The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 17, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1936
Page 2
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y BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER-NEWS / 'pi XVENTS , W»rd P. TV A mwWng p m following executive board ' mejeting, 2 30 p m. , -<"' Heceplioi) In social rooms of First ! v Methodist church, for the Rev. and - Mfc H Lyrm W»d«. t p.ra- ' Church of Clirlst liaving Bible study, 2 3d p. M, at home of Mft B, S Sho^ton v _ Mrs, C A Cunningham having i'Wednesday Bridge club ., ,\ THURSDAY'S EVENTS v * JCrs Everett, B Ge* having * Thursday Luncheon club, > -. Mid-Week tBrtdge club meeting \vjh Mrs W, L Horner Mrs C ' H Wiley entertaining , Thursday "Bridge club jThursday Contract club meel- 1 Ing with 'Mrs O. B Keck i iAltar Society of Church of the Iiimaculate Conception having bjigo party, nt social hall, 8pm } > FRIDAY'S EVKNT8 jMdsIc department, Women s club, ^meetihg.nHh Mrs. George M.-Lcfc, „ '\ 'f, SUNDAY'S EVENTS ilr and Mrs. J , G Barnes hiw- ir5g'"open house' from 3 to 6 o'clock for Mrs Barnes' ncphe* jlorrU' Corzlne, of Hagen, Ger£ njiny, and his mother, Mrs D M *"" Boss, of'Memphis Tricks Opponents Into Double That Makes Game Possible By WM. K. McKENNEV NEA StrvlM Staff Correspondent One thins that marks the great bridge-plajcr Is the versatility of Ills game. Ho must play men as *KQJ 10954 *K2 *J 100 '10042 »A8S2 VKQJ85 one heart, one club, nud one diamond, or jw.sslbly five If the diamond Is established before the club aoc Is removed from the East hand, "Why didn't you open your hand, R*d?'' his partner inquired, BE the s«ore for the vulnerable rubber wa>> being totalled, "With your seven spades to R hundred honoro, an ace and i, king, we might have lost a wore." "When you passed," replied the Bits of News Mostly Personal Ed Beasley and his tea Hubert fl>eiit the wcck-e^Kj at .Hprence Ala., where they attended the annual meeting of the North Alabama Methodist - conference am renamed acquaintance with( old frlcnd-i Jn that locality, where Ihe'y lived fpr many . years. ^heilft C. it Wilson ,w»s taken to the Baptist hospital, Memphis, early IliLs rooming after 'a throat and Mrs HoH.&nd He accompan- cd Mr;;.Holland, Warren 'Wright and Horaca \yalpole roms in Mr Holland'.'! new '"airplane. Mis Arthur Clnirchnell, of Biis- eett, is a>patient at 3t Joseph's Htnl Memphis Mrs R P Klrshncr has gone to Onmhn, Neb., (o be with her father, the IWv. Frank G. SmKh, who is ill C. M. Gray is: attending: to business ia .Memphis today. Dr. and Mrs. I/, ir. Moore were In Cape /Glrardcaii, Mo., Sunday where they .visited their (daughter, Miss . Mildred, who is • a" senior nt Southeast Missouri State Teachers college. Miss Carolyn : Dunavant,••'. of Memphis, spent the week-end with her sister,; Mrs. John Miles-Miller - psycliologtcal Irishman, "I knew v,e Infection from which he has been ethodbi Circles Studies __ " , Th> study bboK "Tlic Slcuanl- -. snip of Life' was concluded by - circles of the Woman's Misslon- society of the First Metho- diit church In meetings, Monday afternoon ,. , , , sirs "Pat O'Bryant hnd clicle wheh^the 12 present included new member, Mrs H Lin itfadc Mrs B A Lynch gale tt e lesson and Mrs Wade off*Wd, prayer , Hot chocolate and cookies nere sencd. : *2, »hich met <with' Mrs r ., Tailor and Mrs W. L - 'jftrner at the, Tajlor honje.-had ""•' 2g present > These included lno nw members, Mrs J P Holland § Mrs. Toby, Long, and l«o its,,Mrs',C G Smith jr, and Paul Craig ( Mrs A B Falr- 1 gave the'•'lesson, which vias excluded yrith a prayer by Mr*; OjE chgger " Sandwiches, cookies • and hot chocolate were served JMrs W. M B,uins and Mrs Bjile M. JNiSaA ,ent«rtalned circle . ^ crce 3*at the'.Burns"'resIdencc \vhen ^.attended Mrs W. A. Stlc*;- 'gave" the ceyotional in Mrs f _Lce ^Armstrong of- prajer. ' Sandwiches, cake afld coffee were served 'ffhe 13 members of circle 4, 'Vlfcich the home of Mrs IT B Menard, heard, Mrs Harry Halnes c gj\e^the lesson Mrs Barksdiile said a prayer In 1 ' Sandwiches and coffee served the membeis and one f AJ 103 , - e «Q4 + Q542 b *A7 Dealer *7 V 'i 0 3 j » 9 8 7 0 5 + K'O 8 3 . 1 Rwbbci— N & S vbl South Ucsl Norlh Eut ,Kl-S l'»54 1'IISS t V I'll si, 2 # 2 A Double p., ss 3V II * Double P.iss I'ns^ 1'jss Opening— V K, 18 L «cll as cards or rather It mlgh be said that catds are things with which he plays his opponents Take "Red" Rellly of Chicago {Mat'iew S, on formal occasions) His confidence in his ability to meet any sltuKtlon is proved bj the way he handled th« Nortl cards in today's unusual hand. With the opening lead of the king of hearta, North drew trumps and conceded one spade, one dlu morid, and Uo clubs, making his contract doubled East and Wes can make four hearts, losing onl Ing with OhrW In ths Homeland" v,as discussed by Mrs Carpenter, Mrs. Harmart Taylor, Mrs Charles Cro\vder, Miss Louise Dobyns -and Miss Thelma \7orthlngton Mrs' Hugh Nelsoh Tliompsan gme the devotional The 20 prcsjnt contributed an ofTeflhg for home missions ' j Members of circle 3, with Mrs Q W. Dlllahunty as chairman £er\ed refre^hiiient.s during the social hour • * * T C«Ur»l Ward P.-T. A. To Hear Mrs Fmlkrton. ouldn'l. make foiir , spades. 1 fig- Su u«d Uml Drown (the East player) su would like lo get me out on a Jlmb, fo and might double me at three. In "He doubled at two and when his to iartner rescued and I bid three, al : knew that we hnd won.' 'The set M hen looked too Juicy to ]»ss up." iv W Today's Contract Problem j, South has doubled Bust's w foUr sparit.' contract card jtiould' North play to the J first lilck? * S * 1051 VNone «76<3 + QJ9432 *J3 N ' *AK«'J8 VK8132W," c 76 »KQ105 w _ fc ¥5 4105 s ^ J82 Dtaltr *K6 *2 ¥ AQJ10976 # A9 r + A87 E, & W. vul Opcnci— » A Solution In next issue 18 New Lake Street Pastor Welcomed By Congregation The Rev. M. N. -Johnston, recently appointed pastor of the Lake" Street Methodist churrji, has arrived to 'take.' over his duties Ho and members of his family were welcomed by an old fashioned pounding, given by members of the congregation nt fche jmrsonage, -\\hlch had , been Suffering for. sotne time -became suddenly worse. It was feared a time that he wnb developing pneumonia but physicians 'said today 4hat his condition,was ! ,udt alarming!. He was accompanied'to Morr.iihts by Dr. I. R. Johnson', who returned inter, and by 1 Wilson, Ml and Mrs Eddie B. David, and' Mr. and Mrs.- rHale Jackson of Osccola/ who remained 1th him Miss Cora Lee.. Colcman, •• Mrs Jeriy Willie and M|re £(' |3 ( Slcrnberg motored to' Little Roci oday to attend an agricultural meeting ', Mrs Viola Neal, of Hiimboldt Tcnn, has arrived hcic to make icr home. W M Scruggs has returne< roin-a visit to Memphis, Mrs Boh Chiles, of Dyess, , i visiting liei sister, Mrs JIarr Wlcdtnnn, and family,-.this; week W. K. Stovall has .returned- from udora, Ark., .where he. ; vislte it n caihp' of deer .hunters lo week, Dr and Mib Paul L Tipto iclurnecl today after being awo foi 12 days Di 'Upton wen on a (leer limit near Eudora-ah Mrs.. Tlpton visited si cousiii Osceola Society — Personal ieia mrch Sunday night and Iielc immunion rervlces HJ*)day morn- ig. He"'was,the guest of Mr and frs. c/-A. Davis while here, Mrs. Ray Madden and Ray Jr 'e' In Memphis today. A nine pound hay was 'born .to lr. and Mrs. H. c. Miller Jr., • the Methodist hospital In Mem- ils early todaj' Mr. and Mrs W. T.. Potter ac- cmpanicd licr mother, Mrs. M. Norton, to'her home in DCS re! today, after a visit of several ;ck$ here. J li Arnold representative of hs National Life Insurance coiri- lany of Mont|Kller, vt., was the ;uest of Mr. and Mrs. Roy nil-' ard yjsterday and today. Mr. Ar- iold Is tha manager of their furm and division. trpl- ipccd lo dihing condliions; dlsjjjay caiiabillty." A) good' dilver, he said, can ludgo distance^ Usuallj he said, it's a' race to see who arrUcs at a point first He chldcd jiresent qualiflcalions lo drive, asserting that the time will come »hcn rigid driving tests will .be In order. TUESDAY, - NOVEMBER • IT, -19-3$ Big- Bertha, long-range gun of the world War, n-ould have n range The world's smallest icpubllc I? Andorra of 2200 : mlles oh: the 'moon. BLACK DRAUGHT /4 Good Laxative Watson, s who ,lias been 111, Is now slightly Improved v Ivy W Craw ford Is, In Little Rock today and lomonow at tending n meeting nf the grand lodge of the Masonic order, , Mr and Mrs J L Guard and son, James, and daughtsr, Molly, and George Halo Jr, spent Sun da j In-Equttlity, 111, »herc they attenct- :!d'a reunion of-Mrs. Guard's family. Mrs Old W«tt?n'» Cbcte Chnnk to Meet. embers of the Business Wom- s cricle of, the First Baptist }rcn, who nere to have had a mteting last ^cek, will meet , Thursday n!gh,t 7 o'clock, at.thc cBurch A'mlsslonary progranAlll ' be i given Profrmm ' wl if speak- on 'The Influence of Intimate Social Contacts" at a meeting of the Central -Ward 'Parent-Teacher-Association Wednesday afternoon, 3 o'clock.' This "will follow h meet- Ing of the executive board half an hour earlier. « * * Altar Society, I'lans Christmas Bazaar. Plans for the'annual Christmas bazaar were made at a meeting 3f the Aliar society of the chuiih of the Immaculate Concention Monday afternoon, at the rectory The Rev J J Thompson conducted the devotional .Mrs Belle Brauda Msjcrs and Mrs Jos^rkes, of Memphis, vls- . - . • Ited friends hera last weekend refurnished by the Woman's Mis- Mrs Ashley Ha,t!dlck, of Fort sjonnry society The Rev. came here Mr. •from Carpenter uas lead- of the program In a meeting the Woman's Auxiliary of the it Presbyterian church Monday afternoon, at the'church, ? hen a ' iK* "Jlialon theme VIBS taken up *"^me, "Walking and Work- ! POR BALE mat" Knitting Yarns FREE INSTRUCTION REGULAR CLASSES i- Friday, 2-30 p M * Mrs Leslie 1] Chlckasawba -' Phone 792 SMALL COINS SCARCE CANriKRRA (UP)—The dhector of tile Australian Rojal Mint Is un- Vblc td dtcldc whether Austrnllans are ovci-addicted to church going or just frugality, in any event, \\$ -annot keep up «ith the demand for small coins He has bean ordered, lo produce 3,000,000 three- penny bits to replace those which have almost disappeared, from circulation / *- he was pastor for two jcars, v>as r At Earlc for three years before that time He has also been pastor of the East Slile church at PnragoUld He was accompanied here bj* Mrs Johnston and their 10-year- old Mil, Eugene, who Is a junloi In high Bchool Their 19-j ear- old daughter, Frances Louise, is In school at Larriberth college, Jackson, Tenn Both the Rev. and : -Mrs. Johnston are delighted, iwlfh their new home In discussing his pastorate today tlio pastor said "I have nc\ct -wen such a friendly congregation' who nlwass seem glad to ilsit Instead of runnin B - out ns soon ns church is over. And can they sing? I invite anyone to hear them for they are really musical We believe we have an excelleht field here and me happy to be in BlvUievillc, of which we have i heard so much" Smith arrived last night to soend Johnstoii, -Klio several dais vsllh her mother. Mrs •Plggott,"-where' WyaltjMenley"MrT Macldlck before ner recent marriage was Miss Joycf 1 Henley 5 ^n Roliirid'-Hunt, n'libilias been , Head Courier News Want Ads Head Courier Netcs Warn, Adi •msly ill foi r t»o »«elcs,' was taken to the Memphis Baptist hospital last night tn a Cobb ambulance Ills Illness was first believed to be ma- arlo. but specialist hnd not conn [ileted their d^-nosls laic today He was accompanied by the Rev Alfred Carpenter, who retuiticc aome llilc morning, and his molher Mrs R G Hunt, Vio remalnK wltlVihlm. ("Young Hiint is a member of the senior class oMhe clt5 high school " ' Maurice • Hittrell,':'wli6-has b:en ^^ploicd by the Krogei companj .it Walnut' Ridge, lias.'been trans- 'cned to the Plgglj-WIgsly store here. John Thurmond of Graccv, Kj arrived late jesterday for a visi ftlth his grandson, J p Holland Oscsolaiis who altcnded the ai) iml bridge luncheon given by. Us: Villiiim Strong chapter, D. A. R: t Hotel I'ciibody yesterday vvcr imes. John W. Edrlngton, Georgi ilrlnglon, D. S. Lanay, Sam Coble K. LovcwcJI, Earl. Rob bins, c vr, Harwell, -Charles Sullcnger larlan Starr, A. S. Rogers, H. J Hale, W. L. Segars, .Hugh Craig W. n. Flannlgan,'Maggie Barbier. L Word, W E Hunt, r P Jicoh.s,' w J Driver, w J Walter cox.of'Leachvillc, Miss cs' Virginia Bla'cK'vvxjod. Louise. Hal' Julia Lillard Craig; vElectra Bud Emma Cox, and Rtjsa Lee lljck" Those prcsciit-fro'iil Wilson nn were -Mines.; Dora Mcrrl Joe Ciillom, Ted'catnhm, John Uz z'cll, W. B. Burnett, Joe Ms'Jcr, . S. Catcrilngs and Gahc Enochs. 'Attendance prizes were won 1 Miss LoiilscHale, Miss Rosa Le ;'Iiieker, Mrs. W. L. Sssars and Mrs. p. p,. Jacobs. 1 * * 4 | Mi's. Curtis Stout of Little Rock, .president, Arkansas Congress of .Parents mid: Teachers, aim'Mrs. A. •i.. McDonald, field representative, jwill conduct, a district conference at Marion oil Thursday, Nov. 19; (which all P T A members are - dirged lo attend se\cial of t v c lo- Mrs. Charles-Shontz kft yesler aj nfternooii foi her home in Louisville, Ky, accompanle,! by her iiother, iyjrs Maigaret Hale, \\ho »111 -iixjnd the v\ Intel Lrwe Mrs T p Morlda and little Mary Mn- garct shontz left this inornln<> bj noloi for Louisville Mrs plondi Mill lema?! for two weeks as a guest of Mr and Mrs shoni^ D A Slier was a foiibiness visitor in jac*son, TJim Suu'Jaj Mr and Mrs c M Horton and dau°hter, "Jtiss Coia Hogan drove to Memphis Sundiy afternoon accompanying theli douglitei, Mrs H A Colty and clitldun «ho ra turned to theli liome in GrMnyilk', MUs i ( i Mr and Mrs Spencei Diivr li^d as their guests Silndny, liis brother, Guy Daver, anfl wife of Mem phis Th°5 nccompnnled thorn to fmiior High Operetta Pirc$ented at Sudbury The Junior ..high'school operetta, presented by the students of he Sudbury school today for UJ3 flst^ of tlii'Zti L-rierforinances. The show, sponsored by the Jimioi- Ssnior Higli School Parent- rcach- ;r Association, \\as direckd by MIS.I Mary Fmma Hood Bail B Sny- :ler was tl e accompanist The first it ion \;as giveh Friday morning for the Ji:nior higl students, followed by n perform incc for the public Friday "night and the ilion tMb riorning at oii4- bury scliaol. -There were 50 In the cast. Oc Paolo Outlines Rules ' For Motorists' Safety ALBANY, N. : Y. (UP)—Pete D Paolo, international autcmobil drivel, oireis advice on luglivn safetj On a visit to the capita the two-limb winner or the A.A.A championship urged "motorists' "Consldei the law, lite tiution in ••traffic; > cxlcnd courtesies; con- * 25c—Ic Tas Show Every Night 1 all noes Friday, Saturday, Sunday •Vlilay & Sunday ulafluces—2:15 aturday Miiltnco — Continuous liuwiiiK — 1:00 Till 11:00 1'. M PAL NIGHTS! Adults Admilled for Price of All Children— lOc WENDY BARRIt GREGORY RATOfF ARTHUR TREACHER THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE ^ 'caturlng electrical: fixtures froiii I up, W^sliiighotise appliances, II kinds of lamps, inexpensive \Vidgc yrJzes and a Hue of belle, ;rude toys, , Walpole Electric Shop 208 W. Main Phone 3U Evprylhifig for your entertainment and comfort IS <* $300 BANK NIGHT La>,t week Mis Joe Scales w i!> c:illta for the $275.0l<— Bui she wis net rrebent — leaking BAMC then home Sundaj niglil nnd m their daughter, Flnvia, who speni te v,cek-end m conway as tin Suost of hei coii"iin, Maiy C-it'ur- |ne Hairis, a senior at State leach cis' College The Rev c C Burke, of Marl anna preached at the checks MALARIA in 3 days COLDS first day Liquid, Tabltts f Headache, 30 Salve, Nose Drops mmuies Try "Rul)-^Iy-Tism"— World's Best '.Liniment SAY IT WITH CHWSTMAS' CARDS THAT ARE TRULY PERSONAL We limit youi own name on Ohnstirns ciuls bought here' foi Onlj ic cxtia per card Your choice of tspe stiles Select jour cirds now while our stock' is .complete. 35c (minimum Printing Charge) Cauls, \YilI Re Delivered,Dec. 5, 12 and 17th Prices 5 for 15c to lOc E.ich - Plus Ic Each ,i , -, For Punting BEN FRANKLIN STORE Corner ' Main & Broadway '!• I CRAIG'S DAIRY TO FERRX US SAFELY '^// CARS! Selling faster than the factory can build ! ' ,5«% NEW 1937 STUDEBAKER NH,\ WHOLESOME CRAtG'h k b'tmUwwt t« tiuare • SAfETIf'-Ift ht.lth-bmldmg Mt- of <ieli- A RAW MILK .-.-.. ioc .,- ...\.\.. 6c irfe ihc^C knitted ])ajamas. Uke {all "Kajscrctic" Skepcra (there we gowns, too!) ilie}-'re soft, fluffy' ^ *• * ^ " as a sWansdown puit. 0 N LY .. ^.50 JACK APPLEBAUM World 1 ! M (an wifh dual *conomy of From oil cl«an«: and aulomglic orwdrlrt • Now urtdmlung leoi oxlti giv« big loomy Interlors-chal, h«lshl will • World'j loignt luggogs copacily • Woild'i eoiiei) doling doon willi excluiiv* nonTonl« tolaty dooi locltt • Woild'l firil'jCart" wiih bulll-in-warm ait dtffoslm • Only can vsith AulomaHe Hilt.Hpld«r ( ond woild'i fineil, smfiothtil hydraulic biaWi • Wotld'i ilrong«il, toit^^nd qul»)eit all iloel bodm • Studebaktt'i C t. T. Budgoi f\ Qn offefV low tlmc'paymcnh. BROADWAY SALES, Inc. «ljlhp\illc, Ark, v HOLEPROOF With WASHABLS garter attached! • Here's ns grcnla conlrititilioji'lo iijcii's conifprt and convenience' as the collar-' allnchcd shirt.'; Anil it's just iis simple. 1'ACEU is « regular length sock 'with a pcrfcct-iiltiiib'; washable,: garter . iilready iitlnchc<I:, : ThoTOiighly tested iiiul proved in actual wear. Try.I'ACEK, aiicl' you'll never go back lo separate garters! Smart new, patterns — inspired! by l&quirc — or solid colors, Quality certified by llctlcr Hurry iii aud:sccthcrur : ; I, Inc. :=";]5Jyllievillc, Ark. . —ON THE .'SCREEN— —Admission— Matinee—10 <t 2Gc Night—16 &, 16c - Thur. - Fri. Three Big Days AT LAST AT POPULAR PmCES! Tht flr«ot»it •n>e^ tainment triumph In screen history! Three noun of glorious spectacle and romance .SO «tqn...300giHi... myriad long hirst „.,„„, WILLIAM POWELL r M ,r« LOY • 'iuis. RAINER; j W/IK Fra nk Merja n • Fa n ni s Brice { Virginia Bruc* • Reginaid Owtn' '. -.; . • Ray B»litT ..'; &n«t Cosuirt } \-:. A Kobtrl 2. ItanwWProtfucl/en '/ . Product by Hint Slnamb:^ : \V Matinte Starts 2 V. SI. S. NighT Show Starts 7 V. M.' •Box Office Closes 3 P. ISI. and •'$ 0 P. M. . .;; NOTICE TO PATRONS • —,-' I'M - *< Night. has\ been, discpnlinucd. this /^ Fiiilay owing to llic three ilay'.. run of this picture, -t ' •>'• - ' "--i —Admission— X Matinee— lb'£ 31c j

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