The Chat from Brooklyn, New York on March 11, 1916 · 13
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The Chat from Brooklyn, New York · 13

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 11, 1916
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TtTE CHAT,' SATURDAY, MARCH , 11, 1916. REG 13 VICTROLAS Largest Variety in Brooklyn $15 to $300. - OUT NOW I Mo.t Popular Mothir Songs of tho day 1 70i Daughter of Mother Machroe 1 7848 I My Mother. Ro.rr IO lnph, 7Sc "The Perfect Service Victrola Store" E. A. SCHWEIGER ' i Authorised Afent f Open Evenings Until 9 P. Jd.. Saturdays 11 P. M 1525 BROADWAY Phoae, Bushwick 4?7J few 3 General Putnam Council, R. A. The 578thr meeting; of General Putnam Council was held at the -Tollner Build ing, Thursday, March 2, with all offi cers and forty members present. Including Past Regents McCrum, McConnell, . Starrett. Bishop, Butler and Daniels. Past Regent Wasel, of Empire State Council, was present) as was Deputy I. udden. Albert C. Dennis,-sergeant of Company C, Fourteenth Regiment, and uenry j. Lewis were admitted' to mem' bership the "degree team ' performing their "work in an inspiring way. Past Regent . McCrum announced that over fifty members of ' the council have agreed to visit Philadelphia Council next month. Brother Harry Lewis, of Gen eral ' Putnam Council, residing in Phil adelphia, has been instrumental ill ar ranging this trip. The General Putnam degree team are to perform Initiator' work. Motions were passed thanking Brothers VanCleaf, Hoades and others for the services in connection with the successful lecture on the "Great War" recently glyen. The next meeting of the council will be held March 16 'at the Tollner Building, Bedford avenue and Madison street. At 9 o'clock, after the meeting, there will be a stag and smoker for which professional talent has been engaged by Orator McCrum. This affair is open to the public and a good time is assured any who may care to attend. i Wedding Bells for Miss Bertha Kahn. Announcement-of the marriage of Miss Jacob Kahn. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kahn) to Nathaniel Harap on Feb- Lruary 27, has been made. . v The bride was attired in a gown of white aatin. Miss Dorothy Kahn, sister of the bride," was maid of honor. The groom's brother. Harry Harap, was best man. Miss Sophy Harap was flower girl. The ceremonV took place at Synagogue Ahawarth. Israel, 1372-74 Gates, avenue, and the Rev. C. Schramels officiated. A reception was giyeu at the bride's residence, 1177 Gates avenue, where a catered supper was served. Numerous speeches were delivered, also many tele-, grams received. The bride and . bridegroom received many handsome gifts. The "BOOST ROUTE 59" SLOGAN OF ANDREW JACKSON CLUB PRESIDENT MAURICE DE YOUNG . AND ALDERMAN HAUBERT , MAKE STRONG PLEA EXPLAINED ITS 'BENEFITS Both Stat Proposed Route wiir Relieve Congested Condition of Present . Transit Facilities guests were: Mr and Mrs Sam Engel and family, Mr and Mrs Edward I their Just due, is rather uncalled foiv At a meeting of the Andrew Jackson Democratic, Club, held at their clubhouse,. 429 Central avenue, on Friday, March 3. President M. De Toung pointed Out' the reasons for the route known as No. 59. He said. In the first place. It would benefit one-half of the popula tion of the City of Churches. , Jt would u oe convenient lor me people residing in the Bushwick-Ridsewood section. It must be understood that the sections known as Glendale. Middle Village and Evergreen are building; up faster than any other section in Greater New York. Continuing, he said: , "As a representative of the Twenty-eighth Ward Taxpayers' Protective Association, also representing the Central Labor Union and' the Andrew Jackson Democratic Club, I had the honor of being present at a hearing held In the Tribune Building before the Commissioners appointed by , the Appellate Division, Hon. J. Grattan McAIahon, Isaac W. Jacob-son and Edward' E Linton, to determine the construction of Route No. 69. The statements offered by some of the representatives of 'the different civic and political organizations who are seeking praise and credit, which I say is not Farmers' Live Poultry Market nil flashing vi, mar Kniokarbvckar IT SPECIAL ALL WEEK Pol Roast Chicken, lb. We kill and dress your poultry free I7c Entertained by Prlscilla Guild. " V The Prlscilla Guild or; the Church of our.. Savior, gave their 'first 1 entertainment Friday, February 23, in the Sunday school rooms, " under the direction of Mrs. Charles Rolff. It was a grand success. RIDGEWOOD HEIGHTS SEEKS BETTER 'ELEVATED SERViOE HEAR'B. R.-TVIS INVESTIGATING REQUEST FOR DAILY LOOP SCHEDULE WANT - A . MORNINO A EXPRESS Cemetery Assessment Bill Prepared by Assemblyman O'Hare President j ,, . " "m Gohlinghorit III ' y The - Rldgewood Heights .Improvement Association met Monday. Bight at Hussies Hall, WCouward avenue and Hleeck- Th nmrnn, mn.i.t.4 f . k -" me severe weatner Miss Ida Kletsein, assisted by the Prls- mtteof 'iJmiT .at;er'?nCe and 8evera' cilia Guild: a violin solo by Ms. Charles fA""',1 ,nfre8t ere bussed Nelson; a piano solo by Miss Freda Rolff. ' ... . . ' The star number was a two-act comedy '.HoTh. if le ""cla 'on ent called "Th R.lnhn- win, rinh" .requt.t0 ,ne R- T. to Install a ri";;r"i"K. , ;and a in"-e 'tce over the ROW a. vlc7-SUentT Ml.- G KU t-' ""n't " 31 gelhoeffer, as treasurer: Miss E. Ochsen- 'se nt oL?. ?h V relter. a. secretary: Miss E, Von .r? ZZ? vTthe8 Myri a. the elaas poet; Miss M. Schwerdt, as;tSft .ve,ineiBrondway !rop would prove a the president of the basketball team; t0 reslentsho dePslre to , I- K'etkein, as a atuaent; Miss M. reach tI-1(ll. ,acea of buslne8S- !n , Ma. r'ZV,TUe" Dorr'aM attar: without Incopvenience occasioned the i impish httte colored maul. ,by transferring, at the Junction of Myr- lbs young- ladies deserve much praase!u, avenue and Broadway, for the manner in which they played , - Letter ,-as TecaiVed .om. these parts. . Immediately aft(r tho close ,u. ,lAH. iv, , of the program he Prlscilla Guild show. 9tated tnat the eneineel.s are checking ed thoh-appreciatioii by presenting to, the .matter UP. It was -a brief note and Mrs. Kolff a bcautuul bouquet of roses saVe no uetall(l bv , Which the members aim Laifiaiiuiia. i can form any conclusion as to the out- ine triscuia l.uiiu meets mnnimy fo...,. f .,,.), Mi .rrt W Engel and daughter, Mr and Mrs Sjand it seems that In such times of stress i witl1 Miss E,sie pePPr as 'chaperone. I to. They feel confident, however, that Lessell and sons. Mr. and Mrs. A. Gold-ilt is necessary for all to do their ut- ! - - -- -. - - -- 1 : whatever investigation is made will event smith and daughters,1 Mr. and Mrs. A. j most and work in accord with one an- laaaaKaaaHMaaaasaaMaaisaaii Ullv lead to the clcsirod improvement of Solomon, Mr. and Mrs. M. Harap andlother; therefore, let u all toil together I C J I t n fl ! m H M tl niil the eerv,ce- family, Mr. and Airs. Dace Franklin and in harmony, advocate more rapid ami ItulSUll UluiTlUnQ UISCI Assemblyman O'Hare informed that iic has jicpaicu uui piuviaing cemetery son, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Merken and i better means of transportation and 'boost j daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Harap and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. Albert and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Klein and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Goodstein, Mrs. Helen Green-berger, Harry Kugel, Gussie Deckler, Charles Ingull, Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnle Fried, Mr. and Mrs. I. Oschom. Mr. and Mrs. J. Newman and family, etc. MECHANICS BANK Established 1852 J Li Capital ft Surplus, $2,563,204.1 Resources,$25,000,006.00 Charles G. Balmanno, President Francis I. Ketcham, Asi't Cashier 1 LI BROADWAY BRANCH, BROADWAY & GATES AVENUE ...Advisory Board... JOSEPH W. BLAISDKLL,. Chairman Pres. Standard Wood Co. JACOB BLANK Builder GKOROK W. SHELLAS of Sheilas & Chesnutt, Furniture CHAS. I. NIELSEN Cigar Manufacturer JAMES A. CAUF1ELD Builder TRIANGLE MEAT MARKET, INC. Most Attractive -Market on Broadway. The Trlanglo Market, Inc.i is Broadway's newest attraction. Located at 1521 Broadway, near Jefferson avenue, under the able supervision of Messrs. 'Lesser A: Brussel, very popular In the Bushwick section, this most sanitary establishment will serve the general public with the ihoicest cuts in meats, poultry, provisions and sea food at very reasonable . prices. '.Tfthen making purchases at this rnarket yod can rest assured that yoii re-relve absolutely pure fresh meats, correct weight and the moat courteous and nrofhpt attention. What more can be ssked of this high grade meat market? Tour consistent patronage Is respectfully solicited. Adv. V '' Eagle Awning Co. Kagle Awning Co., of 1020 Gates ave nue, near Broadway. the well-known awning company of Brooklyn, wishes to announce to their many patrons and readers of "Chat" that this Is the begin nlng of their twenty-eighth successful year. For the last seven years they have been at 1020 Gates avenue. Previous to that they were at Rockaway" and Bain bridge streets. The Eagle Awning. Co. make a specialty of awnings, window shades, truck and horse covers, decorations, spring and crank rollers, and they hire "out camp chairs; canopies, crash ana tents. If at any time you may want any thing In the above line, call up 203 Bush wick, and get experienced workmanship ana the most reaeonaoie prices combined. Adv. Route 69. Alderman Charles IT. Haubert. the next speaker, said that the proposed route! known as No. 59 would be the most dl-j rect means of transportation for those j residing In the Bushwick-Rtdgewood sec-i tion. .He suggested that those who could not attend the hearing- at the Bushwick High School on Tuesday. March 14. ne tition the Commissioners in defense of this route. Petitions can be har upon request at the Alderman's office, 3Ss Central avenue, or at the office of Chat, 1 16 Weirfleld street.1 "It behooves the people of this section especially to put forth their best efforts to secure the construction of this line," said he, "In order to relieve the congestion of the present transit facilities. "Time should not be wasted but immediate action Is necessary in this matter." George Closset, also representing the chib and the Twenty-eighth Ward Taxpayers' Protective Association, at the hearing before the Commissioners, nrg-ed all the members to attend the local .hearings. A resolution offered by Geo. H. Ott to respectfully petition, the Hon. J. Grat-ton McMahon, . Isaac "VV. Jacobson and F.dward F. Linton, Commissioners ' appointed by the Appellate Division-to fa-1 vor the route known. as No. 59, Was uiuui Imously adopted.; .. . . .,; Thomas J. ; Hughe's offered ar motion that the club go on record as endorsing Houte No. 69 and to advertise throuarh out this section the hearing tq be held at me nusnwicK nign scnool on lues day evening, March .14. GIRLS UflOTH) Clean, Bright, Chris- ian Girls to Learn Operating, Folding, Inspecting, Winding and Knitting. PAID WHILE LEARNING We have large, light, clean, sanitary workroom Full fir Protection' AddIv Dally $7.:3 . M-,?,6 p-M- '-l- ca ( Saturday until 13 noon STANDARD KNITTING MILLS GO. RALPH ST. and GRAND VIEW AV.,RIiJjewooc1,L. I. Edison Diamond Disc PHONOGRAPHS A Musical Instrument of the highest grade. Notice! Owners of Edison. Cylinder Phonographs will receive new monthly cata. logues of blue Amberol records on request. B.POEHLAND,S,5n2..B,"ZAY We will send catalogue on request Violin Maker - Repairer Musical Merchandise, OX ROAST ENJOYED. Bushwick Schnorrers Entertain a Large Gathering at Novel Feast Held In Rleths Hall. " More than 200 attended the ox roast and smoker given by the Bushwick Schnorrer Club last Saturday night at . Beith's Schnorrer Hall, Hamburg avenue and Eldert street. It was one of the ' most entertaining affairs ever arranged bv the club. During the evening sev eral specialties were Introduced, which helped make the function a complete success. The crowning feature of the evening was the serving of the juicy steaks with the usual tempting trimmings, i When the repast had been served, the smoker took place and during the remainder of the evening the merriment was continued with songs, story-telling and music. . The committee credited with the success of the event comprised: C. Distler, .1. R. Auer, 'Charles Hanck. James Suth-rrland, 51. F. Basedow, 51. Rclth and Fred Faryor. The officers of the club sre: F. Sartor, chief: A. Greek, vice-chief; H. J. Tiasedow, scribbler: J. B. Auer, boodle; Otto Kloppe, bouncer; Kdward 5feguin. steward; Charles Houck. M. F. Basedow and N. Flaslus, trustees. Was Busy. Mr. and 51. A. Wunder announce the ' engagement O Oielr daughter. Mildred Ida Wunder. to Henry Hoist, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hoist, of 1317 Hal-sey street. The sgreeah(le surprise was the termination of a week-end vacation to Cranbury, N. J., visiting her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. J. Wllfert, All her friends are wondering Just where fiipld got in his fine work. May the young couple live to enjoy many years of happiness and devotion to each other. Monthly Social In Metropolitan. The Young. People's Society of Metropolitan held their regular monthly social on Tuesday evening, February 29. An excellent program was given. A piano solo by Miss Knillie Kloepfel: a recitation, by Miss Violet Demilt, who favored a second time;--Sir. and Mrs. Peter Esser sang a duet and each sang solos; Mrs. Ksner also played the flute, accompanied by the Graphophone: Miss Mary Zlmmer recited In Irish dialect; Miss Lulu Bauer gave a rousing Suffrage speech; Mr. William Stahle and his Tango Rand gave several choice selections on string instruments. There were also Leap Tear games, whlrh were enjoyed by all. After refreshments, Miss Ella Diets favored with two, solos, acs eompanied on the piano by Mr. Ilarrl Kloos. Among those present were: P.evt Adam snd Mrs. Kloepfel and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ksser. Mr. snd Mrs. George T. Neltlng and son. Mr. and Mrs. J. Koch. Mrs. E. Smith, Mrs. K.- A. Pep-periell. the Misses Ross. Winn. SfcQull-lsn. Smith, L, and A. Sauer, A. and K. Erb, Dorlnan. D. Wlttmann. Kempf, C. snd P. Iwtold, K. Dietz. Mrs. Demilt and daughter. Sirs. A'. Gyer, Jfessrs. D. ilurphy. F. and M. MoUtor. K. and P. Hauelc, J. Maffln, Miller. Flynh. Boyle. W. Stahle, F. Fettman. A. Miller. Win ters. . Alpha Phi Sigma Sorority Meets. The ninety-fourth regular weekly meeting of the Alpha. Phi Sigma Soror ity was held at the home of iliss Elizabeth Smith. 1017 Willo'ughby avenue. March 2. Attendance was perfect, and the meeting was presided over by Miss W. Helen Grothmann, president. A suggestion was made by one of the members to give a dance, but the meeting proceeded, leaving it undecided. Most likely further plans will be made in that direction at the next meeting. The members also decided to attend the first annual dance of the Joy Hunters' Club. Miss Elizabeth Smith served the refreshments and the sorority was entertained the rest of the evening by JIIss Mildred Lockwood. The next meetinr will be held at the home of Miss Heloi E. Caell. 238 Schaeffer street, March 1G. Surle Lynagh. An unusually pretty scene was the wedding of Miss Catharine Lynagh to John Surie, at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Synagh, of 3L'n Knickerbocker avenue, on February 20. The bride was attired in a gown of white crepe de meteor and her veil was Imported brussels net, arranged in cap effect. She carried a shower bou quet of white sweet peas and liltes-of- the valley, ani the only ornament she wore was a diamond lavalliere, a gift of the groom. Her bridesmaid. Miss Anna Mueller, wore pink crepe de meteor and she carried a shower bouquet of Pink roses: - The house was '"beautifully decorated byH-e VVorshl,' the':. florist'. There .'wet two tables ftlleq; with. gifts displayed and she : was , the recipient of many riiors. ' De Kairles Band played Mendelssohn's "iTeddlpg, March'' and the bride and her newly , made husband , led the march to the dlnlng-rOom", where all sat down to a bountiful repast. Among the guests were: Mr. and 5lrs. John Synagh, Mr. ' and Sirs. Schroeder and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Surie, Br.f-'Mr. and Mrs. William Surle. Mr. Louis Surie, . 5Ir. and 5trs. P. Moriarty and family. Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Fred Hal-lum and family. Mr. and Mrs. James Brown. 51 r. and Mrs.. Rufass, Mr. and Mrs. William Horsch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Manger and son. 5Ir. and 5lrs. Kelts. Mr. Charles Kells. Miss A. 5Iuel-ler, Miss L. 5Iueller. Mr. Ed Walters. Mr. and 5Irs. Swaneman. Miss Anna Widman and 5lr. Bliss, 5Irs. J. Bar-nett and daughter. Miss Smith. Miss K. Georgepson, August Buck, Charles Buck. Frank Schneider. Mrs. Ziramer, Mr. and Mrs. -Woods. 5liss A. Lynagh and Mr. Robert Schutte. assessmant, but has little hopes of it passing the Lower House.- Information on the law requiring lights In hallways was received from the Tenement House Department. In the ahsence of Herman Gohling-horst. president, who is confined to his home through Illness, the chair was occupied by vice-president George Sie-berg. Henry Bolde recorded. At the next meeting of the association there will be a discussion on the method of Investigating . water meter troubles. One of the membres at Monday night's session reported that the company has requested him to bring Ills meter to the office to be rectified. This proceeding was considered unnecessary and the mem ber was directed to refuse to comply wit: the request. , Kramer&WagDer iarniture, Carpeting?, &c. 1614-1620 Broadway Cot. Hopklnson Av... Brooklyn. I'.V. Our Special Tertns $100 WORTH Of Furniture lit WEEKLY Lowest Prices in O. Wt Y. Sjtufaction Gutrnted Xu W - Glu r 40 3Piece Parlor Suite Highly Polisheu mahogany frame, ,. Plush, loose cu8hioH8,0 C C ( . Special at - - ! ZUtOU Vry Large Sc lection.of Buffets in all Styles of woods. Prices considerably reduced i OPFM MONDAY SATURDAY EVENINGS DR. J.,G,-.HHPf RESIGNS. ROSEMONT CLUB BALL. Somers Hall Crowded with Merrymakers. Sounds of merrinlcnt issued from the open portals of the big reception room at Somers Hall, 126 Rockaway avenue, Friday, March 3, where hundreds of young people were assisting the Rose- mont Club in conducting- Us annual ball There was not a dull moment after the grand march had been successfully (car rieri- off, under the leadership of Presi dent and Mrs.1 John K. t Golden. The officers of the club are: John E. Golden, president; John J. Duffy, vice-president: George Anderson, treasurer: George Dougherty, financial secretary: James Conlih, recording secretary: John J. Cashln. sergeant-at.-arms; Joseph Msdigan, assistant sergeant-at-arms. The committees In charge were1 composed of: ' Arrangement Peter Moran, chairman; Gtis 3. Delap. Richard Foy, William P. Foley. WHIlatn Wriods; Thomas P. Callow, Andrew Nolan. 1 Floor Denis Hart, chairman; Stephen G. IJelsp, Augustine A. Anderson, Ro-lan Tnrtell, James McCarthy, Joseph Flood. William Wilson. ' Reception William 5fcGillfillen. chairman: John Fitzgerald, 5lirhael Ryan, Frank Ackerly. John Kallon, Thomaa Johnstone, Harry Kelly. Dolly Madison Council, S. and 0. of L. Another rousing snd enthusiastic meeting of Dolly 5Iadlson Council. No. 11. Sons and Daughters of Liberty, was held All vounr neoDle wishing to loin will!0" Thursday evening, March 2, In Hart's t nv Information bv addressing 5fr. Hall. Gates avenue and Broadway. Two George'T. Nelting. 144 Flushing avenue. I candidates were added to tlie rolls and secretary, or 5Irs. M. L. Cronk. 1341 'nree more were proposed. Applications FUN FOR ALL ' A New Leap Vear Gam SWEET'16" FOR SALE AT LOESER'S Fulton Street. Brooklyn Price IO Cent A POSTAL WILL BRING IT. "Chosen Twelve" Have Pleasant Meeting The regular meeting of the "Chosen Twelve"' was held on Friday evening. March 3. at the home of Miss Louise Hohn. 73 Eldert street. The meeting was called to order by the president. 5Ir. Edmund Humphrey at .3.30 p. m. 1 Everything Is prepared for -the masque party on March 17, Innumerable Invitations having; been sent rout. - Many political leaders and professional musicians have, been Invited. A few members of the vaudeville -circuits have been secured to entertain during this evening. During the course of the evening the members of this organization were entertained by a Sturvesaiitv Heights social leader, 5Ir. Harold Bernstein. He played on 'tue following instruments with unexcelled execution, violin, banjorlne. 'cello and trombone, besides singing several songs. He also has been secured for the masque. The entire evening was devoted to dancing and singing. At 10.30 the members retreated to the "Inner quarters" where they enjoyed a delicious collation. At this time Jlr. Michael Hausbeck. the club's comedy man, was congratulated on his recent poem. AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHjY. (By H. Weber, 1239 Broadway.) Pictures of the All parenjls want pictures of the baby, but those who have tried, know that, it Is. some trauble to get g6od ones and there are many failures.-- -Now, if yot- will take ;a little advice, I will save you nianyfl of the failures.-and help you to make good ones. Trying to take a baby indoors ky daylight is absolutely useless, except ing; the baby . is- asleep, because any baby will move' many limes before sufficient exposure can be given. If an indoor picture be made, flashlight Is the only means. - Even the professional tinder his gallery ; skylight has his troubteis. The amatetir'a solution for a good baby picture i .' outdoors in good light,: best a slightly diffused direct sunlight,. ,i With a large, diaphragm a. snapshot or very short Leaves -First German Presbyterian Pul pit and" Will GO Into Farming. The Rev. , Dr. John G Kehr,.' who, has been for thirty-four years pastoi'.of the tirst German. Presbyterian Church, Kd- sall and Forest avenues. - Ridgewood has handed in his resignation, ito take effect on May 1. When Dr. Hehr, resigned, a few days ago, there was much reluctance In accepting the resignation, as the pastor has greatly endeared! him self to the officers and people during his unusually long pastorate. , During 51r. Hehr's pastorate the hand some and commodious church.' the parsonage, and a valuable piece of real estate have been accumulated by the society under his careful business administration, seconded by an .efficient board of officers. On the occasion of his twenty-fifth anniversary he con-l time,, exposure will generally d. The templated retiring and taking ' up ' his child- ia best left as unconcerned-as pos residence in the country, but his parish- sible. : -.Any demonstration, preparation Ten Lucky Women. lam auoui a rusn last .Monday, you should have been at 5larientlial's, 1(!SI Broadway, corner Decatur street. You could have seen thousands of eager buyers happily overjoyed on account of the wonderful bargains whilich they were getting. ' As you all know,. Jlarienthsl's have bought the entire bankrupt stock of Rosenblatt Bros., at an extraordinarily-low figure, and as usual, they were giving their customers the benefit of their good fortune. The management of 51arienthal's was compelled to close the doors of their establishment between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock In order to give their employees a breathing spell and a chance to eat their luncheon, and they wish, through these columns, to express their regret of having kept some of their customers waiting for some time, The Brooklyn Bible School. No. 7a Patche.n avenue, near Gates. Pastor J. Whitehurst has- accepted an invitation to become the Bible teacher of this school, which was so efficiently taught by the late Edwin Loucks. Sunday services at 10.45 and 7.43 p. m. Bible studies on Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 o'clock. On Sunday morning will be taken up the exposition of the Epistle to the Ephe-slans: on Sunday evening the subject will be "Lessons from the Bonk of Gen esis, Beginning with God's Call to Abraham."" ' Those desirous of becoming better acquainted with the Word of God will find it to their profit to attend. Forsstera of America. Court Egbert, Xo. 78. held its regu lar meeting Thursday evening. March 2d with all officers at their stations, and a good attendance of brothers. The usual Initiation was put through and the regu lar business gone through with hi the usual concise manner. The cotlrt was again honored by a visit from Past Chief Ranger Brother Colvcrt of Court Iorimer and District Deputy Past Chief Ranger Brother Myer and Junior Past Chief Ran ger Brother Thomasch of Court Flat' bush. Under the good of the Order, Brother Colvert obliged with a stirring recitation which was enthusiastically rerelved by all hands. Brother Myer also responded with a few choice remarks and the court received the notice of his being assigned as Deputy to Court Egbert, in a manner that showed their appreciation., There is no question of his popularity In this court. Brother Thomasch was called on to present the new candidate with official button, which he did In an able and instructive manner. Arrangements On. account of the inrlemencv of th weather last Monday afternoon, a great! for ladles' night, 5Iarch !0th, are well Flushing avenue, leader. All young peo ple over IS are Invited to join. Corner-stone Council, Jr. O. U. A. M. Corner-stons Council No. 3. Junior Or der United American 51echanics. are making preparations for a large class In-'aon," one of the greatest characters in itiatlon of one hundred candidates. P;veryl American history. member is working and applications are and initiation" is the rule at every meet Ing. Announcement was made that Sister Haynes was visited by the stork and the council will be honored by Bro. and Sister Haynes naming the little girl Dolly Madison Haynes. Here's hoping she will take after her namesake. . "Dolly Madi many people were unable to take advantage of the wonderful bargain opportunities, and In order to give these people a chance to secure some of these great specials. Marienlhal's has decided to con tinue this sale for this Saturday and Monday. Suffice it to say read their ad be on hand early. It will pay you as quantities are limited on some of the extraordinary things, and as 5farienthal's under way and there Is no doubt of its success. Meeting nights, first, third and fifth Thursday of each month at Triangle Hall, Broadway and Halsey street. Come and visit us. Woman Drop Dead on Car. Miss Theresa Gunther. 39 years old, of 24 Hamburg avenue, while return ing on & Hamburg avenue car from a does not wish to disappoint anybody, it Is ,n tour gaUlrd,v afternoon, sud- advisable to get there Monde y at 9 M. Gen, Wayne, Jr. O. C A Monday evening. March , Wayne Council held Its regular weekly meeting. A big night Is planned for 5larch . !4, when the three hundred new candidates already obligated will receive their full degree. Brother Popp, who Is chairman of the ways and means committee, announce that the council will hold a big minstrel show on their ladles' night in May. The councilor. Brother Selb, announced that he wanted twenty-four, new recnilts Tor a new guard. Mothers' Thimble Circle. On Murrh f a! tr Ttnsa Roller's hnme. rhe entertalnmnt committee stated , wh.u., iiai v.r,,, tr.' xi.tJiin ni-k tri tho,.. nre fnnr. Ipooring In. Indications are at present! that an orange social would be held In ! ,lip, 4 Hausman street; Miss Schmalstich . teen members present. The object of o'clock. The list of the ten lucky women I runs as follows; -Mrs. Van Hoeren, 58 Bergen avenue, Jamaica; Mr. Geo. Wal-deck, 1S'J8 t'atalpa avenue: Mrs. Lish-man. 3052 Fulton - street: Mrs. Slianley, 100 Hull street: Mrs. Rider. 371 Sumpter street; Mrs. Bresely, 73 Halsey street; Mrs. Ceal. 114 Greenwood avenue; 5Irs. ; denly stood up and screamed and fell to loners pleaded with, him to remain, and he has done sd for nearly ten years.'-In . the thirty-four years' of his -ministry with the First German .Church Dr. Hehr has Instructed many young pien who today have pastorates of their own In Brooklyn and elsewhere. He was the founder of the Fiftfl German Baptist Church. Halsey street, near Central avenue, of which the Rev. Charles Schwartzbach is pastor, and the KJien ezer Presbyterian Church. Stockholm street, near St. Nicholas avenue, the Rev. Carl Jaeger, pastor. Dr. Hehr Is the originator of more than twenty-five societies in the First German Church, the most recent of which is the Boys Brigade and a 5len's Club, with a mem bership of about 100. One of the most important events in the long pastorate of Dr. Hehr was his activity In founding the Ottilie Orphanage, Hillside avenue, Jamaica. Recognizing the need .of such an institution, he succeeded in interesting John W. 5liller of Manhattan to contribute 1100,-000. With this fund in hand, the con struction of the building was at once begun. Through, the co-operation of the other churches. It has been successful. The foundling of the German Evange lical Home for the Aged. Chauncey street and Bushwick avenue is in a large measure to be credited to Dr. Hehrt who succeeded In enlisting the aid of two . members of his congrega tion and organizing a committee, which later purchased the valuable site, which comprises most of the block bounded by Chauncey , street. Moffat street, Broadway and Bushwick avenue. Dr. Hehris 63 years old. He was born In Helefeld, 'Germany. January 10, I8r,8. He came to America In 1872. Two years later he entered the Bloomfleld Theological Seminary in New Jersey, and In June. 1SS1, went to the First German Presbyterian Church, then at Leonard and Stagg streets, as assistant to the Rev. John E. Neander. pastor and was called to the pastorate of the church when Jlr. Neander died, A change of location became necessary and In lflOi a mission was started in a store at Himrod street and Central avenue The new edifice was dedicated in 1908 and since then the society has been in a Prosperous condition. There is a mem bership of more than 600 and a Sunday-school of 800. Dr. Hehr has a country- home In Norwich, Conn., and here he will reside and devote his time to horticultur al work which has been his ambition for many years. or. fuss will scare a small child, spoil ing - its expression and pose. ' Vor this reason amateur pictures are often superior, to gallery pictures. Repeated attempts rnay be necessary for a euccess-ful picture. Many of these pictures are thought little of tft the time of their taking;- but are highly valued long after: WOMEN AT THEATER PARTY. 4 Harmony .Casters Star Chapter,"; Enjoys Vaudeville Performance.' Three hundred members of th Harmony Chapter of ' the Order of pastern Star, gathered at the Bushwick vTheater Tuesday night, February 29. After the show the party adjourned to a-J nearby restaurant. j 5Ilss Irene Smart is the matron" of the chapter and William SlacCarthej! ia the patron. Miss Florence Eberlc; Vas in charge of the affair. ; Beafama Girls to Give Social, Final arrangements have been completed for the cabaret and social of the Beafama Girls at Brooklyn Labor Lyceum. Room 20, Willoughby and. Myrtle avenuesi on St, Patrick's nightlj March 17. Tickets. Including refreshments and wardrobe, gentlemen SO cents, . ladies 25 cents: The committee in charjfn have spared no efforts to make this 'affair a grand success. ' STAR CLEANING- " AND DYEING SPECIALISTS . 2081 FULTON STREBT fl ' ' Brooklyn. N. T. (J Not necessary to buy Mourning Gooda, at we dye and deliver In 24 hours. In case of emergency, give ue a trial. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Enjoyable Birthday Party. A delightful birthday party was ten dered Master Frederick Rind recently by his parents. 5Ir. and 5lrs. Joseph Rind. The evening was passed pleasantly with songs, music and a bountiful repast was served at the midnight hour. Master Rind was the recipient of several attractive gifts, among which was a handsome violin presented by his uncle. Those present were:. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rind, Joseph Rind. Jr., 5fiss Josephine Ganter, John Kind. Charles Kar-killa. 5llss Philipina Boesch. 5Iiss. Adelc Boesch. Miss Elizabeth Horner. 5Iiss Eveline Horner. Miss Adle Horner, Master Germain Pineau.' Master. Henry Krp.nner. Joseph Ford. Joseph Blllend, Philip Henn, Christ Annlot, Fred Oprist. MINSTRELS AID CHURCH. Covenant Lutheran Young Folks Give Fine Performance. More than 1.500 people attended the minstrel show and reception at the Brooklyn Labor Lyceum. Wednesday- night. 5Iarch 1. under the auspices of the 5Ien's Society of the Lutheran Church of the Covenant. 2402 Catatpa avenue. After the entertainment dancing was en- loved. To the pastor of the church and his assistants credit Is due for the success of the affair. The program opened with an overture by Brenner's Orchestra, followed, by these Fraternal Social Club. The Fraternal Social Club held meeting in the spacious rooms of the .Messrs. Wald's. Sunday, Jfarch 5: Alter the regular business routine, ' refreshments were Served. The boys decided that every one was to be on hand Sunday. March 12. to leave on the 9 o'clock boat from Canarsie for their summer home In Roxbury. The day is to be -spent in getting- ready for the necessary Improvements, -which are to be supervised by Henry Wald, the club's conducting engineer. ;,. The Fratemals also announce that their larate valuable pennant was lost-in Schwa ben Hall on Saturday night, March 4. while attending the ball of the Volunteer Fire Department of Roxhury. The finder will be offered a suitable reward if returned to Joseph J. Zaengle. 1S9 Palmetto street. - Parents'. - Ass'n. Meet at P. S. No. 85. The reprular monthly meeting; of the Parents' .- Association of ,P. S. Hi was held in the school Thursday evening. March 2, at 8 o'clock. Principal Mr., Charles E. Sprlnjjmeyer presided. A very interesting and instructive lecture on "Child's Welfare," was given by Mr. Frank C. 5leyers, of the Child .Welfare League, with stereopticon and movine pictures. Election' of officers then took place, The following officers were duly elected and Installed: Jfr. P. C.iSavage. president: Mrs. G. P. Woodwotth, first vice-president: Mrs. W. C. Kmythe. second vice-president: Jlr. -.B. H, Mills, Ktreastirer ; Mrs. S. Johnston, assistant treasurer; Mr. o. s. , Hagendorp. secretary; executive committee, jlr. A. B. Koch. Jlr. Stewart Johnson. Jlr. G. O. Frising, Mr. August Schanelbacher. Mrs. H. Reis. Jlr.. J. W. Palton, Mrs. C. J. JfcKechnie. 5lr. Charles A. Rath- kopf. Parents or guardian of the children of the sichool are Invited to attend the association's meetings held on the first Thurs.lay of every month. . ... the floor unconscious. She was carried! numbers: to a drug store near by. Dr. Fischer of. Soprano solo. Miss Marie Hasehflug; the German Hospital pronounced her dead. Death was due to apoplexy. go beyond the hundredithe council chamber on Thursday even-g0Jt ouinry street. Adv Ing. JIarch 30. Bring your Mends and j , have a good time. No tk-kets required,! " as all tickets for entertainments In this! OPC1M All NIHHT f A nUU A 1 A AAA that we wil mark Corner-stone is nearing its eleventh anniversary, which takes place on May' 1. which Is the date set for the class council are free to the members. Initiation. A Leap Tear danre will take plsce on ( WEBER ..... juiii 1111 ' " . i r nr ir -r- nr it. flail. Myrtle and Knickerbocker avenues, j 1 fllo IO ini UrtULiUldl the rest of the councils in Greater New York In celebrating the sixty-third annl versary of the birth of the Jr. O. U. A. M.. at Labor Lyceum, which will be a Dig time. BLUMURDER Will murder every Bedbug In I tie house tOc and 25c per bojtle ?;r.Ml; Fischer Drug Store, 1730 B'way Fo;kd,w0,rrA,vr Visitors always welcome on the first and i Broadway and Oataa Av.nut Telephone TC.13 BmhwieW Star Euchre Club Meeting. The Star Euchre Club held its regular meeting on Thursday, March 2, at the home of Jlrs. 1 Perry. 33 Jloffat street. A pleasant afternoon was spent at cards with the following winners: Jfrs. .. J. Small. Jlrs. C. Barnes. Mrs. L., Perry. Jfrs. A. Wolfe and Mrs. I. Talmaje. Refreshment were served. The next meeting, on iMarch 1$, will be at the home of the president, Mrs..)!. Orr. J(IJ lirecne avenue.4 this circle Is social unity and Chris tian helpfulness.1 The officers: Presi dent. Rosa Bauer; secretary. Albcrtina Kempf: treasurer. Elizabeth Schlapp Dr. Maury Recovering. Tf. John B. Meury. of 783 Bushwick avenue, is expedited to be out within a week after infection of the face and neck, ; one of the real Leap Tear babies of the . LEAP YEAR BABY. 1 Mrs. William Hjak Gives Birth to Baby Boy on February 39th. In the early morning hours ofj Tuesday.1 February 25th, the stork visited 16 Palmetto street and presented to Jlr. and Mrs. William Haak a little baby boy, weighing 11 pounds. This is contracted from a patient on whom he operated for an infected arm a week ago at his office. This announcement was made Saturday night by his physician. Dr. Frank E. Wilson. ex-Congressman, of 1242 Bu?hwlck avenue. tr. Meury Is senior surgeon and a director of Rushwirk Hospital. season. The baby boy does not 'know how he will suffer from lack of birthday presents. s his birthday only comes once every four years. Mrs. William Haske was Miss Anna N'eubert hefoie her marriage. Both mother snd bsh.v are getting 'along lino. colored specialty. Frank S. Smaw; whist ling solo. George Kmener,' Jr.; baritone solo. Vincent Young: tenor solo,' F. Lane Tricgs: St. James Quartet, Joseph Schmitt. Aug. Schuman. John Schwab. Emil Tetzold; Hart brothers' specialty. Albert Hesse. Frank Hesse: bass solo, Henry C Renter; colored specialty. Charles fitting: Covenant Quartet. Miss Home-Made Cake Sale. The Woman's Mission Circle of Bush wick Avenue Baptist Church will, hold a cake sale in the chapel adjoining the church this afternoon (Saturday,, March 11), from 3 to 5 o'clock. You are Invited to come and make a purchase. Parents of P. S. No. 113 Meet. The Mothers' Club of P. B. No. til held a parents' meeting Vi'ednegrlav 1 evening, at whlrh Miss F.lalre presided. fr. John Lewis Clark delivered, 8 n address on "Parents and . Good . Citizenship," dwelling on the .influence- In tli Louise Renter. Mlss Porothy Kiefer. Vin- ".'" ' !." cent Toung. Arthur Kontlier: vinloncel-1 " knsr good citizens and true P- lo. Leo Stolberg; baritone solo. Louis B. I ' .... , . , ,r .- . . ,., T Jlr. JJcixenna Seaman played . several . Kopp: baritone solo. August J. Berg:! , ,. . , . . . . 'x, .... ,- . ' ,. ivlohn solos, accompanied 00 the piano closing churns, entire compan. !, ..... ... , .. , u- .1 -IT..W.-I-- , l'y Miss lola Seaman. His selections Arthur Konther was interlocutor :, ' . . , . T ... the minstie! show and the en- vere Here well rendered and enjoyed by all If,. . a.i.k... ,.T1.A T3 ....... . "TJ 'r.",-. r.M Betsy Made" and "Oh. Columbia." Sii Kopp. F. Lane Triggs. In the chorus were: Missr- I, neuter. J. JIahler. B. A. Fre.rcks. M. Ho-frits. M. Jolley. L. Doscbrr, D. Kicfer. H. Perry. C. W. Frerrks. T.. M. Schlott. R. I. Plit'ch. E. -E. Rosenhammer. C. Vlebrock. A. M. Frerck'j M. M. Smith. E. Clemens. Jl. K. RAsenhamroer. .1. Perry. O. Leuhkert, C. E. Badenberg. If. Aschenbrenner. Messrs. H. Konther, L. Ruppl. C. Vittig. W. Konther. F. Deg-ner V. Touu-r. II. F. Frcrcks. C,, F. Ru-prei'ht. 11 .Ijii'i'". 'I. I Rhodlus, Jr. Mason eave a reading entitled "Hannah. th QuaHeress." Refreshments were served and t1 meetinc closed with singing of patriou-songs and dancing. Fain Knitting Hills 902 Park Avenue" Cor, Broadway 0 pin Ivan!i;;t

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