The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OKIES IS OLDEST OF CTE HER Meteoric Mitlman Sox Manager Can' I Recall An Underpaid Diamond Siai During His Career IJY IIA11KY ORAYSON Sports 1'dltc.r, Nl'A Service NEW YOHK. April m — James! Joseph Dykes has seen more service than any oilier player now performing regularly In the mti- jors. njkcs, 39, ts in Ills nineteenth £C-p-ion. Rogers Jloimby, just turned 40, lias been In bij; Icneiie livery 21 years, but has been a part- time worker for n litilf-do/cn campaigns anil will do untiling more lhan plnch-hll occasionally for (lie St. ].ouls nrowns tills (rip. Dykes attributes his longevity to a sturdy pair of leus and love of the game. , . 'The ability anrt physique hsi.s ' to be (here, but no plnyor goes [ very far or lasts loo loni; unless ' he likes baseball," explains Dykes, who slill plays plenty of third base for Ills Chicago White. Sox j The trouble with some, or the ( more capable yoiini; fellows corn- ling lip nowadays Is dial they spend- too inucli time argnini! nooiit their contracts instead of .applying themselves to the ijxirt. 1 don't kno\v of a single plnyer , vUio Viis uncler-pald niter he luuli pio;ed hls_ worth, yet- we now cn- "coiinler young fellows who Inll- .cd to Ml . 300 the year before •holding out." Ihkc;, Gives' M.ick Credit Dykes mentions no names, but one rather BUL'.SSCS Iliat Xekc Don- lira was 6ne atlileic to whom he Is referring. Menibi-rs ol the Chicago party say llmt tile large first | basciiian reported late ami out. of 'condition because he was more interested In a building; hi Dallus limn in the t'nle Hose. They ndd jtliat he appeared to be In no Hurry to gel ill shape. -after clicck- iiii; in. „ 'I didn't quibble about salary Viheu Connie Mack picked me out J)f the Eastern Shore League," elucidates Dykes. "1 knew Unit I wns luiky to Bet- an opportunity nnd was glad to play any |H>si- lion In the Infield. 'Mack called me into his office just, before the 1929 season opened : 'Do you know why ] sent for yoii, Jliniuy?' ho asked. 'Sure,' I replied, 'You're Applcbaum Wnnls lo Keep Pace Wilh Robinson; Paslitne MccLs MdVliillin ny j. i'. with Drug Ficil Apostoli, of San Francisco, former national amateur inld- illi',vr ij III ilminijiun, shown in filShtintf posture, climbed high enough in IB months in the money ranks lo obtain n 10- rouiui, noii-tilnlar bout with Babe Hisko, the professional- divisional ruler. They collide ia San Froncisco, May 8. Southern League W. Ii. Pel, Atlanta 14 3 New Orleans 11 G Little liock 9 7 Nnshvlllc 7 9 Chnlfnnoogn 7 9 lihmlnghniii .0 0 Memphis 0 10 ICnoxvllle 5 12 .824 In order lo keep pace the- fasl-slejiphu; nolilnson crew, Joe Aiiuk'biu ui's ftiinous store llombors must nun on the heat In their name tonkin with Jlnmile Sincthn man's Improved Lion's Club. - WIlloUKhby Hemphlll (Tiny) Glover's 1'nstline rjiiiiu will be battlJiig lor a berth In first division, and also lo keep hot on (he heels of Hie leaileis, when they face the tracers. ^Vlth the ICIIBIIC'S leading hurler. John Holland, In line form, i'«[moii!i Store has Urn (ji'ilc 1m- pri'K.sive In llK'lr two vlclurles over 1'astline mid MeMulllns. Ilnllniid Inid n nn hit <^riiiie until thu sixth but liillrinl inul w»s nicked for only two sureties, Including a home run by ItLi^iUin when Dob Hi'i-ns lell while utleni|)llns! By Harry Grayson / , FRIDAY, MAY 1, 193C to lic-lil llii! hard drive. The red head will be on the llrhn; hue In an e/fort lo gauier his thh'd victory, Manager Kmotherman iiuulc master stroke when he sli;ued Roy CurniC'ii lo do the chunking for his Lions, In bis debut last week Roy did a line Job against 1'rislline, desplle Ibe fact that he was bealen, 8-1. Unless he does u complete collapse he scetns destined to win In Hie league. Jlui- mlc also expects to have some of his absentees on hand tonight. and ' expects an Improved batting attack. : Indications point lo n hurling battle between Dan Warrlnjlon, youthful I'iisllme righthander, and Marcus Claines, vim also braves •cm from the right side, for the Grocers, In the llrst game. Wnr- rlngtun was exi>cciiilly Impressive with a four lilt performance against ihe Lions. Marcus was rapped qullc freely by Famous U Is saUl that Ills light hand then NEW YORK, May I. _ Bcmly Leonard says that the advantage of 10 pounds or more that : Jlmmy McLarnin will have In hi s nmu , (l with Tony cmmmerl at the Gar- iten on May 8 won't mcqn a Ihlny. "Mcl.arnln Is a counter puncher," explains Ixwniirdj. "jimmy does not lay on opponents, or try to tic them up In close. Any bul^e Iw ever had In poundage never helped him much In winning mi argument. Ills style Isn't the win thin mnkes weight such an Important factor." The some Leonard retired in 1325 rather than tackle Mickey Walker, who didn't outweigh him 10 pounds at the time.. Tho Toy riulldoi! didn't lay on opixmcnls, either, or attempt to tie them up In close. • + * Yankees Nerd Wiat Kozeluh Lacks Those to foreign pro- fcsslomils drilling American Davis Cup arrays contend Mini Karel i(u/,eli!li'x record Is opposed to tl... biilldlni; of an overwhelming volleying utlack, which, Wllmer Allison, Donald Budge, imU Hllsy Clrant must have to the openini; Austilans in the round In Philadelphia Nfay 30. The C'/.echoslovaklau'.s entire de;K?nds on lona-riinge execution. He Is not so formidable ivhen rivals go lo the net. For the time being at least tons Nussleln's military duty in Germany consists of coaching thai country's DavLs Cup squdd. Warbler Hassctl Entire Clre Club News that middy Hassctt np- now. ,04V I hud not slilllclently licali .503 i ,131| .•m Ma .315 .294 Aiiu'neau W. I,. Pet. to tell me that 1 nm going to bo on the bench when the season opens.' 'You're right,' replied Mack, 'You're fioinu to sit on tho bench beside me and I called you up here to tell you that I do not want you grumbling nromul the clubhouse or glaring at me and acting ns If you would like to Iced me poison or crack mo over the head with a bat, You will play plenty of game-is tills season, but jou must, leave It to me to c aj when 'iui',1 what position you will piav 1 'i was a vetty fair ball player, then, too, but realized that Muck, n line and wise character, knew beit. I playwl shortstop ami second base that season before settling down for kcc|Vi nl third. 'Mack (aught me all the baseball I know, and I consider myself vovy fortunate to have served under him." Dykes' All-Amerifan League Selecting an All-American League team since he broke in with the Philadelphia Athletics, Dykes names ns pitchers". Lefty Grove and Carl Mays, Mickey Cochrane is his catcher. He places George Kisler jit first base, Charley Oeh- ilnger at second, Hogcr Pcckin- paugh at shortstop, 7md Joe DuBM: .at third. His outfield Is the customary one — Ty Cobb, Trls Speaker, and Babe Ruth. Dykes considers GehriiiBcr the greatest all-round ball player of the day, and Ruth the daddy of all hitters. 'I saw too little of Eddie Collins to compare him with Gehringer, and less of Joe Jackson, who must have been a right- .handed Ruth," asserts the stubby chap who lifts toUeii sneii a iliic- • start toward lending tile Willie Sox out of the wilderness. . "Peckinpaugh could go to his right better than any shortstop that I ever set eyes on, and have seen some nlppias. Dugan was. the best I ever saw coming In on a slow roller, making the play with his bare hand, lie coulc throw and hit, too." • And above everything else Dykes points' out, all of his nil- stars were crazy about baseball— arid , still nre. Let Craig's Pure Wholesome M I L K Round a simple meal out the Health Way each day. DELIVERED W THE CREAM SEPARATOR BOTTLE. Phone 74 'For .Daily Deliveries CRAIG DAIRY Boston 11 New York 10 Cleveland .. Detroit Washington Philadelphia Chlcn|;o' Louis 8 0 7 0 9 8 G 0 4 8 :i 12 .(1811 .007 .571 .538 ,r>yii .333 National League W. L. Pel. New York ............. 8 C .015 Chicago ......... ........8 St. Lpuls ............... G Cincinnati Pittsburgh Philadelphia Brooklyn Uoslon .571 .545 ,'1 7 .600 .u - a ,500 0 .438 n 7 Today's Games Southern League Memphis at Chntlanooga. Lilllc Itock nt Knoxvlllc. New Orleans at Atlanta, Nashville at Btiminuham. National League New York at, Chicago, llrooklyn at St. Louis. Uostou ul Pltlsbuigh. Phlliuleliiliia at Cincinnati. Atncrlraii League Detroit nt Philadelphia. Chlcairo at New York! Cleveland at lioslon. . St. LouLs at Washington. re to be one of the best buys In years, Casey Stengel ndmit.s that he never worried so much about, a player's future as lie did nflcr urging the Brooklyn club to give the New York Yankees $10.000 and two players for the young first baseman. ; 11 >- I tim\ "I knew Hassclt was a "tenor, but didn't : know anything about his butting mid fielding," explains Siengel. "While tlie bnrlcriiig was going on I had to rush to the telephone and ' cull' friends .connected with American Association clubs to Hud out something about him. The reports were nil good. As 1 listened to wlmt \vns coming ^oul of Ihe telephone receivers JAy jliosscs- were nil around me and-j kept telling ihem lo make tin- deal for a youngster we had hot •xoutra. Now I can say thnt i'ly lias tnken a load off my mind. He belongs In the major Hnsictt, the tenor, liu-ns out to • ii bass ul bat, with an, average jf .351, nnd an entire glee club ii the Held. * » * I'rlnccliiii Track Meet Jumps Ahead Princeton's invitation track meet scarcely can miss lumping Into tho headline.'! June 13, with (he holder.-; of the outdoor and :iul(xir world records for the high jump competing. Walter Mnrty has the outdoor murk of 0 feet 9 1-8 Inches. Cornelius Johnson and Edward Burke, the latter of Marquelle, are to- lioldcrs of the indoor standard of (i Jcet 8 15-10 IncJiNi. II they fail to give one another sufficient InpslrnUlon It should be forthcoming from George B, Spitz, Jr., holder of the I. c. 4-A out-' iluor and Indoor records of 0 foci. G 1-H inche.s niul u feet C5-8, inches: Al Thrciulglll of Temple, I nnd the veteran Harold M. u.s- Iwin. Om'-Wnmati Team Would Cut Kxenses If (he walchcs In Parley, N. M,. are correct and the tape measures Hue, all Helen Slehens nnd other American women ' track and Held stars will get out of the Olympic Claim's are second places and the trip to Ucrlin, Daniel J, Ferris, A. A. U. .secretary-treasurer, has received an affidavit llmt Mrs. Viola Knolls Coir-man of Parley has run 60 yards In 5 seconds, 100 In 10 1-5, 2iO 111 21 1-2,- 440 ill 54, high' jumped 5'fect 4, and broad Jumped IS feet, 9 Inches.' That makes Stella Walsh, who represents Poland, and Miss Ste- jhens look like' raiik novices, The Jumping marks arc possible, ' but Ihe racing figures are fantastic In the faminlnc field. Ferris requested Qwin Henry, :\. i\. U. commissioner • at Albu- riuci-<|iie, to Investigate. The 'American Olympic • committee would like lo send us many gals as possible to Germany, but there is no sense In cluttering up the boat when, you arc. sorely., pressed for funds and have > a one-woman team like, the Mrs. Colcmnn of the .iffldavit. Baseball Results Southern League Memphis 2, New Orleans 1. Knoxvllle 7, Chattanooga 'l (5 Innings, niln). Little Reck at mrmlnelinin, V aln. Only games. American League Wellington 8, Detroit 7. Boston 16, -Chicago 4. . .'. Philadelphia 12, St. Louis 8. New York 8, Cleveland 1. Nallnnal I.eapie ' T/ie sweet pea K a native of tiw' St. Ixntls 3. New York 2. island of Sicily. Chicago 2, Brooklyn 1 Ol inn-1 • — Ings). Boston 3, Cincinnati I. ' Pittsburgh 0, Philadelphia 5, 'RADIO REPAIRING, Realty Transfers Warranty Deeds Max Horows'ky to Ike and Ram Lcvine, southeast quarter of southeast quarter of section 13, township 11 north, range 8 east. A Coiiiplrlt I. hie Tubes uncl I'iirl of HUH HARD TlliK ft MATTKUV CO. PHONE ft DIVIDEND^! DR. SALIBA- Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic CLASSES FITTED' ; lioom 210 - Ingram Blclg. Olficc Phone 418 - lies. 410 .417 WELDING KI.ECTltlC A ACKTYI.KNK rUOMPT SCKVICG UKASONAllT.E TltlCES Barksdale Mfg. Co. 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