The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1939
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER" 5, 133H' BLYTHEVILLE, (AJRK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE $£VEH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Rent 1 pi- a rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Reasonable. Phone 1070. 5-p-ia Daily rate per Hue for consecu- 1 3 nom furnished apnrtment. Pii- tive Insertions: \ vale bath. Desirable location, One time per line ...... ice Cnll 280. 5-ck-lf -.- close in. Six times No. 5th. Mrs. Elma Crowder. 4-cl:-tt ernne'yVy?':::^! j?!!L o »*' 31 °. w * taut - >- c *-" , „. per llnc GOc Lavse sleeping room with closet ,„ i V 50 ° & 75c and 2 bl =ds. Adjoining bath. Men Minimum charge 50c preferred. Miss BSlso Moore. 100 Ads ordered for three or six w Walnut times and stopped before expiration whl be charged for the num- btr of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill mane. All Classified Advertising cony \ibmittcu by persons residing oul- /.ae of the cicy must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above wole. I Advertising ordered i'ov. Irregular insertions takes ihe one time nue. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion ot any classified nd. i-ur A Real CHRISTMAS GIFT For the Whole, l^imilv See and Drive One of the Phillips' USED CARS Clean & Reconditioned i Throughout 3 ™ (M ", ful : nlfih ' ! <l a»Rnmojit. 60G . 3J .,.,,„„,. Cou S3Z Nn. M,h Airs Pln-m fVnvin or ' ' Cl> ^ J 3 room furnished apartment. Ail Conveniences, Couple. 819 W. Ash. 4-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. Oulslde In- trance. Phone 351. 515 W. Wal- mit, 4-ck-lf 2 room Curnislied apartment. Also bedrooms. 385. 102 W. Davk. Phono l-ck-8 MULES J 2 room furnished apartment nd- — j joining bnth. 701 W. Ash, Phone See Floyd Simpson al Delia 1m- 233. 24-pk-12-;!'f Large bedroom, twin beds, two picmciiu. Inc. 2-ck-(l' closets, steam lieat. Men prc- Nice, huge Stewart Pecans, lie Ib. S' Ph °' 1C L Mo ' Slltibl1 ^' ™* John Loll, Luxora and Llltlej __- l **^ ti River Road, U miles W. ol Luxora. j Comlortable bedroom tor business 2-pk-O woman. 1023 W. Main. Phone 23<j 27-ck-tt. U40 acre farm. 7 room house. Barn. , 2 tenant houses. Will make Nice bedroom with twin Ms. Con- more than bale of cotton to the venient to bath Men preferred acre. Write or phone, John E. Ri- BOO W. Main, phone 776 24ck2-a4 Icy, New Madrid, Mo. 28-i>k-Gj' : | 5 Pigs, shoats, meat hogs. Vaccinated. D. H. Garner, Arniorel, Ark.' 18-pk-12-18i rooms furnished or tinfurn. 3 Heain. 23-pk- 12-23 "S5 Koril Coupe $165 '35 Ford Tudor Sl!i'J '31! Ford Tudor $275 'JV Toril Tudor $:|80 '38 Konl Tllllov $47D '39 Koril Tudor 5585 '38 Chevrolet Coaeh ;4iiS — TRUCKS — "Jl Chcv. I); Ton ja.'ll '3(i Koril rick-Up S195 '38 Clicv. I'lek-Up 5^01 '35 Clicv. I'ick-Up $175 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5th & Walnut \rmnr I'hone 810-811 (or Demons'-ratloi) BIythevllle, Alt j Unfurnished Perfect! Aart apartment In Shiuie Building on West 8-ck-tI Grand .„,„„„,„„<, auuuu , s af condition. Value S1200. Will sell | Main St. Call 571 or 197 for $500 and can give tcnas. Tele-i phones 571 and 187. 15-ck-12-15 Nice bedroon:. Cuiivcnlcnc to bam Steam heal. Phone 281). 19-ck-n Several good mules, mures young horses. Paul Byrum. and '2CckU late model trac'.ors. Rebuilt and Good as new. 26-ck-tf re finished. Byrum. 6 Allis-chalmers Combines. Easy Terms. Paul Byrum. 2C-ck-tf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE Drag- line and heavy specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co, ' Ph'oni; 19 or Res. Farm Loans Wan- a (allar-inudo suit tills CIIUISTMAS. $23.50 up, (Icorge L. Muir rilylhevlllo's Only Tailor Wanted To Buy slitlin'lng across n road by a sclinalboy, who captured it. 1 "" bottle nnd , '' Hiller, who docs not smoke, drink or oxcr'chsc, and cats only vegetables, hux 0000 books in his library, but, seldom II ever roads USED CARS AND TRUCKS Want land. Have buyers lor 20's— Ws—80's nnd larger tracts. See us at once. Thomas Land Co. iG-ck-ia-iB All Uci'imditionod-tiuuranleed "ml Ready lo (!o. 10i9 Chevrolet Town S«Ian. l»«- Iwse Mortfl. Low mileage. Cl«:»i as can lie Only JOM 2 or 2Vi carat diamond. Must be blue while, perfect and worth money. Advise Jlzc and price. Write "Diamond", Courier News, ao-ck-7 Help Wanted WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY ,,..,, $35.00 per week, man or woman 19J7 will) niito, sell roullry Mixture to Det.uve 'Ian. ,\ Chevrolet Town So- I Town Srdan. Knoo farmers. Eureka U. Lonis, III. Mfg. Co, linsc 1038 Iliulyoii Terra plane Sedan. Ita 'llo * healer. Driven only 15,000 miles. Sptclnl J419 Auto pails siilesman. Must have car. Box "W", Courier News. ' 1838 Chevrolet Couiic. City drlv l-|)k-B en. only Shop Repairing ""QI'JAI.ITV'SHOE SHOP " InrislMe lialf-solltij. full soles for every shoe anil tout. Crepe, leather, rublier, or Grcicord. Shoes (Ijcd any color. 1'ollsli, laces nnd dyes. Slices dycil lilai'k—35c. Ouar- antced. We call for ami deliver. Wmiie 120. If. H. CampMI. Laud For Sale Notice NOTICE—1 am now saiesman fo- Thomas Land Co. Have good buys on farm and --'Ity property. H. C. Campbell. 16-pk-12-10 Bargains In USED TIRES Some Repossessed, Good as New. - SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARK uu. PHONH 35 Repairing Or Small Expert Gun Repairing see E. M. . t , - ,, , „ . i Damon at the Blytheville Arm- At Low Interest Rales. lory. We are equipped to handle large' or small loans on any sized Iract of farm land, at low cost, and at u low interest rate TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blytheville, Ark. Washing, Ironing Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap Rough dry told finish. C quilts 51.00. One clay service. Willie Beli Green, behind City Ice Plant! 9-ck-IO-i Twd-llrailcd Snake I'miml KYOTO. Japan IUP>—Local residents are marveling at a two- Mi t.lvor, «ork o(f Ihc bile lo rid yourself of constl- •niniii u:iK pnlus. i,nd thai sour, ounk fcelin'i?. Take one box of Kinnvs ACTIVK MVKU l'II,I,S 25o at all Klrby Stores LAND FOB SALE in MISSOURI j 165 acres all in cultivation on ;ravel road, half mile to goixl school, five acre grove. Good house and barn, a real place. Price $50.01) Per acre. 125 acres, 100 in crop, nice grove of 10 acres, good house and barn and an extra goad piece of land, some fruit on place. Trice SGO.OO lier acre. 255 acres, nil in cultivation, on Gravel roiui, two largo barns, two ;ood houses and live small ones. No better land and location wonderful. I'rice 570.00 per acre. These three farms are real bargains, one fourth cash, balance i our years. We have cut over MniJ ivell ]o- ! ALLEY 001' calcd on Highway, no cash pay- incut, six years lo pay, only to ihosc who can builii and start clearing. W acres, six miles from lilythe-1 .•ille, M in cultivation, house and uarn. Price ?GO.(JO per acre. I93T Chevrolet ijj DIM) tvlirvls .. 1937 (i. M. c. IJ( Html wheel* , 1!)!14 lul. !>.} Ton Duuls Truck , $«S Tun Truck. Ton Truck. I.mijf W. H.. $110 HUBERT UTLEY'S CAMPCRESCENT SKK VICK STA T10N A NO CAFE 7 Good Reasons For Trud'nig al Hubert l/tloy's: i. Modern Cubtns. 'J All popular brands o! beer—100. 3. S miles Iree road Mirvicu, 4. Phillips "08" leaded KBS—I'j'.ic Gal. 5 Public long dlstmu'C telephone with pilvnlc line, 8. Certified, modern healed rest rooms. 1. All populur brands cigarettes, n jjkijs, a&e. COMPLETE 2t-»0(!lt ONK-STOP SERVICE DANCING NIGHTLY AT THE CRESCENT CLUB MOST llKAUTH'l'I.I.V IHit'OKATKI) IN S.K. M«>. PHONE 17 '• ||. \v. (il HOLLAND, MO. 1937 Chevrolet l'!ek-up Tnitli. l)»r- ll V-8 Body Truck. ....?M5, italic We huvc a cninplcte line of trm-lts alt maltcs and models, laruc ami small. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'lione K'i HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, and Guaranteed A very safe nnd harmless method; without conllnement l« bed, loss of time Irani work nnd wllh very llllle discomfort. All lypos of piles, fissures, ll.slulaa,, cto,: treated bv our office methods, • ,.. • DRS. NIES & NIES OILiilc fil-i MRtn Blythnlnu. Aih Pliono OB WINTER CONDITION i Your Car THE PHILLIPS WAY Here's What \Ve Do: 1. Drain nut Ittavf, worn lulirr cauls ami refill IniiMnlsslon and differential with new winter Ocnr OH—up to S pounds. Ex- Ira clmiiro (or extra quantities. Dniln out summer welsM oil and refill crankcasc with the correct grade of fresh, dean • ivlnler ofl-up lo 5 quarts or 25c oil. Extra charge for over 5 <|uurls. premium israrlcs, or ' fur flushing oil. (,'oinplcle lubrication of chassis and all moving part*. 1. Clean ami hispccl spark plujts and reset fur on Id n-ciilher starling. li, Kemnvc Iiaticry from car am', imliil carrier, lest crlls anil 0. I'liisli radiator with special radiator cleaner ami Inspect all IIOM anil connections. 1. Inspect dealer ami windshield "Iper. COMPLETE SERVICE $3.95 For Ikticr I'crformnnta Use Phillips Surety-Check Service ; PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mil & Walnut I'hone 81U FOOTBALL CELEBRITY HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured football coach. 12Dyestuff. 13 Maniple. 14 So be it. 16 Crucifix. 17 Notion. 19 Peers ihroufih a crevice. 21 North Carolina. 22 Form of "a." 23 Malt drink. 24 Electric term. 26 Trying. 32 Carpet. 33 Contrives. 34 Sloths. 35 Over. 37 Before. 38 Little devil. 40 Preposition. 42 To corrupt. 44 Genus of grasses. 45 Compass point 46 Fills with longing. 48 Hymn o£ praise. 50 Pair. 51 Transgressors. 5'1 Onto. 55 Observes. 57 Short letters. 58 He.was Ihe —— conch of his day. CO He was also ' college chemistry 61 Sawmill device. VERTICAL 1 Parrot. 2 Ordinary. 3 Consumed. 4 Moth. 5 Measure 01 t>-pe. 7 Relating to. 8 To heel over. 9 Bud. 10 Hangman's halter knot. 11 Finale. 15 Aside. 18 Firedogs. 20 Cutting oft cE vowels. 21 Hn was born in . 25 His of coaching is still in use. 26 Self. 27 Half an cm. 28 Hail! 29 Green. 30 Numeral. 31 Aperture. 36 To sin. 39 To cntanflle. 41 Wigwam. 43 The banteng, a wild ox. 44 To analyze. 45 Intelligence. 47Surface Measure. 49 Dug. 52 Neither. 53 Ever. 55 Street. 56 Scottish. 58 Common verb. 59 Transposed. Convvay & Houchins Blylhcvilic. Ark. Farms For Sale 160 acres south of Blylheville. 2 sets good buildings, also other buildings. Can give possession on 1st of year if bought nt once. $80 an acre. Part cash, balance annually at Gffi. 64 acres at Clear Lake. Improved land. $75.00 an acre. 40 acres near Leachvillc, '/i mile from concrete highway. $15.00 an acre. 44',-; acres at Clear Lake. Fine land. SfiO.OO an acre. CO acres adjoining Blylhevillc $125.00 an acre. .0 acres on Highway CI just south of Blylheville. Fine land fell improved. $125.00 an acre. 80 acres on concrete at Lcach- 'ille. $75.00 an acre. One fourth cash, balance annually at 6%. 80 acres west of Holland on gravel highway. Nice residence. $100.00 an acre. 10G acres west of Holland. Won- lerful land. $15.00 an acre. We have larger and many other tracts. Thoniiis L;mtl Co. 4-ck-ll Found Two automobile keys, ot General Motors make. On small wire ring. Owner may have keys by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. 1939 Arkansas H TBn Trailer Lt• cease. Number 281-368. Owner may have same by paying cost ol this ad. Courier News. Lost REWARD for return of male Beai gle hound. While and Tan Brax• ... *~MII null A ..i. \. . ~ 1-pK-o ton dill, Llcll, Ark. 2 bird dogs. Setter and Dropper. Call 715, Raymond Johnson 2-pfc-t Sad Homecormrw UV Mi El) HA KM AN ROQOEB I.-4 'THE STAGE-- HIT OVER, THE HEAD AND KICKED OUf-- TOO WEAK TO \MftUC--l B66.M C«AVJLW FQR HOURS.' 1WUU EVERV H OF «!&CK 1 H^TJ HAVE f\Y W1FG tH.\ COIN''WTrtlMK LUCKY BRAKE IS TbPS IN THIS - WITHERS* PIDN'V RECOGWIXE HER CHANCe OF .<3EfTIN' WELL IS GOME The Swamped Angel WHAT'S THIS STUFF FORT I OOtfr BOTHER WHAT'S IT GOT T'OO /ME NOW-VOU WITH US RESCUING A WILL SK SOON HM^PH! ALL THIS SECRECY GIVES ME A PAIN.' YOU'D THIMK i WASTRYIN'TO/ HINDER DOC INSTEW5/ NOW OF HELPIN' HIM.' i * WONDER iiVHpTT THIS GADGET \Sl HOOTS AND HER UUDDIES I5Y EDGAR MARTIN TO "TALVi TO VOO . A.CAOEMX IM MX . , "FOW . -<OOC VOOVV. BE. TO.QOO O? XOU /TOO ~<r WASH TUBKS UY ROY CRANK •bOKRY, BUT I GOTTA DATE WITH CAROL, AH' _ STALL HER ?j OFF, (AV WECK1 HE DOKUT KNOW LUCILLE IDOMTT KWOW WHAT TO po^ HAMWT^H "™ HEART 70 BREAK OUR EU6A6EWEMT TALK TO \ 30BS BACK. YA A HALF J 6OTTA 60 HOUR IM | TO WORK THE MORN- TOMORROW J TH' UEXT HlGHf, TOO. M(6HTf / -STALL LOC1UE OFF fOR you 60TTA HELP ME! A T)AY OR TWO, TUEK! MAVBE EAWAMD X CAW TVHUK OF O'CLOCK AT MI6WT. UMO.B L1WCOLM FRECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS Cinderella Is Found 1!Y MERRILL BLOSSEK HELLO , DADOV WHO WAS THAT MY BOY--- X WAMT "lOU TC> GIVE UP THIS MOMEY, DONT T6U." OUli SOFA IS I'LL KEEP THESE DAINTY SLIPPERS SO \OU WOMT Be TtMPTeo TO <3O LOOKING FDR. A G'AU To RT THEM i NOW TO. HAVE . Tb BEAR -H jt v t. ur- i no «-x«JC^( . FOR YOUR ONOefcEULA.

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