The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1936
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 2ft,' t NEXT FOES rOFGItt! e i i Forrest^ pity Eleven Is U fni- In- ie lor LU On the Outside—Looking In DUKE" ca Is. •i '»•"•;• By J. T. FRIEND ? With the Searcy Uons «ell taken v' care of for their twenty-seventh. «• consecutKe triumph in a row, and ! V tt»*r «'K nt " of the ss!l ' ion ' lt ! e >• BlyUieulle Chlckasaws have only .'- llie" Forrest City Mustangs beUecn ".' Ihem and a perfect season, as well ' as a possible crack at one of the .""' central teams In a ' champ'onshlp , ' game," Turkey Day The Chicks , and Mustangs come together w »• their traditional affair Friday night 5 unaer the arcs at Haley Field '" A resume of the game last week from a statistical standpoint rc- '•' veal»d a much wider dlffereme be> * twcen the Chicks and the Lions thafi was reported in dispatches ," Ifam Ssarcy. Tnose accounts cred- v Ited the Maroon and White offense vjlth only 138 yards from sorlm- ' mage as compared to 86 by the J Home club Our play by play de*' i tilled account shov,s the tribesmen , gaining 414 yards by rushing They , • lost 23 Our figures glie Ssarcy 89 '^- gained and 12 lost - ' ^ Russell Mosley, left halfback, who «'-' teeidentalJy looked more like his 5 * ffchous' brother Hershel than at '.' iny time this year, was the big fc-"-" gnj in'the attaok He carried the t ,~ ball eight times from scrimmage J gamed 186 yards while losing *e, or a net average of 24 iards }y time h« ran with tho ball ..J. longest run was for 11 jards 3n*a hike play he swept around 4ght end behind per'ect Interference and galloped to a score Onell Craig, Alfred "Slick" Meredith, stel- ' l«t-rblocklng back who played per• ifftfe his greatest game, Dan War-'. rijSton, Calvin "Hlckernut Head" ly, Homer Besharse, Max Hut;, and Lloyd Wise did a' per- c f Si Job of clearing the way To 1 cJS" the climax 'Oezil" raced 96 ji«ds afte r • receiving a punt W was made possible by some more % blocking by Meredith, Craig Bur- Ion, Roberts, Hutchlns, Besharse, •Walker and darn near all the team At least six of the enemy were strewn in the path ' , Hutchlns Runs Well Maxie "Flash" Hutchlns, the "^brilliant Manila speedster, whose 'tunning has been Improving with ^ every game, again topped the soor- "'ers with four touchdowns He car" Tied the ball 20 times and netted * 1)4 yards, an average of 57 H< Ut's S*l|l« T Keeping In mind Blylhevllle's approaching game with Ftorrest City Friday (and remembering the manner In which De Queen blasted Hope from (he title picture Inst week) • we arc anxious for Ihe chick's to meet th^ Little Reck Tigers on Thanksgiving Day If both teams ore undefeated nl that time. The only wpy to settle any ar- Riiment n» to the respective merits of two football teams Is on Ihe playing field. Newspaper com- IBnle of Ihe Pnrngould Bulldogs. Dale says that Mayo's "holler" bout his team being out-weighed because other schools subsldlMd football players gives him th nest laugh he's had this fall. Dale says Mayo ilocsn't. know "what pains arc." 'Take our gang for instance, 1 says Dale. "We started the sea' son with Corning, being, outweighed 10 pounds to the mail. Nex was Calllollc high of Little Hock with n pull of 20 pounds to tin begin lo determine They only tend to menls 'dgn't the matter. muddy, tho waters apparently as in the cose of the Blythevlile- Plnc'Bluff dispute of last yejir. Any effort to rate two major elevens-on their showing against various opponents amounts : to little, If anythln/, While we've could to take tried care as best .we of our cm! 3f the various controversies we've barged Into, we nrc frankly getting 'saint wlml tired of the whole business. if there Is anything possible foi the undefeated and untied Chlokj, and the undefeated but tied TuV !rs lo determine their claims in ictual combat let's have it that ,vay. And let's don't allow technicalities to stand In 'the way. S<all«tlcs Vs Scoru Of course we know that a to 7 score, as In the Bljlhevlllc- man. rollowlng In: order wa Helena with 1ft pounds to.a man Blythevlltc with 40 pounds, I'lg golt with 10 and ilnrrlaburg will 10. 1 don't know what Augusta has, but Jonesboro, our Thanks glvlii'i foe, will outweigh us 3 pounds to a position. Oh, yes We average H8 pounds at th present," Further Dale rays, complalnlni. of tho loss of KHdders: "£itne Downs, a 220-|)ound end, had on year left, but through Influenc of Blythcvllle people, was Induce MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1938 GRID IEIS Jack-of-All-Backs Breather Games Fieqiient- ly Turn Out To Foughl Baltics Haid go' lo finish Alubama last high school. summer How, 1 don't know, lie is now a freshman at tlmt Institution. Melvln Harrell, 180-pound, fullback, played hero three years,' Icnrnlng fundamentals and developing Into a good player. Along came Jonesboro, through the Coca. Cola plant and oilier alumni, and moved him and his mother to that city In order that he could play BV MAJ. I.AH'KENCK (BIFF) JONES Head (.'ouch, Unlvmlly of Oklahoma NORMAN, Okla., Nov. 13.—Most, coaches agree that n football team can't reach Its physical and psychological peak more- than twice a season. Working on Mils hypothesis, .schedule makers In the old dajs tried to space the, two blij ijame.1 about five or six weeks ajiart the first in mid-October and the last at the end of November, Few schools can do that today Now Hie tendency Is to play u schedule of hard games Saturday after Saturday.- instead of ookliiK n week or two ahead. cam must concentrate on winning tic game that pailluihi Saturday, i hard thing to do. Take Princeton and Harvard, for example, My guess Is that Dick irnrlow, Harvard coach, had very Searcy game, speaks for tU)Cir_r 0 otbilI there In till senior year but we can't help but wonder by vhat process a Searcy correspond 'lit for one Uttle Rock paper ind the iports edllor of another Little Rock pppei arrived at a lotal of 138 jards gslneu^from crlmmag? by the Chicks In Ihe tame; ' ' Keeping a play-by-plny record )f the game and compiling liL, Igures with the help of an adding nachlne, we find that tho Chicks, \ccording to our yaid? fibm figures gained rushhir plays - leg, too handicapped by an infected Homer Besharse's greatest work 4 Vas blocklhV'a'r«i"6frmie defense ^ passes especially against H: batted down nine in r ln a row,..' From scrimmage he gain- f' ed 72 yards In four 'chances, one a " "-"55 yard run that wound up the ball game L°Roy Brown, playing i'lth a ^ bad shoulder, tore off > 30 yards and lost 3 in 8 'tries Robert '-_' "BUnnj" Scott, midget back, was x thrown for a nine yard loss on his , flrffHnp,''bul carried the baU twice m<>re, gaining 4 yards He inter-, ; cepied a pass as did Captain Walk- .erf* "Ripper" grabbed his In tht middle 'of several Uons, broke away frefn Uo, took lo i.'ie sidelines for "a 'thlrty-flve yard gain He carried "Wood on his back for at least ten jards befoie he was hauled down ' _ {The Chicks completed, two of lour passes Besharse caught one _ for 18 yards and ' Bab" Roberts was ^/" ori the receiving end of the other, ' ' , both thrown by Mosley Searcy i 1 clicked only four out of 24 Brown arjd Mosley averaged, 39 yards on their kicks to 34 by the Lions' ; booter. Buddy Woods Burton and Bill Harrison did tla kicking off arid a\er»ged 35 yards, fue better "' than Evans for Searcy Blythevllle ' ilone And again we nnd that tin Chicks made 16 first downs In- itead of 9 credited by the Searcy -orrespondent of the Gazette. > But ,as we said, we're not go ng lo worry about that They lon't pay off on first downs or /ards gained from rushlnsr, «s completed punting average'or >ny other basis of statistical xverage—except the score which :an usually be figured without the aid of pencil and paper un ess its n one-bided affair such is Uie Blythei.ll'e-Searcy game Pine Bluff sliould well realize 'hat only the score counts after U 13-12 loss to Little Rock Saturday The Zebras rolled up far more first downs than the Tig- >rs, completed more passes, gain Hi, far more yardage from scrimmage - ang> 'outplayed the .Tigers In practically every department But » 10-yard touchdown run and an accurate kick, for the extra f oolnt nullified their best 'efforts On One SMe—Then The Other > The Chicks looked bad In two chases of the game Friday night matters in which they haven t uwvn much, ability all season— the kick-off and 'the try for ex tra' point ,True the locals have not ,had much need for the extra poln or a•'-:• consistently" good' kick-of man' this season but there ma come a ,tlme when they will neei them The Chicks averaged only one extra point for every foil touchdowns against Searcy. Ant a.' good kick-"*' -•"-- - -'— • the exception kick-off was \e'ry irr 90 yards In penalties to 20 Several were for unnecessary roughness. i Gay Evans; giant Searcy fullback. led, his mates In gaining He carried the oval 14 times and picked , up -50 yards He lost 2 Budd> V/peis' card showed 32 gained and ..10 lost in 8 His longest run was ifor-23 yards Evans did his prln- i f /^cip41_ gaining when the first strlng- ['• '„ ers',were on the bench He was ' v abl«>to gain but 14 yards, in 7 agamsl the varsity forwards. ^ .Jonesboro Negro Eleven Over Local Team But to get back to a depart ment in which thc> did excel!— blocking was an outstanding . vlr tue of the Maroon and Whit Friday And one Alfred 'Slick Meredith, a blocking back wh seldom gains individual rncntlo on the sports pages because o the nature of his : duties, (was i rare form. : Meredith didn't scor a touchdown, In fact he was th only member of the storting back field who didn't, but (he player will tell jou there was not better performer on the field tha Meredith Jack Dale HM Ilk Say A statement by. Coach Ben Majo, of Fort Smith, regardm subsidization in Arkansas hlg school football, which Majo late S»\A was erroneously reporled misconstrued by the press, dre a long blast from Coach Jac )mlo nWe to check pret- y close on Joncsboro. Whether lor ol'I cut depends on how we, do each year. -However, they got away from this Stale college officials In , my . presence that :iem ear rkaii-sas ave . said lie Hurricane squuil gcographlcnl- i reads like an unliersiiy or instance, Kansas City, : Colondo, St. Louis, Arizona mid Ala- ama. I wondei what would ha\e hap- ni-ri if someone had taken Hiyo's all-slate center from .un er his nose, for Instance, a team u his schedule this year' rhe One reason why Marquette University's fine football team is un- lUtle trouble keying his players beaten and untied Is that Al.Guepe, about to fasten his sure hands for a foe a.s formidable as Prince- on Ihe ball, does u thorough Job of relieving any one of the backs Pri'i» 0 p /i' C °i l '"i r 1 "} nd .- 1lllm °8 | !>e-'Al is the Identical twin brother, of Art Guepe, quarterback of the Fritz Crisler had a hard time Impressing his players with'the Harvard strength, In view of Ha'i-vard'.s mediocre record the. .last few yenis and also ovei the curienl £Pason.: The game ended In a 14 lo 14 lie Game lough on Sui>f Tix» A team ihnl has a lot of (,ood big football players stands n much ' better chance of going through' a hard schedule., It's tough, both monlull) and physicilly on any plajci to have to play GO minutes each foot-ball game. Golden Avalanche. By llarryGraygon wouk\ resound like In 865, f suppose I am not aftei Ben Mayo al- liough I luu e reason for commenting on his outburst Many years ago he established a ( rec ird •which paralleled Blythevllles modern record. That Is all I can lear Pcop'e here still day-dream old times So >ou see he puts ne on the spot. Hovievei I agree with Coach 130 that something should be done Several answers me avail able (1) Play schools in your own class, (2) Subsidize strength *•> level larger schools (3) Qet masicIan to old In coachlnn if public demands class 'A" schedules played with B' teams You know we cjon t get 200 pound boys out of a hat' I am not aching personallj can take It, This is spoken with the hope of helping the situation of oui own boys After all the> count and it is their game,' CHICAGO.—The 10 faculty representatives of tlic Western Contor„,. . -, „ ., cnce who decide such things, will Thcie is n defhiitt expenditure lcn J0l , lh at [he rule prohibiting Just thiough excitement and pos- }ns( , sc ., son football games was iblj v,on> I have known playeis mlldc in the Interest of the play- who were not in the game at all c , s -•.'••. o lose as much ns five pounds n B ut if - they're sneaking of the nine Just sitting on the bench members of the Northwestern var- llie team with playon, three ,|u of 1936, they had best take an- nd four deep can substitute free- oilier vote and rest Its athletes For Instance take the Notre lame Pittsburgh g-ime this year 3 ltt was able to use 13 backs, in he game and more than 40 play- rs and jet defeat Notie Dame 6 to 0 I think Pitt Nolio Dame Louisiana -"State. Southern Methodist, md most of the : Western Con Paragould Bullpups Win Over Papooses, 22 to 0 i The ^Paragould Bullpups registered their fifth »ln of the season here the BhtheMlle at Hnlcj Field Vlded l,n Friday trouncing ^ to 0 »,, M aic> Field Displaying a powerful offense the Biillpups gained easlU against the much lighter Blytlicvllli juniors The Bullpups made three touch- and one extra point and pro an unusual feature whei they counted a field goal from the 15 jard line In the Issi aunricr Robert Wheells kicked it over the cross bar from the 25 jard <u ' h 11 " i , b «>tlier holding the u >„ Blytheville falling to «in a gam this s»ason made Us only ser threat in the third quarter steady, passing attack and n fev line plays advanced ihe ball d Paragould's 8-yard line before Fu treli Intercepted the ball and rai 92 yards for a touchdown Despite the loss Ihe Blythevlll team looked considerably belle than It did earlier In the season when It lost 16 Paragould by larger score. Iowa Alan Mountain IOWA CITY, la,—University o Iowa's varsity, line will be strength cned considerably when Harr: The Booker T. Washington Eskl- Jonesboro defeated the Blj- negro school football teanj iday, 20 lo 0 blocked a kick deep in sly-1 < territory in the second and covered the ball be- ^,liuSj'the goal line. Later in the 1 same period E. Shelton ran 40 f JMs tor a touchdown and in the ffe? third quarter Dukes scored from 'the 6-yard line ,' Several 'species of spWers are known to catch flsh. They drop from overhanging grass on their , Prey. ••>,-,! ,t H. r. OatkMrt . Set *• i NEPTUNE' $45 BhM to U H. P,) TTOE A -'BATTERY CO. W. M. Burns'Office Moved To i • ' • • Glencoe Hotel Building, South Second Street Where we are better prepared to render service to our friends and customers in matters of Real Estate, both Farm Land and City Property, of which we have a \ery large list and, well located properties. Have farm lands in Northeast Arkansas and'.Southeast ;Missouri at attractive prices and terms. Have many homes in city, at prices ranging from ?350 to $5,000. . This is still a bviyeis market, prices are on the upgrade. Whatever your needs are iii Farm ; Land or City Property, Business or Residence, we have it. Office 113 South Second St. - Glencoe Hotel Bldg. W. M. Burns, Agency Business Phone 243 Residence Phone 212 The champion Wildcats want to perform in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. Lynn Waldorf, their coach, would like to deploy the mighty Minnesota Coaches and members of ot!i? Big Ten 'clubs would like, to ,sc: Northwestern carry thiir league's chedules In football today Over i pcrlod''of years. I would sas lolie Dame has played by fai lit. haidr-st ^schedules both as to allbei of opponents nnd mileage I really believe that I lie Rose Boul game has a place In foot ibiM sj»ys . Bernic Bierman ultra 'conservative head, man of Mihne soUi , whose splendid Tulane tt Is only lecently that Notre i 50U1 , '™° Se : ^T"", ' niK " le , tei Oamn hr> s nin^rt hn m , ™m. ^ made^a great showing against homo games of Oame has sonsequence. 1l{ Trn Tnujli League Most cillics aic agreed that the ig Ten year In and year oui provides the toughest competition n football Big Ten schools ha\e aigt student bodies good athletic Hants and big Stadia Their plaj rs have had excellent coaching lot onl> In the university but in weparatory schools i as ,well. 'Hie chools are located in dense pop ilatlon centers which Insures arge ciowds nnd gate lecelpts uid' enables them to maintain nm- 'Itious athletic programs ^The Southwestern Conference is ;apldly 'Improving in class of "ompctltlon Last jear Southern lethcdist Unhersily was an out taricting tehm in the nation. Getting tack to pointing fm big nines it is possible to kcj °«m too tightly Suva a team at to te off on its timing nnd TOIIC to fumbling "erred by the coast entry, which docs the' nicking. Uarrlng mishap igainst Michigan or Notre Dame. Northwestern certainly would gel .he invitation if the coast |>eop!e believed that there was the slfaht- est.chance .of the 10 Western Conference faculty representatives waiving the rule. . -. * • • Rose Bowl Purse $10,000 : •A Big Ten sqund hasn't lasher* itself into battle in. the Rose Bowl since I he renowned Brick Muller threw his story bonk pass as California walloped Ohio State, 28-0. Jnn. 1, 1921. Major. John L. Griffith, commissioner of the Western Conference, explains that at ttint time it was made clear that an exception lo the rule .would ' not again be made. The faculty representatives turned thumbs down on Michigan going to the coast three or four years back. The. faculty representatives turned thumbs down on Michigan go....... ffTEQISEKE Mobley Meets Masked Marvel in Feature Match on Card Tonight. By I. f. FRlEtil) After an absence of three weeks while, th* open air arena was being remodeled, the American Legion will resume Ity weekly wrestling shows tonight, with an all-star at traction featuring both wrestling and boxing. Rex (TeX) Mobley, the handsome scientific heavyweight • from Arna- jllo, Texas, will meet the Masked Marvel, a daring,. reckless giant, who made a favorable Impression n -his two previous appearances will clash In the feature, a ninety minute time limit, two best fall" out of three affair. Oley Olson, the sly,. tricky Swede from St. Paul, Minn., faces a new- comber, Dr. Eddie Mueller, a chl ropractor by trade, in ihe runner- up. They are also down for an hour and a halt.with the usual two best falls prevailing. 'As an added attraction Jack Lu cy (133) and Blllie Thompson (129) two promising Junior lightweights will box ten rounds (or less), am two more amateur youngsters ar carded for a five-round preliminar which will open the show 'prompt! at 8 p.m. ,,- Although the main event \vi hold tnc center of attraction, muc interest has been aroused by th coming of Dr. Mueller. The Bir ln back. to the coast three or four years Wancr Credits Golf PITTSBURGH^ Pa —Paul Wnncr, Pittsburgh ' Pirate outfielder, credits golf with sharpening ills bat- 'ing eye to such extent that he 'cd National League hitters this ieason. He played 36 holes dally last winter. Lubcke of Chicago becomes eligible for the varsity ns a sophomore. Uibcke is a 200-pound tackle In. the. freshman line. highly 'geared Southern Californiai array in" the bis*' show "of the fairest Jan. 1, 1932. "Some argue lhat the long trip takes the nlnyers away Irom classes for top lon« n period, but they overlook . that", a school seldom is In line T"r.'this invitation. Tlmt being - the case; what harm can coins of students being away for two or three V,CP!,S most of which Is during HID Christmas holidays?"^'- .;-.-' • *•,-.» l\Iid-Wcst Team .Preferred I played my lust game for Notre • Dame against Stanford in the Rose Bowl and would certainly enjoy taking a Wisconsin team':to the const." nsscrts Harry Stuhldreher of the Badgers, The Tournament of noses h an .Institution which has done much for intercollegiate footbal!,' snys Noble Klzer of Purdue, whose play jng career also reached the end ,of- the trail with the Four Horseman in Ihe Golden West. '.'The Pa- .clfic Coast Conference conducts the Rose Bowl game. My experience as n player there was grand." 'I took a Christmas holidnv trip to san Diego. Calif., while playing at Centre College," asserts Bo Mc- Millln. "I wish It were possible for me lo put one of my Indiana teams In Ihe Rose Bowl." "Any ( team winning the right to npp?arj In the Rose Bowl should not be denied the opportunity,' says Ossle Solcm of Iowa. And so on clown the line. A mid-west learn would be prc The faculty representatives take the .position : that eight .games are sufficient' for the young buckos,' bul fail to take into consideration th« (T-nlnlh .one in southern California would permit some of the Uoys sec'.-ta good part of America flrsl and hnve a little fun on the way home after breaking training They also overlook the not al- lotether unimportant point thai Che \lslting team collects ifome- thino- like $70000 in the Rose Bowl Outside schools Alabama In par- 'Icular are simplj crazy about the B\i Ten rule which confines its r^ams to the regular season Tin. B»ma bojs hive impioved their athletic setup no little in four PX curslons to Pasadena In the lasl 10 years. —Strong Field .of Candidates Sanh Clara Inrdly will draw the west coast assignment.: Inasmuch t is not a member of -'the- Pacific; Coast, Conference and. has an' tn sagement with Texas.Christian a. lale as. Dec. 12. Sdiithe'rn California/ Washington, and Washington Stale slili are in the running on the western slope. As much as Pasadena .would Hki a Big Ten team, it somehow wi! ninnage to struggle along'..with'ou one and pick a suitable oppp'nen for the western standard bciire- quickly as the Pacific coast loop mlngharn specialist has what h calls a "sleep" hold, pressing th erves in such a manner as to pu Is opponent in slumberland ,an lereby winning. Dr. Mueller In oiind it difficult to obtain mat us to ; his prowess, many grap les refusing to. go on , with hi nless the hold was barred. ,TI hiropractor also issues a challeng o the audience who doubts t] luhenticityof his work. He 1 ppcared in Jonesboro several tun nd has been a sensation, nccord- ng to newspaper accounts. Promoter. clarence Holder has Announced that the arena "has been ;ompletely covered arid sealed, and assures absolute comfort despite, the everest weather. A concrete floor las been laid and a new and modern ring installed with Increased Ightlng. - It is estimated by Legion officials that approximately 1,500 persons can be. comfortably seated. Mike Meroney, Caruthersvllle, Ho., promoter and veteran ring official, will be the. third man in tho ring settles its own fight. There Is n large and capable ficli to choose from—Pordham, Pitts burgh, and Dartmouth in tile cast Alabama, Louisiana Slate.. Tiilan Auburn, nuke, and North Caro lina In the south; Texas A. and M in the southwest; Marquette in th midwest, and Nebraska in the Bi Six. None of these .schools Is ham pcred by 10 faculty representatives They are not averse to permlttin TRY WIKTER BEER, JJUflTWGlING WARMTH \Mm BWmR/» the original WINTER BEER in Bottles ! t>°«'T BE I BY COIO WEATHER. >ARMUPANI>PH>UI> WITH FAliTAFF 'WINTER I It Gives Winter A Hot Reception! Beard Jack Frost with the most sensational scorcher that ever struck town-Falstaff Winter Beer. Brewed to • «cret formula for cold weather drinking, if, a tingling t«te treatJ Keep the home fires burning. Order by the ewe or in handy six-bottle take-mc-home" bags. The Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art Palmer and Mrs. Walter Palmer ere! defendants, will, at the door the Court in Blythe- l!e, on the 30111 day of No- mber,' 1930, otter for sale to' ''^ ic highest and best bidder npon^ W credit of three months, the ' iliowln? described, real estate lo- alcd iii said district'and county, -wit: Beginning at a point In the East line of the road North' and South along the Fast side of the 150 ft, by 75 ft.' lot, previously sold by Florence E. Polack to Quintal Sapp, and directly East from the Southeast corner of said lot, and . running North along the East line of said road 500 ft. to a, stake; thence East to tlie middle of Dilute, about 99 • ft.; thence In a southerly direction following the middle line of said Chute to where it would strike a line East froiri the Southeast corner of said Qninton Sapp lot, it being a point In the South line of the Quinlon Sapp lot If extended East to the middle of said Chute; -thence West to the point of beginning, a point in the East line of said road directly across from the said Southeast comer of the said Quinton Snpp lot, and containing One (1) Acre, more or less, the same being In,the t>WA of Section 7, in Township H North, Range 13 East. The purchaser will be required to execute bond with approved/ security and a. lien will be te-\ taiped upon the proiierty until the purchase price is paid. WITNESS my rand as such Commissioner this 9th day of November, 193G. A. P. SMITH, Commissioner. Shane A; Fendler, Solicitors for Pltff. 9-16 .he boys who pay for their athletic programs ^ ah opportunity to play In a game which means a reat deal to them, and to letting ihem <;ec the country and hdie a little relaxation and fun. ^Vhat puzzles their facultj members Is » r hy any institution should hesitate Alien offered a grand trip for their boys-^and $10,000. NOTICE OF 'COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,, as : Commissioner; o: the Chancery Court for the Chlck- isawba District of Mississtpp County Arkansas acting under authority of a decree rendered September 28th; 1936, . In a caus< pending In .said -Court wherein J. H.. Grain, ns trustee. for Lee Wilson and Comp any, . a . trust. es- tatc «a plaintiff and Walter IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT O P. MISSISSIPPI COUNTV. ARKANSAS. ' Laverne McKelvy, 'Plaintiff, vs. '. Jen McKelvy, IX-fendant. WARMN'G OltlK.R The defendant,' Jeff McKelvy.. \°, u'lr.necl to appim- in the i-oiut named in the caption hereof within thirty days'• rmd answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Laverne McKelvy. • ' Dated this 2nd day of November, li)3?. H. M CRAIG, Clerk. By A. p. Smith, D. U. & TJvrarrt. .•'. ; ior Plaintiff. i • • , 2-3 •<;-./: Reid kit IN V.'.iitNING On:i::it THE CHANCERY COURT, OHICKASAWBA DISTHICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Leo Lavender Plaintiff vs Man IJosd Lavender Defendant Tat. defendant Mai> Ltojil Ld\- ndu i warned to appeal \ulhin thiiu cs\s in the oirt. named n the caption h»u >f and nn- -•"ti 'he rtmulam o r the plaintiff Leo La ender Dii"d this 2nd AJLJ of No\em- 1. i 1' H M CRAIG Clerk Jy A. P. Smith, D. (, '2-9-15-M Wrecker Service : CM OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 177, -820 Radio Buyers - GET THIS- Before buying a new Radio, DEMAND that they show you the nationally advertised retail price on that particular Radiio. 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