The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1941
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V OI.UMR xxxvin—NO. 21 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST .»«..«.„T^! ~_1~:~~~:*' +" ^ A-^ » * k3 BlytheviHe Daily News Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader BROADWAY By WALTER W1NC1IELL Private Papers 01 a Cub Reporter Democracy, today is in more Danger in Milwaukee and Detroit —than in the Balkans.. .Strikes and lockouts may deliver the knockout punch io the American way ol iJlG-thaL the Pansier divisions can- noi. it is time for plain talkin» ijemocmcy depends upon the individual... It cannot survive upon the blood and sweat, and I.PPIN of The Other PelIO\Y. ..Unless management and labor are each ready «> yield a point, Democracy will be lorc-ed io yield the Held. By June, one and a half million Americans will have lea their and jobs for the Army and -These boys are an exam- Pl* oi .sacrifice to both labor and capital...Their lives may depend upon American factories producing materials m time.. .Because Hitler's warehouses already are burst- NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BMTHEVHJ,B f ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APR]7 4 10, with ammunition against us all. for use These American boys know that the Battle of the Argonne was net fought on any six-hour day— with lime and a half for overtime ...And they know, too, that the British Braced For Nazi Drive; Berlin Is Bombed Minute Men never wasted liy United l'r(>ss British armies in Greece and Africa braced them selves today for a collision with the "leg forces. Adolf Hitler's southeastern offensive and the drive oi his divisions toward Egypt was fast becoming a major threat to Britain', 0 whole position in the Miclctie East—the vital -Suez Canal, waiting for a dividend check -..The hour is too late for bickering... The time has come for all of us to think of public duty —instead of private right.. .Every -strike in the nation could be .settled at once if the executive in the front of nee (who gets $21 a day) and the man in the overalls (who gets $42 a week) would remember this: That the American soldier • who gets $21 a month) is ready to die for them both! a sec-1 the oil fields of Asia Minoi Despite the fact that Yugoslavia is on the side of the British. Lord Halifax telephoned the Yugoslavian Minister, and in a veddy Brit-tish broad "A" lingo, said: "I do not believe there is any sort of agreement, between our nations. Don't you rilly think there should be one?"...To which the Yugoslavian Minister replied: "I don't think it is-necessary. Friendship is so much more important than a scrap of paper, which can be torn up at any time." They tell it on the 'Movie Coast ...Recently Mickey Rooney. while going through a &crapbook of a press agent friend, saw a photo,.of Mcki, Lester. - Mickey -remarked that he r d like meeting her The publicist phoned the actress about it..."I dunno," she hesitated. "After all. I have an eight-year-old son. almost as big as Mickey." However, she said it would be okay to bring Mickey over... On the date-night Mickey arrived at Miss Lester's manse on time. The maid let him in and deposited him in the living room...The press agent hadn't told Rooney that Vicki had a son almost his size, so when Mickey saw a toy electric train and tracks all laid out on the floor, he saw red and exploded to the maid: "You :e!l Mibs Lester that I may be little, but I don't play with trains—and that her jokes aren't funny!".. .And that's why Mickey walked out and didn't keep his dale with her.. .Hollywood is hysterical about, it. Arthur Krock got agitated over the threat of Gov't censorship, and yelled. "Boo!" in his New York Times colyuni. One neighbor he failed to scare was the Topics of the Times pillarist. a column to his left. The Topicker. the very next day. kicked off: "Freedom o~f the press was never more widespread or more secure than u is today".. .Hollywood reporters are ganging up against a censor threat. It would violate the freedom of the press, they feel, if they were made to agree on whom' Betty Grable is eating her dinners with ...When Greek rookies reach the iront line trenches they arc instructed how to tell Italian privates from officers...The officers they are told, are the ones with their pan us down. and the gateway to India and the East. So far there has been no report of a meeting between the British expeditionary force in Greece and the Nazi columns slashing down through the Vardar gateway, but oontacu was expected at any time. The Greeks were resisting inch by inch in an attempt to cut down [he momentum of the German drive and Athens reported that Yugoslav troops driven back in South Serbia were attempting- to rally. From Budaest came an unconfirmed rumor that Belgrade cap- | itulated. German quarters said i (hey had no report, of such ae- TECTG SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ERU.N, April .10. (UP) — The Royal Air Force raided munique issued todav, .,_ fire to the State Opera'House and the Prussian State Li-, brary on Unter den Linden, I the capital's principal thor-' o ugh fa re. The Prussian State Library is opposite the palace of Emperor William 1 and the great monument ' of Frederick the Great at the east- end Oof Unter Den Linden It was completed in 1914. The Opera House is in the immediate vicinity. It was erected in 1743 resto-- ed after a fire, in 1843). The official ' communique describing the raid, said the British planes dropped explosive and fife bombs which killed and wounded several persons. In addition to the Library and the Opera House W. A. (Bill} Crews Local Flyer May La sill Job Taking Bombers Overseas A well-known Blytheville riving instructor has gone to Canada where he hopes to land a new' flying Job that probably will con- National Agencies Reported Considering Vast Expansion Set-Up WASHINGTON. April 10. (UP)— National defense agencies were reported authoritatively today to be con.suierinu the application of pressure on armament contractors in order to .spread the defense program OI-J.M- 30,000 more industrial concerns. Defense officials seek greatly expanded productive facilities. Some 20,000 companies are engaged in defense work now. Defense officials want to get at least 50,000 at work. Methods for reaching that figure, one authoritative source said, include: ' 1- Rcflisal to Approve federal eans for expansion of planUs. when there urc existing unused facilities. 1 Rcflisal lo certify expansion of facilities as necessary to national defense for the purpose of easing military dam- than he had henMn II veaix* age was caused, the communique | W. A. (Bill, 'crews who : has jlown 6000 hours in the air- and tax statutes, are unused. if available plants FDR Agrees To Oppose Invasion; Asks Power To Buy Seized Vessels WASHhNGTON, April 10 (UP) — Pivsidmit Rno.scvoll declaring (.hat "our own ultimate defense will be rendered futile" ^ i- r d - U ? dcr - Ameri <*n Protection and defense against any foreign ag to «b !U1 utter Night fighter planes and anti- 11 of the velopment but Budapest reports of German successes in Yugoslavia have been followed by Berlin^ confirmation 24 hours later. German Panzer divisions, pos- j sibly aided by Croat fifth columnists, appeared to be sweeping into the country of rich northern provinces of Yugoslavia. The entry of German troops into Zagreb, "ancient capital oi' Croatia and the second city of Yugoslavia, was reported by Zagreb radio station. An mieanfirmed Budapest- report also said "Belgrade had capitulated. , " The reported German advance seemed to be compressing the remaining Yugoslav armies into the ravines and valleys of Vosines, Hervegonia, Montenegro and North west Serbia. Fro mthese localities it appeared the Yugoslavs could raiding planes while they were en route to Berlin, it said. Th official news agency later increased the claimed British loss to 13 planes. umil airport at the as flying instructor for the past six years, left here with his family for Toronto, Ontario, where he will take a six weeks' "instrument rating" test after which he hopes to be assigned by the British government to ferry" bombers to England, across the Atlantic. If he qualifies after six weeks on m lo contracts, further working o,, do- army and navy inspectors find there Is an overload und delays are threatened. Defense officials have urged manufacturers in southern stutes to Hie Inventories of factory equipment with the federal' reserve banks, hoping, to spread tho program over the south. Governors of Alabama. Louisiana, 'Mississippi South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia yesterday urged President can be moved from Ami-He ports today askoci congress -^L*"^^^ i or legislation empowering him to requisition and pay lor any foreign vessels immobilized in United States waters. The president requested legislation In a special message to congress nccompnniod by the proposed «mtt of u resolution which would accomplish his objective. The legislation would j>i\v him full power to take over all of (i!) Danish. Italian and German ships which were taken into protective custody in American ports two weeks ago. The president meantime called Ul . m^the policy-making " W ar cabi- O f progress oT^nicllcT's'^ir ^'u? m-f '^m luesrm . v "Mu-rnoon following gram and presumably for a con- fl SJir? 1 P™ *?""' wcrc hold ference on extension of further y,w-i- \ 1<rl ; nnnl1 c ^ncl"ut a material assistance to Britain T , Ulls (llit -'nioon with burial Attending the meeting ' ; tl ' num C( ' mfMf ^' sovereignty on Greenland L^ Greenland, .will remain a TJic White House said he acted er receiving reports that Ger- innn planes Imve been flyin^ over tne vast ice-capped Island. Under the agreement the United states proposes to make certain that Denmark will retain its control of Greenland and the United f, , P^ d B es Protection of the I iw , • - island during the period in which band Were Among Farlv De " ma , rc ^ under Nazi domination. n , _. L UUII b Jjdu y Speaking: for the president, while house'; Secretary Stephen P ly. said Greenland or any oth- Scttlei'M Of County OSCEOLA, Ark.. April 10—Fu- •wvlues for Mrs. Mary Eliza- K pioneer resident died at her home Tennessee Statesman Rallies After Collapse In Memphis Hotel MEMPHIS. April 10 (UP) _ --»-*'«."•.-k» «."•_ i u£uoui v;> LULUU TiQ,,, m hope to carry on little more than , uemou ; £U - Tennessee, -father of airmail in the United States." and co-leader with E. H. Crump of the guerrella warfare unless by fierce counter attacks they could" 'regain control of part of the valley an£ river system along which Yugoslavia's communications routes run and on which her principal centers are located. Marksman Shoots For Kiwanis Entertainment Grant Ilseng. one of America's greatest marksmen and skeei and trap shooting champion, gave an exhibition" 1 at the airport yesterday lor members of the Kiwanis club. The exhibition followed the weekly luncheon meeting of the group at the Hotel Noble. J. T. Smith was in charge of the program. of training the Blytheville man Ro °sevelt to give the south be sent to Newfoundland from where he will take the giant bombing planes to Britain. Mr. Crews has trained more greater share. They charged thai there is a trend toward centraliza- aian 300 student fliers in-.n..,ye^> tion which is symptomatic of a dnnuerous national condition. ...••' f ., . ,— - ". uTh6 BPyernors told Mr. Roosevelt oi i lying- and said he never turned ! f l n southern states had been" out a pilot who was later killed in all °cated only seven per cent of an airplane crash until a year ago ! the total 37.500,000,000 spent thus when two or his former students j far r ° r defense contracts, and only crashed at Hayti. Mo., and were 24 ° r 302 new munitions plants L" 1 1 I f\ rl ' * ' rotary of State Cordcll Hull, Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgen- ihau Jr.. Secretary of War Henry ,„,,,, ,,„,, L. Stlmson, SecreUiry of Navy ,111', ", , „ Frank Knox, and Admiral H «1 > S ^£' R R.nrlt />U) 0 r «r i .. Ul '\innim. Stark, chief of naval operations Warrj' L. Hopkins, Informal secretary of the so-called "war cabinet." also was present. Meanwhile, there were increasing' Indications that tho ndminlstra- tion plans to transfer American .cargo vessels and. additional by the Earl Humble, ministerial" stu- ° f Ulu ' IULa CoH e Arkadcl- Kolser, A ' WhU ° lcy Mrs. Seymour suffered n fractured hip in a fall at her home two weeks ago and her condition been mo worse Tuesday morning Her husband, the late George M. Seymour who died 10 years URO H n iv% n**f«. *»-»._» * i «,. o» the 80-acre fnnn at . r- ships to .Great Britain to hnlnU Vcnrs . -ago w keen the British life-line nc oss tl J °r WQS al1 ln ^ oocls l ^-^ E when that killed. He flew as \ "cotton-dstuer for four years, then instructed persons interested in flying. He die! not renew his instructor's license Pwerful Shelby county political'this year because he the and will The 72-year-old senator was just officials to ferry planes" to Fni-' coming down from his room and land, he told friends here suffered the attack as he stepped j Crews is headed for one of from an elevator. Nat Hurdle, as- ! hardest tasks in sistam manager of the hotel re- ' ported. He recovered quickly. Hurdle said, but was taken to his room. A physician was summoned 'immediately. Hurdle said the senator did not appear ill and that a few minutes after the attack he was apparently all right again Meyer Davis, the orchestra man relays the story about Tallulah Bankhead. who gave a wedding feast 1 at the Ritz in Philly last week for Eugenia Rawls of he: cast, who married Donald Sewall of the Securities and Exchange Commission .... Tallulah was as happy as the bride...She exclaimed: "You must let me give the wedding feast right after the show!" ...And so. ot the Ritz. Tal- tUlah instructed the maitre d'hotel: "Bring us your finest caviar ihe biggest wedding cake you can find, plenty of champagne and—' ...The headwaitcr interrupted: "May I suggest seme fresh asparagus, moddom?" "Heavens, no!" shrieked Taiiu- lah. "that's too expensive!" Stop Is Correct Steele Child Dies James Wayne Gipson. one-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gipson of Steele. died at 2:30 today at Walls Hospital. Funeral arrangements are in-| complete. German Funeral Home, Steele, i.s in charge. Funeral Services For Mrs, Hodge To Be Held Mrs. Ella Hodge. 63. wife of G W. Hodge of near Gosnell an* mother of five Bltheville residents, died at her home Tuesday night. She had recently been ill and apparently was recovering when she suffered a relapse that cost her life. Funeral services will be held at 10 a. m. tomorrow at North Saw- ba Cemetery, conducted by the Rev. H. Greair:. pastor of the Second Baptist church. Survivors include the husband, need the Draining course in Toronto before undertaking to fly bombers across the seas. They will be quite different to the small "Cub- ships he has been piloting here Sentenced To 2 Years For Forgery SENTENCED TO—24 STY— Calvin Owens, charged with uttering a forged instrument, wa.s sentenced by Judge Nell Killouffh Two Seek Divorces Two divorce petitions were filed m Chancery Court here today They were: Tylona Jnrratt vs. C. B. Jarratt, and Lottie Carmon Green vs. David Green. . . ..... after a jury returned a ver- North Atlantic intact. Release of 10 Coast Guard cutters to the British navy, presumably for convoy service, was believed to be the forerunner of the England, but was in when the TO™ - * n F^nce in j IB/U; he and a clnssmaie left col- to Franco to join war v« wiiv. bl tlllfell.'] Ul J Ihn PVn.-, 1 r J more fighting ships. Announcement 1 ™L • ,! forccs ' R(i «-«rnJng to of the transfers was' made ns Brit'-I JJ I>P ' hn mnrrlecl nnci came to ish Prime Minister Winston'Chur-' ,'f lpl Count >'- where he taught ''" ' r ocnooj at Carson Lake Mrs. Seymour nnd her children -spent several years in Memphis She leaves a daughter, Miss Beulah Seymour of Keiscr; a son t. nyt ° n Se - vn1011 ''. manager of Kroat Lepanlo; two sisters, ti- foreign possession in the Western Hemisphere, including Canada, will be defended if attacked by powers seeking the revise the status QUO of 'sovereignty. The agreement was signed by Mr. Roosevelt and Henrik de Kaucmnn, Danish minister, one year to the day after Germany invaded Greenland's mother country, Denmark. . ' chill warned in London that American aid to Britain would bo frustrated unless the submarine menace is ended. Acquisition of the Danish ships would make it 'possible to rcleasr- American merchant vessels in equal tonnage to" the British. d r the i T1 , luc "« °aydcn. Memphis, " , " -" v '"- *-" II.I.-HI, i)j (.111V !\fl.. r . T A d> 11-1 . S 1 shil * COUId bo rwold , i ° ^ : ^^^^--^.^ s .? r "- Cl!s • These developments cnnic as diplomatic relations between the United States nnd the Axis powers took a turn for the worse. Retali- dict of guilty in Circuit Court to- i atlng against this government's day> request for the recall of the Italian Owens, represented by Guy Walls, was charged with passing a forged check at Joe Isaacs. Inc., on June 17, 1940. The case of the state vs. Red Williams, charged with rieceiving Stock Prices G. W. Hodge; three daughters, Mrs. Gertrude Cook. Blytheville-' Mrs. Ben Ray. Dyersburg Term and Mrs. Enic Crawford, torance',' Cai.; five sons. R. j., Ferrell, Gordon and Wilton, all of Blytheville, and Eugene Hodge, Humbolt Tenn.; a sister. Mrs. James Goodlow Harrisburg. A rk.. and two brothers. Robert and Vince Prince. both of Trumann. Ark. Cobb Funeral Home 'is in charge. * u"s'"steei A T T Anaconda Copper Am Tobacco Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward stolen property, began after the recess for lunch today. Other cases in court yesterday and today were decided as follows: Louis | committed ! '^ '" a j observation, rp j! Ode11 Mulling, petty larceny, sen- „ , iji tfncfif - i-o a year on the Mississippi 4\ \~>\ CounL - v Penal farm, by jury. Rcp- r . re£entccj hy Percy Wri?ht. • v ^. John Lindley, grand larceny, pleaded guilty, suspended sentence. naval attache here. Italy demand*--! the withdrawal from Rome ot CapL Willinm C, Bentley, assistant American military attache there. The Italian government consented to withdraw its navnl attache Admiral Alberto Lais, charged by Mr. Roosevcli with ordering the sabotaging of the 28 Italian ves- M; three brothers, j. H. Collins Ada, Oklu.; T. H. Collins of Lewisburg. Miss., and B. W. Collins of Yaxoo City, " " Sprinkling System Saves Hospital Damage Five years ago u sprinkling system was installed in the boiler- room at. Blytheville Hospital. "V- Tuesday, rJghb it served as 'a mechanical fire department in extinguishing a small blaze in the boiler room before anyone knew the tire had started. A negro cook in. .-the basement of-the hospital \vas- the-first person 'to notify hospital'officials of' the fire. She rushed,.screaming,' to the first floor, after she heard the sprinkling system start to work Officials investigated, then called city firemen to drain the room of water. _. Damage was slight/ But the sprinkling system proved itself as a capable protector. Pirc Chief Roy Head said the lire probably started in a small • pile of oily varnishing cloths in • the room. Halifax, Hunter New York Cotton 93 1-2 31 1-4 Oscar Sawyer and Freddie Cobb. 41 1-4 , negroes, burglary and grand lar- 1-4J ceny. pleaded guilty, sentenced to 35 1-4 N Y Central 12 !-„ , North Am Aviation 13 1-21 PaPckard 23-4! Phillips Radio Republic Steel '. Socony Vacuum SUidebaker Standard Oil N j seven years in the state Harv peniton- Mar. May July Get. Dec. Jan. Prev Open High LOW Close Close 1107 1123 1107 1120 li(Hi 1119 1132 1119 1128 1115 1125 1115 1125 1109 1122 1117 1119 HOS 1122 1103 1118 1105 1121 1105 1121 Illf, 1111 1101 11(M 1103 37 1-2j 4 j 17 7-81 May 8 3-4 i Sept. 5 3-4 Chicago Corn NeW Orleans Cotton open high low close. 673-8 675-8 67 1-4 67 3-8 68 68 1-4 67 7-8 67 7-8 oumaara uu N J 74 7 41 T • ! - r Texas Corn «ll*\ In a smgle monlh (Jlll y- 1861)., Oct. iCXa>S C0lp 367-8 366 inches of rain fell in Cherra- \ Dec 53 3-8 l punji. India. ' Jan. Prev. Open Higli Low Close Close 1106 1124 1107 1124 1104 1126 1134 U19 1135 112! 1122 1132 1112 1J28 1109 1116 1128 1108 1128 1109 H16 1127 1116 1126 1110 1105 1123 1105 1123 1103 After 20 Years Of Nonsense, Four Marx Brothers WiFSplit Up HOLTjWVO{"M~\ \ M TT ^ 1 e i tarx mothers, who have been plav in a stri-'uht Hrimn' u-uv, \ <n\ n. onnjc and l don t "it means solittiim up a team chasing blonripc nnm^., i i .,_ _ . .__ 6 " L ur «t' I1 < 1 w »<-n | piay tne races and I can afford to i nf on ^nn^ ^f"«j«_ " to *a a S, b wheV'¥^ ^^ Sander "wSu £T^£ crackin^. wise on the screen ever j Noel Coward since the movies became the- talk-! Th 0 Marxes. who in the - J wood to admit they aren't the fun- men alive and rapidIv be- comedTteam^hf ^° St u pros P erous comin § f ™ier. are working now comedy teams in show hi, R m PSS in their final movie, an untitled u , Hnlk PlcUlreS ' one of ?h d> and u ' - e 1Ck * ° f th<? ! Comedy which finds with the merchandlse-and the Chicago Wheat - open high low close 903-4 911-4 901-8 905-8 Sept. 893-8 901-8 891-4 891-2 May Capt. Herve Le Huede of French liner Normandie, docked in New York, points his ship's telegraph at right word as Treasury Department indicates United States seize French .vessels, . •'When movies.^ explained burnt-corked; Seo^arfabm^ 0 ' "' mean the i beautiful salesladies-in "a ~de"part- peopie are about to get sick of us.! ment store. we're just an-I Groucho. known in this his llth n vei-v ^hnrf dema »d, and by • movie, as Wolf J. Flywheel; Kar- 'simtS? ta IL21 TS \^ ° U L st ^ »»'^ . never . .*«* Wed his n s growing stale. So are therefore, will become of humor and perhaps a a jazz mouth in the pictures, and Chico, who has banged a piano as it sel- » * * w *^ races and I can afford to l of 20 years standing, and a team is, of brothers, at that, and that good," reported Groucho. who functioned as spokesman. "I've saved my money and I don't get any fun out of picture making any more. I haven't got that oH zip; that old sparkle In the eye. And when you get to feeling like that, it's not fair to the people who pay their good money to see you. "What happened to us was, that we were defeated by our own specialty. The fake mustache, the dumb harp player and the little guy who chased the ladies, all were means a certain amount cf sadness. But everything passes, sadness included. Anyhow, I prefer never to work again, than make another Marx Brothers picture." Groucho made this pronouncement on the sidelines of a Mctro- Goldwyn-Mayer department store set. while his brothers stood under the lights and ogled the hosiery salesladies. The regular chase was about to begin. Groucho said their last picture looked like it might. funny at first. But it became sue- ' be pretty good, despite their lack' What the prooerlv cessively harder with each ictur of enthusiasm cessively harder with each picture; of enthusiasm. In any event, he hunter will » * , * w *^ -— • — -v • **•* v«w* **4UJi t-t* \*i t k/ZV i/**,* t *"* *•••** v*4 L4«jJnoui , jLil tlilV dom has been banged before, all j to top the one before. We couldn't ! said, he and his brother, hflvo bprnmp mripnPnrfn^M,, ^.o«i. ^«<- ^..*. _<• A v. • _______ ..... ^»u, nc ana nis OlOtneiS All Municipal Court : Appeals But One Upheld Only 15 appeal cases from Mu-. nicipal Court were on the docket cf Circuit Court this term', and all were affirmed except one. The only case in which a guilty vordlch was reversed was a trial yesterday of a case appealed by: Paul Freeman of Blytheville, convicted and fined $100 in Municipal Court last March 17 en a c arge of driving an automobile while under the influence of liquor. A six-man jury in Circuit Court reversed the decision after hearing the case. Freeman was represented by Claude F. Cooper. State policemen arrested the local man the night of March 15 after he had parked his car just off Highway 61 near the Country club after he had driven there from ft Blytheville beer parlor. Steele Farmer To Be Buried Tomorrow STEELE. Mo.. April 10.—J. W Burnette, 82-year-old farmer here for the past 30 years, died at his he me yesterday. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at the First Baptist church. Burial will be in Little. Prairie Cemetery at Caruthersville. Mr. Burnette was weIl-J;ncwn hrouehout Southeast Missouri. Ke :rms here from Indiana in 1911. r 'e was a member cf Odd Fei'ows ledge. Survivors include two sons. Geone A. Burnette, Steele. a Daughter, Miss Myrtle Burnette. Steele. U. S. WEATHER FORECAST will head with Lou Hbltz, and] 1929. smash film> weal- 1 get out of the groove, without get- ting out of the So we de- all the way out. their movie swan snorter. wear this spring is were do^ here exhibited by Lord HaH- o make fa*, British ambassador to U S. song a rip as he enjoys his tirsi hunt in . • - 1 ..'.'. America. ELVTHEVILLE — Mostly Cloudy tonight and Friday with showers late tonight and Friday. Wanner tonight, lowest 54. Highest Friday 78 MEMPHIS—Partly cloudy ana warmer tonight. Lowest 56. Friday., cloudy and warmer, followed by showers in the afternoon or at night. Highest SO. ! iness and scattered showers Frir ciay and in .the west and north portions tonight. Wanner tonight.

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