The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1936
Page 7
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER ic, issc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTJIEVILLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWfc Qiicutly stain cumtwrsomis,'' tuiul to UM THE WANT-AD MARKET Dally 'rnto per line for consecutive Insertions: •' '" Ono time per 'Hue .......... Ipo Two tliiK'S per line per day .7 D8c 'J'hrce times per line per d«y .. 06c Six times per line per day ,. 05c Month rate per line OOc Cards of Thanks .... 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes'and-slopped before expiration will lie charged for the number of times the-ad appearedand hdjiistment of bl! 1 made. : All Classified Advertising copy btibnilttcd by persons residing-out- aide of tlie oily i must be accompanied by cash. ••. Hates may lie easily computed ; fr6m ; above -iable. .*dvcrtfsing. : or(3ered for 'Irregular Insertions takes Hie one lime rate. No responsibility will be lakcn for morc'lhari onu incorrect inserr tlon of any classified ad...r Coal & Wood N. W. TRANTHAJI • Dealer in BEECH CREEK COAL Other lilgh grade 'Coal, Wood ' and -Kindling ,...... S. IJroadway Phone 061 Business Directory Your . feet .will , be at case in Bt-lby's Slyl-nez Shoes, $6 & 46.50 .Other Shoes $4.50 to $5.50 New Economy Shop Delivered In Blythcville Slack Coal "]'.. Nut Coal llluc Klbbon I.umii . While. Ash Kdil.Coal Hock Creek Kump .. Bcu Franklin Lump ton $3,« ton $1.1S ton S5.75 ton S«.5I)| For Sale FOK SAIvE—my place of business, on Clilcknsnwbu (Highway 01) i wonderful location across street [/ran> three schools,thinking money, 'A. Dcatttf, Old D-c-K-lf I If interested see E. [Hickory Inn. SALE of $05.00 Singer Sewing Machines. Chcn;i. Terms. nVIKKE IFAKDWAUU CO, Home Made Pure Pork Sausage ! ! i COUfiTRY Bl'YIJS One Trial Will convince You. Pickard Grocery Ph«>« C73 1M4 Chlckasawba' cracerlcs, Meats, Veg. Gcn'l. ^td50. ' — | n t rite prices every day, any ami. \Vc,, deliver anywhere. Phono 2?4. Ctxrload, Kalt. meat cures, lose, Ill'I'E I'KICK GRO, * ^IKT. We Give Bunkers- & Mcrclmnu X'nias Stamps - '- 111 E'. Main . S1.#, Bij Ben Lumji ton §7.50 Coal Delivered Anywhere, • Any | Time-- - ; 2-( Hour • Service HARRY BAILEY Phone 1585-F4 ' • Slate Line For Used Car Bargains See These at Broadway Sales, Inc. ton SC.SUi , 9J5 TERRAPLANE 4 DOOR 10)1 Si,I'} ccirtivr i Wanted To Trade Uwd Cm for Milch Cow. O."~li Parks. Phono as. Yl'anttal TO Buy 40 or moic Acres, TVrms or cash ' Land, Company. \ Daily Freight Service PAINTING-PAPER, HANGING JYceman & House - Call 749 MOVING - STORAGE LOCAL HAULING • FREIGHT CARS UNLOADED We Move Anythng! : : BI.YTHEVIU.E SlOTOK FREIGHT TERMINAL Sycambre & It. K. •Phone 318 ALADDIN LAMP, PARTS~ 25c each BURKE HDW. CO. Mrs. .1. jr.-n.>vis-^Spcnc«T Cqrselicrb Ca 11 421-W for Appoint me nts" REE OUR NEW OPEN STOCK CHINA PATTERNS AT POPULAR PRICES. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Plate Glass WF.CAJf MAKE bFSK & DRES SER'TQP^ AT,VERY ATTRAC TIVE* PRICES Arkmo Lumber Co Phone 40 New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOI STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL .OIL, -HEATERS -SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-in Allowance Old Stoves lo Hubbard Hdw. Co. Bits. Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES State' supervised TUITION VERY REAcSOlfABLE Sec Mrs;'Win. -Berryjnan Elnliie Beauty Shop Seeds - Plants f TVc are buyers of Ear Corn_' Les pcdeza, Sred, Soy. Beans,' Co Peas an d Fop Corn. Russc Heckle Seed Co., Memphis, Term.. Tailor Shops Good allowance Tor your old su l bn nc\v 'tailored suit. ;'•' . ,1 GKORGB I,. MUIR, Tailor Hotels . If. You Want WOOD We Have It'!': ECONOMY COAL CO. herry £ R. R. • Flionc 448 Ccal, \Vood & Kindling COAL BUSINESS rocatlon-chatiged from Mahan Gin to S. 5tli & R.R. BEST. PRICES—CALL 244 L. I. BICE BEST COAL—BEST FRIGES BUY NOW! "My.coal is Black- But I treat you White." LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 107 SEDAN $450 1934 TKRKAPLANK. Clean .. $U45 19M CUKVRQLKT COACH. i Extra titan $lii5 1935 CMC Z TON TRUCK .. $400 193! CHEVROLET COACH'..-$160 1932 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $110 O'UIilEN'S CAPE, completely; equipped. Doing' good business: for past 1C yenrs. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOL TABLE, COBl- ,p!clc. CHEAP, JORDAN SEDAN, 111 good condition. At i;ivc nvvny pi Ice F. SIMON, Phono,.TIM Highest Prices Pti«i For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. UO OLDSMOBILE, J dooi. sedan, trunk. mtlln, motoi jubt ovcilwulcd Real !935 DODGE 115 TO\ TRUCK ?MO Bargain. D. E Orel), BlylhevDIe 1929 DODGE COUl'E. Exlra | ^™^^° ' .""" " ings °"' y 13 " k2 ° Good Broadway Sales,,Inc. Ill tircailuay CALL E. F. FRY -,, ; ..;• •',. •; at' : ; •/[ . ' Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevailo HD OTHER HIGH GRADE CuAL PHONE 477 Phcne179 For the Best Coal frora ILLINOIS.-' ALABAMA, WEST .KENTUCKY COAL-". KINDLING'! We . Deliver 100 Los. or, -More Phono 47 Kim's Coal Co. WE HAVE THE -BEST Alabama, Illinois & , Kentucky ; bOAL ''At the Best Pi ice Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL, We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chickisavvba & R. E. Radios BARGAINS!! Good Work Mutes 1935 114 Ton . Chevrolet Trucfc, "Stake . Body 1935 Chevrolet'---Pick-Up. , 1932 Ford V-8 'Sedan. Delta Implements, Inc. For Rent ALLEN OIRCULATING HEATER, larce size. Good coviilitlon. Rea-' sonable. Call 300 or 702. For Sale or Unit Store - building formate clionp or, 2 or 3 room FinnlEhed Apartments. Reasonable.'" 014 Hearn. ! Modern Furnished Apartment, 103 W. Kentucky. Call 083. n-pk-W BEDROOM, adjoining bath,, 115 W. Ash. , ia-i>k-n 3 Room Furnished Apartment. Mrs. W. S. Crowiter, 605 N. 5th. IGc klf . I 1 , . , — I Modern unfurnished-4 room house, water fimiishe;!, (,'iragc 323 5th. Apply 021 S. IJikc.. 13-i)k 1-iOJ B ~\\S~ Hides & Pecans Metals and Scrao lion Hlylhevtlle Iron & Melnl Co. Personal Will H Uko pare of norkinj mo- ctilldien, He»K>n»bU, Mrs BTOMACl AOID, C5A8 PAINS, INDIQESTIOH rellc^d quick. Get fiee b»mule doctors prC'Scrlpllon, UOga, »t Klrby Bros. Druj Co $100 CfeSH UEWARD for Iliforma- tton Wading to wmt »ud ton- vlcllon of puily scllliiit flw lj my lam on fnrm neiir Yarbro <l»y—moniliig. 1. L- WARD. Lost pniwrs nnnk and money. Luxc4-«, R»'.vard 13j> kit) Clicn-y & K. Phone 448 We Pay Highest Prices KMl SCRAP 1HON, U PKCANS. HIDES '& FUUS Wolf Arian 120 E. Mnln - Phone 1TO Wanted WE IIAVK SKCUllEl) THK SMtVlCKS OF AN KXl'KRIENCliD RADIO MECHANIC *ho ulll guarantee to repair your radio to first .c!»w '6011111- tlon. A Complete Line <»'t Tubes and I'irU - - Best' Prices Hubbnrd Tire & But. Co. Phone 476 LOST—studcbaker 17 Jewel Watch. "H Q WIlllHiiu' on buck. LIB- EliAl, lltWABD. RcluiH lo Cour- lei News. , i«p DRY KINDLING ALL JtiHAUES COAL \t Lntve»t IVfctt SAND AND GRAVEL Supeilor Coal & Mining Co. PHONE 709 pionoiuice, rind >noU dlMlruit to lomcmliei, but ihoj inewif'tlie CcnfuMiijt of one crenture wllh another, 1-ottcis NOTICK .'iMlninciilary ' oti tliq o( I,. 0. Mow, vteie giuntcd to llio u on (ho of Bcptembci, 1030, by (he Piolwlo Court ol Chlekamba District of Mlsils- pli) Coiinly, Arkansas All persons liming dnlim nltiit .said ejtnjo are icqnliw) to Uiom propcily million. tlcflled for allowance, to Uio un- itersljjiied M Executrix of sale citato bofQCe the end of one ycni doin Iho date of [lio ginntinu 01 tlio IcUcis of admlnlstnvtlon npoi said C6lnle, «ni) H such claim bo nol so presented they will l> forever barrc<i, Ell» LcluhUm Moss, ^ E\cuitil\ Held la Guard, AUy» , . \ TO-n-M-31-'f-l< Demonstrators FOR 1936 CIIKVKOI.KT DK LDXE plotfly equipped With Kadlo an4 H«kr ...... iftW « <;HtVKOLET DK LUXE ., COAUU. Vampietely "'Equipped with lUdio UHl ,, •Healer »i4i' 'Uit» earn Hi(h i«w' JW«n<V Neve C,tr Finance Ch»rjf. _*'* St e Them At O«c» ''. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. " Flwn* 6S3 ''',''' I t Now Located at 161 North S«»n« ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ' , DON FDWARUi), rrvprkUr All innkfu ol nrbullt lypcwrtters, M&tnf Marblnct UO viil rent lo ijermaneut rentei , „ , , 0 Lake St bee Dr Saliba Plione 1 2 roora hollsc ror nc " ro coupl(! * ho •>9c ktt vork ""' Cn " 25b ' W GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Wood - Kindling CHEVROLET 1 14 Ion stake bodv'p,,!, truck U W MiUlius IG-vX-tt ' r ^ost of burlnl ser\ji;o hero is coiiiUterstely 'adjusted to jour' nicaui Regnrdlcss of join CMiendllurn attentive dhcet'oii h given every 'iTeliill, COBB FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phono 211 ., - ' Oldest- Radio and Music Dealers Also Best Equipped Radio Hepaii Shop in./Northeast Arkansas PARKIIURS1 CO Ingram Bldg. All; New -1337 Model Radios Now On Display - - General Electric, Crosley and Stewart-Warner. rAKKUURST CO. Ingram Bldff Phone 57 comtorlsible' steam-li'eate vrooms, hot and cold water, res sonable rates—day, week or month. i> PKABODY HOTEL Automotive BATTERIES PREPARED. FOR WINTER WEATHER • J. B. CLUNE'; .Jackson Service Station'.- . Call 8 Wrecker Service ; DAY ». NIGHT REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED Dav Phone GU5 - Nisht 804 < MILTON STERNBERG'S GAKAGK i , . - 2.15 N. 2nd CA1.1-1XG A LI, CARS ! 1 " GET ItKADY FOR WINTER Heaters, $1.10 up Hadlnlors Butt-freeze, 18o gal. up Texaco oil, 2 bal can, 89e ' New Guaranteed batteries. $3.25 upj • Floor-. Mats, ,75c up . i Gcod prices' on radiators ex-! clia«B^. Heater parls cheap. See Us Before You Buy Anytlilng For Your Car •a '-, .WOLF ARtAN,v;i^' , " ;2o"k Main -- Plionc 176 500 Ib-, plnUoim scale- O Dunn, 421 Sycalnoic Hn-Kl'J CONQUERING PRANKS'TO THAT REPTILIAN BRAWL UP-RiVER, WE GOT ACROSS WITH HITCH! WHO SAv; r AlK'T : SMART LOOK- ALLEY OOP AN AILEV OOP-IN BEHALF OF-'" ALL 5AWALLA, I WISH TO <<•'• EKV.1ESS OUR GRATITUPe"'" FOR YOUR SPLEMPID SERVICE VVELLj WOOTIfc- I'LL HAVE VA BACK TO 4ER MAfvVV, AM' PAPA IN A JIPFY, NOW? WHORU ALL TH 1 PINOSAURS OUT OF HE SOT'EM OUT, SO WHO BOOTS AND HE! WASH TUIbS VVAL, HERE'S WINPMIU CITY, MISTER.'S f UK W 1 GO. TOLQ FANMV I'D BRING THE KIDS OVEK TO SEE TH ''MISTER. WELL, 1 CANT SAY OU(? LUCK'S CHAN6ED MUCH, PUT AT LEAST THIS BEATS STAKVIWG IN X \VAMT A MAN OF AMD MUSCLE. HA VAH! HA J ' VA>H' WHO WAHT5 TO ' ""• HUNPI?Ep DOLLAR IM SO HUNGRS/ ICOULP— THAT GHOST TOWN, I'D K SOON STARVE IN A GHOST TOWN, AS HERE. PSYCHOLOGICAL MOOSE! By HOOEY, BUZZ! I HAVE NOTCH LIKE .' THElfLL PUM OFF EVER/ PLAY BER3RE VER/ EVER HEAR Of OLD MAU PSt'CHoLOGi'? I HAVE : HM WDRKIMG FOR BUT, AFTER, SEEIWG ^ifcUR SAME SWJT.-XTEAM Vi^PK, l^JD CDfJplDElJCE XVE MIGHT BE ABLETD : DE- FEMSiVE PUAYS TOSTDPVOU? v/H*T DO MEAW BUZZ? A GRAMTED 5Y.LETTIMG A SCCIJT PIVAL;CAMP LOOK CVER YOUR TEAM IVJ A COMPLETE WORKOUT? 1b(J AFRAID OF TIPPIWG OFF. YOUR >t)U'RE COHVIMCEO WE SEE THE PLAYS; I'M CONVINCING M/ BOY'S Kicrr AFRAID OF WNGSTOW ! MS;'A GRfeAT THIWQ IM : A BATTLE OF AW KISJD! AMD AFTER THE GAME WfW I'LL BE CONVINCED Furniture WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand i Furniture Store Phone 1031 Plumbiiiil • p Plumbers!! FIGURE WITH US ON YOURj JOBS. WE HAVE AN ATTRAC-' TIVE PROPOSITION TO OFFER, COMPLETE ,LINE FIXTURES •'•&• "SUPPLIES: Hubbard Hdw. Co, rhorie Real Estate r FOR SALE 5' Room House, bath, large lot. Across .from high nnd grade schools! Cheapest .taxes In town. Could be made into apartment. Cheap for cash. 809 Ciilckasawba. - dh U FOR SALE^480 acres highly'im- proved black cypress land coltoi farm, in southeast Missouri. Offered contract for $8.00 per acre cnsh rent for five years. For quick sale $40.00 per ncre cash. Everett B. Dee, Blythevllle, Ark. Female Help Wld. Address envelopes at home, spare- time; substantial weekly my. EX- l»rience unnecessary.' Dignllled work,- Stamp, brings dntails. Vogue t Co,, Dcpt. 1155, Jackson, Tenn. '

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