The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on May 15, 1965 · Page 25
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 25

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1965
Page 25
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B-M THE DAILY SUN Sat., May 15, 1965 Your Money's ! Worth Bj SYLVIA PORTEK IF Stock Rally Peters Out; DuPont Gains NEW YORK (AP)-The latest 'stock market rally petered out j early yesterday after two solid in 1 ' ' days of advance. Prices ended As we move toward the peak trained personnel. n h d recreation season of the year, The steady expansion in com- the soaring profits - and I - pay-!pany recreation programs fcr ovVrcome check importance of "fun" m employes. These include after,osses h S06me component the United States emerges withjwork facilities for sports,Jstocks and n the cioSelyJ brilliant clarity. Igames, steam baths, etc., and, t d Dow j industrial Last year alone we spent $24 growing numbers of resorts for billion on recreation, up moreorkers' vacations and week- man 500 Der cent since 1940. ends It's a certainty that 1965's total will be biilions above this all-time record .Today's surge in travel, snorts, vacations, etc., has be Our national concern about our physical unfitness. This is , spurring new fitness programs in schools, on the iob and m come a maior creator or ioDs;reiiremeni. going far beyond the familiar average to another historic high of 939.62 with a gain of .75. DuPont made a high for the year and its advance was on top of a rise of 53i in the previous session. and new lows 22. The rise in the Dow industri als was not an accurate reflection of the market, however. Of categories of camp counselor.! me vm wilderness Act ana ,a3Uva " uir-j .ir rantror 0nH thp T.nnH x, Watpr rnnsprvatinnlYork Stock Exchange, 572 de- Uke ' 'Fund Act. These are adding'clined and 543 advanced. New imiiiinnc nf anroc in r,Qf innai ihighs for the year totaled 106 A new survey by the Interior'park lands to our existing ex-Dept. Bureau of Outdoor Recre-jpanses of parks and wilderness ation lists 60 separate occupa-jareas. Another aspect here is tions demanding increasing jour mounting awareness of the numbers of professionally 'importance of measures to corn-trained workers. Among them bat smog and water pollution, and this list of "recreation The $1.1 billion law to aid Ap-workers" may astound you jpalachia and dozens of smaller are: biologists, architects. nurs-jbut similar programs to rebuild ef, historians, psychologists, chemists, geologists, econo mists, archeologists, sociolo gists, therapists. depressed regions. In a rising The list moved a little higher in early trading, then faltered. Analysts called it pre-weekend profit taking based on the current high level of the list. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks dipped .2 to 343.5 with industrials up .4 to a record high, rails off 1.3 to a low number of instances, abandonedjfor this year and utilities up to a high for 1965. farm and coal mining areas are being turned into recreation ha vens to attract tourists. To Sight now there are an esti-jdate, the Commerce Dept. Area mated 35,000 full-time, year-1 Redevelopment Administration round recreation workers andihas invested approximately $70 about 100,000 part-time workers million in 66 recreation proj plus millions whose jobs are indirectly dependent on recrea tion. These totals are up 125 per cent in the past decade and a?e due to rise at least 50 per ceo just within the next five years. Moreover, says Ago Ambre, ects in underdeveloped regions of the United States. Says ARA Administrator Wil liam L. Batt Jr.: "Federal agencies are working overtime to create new tourist attractions and facilities all over the coun- to meet the surging de- Mef nf be Labor Dent. Occu-JT pational Outlook Service, "Thisimands for virtually all forms field offers a big ray of hopeor recreation." Volume was 5.89 million shares compared with 6.46 million Thursday. Selective gains by airlines, nonferrous metals, utilities and electronics brightened the list here and there. Eight of the 15 most active stocks rose, five fell and two were unchanged. Prices were irregular on the American Stock Exchange. Volume was 2.63 million shares compared with 2.57 million Thursday. ray OI nope Ul i en couifh. v,uiyuicue uimus were mixea. for this summer's army of! .y government bonds were teen-age jobseekers." Recreation, in sum, is becom-i"10511? unchanged. I wig a big, booming, profession-;Of course, obvious Jactors be- al business dazzling even the hind the dramatic boom in rec-!most optimistic projections of a reation employment and profits!few years ago and it'll become are our climbing incomes, our jigger, boomier and more pro-increasing leisure time, thejfessional year after year. (All building of highway networks rights reserved) and our love affair with the' automobile. But there are other t:i. o.l u SACRAMENTO (AP) - The significant forces behind the: 1 iro eiU'nS nome Assembly Republican Caucus trends which are not so obvi-: BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP)tharged If hat0Gov O'ds. i President and Mrs. Tito re-i jturned home by plane yester- Our growing interest in rev; day after a four-day official vis- habilitating me pnysicauy and it to Norway. mentauy nanaicappea. inis nas Brown, Wirtz Caucus EmmmmmimmmmmmmMjM m ,.jpw.ig.M''Mi'..iiwii'.,i''yW"w-' " bjimiu mmmmmmmmmmmtmrnemmmmmmammmmammmmmimmiimmim y If tmMn pi--" v v. TORNADO IS ACTION When this tornado funnel headed for Andrews, Tex., Jim Roberts, a high school journalism student, stepped out of his photo School Administrators Applaud Johnson Needles Press WASHINGTON (AP) Presi-i sarcasm in his voice, went on to many tons of bombs. dent Johnson said yesterday that what he calls the Great Society "is not an exclusive club for Americans only." Johnson made the remark in say that the press demands in- If the government doesn t stead that the government pro-comply, "they'll subpoena us up vide a bnefing officer to tell to the Hul the freedom-of-intor how many planes dropped how,mation committee." Weather Report led to an urgent demand for "recreation" therapists, psycho logists, nurses. Our longer life span and the LA. Grain LOS ANGELES (AP) - All quotations Jare nominal, jublect to market fluctua- . , r . , .iiuiia, loan pwi iwi., uuin fur iu uay resulting IOrmailOn OI ClUDS ana i shipment in carloading, wholesale only. organizations for retired people. 2Nwes2,eyrenl(0bwar'n ao'il This has developed a need for:No-2 yfll 9rin woms (to 2.m4- . , f ,. . .. iJ.7l"; No. 2 yellow grain wrghumi (NT a wiuc jaagc ui aijctiaii-ian-itrom east) 2.63J4-Z.66'4. orprt fflHlitip and snrriallv-! . W prices: No. 2 yellow con ! 2.97-3.02; No. - (NT trom east) Coast Market Trading Slow 8 ASSOCIATED PRESS Sinn; hiohlv ;pWtivp trariinc tail St 1 ' C"' V "-' ' D featured action yesterday on tlie; JXI Cotton Market IV1UI YU1UIIIC lUd.UUU aiiaica. There were more losses than I Brown and U.S. Labor Secre tary W. Willard Wirtz have gambled and lost in their at tempts to handle California's farm labor problems. "They gambled that the sun would not shine, that crops would grow, that the big city unemployed would bring in the harvest and they lost, and so have the people," the caucus said in a statement released by Assemblyman Victor V. Veysey, (TC,,R-Brawley. 2 yellow grain sorghums i The CaUCUS aCCUSed BrOWTl Of "colossal bungling" in being "unable to deliver on his com-i mitment to agriculture that hej would see to an ample supply of field labor in 1965." i Farmers have complained that i6 0oc itw st.;Brown and Wirtz haye been jslow to act in getting workers I to replace Mexican nationals, I banned from California fields jwhen Congress repealed the bra-cero act as of Dec. 31 of last Desert Inners Buy Stardust LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) Tnree major stockholders in the Desert Inn have exercised a two-year option to purchase the Stardust Hotel. The estimated sales price was $16 mil lion. Ian informal talk to school ad The two hotels are located iministrators that was laced with across from each other on the needling of news media. Las Vegas Strip. Tq hasi the ngtion.s muc uanu., iuii xx.cimum. y compassjon t0WardANO EXTREME SOUTHERN NEVADA nesr tMS, Sund and Samuel TUCker, doing bUSl- 1 Saturday through Wednesday: No precipi- ' . Ij,u. -nno-fJoeODleS abroad. Johnson repeat-Itatlon. Temperatures averaging 2 to 7 rn.,ni tha r ncoa aa uuucaiai vajit., i- . degrees below normal. Some normal low edlv bought $9 million in stock ed portions of a broadcast, and high: Bishop 44-82, paimdaia so-eo, from the Stardust Inc., and as- speech he made Thursday in" 5m Tflerma' M''4' L" sumed a $7 million ban on theiwhich he said the United Mates i rnACTS1 4un MOUntain areas- nrnnertv held bv the Team-has helped double production Of Saturday through Wednesday: No precipi- Bismarck, propel ly neiu uy uic icdin . f r .. Temperatures averaglng near oriBoise, cle ster s Union pension fund. rice and pigs in aoum viei im below normai. some normal low, Boston, c Most, of the nurchased stock r ... i,i it- J, : .1 Tl was believed to be held byse mings, sam juhhmuh. Rella Factor, wife of Southern "1 awfully hard to get them California investor John Factor. ipnniea. For the past several years By ASSOCIATED PRESS Five Day Forecast SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERIOR i,i7-.. j 'i i t nrt hioh: Santa Barbara 50-69, Los Ange- iuu uuii i iu auuui ou, Uilej 56 M Jan Djeg0 57.70 RversiJe 49-79, 1 Bufialo, cloudy Part of Bank Tightening Bill Dropped SACRAMENTO (AP)-A key section of a bill to tighten stats banking laws has been knocked out at a closed-door meeting between the measure's sponsor and top banking officials. Carved out ot tne dui, spon sored by Sen. Alvin Weingand-. D-Santa Barbara, was a portion which would have required an annual independent bank audit by a certified public accounting firm. The bill is aimed at blocking criminal elements from infiltrating the state's banking industry. It was prompted by recent bank failures in California. Weingand, in an interview yesterday, said opponents of the bill said that to demand independent audits would be "too bold a revolutionary step." Attending the private conference were: John O'Kane, state superintendent of banks; private bank officials; Marshall Mayer, deputy state attorney general, and Weingand. Weingand said O'Kane reiterated strong opposition to the independent audit clause on the grounds that it would De loo costly and not as thorough as those already conducted by the banks themselves. Weingand said O'Kane also strongly opposed another section of the bill which would require each applicant for a state banking charter to be fingerprinted. Proposed officers, directors and stockholders who control more than five per cent of a bank's shares would also have their fingerprints recorded. Weingand said he would fight to keep the fingerprinting clause intact when the measure is heard for the second time before a Senate subcommittee next week. fornia Mostly tair Saturday and sun The first meeting produced a !day except increasing high fog near! , . , hr.twpn ("VKmiip 'coast Saturday night and Sunday. Warm-:VLrDdl SlUgiesl DLIWten U fwdlie er inland Saturday end local cooling and Maver. - - j Mayer accused the state s tup jbanking official of not reporting Pr "four major crimes" against four state banks in 1964. 1 O'Kane countered that the vio-.10 lations were reported promptly, but to federal authorities and not the attorney general's of lice. AP wlrennoto lab and shot this picture. The tornado lilted just before it hit the town but Jim's teacher gave him an "A" for his classwork for the day. Around the nation' Friday: High Low Albany, clear 68 I Albuquerque, cloudy 73 I Atlanta, cloudv . . . . 84 AREAS-,Bakersfield 76 i3 4H rain clear . clear Brownsville 2.63J2.66'4. the Desert erated the Inn investors casino, bars op and other faculties at the Stardust PIa"se a this point. Mount Wilson 47-68, Bid Bear Lake 34-64. Chicago, cloudy SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY S""" ! Cleveland,' c . . most o( Saturday and Sunday but patchy , rnver rain low clouds lata night ana eany mornin Des Molnes cioudy Detroit, cloudy Fairbanks, cloudy . ... .. ..,a ,.,..h. Fort Worth, cloudv Administrators broke into npL TM tw, and . o Hnnri. rntal areas esoe-i "Km a! L'ouuv caiir , Covorol ennr momhprs nf tlip hours. Slightly warmer Saturday. . . , !!.! ci i 70 to 75, lows 43 to 55. American Assuciauim ui otnwi on a lease basis. cially south coast and The President. With an edge Of clouds deserts and mountains, Metal Market NEW YORK (UPD Metal price Cooper, electrolytic, delivered U.S. I J6.KK IB.i New York refinery i5.82'jc it) . LpKe 3.0Oc lb. Lua. common, N.Y. Louis 15 80c lb. Tin, N.Y. prompt delivery 18?O0c lb. Zinc, prime western, N.Y. 15.00c lo Louis 14 50c lb. uaor equipment were up vs ,Wiar anr! T.npkVipprl nnrl North Ampri-'May L.A. Hay (lour 7. hay 158. NEW YORK (AP) Cotton fomestle fu-year. tnrA rlnteri rnt hal hiahftr to gams 8nd most gains were $j lower. l,inn- i Hlih Uw Clot minor. Ju, 30.6ob Douglas Aircraft, Signal A and Oct 30.25a . . 30.00B 39.93 B nn k nn m aar Can AViailOn '4 among SO Upsiaei Mladllng spot 32.75N unchanoed. issues ' N---,10mi,,s', B bid. Pacific Lighting sold s higher, Chrysler, FMC Corp., Kaiser Aluminum, SCM Corp., and Western Union were all up Standard Oil of California Thriftimart 3s and Rohr '4. Losses totaled 102 and 54 sold unchanged. General Motors was off 1-Y Caterpillar and Transamerica 7s Comsat and General Telephone Weyerhaeuser s8. Magnavox and Xerox General Dynami and Xerox Vz, General Dynamics and PG&E s and Crown Public Works Bill Advances WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate Public Works Committee los angeles (AP)-(FSMN)-Aitaniapproved yesterday a $665-mil 8?l9n!nK,hai ,?re,ur N,; 1 ?2-1"lion annual public works and and . 00; US No. 2 27.00-29.00. Carlot arrivals, J wneaf 1, oariev , corn 6. aoronum 4, cv-uhuiiiiv. ucvciuuiiicia uiii ur signed to help economically distressed areas. The action was unanimous. with Democrats and Republi cans joining in its support, after Bank Clearings SAN FRANCISCO W - Bank clearings $314,500,000. warmer most of west portion Saturday and In mountains and deserts sunaay, some afternoon 1 Honolulu, ram Slightly ' liuuuj Jacksonvile, clear Juneau, cloudy Kansas City, cloudy 83 Las Vegas 7B .iJ oO A'i 74 38 ivtdcmi tnuTHERN NEVADA Con- .irierahle sunshine Saturday and Sunday Los Angeles, clear but some afternoon cloudiness. Winds Louisville, clear . gusty 15 to 25 m.p.h. at times Saturday. Memphis, cloudy . Hiah Saturday 75 to 85, lows 45 to 55. Miami, cloudy M.lwaukee.doudy. LOS ANGELCS AREA Sunny most of, New Orleans, clear Saturday and Sunday but patchy late New York, clear . . night and early morning coastal low .Oakland clouds. High Saturday 70, low 54. Little lOkla. City, clear . . change Sunday. I Omaha, rain ..-.rAu! Philadelphia, clear . POINT CONCEPTION TO MEXICAN PheniXi ciea. BORDER West to northwest winds ' 'o' pjtisburgh. cloudv 50 knots late morning and afternoon Sat- p0,-tarid Me, clear urday and Sunday. Mostly sunny 'ft"-' Portland. Ore., cloudv noons but night and morning cloudiness Ra(31d City especially south coast. Slightly warmer W(,d gutf most areas Saturday. Heno . . COASTAL AND INTERMEDIATE VAL- R-d. g -lea. LtTb-sunny mm or o.u.u "-;, r,nuis rlmirfv 8fi Sail Lake City, cloudy San Bdno., cloudy San Diego, clear 1 12- 22' 4 49 32-i 794 2P4 17' Amn Mtr Amn Std 1 Amn T&T 2 AT4SF Ry .. Beckman Inst Brewer ,75e Cal Comp P Calif Fin .30t 434 Can Sup Oil 23' 1 Case W Cater Trac 1 46' 4 Chrysler lb 54'! Colo Fuel 15 Col Gas 1 32 Comw Ed 1.80 56''i Cont Ins 2.40 ' Cm Zeller 2 5B'a E!ec Spec 221 Emp Capwell l Exeter Oil ' 75 Fit Chrt t.41t 2Vt Uy Tiger 15i FMC Corp Hord M 2 Kittm D .40 Deere 1.40a . D&RGW 1 r Intntl 1.40 OGIoreio .80 ... D.sney .40b Dome Mine Doua Air . 15d . Orester 120 .. duPont 1.2id Oyrr,o Ind .91 East Airl East K.0 wi Enei McCul f Pgo NG 1 59'a . 17' a . 44 I . 204 37'2 . 20-4 56J4 . 34 . 42 ' . 43J 257 . 23"4 . 43' . 84 7 Low 31 'a 12' 1 l"t 12' 22' 69' 4 32 79'-'? 21s4 16"a 43. 23' 4 16'. 45? 54 15i 32 56"a 9 SB'-a 221 61 1 65 23 H 15 58: 17"4 44:" 20s 37' i '9"t 56J4 34 41-4 43- 257 23'i fi'.t 84 7 T7H Fryers 37,800 heed 32 pet 17, 3 pet 19, 65 pet undetermined; roasters 3,400 head 21-25; egg type hens 38,000 head delivered at olant 44-V? weighted ava 4.94. L,st at ranch 2'2-4,'3, weighted avg 3.77. Tur keys hens 32 12"? l'- 12H J7'.4 69 32i 79 i 2134 17' j 4-! 23"j 16'. Lot Angeies bank debits: Friday Un,-AAa 1 tnillinn in iha i;in 199,194, lest year $515,159,327. rv....6 Vw .4.....u.. v... vuiv, jmillion in annual authorizations f. .. r n 11 asked by President Johnson. BUlter, tQQS, rOUltrY I The measures, asked by John . .... ..Json in a SDecial message March Zellerbach, Occidental Petrol-! pr IZtl ''-"-l25) combl features of three RCA and western Airlines: Poultry, live, voium prices, at "neb: previous Droerams These are the area redevelopment bill passed in 1961 to aid distressed areas, the accelerat!,8S,ers 2'Vi'"'" v"rlin9!ed public works program set up in law, ana tne Pinion - aoiiar Appalachia aid bill enacted ear lier in this session. Most important feature of the new bill is a $400 million a year grant Droeram under which ,snnGr,,Lhr,nr,sWlep:Washington could pay up to half resentativ prices, by siz: First grade jthe COSt for needed public KA I ti- ill 71. i ttA AO. 1 tt 111a 1H 11fl ... . 3 63. 1631 2,67.' n'o prkei second srade. works, public service or devel opment lacilities in distressed AP wlrepholo map 30-DAY FORECAST These maps indicate probable precipitation and temperatures, next 30 days. day but some late ninht and early morning low clouds. Slightly warmer Saturday. Highs 65 to 75, lows 45 to 55. umiuTiiu DB4:uin"itiv iunnv Sat-ISan Krancisco, clear 61 urday and Sunday but some afternoon I Seattle, cloudy ... 58 cloudiness. Patchy fog or clouds along .Spokane lower coastal slopes late night and early Tampa, Cloudy .84 m.n,tnn hnnri Rnctv nnrth nr northwestlThermal 88 winds Saturday. Slightly warmer Sunday. INTERIOR AND DESERT REGIONS Sunny most of Saturday and Sunday but some afternoon cloudiness. Winds gusty 15 to 25 m.P.h. at times afternoons. High Saturday 75 to 85 upper and 85 to 95 lower valleys. Lows Saturday night 45 to, 55 upper and 55 to 65 lower valleys. A! little warmer most areas Sunday. IMPERIAL AND COACHELLA VAL LEYS Sunny most of Saturday and Sun. day. High Saturday 85 to 95, lows 55 to; 65. Slightly warmer Sunday. COASTAL WEATHER MARINA DEL REY-Wind WSW 10 knots, weather clear, visibility 12 miles,! pressure 1012 millibars. : REDONDO HERMOSA WSW 10 knots,! clear, 12 miles. NEWPORT BEACH SSW 5 knots, clear, 8 miles, 1012 millibars. AVALON HARBOR Calm, clear, 10 miles, 1012 millibars. POINT LOMA-W 14 knots, clear, 15 miles, 1012 millibars. NORTHERN AND CENTRAL CALI-: Washington, clear Winnipeg, cloudy . Oil 41 46 6- 44 ;;o (14 50 47 75 55 58 28 85 58 65 55 60 69 43 56 66 51 51 6(1 HII 50 49 iH 4'.t r" 4ri 4") .')K 50 41 40 hR 64 49 47 .37- .61 1.17 Riverside Ranch Labor Dispute Viewed as Strike SACRAMENTO (AP) - State i Employment Director Albert iTieburg ruled yesterday that a 37 i legitimate labor dispute exists 46!at Mel-Pak ranches in Riv-25!erside County. 5;! Tieburg said no workers 17 would be referred to the ranches owned by brothers Ralph and Ray Melikian. and no benefits will be given to striking 2:54 employes. The strike was called May .1 by the Agricultural Workers 61 -ganization Committee over wages. Sixty-nine vineyard workers walked off the job when their request for an hourly wage increase from $1.25 to $1.40 was denied. One hundred workers remained on the job. eum High Admiral Corp 32 Am Cmf .50 12' i Amn Electrn IU Citrus Shipments LOS ANGELES (AP) Th Federal- State Market News Service reported orange, grapefruit and lemon prices steady. 54 15 32 56' 3 69' itj-'j 22', 61 1.75 iVt 15 69- g J6-'4 17'4 NEW YORK (UPI) Citrus report:) California Navels 5 cars, unchanged boxes $3.01. Lemons 3 cars, unchanged; '.) boxes $1.65. Valencias 2 cars, unchanged, V boxes $2.63. Chicago Grain areas. State's Strawberry Shipments Stay High SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - c, ...i .u;nnt. rnti Soybeans closed' aiidwucuy oiiiLinicius i van- are down only slightly CHICAGO (UPI) - 44?i strong, wheat, corn and rye mixed 'tOmia ZW.a'Oats easy on rne Lnnago ooarg oi iraue i . . , ., !: L 372j Friday. tli is year despite claims by i?'.i soybeans were up i t.; wnaf up growers of an acute labor short 56-4 to off ', corn 'i to otf '.4; oals off 7 PM. BT My H Pat from U.S. WtATHt BuPfAU 100 "ToW HtXx High Umiwmi iiMtfi o to rye off l' to age. 34 4I'.' 4Jiil CHICAGO (AP) Wheat Ne. ! red 257 ;1.4N; No. 2 hard 1.5IN. Corn No. 2i 23'iivellow I.i8;4N; No. 3 yellow 1.35-.4-375i; I r. No. 4 vellow 1.32-4. Oats No. 1 84 jwhlte 77UN; No. 2 extra heavy white 78.;jeSS than at the Same time last 7 Soybeana No. 1 yellow 2,0VjN. W Soybean oil 10 iW Vear. Tlie California strawberry ad- 'visory board said shipments to heavy I date are 1,597 carloads, only 25 Showers and thundershowers are forecast today in upper Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes, Ohio and Tennessee valleys and central Appalachi- AP wlrephoto map ans, and in southern Rockies. It will he warmer in Northeast and northern Rockies and cooler in upper Mississippi Valley and southern Plains. v The ULTIMATE in LUXURY Now Leasing at Newport Beach Only 48 families can enjoy Caribe living. Never before in the Newport area (or suldom in any other area) will you see such luxury ft The Caribe. Beautiful design! OutstandinR construction! Magnificent view! Rising 6 stories high fronting on the Bay, The Caribe commands the sea, the boat-filled bay, the distant mountains. Spacious 2-bedrooms each with two full baths plus a few choice singles each with vista balcony (12 different plans to choose from) ...averaging 1500 square feet with every conceivable convenience. 24-hour parking attendant . . .carpeting draperies . . . and many more fine appointments. You are cordially invited to inspect the 12 Furnished Models beautifully decorated by Barnett Brothers. Rents besrin as low as $3SD mnnfMv Private Boat Slips Available at your door LUXURY APARTMENTS ON THE BAY AT NEWPORT BEACH FarnanrfA mil Ru a.n.. Telephone (714) 673-3003 or (213) 632-7678 Open 10 to 5 dally, evenings by appointment. I vial X 3se A t'1- x JSJf w J

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