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Brooklyn Daily from Brooklyn, New York • Page 6

Brooklyn Daily from Brooklyn, New York • Page 6

Brooklyn Dailyi
Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:

CO fuesday's Llghfeng Planned for New Highways To Assure Safe Night Visibility mniiiiniiiiiiim Barry's Bailiwick slsvision By BARRY PAUL areas; (1) highways running through municipalities with build-up areas such as suburban business districts and congested residential sec Channel 2-WCBS Channel 4-VVNBC Channel 6-WABD, Channel 7 WABC. Channel 9-VVOR-TV Channel 11 WPIX Channel 13 VVATV MORNING 4 Movie A great lessening of the night traffic accident horror is seen for the future on new highways designed by the state highway departments in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Public Roads. Information on plans to light hazardous locations was obtained by a poll of state highway departments. The following states answered "yes" to the question, "Do your highway construction cost estimates include provisions for lighting hazardous highway Vincent Roselle of Bushwick says his young sister decided to prepare breakfast for him one morning when their mother left early. Vince says that the bacon was so burned it locked like an "Unidentified Frying Object!" tion areas. It is at these locations that changes in speed cr direction of travel create hazards requiring maximum visibility for safety. Illuminating engineers and national authorities cn traffic safe-, ty at night hail with enthusiasm the designing of lighting into hazardous highway locations by Top Teen Driver Edward H. Smith. 17, of Silver Spring named the country's champion teen-driver. Maryland, has been lie was awarded a locations 6:45 5 Big Beat 2 Previews 7 Sir Lancelot 6:50 9 Dean 2 Give L's This Day 13 Rocket Ship 6:53 5:30 2 News 2 Movie 1 Daily Sfrmonett 7 Mickey Mouse Cib 7:0 9 Headline 2 Follow That Man 11 Albert Costello 4 Today: Garroway EVENING' 7:26 6:00 1 Mcrnmj: Prayer Cartoona 7:30 7 Little Rascals 2 World News 9 Movie 7 Cartoons Popeye 7:45 13 Richards Welle'a 2 Laurel fc Hardy 6:30 7:50 1 4 Local News 5 Call To Prayer 5 Looney Tunes 7 Foreign 2 Stu Erwin Legionnaire 5 Cartoons ll Amos Andj 7 Tinker's Workshop 13 Jungle :30 6:40 2 Ton er 4 leather. Epoirts 7 Tinkerto'ons g.43 8:55 4 News 2 Local New 4 News 2 World News $2,000 college scholarship as the winner of the Seventh Annual National Competition sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and several private concerns. Anchors A weisrh! Ind. Kans. Ky. La. Me. Md. Mass. Mich. Miss. Minn. Ala. Ariz. Ark. Calif. Colo. Conn. Del. (J a. Ida. 111. Mo. Mont. Neb. N. II. Nev. N. Mex. N. Car. N. Dak. Ohio Okla. these Ore. K. I. S. C. Tenn. Tex. Utah Va." Wash. W. Va. Wyo. plans is if. Prominent in 4 Honeymooners 5 Judge Roy Bean 7 Sports 9 Cartoons 40 of 48 states. "Until now, lighting has been installed on highways by very 1 few states to a vory limited extent," said Edmond C. Powers, educational director of the Street and Highway Safety Lighting Bureau of Cleveland, Ohio, leader in the national campaign advocating adequate street and highway lighting for safe visibility 4t night. "When we realize that inability to see accident hazards in time to stop or avoid collision annually causes the deaths of 10,000 persons, serious injuries to 500,000 others and an economic loss of $1 billion, we derive tremendous satisfaction from the lighting provisions in new highway plans. "The new high vays referred to are those in the road-building program authorized by Congress under leadership of President Eisenhower and being engineered by state highway departments in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Public Roads." Richard wants to know whether it is true that when Navy brass go out to send a new vessel down the ways, they pin this sign on their door: Out To Launch. Teens Around The World Ria Van Velzen, 15, of the Netherlands is the new swimming champ of the world in the 100-meter backstroke. Her time was 1 minute, 12.3 seconds which broke the World mark set by Britain's Margaret Edwards some time ago. In Ceylon, teen aged V. Rajeswary, a young miss with a determined mind, brought suit against her ex-boy friend. Her damage action was based on the fact that the boy friend jilted her in public and thus, according to her, people would think that there must be something wrong with her. The court awarded her $500! Ronald Phifer, 18-year-old lefthanded outfielder and first baseman of Phoenix, Arizona, has been signed by the San Francisco ill News provision for lighting hazardous locations to assure safe night visibility. Such locations are: Interstate Highways and other controlled Access Roadways aa) interchanges and intersections; (b) connections to service areas; (c) elevated and depressed expressways; (e) bridges, overpasses and viaducts; (f) high traffic density sections; (g) areas made unusually hazardous by regular or frequent conditions impended by weather or climatic conditions; (h) transition sections such as changes in number of lanes and traffic direction. Uncontrolled Access Roadways All of the above and in addition: (i) dangerous curves and hills; (j) railroad grade crossings; (k) approach to urban 9:00 I Susie 4 HI Mom 5 Sandy Becker 7 Bfculah 0:30 1 My Little Margie 7 Star Playhouse 10:00 2 Love or Money 4 Dough R-e Mi 5 Movie 7 Movie 10:30 2 Play Your Hunch 4 Treasure Hunt 11:00 2 Arthur Godfrey i The Price is Right 13 Eports-O-Phone 7:05 2 Local News 7:10 2 Weather 11 Weather 7:15 2 News 7 News 11 News 7:30 2 Name That Tune 4 Win With Winner 5 Waterfront Giants to play with one of their farm clubs. Ronald was a frosh athlete at Arizona State. 11:30 .7 Suparfoot 2 Dotto 1 9 Movie 4 Truth or Conseq. Sportscliolar 5 Romper Room 7 Dramatically Yours Signs Of The Times Bill Clay reports that a sign on the back of a truck delivering extbooks from Barnes and Noble uses a rather scholarly sort of warning to cars behind it. The trucktail warning reads: "Pass" 1 8:00 2 Mr. Adams 4 Eve I 4 Shirley Temple 5 SlierlovK Holmes 13 Wrestling Film 8:10 13 Baseball 8:30 2 Keep Talking 5 Calvacade of Stars onTounng Tips at on the left and "Flunk" on the right! InaHM By Carol lane Women's Travel Authority Seeing And Perceiving MARRIAGE LICENSES Peter Frasiacomo. 22. 1717 71 Donienica Maninino. 23, 7407 9 Ave. Herbert Wesoja. 27. 759 42 CJara Vestol, 22. 801 51 St. Anthony Salemi, 23. 2016 83 Harriet Hornick, 24, 315 Vernon Ave. Sliellon Kanars. 24, 133 E. 94 Sandra Goodman, 22, 120 E. 94 St. George Pieloch. 27. 193 St. Marks Ave. Helen Pereira. 20, 193 St. Marks Salvatore Pecorella. 27 69 3rd Tecla DeCillia. 23, 69 3rd St. Raymond Florio. 2.i. 2019 E. 37 Anfipla Galeota, 20. 193 Carlton Ave. Melvyn Sotnick. 23. 410 93 St. Rochelle Willick. 21. 410 93 St. Seymour Krupat, 27. 3013 Br 12 Soma Gottleb, 23, 1529 52 St. Theodore Eisenstein. 2S. 305 Linden Blvfi Ellen Root), 24, 894 E. 19 St. AFTERNOON 12:00 Noon I 2 Love of Life I 4 Tic Tac Dough 7 Time for Fun 1 12:30 I 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 It Could Be Ton 5 Cartoons 7 Memory Lane 12:45 2 Guiding Light 1 :00 2 News 4 Film Drama 5 Showcase 1:05 2 Our Miss Brooks 1:30 2 As the world turns 4 Film Drama 5 Movie 7 Movie 1:45 Health Med. I 1 I 1 7 Wyatt Earp 11 Movie :00 2 To Tell the Truth 4 Dotto 5 Movie: "Return Monte Cristo' 7 Broken Arrow 11 Harness Race Yonkers 2 Spotlipht Playhse 4 Bob Cummings 7 Pantomime Quia You can have perfect eyesight, and still be driving blind right into an accident The reason? You don't really "see" until your brain gets the message from your eyes and understands it. If you drive absent-mindedly, your brain may not 11 Movie 10:00 2 Bid N' Buy 4 Calirornlans 7 Mystery Playhose 9 Movie 10:30 2 Our Miss Brooks 2:00 2 Beat The Clock 4 Lucky Partners 9 It's Pun to Travel i channelxys) 4 Mike Hammer Signal car behind-- 11 Man to Man 2:15 11 Home Digest :30 2 House Party 4 Haggis Baggis 9 Movie 11 Movie 3:00 2 Big PayofI 4 Today Is Ours 7 26 Men 10:45 13 Sports 11:00 2 Newa 4 Newa 5 Movie Don't Press Vpjr Luck i 7 Movie 5 TV Readers Digst 11 Newa 7 Amer. Bandstand 13 Movie 6-7 pm A full hour of cartoons! 6:00 'Bugs Bunny Presents' 6:30 Looney Tunes 7:00 pm fudge Roy Bean 7:30 pm Waterfront with Preston Fostet "pick-un" what vour eves see. 11:10 2 Weather Sports 4 Weather 11:15 2 Movie Drama 4 Jack Parr 11:30 Start your 3 polio shots NOW! 9 Times Sq Playhse 12:00 9 Beat the Champs 8:30 I 2 Verdict is Yours 6 Bingo at home Who do you trust 4:00 2 Brghter Day; Ber. 4 Queen for a Day 7 Amer. Bandstand Love Story 11 Movie 13 Junior Frolics 4:15 4 Secret Storm: ier. 4:30 2 Edge ot Night 5 Mr. District AU'y Life with Elizabeth 4:45 4 Modern Romance 8:00 1 I Led 3 Uvea 8:00 pm 8:30 pm 0:00 pm LEGAL NOTICE 12:30 5 Call to Prayer 7 Evening Prayer 12:35 2 Movie 1:00 4 Eermonette 2:35 2 New 2:40 Sherlock Holmes "City Assignment' After Dinner Movie RETURN OF MONTE CRISTO with Louis II ay ward and Barbara Britton SUPREME COURT: KIXGS COUNTY BERNARD SWERDLOFF, et Plaintiffs, asralnst JULIA CASANOVA, et aL, Defendants. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosure entered herein Ans-nsf- ft 1 -mill Scientists studying highway safety report that driving a motor vehicle calls for more continuous attention than operating any other type of transportation including an airplane. For safe driving, seeing must be perceiving. How you be a perceptive driver? Here are some tips: Keep your mind clear of irrelevant thoughts. Think about drfy-ing, and you'll be ready for any emergency. Sharpen your perception. Learn what's important about what you see and concentrate on that. For example, if you're about to pass a car, perceive its speed, road position, clearance space, speed and distance of other cars nearby. But other facts about the car its make, color, year, license plate-are irrelevant to the passing. Finally, don't drive when you're emotionally upset. It saps the energy needed for perceptive, safe driving. DID YOU KNOW? A hockey puck travels at an average speed of 88 miles an hour, Recording tpv tests made with an oscilloscope. 2 Give Us This Day spII at public auction' by JACK J. 305Q, Municipal Building. Court and joraiemon streets, Brooklyn, K.Y., on September 10, 1938, at 10:00 in' the forenoon of that day premises TV REPAIRS BX RELIABLE COMPETENT SEEVICEMEH -j tj 1 1 ii i i li 10:30 pm Racket Squad 11:00 pm FIVE STAR MOVIE "ONE TOUCH OF VENUS" with Ava Gardner and Robert Walker .00 3 plus parts per tervlce uiuuniiu, .1.1., uciiij uu me fasi side of Snediker Avenue, 116 feet 8 inches southerly from Belmont Ave-front and rear and 100 feet deep on nue, being 16 feet 8 inches witle' both sides, as described In saV! judgment. Dated August 12, 1558. CHARLES M. SPARACIO. Referee, 1 RAYNRR and SWEQPLOPP, Attorneys for Plaintiffs, 44 Court Street, Brooklyns t. New York. LL1245 8-19, 21, 25, 9-2, 4 JACK, THE RADIO EXPERT Call GE 4-5464

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