .. *?!&$: High Tension le, and Halfback'Bob (Jitterbug) Kellogg, while Ihc Aggies' star man is John Kimbrough, picked on several all-American learns. In 1898, Tulane,' « comparative Innocent In the U;e, football ^business, began a ser'ie's'cl 'ffamflSvlth Texas A. & jr., but it was years before Tulane won a game. Then, • COURIER" NEWS GEfll GREEN Ml Fidel Goal Specialisfs Expected To Give New York E BY JERKY ]lil(>\'I)FJIJ|,!> Ni:,\ Service' Sjiorts Writer MIWAWKBB.-POP [he ^ ml] year in u row the New York Giants and Green Hay Packers play lo, (he National Professional Football Prrfcssioniil Championship and -i- tlie experts gather here for >'f mcolliiB Dec. 10, the consensus' K i Dial (lie OlanUs will retain the tltii' Uiey won u year ago and In <•<, doing crack a jink of ions staliding. J he National Football Leaijiio. like the Southwest - Ctjii/crcncc never has seen a champion 'repe'ii since the present playoff system between division leaders was inaugurated.' The New Yorkers, ofltlmes referred (a us -Mum University" beat Iho, Packers 23-17 ;, ,. car „•„„ ind we're templed to B iv'e them":. illghtly better. margin this time The ahtiit.s- in winning th« east- .TII division title won nine, i 0 , ( ne and tied one. The Packers Balanced 05 feel above B romu! on a 33,000-volt power line, lu-ycnr- AIICI' John below. nts, meanwhile, held o/f n 'great Washington Redskin outfit, 0-7 (0 illnch eastern licnors ' 'JVFF, STRONG HAVE UNERRING TOES Biggest point hi the Oiaiils' favor s the presence of two of the greatest field goal specialists In (lie lame today — the veteran Ken Strong, who has becii booting 'em for mere than a decade, and Ward -_ --, .—.„ j.iu!ii_i tmi;. J old Howard Meyers of Laiirellon, L. f,. threatened to leap more thnn three hours aloft, he was rescued by PiUrolmni Albert .seen nl left,' seizing the' youth. Note firemen's net The Dope Bucket Bj J. t. FRIEND AMAZED — Followers of Rlley High, South Bend, Ind., which the Blythevllle Chicks defeated 39-B iii im Intersectlonal grid battle, November. 17. were, dumbfounded at the way their heroes were routed Within the stole (he Wildcats were ralcd well up among die leaders they were not to lining ^ ,,^ji, J1L ,t, «.i(.(.( . tu ULlIlJj licked as badly as the tribe did Sp:rts Editor Dave Gallup gives the reactions in his "Gridiron Grist," which appeared in the South Bend Tribune: "Upon hearing tlie liulflime --.— " t> «..»,*», j oi't/ii: from 1929 to . 1932. Tulane won game score of the Klley-Blythcvillc (A em Californisi in (he Rose . 'Hie Green Wave's quarterback was then Loivcll (Red) Dan-son,, : now coach of the team. Neither will the New Years' game be tlie first in which'a Texas wain has jilayed. In five previous Sugar Bcwl games, Texas Cliristinn 'Wlio Is Rilcy playing, the Oklahoma Aggies? 1 " . Then in another edition lie gives they're awfully vctopcd." big and well de- PUZZLED — Mebbe some cue should have told them better for evidently the Fleming (Ky.) Pirates, who furnished the opposition fm tlie Chicks In thetr other intcr- soctlonnl game this year, won by the Chicks, 51-0, thought Blylhe- ville was a Junior College, instead of a high school. At any rate, we gained Ihis impression from nstorj which appeared recently in the Louisville Courier-Joilrnnl: Ky Tom Hell ana Courier .Tourual Staff Writer Rtitcd as one of the best teams in tho .stale this fall was Fleming High ' School's husky eleven, prldo of the ----section, Fleming had the enviable record of nine victories and one defeat This blemish was at the hands of BMlicvlllo. Ark., Junior College With an nil-star backfieltl. Fleming ran up a lotal of 317 points against G3 for all opponent,*;. Bly~ —r* "".wii nv yivLs thftvlllc scored 51 re I owing account or an inter- I Probably the best game turned with Coach Forrest Wood at- ! in by the prcleges of Coach Viii , Kentucky mountain team returned lo""soi"th Carnegie Tech, 15-1. New Orleans fooiball fans and business men have always liked Texas teams. They put on a good show and Texas fans have -plenty of money and spend it freely. Contractors still were at work on the 30,000-seat addition to the Sugar Bowl—Tulane stadium 3G'l days ter the Bend: Lots of the folks are wondering just what sort of a buzzsaw Rijpy'g Wildcats accidentally prcwted into down in BlylUevllle. Arkansas a week ago Friday. H , mist h!WB been nn accident, because had niley known what H was getting into it probably would never have - - j ..-.,.,, »«\_> L.I nil VL scheduled the game, nice train ride notwithstanding. This department would not Have believed that the. high school team existed that could rain "" ™,n ^ r - alld °» a Press b « Wildcats' throats in one seating 2=0 on upnolstered seals, i we live and learn-" a It was assured that the New seats 1'learn sonic more '—M be ready by Jan. 1. [ Wc asked _Wk v Coach the 32 piints down live and Selection of the Sugar Bowl teams completed a week's pro»ram of sports ending Jan. 1. The program includes an intersectional basketball game betweei " -j vu.n-n ruiest Meyer <Profcssor) Wood what hai)- pencd and he answered a bit sheepishly: "Golly, but the southern nrspttality was sure nice You know, they met us at (lie station i • , s a ie stition '?, l °" ci ! anl "™', ami i with a band and cvcrvthln. Tl ev u Sou(hi;aster » conference had a radio broadcast an l°'l had hclder; an outdoor track lo atlk over, the radio i, ' •• Son 'E,^ Glen " Clmni "5 hrtl ". " YM "- I *™. Tknoiv b,7, wlnt Mrh, ^,rt ; ?^ Cgg Rice ' Walter: happened i,, the football L , ?•• *" entcred; aJ nskctl » little lc. tournament between Nc* "Well, you knew, r the «^ ~rti'i r, ',~ Strange Old Postoff ice I bo - vs lc " ™. soy. you cuqut to-- Ir^fv xv CS> , J ' Ml yes ' bm tlle 5 J ii p AMt - Woody, the GAME! What berved as Home lia pi iencrt? " - "Oh. yon mean the game itself ST. MAHTINVILLE, La. tUP)- 1 '""' Wood V. "Well, I'll (c |l . vol , at. Martinville's poitofficc, built in [ ' , Oy wcvc J ust to ° big for us 18,6 as a home, is believed to be ' i, y ro Bwlul 'y W? d:\vn there he only po^toffice o( its kind inTn' K- tilC foolbal1 lc:lm '» »«the United States. t Iu «>- big. Tlic regular high school cent Vaughn was the 31-0 trhnnpl. over Bristol. Va., in (he season finale. Other victims were Hall High, Russell. Lynch. Jenkins Vicco, Paintsville, WMtc.sburg and Knox Central. Two On All-East Two Fleming stars are lined up with. Uie All-East team in the annual chnrity classic. Captain Clayton will be playing guard, and Lloyd McMUHan, n triple threat should olfer plenty of trcnble to Western opponents in the back- floltl. A third tad, Dee Conlcy is on tho East alternate list. Many of Vaughn's regulars will be lost by graduation next spring, but the Fleming mentor is expecting a strong squad t: contend for Bl" Sandy Conference honors 1910 season. . acers took the western crown by wlnnin» nine and losing two. ami barely gained the playoffs by defeatin» ruff, the one-time Marqnette nee \'.'lio is Jusf, nbout Strong's equal two scored oil Die Giants' points in beating the Redskins Cuff making good on two attempts, and stivng on another. Both are dangerous from anywhere within the 40-yard line, and once they try (hem from the H's almost automatic. Cuif, incidentally, won the league field goal championship successful hoots. An:ther margin which must be given to the Giants lies in all- round backfiold strength. Ed Danoivski is a great passer; Tnffy Ijeemans is the beat running back In the pro game toilay; Hank Soar Call; Unrnott, ' Cliff, Slron<; ane! Nelo Maschl have plenty of what ll lakes. (ifAN'TS ALSO flAVi: i'.lWK Ul 1 KKONT Op front Is a rocl-.-rlbbod line which includes, first and I'oremrst, Mel llein, t)ie mobile glnnl who Is reynrdcd as the best center, football has ever known. Six times an ull- teigiie selection, the former Ore- uon star « lar and away t))e best linebacker extant, and there isn't a pivot man in the loop wh;. can male)) him n(. covering Then there are such handy men to consider ns 13ig Ed Wldseth, all- leiiguc lackle; Jim Poole, Jl m Leo Mow-ell und ox Parry. Not easily iiitimiUated. these gcnls. ' Biggest Ihing in the Packers' favor U the brilliant passing com- binali:n of Arnie Ilerber to Don Hiilson. There may be better passers than Herber, but nearly any football observer will tell you the former Alabama, star is U» greatest receiver football has produced. There's additional help in the Try One of Our Delicious HOT PIT BARBECUE SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across from High School An amazing way I've found to give RICH flavor to our Bourbon whisky ».. ,t> - • „ . , * by Balancing f/ie 3-Grain Flavor jri f/je,iAlasn. -^ E, P. VOUERrSEN, President ' Tftjs is the reason we o/ways use 40% Small Grains in making GOT whisky Rich flavor and body in whisky is one thing. High proof is another; • Don't get them twisicd; L This wi:isk> is • I \yoii'tmakejvl]isky with less than 40%,Small prajm ft'lins to'be 16% rye and M«g liarley-ni'alt. That's so we get tlie 3'-Groin ilavpr balanced in .the mash, and the corn flavor doesn't bury the others. Also our \yhisky ma- uires-imusiih^ly hiellow^his smooth drinking quality. . J know we could make 3 pints more whisky per bushel by using more corn nnd less Small Grain and changing methods, bud won't do ii. You'll sec why when you try our. whisky. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHfSKV imm TAILOR DISTILLING CQ; for the INCORBORATED 5 PRANXFtfRT. KtNTOCKr _ ci,. , , --- r n o . . atent Sheep arc raked (or meat nnd connection wiih any other d!si worl; hide Is secondary. - "-. s >" InJcpcndcnl aisttllery. Its br»ud s are In Iho U. S. Patent Orrico, and neither It nor Us brands too any wiih an other d!s ' kids looked to be Several \ears ago, whcn the PcsL- 1 "-""' ' v ""^ xi iw w just. or<unar\ oOlce Department awarded t'uc ' MZC- lhc fooll)a ll players— well ---- ...... ----- • - igh just ortiiiarv B new postoffice. there was talk of razing the building and re- i placing it with a streamlined struo- i luro. o ' nd finally the Postoffice Department was persuaded to restore the building on the outside and remodel the inside. An old slave office and elaborate lien lace-work ore still part of the building. Shctp Herding Motorized TULARE, Cal. (tfp}_The automobile and trailer hare replaced .the horse,, tent or .modest cook house of former sheep herding days,. Only the sheep dog remains ot the former manner ol sheep herdtns on the ranges. For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton — Sec — LOUIS APPLEBAUM 107 So. 2nd Blulheville, Ark. PHONE 167 .. IJD. 19 persons of Larry Craig, big rcokle blocking quarterback from South Carolina; Andy uram, Eddie Jan- kowskl, Dwfghl sioaii and Clark Hinkle. Tlic Packer line Is solid enough with Hay Uuford, Butcli Svendscn Bucket Goldberg, Bill Lee and ethers but it doesn't, rjuitx: measure "!> to the Giants. Bui as \ Bob Zuppke says, you icvcr can tell which way a fool- ball will bounce ' 'WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER'6, 193!) Read Courier News want ads. Philadelphia Navy Yard New Job Peak PHILADELPHIA (OP) —Civilian employment at the Philadelphia "avy y n ,d j las reached an all- time peak of 11,038. Under construction are (he 35000-ton battleship Washington and wo destroyers, the Rhitid and the Buck. The 45,COO-lon battleship North Dakota will be started snorlly, and ui e ktc] of , layer Terror will bo laid tl autumn. During (he World War, civilian : | employment In Uie Industrial tle-\ partmenl reached' a peak of 9,000' Md the aircraft division 3,550, but' not at the same lime. MOUNT CARMEL, 111. (UP)—i Barber Jo c Hcdrlck lathered his first customer of Die day for a • shave and then turned to pick up / his razor. It wasn't there. A burg- * lar had broken into the shop and ' stolen every razor in the place ' STHE^HOUSE OF MEAI YOUR COAT? Choose a RAMBLER TOPCOAT and solve all your problems Tailored by HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Raml)| ci- is thai amazing topcoat (hat's snugly warm on frigid days, yet comfortable on clays whcn (l) c weather turns from wild fo mild. It's a coat that rests so lightly on your shoulders you'll scarcely realize it's (here. A coat that is wear-resistant, weather-resistant, vel-rpsislanl, and wrinkle-resislant. Made of three all-purpose hair fibers . . . wool for warmth,-alpaca for lightness, and mohair for wear. Rambler is right up front in the style parade for if's tailored by Hart Schaffncr & Marx in swagger and bnlmacaan models '" rich color tones. Other Exclusive Topcoats to As Usual The Best Is Always At MEAD'S 315 • MAIN •315

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