Altoona Tribune from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 16, 1926 · Page 12
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Altoona Tribune from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1926
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE &LTOONA TRIBUNE THE NEWSPAPER THAT COVERS CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIAWEDNESDAY, JUNE 16,' 1920 ; It This Page Has Proven Interesting And Helpful Today, Read It Again Tomorrow ? News ot the Day OILS AND COPPERS FEATURE STOCKS Interest in Steel and ' Rails Transferred on Irregular Market STRONG TRADE POSITION STIMULATES OIL SALES General Motors Continues Spectacular Advance Gaining Points (Br Associated Trees to Altoona Tribune) NEW YORK, June 15. Switching of speculative interest from, the steel and railroad shares to the oils and coppers featured today's stock market. Heavy profit taking and sporadic bear seeing brought about some irregularity, both the rail and industrial averages closing lower on the day. Trading showed a slight falling oft in volume despite signs of increasing public participation the days eales aggregating 1,951,100 k shares. ....., Heavy buying of the oil shares was generally attributed to the strong trade position of the industry, reflected in reports of large current earnings by practically all of the leading companies, and - to , favorable merger and dividend rumors. New high records for the year were established in this group by Marland, Panhandle producers and refiners, Lago and Texas company, the extreme gains ranging from 1 lto nearly 3 points. Coppers Stronger Coppers took .on, a new lease of life as a result of the stiffening tendency of rfon-ferrqus metal prices, an, increase of 15 points in lead being announced during the day. General Motors continued its remarkable advance - by touching ari- other new high record for all time at 142, yielding later to 141. U, S. Steel common encountered . heavy realizing sales, closing lower at 135 after having touched 137 earlier in the day. Profit taking also brought .about a recession in American Locomotive. - , Easier money rates stimulated pool activities in several specialties. Ward Baking B advanced' to 35 on a fairly large volume of trying. Few Kails Active ... Speculative activity in' the rail group was confined to a relatively few issues. Atlantic Coast Lin showed a net gain ot 2 at 209 ?4. New York Central and Chesapeake and Ohio lost a point or so. Commodity, markets were, mixed. Active wheat futures closed 'eltghtly higher. Cotten showed' net declines of 3 Us 10 points. Raw sugar was unchanged, but .futures were slightly firmer. Coffee advanced U to 23 points. Call money renewed at 4 per cent and then dropped to 3?, closing at the bottom. Time money and commercial paper rates Were unchanged. Foreign exchanges displayed a firm undertone. Demand sterling ruled around $4.864 and French francs rallied several points to nbove 2.80 cents. Bond prices drifted irregularly lower In colorless trading. Investment funds continued in plentiful supply despite the huge turnover in connection with June 15 settlements, but there appeared to be o particular incentive for the accumulation of listed bonds. Total bond sales, par value, $12,-451,000. I CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, June 15. (A.P.) Cattle receipts 10,000; market generally steady; f active trade on fat steers and yearlings; elearance good! yearlings in most dependable demand: best heavy steers $10.-15: medium weights $10.55; yearlings. M0.40; light heifers s.10.30; hulk fat steers JO.OOfe 10.25 ; stockcrs and feeders $7.50lg8.50 ; fat cows scarce, steady; grassy kind selling at JU.50 downward: bulls weak to 10c. lower: vealers steady at $10.50'11-QU few $11.5Oi'12.00. ". Hogs receipts 20,000; steady to 10c lowor: majority 240 to 325 pound butch ers $13.S0a 14.20: bulk desirable- 210 pound (town $14.40(814.80: practical top -U.65; bulk packing sows S12.0O(a,12.7." ; sorted killing pigs ?14.50fiil4.75; shippers took o.OOO; estimated hold over 8,-, 000. Sheep receipts 10,00; lambs and yearlings generally 30c lowor: sheep steady: bulk fat native lambs 15.75r:10.00: few . $10.25; bulk top weight tlQM; Cull natives mostly $11,001 12.00: yearling wethers upward to $14.50: few Califor nia feeding lambs. $14.00ro,14.25; Idahos new around jw.oo: California yearling feeders $11.50: desirable fat ewes to killers W.OOfeO.50. PITTSBl'RG LIVESTOCK ; riTTSBVRC. Ta., June 15 Live stock msrket. Cattle reeeints light: market steady. Choice. $ft.T5(?t 10.25; good, $ft..T5 rautu: tair, .ooiss.jw; veal calves, $12.-- 80f 13.80. Sheep and lambs . receipts 22 double dectt: market slow, stoadv. Prime weth ers. $aoOffrS.30 : good. I7.2.V& 7.75 ; fair mixca ,i.iHK iambs, $8.oo?i 14.50. Hogg receipts 5 double decks ; market ; lower. Prime heavy $14.25(S 14.60 ; medium $15.25i&'15.3: hearv yorkers. $15.23 015.35: light yorkers. $15. Wo 15.50; pigs $13.4(wai5.50; rough $11.0Ol2.tS; stags, 7.o9es.eo. v Calahan & Co. For Security of Investments Bonds, Stocks Central Trust Co. Building V ALTOONA. PA. Phone 5126 A MARKET QUO II, Open Allied Chera... 122 -AlHs C'halmer.. 87 Am. Agr. Cheiii. 17V Am. Beet Sug., '2t4 Am. B. Magnes. 'M'a American Cau., 52 Am. Car Fdry. 00 Amer. Loco. .. 103(4 Am. Smelting. l-'T'A-Ani. Steel IMry. 42 Amer. Sugar... OKi Am. T. and T. 142V Am. Woolen.. 22 Anaconda Cop. 41 Atchison JIW ' At la. Coast I.e. 200 . Atlantic C.ulf... 41 Atla. Kefinery 110 Baldwin Loco. 111 B. and O. .... IHft Beth. Steel ..... 4Mi Butte and Sup. 10 Cel. 'Packing. . im Can. Pacific... 101 Ccrro de Pasco KiVn V. and O. .... 132 Chicago Gt. W.' dS Chicago N. AVt. Vfc Clrrysler- Motor 33H Col. F. and 1.. 40 Col. G. and E.. Sl Corn Products 44 Crucible Steel.. 73 IM. and Hud. 100 Del. L. and W. 130 Dome Mines 1 Do Pont 2:H East. Kodak.: 110 '4 Klec. Stor. Bat. W Erie Kallway.. 34 Fed. Smelting.. Oft , FIsk Rubber... 1S Gen. Asphalt. Gen. Electric. 2S General Motor ill1 Gt North Oro.. 20VI Gulf S. Steel... 70 111. Central 121 Int. Harvester 121 Int. T. and T. 124 Kan. City So.. . 44 Kennecott Cop. 53 Lehigh Valley. 83 L. O. and It..-. 10 Lou. and Nas. 1,'15'n Miami Copper., 12 M. K. and, Tex. 37 Mo. Pacific ... 36 Xash Motors... 54 National Dairy 00 Nevada Copper 1SH X. Y. Central. 1304 New Haven 44 N. and V. ... l.-rfH4 North. Pacific. 73 Penn. Hallway. 5.1 Peoples Gas .. 122 iuis. ii, ia.. ids Pullman Beading Replogk Steel... 9 jktpuuuc oreei. :i St. L. and S. F. 05 South. Pacific. 1014J Southern Hwy. HS'i Tas Pacific.. I;nlon Pacific. V. S.. SnH'lting. ir a o..i Dp' 1st pfd" lilrt J Western Pacific 36' 175 88 . 45 1?, 40 135 High 122 c7 n 24 20 52 1(0 103 128 42 68 142 22 47 m 210' 41 121 111 1)5 . 41' : 10 140 12 M M34 7 :w 40 Sl 45 73 100 lil 13 21 110 S0 33 71 is 0 321) 142 -20 71 121 122 124 4 54 82 W 135 12 37 36 54 (W 13 130 '44 150 73 53 ' 123 108 178 88 10 51 5' 102 118 45y 54 m 41 137 120 30 Lpw 121 87 17 23 20 01 . 8 102 12 42 68 141 '21 46 135. 200 . 4 ! 110 116 4 , 41 , 0 m , 13-2 .' 73 32 : 81 44 72 160 i;) 13 232 110 70 34 61 18 ft8 827 ISO 20 70 121 122 124 43 Xl 82 16 132 12 37 35 54 60 13 12T( 43 150 73 ' '.2 122 ios 174 87 9 50 04 101 117 44 68 150 40 135 120 S6 Close 121 87 17 24 20 .31 l(S 102 127 42 68 141 22 47 135 2011 '41 110 "116 ' iM 41 10 m 162 132 73 . 32 30 81 45 72 1(10 i;w 13 236 110i4 70 34 71 18 60' 328 1415V 20 70 "121 121 124 43 51 82 10 134 12 37 36 54 67 13V. 120 43 150 73 53 123 108 175 88 10 50 04 101 118 45 54 150 41 135 120 30 MOUNTUNION Br. E. Sr. Rhodes, for many years leading druggist in Mount Union, but now a resident of Oregon, is visiting with old friends here. Mrs. Hattie Yocunv Shafer and her 8iter-ln-law, Mrs. Xorcissa Shafer Gearhart, of Los Angeles, have arrived in the east for a visit with relatives. Mrsv Shafer is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Annie Yocum in Mapleton at present. ,, x . CHICAGO GBAIN . CHICAGO,. June 13. (A.P.) Commission house baying on a large scale in the late dealings toduy pushed all grain values upgrade, on the board of trade. The finish was strong and near the top must figures for the day. Final figures for wheat showed a net galu of VjcCa lc. Corn finished c to lc up, oats c to c higher and provisions 2c to 32c above yesterday's close. loading iucures rangeu as ioiiows: nnn Mltrh T.nw Plnao July A.. 1.38 1.40 1.3S 1.40 Sept 1.34 1.35 1.34 1.35 Dec. 1.37 1.38 1.30 1.38 Corn: July 71 .72 .70 .71 Sept. 1 76 .77 .75. ;.76 Dee. ........... .76 .77 .76 .77 Oats: July .41 .42 .41 .41 Sept 42 .42 .42 .42 Dec. ,43 .44 .42 .44 Bj'e: - July .01 .01 .00 .01 Sept. - 04 .1(4 .1(3 .1)4 Dec .00 .07 .00 .07 Lard : July 16.32 16.52 16.32 16.52 Sept. 16.00 10.S0 10.57 16.80 Ribs: . ' . July .... 1S.50 Sept 17.03 18.02 17.03 18.02 Bellies: July 18.75 18.02 IS. 75 18.02 July 18,75 18.02 18.75 1S.1I2 Sept 18.00 10.10 1S.O0 19.10 Cash quotations : - Wheat No. 1 red $1.35; No. 3 hard $1.45. Corn Xo. 2 mixed 71c71c; No. 2 yellow 71cffi72c. Oats No. 2 white 41c42c; No. 3 white 41c(ffi42c. , Rye not quoted. . Barley 60c(?t72c. Timothy seed J5.75tfi:6.75. , ,r . .Clover seed $12.002S.OO. Lard $16.50. Ribs $10.00. Bellies $10.3". , ' PHILADELPHIA rRODCCE PHILADELPHIA. June 13. A. P.) Wheat No. 2 red winter $1.61 bid; do garucKy oiu. Corn No. 2 export 71ciff71c; No. 3, 69crn;70e; No. 4, 06c67c. Butter, 80 score S7c; 88 score 36e. Egs. firsts In now cases 30c; in second hand cases 20c; seconds 27c. Potatoes, Southern, barrel No. 1, $3.00 '75: No. 2. $3.003.S5. ' Dressed poultry, fowls, fresh killed dry picked. In boxes according to weight 28e30c: in barrels, dry packed 28c(S 34c; old roosters, dry picked, western 8 pounds or over 22c23e. Live poultry, leghorn broilers 2 pounds or over 32c(R34c. T (thcr articles unchanged. LIBERTY BONDS NEW YORK, June 15. (A.P.) U. S. government bonds closed : Liberty 3's $101.11; first 4's $102.22; second 4's $100.27; third 4's $101.12: fourth 4s $103.2; treasury 3's $101.24; treasury 4-s $104.7; treasury 4's $108.0. EAST BUFFALO LIVESTOCK EAST BUFFALO. N. Y., June 13. (A. P.) Cattle receipts 75; active and steady. Hogs receipts 1.600; best grades steady. Pigs 25c' lower: hesvv $14,250 14.35; medium $14.75(?f 15.00: mixed $15.00 j.iu.20; yorkers. $ia.2.taa.a; light yorkers and pigs $15.50& 15.73; roughs, $12.50: stags n.00.50. . Sheep and lambs receipts 100; active anu uncnangeu. XEW.YORK PBODICK NEW YORK. June 15. (A.P.)-But(er easy; receipts 21,040; creamery extras 02 score 41cS41c: creamery firsts 88 to ui score -3eoji;40c ; packing stock cur rent make No. 2, 31c. . Cheese steady t reeetnte S1S.738. Eggs steady, receipts 61,020: Pacific ;oasi wnites, extre nrste lic(ij!38c. Will Attend Harvard Mrs. Eva Stewart, principal of the grade schools and one of her teachers, Miss Idessa Rinker, will both pcr-sue Mimmer courses at Harvard" University and will live during that time with Miss Madaline Rinker, a sister of Miss Rinker, ivho has been teaching near Cambridge, ' . toast Trip Planned Mrs. Annie "White anJ her sister, Mrs. Lettie Ege, of Wilklnsburg,, expect to leave in a few days for an. extended visit to California and Washington, where they will visit a brother, a sister, uncle and aunt. They will be gone for sometime. Mrs,. "White "left Mount Union Thursday to join her sister at Pittsburg. w Teacher Signed 1 Xewton Taylor, jr., who was recently graduated from Juniata college, has signed a contract to teach latin and history in the Bellefonte High echbol next year. Students Home Tom Weyant and Dick Fetterolf, Penn State students, have been spending a few days here with their respective home folks but have returned to finish their year's work at that institution. Son Graduate Frank Xeusbaum, a graduate of the local High school, the only eon of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Xeusbaum of Market street. Is one of the clas of young men to be graduated from Penn State this spring. Mr. Neusbaum has maintained a high average in his four years work there. CLAYSBURG The Rev. Maddock of Altoona, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lingenfelter. Miss Dorothy Miller of Spring Meadow spent Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H; H. Rhodes. Mrs. William Cam and Miss Margaret Cam visited Mrs. Charles Cam, who is a patient at the Xason hospital at Roaring Spring. Park Carn visited at the home of his mother, Mrs. Lucinda Carn at Oster. burg. . . Mrs. Frank Moore and son, Robert, have returned to their home after spending the wek-end at Huntingdon. Bible Class Meets . Among those who attended the Bible class exercises at the Brethren church at Leamereville were: Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lingenfelter and daughter, L'u-cretia Black, Gladys Lingenfelter, Mrs. David Miller and daughter, Ruth, Mrs. Henry Rhodes and daughter, Sara, Mrs. Grace Baker and children, Ruth Benton and Louise Gladfelter. PREDICTS SUBSTITUTES FOR VARIOUS METALS PHILADELPHIA, June 15. (A.P.) Practical substitutes for iron and other metals will have been discovered and given to the world long . before the present .'supply is exhausted. Dr. D. B. Steinman, national president of upon the resourcefulness and ingen-eers, assured members of the organization meeting at the 12th annual conference here. "Civilization and progress depend upo nthe resourcefulness and ingenuity of the engineer to solve each successive problem of vanishing resources," said Dr. Steinman. Science will dispense with many metals -now considered Indispensable, he added. STANDING ARMIES ...' C ' " . 1 '. R e p u bl i c '& War Secretary Makes Statement Dur ing Address (By Associated Press to Altoona Tribune) TOCSON, Arizona, June 15. While Europe is talking peace and preparing for . war, Mexico rapidly is reducing her standing army, it is etated by Division. General Francisco Serrano, secretary of war during' the regime of President Alvare Obregon. "After the revolution of 1920," General. Serrano said, "Mexico, as required by a process of amalgamation of the different groups that Joined in the general movement an army of 100,000 men. Steadily this number has been reduced until It now has reached 40,000 and the objective of 30,000 is close at hand. . ' "Mexico has no military problem as far as the outside world is concerned," he continued. "It maintains its standing army for police purposes onjy and not with an eye to International complications, either to the north or south. "For the first time in its history the Mexican government has money and Instead of spending it in preparation for war, it is usiig it on roads and other civil improvements." BELLWOOD The Lutheran church vacation Bible school has an enrollment ot forty-seven doing departmental work under direction of the pastor, the Rev. H. N. Walker, who himself is in charge of the senior class. Miss Pearl Persing has the intermediate group, Mrs. H. N. Walker the juniors, Misses Sarah Wentzel and Thelma Wertz the little folks. ' There will be a meeting of the Ladies'. Auxiliary to the Pennsylvania Railroad Y. M. C. A. at the home of Mrs. Effie MarWey on Thursday evening. A covered-dish luncheon will be served. Miss Charlotte Enyeart, of Saxton, Is a guest of Miss Dorothy Hoover, of East Main street. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Douglass and Mr. and Mrs. William Sitman, jr., have been entertaining over the week-end a party of Altoona honor of Mrs. Sitman's steter, Miss Gertrude Evans, of Ithaca, N, Y. The party en-joved cottage life at Llnd's Crossing. Mr. and Mrs. John Fuoss, Master Kenneth and little Emniallne, of Mc-Keesport, have been guests for several days of Belhvood friends. renewlng old acquaintances. , - Altoona Girl Student Gets Degree at College DELAWARE, O., June 16. Bertha M. Gates, 410 Pine avenue, and Catherine Lantz, J513 Oak avenue, Altoona, will receive the bachelor of arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan university at the university's rtghty.-secbnd annual commencement here today. 7 Personals "- ' iwinmnn, & X ' i & " i ; k . 1 X I Central Press Photo Johnny Mack Brown, star of many a football contest with the University of Alabama has been stopped in his tracks and! Dan Cupid was the tackier. Cornelia Foster, daughter of Judge and Mrs. H. B. Foster, is how Mrs. Johnny Mack Brown, as the culmination of a romance that started at the great Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, Calif., CHILD WANTED TO CARE FOR BX married woniau, will have good home, best of care, good references. . Dial 2-1477. THE MARGERY O. BEAUTY SHOPFE Marcelling, Facials, Shampooing, Mani curing, scalp treatments aim uair liming. Enecto $7. Evening appointments. 1303 16th St. Dial 2-7007. HALF MOON CAMP For girts, on Clemson's farm, 7 mllei from State College. Periods Jane 28th to July 10th. Ages 14 to 18, and July Eth to July 24th. Ages 10 to 14. Three councillors and a house mother in charge. Address Inquires to: S. C. Clemson. 218 E. College Ave., State College, Penn a. 10 Strayed, Lost, Found TERRIER BOSTON BUM., MALE dog lost, brindle, white ring around neck and white front. Reward if returned to 1710 14th Ave. or dial. 2-2764 POCKETBOOK BLACK. CONTAINING mini 01 money, P. It. R. pass, drivers license and money order. Reward if returned to 1526 4th Ave., City. S10.00 BILL LOST MONDAY AFTER- noon In Mcurory or vvoiwortn a ec iv cent stores or between 11th Ave. and 14th St. Return to 2025 Washington Ave. Reward. DOG MALE, POLICE AND COLLIE crossed, light tan with white ring around neck and white front feet. . Answers to the name of "Cappy." Key-ward if returned to Apartment 0, UQB Twelfth avenue or call 6750. BILL FOLD BLACK LEATHER, CON- tnining over J50.00, driver's and owner's car license and P. R. R. work pass. Liberal reward if returned to 620 6th Aev., Juniata. WRIST WATCH GOLD WITH BRACE- let lost, on Juniata 3rd St. car or rfom 11th Ave. and 13th St., to Cal-let's Dress Shop. Reward If finder will dial 2-7021. - DOG GEKMAN POLICE, , LOST, brown and black, 4 months old. Re-, ward if returned to 1000 8th Ave. DOG MALE, PART SHEPHERD, found on Margaret Ave. Owner can have same by calling at 1912 Margaret Ave. RING GEAR FOR . BUICK TRUCK, lost between Altoona and Hollidays-, burg. Finder please eall 901R14 Holll-daysburg. Reward. ' W. J. . Holland, Jfewry, Ta. r AUTOMOTIVE 11 Automobiles for Sale T USED CARS 1020 ESSEX COACH. 924 . ESSEX COACH, V 1925 WILLTS KSIGHT C0CPE. 1023 OVERLAND 4 SEDAN, ' 3 BARGAINS IN TOCRISGS. ' BLAIR OVERLAND CO.. "Si; 706 12TH ST., MAIN OFFICE, . 11S27 9TH AVE. DEPENDABLE USED OARS A TRUCKS DODGE 4 PASS.. COCPE. DODGE. TOURINGS (3), DODGE ROADSIERS (2.) DODGE SCREEN TRUCKS- (3). DODGE PANEL TRUCK. AND OTHERS. WE HAVE MOVED OUR CARS TO THE ' MOTOMART BLDG., BEALE AVE. 27TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR. , CRAMER-ARBLE AUTO CO., , i"20 11TH AVE. . 11 Automobiles for Sale ,., RELIABLE , USED CARS 1 Below Is aeleet list of a few bargains we are offering ' todat' ;;' 1 chandler coach. -franklin touring, oldsmobile touring. 1023 HUDSON COACH. . , , 1025 CHRYSLER SEDAN. , - 1025 STAR SEDAN. 1022 CHANDLER COACH. 1022 FORD SEDAN. . 1023 FORD SEDAN. 1024 FORD COUPE. 1023 BUICK MASTER SIX COACH. CHEVROLET TOURING. OLDSMOBILE ROADSTER, S100. CHEVROLET TOURINGS (8) S100. CHEVROLET TOURING, 100. . ' WE HAVE MANY OTHER BARGAINS AT THE SHOW ROOM. 2300 W- 9TH AVE. BINDER-McNELIS MOTOR CO. A1J THE MOTOR MARKET, GREEN AVE. COR. 8TH ST. USED CARS OAKLAND COUPE, 1026. OLDSMOBILE COACH, 1925. FORD COUPE, 1925. HUDSON COACH, J926.. CHEVROLET "COUPE, 1926. OLDSMOBILE, i PASS. COLTE.. OLDSMOBILE 6 TOURING. ;, STUDEBAKER SPECIAL 0 COUPE. STUDEBAKER SPEC 6 TOURING. STUDEBAKER LIGHT 6 TOURING. BUICK 4 CYL. TOURING 1924. . CHEVROLET TOURING 1923. WE HAVE 31 OTHER CARsT RANG ING FROM 150 TO 300. WE SELL NEW BUICKS. 1 CITY AUTO SALES CO., 1000 18th St. 11 Automobile For Sale 80CNO used CARS ITORD COUPE 1924 BALLOON TIREa DISC WHEELS. $275.00. CHEVROLET SEDAN 1924 BUMPERS, SNUBBERS, SPARE TIRE, DISC WHEELS. LIKE NEW. PRICE $450. FORD 1923 4-DOOR SEDAN, ONLY DRIVEN 6 MONTHS. JUST LIKE NEW. $425.00. ' v CHEVROLET COUPE 1023 NOT BAD AT $175.00. ZOU CAN RELY ON A USED CAR WHEN BOUGHT FROM A CHEVROLET DEALER, MURRAY-CHEVROLET CO- 1925 UNION AVE. . USED CARS SPECIAL PRICES ON USED CARS 'ALL THIS WEEK. 1 Ford Roadster 1921 . 1 Ford Roadster 1022 , 1 Ford Roadster 1022 . 1 Ford Roadster 1923 ., $35.00 40.00 ............ 45.00 45.00 1 Ford Roadster 1923 75.00 1 Ford Roadster 1923 ..' ....123.00 1 Ford Roadster 1024 .............145.00 1 Ford Touring 1921 60.00 2 Ford Touring 1922 05.00 1 Ford Touring 1022 ...100.00 1 Ford Touring 1923 ......123.00 1 Ford Coupe 1922 ................109.00 1-Ford Coupe 1923 ..110.00 1 Ford Sedan 1020 .'..'...'.... ......1 50.00 1 Ford Sedan 1921 .....;. 70.00 lVFo'rd Ton open express Truck, 1921 .40.00 1 Ford Ton open express Truck, 1922 100.00 lFord U Ton oDen exnress Truck. 1923 ............123.00 lFnrd V, Ton onen exnress Truck. 1924 ....125.00 1 Chevrolet Ton open express Truck, 1922 75.00 1 Ford U Ton Panel body' Trcfc? ' ' UB2. 73.00 lFord V, Ton Panel bodv Truck. 1923 110.00 lFord V, Ton Panel bod Truck. ' 1923 123.00 1 Dodge Panel Body Truck, 1021 100.00 1 Ford Ton Truck, 1921 .......... 65.00 1 Ford ton Truck, 1923 '....,75.00 1 Ford Ton. Truck, 1923 ....... ..475.00 GBTTMAN MOTOR fOMPANY, ' Corner Beale tc Union Avenues. ' ; SEE BRUBAKER. OrEN EVENINGS. DIAL 6141. LEGAL NOTICES APPLICATION FOR CHARTER In the Court of Common Fleas of Blair County, Pennsylvania, of March term, 102B. Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the above Court on the 21st day of June, A. D.. 1920, at. o'clock a. m.. under the Act of Assembly of . the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled, -An acc 10 Provide for the Incorporation and Regulation of Certain Corporations, aDDroved Anril 29. 1874, and the sev eral ' supplements and amendments thereto, lor tne unarter 01 an iniena ed cornoration to be called The Fifty Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal Church or iaoraao, Altoona, Pennsylvania. The purpose of said proposed corDoration being the support of pub lic worship of Almighty God according to the faith, doctrines, usages and discipline of the Fifty-Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal ; Church- of Eldorado, Altoona, Pennsylvania, and for this purpose: To have and possess and enjoy all rights, benefits and privileges or said act 01 Assemoiy ' and the several amendments and sup-nlpmentli thereto. The proposed charter is now en file in the Frotnonotary s umce at Hoiuaayg burg. D. LLOYD CLAYCOMB, Solicitor, Second National Bank Bldg. may 21-28 Je 4-11-16 V SPECIAL. . USED . ' ' : CARS . 1926 MOON ROADSTER This car was owned and driven by Frank Lockhart winner of the Indianapolis auto races. It is equipped with the famous Miller racing .carburetor, ditch lights, motor meter, bumpers, Watson stabllators. Priced right. 1,923 STUTZ r Special 690 Touring. A car that has real ' power and speed. Can be bought on reasonable terms. 1923 NASH 4 CYL. CARRIOLE This ; car has all the original tires oh. Motor in perfect shape. $430 buys this ne. "BUY WITH CONFIDENCE." PENN MOTORS, INC., Cor. th St. and Green Ave. FOR BALE BUICK 1924, Master Six Sedan, run is.uuu miles. BUICK 1925, Standard Six Sedan, good bargain. FORIV-Two door sedan 1924. FORD Coupe 1921. BUICK Six Touring 1924. CHEVROLET Coupe 1924. AND other good buys. BUICK SALES tc SERVICE, 330 MUlberry St., Hollldsysburg. '. . .. USED, CABS .--. ;,;.', ,:;..,..; NASH TOURING 19241 BUJCK TOURING 1025. WILLYS KNIGHT SEDAN. NASH SPECIAL TOURING DEMON 8TRATOR 1020. NASH ADVANCED 6 COACH 1923. AND SEVERAL OTHER GOOD , USED, CARS. LOOK THIS OVER BEFORE YOU BUY ELSEWHERE. ARBLE AUTO CO.. 2200 BEALE AVE. STEP ON THE GAS WHY WATCH OTHERS when you can get a good used ear at the right price? Here are a few of our specials, all tuned up -and ready . to go. . OLDSMOBILE SEDAN, 1924. OAKLAND SPORT TOURING, 1921. MAXWELL COUPE. 4 PASS.. 1921.1 FOUR OTHER GOOD USE0' CARS AT A BARGAIN. ( WM. PENN AUTO CO., 808 GREEN AVE. ' N 1 6 Repairing, Service Stations AUTO PAINTING AND UPHOLSTER- uj mnier curtains, slip covers, winter tons and sheet metal work. Gett-man Motor Co., c. M. Piper, manager. ABTO TRUCK REPAIRING ISO PER ujr ti-i raecnanic. jj'ree towing, prompt service, reasonabla rates.' . S. O. CARSON, -210 20th Ave. Dial 80V3. 18 Business Services Offered EXCAVATING GRADING A 8TOM work, cement work a specialty, al mountain coal. Geo. Ventre, 321 Byron Ave., Llyswen. Dial 2-5000. FLOORS NEW ft OLD SURFACED & unianeu, new noors laid. Walter T. Behe, 731 19th Ave. Dial 2-0085. LAWNS GARDENS, SHRUBBERY, work of all kinds, done by expert, work guaranteed, reasonable prices. J. Elwood Kougb, Dial 9003. 19 Building and Contracting GENERAL CONTRACTING ALL Kinds done. Guaranteed cement work a specialty. Estimates cheerfully give-;. Call or drop a card to HEATON & LE FEVEP, 1717 Sixth Ave.. BAYLOR BROS. CONTRACTORS 811 East Sixth Ave. If you are going to build, it will pnv you to see us. We carry at all times, a large stock of lumber, sash, doors, moldings, roofing, cellotex, wall board and concrete blocks. The quality , and prices are right. Dial 2-1234 for estimates. 22 Heating, Plumbing, Roonirs ROOFS REPAIRED ALL KINDS OF Tinning, Spouting and Furnaces, re- Salrs. Call J. C. Woomer, 811 28th St. ial 49Si. . . 23 Insurance and Surety Bonds BDDISILL INSURANCE AGENCY ', 1 INSURANCE PERSONAL HOME BUSINESS AUTOMOBILE 24 Laundering WASHINGS WANTED BY RELIABLE lady, prices reasonable, done on a Maytag electric washer. Inquire 1301 1st St., Altoona. WASHINGS TO DO AT HOME ON Maytag electric washer by reliable womau, will call for and deliver. 170U 7th Ave,,JunIata. 25 Moving, Trucking, Storage LOCAL & XONG DISTANCE HAUL- ing, coal and shale. Prompt service. W. E. Long, 502 53rd St. Dial 4755. FOR LOCAL MOVING & DRAYING Give us a call. We give Prompt and efficient service. O. W. Lobmis' Transfer, Dial 2-52S9, 212 Cherry Ave. 26 Painting Papering rA PEKING PAINTING ANY, DE-tlgns copied, samples furnished upon request. Interior and exterior painting, best grades of paint used. Prompt and courteous treatment. For estimates call O, G. BAISH, 611 1st Ave. Dial 2-7213. PAPERING PAINTING BY SKILL- od workmen on short notice, cheap rates., B. C. Barker, 1811 20th St. Dial 2-0505. ' PAINTING A PAPERING ON SHORT ' notice, we specialize Interior decorat-. ing for hemes, churcnes, etc., graining In any style, guaranteed to he perfect, give us a trial and economize yourself. Phone 8578 or call at Store. Altoona Painting & Decorating Co., Inc.. 822 ,8th Ave. Open evenings except Thursdays. PAINTING & PAPERING DONE BY i experienced men, old established, any design followed. Estimates free. No job too large or too small, for Quality and Prices see H. L. Wilson, Wm. PenD Hotel Blilg. Dial 2-1594. 29 Repairing and Refinishing FURNITURE REPAIRED UPHOL-stered, we are equlped to make oc re- ' pair all kinds. Furniture, Window and Door Screen to order. East End Repair Shop, 324 E. Harrison Ave. Dial 4706.- r : - ' 12 Auto Trucks, Tractors. USED TRUCKS STEWART Model 13," 1 ton. TRAFFIC 1 ton. FORD 1 ton. FORD Roadster, slip on body. Stewart Distributor. IVORY'S GARAGE. 710 23rd St. Dial 3797. c EMPLOYMENT 32 Help Wanted Female GIRL FOR PLAIN COOKING AND, downstairs work. Comfortable living :' quarters. Dial 2-9307. STENOGRAPHER WITH 'KNOWL- erlgo of bookkeeping. Call between 10 and 12 a. m. Wednesday for appointment Dial 2-0064. . ; LADIES WE PAY STRAIGHT 40c AX hour, advertising and distributing sain- pics homo and offices. Send addressed stamped envelope.. Denison, Bcckel Bldg., 1604, Daytop, Ohio. WOMAN FOR KITCHEN WORK ANl pantry. Apply to the C'bef, Penn Altu Hotel. ' 1 . , , , 13 Auto Accessories, Tires. FORD TOURING CAR IN GOOD CON- ditlon, - excellent rubber and paint, very reasonable. Inquire 200 ' Maple Ave., Hollldaysburg. Phone 482W. FIRESTONE TRUCK TIRES ARE standard equipment on hundreds of the largest industrial and commercial fleets, let us service your truck. BURKET'S GARAGE. 411 29th St. . , Dial 4236. 15 Motorcycles and Bicycles BARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE 1919 for ssle, cheap. Inquire at 720 5th Are., Juniata. LADIES EARN SI HOUR ADDRE8S- lng cards home In spare time, Experience unnecessary. Enclose stump. V. S. Industries, Dept. 130, Lock Bus 1203. Chicago. 1 ' 33 Help Wanted Male PAINTERS APPLY TO DAY 7.I.M-mernian Engineering & Constriction Co., Saxton, Pa. LABORERS 23, WANTED, STEADY work, good pay. Apply in person. Blnir Limestone Co., Blair Four. DEMONSTRATOR TOILET GOODS, road work. Call evening. Colonial Hotel, Marie Schaefer. COLLECTOR EXPERIENCED ON small monthly accounts. Must know city and be able to furnish first class reference anil bond. Best paying col- , leetlng position In the city. Mr. Mc-Elllgott, Wayne Hotel. TILLIE THE TOILER By WESTOVEl rVAJHV SO S ( 1 &OM'T, 'MWC I J CHEER. UP. MACU I VEH.tlO l r ma.c ? I TELL. iM(5 you Mt-SS kL-eT vm--)J miI-MTh AD, .J THAT IT'S GOIMQ BE HEREr ZfZXL&I? IwD TO BE LONESOME -TS f ,SA , " I . jkl O I'- fc Ku Fy .. r,- ;" - . UCDC'S A. DlCTUftE OF HE VOO CAM POTi T iTHAT'L.1-1 11 1 1 ii-kj-U 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! ' "Li-:--."! ft V i.

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