The Tablet from Brooklyn, New York on December 12, 1953 · 30
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The Tablet from Brooklyn, New York · 30

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1953
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I T'' 8 v H H.I ,.11 . - i ' ! . . i . - " . .. - - L f it ; Hi 0 i ! i I' : c i T j 1 ! ar. .11 i w latfW . . i i i 1 : : Mr ; Something THE DAUGHTERS OP DOMI-...NIC ON LONG ISLAND, Vol. II. ' By- Rev. Eugene J. Crawford. (New York, Benziger ; ' Bros., 1953, pp. xvii, 361, $6.75.) Sis inspiring book purports "A Continuance of the His-! tory" of the Long Island Do-! mlhicans upm 1938 to the pres- enL and the plethora of annota-; I tioii which bears out this contention ii enough to satisfy the j serious student of Church and I end local history. But the book ismore than a history: it is a f carripilation of personal recollec- I turns and letters, woven together with a charming commentary j which takes the reader into the private recesses of the cloister. i w Members of the laity often J have a vague awareness of the f exemplary work of the Religious j communities with which our di-j ocese abounds. Rarely do they i achieve even a glimpse into the ' inner workings of the intimate councils and meetings Which govern the lives and duties of the more than 1500 consecrated J r jtihip women who form the Dominican 1-Congregation of the Holy Cross J eft the" Diocese of Brooklyn. Tl Through the many fascinating , accounts of this order, as related in;; Father Crawford's latest, work, toe layman can see now. a great Religious community exisw; and flourishes behmd the an norrimity of the black and white habit. The author. Spiritual Director of ' this congregation, writes as an eyewitness of many of the happenings recorded here. From the very first pages of the cur- RESORTS New York - THIRD ORDER VILLA Guest and Retreat- House Metier ba lid Inc. faaatirai earrnandinrs. Om n year. Goest ana" retreat basse far asen aad weaaen. Far reaervatieiie write: . - Kt. Fr Christian, O.F.M. Cap., Third Order Villa. ; frarrisoa-eii-HaaUea. New Terk IIEIBUIilVEi Of IMI lOttDWttt EUROPCAN PLAN frua $7 Siafla $lt Deuel O e R I ITaa- of f-, lJ , "bW" afc ayaaafBaaw ow VaaarBBJlaaaw Lfetekao ATLANTIC CITY 4-S1U. ' KERRY MANOR fit Orleatal Are.. Atlaatie City. N. J. With tht ehtrm and ko$itslitf f m I old horn Open all year. Gas beat 'i block from Brdalk Directly opposite Holy SoirU Onreh. Tl delieioua meals included a: the daily rate af $6.00 per person. Kama G. Barry aaa Mahal A. Kiyara I Paaae 4-M47 NtMr Jcrxy ! . "j j I Atlantic Ciry prjf FESTIVE HOLIDAT FUN! . , ) NirVIy EatertaiassesU Diaeer ; f Maic. Cab New Tear' i Ere ,' y: ' ry- Gt Roea. - i ' Modified Anericaa k Eire pea - I' Pi J PU"' Cckt"i, LM -3' Mjr.-Ownr r i law t L.-T Teleyhane ATI. City ;. iuja t f SPnd lb CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR holiday. 1 in a restful, friendly and religioa atmonphere. ' j SPECIAL HOODAY WEEKEND AND WEEKLY RATES ST. JOSEPH'S UILLA, Ptapack, N. J. 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I Tha ST, CHARLES HOTEL iiu a'tm FLOIIDi Oatiifatlc hotel. block from 8. JBd-SlS'a Cburch. b-ihaaa beach. .U-aUtwa mnA Hum. Pre eeiaenn reo to JaeuMrr JftrJv. puaa eaaaa-. aioar New in rent volume a spark of affection is struck in the heart of the reader: a spark which trans forms him from a mere observer into a participant. You will make the; acquaintance of remarkable women and men and share with them their equally remark able experiences while in- the service of their Lord. Shiver with them through the terror of the 1933 hurricane, when an indomitable priest hand-pumped water - for three, days to supply the needs of a hundred nuns. Share the comi-tragedy of the "Blizzard of 47", with 200 visitors stranded at a Long Island convent with only ham sandwiches to eat: on Friday! Wit ness the heroism and tragedy of a midnight fire on -the novitiate grounds. Meet the Mother Superior who was a United' States postmistress for 42 years. Read the fascinating exchange of letters between Prioress and Archbishop concerning the administration of convent life. Of special interest to our read- ers wui be the foreword by Arch bishop Molloy. Following his guiding hand through the re corded progress of educational and social institutions supervised by these Dominican nuns in so many parishes of the Diocese The familiar names are all here the institutions which have grown ' up with us, such as St Catherine's and .Mary Immaculate Hospitals. Saint Joseph's, Camp Molloy, Camp Immaculata, Dominican Commercial H i g h School, etc. Wherever one turns, a familiar place or name is there to greet the reader and renew old acquaintances. The historical value of the book is evident to the careful RESORTS New Jersey VILLA MARIE CLAIRE Gaeat Haaae HOBOKCS. N. J. Oara all year ta ladie and eaealea. "A ROME AWAY FROM HOME. Ideal ae- eamaiadatians far week-ead retreats and dare af reealleetian. 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Seeend Street "Miami't Beat Location Half Black te Catholic Chareh - ana Bayfrent Park All Kmbi With Bath Steam Heat I LlevaUr ' T.J. MAHONEY raunv iUCH. PIA Eurteaa antf mm). Aaiarleaa Plaa. Pri. - vata Beaik . TbbI FUhUi Satf. EXCELLENT CUISINE. (Parii.f ) a,. Ha S'- ) KitakeaaMaa. Sev. cial Chfietana-Ne Vaar i. ' m ,otf. pfcee ei. i-tra. . WORLD j 1 "l WW.. MWK.UA1 reader who searches for the record of the Catholic Church in America, but the reviewer feels very strongly that the greatest appeal of this volume win lie In the, interest engendered in the ordinary layman as he finds the answers to these questions: Who decides when and how the style of a nun's habit is to be changed? What happens to the elderly Sisters who no longer possess the physical stamina necessary to cope with the rigors of her call ing? Where does the money come from? How is it spent? Are nuns paid for their teaching work? How does a Bishop say "No" to 1,200 women? If you ever knew an Amity- viiie, Dominican' by , name, you will find her mentioned-on this book, and you will become a part of her life, for the few fascinating hours it requires to fly through the familiar parishes of our Diocese with "The Daughters of Dominic." , THOMAS "J. HICKMAN. Fordham University. SET ALL AFIRE. By Louis de Wohl. J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia. 280 pages. $3. "Go," said St. Ignatius, 'go and set all afire." Only five words, five short words which, when spoken to a man on fire with the love of God. provided the impetus to set the world of Satan and his followers in the person of the materialistic, secular world of the 16th Century back on their heels. This exhortation of St. Ignatius Loyola, the "small, frail bald man who was for Christ on earth what St. Michael was for God in Heaven," to St. Francis Xavier provides the title of the newest in a series of novels by Louis de Wohl. who has written with a pen that keeps the eye eager for the next sentence. The style of this book urges one to go in search of the other works: "The Quiet Light." on the life of St. Thomas Aquinas; TRAVEL CRUISES TOURS VNrATinNC HONEYMOONS mwm ,w,, HERE fir ABROAD Cafi, Phtaa tr Write ."m irthriw Aaaati for ajgjn ALL STEAMER & AIR LINES to EUROPE Cr ALL OTHER PARTS of tho WORLD KEMEMBEK year Lared Oaea A Frienaa abraad STERLING . NOTES DRAFTS MONET ORDERS AT LOWEST RATES Accommodations Still Ij Available for R CHRISTMAS - NEW YEAR'S CRUISES - TOURS 3 KELLY aTCENCY 4 Tesra Keliaale, Caarteeaa Serriea 1 fil PIERREPONT ST. at Bar Hall I D I Nr. rattan. St. Jaa't Rattawaat W W B-klya 1. N.T. Fhana TK. -l?0 HOl'RS: t-S.30 Man. ta 1 Sat. ta CRUISES 1954 EUROPE By Beet or Plane HONEYMOON TRIPS Eecliih 4i Wall FeanJ 3"-a For Reservations and Information " BROOKLYN'S TRAVEL BUREAU, INC. MA. 5-2264 1S REMSEN ST, BKLYN. I, N. T. At Baroarb Rail Oven Monday till T p.m. . 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B00KH0V7 Ti itH elisapieiiitment TRAVEL TO EUROPE ' At Thrift Seaeea Steaauhi Bates ' . For Reservations gee; SCHREIBER TRAVEL BUREAU Jaaalea Ave. ear. 144th TL, isaasto . JA. 6-83S1 . -. v,-. ,, SS-SS Myrtle A vena. Kites a- aS . HE.3-46SO THE TABLET SATURDAY, DECEMBER JL2, 1953 ... - - 1 Heexdliners in, "BEST SELLERS' Issued by "Best Sellers," a semi-monthly book review'published by the University of Scranton (Jesuit), Scranton, Pa. Book The Lady of Arlington... The Unconquered Beyond This Place .7.... Desiree i ,...& Time and Time Again . Too Late the Phalarope ". Dark Angel Lord Vanity Sironia, Texas Prince Bart Angry Angel Battle Cry ..... The Adventures of Augie March The Devil's Laughter NON - The Age of the Moguls The Spirit of St. Louis .. Annapurna ..... Call Me Lucky The Devils of Loudon .. From Here To Eternity Symbols of Classification ( 1 ) Suitable for general reading. ' (2) Adults only, because of: (a) Advanced content and styling. (b) Immoral language or incidents. ( 3 P -Permissible for discriminating adults. (4) Not recommended to any clSss of reader. A eompleta list of classification and reviewg of curren. book! is available from -Best Sellera" at twenty centa a copy. I . "The Restless Flame," based on the "Confessions" of St. Augustine, and "The Golden Thread," concerning St. Ignatius Loyola, whose story Ls briefly woven through this life of Xavier because of tns close connection with St. Francis. It was the founder of the Jesuits who saw the possibilities of making a man of God out of one who had use while ostensibly studying for the priesthood for only a horse and valet and money to pay for drink in which to lose himself. Beginning with the lackadaisical efforts of Francis in college and following through after Francis is won over to the cause of Christ by Ignatius, the author j unravels the fascinating storyi that is St. Francis Xavier. "Apostle of the Indies," in scin tillating fashion which leaves the reader at points hot and cold with emotion. Though strained once or twice with too much detail. Mr. de Wohl adroitly follows the votings of the Saint who carried out the work of Pope Paul IH as Apostolic Nuncio to the "islands ,of the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, as well as to the provinces and places of India this side of the Ganges and the promonotory called the Cape of Good Hope, and beyond" dressed as always in a simple, sometimes tattered frock of a priest. The territory over which he was-' assigned by; His Holiness might have daunted any other man. but Francis, called second i to St. Paul in the making of converts. Every where he went his quietly dynamic personality left its undying mark in the form of new members for the Church. The story of Francis reveals the greatness yet simplicity that can be contained in the form of man; his over-powering humility that makes the reader fairly gasp and Francis at times almost sick as he binds the .wounds of the leprous "untouchables": his courage as he faces a band of howling, sword - wielding horsemea and i a ui t xi t vi i-Tn v. tuaigca wrcui iu ii "U... . . t. - J. Name of Christ' while holdina!uuaiiUUS " ,u"nlw . rto an enjoyable reading of 'My olnff Viic nnlv trpannn a email cross; his chanty as he gives his! meagre ration of water to others while the ship is caught in the dreaded "Region of Death," where there is no wind, where "slowly, slowly the heat was sucking the life out of them all." U.n .U. V... ..f. i vci-. tv irx tvo iiavu etju t a -& ,on the liJe of St. Francis Xavier, doubtless many wiU be written in tion ana inspiration sureiy rants it among the finest. JAMES E. GREENE. A TREASURE OP CATHOLIC THINKING. By Ralph Woods. Thomas Y. Crowell Co.. 432 Fourth Ave., New York. 16, N. Y. 378 pages. $5.00. This book is an anthology or collection of quotations, in it Catholics, both clerical and lay. express the viewpoint of the Church not on all the dogmas of t faith or the principles of philosophy but "on many of : the problems that beset us all.") Up. xiii) Thus it touches upon a variety of topics as is evident from a brief survey of its contents. The first of the 12 chapters speaks about God. the proofs for His existence, and an explanation of His attributes and of the reasons why we must worship Him. Then follow five chapters on man, dual nature, his rights, and his duties toward himself, his family and society. Four are concerned with the claim of- the Catholic Church to be the only authorized spokesman of God on earth with her ' inner life, her form of government and her attitude toward civil authority. The closing- chapters are entitled "The Material World" and "The Spiritual World." Each chapter is subdivided into a number of subjects which are arranged as far as possible in a logical and orderly manner. Thus the fifth chapter, ''Man's Relations with His Fellowman," gives us the Catholic teaching on human rights, charity, marriage, love, sex, abortion, sterilization and racial intolerance. The 130 men mentioned in this book jvrote originally in English or their works have been translated Into our language. Most of them are still alive and many, such aa Pope Leo XXXX and Car- FICTION Classification Author ..;-... ...Kane Williams Cronin ...... i.Selinko ,.; Hilton ...I ... 2-a 2-a 2-a .........2-b .2-b Paton 2-b .....Waltari 2-b ...... ..Shellabarger ...4 ...4 ...4 ...4 ...4 ...4 ..Cooper .....Kennedy Zilahy ..: Uris ........Bellow .........Yerby FICTION . 1 .....Holbrook . 1 Lindbergh .2-a Herzog .2-a Crosby .4 Huxley .4 Jones dinal Newman, may be regarded as our contemporaries. But no book of this kind can afford to overlook St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas even though they lived centuries ago and in an environment very different from our own. After Pope Pius XII they are the authors whose i words are most frequently quoted. The compiler, Ralph Woods, is no novice in this genre of literature for he has already edited two other anthologies. He first made a careful study of the books and pamphlets on the sub- iects that he discusses, and then; Franciscan colleges and mother-with the help and advice of some! houses such programs to be eminent scholars celected the key-passages in tnese writings. Thus this volume is a mine of information and an invaluable guide especially fo- those who teach and preach about the;sive and developmental courses problems that the Catholic j of study and syllabi in theology." Church must grapple with in the middle of the 20th century. He has also added a brief biographical sketch of all the authors whom he cites together with the name of the work from which the quotation was taken. STEPHEN McKENNA. C.Ss.R. (From "Best Sellers") MY HEART LIES SOUTH. By Elizabeth Borton de Trevino. Thomas Y. Crowelf Co., 432 Fourth Ave., New York 16, N. Y. 248 pages. $3.50. When Elizabeth Borton. an:. American newspaper reporter, is t escorted across tne Mexican bor der by Luis de Trevino. handsome young representative of the Monterrey Chamber of Commerce, she has not the faintest notion that Luis is her future husband. Unsuspectingly she listens to his romantic singing, ac cepts his invitation to dance and) ev n eats the traditional engagement cakes with his family. Fortunately Elizabeth, the only one in Monterrey who does not understand she is considered an engaged woman, does fall in love with Luis and returns as his 1.).. tx.-ii-v. lu.i ui iuc ycai lavci. m Liia i Hej Ue futh Through Mrs. de Trevino's af fectionate portrayal of her marriage, the reader will learn to admire Mexican family life. Superficially it may seem centuries retarded, but its essential framework has much to be admired by any age. Unmistakably, the author shows that this admirable home life stems from the strong Catholic faith of the people, who are steeped in a religious atmosphere of paramount importance. , Seldom is a book so amusingly written without obvious exaggeration, and ! which at the same time presents a thoughtful evaluation of a foreign culture. My Heart Lies South" is heartily recommended as that rare achievement, a good, and happy book. KATHLEEN C. ENGLER (Prom Best Sellers") ALTAR BOUND. By Betty S. Rodgers and Elizabeth C- Pearce. Interstate Printers and Publishers, Panville, m. 96 pages, $2.95. Just the thing for the nervous, frantic, "I hope I don't forget anything" bride-to-be, this pro fusely illustrated book, printed on pebble-grain paper, is made to be a keepsake for many years to come. Its 96 pages provide a "wedding work sheet for a bride and her family" and include a brief section on Catholic wedding arrangements. V The authors, "aware that a wedding is a combination of the efforts and ; interests of many people," have contrived to depict each with the "proper emphasis in an effort to include some magical power (?) that will make for a permanent, happy marriage." '-, The reference , to "some magical power" is ques-tionable but the thought of per manency in marriage is praise worthy in these divorce-ridden days. . JOHN KELLY. Jamaica Altar Boys' Benefit The Altar Rosary Society of St. Monica's Church, Jamaica, will sponsor a card and bunco party for the benefit of the parish altar boys in St. Monica's hafiV 94-20 160th St., Jamaica, Monday. Deo T. at 8 p.m. RANCISCAN HIS ATTEND MEETING Theology in Dally -Life Is Theme at Parley, In Milwaukee Milwaukee. Wise.', Dec. 8 (NO Some 1.100 Sisters, represent ing more than 40 different Fran-j ciscan Sisterhoods, attended the second national meeting of the Franciscan Teaching Sisterhoods at Alverno College here. Sponsored by the Franciscan Kduca-tional Conference, the theme of the meeting was "Theology in Daily Life." - The conference was opened with Mass and sermon by Msgr. Ladislaus Surak, OF.M.Conv., Provincial of St. Bonaventure Province, Forest, 111. Father Pius Barthrw.F.M.; president of the Franciscan Educational Conference delivered the " keynote address, "Theology as a Science and an Art." Discuss Teaching Theology Theology for the layman and -how to get it across was one of ihe major points of interest during the two-day session. The pro gram included demonstrations of how religion may be taught in the various school grades, and discussions centering on ways of imparting theology in various other educational levels, including nursing school curricula. In a resolution adopted unanimously by the conference. the nuns decided to set up programs s jch as workshops and forums in "The Whole of Theology" at taught by Franciscan Fathers. and preferably leading at least to the granting of certificates in theology. The Sisters also voted 'to develop systematic, progres- In ' keeping with the Marian Year celebration, it was decided that the theme of next year's conference would be "Mary in the Seraphic Order." The meeting place was not fixed. In another resolution in line with the centennial of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, the Sisters voted to promote by prayer and education the work of the National Franciscan Marian Commission in 1952. The conference closed with a talk and Benediction of the -RlKKrl Rarrnmpnt flvf n hv v.vii an t -V Milwaukee. College-Community . -. -'cornice. ut Cooperation Discussedj-tecd'.nei A broad report dealing with the relation of higher education to the community and with means whereby college-community cooperation is being advanced in this state was adopted unanimously at Fordham University Dec. 3 by the Association of Colleges and Universities of the State of New York. The oc- cacinn urn th neei-widrinn'e on ; - " mt1 mHnr onrUfe flrcf oll-rfaw r . ' " session at Fordham. Present were 115 representatives of the 105 institutions Of higher education which eomrjrisp the? organization rZL pii5c wis organization. line repon, just completed. py the New York State Citizens' r.,M.(i i.i. wLuiwu, in twtremuuii iui vuK:m.,rr oil heat, screens, storms, blinds. Association of Cnllee-M nrl TTni- .7: .7 " versiues and the university officiate. LAureium 3-0802. the State of New York, was presented to the meeting by H. Curtis Mial, executive director of the Citizens' Council. The study, which surveyed 26 member institutions of the Association, listed five ways in which college-community - cooperation is being carried out in this state. They were, summarized as follows: utilization by the college of the skills, abilities, and education of persons within, the community for the purpose of enriching the educational process; utilization by the college 01 tne community as a laboratory for the purpose of advancing the educational process: initiation by the college of projects requiring coordination of community resources for the growth of the community; initiation by the col lege of common community un dertakings, In which the college functions merely as one of many agencies within. the community; development by college and com munity of mutually beneficial undertakings. Recommendations submitted ly the Advisory Committee urged wide distribution of the report, further study both within the college and through regional and state conferences, and a state clearing house for information on college-community relations The general sessions in Keating Hall were preceded by a business meeting in which elec tions were held to fill vacancies Rev. Laurence J. McGInley, SJ-, president of Fordham, was elected, to succeed Cornelius W. de Kiewlet, president of Rochester University, as secretary-treasurer of the association for a three-yea. term. Robert McEwen, president of Hamilton College, was e.ected to the executive committee for a five-year term. Plan CD. A. Christmas Party Court St. Boniface, 'Catholic Daughters of America, will hold its annual Christmas party in the St. Bonlfaea school. Elmoat, Thursday, Doc 17, at 8 pja. I t Photo by Cassar Studios. Inc. MATTHEW A. McCARTIN On Dec. 19, when the 113-year-old Flint to Horner open their first suburban store, Flint & Horner, Manhasset, located on the famous Miracle Mile, it will be under the direct supervision of Mr. Matthew A. McCartin. Mr. McCartin is executive vice-president of the concern. Flint & Horner's Manhasset store will carry on all the fine traditions that have earned for this concern their outstanding nationally known reputation. ' Benefit Christmas Concert The Collegium Musicum of Marymount College will present a joint. Christmas concert with the Marymount . College Glee Club, directed by Hugh Ross, and the United States Military Academy Glee Club, under the direction of Capt. Barry H. Drewes, Saturday, Dec. 12, at 8 p.m. in Spellman' Auditorium, Tarry-town, and Saturday, Dec. 19, in Army Theater, West Point. All proceeds will be donated to Christmas charities. HOTSES WANTED WI HAVB BUYERS for your property D. J. DENEHY 588 Fulton St. Bklyn. TJLster 8-1990 SELL TOUR HOUSE DIRECT TO UK-TOP CASH PRICKS PAID. imWARTJ T. GREEN 830 ST. JOHN'S PL. PR. 3-3900 HOUSES FOB SALE, QUEENS HOW FAMILY PARISH FLUSHING Near Union Turnpike, 3 blocka from Church and School. 1 family brick veneer, oil heat. 6 "rooms and bath. oini-a mrm windner nHll!ated. OCCU nance nn title. Askine 19.500. himmelreicher & btamm 1303 Myrtle Ave. nnntg.RT io 000! ir? f 'fc ,SK17! bar. kitchen, washer ref riaera-tor. blinds. cornice, screens, storm sash, paiio. awn- t lence Landscaped, eigicrt HQllis 4-0348. JAMAICA ESTATES NORTH Dutch colonial bungalow slate roof; brick-siding, fully landscaped, 3 bedrooms. bathe, open fireplace, full dining room. modern kitchen, very large den. 2 car garage, many extras. Convenient to Catholia church and school. Asking 821,000. REpublie 9-4732. WHITE8TONE Brick bungalow, garage, automatic beat. Sacrifice 1 FLUSHING 7 rooms, oil. garage. Bt Andrew's Parish. 814,000. nmnni: w x. PANCOAST 150-56 Northern Blvd. FLuahing 3-1480 PL. 8-2825 t ArrRTTT.TTVW Large colonial' frame asbestos shingle: 8 rooms: 4 up & 4 down. 3 baths: 135 x 100; oversized garage: nr. cnurcnes, acnoois, snopping. trans. $13. jvcju .990. Cash 84 500. ui meg LAurelton 7-6313. pldshing-b way no. st. Andrews foaorUnoil burner? plumbSE 2r!j""I.o,n( 'saraie. Convenient location. Must be gol1! PlanBelly 162-06 Northern Blvd.. rL 3-8590. ; BnsmLi-Bt. ciare'a new school Immediate occupancy. 7 rooms, hot Chambers range, brick porch-awnlni: excellent location. Must are to appre RMPH1TOR8T Whiteatone. 4 bed room. Cape Cod, brick bungalow; 6 years old 40x100 plot. Lovely, wooded aectlon in at T.nka'a Darish. S17 !)50. TRILSCH AOCY . PLuahlnf 9-5380 ' FLUSHING St. Kevin's Pariah. De tached home, oil, carace. excellent con dition, transit, school. $14,900. DUOAN Broker. FLu shins" 9-2I8S. QUEENS VILLAGE Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Colonial, canter ball, fireplace, modern kitchen. 7 room, aun deck, closed porch, conveniently located. $15,750. HOlli 4-8435. HOUSES FOB 8 ALB, LONG ISLAND BALDWIN 4 Bedrooms $14,500 2 Full Baths CLOSE TO ST. CHRISTOPHERS A beauUIui pre-war horns in finest residential section. Featuring- 24- , livlns room, full dininar room. 10x14 den. modem aitcnen. ueep run oaseinent. landscaped erounds. 3 car carace. short walk to station 1 Must sell this week I DAVID PIKE ASSOCIATES BAldwin 3-7070. 120 Merrick Rd. Next to Csso St. a. corner urino Ave. upea a.m.-B p.m. GARDEN CTTT SOUTH $18,000 ALL BRICK. COLONIAL 4 BXDRMS. 1V BATHS 2-CAR OAR. BT. ANNE'S PARISH , Charminc. spacious. CENTER HALL nome. xss noor: in livinc room, real nrepiace; iixiu iuu oinmt room, larca Science kitchen, den. powder room. 2nd floor: FOUR full-sise bedrooms. double closets, color tile bath stall snower. niu atuc. aemi-nn. oasement. Jiew oit uaii. comomauon winaows Walk to BR, schools, shoppinc. DUBAN REALTY CO. 172 Hempstead Tpka. West Hempstead Open eveninss . . ; REmpstead 2-7061 MANHASSET MTJNSEY PARK a i . Aidn i e rAniBH PAROCHIAL AND HIGH SCHOOL Beautiful Callan Built 4 year old Colon ial with slate roof. Pour twin-aiza hri rooms. 21.4 tile baths, breakfast room nine paneled rec. room. 2 ear art Owner paid more than aakinc price of IJ4.VW. r In Beautiful Strathmore, Brick Colonial. bwiuvuu, viw, nmx aarace, sn rec. room. $29,500. . SPRUCE REALTY CO. 137 Plandome Rd. MAnhtsset 7-4433 WnXISTON PARK ST. AID AN' 8 cwsNwvfiu.' 9i,airu Three twin alaed bedrooma, beautiful kitchen, 2 ear carace, oil heat, near everything $13,750. ,r 14 Hillside Ave. OA 7-371S EAST ISLIF S blocka fit ir... Parochial School. Immediate ocennanrv Attractive buncalow. 4 laree ronmc- n automatic oil neat. 8 Division Ave Aakinc $9,800. Islip 3-6079-J. ' ttitn wys Kancn style; a St. Patrlclt'a parish; free transportation 10 tauioiio acnooi. ui mts. Akin LTNBROOK 7 -room hanu, ... tlvlnc. dinin. kltchenr heated sunporch 3 bedrooms; den ;iu path.: u-ot water ' Owner. Actress and Singer J Honored by Church Houston, Tex., Dec. 7 (NO Actress Irene Dunne and singer Dennis Day were among ST irominent Catholics 1 n t e a t e & with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre at the Church of the Arifiunciation here. At colorful ceremonies. Includ-i g a Pontifical Mass celebrated by Cardinal' Mclntyre, the group which included three Bishops was accorded honors in the order reserved for people who have rendered outstanding service to the Church. Honored with Miss Dunne was her husband. . Dr. Francis S. Griffin. Mr. Day and his ! wife. both of whom were invested. were listed by the singers baptismal name. Owen P. McNulty. The three Bishops who were admitted with, prior rank or knights commander with star were Coadjutor Bishop Thomas K. Gorman of Dallas, Bishop Louis J. Reicher of Dallas and Bishop Laurence J. FitzSimon of Amarillo. 1 Twenty-eight Texans wert among those honored. Bishop Eugene J. McGuinnesa of Oklahoma City, and -Tulsa, grand prior of the western lieutenancy of the order, officiated as the honorees were invested and elevated. Bishop Wendelin J Nold of Galveston delivered, the sermon. I ' The order which began in th days of the Crusades was orig inally formed to guard the tomb of Christ. Auxiliary Plant Faculty Party The annual Christmas party for the faculty Will be sponsored ty the Auxiliary of Mary Louis Academy, Jamaica, Mondayj Dec. 14, at 2 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by "The Peanuts" cf St. John's Home, Rockaway Beach. Mrs. Frank . Meyer is chairman. I BOUSES FOB SALE. IX) NO) UtAifP, FLORAL PARK $9,990 OUR LADY OF VICTORY Incrediblr low priced H thia well bufi 1 family home featuring generous ' lirlns room, full dinlnc room, large modern kitchen. 4 huso bedrooma and bath. Full baeement and complete extraa. See this astounding buy without delay. R. FROEHLICH . 32 JERICHO TPKE. mt Cherry Lana NEW" HYDE PARK PR. 5-4150 OPEN 9 TO 9 BELLEROSE $11,990 ST. GREGORY'S PARISH GLenmore 5-200! Detached home in fine residential ec-ouenmore o-isauu, t!nw ,k , parochial aebool. shopping and transit. Largs living room SShS-OU heat. ImmVcule condition. V I G I LAN T Resale Specialists Open 9 to 9 Every Day 248-09 Jamaica Ave. Pleldston OPPOSITE BELLEROeE POST OPTIC! ROCKVTLLE CENTRE S21.500 St. Agnes Church Cr School Beautiful new custom-built ranch. Canadian cedar shingle on a deep plot In the finest of locations. 1st floor: reeUbule. living- room, larce dining area, electric kitchen, 2 bedrooms, tile bath, patio; 2nd floor: -4 bedroom, bath, atoraca space. All rooma are apacioua and abundance of closet- room. Full basement, hot water heat, oil. Garaca. EXCEPTIONAL, VALUE i HARVEY W. SMITH AGKNCT 272 Sunrise Hy. ROclcville Centre 6-ffOS MALVERNB SOLID BRICK $1 800 OUR LADY OP LOURDES SCHOOL Attractive, center entrance. 6-room home. 25 ft. livinc room, fireplace, full dinlnc room, modern kitchen aod dinette, 25 ft. master oearoom, l ' colored me oaens. full basement, oil. 20 ft. flat atone screened patio, attached carace. Excellently maintained. Walk to school and station. Just reduced for quick sale. H. O. MCNEILL ! 323 Sunrise Hicbwsy LYn brook 3-7544 NEAR EARLE AVE. FLORAL PARK, 6 room, brick veneer buncalow, detached carace: plot 40x100; beat section. Price $18,250. Like new. - Edmund D. Purcell 111 South Tyson Aye. tat the) atatkist Pleldatone) 7-0433 Or PLoral Parte 4-Q833 UNIONDALE Rhlncle and brtek, rooma down. 2 finished, rooms irprtalri : fully insulated, carace, rafrlcerator. St-Marthas Parish. Walk to chwreh, schools, shoppinc. 1 11,990; Hkntsa4 2-0593 Bandars and evetrtace fiEmp-stead 7-3438. i MA8SAPBQUA. S larce rooma. bedrooms, white brick fireplace, baaacaaat, carace, hot water oU, 104 x 100. Lovely home, food location. Walk te ahureh. $18,000. , ,.. , . LB af AIRJI I 3963 Merrick Rd.. Seal ord STna4 S-PHS MANT IiTSTTNOS I FLORAL PARK BKUBIOM MARJAW HERK i 248-40 JERICHO TPKE. BJFLUROfrf PL. 4-3250 FLT4-675 HOUSES F0 SALE, WE STCHES RI EASTCHESTER BRONXVlLLal VIC - WKSTTTJFP HOMES I NEW GROUP NOW I open for rNsPsKrnoM $17,850 to $18,750 I Well-built 6-room Colonial noma eat larca plots In beautiful established BAich-borhood. Lovely tree-lined street, within 2 blocka of park area, with lata easy walkinc distance to stores; convenient to public and parochial achooU: 30 min- N. T. Stone, brick and aoincle. full insulation, air-conditioned beat. Larca basement, carace. Unusually low ' ""i111- balance ilka rent, i White Plains Post Road to HhrhlCBd Avenue to Tnckahoa Avenue v mile above BronxvUle). n VOUOHT-HALPERN. Bide; TP. 3-334 HOUSES TQB SALE. NEW TOKK STATE HOME 9 rooms, fa cine lake,! near i,iyrchi, ch,?olv. bPJnc. For details write: Boi 23, Narrowsburc, N. T.i i HOUSES TOR. SALE, NEW JERSET ' r , HERB IS AN IDEA f i Would you like to live In cuburban north-erJL?few JmTntJL A choice of parochial school communities. Healthy aurround-incs. Easy access to all parts of Mta-hi- Go? . 'x altuation Homes Call orv write JAMES D. MAOKET. TSG. 71 Washington Ave. Dumont. N. J. rtTTnuin l.Ul T w"""' Bd Bun. Financing1 Arranced REAL ESTATE FO SALE1 SUMMER nomes. board in c houses. TwI!Tiit',J el onviUe. Inquire Tecler. Jegeraonvllle. N. Y. (K-ae) SUMMER PLACES TO SALE t ROCKAWA BEACH: 4-rm hch blk bunclo. cellar S4950: 3lrm $2750: S-rm S??.. Tff115. I3950' , Others various f&ml flnclUn,d' hw "hwrs. turn. s??1.. SV,' clnc 106-7-8th fUS With wcaah paymt. Rent for $500-J65a season; if owned, no mtc carry 1A $if25 ZrlZr tHN J. BRENNA X. 340 116 St. (LIRR Depot). BE 5-37704435 WEST TTTWWTje rM rA "i'T L 'oom. sununar eottaga, pins paneled throuchout. fltenlaiuL SL"1?1 PProx. 100 x m. Class to beautiful beach. Prie M m vwTeJii or

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