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Home Talk the Item from Brooklyn, New York · 14

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 22, 1915
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I vFIiiE TRIP BY I III mil m (Continued from Page One.) O'Day and whispered something in his ear, which none of the bystanders could liear. The executive of the Excelsior Yacht Club was all smiles in a moment, and calling George Dan-nell, chairman of the entertainment committee to his side, instructed him to let it he known that the cruise would take place, as he had been assured by Mr. Kehoe that the weather would clear up and that the rest of the day would be as fine as could be desired. V No time. was lost thereafter in embarking on the various boats and. liraded by .Vice-Commodore Mahin's I lia M., the cruise was on its way to Sailer's Hotel, Great Kills, Staten Island, where the rest of the day was pleasantly enjoyed. The return trip was made at 4 o'clock and the clubhouse reached before dark. During the evening there was dancing and other enjoyment in the club house and at 9 o'clock an unexpected number on the programme to the guests was unfolded. It was titer that Commodore O'Day called befon him ex-Commodore Louis Lawson ant1 in well-selected words told hint tha-the members of the Kxcelsior Yach' Club" recognize faithful and loyal servicV in behalf of their organization. "You have been faithful as an officer and member," the commodore - said, "and in-recognition thtr loyally I present you with this token of gratitude on behalf of the officers and members of the lixcelsior Yacht Out iiiid trust it may be a lesson to others of us to. do. likewise. It W) but a small token in value of your services tc this organization, but it bespeaks thr esteem in which you are held bv it members. Wear it proudly,, for it represents the emblem of tTte Excel slor Yacht Club." He then presented to him a handsomely engraved and enameled gold pin, emblematic of the Excelsior Yacht Club colors. , Mr. Lawson responded briefly, saying he was indeed taken by surprise at this presentation and concluded that he could not understand why this token should be given him as he, as an officer and member of the Excelsior Yacht Club had done only his duty. Rear-Commodore Louis Ronalter contributed to the flattering words o' Commodore O'Day by saying that Mr, Lawson had more than done hi? duty to the Excelsior Yacht Club ii. " its infancy, for then he was its guiding hand, and to hint. is largely duo the credit for the success of the or-(ranization and the standing which it occupies among leading boating organizations to-day. Mrs. Louis Lawson was also remembered, for she received a large bouquet of American roses. BREAK G A NEW C II H (Continued from Patce One.) churches will take part in the services the-programme of which will be in fejh. English and Norwegian. The church will be erected on lots adjacent to the new Sunset public school. an it is expected that tue work will fe;compteted in February, 1910. The building will be of one story, with a small steeple and gothic dormer windows'' on the sides, it is prettily located and will be an ornament as well as service to the community. Tht builder is Ii. M'. Johnson, elder of the Free Church in Jersey City. Completed the cost will be approximately i:Um. " This striving congregation was started with twenty-six members on December i, 1912, and until May I, t!ii:t, the congregation mei and worshipped in the Methodist Church at Summit and Henry streets. Since that time they have occupied the upper floor of the Einnish Lutheran Church edifice at Forty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, almost directly opposite tile site of the pro posecT new building. The membership has now grown to ninety-six on the roll and active wit a large transient attendance at tin various services and in the organizations connected with the work. A thriving young people's society is attached to the church and its active membership of eighty young people is. doing much for the advancement of the work in the community The Sunday school consists of ninety-two children on the rolls, with thir-'. teen teachers and officers, and is do-. ing its share toward the ubpuild ol the congregation and the future great ness of the church as an organization for the help and betterment of the Norwegian citizens of the district. AH the. services of the church are in Norwegian. The regular services are held on Sundays, at the usua hours,' with the Sunday school at ! o'clock in the morning and' th'i Young People's Society at 4 in the afternoon. The pastor is the Rev. O. Thompson, who came to his charge from the Norwegian Free Church on Staten Island in October, and who has proven his fitness by the excellent success that has attended his effort! and those of his loyal congregation and officers in sceur.ng the two and one-half lots and the erection of the church, as proposed, a picture of which will be found herewith. flTE SOUTH BROOKLYN; IIOMK TALK. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22,; 1915. - , , . WE GIVE AND REDEEM LOCAL TRADING STAMPS THE MOST VALUABLE STAMP TO-DAY -. One of our many big values ibis week m JUNIOR" SAFETY RAZORS, 69c These popular Safety Razors that sell the world over for I -Oil, with 1'J extra blades and patent blade stropper, all complete in a leather velvet-lined case for li!)c,' Quantity limited, so come early to get yours. On account of this low price and to prevent dealers from buying we arc compelled to limit 1 to a customer. Men's Department Main Floor SOUTH BROOKLYN PEOPLE'S HOME STORE 52nd Sr.--THIRD AVENUE-53d St. mm LLi. & mEr Five-Piece Parlor Suits Re-iip-ristered, $14.50 Amy Flvr-I'lrrr Frame nl recovered with youf choice of Tapestry, Damask or Imitation Leather, trimming' to matchp. seats reconstructed; new webbing and muslin; frames cleaned tnorouglily. All complete 4 )Q All work is done by competent workmen: ( made under our direct supervision. Every jeb Jls guaranteed, for we will give this work our careful attention. . ', ANOTHER INNOVATION , TlicScaverlndcsIruclible Extra Pauls Snit for Boys $2.98 THE BEST SUIT VALUE IN THE CITY Ivery glllt ls guaranteed to give the proper service 'and we will give another suit for one lhat does not wear well. 1 hese suits are made of Cheviots and Cassimeres in the newest colorings sis well as .the staple, shades of Gray and Brown; single or double breasted Norfolk, box or kmle pleats, also the patch pocket front and pleated back models. I be, coat is lined with good Albert -Serge, made with inside pockets and is bottom faced. Two pairs of pants come with the suit. That doubles the wear of a suit, and they are lined throughout, cut full peg top and. have watch pockets. Sizes 7 to 17 years. Step in and look them over. ,-.-. -w Boys' and Young Men's Caps, 25c We have just received another lot of Men's and Boys' Caps that we will sell at 2ic. If you- bought one here before you will surely come for another and if you haven't all we ask is that you come in and iook them over. Thcv are made of remnants on the BOq shape. Lined or taped seamS. All colors and sizes. Boys' Trousers 49c, 69c, 79c, 98c and $149 We carry the largest stock of Boys' Pants, in South Brooklyn; better qualities and for tess money. - Suits for the Little Fellow. 1 QQ Special at....... ..... L'vo Junior Norfolk model in Gray, Brown and Blue Wool Mixtures; made with yoke, knife pleats and belt and 'trimmed with a silk tie and- White laundered Eton collar. Sizes 4 to 9 years. EXTRA SPECIAL s. Boys' Corduroy Pants, 49c Fine drab table Corduroy; excellent work, taped seams, patent waist band and good pockets. j The right pants for school. Sizes C to 10 years. ( NEW FALE STYLES IN LADIES' READmWEAIt GARMENTS trices loc LtOwcs Of the jnany fine values we oiler on on examples. Althougl-naJusJiave been qu of better quality than those for tnevgame m amine our goods and compare -them. pnc. igree with us. ' Ladies' New Fall Skirts, $1.98 -: Made of All-Wool Serge, full flare model, two-inch belt at waistline, back of 'skirt gatheVed, pocket, hooked on side; in. Navy and Black; all bands from -.23 to 30-inch. Ladies' Taiieta Skirts, $2.98 Of Chiffon Taffeta; elastic at waistline, nine-inch shirred yoke, frill at top; Ho fit all bands and lengths. ' .: Ladies' House Waists, 49c Several styles made of Chambrays, Percales'" and Ginghams in light and dark shades; plain, stripe and check materials, also in White 'Voiles and Madras. Sizes to 44. i r big Second floor the following are but ted yon these goods, we claim that they -are onear eise.wtiere.- Prove this to .your.selj; lex- price, quality; for ' quality .and I'ou will f tW Nottf Poll CftiVturcf'c 1 ORn usuivi .iivif a bu uuu i n aid iti 7 uv Made of fine Voiles, Mullc, PoplinTXad- ras and Organdie; long set-in sleeves, tuW A-back cuffs; some in plain tailored stylesf "j others trimmed in panel and yokes of lace I and embroidery; flare collars; closes in front with pearl buttons; all ."well finished and sizes to 44. " '.' ...... Ladies' Extra Size Waists 98c, $1.25 and $1.49 Made of Voiles, Poplin andrSilk Mulles; closed In front with pearl buttons; long set-in sletves, flaj; collars; front of waist trimmed with lace medallion in White and Black,' at 8c. $13 and A&. Sizes from 40 to 52. Exceptional Values In Good Shoes Girls' Cloth Top High Cut Shoes Sizes c to 8, at 1.19 c I L j' a. I Sizes H'A to 11. at $1.39 Size$ 11'. to 2. at $1.39 l ull assortments of Dr. Posncr's Children's Shoes, afco Anklp Brace Shoes, in Black and Tan, ; You Are Safe In Buying Here! Ve have dropped comparative prices in our advertising because of the possibility of making a false impression on the customer's mind and also because of the great amount of exaggeration used in the average advertisement. We believe the only true test of the merit of an article is by actual comparison and we ask our customers to carefully compare the merchandise we sell with that offered elsewhere at the same or higher prices. . The result will be youll buy here and we furtherjTprotect you by our broad "guarantee o perfect satisfaction With yorr purchase or prompt refund of your money if anything should go wrong Added to this is our method of prof it-sh rinff our customers, by means of the Local Trading. Stamps which are redeemable in cash at the rate of 20 cents per hundred or for $2.50 in merchandise for full books which makes it worth your while to do ALL your shopping at your home store for our customers are receiving thousands of dollars' worth of dividends in merchandise monthly through this medium. ' ....... (Signed) Best Value fn the City- HQ A ) These Ladies Kid Gloves l J - They are of exceptionally fine quality; t with three-row embroidery backs in Tan,., ; Black and -White'. This same quality ek ve is sold in many stores at 98c. Bet- ter.see them! ' ', - ( "Kayser's"16-Buttcn 7Q Sflk Gloves , .;l.v;. It is hardly ; necessary to speak of the j fine qualities of the Kayscr Glove. Every I one knows about the double finger tips, " the fine quality of silk used, and so forth, but we might add that this quality trlove i is sold for $1.00 everywhere. 1 Special Sale of Crepe Paper. Ap Roll . ; Good quality crepe paper; in full rolls; all wanted colors. also White. i Paper Napkins, 100 for 10c. i Mis Daughter Papa, did you know mamma long before you married her? Her Father Just between you and me, my dear, I don't know her yet, Kansas City Journal. Heiress But you , must keep our engagement a strict secret. Suitor From all -hut my most insistent creditors, dearest. Boston Transcript. , SALE HOME KMSIIMS f Awnings Taken Down, Stored, insured and riang Let us take careof your awnings o)er winter. We will take them down, store them, insure them and hang them in the spring all for U5o per window. Our enlarged facilities make.this low price possible, r.op us a postal or call 2000 Sunset. 1 Such as Lace Curtains; .Couch and Tabic Covers, floor Rugs, Oilcloths, Linoleums, Shades and Feather; Pillows At Greatly Reduced Prices. Riodit now, when every one is thinking artd planning how'to brighten the home for the coming winter. We announce a sale of just the things Jou need. All standard firs'; quality goods such as we sell the year around, and all reduced from 10 to 25 per cent. All we ask is step in and examine the goods. The savings will" surprise you. All goods marked with plain figures. 49c Holland Window Shades Made to Order for- - During this sale we will make, measure and hang good quality Holland Window Shades. Side hemmed and mounted on automatic spring roller at this low price. Choice of VVhite, Ecru, Spanish Olive, Light and. IJaTr Green, to fit any window up to 03x70. All complete, with tassel, at 49c. . Tapestry Couch Covers, 75c Excellent quality in Oriental and stripe effects. Better qualities up to $3,08, Tapestry Table Covers, 98c Sold for a good deal more the year round. New patterns in tvo-toile Reds, Greens and Oriental designs. Other qualities up to $5.19. Nottingham Lace Curtains. (J5c Exceptionally fine value. Pull .3 yards long, in pretty new patterns. Lace Arab and Irish Point Curtains up to 1. 19. Dry-Picked Feather Pfflows, 35c , Good quality Feather Pillows, covered in fancy art tick and filled with new feathers. 1 Printed Cork Linoleum; Sq. Yd., 39c Do not judge the quality by this low price, as these are regular goods reduced for this sale, Floral, Tile and wood patterns. ; Full-Size Opaque Window Shades, 22c Considering Jie quality this is an exceptionally fine shade for the money. 30x73 cut size. In Ecru, Light and Dark Greens, Olive ana vvnite. 4- Floor Oilcloth; Sq. Yd., 22c All first cjtality and cut from full rolls. Our .regular sfrick such as we carry "at all times and sells for much more than than this low price. ' 1 . - ',- , -'J ' .... Axminster and Velvet Rugs, 85c In two sizes, 18x30. and 87x54. Handsome Oriental designs and exceptionally fine qualities. ' ' ' ' " ' 27x54, now. fcl.39 36x72. now $2.98' Free Lessons in Art Needlework and Crocheting Children's Classes, Saturday Morning, from 10 o'clock . to 12 Noon iadies' Classes Tuesday. Afternoon, from ' 2 to 5 o'Clock No charge whatever to our customers. Lessons will be given by an expert who is thoroughly familiar with all branches of Art Knibroidery and Crocheting. There is no charge to you for this valuable service. Beginners will be given special' personal attention. Customers are requested to register their names in advance of the lesson dav. Children's MadoUp 49 C Several pretty designs stamped on Poplin and Batiste in.l'ink, Blue and While. ' All made up readv to embroider, -Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 0 years. New Stamped Huck Towels Stamped in three new designs on good quality Huck Toweling, 18x30. 12M.C Ladies' Stamped Qq vUYCIS ' Several new designs stamped on good quality Nainsook. Sizes 34 to 42. r I - : Stamped Bureau Starts, 8c Stampod on good quality Indian Head in conventional designs, 18x311. Larger Sizes ......10c and 12y2t UnbreahaMe Dolls Fully Dressed -Boy and GirOblls all fully dressed. Girl dolls in pretty Gingham dresses and the boy dolls in nobby little rompers. Large size. Very strong bodies and unbreakable heads. See our windows. " Men's Negligee Shirts, 59c , In this lot you will find Shirts that we sold throughput the Sum-, mer at fl.OO and $1.30, including a few E. & W. and. Arrow Brand, Shirts that .are. little ; soiled ..or mussed. Many new ones amongst this lot also. - jr Pleated or 'plant; ' mostly '-stiff' cuffs, sohie: with soft rc'uffs;" sizes up to 19, except XlVj.' : - ., ';.' Men's Fall Neckwear, 50c Including a new novelty a solid color background with hand-embroidered fleur de lys. Something entirely different. ; .. . . . . r Also a Special Lot at 29c ' Made up of short ends of silk from the manufacturer in assorted colors; all new goods; first quality and up-to-date styles. Piccadilly Underwear, 37c ) Made, of niercerized' poltfee, ath--letic style; . These garments are known all Over to sell for more than this. Similar in cut to a well known make in athletic styles; sleeveless' coat style shirts and wide, open-end mercerized pongee drawers. Union Suits at 780. '' Buy your.Pext Summer's needs now and 'save 26 cents on every suit, Mighty good investment. ; t Ladies' and Misses' Umbrellas, 59c . We do" not quote the value, but can assure you -that they were never made to sell at this price. Well made, oaragon steel frames, with guaranteed rain and color-proof covers. Full size, 20 and 28-inch. One to a customer. - BALL BEARING ROLLER SKATES, 98c Made by the Union Hardware Company makers of the best Roller Skates on the market. Fully nickel-plated ball-bearing wheels and adjustable. The same quality skates are sold in many stores at $l.4! and are really worth it. On Sale in Our Basement. 5 AND 5f INCB ALL SILK RIBBON, 17ic ah j : xr 'i-ni . . . . . - .. mi new guous cur From iun ooits. A lucky nnrrhnse thrfr Una Irt,,. rtr,. cmuea are r;p-y aioire an satin ngttred combinations m Pmk, Blue and VVhite. advise early selection as the supply is limited. 1 In-We New Fall Ribbons and Handbags Old Silver Mesh Bsgs, Made Equal to New, 79c ift We will ivpair and resilver anv size Mesh Bag for this special price a m il make it look like new. New Handbags, 98c The new pmlch-shape bag of genuine leather with imitation shell handles; lined with figured Silk and fitted with mirror. 98c New Feather Boa QQP Nf ck Hulls Exceptionally fine quality iai Black and White; finished witS ! i!V cord siai ribbon URk!. 1 I ' i!V cor 4 New Taffeta Silk Girdles .. .... Made in the new yoke effect of good quality Taffeta Silk; trimmed with silk-covered buttons. Ladies' New Plaid ACfK Silk Collars--.. UKy One of the newest novelties this season. Made of good quality. Plaid Silk; edged with Navy Blue Messalinc. New Lace Cellar and Cuff Sets, 49c and 98c . . . targe assortment ol every thing that's new. Dozens of pretty styles. See them. Dress Serges and OQntoHQn uDuaiuiuvoi lUi . Every imaginable color at most" any 'price you want to pay. Most of these goods were bought almost a year ago, when the price of wool was lower and the dyes were better than they are to-day. Therefore by getting your Serges or Gabardines at this store you get better goods for less money than elsewhere. Steo in and see our wonderful assortments. 34-Inch Sunfast Draperies. 49 C Here are the new fall colorings of reds and greens. This s the only fabric of its kind ;hat is fadeproof, therefore economical. Step in and see them. .v Curtain Scrims Swiss and Madras-Large Assortments; Dozens of New Colorings Everything that's new and good in curtain scrims from a good quality 36-mr.h scrihi at 10i a vard to 39c a'vard -for firelv -mercerized scrim with a border of fine linen lace ingestion and edging. . ,i. "Other prices at 12'Ac, 15c, 19c, 25c, 39c and 49c a yard. - ... Dress Goods Department Main Floor Domestics At These Prices L!ean Big Savings To Yon 5c 28 -Inch Bleached Shaker Flannel. Yd, The (luality of ..this Shaker Flannel should not be judged by the orice as it sells regularly for a good deal .more. Lim.t 10 yards and sold only to CU3-tomers. :. -'i. Extra FineTurkish;Ki Towels nf Vt This is the, l)es?-Towcl value we' have offered "in., souie time. 20x29 and 'madc 'of dottble-twistcd yam. Blue, Pink, and Yellow borders. - -- 72-Inch Wide Bleached 22c y Ibis price-is very Jow. lor, this fine quality sheeting muslin. Step in and see it. The fine atialitv will sunrisr vnu v 1 ' w 27-In. Kimono 1 0 1. o Flannels. : . ' FAceplionaJly heayy velvety Tiniah; in over a dozen riew fall colors and designs, The quality of this fabric must be, seen to be appreciated. v " Amoskeai Outing 1 (p Flannels. Yard A"V Most every color and pattern .imaginable.1 Dozens of colors and as many designs. Excellent quality heavy nap. Flannel. '" Large Size Sheets. 29c '. All hemmed ready for use. Made of good:quality soft finished, sheeting. - . Heavy Crash Toweling, Yard, 10c Extra weight and cuality. Linen finish. Stripe borders. LAST FEW DAYS TO GET Y0UB COAL AT SEPTEMBER PKICES-50 LOCAL TRADING STAMPS WITH EVERY TON flli Lill .(Continued from Page One.) 'Ours, of the sumtner traffic to and torn Coney Island that there will be 'choice of seats on the trains fn the ubway-that there should be a law npelling'the company to provide W,e"f iiiinS ,nd cars for the car. nR of the public in a degree f omiort all will admit. flJten , here , m'anHh l"w,,and ,onK experience ,i,h ln?vthC roolynite familiar uh conditions andAekick" is not7 'cJ".re'Tous -'Flgh1weli be he -ase m that coWtion. .... . . . i hf. 0u'ra0" fie traveling public J i ult.ajay6r' however, is- ,V the :?. jy stand'nf-room only" is the ' . : -"-itU one on f iltn ue, despite the fact that the sub-is runmnsr. Thi .,! structed and the people of Bay ge have naid iIm.!.. t j- fr,V; . t.. y jur mar con- Nd" ,ur lne very purpose of --aftorng relief from overcrowding, nmie Jately following the openTng o .he subway there was inaugurated a hedule that calls for .the reduction f the number of trains, with less cars ,o a train, making an effectual reduc-,:oii of .capacity, and placing condi-:'otis . even worse : than before; 1 he -ubway was operated.;.'; , -- At no time of the day or night can t passenger be sure of a seat on the -ievatedtrains. of the Fifth avenue ne leaving the stations from Fifty- jecond street doWn-town, except dur- -ng the rush hours at night when the ig trams are returning for the crowd i the Brooklyn Bridge). On Sunday ilKht. on the train that left the Forty-nxth street station at about 7:30 there vcre standing in the two ears, by ac-ual count, thirty-eight persons and y the time the train arrived at Ninth ureet and Fifth avenue the jam was ;o great that it requirel all the foot-jail experience of the average college . aduate to force a way to the plat orm to effect an exit. Such a condition is the result of an ilfort on the part of the operating company to force the people to use .he subway and to swell the . dividends of the B. R. T. on the elevated -mes by a reduction of expenses. The me and eternal nronm.nt tu-tt. been the continuous "handwriting on ne wan tor the people of Brooklyn or many years still stares the rest-lents of Bay Ridge in the face, despite he many hundreds of thousands pf lollars paid out in. excess taxation lurini? the "nast ten vrar. fn . olete and adequate transit system--i system that is now here.-but that is beinj made, subservient to the grasping - monopoly that nobis the comfort of the nennln in li . - ---- I ' ... ...v. . iiv.nuW of its iiand, and closes up that hand wun tne saraonic grin and question that is both figurative and actual of . vvnat are you going to do about it?" And echo answers. "Wlm, Uoing to do about it?" Mr. Taxpayer inn tne west ttnd Hoard of Trade... II1E ID fl n (Continued from Page One.) B. North, the popular salesman; Drs. Brunning and Graham, the well known and well liked M. D.'s, and niany others whose names will appear from Jine to time in the doings of the conclave. - ''-,.-. SundSy. ' September 28. the mem. bers and their friends are going to jring tneir outooor season to a close iih an old-fashioned picnic at Four Jorners, Richmond County, Staten island. Four Corners is a iniict snot in the heart of the country on a high ' , -iii, atioruing a splendid view of the urrounding country, and furnishes an ieal spot for a summer day's enjoy ment. there is a shady nook contain- a tables and benches amongst-the ' trees, bowling alleys, dancing pavil ion and baseball grounds. Games of. various kinds will be indulged in and ;verything done to enhance the en oyment of all nresvnt, and it will no doubt be a memorable occasion. The place is reached by an ear line to Bay Ridge avenue; ferry from Bay Kidge avenue to St. George, Staten Island; trolley car from St. George to Four Corners. An automobile 'bus will meet the Fifth and Third avenue cars a few minutes before each hour, connecting1 with the boat which leaves each hour. The time from Bay Ridge avenue to Four Corners is one hour. Cost: Five cents carfare in "Brooklyn, 5 cents ferry' fare, 8 cents carfare to tour Corners 18 cents each way per person. Most of the party will catch the 10 o'clock boat. A full report of the aftair wilVappear in the next issue of Home Talk. Jf the day is stormy. the affair will be held on Sunday, Oc tober 3. No charge for tickets. . ; BAY" RlfiSi SOCIAL CIRCtE -j' ': ; ; r- HOpS FIRSXTMEETINO ' - The opening meeting ol "Bay . Ridge Social Circle was held last Wednesday evening. at. thj-ome of .-MarieTM. Cumraingi CO-f-. SeVeflty-iotirth rrei-t. The meeting wits- held prlm.arilyj for fhe.pirrpose of -eteCf-ing a -new. iprcsf-dent to succeed- -George- Enwit't, who had been at the head of the lub for the past two years. Mr. Emmet was forced ted resign on account of ;le?-c ing the city tp visit the exposition at San Francisco and the Hawaiian Islands, and in his place George V. Armstrong was chosen. George is known as the "Harry Lauder of Bay Ridgei" and iy very popular in this section. He was, of course, called upon to" make a speech and in his opening address prophesied great things for the circle and asked the co-operation and support of every member. The circle will probably run a novelty dance some time this fall irid a number of other social events will take place at intervals during the Comma fall and winter season. Two new names were added to the membership roll Alex ander l'orsythe and Mildred Wickes,

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