The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1967
Page 2
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--Page Two - Blythevllte (Ark.) CoiifltfNt**-Monday. JUMM.19W Hawk McMath In Flight, Will He Meet Fulbrighti Editor's Note: Former Gov. Sid McMalh is on a collision course with Sen. J. William Fulbright but the gritty Marine Corp general • quick to point out that this doesn't mean lie wHl run against Fulbright in 1968. As a matter of fact, Me- Math says in this exclusive interview with The Associated Press that he has no plans at this time to get back into politics.) By JOHN R. STARR War in which the ; John L, McClellan In 1954 and "ai "' rv« United States stopped the Communist advance on Asia's Pacific coast. "We went into Korea m ivM and we're still there," he said. "But look at tSie progress that j country has made. It has an independent economy and a free society and the Koreans are contributing two divisions to our effort in Vietnam. "If the Communists had taken over there, they would ay ilUUM n> 01/1111 * larvcu u»wi !.».%,*>., ^ LITTLE ROCK (AP)- Some I have outflanked Japan." time ago former Gov. Sid Me- j McMath does not believe that Math a major general in the j the President should initiate a ' ... * _ > l.4i . » _ 3- \nntrlim ntlt Marine Corp Reserve, began a series of speeches in support of •' policy in South tile "hawk" Vietnam. His activity lead to speculation that he might be setting the stage for a race against Sen. J. William Fulbrighl, the state's leading "dove," in 1968. Vfne speculation reached the point where Fulbright felt impelled to mention a possible McMath candidacy in a speech to the Arkansas Broadcasters Association in February. '•But McMath, from the start, full-scale war in Vietnam but he thinks that he should do everything he can, within the confines of a limited war, to secure South Vietnam from "a Communist takeover." * * * Along this line, he favors bombing of all military-related targets in North Vietnam up to and including Haiphong harbor. "There were 224 ships carrying ammunition, fuel, and so forth, through that harbor last year," McMath said. "We've got to choke off that supply. •JJUl 111l.lfiaill t II Ulll IMC OlOI I., gUl. tU \.iiui«- «" • ••— rr -a has denied any intention of | We can't beat those people man opposing Fulbright. ito man in the jungle." "1 don't have any plans to! The value of bombing, Mc- gainst Gov. Orval E. Faubus, Dale Alford and others for governor in 1862 - have also 6een losing ones. In 1967 be seems more interested in his thriving, law jraclice, more interested in Vietnam than in state level politics. His firm, McMalh, Leatherman, Woods and Youngdahl, recently moved .from the Tower Building into its own building al 711 W. Third and McMalh is obviously proud of the new quarters. He also is proud Of two sorts - Phillip and Sandy - Who are already in the Marine Corps and a third son, BrUce, who has applied for Marine Corps ROTC A Catholic fligh this fall. But in any conversation, he keeps coming back to Vietnam and the problems there. "The biggest job is building a stable society," he said. "That job is being done by the Civic Action Program and I'm telling my audiences about that." And, he said as the interview ended, "If the situati' nam a year from now IS as it air-conditioned buildings I1R1II f .I""" ••- - , is right now, I believe Fulbrlght will have major opposition." where that opposition come from. cJilje Jsn ^srrh By TOMMV YATfiS Associated Press Writer Summer is officially here — one day old to be eitact — bubbling with promises of vacations and, Of course, the lure of the old swimming hole. Summertime With its hoi temperatures drives people inside and his planting is over and that aroma? . . . rn_ II-- «i(n VUiili loii|k, However, »«ems to t>« » bit more complicated. For instance, did you rtaiue you were supposed to pay a • lention to such tilings as net- ling, slip, color, firmness and outside to lakes and parks. It carries a variety of meanings. For instance, to those of He would not speculate an ings. For instance, to those of here that opposition might school age It means no more a harvest is near. To the city dweller it means more time for fishing, golf and journeys to the campsite. And it means fresh vegetables and tasty melons. Life in Arkansas has heard much talk about how to buy tasty melons, and there seems to be some sort of art in selecting one. It seems that a person with a strong thump of a finger can SUI1UU , . B0 — ..- ..-- defect a choice, ripe watermel- classes. To the farmer it means ion. The selection of a canta- Well, if you didn't you re simply not on the "in as far a* old melon eitertr «fe concerned. , i „„ To choose your cantaloup make sure it is well netted. That is the raised, grey-brown pattern over the surface. Look for a full slip." ™s is a circular scar where the stem was detached when he ripe melon was picked. A scar that retains part Of (lie stem indicates that the melon was not ripe when picked. ~" 1 Skin color should be yellow or tuffllng yellow. To ciieck tor firmness squeeze the melon gently particularly on the end opposite the stem scar. If it yields a little, it's ripe. present Aroma may not always be but if it it there in PreBClll, WW" •* " *" ' — combination with the other good characteristics, you're ready to turn it into a delicious treat. How about lemon-mint cama- loup balls Or lime dip canta- loup balls? Yum, yum. it has been estimated that 86 9 per cent of Children under age five lli the United StStei have never been to A dentist SAVE AT THESE 10W PRICES Soft Drinks asr 14'Mrl DOUBLE GOLD BOND Luncheon Meat & ' VS ;• 39' Delicious Party Vi Cat. TQ C pride — Peach Ctrl, t i French Fries %£ ••*& Orange Juice 8SK.6 S $1 Pork & Beam Margarine S& 6 k£ $1 Hoi Dog Buns HA *&. lOc 23c WIN « 1,000 * CASH u^fc 50,000 Gold Bond STAMPS! MORE LUGKY BONUS BINGO WINNERS , , . LOCAL WINNERS Mary Wiiidmon Arlin* Jonei get back into politics," McMath said in an interview. "I don't have any particular desire to run. : I won't say that I won't run oh wouldn't run, but I'm not planning on it." : McMath said many may have gotten tde impression that he will oppose Fulbright because of his Vietnam speeches. ;"I'm speaking because I believe we have a vital interest Vietnam that effects the Math said, was proved in the recent Arab-Israeli War. He said the Israelis destroyed Arab airfields overnight. McMath said Fulbright's attitude toward Vietnam is t !i e same as saying, "Get out," and "that means real trouble." "If the Israelis had had that policy, they'd be In the Mediterraean right now," he said. McMalh said be has been asked by some of his audiences ill v it main mat ciit.L.i.a me. ««i»\*«* -~>j «-•" — — economy and interest of t h I s if he will run for governor and country," McMath said. "I j he's told them that he was not don't think the people have all the fact, and therefore I'm talking." ; McMath admits that the Vietnam War would be a good issue in a campaign against Fillbright at this lime. "The senator is sensitive about this issue," McMath said. "He thinks we don't have an interest in Vietnam. He seems to believe thai tiie Communists are no longer a militant force Kent on peace." disturbing world interested. So what does he think of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller's conducl of the governor's office so far? "It's too early to tell,". Mc- Malh said. ''He's done sortie real constructive things and he'd had some real problems. I think he will have opposition in 1968." McMath, the one-time boy wonder of Arkansas politics, is 55 now, but he is still in fighting trim, only five pounds heavier than the 165 pounds he carried when he was discharged frcm the Marine Corp as a lieutenant colonel in 1946. A sun tan acquired on a vaca- u _ v __ LL =] tion in Cozemcl, Mexico, made the effort (in" Vietnam').'" ° I him look even heallheir. '. McMalh advocates no devia-1 A term as prosecutor in Gar- Bon from a policy of standing I land County, during which he firm in Vietnam. j battled and beat the Garland : "A great deal more thai!County political machine, South Vietnam is involved," he' launched him into the gover- said. "If we let ttie Communists I nor'S Office in 1949. He served • '' Itto terms, Iheii was defeated in a third-term try by Francis Cherry. McMalh'S lasl two campaigns — for the Senate against Sen. But a year from now, McMath observes with the deteach- menl of a Veteran politician, "The war may be over or Bill Fulbright may be supporting S PLAY BONUS BINGO Men In Service Cecil P. Bridges, 23, Whose father, Cecil H. Bridges, and wife Diane live in Kennett, was promoted to Army private first class on May 19 while assigned to the 12th Cavalry in Vietnam. Pvt. Bridges, entered tile Army in November 1966 and was stationed at Ft. Polk, La., before arriving overseas in May 1967. He graduated from Kennett High School in I860. Margarlte Ann Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Green, Si'., 1621 W. Rose, has enlisted in the Women's Army Corps at Little Rock. She will receive her eight week's training at Ft. McClellan, Ala. Staff Sgt. James D. Black, son of Mrs. Helen L. Black of Coal City, W. Va.. is on duty at Tan Son Nhut AB,. Vietnam. His wife, Betty, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gowen of 624 S. E. Parkway. have that section of the world, we're asking for a real big war." : McMath sees parallels between the Vietnam War and the Hal Boyle NEW YORK CAP) — Things a . proves, but there are only aboul columnist mighl never know if he dicln'l open his mail: 1,000 kinds of soup in Kie world, whereas there are 15,000 kinds Car drivers between the ages j of wme> if 20 and 25 are twice as likely I Take A deep breath: Reto get killed in accidents as I searchers estimate that 200 mil- those between 30 and 50. The Uion tons of pollutants are ieath rate is also higher among I poured into the American at ihose who dropped out of high I mdsphere every year. School than among college graduates. : If you're one of those relaxed husbands who let the wife do all the summer yard work around the home, be sure your hausfrau drinks plenty of water. She can Tile wood thrush, one of nature's sweetest singers, has been named as the official bird of Washington, D.C. Some political cynics think the jaybird might have been even more appropriate. COMMISSIONED — Donald Lewis Burnett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A.Burnett of Bly- llieville recently received his Lieutenant's commission in the USAF. He is now stationed in San Antonio and is married to Ihe former Tina Slal- lings. They have one son. lose Iwo quarts a day through j The average American now purspiration if it's very hot. But, consumes 23 pounds of sausage teller her than you — you could Jose up to three quarts. : All that glisters: South Afri- meat products a year — and (hat ain't all bologna. Health tip: Be careful how can mines have produced more j you use insect sprays, particu- than a million tons of gold —Marly in closed areas. A Univer- ienough lo pave a fair-sized city. | sity of Colorado doctor has ; One of the hardesl of all dis- found that they can dull your eases for many a hard-working 'doctor to cure is his own melan- ;choly. A recent study showed ihe suicide rate among physi- 'cians was twice that of the rest 'of the white male population, «nd the rate among psychl- jatrists four times as high. j lose weight, but after two week* J Coflcmtrattd: The typical > you can climb any tree in JAffltrlcan family now buya hall AnMrtca." jta w«*k'i tracwlM on titter •—< • •Friday or Saturday, Remember Pay ."—W« don't kaow .what Ibis Your Paper Boy mental functions, dim your memory, and take away your pep. Quips from our contemporaries: Newest fad is the banana and coconut diet, reports Catholic Digest magazine, "You won't , copyright W. J. Jelter, 1964-AU fiiihte R.servM static Merthiauuia., 90 Part A*t, K.Y.O. Each time you visit your Safeway Store you will receive absolutely free a Bonus Bingo Prize Slip marked Program #171. Use these slips along with your game book and you're, on your way to winning BIG CASH PRIZES and COLD BOND STAMPS . . , Up to $1,000 in cash and up to 50,000 Cold Bond Stamps! 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