The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1939
Page 3
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0, 193!) NEWS TMAS ..* * * An Event That Really Saves You Money Offered in five attractive Damask and fi.C.A, Covers ROSE, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD A.C.A. STRIPES TUFTED or SMOOTH For Your Old Mattress Regardless Of Its Condition ID led Tape—We do no! even want So see your o!d Mattress before making the trade. All {food and dean Mattresses will be donated to the Good-fellows Here's What You Actually Pay Allowance for old ir Your Cost of Beautiful I Ire y^n Ic^t iTfoll^Ta" n^ ^k^' ^ HaS ^^ C ° nServative in lts statcments . there ' f t »• ,-* emu oL. L Hi die SioH-rTlcIll* Inf p 3TP oJTPJ"inff 3^ l/^ttcr QC mif Dl'PSPnt ciinTii /I \ TTHI7 ' CT' CT 1 ^If Al FTC 1 TUT n.iwnn «*c if/iCiJiigj ao it/ng as UUi * fi_* * T ' * j *nAji\,~tjrKiiiO iriAi 1 KcojliS thcit hss ever bcfin offered g m this section. Two year, of experience with the product of this manufacturer has proven it. I The mattress offered sells regularly for $29.75, but is an actual $34.50 value. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON ~~~~ — aciions to lhc Good '»<> W1U.UJI K. (ill.JiOY, I). I). i:ill( ( ir of Adraiu'O « tveai teneliw should conie u ruiinnnnity, benign, kindly n Hi« liu-Muial Hi,-, with K o:d news r all. the oiiiimuiilty would welcome him, nut tiwi ovoryone would listen to is (Minis and m-rcpl at oii;e Ihe blessings u,,u he (ffoml, How seldom has such n ihlng 'd nmoi)B 11]OU , ,,,„,, nl stoilct; of history are of the stoning ol the prophrt.s' «»<! of die ways in which bull individuals niul l pcoplt> Imvc reviled 'and idasp W IH) have cmm> I ils nllilmu, of Ihe people uf ni.s I me He compares ihein with slltllijj In 1| U . market places, say- Ing. 'Wo piped unto you and ye tlld nol diuK\<; \vc walled mid yo did not onurii." Ifc points out. thai John (he linpUst I'uim'as mi u.scdlc, neither IIIB nor drlnkiiig. and \\ w people saltl. "n,> hivlh ,i demon." And Jesus on me, both eiitlng and drinking, nnd the people s ,il<l, "iiehold n ululluiious man nnd n wlne- btbber, a friend cr publicans nnd •ilnner.s!" Then JO.MIS, in plain n »d rnl'hcr lerrlble words. iiolnleO out (lint, it is not opportunity Hint makes elmrneler mid dc.sliny. He turned to the towns of ills own tiny, nnd lie pronounced w<c upon Ihein saying that if ih e mlKhty wov j; s ' thnl hud been done lu them hail been done in 'j-yre and Sldon (cltl thai liuil boon dwuroyed for the lnl(|iilly> lli.' S (. oiucs wm ,| lt ),„ ropenuxl long ug 0 in ^ncktlolli ni llSllt'S. Vet fn life, even tcdny, we me mill nils pmtstenl claim in chnrncter Ls a matter O f O p lx) liinily and environment. Nothlt witld be tuiutiiiuenlally mprc ui tvuc-. for out of (lie same cnviroi mi'nt have come .stvluls mid shuto horcos and cowurils, .lavlors and d .stroycrs of their fellowmen. Chnrnclci- deiH'iid.-i on choice; do tiny is a mailer of .sclf-dolrrmiu lion. Kveu cgnlurt with the Mai>l dli) not make men gootl or milt them Chilslliui dlsclplrs. U was cnly dellullp choice ni tlii' to follow Jesai Hi brought to men (he blessings ( snlvntlon. But It Ls the true ni,i< tlon of tho prophet aim the lt>neh nnd (hi; savior to bring to mi Ihe opportunity nnd the oiivlroi meut of grace, whi'llier thpy ri spond or not. ' Thus it Is that Jews sUwili to day, us lie did In iinclenl. Claltlo and Jiulon. pronouncing' (he wtn of the srcat Invitation: "Come unto me, all yo that labor nnd HIT lienvy litden, nnd 1 will give yon Take my yoke irpoii you, and luarn of me; (cr I am meek nnd lowly In heart: nnd y e fllwll find rest unto your souls, I^r my yoke Is May, and my bnrtlen Ls light." U Is not (he InvHiillon, but It 1 the acceptance ot It that determine man's destiny for grace. Miss Willie Lawson Will Speak Here Miss Willie rt. Lnwspn. cxocilllvc secretary cf Arkmwiis Eilneiitlon Assoclntlon of uute Rock, will be the guest speaker nt the mcetlnu of tho Amcrlciin Association of Unlvcrsjly Women nl lh c Hole! Noble Satiirdrty nt ia : ao o'clcek. Mrs. C. f,. Moore, of Osccoln ns >rograin clinlruinn, will Introduce Miss Lawson, who will spnik on 'Fxhicatloti In n Demccnicy." The ;»est spenkcr Is well known here mvhiif iiiiide lici- home In this city sevcrnl years ago when she was superintendent of the Mississippi county schools. Also on the prognun will he n •ocnl s:lo by iNfrs. Pnrmcr Eng- nnd, who will be nccompunted by Miss Nannie Clarke Smith. Miss Rosa M. Ilnrily, Mrs. L. E. Old, Miss Irene Morgnn niul Mrs John M. Vcudcs will be hostc^cs for this meeting. They plan ( 0 use n Christmas scheme in Ihclr drai- •ntlons tor the Innchccn Home FURNISHINGS Moderately Priced msmm^mms^mm^^mmm^mm^mmi^mm , Tom Liltle Gives $25 To School Band So pleased was Tom Little over he excellent nppeurnnce mndo by lie Blytttcyllh school bn'nd at the Memphis 'Clirlslrons pnrnde lust vcek that he sent Ihe hand n •licck for $25. This money will lie used for pur- hnsc of music nnd other ueccssl- les which keep the bnml ftinc- lonlng. / The npi)FnrniiGO' p nl this public iirnlr, wlilcli \vns witnessed by uorc thnn 200,000 people according o estimate. 1 !, was well received us could be gleaned rroin remarks nade nil nlong the line of march. It \vns the concensus of the 18 iifls which pnrtlclpnlcd tlml >onc had better performing mn- ors or majorettes and none played us well, except the college bands. Although no maneuvers were possible because of the straight jaradlng, the five majorettes minced as they twirled Ilieir bn- ons to give more color to the and of 35 members. Those familiar with the band believe that If the present program is continued and with the £500 to be received mutually from Itie Community Finul that the band will soon grow to one of the largest and best performing school bands in a «'ldc territory. 37tK Anniversary Of Wedding Celebrated Mr. ami Mrs. 0, E. Mnys, o Oosncll, celcbittlcd tlielr 37lh wei ding . anniversary Snndny whc their two sons' ami 'one tlavightc iind tholr nnnllles surprised thei wlih a dinner pnrty nl their honi AHhouijh Mr. and Mrs. MHJ were married on Thanksgiving da In 1002, It whs decided to ponl pone the cclobriUlon until Snndii The ceremony \yns solcnMilzeti ft Buck nuntjo, Ark., by the Rev. B S. Pencil. Mrs. Mays, who Is now able t be out after having been 111 ft lour weeks, nnd Mr. Mays had a their elicits on their nnniversiir Ihclr two sons, I. L. Mays of No Liberty nnd Frank Muyu or H« Moon, > nnd one daughter, Mrs. „ II. Aycbck of Lutes Corner, mi Ihclr families Including clgl grandchildren, ami Mr. and Mr W. II. Potter or Oosnell nnrl Mr Knbic Wheat of Hew LJberlj friends. . To Present Seal Sale Program Over KLCN In connection with the Nationa Tuberculosis Chrlstmns 'Seal sal being conducted here this wtck, special, radio program Is being a ranged by KLON for • tomorrow. Prom 4:15' io -t : ;jo o'clock, transcribed program by neb Hop will be presented endorsing th salt'. ••COURTS A law in Topeka, Kims., limits each household to five cats. Looking Out For U. S. Interests Washington's avowed sympathy tor Finland in ils war wilh the Soviet and the threat to American lives and properly in the tiny nation place heavy responsibility on the shoulders of H. F. Arthur Schoehfeld, above, U. S. minister to Finhmd. A light session of iniintclpn court yesterday Included the dock etlng of > two negro women, Dell: Can nnd Lula Thomas, whos cases or assault with intcjil. Io kll were continued until Saturday Their arrests allegedly I grew out o nn nltercnllon. Willie Lynn was fined $15 nflc he entered n plea of guilty Io charge of reckless driving. Green Cucumber Changed To Color of Cream SEATTLE, Wash. (UP) — Tl "green bitler taste" In ordlnars cucmbers led S. F. Phillips to <li some experimenting. Now lie is offering an albino cu cumber—which, he snys, Is mucl sweeter In taste thnn the old fashioned variety. The'Phillips cucumber, he said hns seeds only nbout two-think the original size. "Every one of mj cucumbers this year 1ms been the same cream-colored shade Tron the time Jt blossomed." Phillip' said. Read Courier News want ads. Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, and Also Pepsin-ize Stomach! Whenconstipation brings on acid indl- gcslmn.blonimu.dizzy spells, pis, coated tongue, sour taste, and bnd breath, your stomach 13 probably loaded up n ith ccr- tamunUiScslcd foodand yourlwwelsdon't move. So you nc«l l»th Pcisin (o licln break up fast that rich undigested food ill your stomach, and Laxative Senna to pull Hie trigger on Ihose lazy bomb. So be siirc your laxative also contains Pepsin. rnkeDr. Caldwell <i Laxative, because its bynip Pci»m liclps you gain won- (Icrfiilslomachcomforl.wlnlclbel.axalive bcnna moves your bowels. Tests prove (lie powcrol Pepsin to dissolve those lumps of iindigcslcd protein food which may linger myourstonwh, localise belching, g.istrjc acidity anil nausea. This i3 how pcpsin- umg your slciMch helps relieve it of such distress. At tbe same lime tbis medicine wakes up lazy nerves and muscles in your bon-clslorelieveyourconslipation.Soscc how much bolter you fed by taking the laxative that also puts Pepsin to « ofk on that stomach discomfort, too. Even finicky children iovo to taste this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Caldwcll's Laxative- senna with Syrup Pepsin at your druggist today! •'Unseen Foe' r *** w r *' - v j * • *"'*' r ^f? y { 4 • >r ,\ >- ) {; .»^*V*«i«iJ»,«f»«||.' •-'-•jf';'•"-,: '•:'.7*w s ?M •S'r-t'&'.-ty'i''? 1 • nils newly iccolvwl plcturb .shows n dormim mine washed tip on the Danish canst during .'recent storms, TJio Nnzls have contended Umt British mines, similarly torn, [ram their moorings by rough seas urcresponsible for tho "unrestricted minis warfare" which lias resulted In Iho sinking of belligerent raid neutral merchant vessels alike oil. the English .const, ' Senior Night Is Scheduled For Thursday Night 'Senior Night," will ho held nt Hie city high school Thursday night, nl which time Miss Bottle Sahba will be crowned senior (jiiecn nud tho present scnl:r class will bo Introduced to (he student body, piivenu and patrons of Ihc school. The program, open to the public with no admission charge; will fcn- Uirc n variety of numbers, .with the, high school band opening illu!'pro-' grnni, followed by tbc Invocation by the Rev. James A. Ovcrholscr, pnslor of (he First Presbyterian church. Thou will follc\v the senior processional. ' • . • A fortune teller, complete with crystal bull and other accessories K'lll predict (he future of each' senior. Miss Mildred Mnlr will c n rending, after which the Joys' (|imrtcl will sing. Don Wll- lolm nud Ben .Sanders will present wo cf their humoiou.'i comedy nets following which the girls' trio will sing. A mixed senior chorus 'will conclude the miislcnl purl of the program. Climaxing the cntertnlnmcnl Miss Sallba; together with her iinfcls and'their escorts, will nd- vaiicc to the stage where Ccokscy Dodson, president of the senior TOSS, will crown'the queen. The program will be dosed will") lhe> ' Alma Ufatcr .to be played by. the bund jixl sung by the audience. FCC In Approval Of KLCN Transfer The i federal conimunlcalionscpin- • mission hns formally approved the sulc and transfer of K'LON, Blyllie- - vllle commercial radio station, from C. L. Llntenlch tc- Pred O, Grim- . wood, It was stated today by Mr. • UnlMiileh. ; • : The formnl '• order' wn.s Issued on Nov. 20. The station has been mi- ' der Ihe management"ol Mr.^Cir'im-'ij ivood for several mirillis pcndliiK : ? completion of the trnnsfer. . •} .Rend Courier News .\viint ad's. WAKEUPVOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhaut Calomel—And tou'll Jump Out of Bid io I he Morning Kin a' la Go' •.•_.;..;...,•; tlif lint ilioiiM 'pour out two pound! of llwlcl Ijlln Inlo yoiirljowcls dully. If lliis bile inotflowlnc freely, j'ourfopau'iiciri'UUBCsl II jiut ilccBj-n In llio limyclj. Go« UonM tu your Momneli. You i;ct coimlpnled.' Your whole lyilcm la poisoned enil you feel jour sunk rind the world looks imnli. : . A mere ]»o\vel movement (3o«n l t yet at • r?.f"?'."• " lnkc> " IM " I™*'. "''I Carter"*-'' I. tile Llvtr I 111, to net (l,« e l,ra pomdiof l)l!o flowing frr-dy O ,,J K ,^ you fcr , t .. °" if"' i If"™ 1 ""' <-'<!nt!c. J'cl omarlne In i°Si fr b n° ow frot ' lj '' A*''or Carter'* I.ltUu I.I.'sr Pill, 1 7 mmo.noWac onylhlnB clio. At nil Jnii-Horns. 10< nm l 2G<. This Christmas give your family the STUDEBAKER Make this your ^1? ^^^teiSrtSr o™ prise them with thlsdE '^" champion, Commander or STUDEBAKER CHAMPION $660 •mi up, dillvind ol tti. fatloty, Soulh Btnd, Indiana Livingston Motor Sales l-l-E. Wain SI. ' phone 107

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