The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1936
Page 2
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•I BLtTHfeVlLLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY; MAY 2, ' 193(J crcLetu , Social Calendar MORAY'S EVENTS W.M.II. mcctllvg M riitl Baptist church, 2:30 p,' in. W.U.S.'•• Wcc'.lue First Method- Ist church, 2:30 )>, in. Junior G. A.'s mectliiB First Baptist, church, 3:30 p. in. Men ot First Christian • church •liRvuij; bnntjUcl nt soclnl hall, 7 p. In. : TUESDAY'S EVENTS ill's. Chester -II. Bnbcock hav! Tuesday Hrldec club. young' Matrons chili iliccllne willi Hirs. Joe G. Tvicsclutnlii. Mi-s, \V. A. Affllck Iwv Youhgcr Set • Bridb'c club. Junior R, A_'s Meeting -Kli'sl . Baptist church, 1 p. m. Inlel'inedlnte O. A.'s -mectlnt First Baptist eluirch, 4 p. in. To Have Banquet Men 'of llie i'lrsl Chrlsllai church will Imvc n tancuict. U their: liking Momlny >ilglii lor tin menu hns been planned cspccl ally tor the men's uiste, 11 Is (a be n>. tlie social hall of the churcl bc&lililiiig at-seven, o'clock. A program will follow. . * « * Democratic Women's Chili K:ccls Officers Mrs. Jnmcs B. Clnrl;, who iiclp cd orgniiia; the Dcinocrallc Wo men's club here, wits elected prcst dent for Hie new club year In iiicctivie yslcrclny ut Hie Hole Noble. Other officers naitted were Mrs. Howard Proctor, first vlt president; Mis. H. L. neynold second vice proslriciil; Mi's. E, H . McCnll, recording secretary; Sir firymit Stewart. Irciusiirer; Mr J. W. Biidcr, lilslorlnri. A role of llmitks ivn.s exlendc Mra, H. l,. Keynote for he work as president for the year. • 11 was nnnoiinccd tlmt 111 'eroiiii lias for its aim the promotion of Hie nominee of Hie Democratic -party for president of- the Untied States and will take no part in local, county or stale poll- to. ... iiejm'ts of Hie recent democratic luncheon given nt Canilhersvllle April 27th,..lo which this club was Invited, were clvcn by Minos. Clark. C. B. Crlyncr and Henderson 0. Hall, who attended llie nf- fair. Included in Ihc 18 members : present, were four new members, A WIFE'S PRAYER '.> l)y Helen Wclshimcr r pHKHK were so many crowded tasks 1 To bruise ray worried mind, That for a little while, dear Olio, 1 wasn't vcvy Wml. M Y patience fullered when you CMIIC To say 11 job was filial, , Thai you liad wanted lotiK-so lonjj.. ,• And you, your brave heart chilled B Y lack of sympathy you soiiglit, w \Vciit (|inctly away ... God, niiiy lie tiavc a jol) soiiiewhOic \Vlwn lie comes home todayl O ver Table Hy 'Rocn Having reconciled om.sclves Ic lln> Idea thai ".sprint! Isn't nrouiu llic eorner" but innyuo tunniner is oiiv thoughts this week have beet wllh those who nrc planning thel I simiiner clotlics, lliclr suinme. jiuidciib and Uieir summer trips— wlilch reminds us — Sybil an Drawford Npblc have been dowi n Cuba for n week where Craw lord formed n new Hotel Grcelcr chapter. They will be home nex week. They also spent a month I Plorhln. : . . Doris nnd Cliltinit DoiiBlns hnvc decided lo quit col leec. Doris ID he licr dad wlille licr mother taki a rest, cliirinlla Is UohtlhhliiR mi .similes here . . . rii-, t Nlcs Is home nsalu after liavln been In Memphis "loo long" . a number arc . planning lo vis Memphis <ni;aln) during (lie co Ion cut-nival when one of 11 leading nlti actions will lie . tl loveliest Burdens In Memphis ( bo seen for n nominal .sum, n dears) . . . the Lccchc.i wll from theil- world cruise Hint tiic llnnlly pot mail nlicl papers fro home . . . the w. Leon Bmlt children (who are now gut Brown tli>) arc BOlllnir a .lie clinls eonrl mid two horses compensation for not doing- to Uils of News Mostly Personal Mines.. Slewarl, McCnll, J, J, Davis and Jelin Long. .,*-*'* Club Hns n New. -Member.... , J4 .. -, The Thui-sxlny 'Afternoon Brldijc club, which met (Ills Week will! Mrs. Jim Harwell, lias a new member, Mrs. A* T. Cloar, rcplnc- iiis .Mis.. .Bilbo Olllierl, vvlio re- .signed. The hostess served a salnet willi Fniidwlchcs and iced tea niter the liriduc gnmc in wlilch Mrs. II. G, Part low won (lie prize, hosiery.' * * • * Naiarene Women Have a Mooting Members of the Women's group of the First Church of the Nawi- I'cnc, had n social meeting Thursday night nt the homo of Mrs. J. C. Cr.iner.... The 13 present heard reports of (lie missionary work being done by this croup. Refreshments were served. ' - » * t Jewish Aid Enfutalncd Mrs. Max Borowsky entertained the Jewish Aid nt lier homo nl Manila Thursday nlgiii when members from Blyllicvlllc, oscc- ola, Hixora and Manila' nttendert Mrs. Ous Vogel, of New York city, housegucst ol Mr. nnd Mrs Lee Rosenberg of Manila, was n guest. Plans were i uncle for a bingo party, lo be held In Osccola, nt ,nu early date. After the business session the ladies were entertained with piano slections by Flora Jane, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. IJorow- sky. • The hostess served n plnte "'•lunch, wllh dessert, willi her daughters, Flora Jatip, and Belly, anfl Mrs. William Borowsky as-'-"— her. Mr. mid Mrs. Honilld Miller And Art Morrison, m" ChlciiLiK, lire llic tilcfils nf Ml 1 . Morrison's wife, Mrs. Echini Lent?. Morrison. They nr- rlvcd Tliurstliiy. Uusxell llollnud lias lelmiicd fvcni Trinnniui, where he attended to uUillnowi for n week. Mis'. Charles E. Carter, ot OK- ccoia, Is a patient at the Memphis fclnftly-nninsny hospital, , JtiFi rtoii'nid, . Kvcrt HnlHxi, ,lnmcs If. Bell,Unwell i'ari' mid W. J. Wilndcl'llcli are delegates lo the stale Lions convenllnn meeting in Foil Smllli Sondiiy ami Monday. Sortie of these will iillciid. Jack HlBeintothiitii, of Joiner, Is n p.illcnl at Ihe Mciriphls Mclh- cdisl hospital. Mr.V Joe l'cl'i;»son, of WHsmt, was laken lo the iMclhodlsl hos- pilnl nl Memphis yeslcrdny. Miss Belly Lee McCAi spent yesterday In Glkvslon, Mo. Mrs. K. L. Illclitirds. ol Osceoln, hus been luuulllcd to Ihc Mvni- phis Hapflsl liospltnl. W. C. llljgtnsaii nndei'weht nn jpeTOtlon f«r appcmllellls yer.tcr- day al Ihe Mempliis .Metliodlst hospital. Mrs. Hlgijinson, who nc- kalliias Suite SCOiii'St; ill Juiies- IX.IM, Is \wliic Itii' the wckcml. MW. W. U. Ki|linon. Who wnr al llie Mempliis Rlclhodlsl liospi lal lor several' clays, rclui'iiec liniue Thursday. Her son, (In Kcv. filnnrt If. Salmon, went nflc her. Cluirlo.'i fJniney, who aUcuds^lhc .Id" from Hot Springs . ... all ScrugB-s set out 700 new adloll bulbs . . . and has so any valley lilies In bloom tlmt e presented all Kotarlnns and lesls with boutolmlere.s nl the IlllliB FROM COUNTY—H ... otary meeting yesterday twish were a Rotarian) . . . it's imost time to buy : graduation 'Ki'iils . . . J, Louis Cherry IB liiR to show u» a red rose : lit week (but .didn't • say he'd (live to us) . . . day by , day llie. irk grows nicer and nicer (and icy have five applicants for; the tables so it looks us It we CHI horses) Mrs. T, J. I iinkc sent us n copy of a "clever oliimiv.' "The Key Hole," l>y "l. ALL" froiii the Clevehind, Hi., paper — whleli reminds us Iwt we might Icll Inore -It onr denllty were concealed , . . Speaklns of \>lg parlies ' (when i; thciX! lici'li one?) It looks ns f Ihc country club wecKly. «(ffllrs aliout Ihc oiUy lal'gC 'ones dunned for the envly-v^umtncr. We're promoting the Idea of a. •Wlmiiy" slip|)tr° for IHIs 1 inoiilli ,ntl tlimiBht of ft' Coiittst; 6! ; Avho the '.•iu![l eat inn. nfter »•« decided too limnV htkhiWivBcrs miglil be consumed. There nvc n few affairs for the sen- be more). Mary Kllzabclh Udriinl and Betty McCntclien \Vill Ire Bhcsls of honor tor n danco al the country elnb, May 32. The rest we've heard we can'l tell ... . .; .. , i ' LAKK .STKfcET METHODIST (JJIURCII Vtriion li. Clialfatit, Pastor Cliincli scliool, 9:45 n m, Cliiilfli worship, 11)160 ii.jrt.- Bcr- iiion cutijcct. "What I3ld Jesus Bc- llcw Alwiit, Life?" communion service. Youiifi People's District meeting nf, ^:30 p.m. Young People's League, 0:45 p, .11. . Church Service, 1:30 p.m. Singing led by Young 1'cOplc's Choir Sermon subject. "Is Hell UcalV" Fellowship service, Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Services nl lane Oak secolu Sunday, 3 p.m. rhisT ,MKTH()i)iS'f Sfvrnlh and Main W. V. Woroack, I'n.slor •till)'llcCi Sniivii). \VlBBlns, prc siding elder of the, Jonesnoro ills- most', hamburgers'li'lct, will preach at the craihi) the matter I hnrr—7:30 o'clock. The men. thorns, will sins. Al llie morning worship scrvici the paslor will use for his sub jccl. "The Compassionate Christ. The choir will furnish the specin Jrn'y Cohen Tops Second Tehn music. incnthly After 'the sermon th connnunlon • will be- ad The 'IV«t o( Prosperity," Christian Endeavor inectliiy at :30. Youiif People's Conference, uiie 16th to June 2lst. Lcis ect eady. Council meeting, Monday eft- ling nl 7:00. Men's nlghl. 'rogriim prepared by the men. Mid week service al 7:30 on .Vcdnesday evening. Subject for ioriiin discussion, "Is The World Orowliig Better?*' The bee louse h u liny creature which clings lo Ihe hairs ot Ihe honey bee. It Is abouL OIIB six-hundredth of nn Inch long. sands, the hard-iiiarchlng soldiers of tlie French Foreign Legion .stuff beef tallow In their Loots, The ueef tallow, supplemented by rubbing wllh raw spirits, proves J more efficient against blisters thnu socks. FIKST rRESBVT KlUAN CHUIICH .Sluart tl. Salirun, 1'astor "llie Church .Succeeded Do- causc— " is the tonic for the morning worship sermon by tiic pastor tomorrow. This service begins al 11 o'clock sharp. in Ihe evening worship hour, beginning at 7:30 p.m., the sermon will \K on the subject, "What the IllWe Teaches About Satan." Other Mi'vlccs Of the day Include Sunday church school, with adequate facilities for everyone, e at 0:45 a.m., 'and Kiel people's and Inlcnnedl-j societies Incctlng ui 0:15 1 Mother's Day Special 8x10 Framed J'oiiraH 5Q All<l '" lis Coupon. Oroups snc Extra Offer Good Only Unlil May 10 UKLT'S AUT STUD JO Hies' p.ln. Scliool lionoi' List rump this year thfc A: G. Dulles are rr|)voscnllng Ulythe vllic at tlie Kentucky derby to- :tay . . . 1'rancps and Clmlles Jcri'y Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Cohcil, lends [lie honor roll of Ihc city liic,l> school for Itie second term of the' second scmer.lcr, il hns been 'announced. Al flick saw James Dunn at Ihcl H« was 141-2 imallty points. Sec- Memphis t'eaborty ycslc rdny| ond honors i;o to Tlilcli'ecl uulich iClmiilo had talked with him "" cue day in California nvid didn't, ix'coghlxc him ... The thought or traveling reminds vis Uiftl AMn Volltiitr and Ixniia Wunderlleli weht in their rust tmln Irip alone ycstcnlay when, avilicd with two wcqkeml bass, they trnvclec'l to IjiuiOrii'Tor 11 weekend willi their grnn'dpnr- ltnc ! '" owlc1 '' H points, U. w. Moore Is third with 13 miil John Stevens, wllh 12 1-2 points. Is fourth. Oilier students ns llicy riuik nrc: Jane Branson, 12; Blllic Craig Hetty Eberdt, Joyce Summers anr Mai inn Tompklns, bach 11; Vein culs, the M. C. Cookes. . . And "°V' Snllbn and Pud Ida VVood, cael 10 1-2; Elliiiibblh Abrnlmm, Pan- ill B 1-2; Site Rn- Fraiiees Stevens All I-cnjucs nt 6:45 p.m. There will be n nlsUicl meeting ot the yoiinis people at Uyess Colony nt 3 o'clock In tiic afternoon. •fhe Hoaril ol stewards will n'.ccl •\{ the chi'rch at 7:30 o'clock Monday evening. Studies In John's Gospel will be continued at the mid-week service Wednesday evening nl 7:30 o'clock. I'll.OHIM LUTHERAN CIIUHCII II. J. Klciunlcnst, Pastor Sunday school, 9 a.m. Morning worship, 10 a.m. Sermon llie;::c: "Praise nnd Thank the Lord!" Pilsrliii Guild niccl.i nt the school in the afternoon. Evening worship, 7'.3fl p.m. Sermon topic: "The Hunger nnc Thirst After Righteousness." A coldial Welcome awnits i\l who attend our services. Jesni pays, Ij'kc hi 28: "Blessed al 1 ! they Uiat. heai' tlie vi-ord 01 Goi and keep It." down, Is rtituvnert very Twin Baiishtcni Horn.- Twin dal'Blilei-s were bom lo Dr. and Mrs. A. O. Slilrey. oIj,| CTbv . T i, c Hayti. yesterday at tiro Memphis or i"i vc Mm Insl nlglil. He well. te. n. ttyiHtin is In Itol Siivltn;E tor llnce \vccks lo lake Ihc baths He weiit ovel- 'Thursday. The Rev, F.iipha tl. Uensiey. pastor cf 'Ihc First Church of tin, '(nznrcne ulitll her recent rc.sie, iiKtloii, left yesterday. Bhe. pluli lo 'do evangelistic work In Arl- 2onn nild California. -Jesse' Cook, of CciruUicrsvlllc tvllcndwl lo business here yerter- xlay. Mnynr Cecil Bhauc will return icnight from Hot Springs where he attended the bill' nssociatiov meeting. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Afflick were iu Memphis yestordny. Crcar Kardawny has from Mnnphi:; when? he a Miss Vercia Scoll, of dice. Miss., 1.1 llic Btiest. of her sister, Mrs, K. V. Treadvttiy, and Mr. Trcachvay. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. G. Litllc went lo Louisville, Ky., today for the be nway tour Ihls reminds us i>f .Ihc week's-lir-sl ,, liislHillc In Clilcago, is at' slcry: Mr. llinhtill took Dohiw >mc fuy the v.xckcud. | 'the one who is seven! In rtliiiicv Gordon liiiiney 'who ' hh.s been ' lll( ' nthcr nlglil. BeenI'sc she nlo I'lilher heartily and II wns* late lie decided more food might'- hot 1)0 ijood for iier. so In n' : \ety fnlhcriy manner he said, "Mjiybo \vc hud better not have . nny j ttcs- sclt." VVIieii Donna's fade fell he hnsllly added, "Well, you know ••'-I'ls more money." Donna agreed ntiy In her .inosl nnd llicy went n tliaiiklnj; licr escort for ill iU- a Memphis hospital, has re- turiied home irticl IS now much Mrs. Furnsworth Black and Mb>8 Sue Uuli were In Memphis yesterday. ' • Mrs. Cecil Lee returned to her home I, wllh her sister, Mrs. G .W. Dljln-1 iiom :iome In Uyersbnrg, 'J'cnn., ycs« jslie didn't want cnlny after spendlni: several days i'polite manner vlllt her sister, Mrs. G .W. Dljln-[ home. In tlmnk limity. She was .. accompanied a nice evening slie said: "Thank icme by her inotlier, Mrs. J. M: I yon,' Mr."lllghnil. And doli'tj ybil Cilllesplc, - her niece, Mrs. • Vcrnon feel tad about, (he dessert. Next riioinasKon of bpi-ingfli'id, III. aiM lime-we go I'll lake, my moiiey her great niece, Susiili Taylor, who will, be-there for nn extended visll. '.,';•:•' Mr.: and Mrs. John Mnurjy Mr, nild Mrs. Roy Calvin and Mrs. Clnrciiee Holder will spend Ihc weekend in Hot Springs with Mr. tloldor, who is , n patient nl the Veterans hosnltnl, Ite hns been llicrt lor two weeks nnd will be there scveiiil more weeks, luiving hnd on operation. Roy Jackson Icll yesterday lor Columbia, O., where lend to business for will nl- wecks. Wheat was poured into boxes my money can hnvc allJ.'.'iM Mnrlba BAPTIST ciumai Alfred Otrpcnlrr, I'aslur Bimdiiy BChool, 9:15 a.m. 'Tile Goal Is 750. ilelp us make If. Subject of hioinlng church s?rmon: "lictivcu" with the Kcv. Earl Herrlngton ris speaker. Mis. Pail) L. Tipton will sing a solo. Imfch. 2:30 p.m. Subject'. "A Woman's oncern'' wllh n request cnccrt by Arthur Nelson on llic Night church subject,: "It Men Go 10 Hell Who arcs?" Arthur Netsoiv will sing "The Last Ap- All arc cordially invited to hear .Ills iinnl service of the evangelistic service Which hns been of such treat benefit, lo Ihls city. KITEPKICFS Kvery clay on Food, Flour, Meats, Groceries, Frrsli Priiiln and Produce. Fancy rind Staple, any ciuanlity. Fur roiivrnieiicc nc offer "1'ro- fit Sliiil'iiif rroleclive Crcdil" Come In or Phone RITE PRICE GROCERY I'lionc 2M We Dclivi-r 111 K. Main In Olil .1'. 0. llldg. each fl; Billlc Lcggett alid Harolt Niitlmn fwscnthnl, each B l-'i Norcnc neniicll, l^-aiiccs Little each H; Sara Evrard, Virginia Lit tie. each 7 1-2; Helener Janttl 7: Ccrine Blacknrd, Bctly Snliba each G 1-2; Alice Snllba, Amy Ri'lh Morris nnd Mnry Adah ftob. inson. each li. . Honcrnblc nlchlioir was giyen Cecil Briinson, lien' Craig, Bonnie Jeanne Duchailan. Frank'Dduylns, I!ll?jibeth Edwal'ds. Eugcpc Hood. Mnry Eunice Laysoiv, Wes Carl Hichardson. Thomas Seny and Juaiiila While: KJt.L OOSl'Et, CHURCH Lilly A Vinr. Sis. Clyde Hflin, Pastor Sunday school, 0:45 <i. n\. Church, U a.'nl. Ba])tLsntal service, Lone Oa! 3:30 liUXOISA IJAI'TIST CIlUltCH I/. 1*. Flcininins, 1'astor Sunday School, 9:50 a. m. J. M Majors, silp't. Moriiing worship, 11 a. nt. Inlcnricdiatc nnd Junior B.T.U. Leaders ,Mi's, w. L. Clark and Mrs. I/niisc MeHenry. W.M.S. ntccting Tuesday, May 5th. Mis. B. O. Wilkihs, prts. Evchlug woishlp, 7:30 p. m. Knitting Classes ' Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 P. M. 1109 Chlckasawba INSTRUCTIONS FRETS ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERN AT" YAHN Mrs, Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley Plume 792 LDXOKA IMKTHODI3T CIIUHCII Jnntcs '(. Handle, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. ' I'reaclitng service, 11 a. in. The pastor will use as Ills subject, "The Good ahcpherd." Tliis is the first of a scries of sermons on the mem-rial windows of the Mcthcdist church at Luxom. The two windows showing the "Good Shepherd" are In memory of lov- | cd ones given by Nir. ami Mrs 1RULZJ Everything fnr Yowr Kulcrtalmncnl and Comfort Saturday Only YOUIIB People's meeting, 6:45 p.10. P. Powell, and in 1110111017 of Evangelistic, service, 1:45 p. m. Radio service, . one half hour so nnd then we want." •. Oilier news of liie .week: tlibsc certain Iwo w^ll.knowai incirtyho are belling they \voivT gninbltyniVy more nre about l^p.,weaken ;i;,V with teare In our" 'eyes' we jiAde Lelnnd and Max Miller farewell before Ihey lefl for Helena to make their home . . . Agnes and Adolph Meyers have taken lliclr apartment. . . . The Bucks', ntlracllvc visitor (we wero hoping we'd i;et, that ijood looking while sweater -she wore nftcr Ihrowing all those Iraquetsl ^rs. liarkcr^ is still here. Tiic Bucks Miss Gallic Mac Duke Bride of Tom Lc^is I , ' l - •"-•> >.' vintii «ivlv. i ny; il\JtKr» between walls lo keep il secure have been liming a gay lime tak- from mldliiB soldiers during the jug i, CT nroumt and sli'e especially Civil War. When needed for. enjoyed the boat dance . Blinding, u hole wns bored hi the, which reminds us, there Is boltom of (he wall nnd enough'to lie another boat,' wheat removed. . llie ni Osceoln, Monday, May nnd Osccola boat dances always |>crfccl . . . (lint girl with a name bcgiiinlnt; wlllv , 8ih, are When a railway passenger rtrop- !>«t n heavy weight on lhfr coiln- ler In the booking office'nt'"I," i s ,rt who you lliink It is nt Ilriuleo Kralovc station. Bohemia, all-l;ut we'll loll you more-lhc •' broke the composition top lay-; weddinc will take place within IT of the counter, exposing a piece few weeks COOTER, Mo.—Miss Calllc Mao Duke, daughter of Mrs. Lennlo' Duke, of Cooler, became the bride of Tom C. Lewis, of Braggadocio, In a ceremony performed last nlglit by the Rev. D. K. Poster nl Ills home in Carnlhcrsvlllc. ' Only a few Intimate friends hl- tcndccl the wedding. 'lite bride, who wore pink chiffon with bine accessories, carried valley lilltcs. She was attended by Miss Eliai- bclh HUC.VI of Cooler, who A'as drc. ' encli Thiiredayi '.9 a. in. The rjVlvRl-'wIU continUo cnclv liistit::this JW-cek.'. .'Large , crowds arc nttcndln'g. EvaiiBelist W. O. Stnglelcri-y is doing the preaching. -'. I ASSEMBLY OF ftOn CltUKCII Seventh and Ash Streets Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Morning 'service, 11:00 «. nl. Jail service, 1:30 p. m. Jr. c. A. Class, 5:30 |). in. Sr. c. A. class, 6:45 p. m. Evangelistic sermon, 8:00 p. m. Services will be broadcast from the church on Sunday morniu'g from II to li Thtt Communion service will be observed and the Missionary offering will be taken for Foreign Missions. Rev. N. Waller Spailn. Evening worship, 7:30 p. in. ' Imports of porcelain and i>ol- tcry by the United Stalts increased .In 1S34. ' ^ CAHI) OF THANKS ~~ We want to take this method ot (hank those who have been so kind lo rs In the recen tlllness and ilcnth of our son, Bernard. We also want to express onr gratitude. for your . Ihoughtlulness of our son, Richard, who Is yet in the hospital, and for tlie hnniih- brablc acls of kindness and words of sympathy. May God's richest blessings rest vpon each of you Is the prayer of a sorrowing family. Mr. and Mrs. W. n. Hay . and children. Rhodes bring Ihe monilhg message. Mrs. Rhodes will brUig llic Evangelistic sermon in the evening. rtrcssod in blue chiffon with pink i The public Is especially invited accessories. Joe Azbill was best to onr Sunday school. acci inan. Mrs. Lewis' graduated from Cooler high school in 1KM. Her husband, who is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. M. H. Lewis, was a member of Ihe 1933 Braggadocio high school graduating class. / Following a wedding trip to Kentucky and Tcnnc.ssc they Will Innkc their borne at. Braggadocio. FIKSt CHRISTUti CHURCH Cannll Cloycl, Pastor Bible fchool, 8:45, I. O. Westbrook, Sup't. Our goal — A class for everybody, and everybody in a class. Morning worship, 10:50. Scrami "the Image of God." Evening worship, 7:30. Strmor PlCKARD'S GROCERY OUIt MEATS ARE AS GOOD AS THE BEST THEY MOST SATISFY Staple & Fancy Groceries 1014 Chickasawba PhOnc 613 Dfs. Wert & Wcrt OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "tVE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 5^0 for a change of stone with the inscription, .some one from lilythcviile recent-1 ^Merc lies llic body ..." iy broiiRlil home •"llic pal of! Baplist Baptist Chufch Plans Fiill Program Tomorrow The First Bapllsl church is •planning a full day Sunday m concluding Us two weeks New Teslaniciit revival, conducted by Ihe Rev. Earl Hcrrington, cvan- selist from Prcscolt, Ark., wltii Arthur Nelson ns r,ong leader. In attempting lo equal inst Sun- day's' record for attendance nt Sunday icbool. the goal lias again, been.sel al 750; There were 760 ' present last Suhday. The gcai' for D.; T. u. attendance Is 3W>. The sciitions tomorrow have been, prepared so as to reach cv- crjiiiic, acccrdinj lo Ihc ovanncl- fet.. Me will-preach on "iicavcn" at the incrn\ng" hour, the aflcr- nc'cn-'sih'lec'.'ivllV'kc" on "A \Vo' man's Concern" • And the night service on •"IT Men Go to Hell Wiio Cares?" AH of. these sen-ices ^lll have special nillsIS with Mrs. I>atol,L, Tiploii dircctlns Ihc Iftrge chortlS. choir and Mr. Nelson slr.g- inj a^rtd playing Ui6,vibra harp. Mr. and Mrs. Mas Meyers and Mr. and Mrs, Louis l«nsky have rctimicd from several days spent in SI. Louis. Vcrnon Wrijhl, cf Halls. Tcnn.. Is (he Biiesl of his aunl. Mrs. Lily S^k. Preslcn Hamey. who attends Ar- Courier '• NCR'S Classified Ads'Pay. «^r TCNieUT ALL STAR FLOOR SHOW AT NO 1NCREAS1': IN PFvlCi', IN THE BEAUTIFUL AIR CONDITIONED BLUE CCOH SL10 PER COUPLE Delightful Music by You Name The Terms BROADWAY SALES CO. ., Ill S. Broadway - Tc'.. Ill and His Band of Ronuuuv I'LAlN - - - To.Dine Here Sunday Night li € "I" !: L ANNOUNCEMENT I.wish lo announce lliat I am no longer connected willi llic Main Service Station, but Imvc now taken, over llie man!igemenl of the I'u've Oil Station located at llic corner of Main and Fifth Streets. All my friends and customers are cor- clially iiiviteti to come here W the samfe good service I have given you for the past ten years. RUSSELL K. MARR Pure Oil Service Station Corner. Main &'FiflhSlSt Pure Oil Products—Wholesale and Retail Jarloon and Srriul—"Flash Gordon" with Ilustcr Crahbc Ail hi.—Milliner. & Niglit—10 S 25c \Vith Ic Tax —Coniinuolls Showing'— Sunday-Monday HOLD THOSE SMILES! The whole country's roving about you two as the grandest love pair since Cdpra teamed Gable and Colbert in his own "It Happened One Night"./ ARTHUR CAPRA Production PICTURE \cn-.% and Selected n.— M.llincr & Nijlil— 10 A Sjc Wllh lr Tas —Continuous Shewing— —COMINCi SOD.V— lM! KID" will, Al .lolson. ll's tioi.ii" uiii, i;,in.\rd Amnltl anil Trary. "LADV 0!'' SKCliElS" wiih Ituth Clialtciton. TUESDAY. MAY :>_ §275.00 BANK NIGHT! ! '.

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