North County Times from Oceanside, California on August 25, 1995 · 10
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North County Times from Oceanside, California · 10

Oceanside, California
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Friday, August 25, 1995
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1 1 A-1 0 Blade-Citizen 1 dead as train derails SEOUL, South Korea (AP) A passenger train derailed early today and - eight cars fell into a rain' swollen river, news reports ' said. At least one person was killed and dozens were , injured, Korean television reported. Yonhap Television News, reporting from the scene, said 110 people were injured and that eight of the 440 passengers were miss ing. Other reports quoted lower casualty figures. , Television footage ' showed the front of the orange and white train partially crumpled, with cars derailed to its rear. Several cars were upended and standing nearly vertical. One car lay on its side on -- the river several yards below. Heavy fog covered the area, making visibility poor. - "I was sleeping, but all - of a sudden, people were screaming. The train was shaking, and there was a thump," a witness told Yon- hap. The incident occurred around 5:40 a.m. near Kwesan, about 120 miles southeast of Seoul. Eight of the 10 cars derailed due to a break in the rail, the networks reported. It was not immediately dear what caused the break Accused boy must leave home OREGON crry, Ore. (AP) A judge ordered Thursday that a 10- year-old boy accused of intentionally shooting his 5-year-old sister be removed from his parents to stay with his aunt and uncle while he is prosecuted. Clackamas County Circuit Judge John Lowe made his ruling after a two-day juvenile status hearing. He rejected a prosecution request that Brandon Roses be sent to a hospital or youth facility for at least a month for psychiatric evaluation. Lowe ruled that sending him to such a facility without his consent and forcing him to undergo evaluation could jeopardize his rights as a defendant While staying with his aunt and uncle, Becky and Jim Stone of Gresham, he will technically remain in state custody He will voluntarily undergo outpatient psychiatric evaluation, the family's attorney, Michael Clancy, said. - The judge ordered that there Bill collector ordered to pay EL PASO, Texas (AP) The phone calls came at all hours of the day and night, interrupting Marianne Driscol's sleep and disrupting her work. The callers threatened her life, she said. They called her a "bitch" and worse. Ultimately, she fled El Paso with her husband all because a collection agency was pressuring the couple to pay a $2,000 credit-card debt. Now, it's the credit-card company that owes. Hagman awake after transplant LOS ANGELES (AP) Actor Larry Hagman was awake and smiling Thursday, a day after the hard-drinking "Dallas" star underwent a 15-hour liver transplant, his doctor said. "He had a smile on his face and was the Larry Hagman we know," said Dr. Leonard Makowka, director of the liver-transplant program at Cedars ToKyo (AP) Residents of a southern city shoveled ash from their streets Thursday after a nearby volcano erupted twice, coating the area and sending debris as far as 140 miles away. In Kagoshima, a city of 520,000 people en japan's southernallost main island of Kvushu. highways , Ph LOS ANGELES (AP) A screenwriter decided Thursday she still won't give audio-tape copies of her Mark Fuhrman interviews to Fuhrman's lawyer or Police Department lawyers, even though the O.J. Simpson trial judge vouched for the attorneys' integtit3r. Laura Hart McKirmy continues to worry that more details from her explosive tapes will be leaked to the news media if additional tapes or transcripts are disseminated, said McKinny's attorney, Matthew H. Schwartz. Friday, August 25, 1995 Associated Press Photo es, 10. walks out of Brandon Roses, 10, walks out of court Thursday with his parents, David and Laurel Roses. be no firearms in the house and that the boy be under 24-hour adult supervision. He will continue with counseling arranged earlier by his parents. According to testimony at the hearing, the boy loaded his father's hunting rifle with bullets from a brother's footlocker and shot his 5- year-old sister, Charolette, "in a fit of anger," after she annoyed him and then refused to leave the room. Prosecutors in Clackamas County say the June 23 killing was intentional. They have filed the juvenile equivalent of murder charges after nearly two months of investigation. ' A jury awarded the Driscols $11 million, ruling that the bill collectors hired by the company went too fat The state jury ruled Wednesday that Household Credit Services Inc of Salinas and the now-defunct Allied Adjustment Bureau violated the state Debt Cob lection Practices Act The law prohibits debt collectors from threatening violence or making harassing or obscene Sinai Medical Center. "He's fully awake." The 63-year-old Hagman was still listed in critical condition but had shown no complications from the surgery and his new liver was working, Makowka and hospital spokesman Ron Wise said. Wise said the critical-condition listing is typical for patients undergomg such an operation. Eruption spews ash over Kyushu city were shut down while trucks worked to clear ash almost an inch deep. People also brushed away soot from their homes, cars and gardens. No damages or injuries were reported, although mail people complained of irritated eves. ----- .-.--.-.-- ,( -:-- - -1: ; t-c. p. - - - i COCOA BEACH, Fla. (AP) Tourists abandoned beaches and people watched the rain helplessly Thursday as Tropical Storm Jerry drenched much of Florida on the third anniversary of the costliest U.S. hurricane. Meanwhile, Hurricane Humberto, with 105 mph winds, and Tropical Storm Iris, with 65 mph winds, were pushing their way across the Atlantic toward the Caribbean. Cocoa Beach condo dweller Jim Leary took a walk on the beach before dawn and saw signs of little preparation before Jerry hit the Atlantic coast. "All night, the wind was howling pretty badly," he said. "Lawn furniture and a lot of things that weren't tied down were blown away" Jerry lost steam as it weakened to a tropical depression after making it nearly across the peninsula, but forecasters predicted it could LOS ANGFIFS (AP) A sudden loss of cabin pressure forced a Hawaii-bound jetliner to return to Los Angeles International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday. No injuries were reported among the 228 passengers aboard Delta Airlines Flight 157 from Los ack Pa rapher Photos I Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life magazine Left, a sailor sweeps a nurse off her feet with a kiss in Times Square on If-J Day. Alfred Eisenstaedt's photo, which appeared on the toyer of Life magazine, captured the unbounded joy and relief Americans felt as World War II came to an end. Above, A 1951 Eisentaedt photo depicts a drum major leading a group of children at the University of Michigan. Simpson trial "After careful deliberation, she has decided to maintain her position, which is she'll (only) make her tapes and transcripts available for review," Schwartz said. "However, she will not authorize any future copies." Schwartz also disputed a report in the entertainment trade newspaper Daily Variety that Hollywood and publishers are turn Angeles to Honolulu, although three elderly people requested medical evaluations when the plane landed, said Fred O'Donnell, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. The incident occurred about 2 12 hours after the plane left Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Weird news Compiled by Jill Leven from B-C wire reports Wheelchair speed demon loses Disney pass ANABEM The third time Katrina Laurent was stopped for driving too fast, she lost her Disneyland pass. Estimated speed: 4.5 mph. Laurent, a 35-year-old who uses a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy, admitted she drove the battery-powered chair faster than usual Saturday. She had an excuse: She wanted to get across Disneyland's Main Street to the Pocahontas show before the Lion King parade blocked her way Another customer complained about being bumped by her wheelchair. Laurent denied bumping anyone, but Disney re-yoked her her $199 annual pass for at least a month. "Pm extremely sad about it," said Laurent, who visits the park almost every day. For the past four years, Laurent said, she has saved up for a yearly pass out of her $500 monthly Social Security payments. It was the third time Laurent had been cited for speeding, said park spokesman John McClintock. Swat on bottom leaves dad's wallet smarting OSLO, Norway A father who smacked his 4-year-old daughter on the bottom ended up feeling a sting in his own back pocket when police ordered him to pay a $470 fine. Norway's strict child-protection laws bar corporal punishment, even in the privacy of a family's home. Violations are punishable by fines. Ove Brudevoll, police spokesman in the town of Kristiansund, said the 30-year-old father, whose name was not released, admitted spanking his daughter in May because she disobeyed him at home. "It caused a small bruise, which is how it came to the attention of the police, and was investigated," Brudevoll said in a telephone interview Thursday. He would not say who noticed the bruise. rnstaedt His images defined 20th century BOSTON (AP) Alfred Eisenstaedt, the Life magazine photographer whose pictures of dictators and presidents, celebrities and sharecroppers, constitute some of the most enduring images of the 20th century, has died at 96. A New York City resident, Eisenstaedt died Wednesday on Martha's Vineyard, where he was vacationing. Eisenstaedt's images of the famous and infamous Hitler and Mussolini, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway, the Kermedys, Sophia Loren won him fame and 87 covers at Life, where he was one of the original staff photographers. But his most acdaimed photograph showed two ordinary people: a sailor sweeping a nurse off her feet with a kiss in New York's Times Square on the day Japan surrendered to end World War IL The photo, which expressed the unbounded joy and relief that Americans felt at the end of the war, became a Life cover. It remains a defining moment in pho Writer still won't loosen grip on Fuhrman tapes ing down her big-dollar requests for rights to the tapes or a screenplay based, in part, on them. "None of it's true," he said. McKhmy even rejected a $100,000 offer from the TV magazine "Extra" for the tapes, Schwartz said. "She is still not interested in selling the tapes," he said. "I said, 'There's no way.' We didn't even give them a counteroffer." McKinny's taped interviews with Fuhrman have rocked the Simpson double-murder trial and sparked an internal inves Jerry socks Fla as storm parade goes on build into a storm again over the Gulf of Mod-co and strike northern Florida. Jerry dumped 10 114 inches of rain near Stuart, more than 8 12 inches on Sanibel Island and nearly 8 inches in West Palm Bevil. It tore out a bridge in the Atlantic coast community of Palm City and caused isolated-road flooding. This is the busiest hurricane season by this date on record. There have been Untamed storms, two of which formed into hurricanes within 12 hours Wednesday. The last time two hurricanes formed on the same day was 1961. Tropical storm warnings were in effect on the Gulf coast from Andote Key northwest of Tampa to Pensacola, which saw sunshine in the eye of Hurricane Erin earlier this month. On the Atlantic coast, the major impact appeared to be on vacationers who trusted the Sunshine State's motto. Loss of cabin pressure forces jetliner to return to L.A. Passengers reported hearing a booming sound and were then told to put on oxygen masks as the pilot began a descent to an altitude where the air contained more oxygen, O'Donnell said. The plane dropped from an altitude of 30,000 feet down to 10,000 feet, but the crew had control of Flamboyant teacher faces charge of attempted kidnap ANDOVER, Mass. (AP) A teacher at the prestigious Phillips Academy known for his flamboyant, natty attire was charged with attempted kidnapping for allegedly trying to lure three children into his car. David O. Cobb, 59, was arrested Wednesday and freed on $100,000 bail. His BMW motorcycle, cowboy boots and theatrical teaching style earned him a profile tided "The Natty Professor" last fall in GQ magazine, formerly known as Gentlemen's Quarterly. Cobb had on a sailor's hat and a T-shirt with a fictitious camp "Camp KYO" printed on it when he offered two children money to go with him to the camp Bing Crosby's BURBANK (AP) Gary Crosby, son of late entertainer Bing Cmsby, died Thursday, hospital officials said. He was 61. Gary Crosby, an author, singer and actor, died at 2:35 p.m. at St. Joseph's Medical Center, nursing supervisor Connie Lackey said. The family asked that no other details, including the cause of death, be released. In 1983, Crosby wrote a book called "Going My Own W" describing the difficulties of growing ,-. - -. ,-- . . 4 4 DOS tojournalism. er - :n "When people don't know - , me anymore I they will re, l'- -e.pkaf member that : picture, Eisen, staedt said ' "- !"1" --, years later. - 4 His work - , helped elevate the image of EISENSTAEDT photographers as "not just button-pushers but creative journalists," said Howard Chapnick, a former president of the Black Star picture group and author of "Truth Needs No Ally," a history of photojournalism. Eisenstaedt was born in 1898 in the city of Dirschau, Germany, which is now in Poland. He began shooting pictures at 12 when his uncle gave him a camera. After serving in World War 1, in which he suffered shrapnel injuries, Eisenstaedt went to work as a salesman in Berlin to help out his family. tigation by police into Fuhrman's descriptions of misconduct on the tapes, Fuhrman repeatedly utters a racial epithet against blacks and speaks of abusing and framing suspects, according to transcripts reviewed by The 'Associated Press. Simpson's defense obtained the tapes after a brief legal fight and wants to use them to impeach Fuhrman's credibility by showing that he lied when he testified earlier that he hadn't used the racial epithet in a decade. Associated Press Photo A sailboat with a broken anchor line hits a sea wall as Tropical Storm Jerry drenches Melbourne, Fla., early Thursday. the plane at all times, Delta spokesman Clay McConnell said in a telephone interview from Atlanta. The booming sound the passengers heard was due to the rapid loss of pressure, Donnell said. "There is no evidence of any kind of an explosion aboard the airplane," he said. , to work with , -.1; mentally re- --, tarded chil, dren, police - , said. The two, a , ot boy and girl, both 14, told i police they were ap- proached while COBB walking Monday in Farmington, about 35 miles northeast of Manchester, N.H., and near where Cobb has a summer home. A 12-year-old also told police that Cobb had tried to lure him into his car on 'fliesday in Farmington. son Gary dies up in a famous family. Bing Cmsby, who died in 1977, won an Academy Award in 1944 for best actor as the easygoing Father O'Malley in "Going My Way." Gary Crosby recorded several songs with his father. Four years ago, Gary's younger brother Dennis, one of Bing's twin sons, committed suicide in Novato. He was the second brother to kill himself. Sibling Lindsay shot himself to deatkin 1989 at age 51. A- -, - fti - , ' 1 , A-1 0 , , Blade-citizen Friday, August 25, 1995 , , ' ' d - - - 1 . , '11 : 401 , , 1 . , , c a, e , , , ,i i , , 1 dead . , n Ph (0)1c4 0) rapher lEos r' nstaso t 0 LI 8 't . , . into a ram century, t , '1, , '' 7 , '' ' ' , His images defined 20th century as ,, ) e train , t . .. .,d,. . - , 0-,. 4,, I . g i , v- 4 4 . ;,;,, f7,) ,..1. ,t..,, , ,. ,,......,,,,.,7.,;, 1 ,,i , .,.,,,, 0 , , - t q- -- toj. t I-, ,31, i : ''l ; l' - , :-- r, ' , ,t4,--.' ' - ' ,. , ,, , , ; , , era' s t, .., 4 -Z., ------------, 441., 4 f , r-v -, ,,,, , , d BOSTON (AP) Alfred Eisen oumalism staedt, the Life magazine photog- e 9, - : n "When peo-1,' rapher whose pictures of dictators ...,,,in-,,,- I pie don't know 4. , . k it , , .. 4, ,.., , - , 4. ''',P . 4. , 1 k k ,, I I, ,,, . i i - ,--71 me anymore IC , 1 '' '', t,,, ' ''4 ,(1,,,.., ,4-,t ,-, A, - 4 r 4 and presidents, celebrities and '' ' '''-' l.". ' ' - - .. sharecroppers, constitute some of - , - --,o' they . will re, for',-- , 1 1.,, , -, ,, -, , t 1..'s, 41 li '1, tr-,,, t.,' ' -' - 1 ,, -,,1,. SEOUL, South Korea - , , , - , the most enduring images of the '''''-': ,-- , member that ..,. 1 ? , I - - 20th y, has died at 96. or- '.- .. - picture," Eisen- (AP) A passenger train 1 - ' p, ,, , - , ,, , J , , ,, I 1 t - , I A New York City resident, q, t.,,,,,-- , , ,, derailed early today and , i -,, ',1! - i f , I...AP'''. , , staedt said 0,....). - eight cars fell in- I , . ii, I 7', ;s: ,:,..7.11 , ) , ,, : t, i,., , ,.,, ,I,,,I,-..,' I I Eisenstaedt died Wednesday on . , - I ,,, :' - -.. ,g years later , swollen river, news reports ! i -' ' ' N.' 1 , lt,, 1 - '', - '-" ' - ), ',; Martha's Vineyard, where he was - 4 ,,, His work ' said At least one person I '' - '- $ ,t''' -" ', 04,7 .. ', 1 4,-- vaca onmg. .1,4,., . - , helped elevate was killed and dozens were 1 : 1, ' ' If , ,TP -.''''41 1 ,', ,,,,. - .. vAr Eisenstaedt's images of the fa- the image of , injured, Korean television tL .4 ''' , ; ''''4 , , S.------- -. - mous and infamous Hitler and EISENSTAEDT photographers 1 reported. , k -,,,- i, 4 - t -- Mussolini, Marilyn Monroe, Ernest as "not just but ' , , A' , Yonhap Television News, , -of' - ,, - , ,- . , Hemingway, the Kermedys, Sophia ton pushers but creative journal- reporting from the scene, - , , -7,' , ,,-, , - -- Loren won him fame and 87 ists," said Howard Chapnick, a for said 110 people were in , - - ,-- , , - . ,-- ,, -- - - covers at Life, where he was one of mer president of the Black Star jured and that eight of the '4,- , , ' the original staff photographers picture group and author of 440 passengers were miss ---- ' ., -, -, - -, '''., But his most acdaimed photo- "Truth Needs No Ally," a history - , ,. ing. Other reports quoted graph showed two ordinary peo- of photojournalism. lower casualty figures. s , , i Photos I Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life magazine pie: a sailor sweeping a nurse off Eisenstaedt was born in 1898 in , Television footage her feet with a kiss in New York's the city of Dirschau, Germany, ' showed the front of the or Left, a sailor sweeps a nurse off her feet with a kiss Times Square on the day Japan which is now in Poland. He began ange and white train par- i, 1 th in Times Square on It-il Day. Alfred Eisenstaedt's surrendered to end World War IL shooting pictures at 12 when his tially crumpled, with cars photo, which appeared on e toyer of Life maga- The photo, which expressed the uncle gave him a camera. After derailed to its rear. Several ., 4 1 zine, captured the unbounded joy and relief Amen- unbounded joy and relief that serving in World War I, in which he - cars were upended and Lt, cans felt as World War II came to an end. Above, A Americans felt at the end of the suffered shrapnel injuries, Eisen- - standing nearly vertical. , ' 1951 Eisentaedt photo depicts a drum major leading war, became a Life coven It re- staedt went to work as a salesman ,, '' One car lay on its side on ' . a group of children at the University of Michigan. mains a defining moment in pho- in Berlin to help out his family. 1, t - t A i , : I , l , ) , , , 1 1 , 1 i I , , 11 I lu ye al st, ! , , J11 af he re se ev I hi de hi ur , ur I ch to : 7J , 1,- ,e , , v- ' - ,4'" r....,,,---,;--- - -- - i -1 , , '.., tow, ., , 1 ,14. ., ., 4, -:;,411,, . . . NO . - , ,i, le" . tt., ,',. . t. -,,.. 441 1 ) - 2 41 . : '''';' I - i ' ' low,' a le . I. : 19- I pf,6 . , k '''t, ''0 1.1 Ci l't-"I',': '!:, t"'fr- ,h' , i. .,,,i , ...A. , t.. ,144.;...... -,,-- , ,,,-, . en: ,..... d i, r.te-7----' r -'-' e ''''' ,. - , 4 , . :' t ' ' l'"i f ' ? - ' 1 If people eh japan's main island of Kvil - -

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