Greenpoint Weekly Star from Brooklyn, New York on June 23, 1961 · 8
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Greenpoint Weekly Star from Brooklyn, New York · 8

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1961
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Telephone EVergreen 3-0666 GREENPOINT WEEKLY STAR, FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1961 Office 693 luunattan Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. fo) 0)00 ii N 1 In our last' column for teenagers we offered the suggestion , of . reading; for pleasure this summer. Perhaps it would be "agood idea if we could center our reading around a certain theme. , CULCI1 U1C VVUiU LUUl age is used to describe a quality of determination or dedication to a cause or ideal under extenua " ting circumstances. We usually associate 'courage' with big or significant experiences and hardly ever realize that the little things in life the behind-the-scene experiences we have the ordianary business of daily living call for courage too. Challenges have to be met, . problems have to be solved, and decisions have to be made, and it takes courage to do each of these in the right way. .IN EACH of the books listed below the quality of courage is exemplified in some manner and it should prove interesting f rlie rvwo-r what firmmstanrps or what situations1 inspired it. KEP by Zachary Ball. 15-year-old Kep, a nature lover, leaves the Florida scrub, moves to an unfamilar town, and with the help of Link Wybel, a so cial outcast, tries to adjust to the many problems of living there. THE SAPPHIRE PENDANT by Audrey Beyer. Elizabeth Montogomery at the death of her father becomes the unwill ing ward of her cousin Pierre heir to her father's estate. Be cause of his stern and severe treatment, she leaves home, sells her sapphire pendant, and is finaliv taken captive by a band of sailors. APRIL MORNING by Howard Fast. The turning point in 15-year-old Adam Cooper's life comes when he signs the muster roll of the Lexington militia and comes face-to-face with danger, death and love, all of which called for courage far beyond his years. GALLEYS EAST by Arthur Anthony Gladd. Dion Valienti, a daring young sponge diver of the Mediterranean Island of Ithaca, is captured, forced to become a galley slave, and fight in the 16th Century Battle of LepantOi MISTRESS OF MELLYN by NAMED PRESIDENT Mrs. Mary Lee Gough Nay of Boston and Chicago was named President ;of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in t Boston, Mass., at the June 5 (Annual Meeting. A native of a teacher and practitioner of Christian Science for many years. Tel. EV 9-6587 Starts Wed., June 21st DAHKY DANA tunc w illicit ,vr j TECHNICOLOR PANAvfsiON PLUS TAKE OF A STRANGER' HEALTHFULLY AIR CONDITIONED MP PARKlNn 1 FABULOUS WORLD OF JULES VERHE" , AND - . w BIMBO THE GREAf T rfT: AIR-CONDmONED . A'OW THRUTUESDAY . iliLLiiE' i 9 t ... ' , " , t -' , , j . .7 ' ' '':'''': :. . : : : : - iy.-.'.v.v..--'c . x-y? ' . ::-::-;-:-::-: ; ' - ''- ; - ' ' V' ' V ' i : ; . ' : , v :::::?::Msv:-:-a f; A" "'f f'I .., i r-,r a(l....-s .JJA.j.v vSy ti lit i i 1 I 1 1 T 1 .. n i. .v. Victoria Holt. Pretty and high-spirited Martha Leigh, who takes a job as governess for the resentful young Alvean Tre-Mellyn, finds that life in the eerie mansion set high on the Cornish Cliffs' is a series of mysteries. BITTER SWEET AUTUMN by Grace Kisinger. When Joanna Weber's father suffered a heart attack she knew she had to postpone college and find a job to help the family; but she turned what seemed a catastrophe into challenge,' which brought her maturity and deepened her understanding' of life. GOLDEN SHOES by Gershen Kranzler. Collection of 13 stories for young people, rich in Jewish history and presented in the true spirit of traditional Judaism. . . . LET THE HURRICANE ROAR by Rose Wilder Lane. The urge to pioneer lures Charles and Caroline westward to find anything but fortune but their courage to make a good life for themselves in the face of unbearable hardships keeps them going and gives them hope. THAT VILLIA3IS BOY by Morris Longstreth. Howdy Williams hears a disturbing rumor about himself, which causes him to question his true identity and set out to solve the mystery. NOT FOR ONE ALONE by Jessica Lyons. Not until they were married a year and had shared a variety of experiences together and apart did Marcy and Gil Britton discover what goes into making a really satisfying relationship. THE GOLDE GOBLET by Eloise Jarvis McGraw. Ranpfer, an Egyptian boy, always wanted to be a goldsmith, but his brother would not apprentice him. Not until later, when his step-brother decides to apprentice him, does Ranofer discover the stolen golden goblet and with his two friends set out to solve the mystery. STORM OVER WARLOCK by Andre Norton- Shann Lan-tee and Ragnar Thorvald, sole survivors of th invasion of the planet, Warlock by the beetlelike Throgs,- find themselves in a "weird, menacing half -world, whose delicate "female leaders govern by thought control. . ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by Scott O'Dell. When Aleuts kill her father, wild dogs her brother and scar city of food becomes a prob lem, Karana goes to the Island of the Blue Dolphins where she suffers great hardships and loneliness for eighteen years. DISCOVERY AT ASPEN by Sophie Ruskay. Judy Lurie, all prepared for a dull and un eventful summer in Aspen, Colorado, where her parents were invited to teach music, discovers adventure, love, and herself. ' ' ' . - PEE WEE REESE STORY by Gene Schoor. Warm; human story of one of our best known big league stars, who, together with his teammates, succeeded in winning the first world championship for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955 the , greatest era inthe history of that baseball club. Nike Show Set For Educators School teachers and administrators from Queens and throughout the country will be shown how the Nike guided missile system can knock enemy missiles out of the sky. The demonstration by mis-silemen from 1st Region, Army Air Defense Command, Fort Totten, will be given June 26-29 at the National Education Association convention in Atlantic City, N. J. DRIGGS AVENUE NA3VIE Driggs avenue was named after Edmund Driggs, elected president of the village of Williamsburg in 1850. He died in 1891. ENGAGED Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wendel of 205 North Henry street have Enounced' the engagement of their daughter, Irene Helen, to Robert E. Banaszek, son of Zlr. and Mrs. Eugene Bans-zek of 223 32nd street. ires Marfis 5m Yoar .As Priosf The Rev. Vincent Attanasio, assistant at St. Francis of Pa ola Roman Catholic Church, marked 15 years in the ;priest hood June 15. Brooklyn-born Father Attan asio was ordained in Salerno, Italy 5 in 1946 after studying theology and philosophy at the Pius XI Pontifical Seminary in that city. , -He migrated to Italy with his father, Patty Attanasio, when he was seven-years-ild after the death of his mother. His father now lives in south brook- lyn. , . .,-:. : ,-, '. AFTER ORDINATION, Fa ther Attanasio served as as sistant in various parishes in the Salerno area and was appointed pastor of the church in the village of Mocera Superiore on Oct. 25, 1947: He returned to the United States in August 1957 and was assigned as assistant at St. Francis. FATHER ATTANASIO Parents PicIiSIafe . Mrs. Kay Brunning has been installed as president of the Parents' Association of Public School 110. - Installing officer was Miss Lillian Cosey. Other officers installed were Mrs. Ciel Spizuoco, first vice-president Mrs. Mildred Tudy, second vice-president; Mrs. Sophie Yuschak, treasurer ; Mrs. Ann Baumgart, financial secretary; Mrs." Mary Jackson, recording secreary; Mrs. Mary Dowdle, corresponding secre-tary, and Mrs. Gemma Crotty, sergeant-at-arms. ' ' .; IN ADDITION to her office in the Parents' Association of P. S. 110, Mrs. Brunning is also president of the Public School 49 Parents' Council and first vice-president of the Ladies' Auxiliary of St. Stanislaus Memorial Post, American Legion A farewell party was scheduled by th eparents today (Fri day) for the sixth grade stu dents. The parents also bought a 21-inch television set for the school recently. SOCIAL SET The Lady Margaret Wylie Lodge No. 214, : Daughters of Scotia, will hold a social Tuesday at its headquarters, 736 Manhattan avenue. Mrs. Martha Cywinski, chief : daughter, has appointed Mrs; Agnes Mac-kay as chairman. Mamed,Qqls Urged To Chancje SS Cards When you change your ad' dress, you wouldn't think of carrying the same old house key along after you have made the change. Yet, according to Jerome S. Blumberg, manager of the Williamsburg Social Security District Office, there are some married women who still carry the same old social security cards they had before they were wed. Some fail to make the changes, months, or even years, after they have changed their names from Miss to Mrs. The key to your social security record is your social security account number card. No one should have more than one social security number, yet it is possible to have more than one card under different names.! Blumberg pointed out that in the interest of having all earnings properly credited to the proper account number, the Social Security Administration needs to know about changes in names whether it be because of marriage, divorce or other reasons. Women who marry and fail to report this change may experience delay when it is time to figure the social security benefits due them. It really is a simple matter for a newly married woman to insure that her social security records are current and correct under the "proper name and number. Blumberg advised that if you can, it is best to bring your old social security card to 3 'x;5? ;.:-:-::-:-:-:'?:-:x:-:v:-:- A - i - ' - - VsN' A NURSE CAPPED Mrs. Robert Lohlein of 69.27 53rd street, Maspeth, a former Greenpoint resident, has been graduated from the School of Nursing at Kings County Hospital. ; Brodie Gets Veep Job At Green Allan G. Brodie of Green-point has been promoted, to vice-president of .the Green Point Savings Bank. - ; Announcement of Brodie's elevaion was made by Charles W. Gleason, president. Brodie lives at 1001 Lorimer street. Brodie started working at the bank 23 years ago in the Depositor Services Department. After several promotions he was appointed assisant secreary in 1941. FROM 1943 TO 1945 he serv ed with the Army Signal Corps in he South Pacific, returning to the bank in 1945. In 1952, he was elected assistant vice-president and assigned as officer in charge of the personnel department. In his present job he will continue Poinfkowsltj Re-IElerfecl Frank A. Piontkowski of Flushing, former resident of Oakland street, was re-elected president of the Engineers Association of the material laboratory at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He is a graduate of John Ericsson Junior High School and Brooklyn Technical High School and holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. He is also a member of the National Association of Naval Technical Supervisors, the American Chemical Society, and a trustee of the Catholic Men's League of the New York Naval Shipyard. He is also captain of a team in. the Material Laboratory Bowling League. A brother, Slyvester, is public relations - director of the Transit Authority. BUS RIDE The Miltonian S.A.C. Inc., of 142 Franklin street will hold a bus ride to Oakland, N. J. Sat urday. John Bergren is chair man. the nearest social security office. The address of the Williamsburg district office is 860 Willoughby avenue, Brooklyn 21, N. Y. The social security people will issue you a new social security card with the same account number you had but under your new name. CLIP THIS NUMBER Keep It Handy EV 3-2520 . elevislon SERVICE 141 NASSAU AVE. PROMPT TV SERVICE PICTURE TUBE SALE Any Tube up to 21" Completely Installed As Low .N) I FI1 Tear Cmmrantet RCA LIC. - LIMITED TIME TV-HI-FI SERVICE CALL EV 3-2703 - EV 3-2759 TELLE?. Vl)2 SERVICE CO. CS MANHATTAN AVE.VTB P!ew Mention This Ad) W 1 i Li f.: A Point Bank to' serve as personnel officer. Brodie studied at the American Instiute of Banking and atended summer seminars a the New York School of Industrial and Labor Jtelaions at Cor nell University. . : Brodie is treasurer of the Ainslie-Greenpoint Presbyterian Church and is active in the Greenpoint Industrial Management Club. - . MARKS BIRTHDAY Edward J. Mendofik, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mendofik of East Islip, celebrated his Sev enth birthday. His sister, Victorian Jean, recently celebrated her fourth birthday. The Men-dof iks formerly lived on Nassau avenue. buy or and SAVE ! Limited time Get-Ac Wonderful 0zH Bro'Iher Paul Sf . Anf h Brother Paul O.S.F. princi pal of St. r Anthony of Padua parochial school, for the past six years will become principal of St. Bartholomew's parochial school, Elmhurst July 1. . Brother Paul, a native of Limerick, Ireland, has been a member of the Franciscan Order for the past 45 years.. Het was a teacher at St. An- C.Y.O. Cites Joseph T. Sharkey, vice- chaircan of the City Council was nonorea at tne annual "C.Y.O. Man of the Year" din ner held at the Coney. Island Day Camp June 8. Auxiliary Bishop John J. Boardman pre sided at the dinner and pre sented Sharkey the C.Y.O. gold crown medal and plaque. Before the presentation the Rev. Vincent J. Powell, Brook lyn diocesan director of the C.Y.O. said "we are honored and privileged to be able to present to Mr. feharkey our Man oi the Year award for 1961. .::.; ,"'...,- The He v. John H. Walker, Kings County director of the C.Y.O. and director of the day camp, presented Mrs. Sharkey with a miniature of the medal her husband received. 250 friends of Mr. Sharkey were present. catering for all r occasions Wt Alw Specialize n - Wedding aad Party Cakaa "At Reasonable Price." ("REE ESTIMATES EV 3-3984 RICHY'S CATERERS 1 047 Manhattan Ave. more Sharkey 0) mmL quainted Offer on the . We'd like you to try this bra because we know when you, do, youll want to wear it always. It's made with all the uncompromising care and flare Vanity Fair is famous for. A superb value at S3.95 an unbelievable bargain when you buy two or more at $2.95 each! In white and glowing fashion colors to match Vanity Fair girdles and lingerie ...THIS IS THE NEW-WAY TO DRESS. Sizes 32 to 40, A, B, C cups. eavmg School ony s thony's from 1915 to 1920 and from 1937 to 1939. He became principal in 1955. ;r ' Brother ; Baranabas, O.S.F. principal of Our Lady of An. gels, Bay Ridge, will suceed Brother . Paul as principal of St. Anthony of Padua parochial school. . 5 : A m W A a m - I S P E CI A L Television Outdoor antenna -system fn- eiuoes maste antenna mount, screw eyes, snap ons 9.95 Alio Long Distinct Fringe Antenna 9.95 Each El CO ii Full Stock on Hand of All Test Equipment, Hi-Fi and Stereo (Wired) and Kits.. GRAHAM ELECTRONIC 677 MANHATTAN AYE; (Nefer Norman) EV 3-0335 Mon. to Frl. 9 A.M. -8 P.M Saturday , A.M. - 6 P.M. try LZ3 U i-3 f L ' SERVICE CALLSX 'I (P5 When ad jj Jj raent,one im il BUY and SELL PTT3 ca BYT7" I JV V OEDPORD TV ( 12 BEDFORD AVE. or 1682 BROADWAY 71 OAIA I t V i I Y FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL: 1 EV 3-1590 or GL 5-4500-' U UNWANTED. Is Social Handicap. Have It Removed Permanantly Scientific I Safely v D. G F; TOTA Fret Consultation' - s By AppointmtsA 406 Graham Ave., Oklyn. EV 8-4381 P -: HK . , ; FRESH EVEREADY BATTERIES SPEAKERS P.M. - Hi-FI, Stereo and Speaker Accessories. REAR CAR SPEAKER KITS' DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 455 GRAHAM AYE. (Near Meeker) f1 EV 8-9497 - ST 2-4184 g DDAHVI VM 'it kl V it BROOKLYN 22, N. Y. U N : U U t f f U tzj y u o m w All Types in Stock J I : s Li SS8SPWVt

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