The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1939 Fans Convinced Either Team Can Give Gooc Account Of Self LOS ANGELES, Dec, 5 (UP)— They can loss a coin to desidc whether Tennessee or Texas Aggies will play in the Rose Bowl and fans here are convinced that cHhei would give the western team its toughest battle. Those arc the two (cams most mentioned to represent the east In the Pasadena classic New Year's Day and to the man on the street it doesn't make much difference which one gels the bid. Both teams have belief records to date than the west's favorite, Southern California, and the Invitation of cither would assure a sellout. Tennessee, undefeated, untied and unscored en, opened the season as the kgical choice lo represent (lie cast and through the sea- Fon has gained support by smashing Alabama, Louisiana and Ken. lucky, amongst others. Now, with (he selections no more than two weeks away, Ihe Vols still arc highly considered as the western champion's opponent, but MY TONGUE HAS KNOWN WHAT TESTS SHOW- PRINCE ALBERT SA10KES COOLER.6IVES RICHER-TASTIKS YET WILDES VVWKIN'S' SMOKES two obstacles could block their second quest for the richest postseason game. One Is Ihe Vols' weak schedule nnd the other is Texas Aggies' powerful undefealed team. The fact that Tennessee meets a pushover every other week while other conference teams arc en- caging !n tough contests stymied . the Vols' hopes last season and! p ET PEEVE—As a whole I senl a rival southerner to the thought Uic various nll-slute selec- wcst. Then Tennessee was uiide- j llcms <f tuc Gazette, Democrat and I'ealed also and commanded most' Associated Press were pretty good. of i ho rvivlir \i'pst/»rn cmiHttm.%i r«« Hilt tllPTP Jlrn n frm. i\^,,.:.,^n BLYTIIEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEW The Dope Bucket Bj J. t. FIUENU of Ihc early western sentiment for the bowl invitation, But Duke got the bid and met the Trojans mainly because the patli Die Blue Devils covered had proved Ihcy were good. Tennessee Ls In exactly the same spot nealn this year and its rival for the Pasadena game Is just as formidable. Texas A, & M. has swept the Southwest Conference clean of opposition nnd ranks with the Vols, Cornell and USO as the nation's strcngcst teams. Texas' supporters won't concede an inch to Tennessee on any Rose Bowl deals and point with satisfaction to the Rocky road the Ae- gies have (raveled. The boys from college slaiion have beaten gcod teams in the southwest conference, among them Arkansas, Baylor and SMU. Their funs say they have ilso whipped a good team from the east, Vlllanova and downed one of the west's strongest squads, Santa Clara. But mention Ihe Rcse Bowl lo cither Coach Howard Jones of USC or Babe Horrell of UCLA and Ihe silence is eloquent. Both are point- iiff for their bitter cross-town bat:le Saturday as the crucial game )f the year and posl-seascn possi- )ilities arc out of mind until after hat rivalry and the Pacific Coast championship arc settled. However, Tournament of Roses' officials, who sponsor the game, are taking no chances of having a prize team snatched frcm circulation before the west can have ts pick. They've proposed — secretly, of •ourse — that Southern California and UCLA agree this week on litu choice for the western team's opponent Jan. 1. Then that team an be given Ihe word—secretly, igaln—to held out tor the formal nvitatio!) which can come only ifter the Pacific Coast champion s chosen. ----- J'*VHJ (JVUM. But there arc a few nominations that I can't figure out. And quite naturally they concern members of the Blythcvillc ChlcJtmaws. For instance, Little Rock's Billy Maack was given preference over Captain Danny Wiurlnstrn, as were several others on the Guzetle choice, for the right end position. In the Little Hocfc-BlythevUle game here which the Chicks lost by failure to convert for the extra point Muack had a Kugh evening. The tribe luul tne "defensive qu«rtvrl):ick" on tlie ground so much he resembled a wrestler. He dropped a pass right in his hand's with no one clos; to him, after Willis Ford had jarred him loose from nnaher earlier In the game. He had no lut-lt sit nil In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, PRINCE ALBERT burned Pacer And Roberts Winners Aii ancient turned to th ,.. I i "" local arena . blocking L. O. Johnson, left Incklc The entire Tiger back.ield, and Dial included the great Howard Hughes, gained only 55 yards, and most all of that through Ihe middle. WaiTlngkn led the Arkansas High School conference ends in scoring, a minor detail possibly. During (lie season he grabbed nine touchdown passes, five of them against conference foes— Little Beck. North Little Hock, Hope and Jonesboro. And he always did his best work against the loop foes, with possible exception cf Pine Bluff when only Sonny Lloyd was up to par. Based on the showing ol ons game, and with the exception of Coach Clyde Van Sickle, none ol the other c: aches who voteil saw him any moic than that, I rate Johnny Osmcnt ol Jonesboro, Green of Hope, and Baker of Prescott. in additlrn to Warrlngton, fur above the Little Hock end. The oilier peeves come over Uic failure of Sonny Lloyd and Monk Moslcy to get more recogWtiin. Local fairs arc trying 'lo figure out just what a player has to do to gel honorable incntlrn, lo say the least of making the Gazette te'ims. Little (he weighs 162 pounds) "Monk" averaged 10 yards every time he carried the bail and gained by rushing more than 1,000 yards in eight full games and parts ot three. He scored 79 points 1 and drop kicker! seven of nine tries for extra p:int, Yet the Gazelie didn't even list him among (lie "also rans." The unusual thing aboul it was that Ben Epstein, who does the pickincr, remarked that "those Moslcys are wonders" when Monk was clicking to|>itc leg inillrlcs ' asal1151 Nort ' uuic ifccfc. We don't £ av that > c. e on £ av night to substitute for "Tiger" Monk ls Ule besl tack in Ul > Moore cf Tampa- and lost a two- j BUT we rto contcnfl nnd „ ^ out-of-thrce fall battle to "Rough Hed" noberts of Little Rock in one of the bouts at the Legion arena. He was "Gorilla" Dougan of St. Louis who was performing on the bears out, that he is better lhan some of the 12 backs that were named on the three teams. Failure of Lloyd lo be given a „ .. . -- • - = --• -••- better break came as a distinct, padded canvas when Roberts was a a!i aclc t: patrons here and stir- Kiel in knee pants and who found i rounding territory who have seen I triL 5 '?" ? eimni L' 1 T Whe " he him shille "> "'ery game until he tried to stay with the slugging injured his right thumb His run- Aikansan. \nlug, passing and punting have The old Gorilla , who himself' been remarkable all year He has iras never accused of the senile scored 112 points, has a punting touch, was able to salvage only one average of 37.1 for the season, a all in the face of a devastating at-1 running average of 9.7, and n ki"k- tack that featured swinging hands | off average of 49.2-lastlng records and feet along with legitimate that can't be laughed off reeardless wrestling. Roberts ripped the oid of the opposition. And certainly no irishman to pieces with lefts and one can point a short finger at that rights lo the jaw lo lake Ihe first Maro:n 12-game schedule, in the in nine minutes. A crab held from ; early part of the season Sonny ^^ which Roberts had little chance to j carried almost the entire offensive ; t- escape gave Dougan the second in load when Monk was out with bum : three minutes, then Roberts re- legs and Hugh Hnrbert had a s'e»e , newcd his fierce attack to take the r „ final in four minutes with hall =j[U jackknife and body pin. In the finale "Lefty" Pacer fall- of bolls. Just how he fared is reflected in the scires. And that doesn't exclude Ihe Pine Blutf and Little .Rock games. That boy has than ";e average of the 2r of ttio largest- selling brands tested... coolest of al/.' H ERE'S a good tip to put you oil the track to real joy in "mak- in's" cigarettes! Prince Albert is the COOLER-SMOKING TOBACCO — free of parching excess smoking heat.Enjoy the rich taste, ripe body of Prince Albert's choice tobaccos ... and mildness too. P.A. is "no- 1)ite" treated. Easier-rolling, slower-drawing — it's "crimp cut." Get P. A. today. (Try P.A. in pipes too!) — "*-j * «v^» KMI- j-ui,i.ic ixuv,!^ E yl[1 *-'S. illQl, UQy nag ed to take a fall with a wrestling what it takes under the belt Snorts hold, but won over Benny Bolt on writers conventionally refer to "it as two disqualifications. The little Intestinal fortitude. I call it "guts" Injun was disqualified for rough- And he has a "little" ability too ing by Referee Mallory in 22 mln- •- • • • - J> utcs to give Pacer the first fall. j then Bolt won the second fall with | the crab hold In 1!) before again | fouling Pacer to lose the third fall in 15 minutes. Third team; honorable menttn; Phoocy! Read Carrier News ivant ads. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Case Of "Forged Contracts" Stirs Up Hornet's Nest CINCINNATI, Deo, 6. (UP) — "The csse of the H forged contracts" stirred a homeU' nest in minor league circles today at Ihe 38Ui annual convention of tho National Assoclntlcn, the league's governing body. Veternn minor leRBiiors were Inclined to believe tiiat Judge W. O, lirnmham, association president, had overplayed his hand In declnrlns before n round tnble discussion ol j league iirc-fMentJi and business man- j agers yesterday that a cnse of fa-god | contracts he hns under Investigation "Is Just as serious -against Uvc club officials its the Black Sox .scandal of 1910 ngulnsl the players." lirnmham said ho wouldn't complete his Investigation for two nunths and rcluscd to divulge Hie club or league ho referred to but from the amount of salaries involved the presumption was that It was a class D circuit team. He said players' names had been forged to contracts calling lor $80 to 590 while the players actually drew frcm $175 to $200 a month. "The trouble seems lo bo lhal many clubs have men handling their business who cannot follow Instructions of any kind," he mid. "Every step In con!mot signing Is itemized in our manual, and I'd advise clubs lo stop wasting m:ncy on secretaries who ran't do the job the way 11 should be done." Most experienced minor leaguers' were inclined lo believe Bramham I was trying lo penalize sane incx-! perUmccrt baseball men severely for! an infraction of Ihc rules which bigger and wealthier clubs nnd chain store system teums cnslly evaded because of their knowledge i of baseball rules iiiul their loopholes. "What about the bigger fellcws who arc getting awny with it without forged contracts?" Bramham was asked. "I only know what I've got In writing," Branhanj replied. Tho American League club owners were' considerably upset aboul Bramham's reference to the Black S:x scandal. "That's dead and hurled nncl r we have lived it down," said one American Lengnsr. "And the parallel, the judge draws is somewhat far fetched to say the least." At a dinner given by the Texas League lost mght Jakle Atz. pilot of the great Port Worth clutar'of the early 20's and now president of the Henderson East Texas lieagiic club, urged Bramham to'use his office lo lead the lower minors rather than hinder them. "You've got to lead us, judge," Atz said. "I've given 42 years of my life to baseball and know, as much about it as anyone tiut we.can't exist unless wo have the right Und <f leadership. We need men like Branch Rickey and Jack Zcller to help us and keep us going." Atz received a great ovation for his speech which expressed the feeling of most of tho "little fellows" In baseball who have to struggle to get akng. Today's Sport Parade »y IIKNUY MoI.F.MORE SAVANNAH, On,, Dec. 5. (UP) — Seventeen deaf-mute mice, all wenr- "11: soft mittens lo make even their K'BII language more noiseless, could 'lot have held n quieter, more peaceful meeting than the Professional Golfers' Association did a while back in Chicago. Scheduled to be a stormy thing, with hate officials whacking one Mother over (he head with bras*'M, No. i irons, nnd /spndc inashlcs, II resulted la nothing of Iho tort 'Hie boys went about their business like n rocmful of Alphonses and (-•tislonesos as George Jacobus yielded Iho presidency to Prank Walsh, * reddle Corcoran's contract as loumniunnl chairman wi» renewed, atid Iho various reports on hew to keep robins, worms and women wlUt 'Uli heels off greens were rend, This politeness cnme as a rousing surprise to all those who f<llow the doings of the p. o, A., especially In Hie light of what happened til the lost p. o. A. championship at (he pomonok Club in New York during the summer. You remember that awful mlx-up when a fi\clLn of officials headed by now President, Wnkh fought to keep Denny Shutc from coinjMlliig because he \v»s a few days lalo In paying his So much of the P. 0. A.'x dirty linen was washed during tho three- dny battle, and hung up 10 u ,y rght on (he I'omcnok Country 0 ubs jwiTh, Hint, it C o,,id he sight- M by ship, at sea. Tho fight developed Into one between tho trnv- wl'ig luofcssloimls-lhat Is, (ho players who movo from trwiinmont to louriitmioiii Instead m :>i<j-,ng "t n dub-aiid the home professionals, or the ones who keep a J.b and (each atid run a shop. Or, to state it more simply, n tattle between the famous golfers, men whose scores break pur mid make the headlines, and the golfers who slay at homo and are not known. Tliera long hns been hurd feeling between the grouixs. Tho Blaj'-nt-homes feel the p. o. A. has always devoted entirely too much attention lo Die celebrities und the celebrities think they de. serve Uic attention on Ihc grounds (hat Ihey nrc (he cues (ho public wanls to sec nnd k willing to pny for the privilege. Now I don't want to brand myself us n suspicious old character, who goes about poking his finger Into u inlet situation trying lo nrako' trouble, but I tan not yet convinced hat all Is sweetness and light within (he ranks of the p. O. A. Thorc PAGE FIVE were loo many fat an<) juicy cpi- Ihcts hurled n'ooul at Panonok, too mnny noses In Jeopaidy of being bloodied, for everything to have I calmed down so completely, The very secrecy of thai chlCag> meet- Ing innkcs mo fe«l that perhaps it ' was run behind drawn blinds and I with the chinks caulked on purpose. j The election of Walsli to the presidency could not have been entirely satisfactory to the playing I'f.'s, because he was tho man whose f »ht nsnbisl Shute caused them to threaten a. sit-down strike nt the P. G. A. championship. E<1 Dudley, » fumous professional star, undoubtedly was their first choice. But ho didn't gel it. The ulnylng pros are just beginning their winter tour now, and It will be Interesting lo we what happens between new and tho end of lhal march nn.imd. the courses of the country, If I hmi to l>et--a fmivtlco I frown on—I'd hot that eventually the playing ,> r03 hrcak from the ptrent organization and found » party c-I their ^ Leachvitle Splits WHhSenath Capers The Ltachvillti high school cagers split a double header with the Senath, MO, High" school Lfotuwhen they played at Senath recently •''• The Lcachvllle boys noted out ths Missouri team by the score cf 20- H, while the Ltachriile glrfc 'ran by the score of 18-15. landon hag 43,000 of Its inhabitants iii hospitals on »DV given day. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prict* Kirby Drug Stores Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Lee Wilson & Co. Wilson, Ark. Realizes Aggie-Vol Game Will Overshadow AH Other Bowl Tilts DALLAS. Tex.. Dec. 5. (UP) — Dallas went out with » bankroll today to corral the University of Tennessee nnd Texas A. & M. in the Cotton Bowl New Year's Day An association cl 12 influential citizens, including no less than six bank presidents and backed by the Chamber of Commerce, offered the perfect-record Volunteers and the undefealed, untied Aggies a flat guarantee of $85.000 each and an opportunity, for aie, to establish a respectable claim to HID mythical national iootball championship The association hoped to steal the thunder cf Pasadena's Rose Bowl, whose formal bids cannot go out until after Saturday's game between the leading western candidates, southern California and the University of California at Los Angeles. It was understocd here that A. & M. at College Station, and Tennessee, at Knoxville, would consider the offers In special meetings of school officials today and annciince their replies this week, strictly on the merits of a football classic, the association was confident it held the upper hand on Rcse Bowl promoters who hadn't a perfect-record team to choose from in the west. LEADED GAS - - - '-. Gal. We nrc truly proud (o be dealers for jiroclticls as fine as Standard Ksso. The great honor recently received by Ihc Esso laboratories — the National award fnr chemical cnginoerin^ achievement — justilics Ihis pride. S ESSO STATION ARK-MO STATE LINE 90prool...CopyiluM \iy>. Sch.nlay Olu,ll»,i Co/u. N. Y. C Congratulations —TO- Standard Esso For being h<moml Avilh (h« national award for chemical engineering nctiievezncnt. 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