The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 6, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TH E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AI^^.C,^ *-«~^ f T *^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 221. BlythevlUe Courier BlythevHle Herald AND BODTllEACT MISSOURI Wants Neutrals To Defy Blockade Of Exports J3y Allies BERLIN, Dec. 6. (UP)-A pointed warning (o neutrals to no longer content themselves with "paper nrotesta' msl Bnllsh m ' ' ngamsl Bnllsh mul French sm'es o orman exports was,. embodied today m inl'ormnlion '.rondo available to HIP foreign press. Neutral nations were "advised to*— lake active steps" against extension of Hie allied contraband control to German exports. The information expressed "amazement" that the Dulch gov-i emment, for example, does not Intend to arm or convoy-, its merchant ships. It also expressed as- tcnisliment that "(his strange renunciation of the freedom of tlio seas is based on Holland's neutral position." Meanwhile authorized qunrtcrs warned that Germany is preparing n counter blow to the allied export blockade. The first confiscations will be answered with vigorous action It was said. Says Menace 'Conquered LONDON, Dec. 8 (UP)—The allied powers are "getting (lie better of the menace of Nazi sea warfare." Firet Lord of the Admiraltj Winston Churchill told the House of Commons today in suggesting that Adolf Hitler's heralded "secret weapon" was about the lowest kind of warfare that can be imagined. Churchill said that Great Britain's retaliatory embargo against German exports already Is producing results. "It is satisfactory to learn that goods for exports already nre piling up en German docks and In warehouses to such an extent lliat we are told they hamper -the handling of incoming merchandise," he said. Reporting that the British and French fleets and aerial forces are destroying two to four TJ-boats a week, which is faster than Germany ran build Uieni or train crews lo run them, Churchill invited neutral shipping to take advantage of the comparative safety of British-protected convoys and charter their ships to the allies for the duration of the war. The first lord of the admiralty admitted, that the Nazi mine sewing was/a grave menace but" saSd ~that .it*was 'being overcome, aU though the world must associate jt fcrcver with Hitler's name. Allied shipping losses are decreasing, he said, and more than 1,000 British merchant ships have been armed so far for defense. Churchill said that Britain so far has lost five warships, totalling nearly 50,000 tons, while at present she Is building nearly 1,000,000 tons of warships. Mnny of these, he said, are in an advanced stage of construction. Were Believed To Have Been Trying To Mine Thames- Estuary LONDON, Dee. 6. (UP)-German oirplanes swept up the Thames Estuary early today, laying mines m an effort to cripple shipping to the vital port of London. Rcyal Air Force lighting planes and anti-aircraft batteries drove off (tie raiders. One two-motored German plane crashed into the sea on the Norfolk coast after narrowly missing a gas plant and several buildings. Tlie plane was believed to have been cne of the German licet which sought to mine the Thames. It's youthful pilot, whose body was recovered, was believed to have lost control of his plane. It had n:t been touched by anti-aircraft gun builds. Blytheville Dally News . - __Mississlpj>i valley Uacte^JiLYTIlRVILLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECBMHHR Negro ChildreirPkiy With jfi'/ rfl 4 Die In-Blazing House f), 193!) Fire At Planes THE HAGUE, Dec. 6. (0P) — Dutch antt-aircraft guns fired today at two foreign airplanes of unknown nationality. The planes flew over The Hague and then dis- apj>eared into the clouds. Secretary To German Consulate Found Dead NEW YORK, Dee. 0. (up) _ Waiter Engelterg, 40, secretary to the German consul, was found dead |n_b,ed at his Brooklyn'home "today apparently, police said, the .victim of an,attack. . - •',.'•* ..„..;,., ""P:«ce forced their way into his liome when lie did not report at the consulate for work. Police said the bedding was Bloodstained and there was blood 5n the b:dy. The German consulate had no information on his death. German Liner Seized CAPE TO"WN, South Africa, Dec, . 0. CUP)—Naval i authorities announced today that a British warship captured the German liner Ussukuma, 7,834 tons, in the south Atlantic • ocean. . An attempt by the German crew to scuttle the vessel was frustrated. It. was expected that the ship would be taken to a British port as a prize of war. Claim Germans Repulsed PARIS,' Dec. 6. (UP)-^Six raids by German patrtk on the western front were repulsed with heavy 'losses to the Germans, French military dispatches reported today. Chief expansion of German patrol activity was noted. In the Lorraine area wherei throughout m:st of yesterday the Germans made thrusts Into the French lines in an effort to take prisoners and obtain information. The French said that the Germans failed in all objectives. Raiding units were led by infantry each heavily equipped with automatic arms. Tuskegee Band's Trips Twice Balked by War JV*?re York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. G (UP)-Cotton closed steady. ' ' open high low close Dec 1011 1022 1008 Jan 1MB 1015 1003 Mar 978 996 978 May D51 966 Jul 916 935 Oct 871 881 Spots closed nominal off -). 949 916 870 at ion 100G 985 95G 922 874 1029, NEW, ORLEANS, Dec. G (UP)— Cotton futures eased today to close aroimd previous clcslng levels. Dec. Jan^ Mar. May Jul. . Oct. open 1024 103G 1010 1010 9Q3 1007 960 918 928 945 878 892 low close 1020 1021 1010 1017 ODO 997 9GO 807 County Agents List Booths For _!Vlai'keliiig Election Saturday Polling places have been designated throughout Mississippi Coun- Sy /or the voting Saturday for a- ignltist cotton marketing quotas for 1040. In the agricultural consoi'va- lon program. 'Hie county agricultural agents D. S. Lantrlp and E. H. Burns wve announced these places- L'st aiie school, Lcnclivlllc Agriculture luilding, Manila Agriculture bulking, Promised Land school, Tomato chool. Buckeye Gin. Pnwhmi ehool, Carter Gin at .whlsp, car it schcol, Number Nine Gin, Ar norel school, Blytheville City Hsh Tome. Gin. New Home Gin, Roger tore, Brown school, Yarbro scho- Gosnell school. Fatly and Eigh school, Half Moon schcol, Black water school, Dell school, bone Oak school and Boynt:n school for the Chickasawbn district. In the Osceola district thesi. places: Osceoln Coi!:l House, Bur- dctle store, Rosa "store, Victoria sic re, Bank of Uixora, Bank o Kelser, Laney-Marslm! Gin, West Ridge store, Etowah store, Sfillmaii store, Dyess community house Cramer Brothers store, F. s. A building at Marie, Wh'itton community house, Farmers' Gin at Jcjucr, Pecan Point store, Frenchman's Bayou store, Wilson Gin office, Driver store, Hlghtowcr store, Miliigan Ridge at Byrd's store, Checker Board store at Bussett, Mary Ann Gin at Hatcher. Polls will open at nine o'clock and close at five o'clock. SINGL13 COPIES OSCEOUA. Ark..' Dee. " W ' fl . om Ilillo momhs - «« «» iwt nfeht Die small )f nlnl;.],ou5o !„ wh!cll u lov , lm , A fl1 ;,, escaped by .Jumping through a window The child,™ had been pelf In 11,, hollso wlll1e lllefl . f „ Timothy navto. WPA worker, (Mr mu(h ,,. and two chlldreu Ihe family were The child who escaped, a boy, snJJ they )md been p| Ilyine W itli "oen n 'r oc keT ""* i"° ^"^ """ >10< "' S "I''""""''' »'«' Osceola nremcn fought ^desperately | 0 pmml sl)| . PBl| of „ niw to otucr houses In U iw of negro (ennui houses, owned by A. P. Bar).,.)n. which I,, Jocnttrt north of the city limits. Unable to lay hose lines to Ihe scene of (be firo they fought the bln/o •111, emergency cqulpmonU; Three smal! housed wore " Communist Organ Warns Rumania To 'Get Right'- With Russia - MOSCOW, Dec. 0. (UP)-Bllloi- aitacks on Knninnta. pntterned "long Ilio HUM of ihaso whlrh preceded Husslnn and Clernmn nctloii ngntnst Polnml and (lie Soviet in- vns:n of Finlimd, appeared, lodny in Ihe 'Communist Inlorimtloiinl," officinl Comiimnlsl. orenu. CENTS Finns' Resistance Forces Russia To Mass More Troops Will Conduct Forum On Federal Taxation Tluirs- " ' 927 875 Spots closed steady at 1017, unchanged. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 6. (UP) — Steel shares with Rains ranging to three points led > the stoek market higher today with Increased volume. A. T. A T. Homer Adkins, federal collector of internal revenue for Arkansas, will conduct a forum on revenue and taxation laws at the municipal courtroom In oily hall here Thursday night, 7:30 o'clock, It was nn- noimccd today by J. Well Brcoks, secretary of the local chamber of ommerce. The recent congressional session enacted several statutes making changes in the revenue and taxation laws, particularly Income tax and social security measures. The collectors' office points out that these changes affect practically every- business and professional nan in the slate and has undertaken the series of forum meet- ngs to advise business men how .0 close their books properly on 3ec. 31 and to protect themselves n matters relating to income tax •vnd social security matters. Roy G. Paschal, chief of the In- ccmc tax division of tile office at Little Hock is expected to accom- >!my Mr. Adkins. Questions asked nt the meetings will be answered by Mr. Adkins or Mr. Paschal. John Deen Will Head Kiwanis Club In 1940 John Dcen, assistant manager of the East Arkansas Builders Supply company office here was elected president of the Blytheville Kiwanis club . at the weekly luncheon meeting today Mr. Decn will be inducted into office on Dec. 20 along with other newly elected officers, lie was icy after , . .... had previ- OTiil ousy ° ecn choscn President-elect, 82 I--| notified the club that a change 934 880 Service • 5 TUSKEGEE, Ala. (Up)—Twice a European war has ccme between the Tuskegee Institute band and a Coca Colft 120 trip abroad. I General Electric 39 Back in 1317 plans were being' °™era! Mofois ..-. 53 made for the band to tour Europe,' but the World War interfered. ffegotlallons were resumed last „ ..__,„ summer, but the new war broke £1111?™ :•••• 3 !" 2 out and negotiations were suspend- Clumps 40 1-2 ed indefinitely. The band, of 75 pieces, Includes students from 17 states—Alabama, Ccnnecllcut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Nebraska-, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Associated D. G. Steel .... Boehv Air 191 •>';"" .,— ."'"" "'"* " cnaiigu Chrysler R7 7 V 1 mcetln £ "<""• ...from' night to -••- •- ' - 877 ' 8 noon prevented his consistent attendance. Miss Vivian Vickers, high school student, spoke briefly urging Ki- sale campaign and citing to —•- • •• ticn-wide palgn. W. H. Glover was received as a anti-tuberculosis cam- Tennessee, Kentucky. Texas, Virginia and Dec. May Dee. May Chicago Wheat tpen high low close 961-i 975-8 953-8 971-2 93 933-4 921-8 935-8 Chicago Corn cpen high low close 541-4 543-4 537-8 545-8 55 1^2 55 5-8 54 7-8 55 1-2 Radio Schcnley ,3 I. B Simmons 241- new member of the club. socpny vacuum .....'.'.'.'" 121-4 Student Quits Nazi Standard of N. J 453-8 Texas Corp 45 U. S. Smelt 65 3.4 U. S. Steel 69 ' Livestock EAST jST. LOUIS, 111 Dec 6 (UP)—Hogs: 11,000 ' ' Top, 5.65 170-230 lbs. r 5.50-560 140-160 Ibs., 4,50-5.45 Bulk sows, 4.40-460 Cattle: 3,750 Steers, 8.10-10.75 V Slaughter steers, 6,25-1125 Mixed yearlings, heifers, '7.75-9 50 Slaughter heifers, 6.25-1125 " Beef cows, 5.00-6.00 Glitters and low cullers, 3.75-4.75 StyleJWar" Diet ATLANTA, Ga,, Dec 8 <UP)— Three Georgia Tech students : today continued lo eat according to Ger- m , 9 . n r «"° ns wh »e their erstwhile fellow-dieter, George Strlbllng 17, announced he was "under-fed-up" and gorged himself with a steak. Strlbling said he had last live :rr™ Advising ftuimmia in nimrp UII.IBO lo ncgollatc a miilun! nld treaty with Russia, similar ( 0 those forced on the nultto nations by the S:\lcts, tho Communist' Iiilcrnn- llonal alleged lhal Rumanian Electt-ic Can-cut Available In. Certain Areas .For First Time Tuesday f Tribute To Finland's Anniversary Carries Unusually Warm Tone (UP>- Electiic- lights twinkled for; the government is under tho Influence. ot British and American capital Rumania was attacked bitterly for DcrwciitliiB minorities in Bes- snrabla. taken from Russia «i(cr I ic World war, und in Rumanian - , Jii-ovinces which llmisarlnn and "Conditions in formerly were Hossarnula uro o turned on yesterday following con,- , publ.e'.s 22m! anil »««» ilet on of the nrst rural clectrl- iiulependenco from c flcalion project in bounty. Not only were lights used but imny took baths In "real bath ubs" for the. llrst time, as a num- >er or farmers hnd" already installed batli room equipment with electric pumps for power lo oper- itc ,rnid'equally as exciting wer hose electric refrigerators whlcl made ice while some of the ciill Iren literally watched the process Some farmers have purchased^ slid complete units of electrical appii nnces as pump for bath room op oration; refrigerator, Iron, washing nachine and radio in addition t, Mectric lights. V. Afo'st of (lie farmers say they lave vjOQd.Tnqijfh on hand tfl'-|se ir cooking- sfoM*? so -do -iioT^lcn" o interested in stoves but irmnj arm wives show much interest ii electric ironcrs. Current Is expected lo be tiirnee m in another 225 houses within n reck or ten days when the secom oop of the 215 mile line is ener- •ized. When this line is completcd,/elcc- ric power will be available to 1842 arm houses. The project Is sponsored by the lississippi county Rural Electric Cooperative. Mississippi nrmlcs now ' vade Finland. While It Is customary for Iho )r. L L Hubener Heads County Medical Group Dr. L. L. Hubencr was chosen lead of the Mississippi County Icdlcal association to direct that roup's activities during the coming ear at a meeting of the physicians ast night at the. city hall. The Incoming' president succeeds Dr. Floyd Webb who has served lie group during the past year. For the twenty firs!, consecutive ime, Dr. P. D. Smith was named ecretary of .the organization. Dr. . E. Beasloy was elected vice prcs- dent. Included In the 15 members resent were the following from lit <f town: Dr. G. S. Atkinson of Dr. T. F. Hudson of Lux- ra. and Dr. J. T. Polk of Keter. Carols Through the Ages lllu cmcf executive of one government lo send felicitations to Hie head d. another state on occasions ot Ih'ls nature those familiar with the procedure said tlmt the tone of Mr Roosevelt's message was unusual The president offered this e es- lure of moral support after announcing at a press conference yesterday.that he would holt! Ihe Finnish debt payment due Deo 15 in a special fund ai«l ask congress fcr authority lo use"ll lo aid Ihe Finnish people. "This anniversary, on which the Finnish people recall wllii pride Ilio achievement.of their independence &ife-iVie--yct another welcome occasion to voice the whole hearted esteem felt far them and hr their government by the people and government of Ihe United States," tlio president's message said. But Plans For Structure To Replace Burned Building Incomplete A new schocl building will be erected at Armorel to replace the almost-completed $150,000 ' structure destroyed by fire early Tuesday but plans will not be available for about t«n days, It was announced toiiny folkwlng a meeting of Die Armorel school board last night. ..,„ particularly unbearable," Ilio Communist ti'gan said. It hinted broadly Ihul Russia lias an obll- gnlion to "rescue her oppressed brothers," Coming from such a source, and in a country In which Inspired publication is usual, the "suggestion" was regarded as a slv.iiu hint of immediate Russian policy toward Rumania. (Authoritative Roinc sources have said that if Russia attempted any move In (lie Halknns similar lo that on which she had embarked In tho Baltic, Premier Bcnlto Mussolini wculd intervene.) If HUE ON State Farm Bureau Heac! Says Nation's.Eyes,Upon . tlmt "the eyes of tho nation will be focused upon you," 11. E. Short of Brinkley, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, yesterday urged a heavy vote In the aimuni cotton marketing nuotns referendum which will bo held on December D, "in .order'that your true altitude toward the farm program will bo reflected." "You may rest assured Ihsvt tho eyes of 'the country will be upon you when the referendum Is held," Mr, Short said, -"and especially ivlll your congressmen and senators, who decide upon ngrlcnl- •ural appropriations, be watching outcome as n guide lo farmer toward the farm pro- "Evcn though next year's appropriations arc quite gcncttws wo mv'c found that they have been iicrenstngly harder to get each yenr, and only those who have actually been on Ihe firing lines callzc liow close farmers came to oslng, or having duccd, Ihclr 1040 Atony opponents of the AAA have opposed the act and the upgrades having proprlntlons which finance it on ,„!„„.„ i "" c "" > y rEslto »"> the contention, .or belief, that It where classes were being held while was not popular with farmers, Mr the ne w structure was being built, short salt!. "The way you cosl mir i I K Y 1 " ^ cxtc!ul « 1 V' oltr vot ^ in tlle referendum, I, .paired ni.d enlarged at once. I this democratic roomier of tlccltl- some of the elementary grades Ing whether you wish lo cooper- nad already started using the now ate with your neighbors and ad- Duucimg which was complete except Just production to effective de- DCC.J COPENHAGEN, Denmark, roops Dec. C. (UP)—Russia' is wore i'ciioi'Uul holding the massing t,. 001 , 3 mid Wal . sh j p 3 KtissmiiH on nil fronts and for Uirco simultaneous" at- womg now successes today, 'neks on Finland j n hope'dE fl» (lie republic reached its bringing' the Avar (o a quick 22(1- birthday—fighting lm cn ^> >l was reported todav.' its life iittninst its heredilm 1 } sentiment ram. ciioiny. A general 'slaK communtqu cli.imed (lie destruction of : olgh niisslnn tanks nnct' the capture o mnny prisoners In tho Bnhnl area neni 1 1-nko ixtdogn; the:'smashing of Bis tanks and' the shootini down of n sconl plane In Karelia niid Ihu capture of twofold jnm. untl four machine guns, n'nd tin. dcslnictlon of one plane, in the Pdsnmo arcn In the north. U was asserted . pfilclnlly tlm llusslan airplanes were using dun •'"in machine gun bullets' nm that, In iho Karelian sectov, It hat been "proved" that Russians hac shot then- own met. in Iho back In order lo force them forward, ' ' Nearly every one among tlio ap- m-oxlmntcly: GO.OOO people left li the capital carried g«s masks. Mosl men woro boots and riding .trousers, or other ...semi-uniform garb Inslcad of normal civilian clotii- and* curried, the traditional lull limiting knives. Tho gas masks were wui;v because' It WHS believed not only lhat the Russians would bomb the city lu force KB soon as Ihe weather permitted, but 'that- lhe> might use poison 6iu> Shop windows'were boarded up mt anil-aircraft gunners' oh lop of buildings all over the city awaited nn attack, Sovcrnl nrcM of Ihe city were cleared of civilians. . : Women continued on duty In shops, hotels and restaurants Many women In tho streets wore uniforms of auxiliary ' services. Wallers in hotels wore boots. Despite the danucr of aerial bombing,,, housewives and old people refused to evacuate. Ono old man told an evacuation officer who urged.him to, seek safety: "I Imvo Ilyed long. .:,YoU nfp young. You. go and Til, slay." >:f- -, , Mllllary ...autho'rllics colitiiiu'ca to assert' tlmt • the Russian troops whom iho Finns )iae|, encountered .vcre , unimpressive. -It, was said that some;'prisoners (had been In service only tlirco fiiiohtlw, and lad had only _ono month of: real training. They* were quoted nil saying that they had .been'living in. caves, and had boon .told that the war would lust only a few cinys ngalnst the "Finnish nggres- Negro Brothers Get 21-Year Prison Term LITTLE ROCK, Dec: 0. <U!>)— Home and Mose Bonn, negro brothers, convicted in tho slaying of Ihe wife of a plantation supervisor, reported today, Great munbeis of Russian trootw were pom Ing into the northern peninsula, In UN, Petsamo area •aid . advices fiom Hclslnkl'fb- ported tlmt tho Russians had oc- -uplcd Kuolajcrvl, just ab^ve the Arcllo CircJa and about 30 mfles inslcic Finland, and were reported ^o plan an offcnslvo toward fhe west dcslened to cut tlio country .n two. , .' It was reported that tho Rus- sinns intended to make a new at- .uinpt lo foico a landing on 1 'the .-Innlsh Quit coast of Finland, Allowing the evacuation ol oouen "'oast IndustrJiil districts. " The Russians tried'to make i landing on ilio coast east of Hel- •»nki last I'-ililay but were repulsed The .nut big battle was expect«l in tho noith of the Peisamo wont. Finnish soldlcrb destroyed tho rond leading southward from . J elsmno In Older to impede Rus- .inii motorized units and dug strong trench systems' for a fight Dltpntchcs indicated that the liaci .strengthened their position materially' by fortifying ih 0 Aaland Mends and .11(11(111; Hie waters near thum. further, Sweden has now mlne'd tho wateis between tho Aaland Isl- inds and tho Swedish coast. • •'These moves were believed to ™>e closed tho entire, Gulf -of Bothnia to the Russian fleet and -•iwurcd the safety of the vital pin- sh railroads alcng the Gulf."" An attack of tho Finnish west :onst WOT believed to have been an mporUint pavt of Russia's strategic plans. : Further, tho closing of the Gulf released mnjiy soldiers for duty at he fronts. A Helsinki dispatch to tho Copenhagen newspaper National m'de quoted rumors that thei )ceiv":dlborders at Leningra cause cf h'cnvy 'losses of t ilan air force." The failure Russians to continue ttiolr i Hacks on Helsinki, it was all had ibeen only partly due to ' her. 1 One reason, it was sald,.__, lint the Russian air force was afs-"r iruanlzed. Youngsters from Battlo ' rases, the dispatch said, had flown ' oo low and had been mlslnform- d aa to tho effectiveness of FJiT- ilsh anti-nircraft defenses. Now, it ?as said, more experienced pilots • vcre, being called up.' Ctofms OffciLM Started >\ ROME, Deo, D (OP)— A special Mslnkl dispatch to the newspaper 'opolo Ul Homa reportcti tojay - liat an csllmnted'. 700,000 •Russia^ roops had started n big offensive , and nt that time Rome was sen- tcnced to ilealh for the fatal ».. . ". ,- tlo °P s ' leavl 'y outnum- tho h or some decorating. mnnd, will be scrutinized closely former school structure was by these persons," Iio said, 'ai.«... u *>rn d;wn to mnke room for the'that n highly favorable vole for lew building which was erected. the program would do much to on the some site. erase doubt In the minds of many school district did not have' persons in the congress of the i"c . sufficient lo cover Its farmers altitude toward the pro- loss in the new building which was erected as a WPA project. CHRISTIANS, A.WAKE! "Christians, awake! Salute the happy morn, Whereon the Savior of mankind was born ..." John Byrom, I8th century Eng- r "i* humorist, promised his little Joe E. Brown Hurt In Auto Accident HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 6. (UP)— Joe E. Brown, wide mouthed comedian, was injured seriously today In an autom:bllc collision In the ; heart of Hollywood. 1 Ho was unconscious when taken lo the California hospital and his condition was reprrted critical. two hours later when he was still hi surgery. Device Quickly Gauges Soil's Water Content TUCSON, Ariz. (UP)-A device to measure the soil pounds In the week he adhered to daughter, Dorothy, he would write nhtiml\m the ra onlng program and that he 'something for her on Christmas in ed by Joel pleteher couldn't stand the diet any longer. ;n«. Among her presents she tcch.Lcelst of ? ^hf Son Henr Ma Henry Mayo, Ed Schmidt and '. found Ihe manuscript ot this carol, ,mes Scanlon continued dieting jwith its original title, "Chrislmfis determined lo eat on Nazi rations Day for Dolly." until Christmas in a test to Indi- The apparatus SoII atlon can determine catc how the German people will stand up under the diet in a lcng| Inc exact water content of a sam- grnm. "If farmers will exercise their right of the ballot and vote their convictions there is no doubt in my mind but that the results will effectively discoilrage organized opposition to our farm program," Mr. Short stated. "We cannot afford to allow our dissatisfaction over any detail in tlic program to cause us to lose sight of the great fundamental Issue Involved." Germans Sailors Try Bold Venture In Yacht WASHINGTON, Dec. G. (UP)— Official sources said today that a group of German sailors, aboard the 43 foot yacht Lekala, apprehended by the coast guard oft the North Carolina coast, Intended to contact a German vessel at sea or sail directly to their homeland. Tlie German sailors, officials said, had been members of a Standard Oil Company tanker crew stranded in the United States. They acquired tho use of the yacht, It was learned, and prepared to sail out to sea cither to contact a German ship, or psr- „,_ „,. ,. , ~ -. euiuuci, u uvrman En p, or psr- enabl n, ' '' 1 B ","' «*"««•' Imps a submarine, or even attempt "lablln fr iwiviu tw IJLUU; ivt me nutii i, , i , ~-...-... shooting of Mrs. John A. Dcavcr. bcr , cc ',' wcrc ""'^Ing In calm ,md The slaying occurred in Scptcm- °r fl ?ny manner, It was asserted, ber, 1038. |. ' ' egion Group Will , \ Attend Trumann Meeting ' Forty one members of the Dud post of tha American Le- Campus Apples Sold | On Honor of Buyer AUBURN, Ala. (UP) — Alabama several neat stands Sunday, it . following a on the "cnmnus s ,,reirt mccUn * ° ! tlle P° st at the Amerton me cnmpus, spread Ciln j^g on Hut lost nlzht red apples on. them, ana *" sys- Business Area To Be Bedecked Gaily Tonight principal speaker at the meeting. • Members of the Blytheville post, which is one of 14 posts In this district, \\lll leave here at nine' P' and will get to Trumann in time to attend church with. other' members of tho district. They will be served lunch at noon after which the business and program' sessions will bo conducted. All state officials have been in- Downtown streets of Blvtlievllle X', t€d '?, ? ttentl thls meeting, E. A. will take on a festive wu'arance Rlcc ' dlstrlct commander, said. 1 •onijht when llS ta? P vK t °" 1Cr b "f ness whlch c ™ c «P decorations will be erected In a ^ the mcclin S last nl sht incluoTsa project sponsored by the Chamber the "P^wlment of a committee to' of Commerce. conduct future old car derbies Don Tlie diamond-shaped silvered ^furds, post commander, named frames with their multi-colored Normai1 Moore, Roscoa Crafton, lights, which have been used on R E B'^'ook, J<e Whitley, H. L. light posts for several years with Ha1se ' 1 ' Clarence Kolwyck, and J. the Lions club sponsoring this lea- Mcl1 Brooks on this committee'.* ' turc, win again be used and added Commander Edwards also an- to these will be garlands strung nounwd that on Deo. 13, the local across the street P 05 * w:uld have a barbecue supper Mountain laurel ropes will be »'. the Hut. Albert HolHngsworth Uied with a Christmas wreath wU1 furnish the .hog. ; „ in the center of each with this — — *-' lo be electrically lighted. While! the garlands will be at Intervals ot blocks where lights posts are' greeted, they will be strung from light ,,TT> ,™^., WEATHER wm with the enabling farmers to calculate Ihe Till Christmas SST* ° f vvnler " ec<!cd tor a the Main street business section ofthe ' Atlant ? r U)( = hospital The .maximum temperature hew streets. rls; pfflclal weather observer.

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