The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1941
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER ___ Q^ i * *itt v "^'J^HK.) COURIER NEWS Army Designs Special Division For A n Blitz^Unit MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - cm with the 8 - Sleps lo m national .shortage " >n upfense <U.P) in overmnem, a «»•«"of engin- indus- Dearly sou men are taking sp<>- C ', ia .., CO!11 ' se " ^crated by the uni- J^'fi^' ^'hich are 1'inanced by a $9,000,000 Congressional apprcp- nauon -~ designed to establish •short, extensive courses of col- teat- grade" in the nation's engineering- schools. Charles A. Koepkp nrnf^-,,. 01 - meehanical engineer;;;' is" i n charge of the Minnesota' program v/hich Ls supplementary to ihe regular tngmewing curriculum. Graduates Toi> l>w According LO Koepke. the pro- finnn iS " imetl at in - re2 *^ the UUOO yramiaios in e.n-ineerinu in U"? United States each year ~- a number lar short of increasin° demand, particularly in defers m- dustrie.s. M A .survey of New York alone .showed that needs in that are-i call ior 7.500 more engineers Koepke said. "To meet New York's demand more than half of each year's graduating engineers woul<! have to be taken. "And the worst of it is the fun tci-ce of the defense program has •not yet been fell. However, it h believed the present college do-' feiLse training project will do much to close the gap between supply and demand." Night Classes Held The courses run from 12 to <3 4 weeks, in nigh I and day classes, of the 15 courses are at night BY PAUI. HARRISON NKA Service Staff Correspondent ncJ^L^ shoi!l(i , h 'W c ?> to ?!F!vf n^V 0101 ' 1 , 10 ^ CulhMl ™l 8/111. at Ln n AiUnnuVnnd •tsK lei the bccond Division. It's proparei U. S. military establishment to serve vou The celebrated Second is prepared because", ever since June u has been a moaster martial guinea pju n ,i lhc , voll , Uon 01 . f m>01K !is h " ,y ..n for iiuacks . la.sU-r rc-connai.s::aiu;t- force. 1937. f • ' ; i «"« ^ ^ ,, ^ a _ SICCON'I) DIVISION' HAS A C, Long before Hill's blit2Cl , s minprd Q were fi B urim; on an arrangun.^m. which , l!r wi* hard jobs, and still unlin b " rework an opponent a little Progress Extremely Slow In Stone Polishing Art IOWA CITY. fa. (UP) -Despite nil the siremnliniu! progress of (ho lo 20th <-<mnry. when it. ctmws .stone poli.shlai' truiu has pronress- i'd httlc since Ilic era of i.j u . MJ<J_ die Ai>e,s. Thai's the statement of Dr. Dun Adk'r, who is doing experimental research in child psychology iiithi' fellowship. Stout* polish ini? Is his hobby. ' it •« iji.T iujtjijy, Iho official name i.s amateur lapidary. Dr. Adler, whose home is in CJewlnnd, O., points out that although ho uses electricity and modern machinery, )ii.u e has been donn to Improve Uie implements us<?il by a .stone polisher because Die, tools are simple and because the l)nl.sln.'d product, depends mostly ~'?^j»rT^ =,,r"-"° nbi * ^ ^ fish are/called ventral, dorsal, anal, pectoral, and caudal. Read Courier PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores / call my new PERFECTION dunn, th« ; t urli« ;r fracas it had and more prisoners and .tally, it also won i''rei)c!) and Amr-rican dttoo and the other MEN 1CT 15 hours a week, five are daytime courses of 44 hours weekly class work. Qualifications. for admittance range from two years of hi«h school mathematics to three years of engineering training. Courses include drafting, tool and die design, production engineering, metallurgy and metal- lography, foundry control and inspection, welding design and inspection, automotive transportation, optical engineering and air r-«--Manning, other courses are planned n specifications and contract, industrial X-ray technique material and inspection, motion i jf ,_ and time studies, and production * supervision. division today wears the founa- '^rre of i ho Croix de Guerre - lancy curd looped on the leCt v.'ith a dangling htlle *cU! business resembling a .scepter. AH such things, together \\ith the brave hixiory or Von, Stm Hctustcn itself, make good listening for proud and wide-eyed se- lectees in barrack.-; ihest- nights A few traditions se<?m to mikf quite a difference in the moialc oi recruits who haven't got a .... war to spur their fervor. At other t-amp.s this correspondent has \is- ited. the attitude of the selectees is one of willingness but definitely not of enthusiasm. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES T,]V1 SEE". : Over Joe Isaacs': Store Phone 540 WANT DISCIPLINE "We haven't even eased up on discipline here, because the majority of the men actually want it." said Lc. Col. James C." Sho-1' of the division staff. "They hau» shewn that they want to be, .sol diers. at least, while-they're heie It's encouraging that about hilf of the green men at Fort San Houston are three-year enlistments. And of the one-year men, a big share volunteered without waiting to be called." Final units of the division have just been concentrated here, and will be at lull war-time strength oi 15.245. Thai's not counting 10 more odd-job organizations stationed here for train- in?—,=.uch as radio intelligence, an aircraft warning • company. ' a medical laboratory outfit,, and a a n over company of machinists who re- u S -nrl pair puns ,,' * «IH.I «.. v v/unjuoio. .uu - -BodU -V'ia,W^'. .- fc .. ; .\--'- t - Lhc - Ar ^-:S- l »4" a »y...nas been je cosies «s laige-. as- a. division;--assembling- them it was •e\t-»iiin though their strength wn. s mo-r.Iv ed. so that they"can be trained a just on paper, used to be scattered real fighting teams. At the sum. , L ' !( ' '' «iutp,«.«l than m*.sl, Am.y t, a s many ^-~-~--^w"^v**<K^»;<WXW«f,JS;;; ... / get full heat instantly—no waiting! Ih^. "^^••^MH l?-?-!'i*»^lL« m MM 11— —' ^^ I «s?^«:;»-<- W - u-.n c, w , saipg mwt CHRYSLER'S FLUID DRIVE track,, regulars as 1000 recently were teach recruits DIVISION IS WELL-EQUIPPED . —T i "'" *-«'••>• QAU-CJJI. jor me H chnp- need >or lu:ns. the medical men, and divi- instructora:,Uion.... headquarters clerks. Cvcn'- detached to; body is an armed n-hter-fron, the general to the triangle ! They regulate so ... stay set at the heat I want, I put a meal on and leave it 'til chu taue^od, say, it's done!" « 0 S oot-« 0 odor. Pans and fue11 Vet ! have ^/-actually curtain ' less than 40 cents a week! cconom V • - - and I m ° dcl cUvUll01s i sits _______ PHILADELPHIA (UP!-* Tht Mark of Quality curtains stay clean. The 'Live Heat' oven with heat indicator ouke* baking cnu,h : .be««I ? ^^m^ tn modem PERFECTION OIL RANGES 1 E<uy'T«m*. PERFECTION STOVE COMPANY 1200 Union Avenue* Kansas City, Ma. practically anything in "high". But if you want to shift, you give this magnificent car the nod and it shifts for you. Fun? You bet! It's a whole new adventure! An adventure that your Chrysler cleater is eager to have you try. Reach for the. phone right now! Tunein on M-sjorRowcs.Columbia Nctwork.Thursdays 9 to toP. M.. E.S.T. E CARS make you do a Joe of gear shifting because they haven't the power to handle tough jobs in "high". Some cars shift for you . . . and dictate the whoie thing ... shift when a mechanical device decides it's best for you! But a Chrysler with F////W Drive and Vacamatic transmission docs what you want when you want it! Your own judgment will tell you very clearly that Chrysler's Spitfire engine with Fluid Drive w i 11 han d le T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash St. Blytheville, Ark. Tort Sam Houston. too, there scc-m to be plenty of the much aesired 37 mm. explosive-shell anti-rank guns, besides heavy and: ht .50 and .30 caliber machine weapons. Also GO mm. and 81 mm. infantry mortars. (The former is lew and very useful; one man ran ">ick up such a mortar and .sc'unpcr 'hrpu»h the brush.) ihere are light armored cars •ncunliny: three types of autuuuitic v-:-a pens, hugi- fleets of trucks, cur-'.vheelecl-drivo command cars- UK! IIFAV four-wherled-drive mid- ets which largely will replace mo- orc.vcles. Cycles found the coins jretly hard during last yeai .". outhern maneuvers, in which the "f.sson cf more advanced reeon- aisfcance also was learned. One thing thnt division officers MI.V they lack and need is trans port planes, or at leasi the avnil- fitilily or Itn-Rt' ships, for training j the Heavy Weapons'.ion.-; for such a manruver as u.ecl in capturing RotlercUv, per:: first, parachute troops land- rd and cleared the field; then, immediately, transport planes .swarm- ccl in with automatic t;un.s. small cmmon and crack n«?liters lo them. In an open area here at Fon Tarn Houston is a dummy fusehi;i- of a transport ship which would rio credit to Hollywood's replica makers. But this copy i:; for prac- r'ue in loading and unloading men and equipment in a hurry. Incidentally, this correspondent has been told (though not at this pest.* that a plan is cooking for a trial mobilization of large numbers—perhaps all —of commercial transport planes. At a secretly pre-arranged time, all ^.,.,^^.. service would be .suspended, maybe for 24 hours, while Ihe ships gathered up troops and rushed them to some hypothetical danuer point. A TRIANGULAR TACTICAL SET-UP As a model for the streamlinm'i of all 10 Regular Army, divisions, the .Second is called "triangular." The tactical idea, as Colonel Shori explained it for a layman, i.s thnt ii.s main components are three infantry regiments, any two of which can heroine, the spearhead of -n attack, with the third in support, I The pattern is carried all th" ! way down—three battalions in a ! regiment, three companies in a battalion, three platoons in a company, three squads in a platoon. A platoon, however, "has an attached squad of automatic riflemen, who in theory could stand in the middle of the triangle and bang away in any direction. Tn exactly the same way. the triangular division itself incloses a lot- of heavy artillery. Anyway, it's a big outfit, with 15,074 weapons and 1841 trucks In For Our Stove Heat from the High-Power Burner is so intense it sets fire to a pencil held crt Ihe cooking grale-10 inches from the flame. So powerful ia ihe heal from a High- Power Burner that it will keep water boiling a foot above the grate. — ^•^^^^^•^^^^^^"•••^•^^^^^P* Clean and odorless. A cigarette placed In burner as. shown, at low flame, will burn without smoke or odor. No flare-up from boiled-over liquids, as can b« shown by pouring a spoonful of into lighted bura«. Adjualabl* for ANY iemperature so quickly that you can almost play a with a whistling teakettle. Ths scientifically ventilated "Live-Heat" Perfection Oven gives baking results unequalled by any other range. Modernize your kitchen with a Perfection, for a lifetime of satisfaction and ECONOMY. Wide choice. Easyternis. Liberal trade- in allowance on your old stove. Phone 32 HARDWARE CO

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