The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1936
Page 3
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J£AY,MAY I r 1936 Powers, Large and Small, Are Increasing Military Budgets When Germany reasserted her- f 'f is a military power, there u <is sel In motion an armaments Ilia! Is chaining tlie treasuries of every nation In Europe. A survey of the march of military cvenls on Ihe troubled Conlln- it Is contained In the follon-- K arllrle, Hie lasl of three writ- leu for the Courier News by Milton lironner, Kuropean manager of NKA Service. -*, * * BY MII/i'ON 1WONNKR NEA Servire Staff (,'orrespomlcnl LONDON—The thunderous rumble of Ihe new Nazi war machine ic-echces. ominously today in otl<fr nalions ,. throughout Europe. •••.-•• Disturbed by ;he growing conviction (lull Germany rapidly Is .legnlnlng' her old 'position ns n Jcmtimnt military (tower In tlie i/eait of the Continent, neighboring countries Imvc lifted peacetime barriers to join in a fearsome and pi'rse-co!la;>slng nrma- ncnL race never before equalled n world history'. Tlie widespread apprehension of "next world war" was whipped nto a frenzy last March when Wolf Hitler repudiated the last etters of Ihe Ircaty of Ver- alllcs and, likewise, the' clauses if Ihe Locarno pact, by march- "g German troops into the de- nllilnrkcd Rhlneland region. * • * What Germany has done, since litler announced in March. 1935, that the country was going to re-introduce conscription and rc- irm, is a profound secret. But t is believed the army already ;onslsls of at least. 500,000 men fully Instructed, and equipped, jacked by n vast air arm. willi nore planes beinj built every veek. Military attaches have told :he writer they, estimate, that by -he end of 1931 Germany will lave more llian l.tOO.OOO Irained neh for her ( rmy. The crops w ic galhercd i.i the fail of 1937 md the Reich will be ready for dl eventualities by the spring of 938—unless a troubled Em-ojic •xplodes before then. What frightens Europe almost s much as Germany's vast mili- (iry preparations and her in- Teastng. demands, is the spirit of country—a spirit which can * matched -nowhere else,. unless n the speeches of Mussolini to taliaii troops bound 'for Ethiopia, n Germany, hisory hooks.are be- ng rewritten to prove that Ger- mny never lost the World War In the battlefields, but by. a slab li Hie back from the traitors at lome. The children are being •aught lo lisp in songs glorifying lhe soldier and war. 1 On paper Russia Is Ihe strons- Ist mllllary power io Ilie. world, lut the cEIicicncv of lier. forces yet to be "tested. Outside liermany few believe the Soviet linsters waul war. Their biiild- |ig of a huge army and air for- it is generally thought, is lue to their fear of others. luy tlie end c* 1935 Russia had 1300,000 men in her armies, 'in Imr years she Increased her light links by 760 per cent.,, medium links by 7S2 per cent, heavy ar- Illery 240 per cent, anti-tank guns TiO per cent, machine guns for links and airplanes 700 per cent, • rplanes 330 per cent. The "Ger- luui sca/c" caused Jlus^ia to louble for I93G the military bud- l-t she had in 1935. This new lidgei is estimated at something Tee lliree billion dollars. I Perhaps the greatest proof of lie great fear that shakes Eur|)e can be adduced from Ihe ac- lon yi two of the smallest counties in the Old World, both of Illicit are wedded lo peace, are llthout alliances of any kind and |ant lo be slrictly neutral—Hol- anrt Switzerland. Both hare jten alanned by rumors that. II f?rmnny engages In a war with yance and Belgium, she intends send her armies through their J'rritorles. I For some time, .the Swiss have lewed with alarm strong mlll- Vry works erected in Baden at ToM»lh«ri Tot the vision of the child Tfrho it making life a problem for himielf and you. Irritability, bed temper—and nior« KriouJ-physical ailments — are directly traceable to defective Strained eye* [.L, GUARD Optometrist At Guard Jewelry Store ho very great distance from the Swiss frontier. -The Swiss, even before the Germans marched in- lo Ihe Rhlneland, look measures lo fortify their northern frontier which border's on 'Germany, in February the Swiss military authorities laid plans for an entirely new scheme of army organization and mobilization. The new nrmy will consist of a covering fcrce which will protect, the mob-' libation of Ihc field nrmy. Tho main army is lo be organized in eifOit light divisions, each wllh the proper complement of machine guns and field and moun- lain arlillciy. IfcUend, though feeling severely the economic depression. ', recently voled about $40,000,000 to perfect her defense, jrer 'air "force will be greatly Increased. Modem fortifications will be erected: along the rivers Rhine, Mouse j and Scheldt, especially at thej bridgeheads, and there will • be new coastal defenses. The army's artillery Is lo be strengthened,' csuecially as regards mill-aircraft guns. France and Helglum, even ! bc- 'fore the lihlnelftiU hapiAiiiiig, alarmed' nt Hie increasing .Gc'v- inun nrmy. made arrangements lo lengthen the time . of service of Ihelr conscripts, thus lU'tomallcnl- ly. inc,rev>u|S itl^ illrcujstli" of (heir nnnies. bast January* Ihe Belgian MlnLslcr of Defense decided to build along iho river Mense and from Liege lo Ihe French, frontier a series of concrete dugouts reminiscent '6 f. Prance's now, famous "Maglnot Line." ; •;;' Two of the other pence-loving countries In Europe — Denmark and Sweden — are reluctantly spending mote money lor defense. Yugoslavia, member of Ihe Little Entente, which has' pacts willi France, for the year 1930 has Increased Its military, budget so much that 20 cents out of every dollar' that comes into the treasury \vill be spent upon the .army and air force. In .'Czechoslovakia, likewise, the budget for military affairs has been Increased. This country, also a member of the Little Enteiile, feels itself more Ihreatcned limn any of Ihem, If Germany is involved In a war. because Czechoslovakia is bordered on two sides by German soil. powers—Italy and Clerihnhy. At 9110 time the British feared 'Mussolini might order tin attack on the British fleet In iho Mtxjltcr- ianca.ii, when ..sanctions agiilnst Italy were proposed, lint '.hat scare lias,died out. especially us Italy' l\hs ..her' li'.U in Ethiopia. • , •':;•'• The Editor's Letter Box Proffls vs. Jlorallty I (To the editor:) In'n recent news Item ' Blythc-1 vllle 1 Courier News'we learn that! 16 small boys In and aron'nd Bly jl 1'hcvlHe had Ueeii -arrested' for' thefts of inelals to be sold to sec-' ond hand dealers. - Around njythevllle (jerhtips there tire a hundred small boys engage;!' In selling scrap iron, Some of them lake it wherever they can'find It either nlgia or day. They re-, move useful things as well as 1 worthless ones: The business of selling scrap Iron is going on throughout Die nation. Hundreds of thousands of small boys arc engaged in It. mostly among Ihc pool- classes. They are trying ( 0 get hold of a little money, and inider our profit system you must have something lo s,oll al a profit. Tint calls for n business transaction,' he It ever so small, and for a boy who .loves to play to Vork all day tor just a few pennies shows how press- Ing the circumstance.? are. Now the scrap iron' dealer' Is after profits also, so he buys the boys' scrap Iron. Japan is after profits so she buys c'iieap scrap iron, and tells back nice iieV things made from scrap Iron in competition with {American business, then factories shift, down, our workmen are layed off to become poorer so their, children will pick up some more scrap, iron, so you see -how the system fairly strangles Itself. But men working under this system 'nave to have business profits to exist, and, as business narrows those about to be forced out will resort, to questionable methods ns a very means of life. So the struggle for existence under this more business, more profit system Is forcing men and women and children into immorality n t n fearful rale. Our increase "of night We, ilaitre halls, and banditry Is evidence of It. It Is tho history of nalions and governments that fin- mode of dls- Irlbullon of ihe means of life fixes the morals of ttmt comtirv without a _single exception. The desire for business and pi'o- flt on tobacco sales, ihe prelty young lady pictured on blllboaul, and in maga/Jiu-s holding a clgu- rctlc aloft, Im.s Inflicted this pernicious iuiblt upon many of out Indies. The desire for business and profit has put whhky back In Ihe open saloon, and our governments nrc shamefully lulvocuiSng ;; s use to; the profit whid) e oes lo Ihem. Ninety |)f r cent 0 ( our Immorality, banditry, minder, divorce Hie disintegration of m? home iron- blcsome litigation In the courts, Iho inmates of our J;ills and ponlten- Maries, Is due to our private profit business system. (ARK.)' COUR fen NEWS | be bravo Laic In February. the British' government was suddenly affected with the fear of war that had been weighing upon other nations, Oa March 3 it. issued its fatuous While Paper on defense, outlining a program which is expected lo cost u billion and a half dollars. Even before this plan could be approved by Parliament and before It was elaborated, 'the government lif reduced three estimates: For ihe air arm for 1938 Ihe sum of 5217,450,000, an increase of $71,500.000 over last year, the plan being'-'that ultimately'-Die home defense force shall have 1,500 airplanes, 270 overseas and 220 with the neat. Seventy-one new squadrons' are' contemplated, with 20 completed this year. For the army for 1936 the sum of $246,000,000, an increase of $20,500,000 over last year. Among the plans are 115 new light tanks and 3,000 more machine guns. For Ihe navy the sum of $349,550,000. an-Increase of $49,000,000 over lasl year. - - - , • It' was perfectly clear -against whom such preparations . were being made. An attack by France oh England was unthinkable. Russia is way on the other side of Europe. She fears Germany'I and Japan and ardently desires 1 British friendship. That leaves I only two other great European 1 A nation's government B oos down In the proportion that the morals of Us people degenerate. HUH most people think Unit there Is no oilier way to make n living um ]e r (his system, .so let's nil look for n sari place (o full. JcMin u, websler Illytheville, Atk, lirllerlloiis on Death (To the editor:) TO unfortunate men and women _ old. middle- aged and young—wh 0 j ; iiaw their days are numbered, who know that death Is close upon them. It's not everybody's lo have lo slare death out of countenance. Many men die without Imvlng the strength of their spirits tested. Such deaths ave lucky deaths. For those who know they are dying for weeks and months It Is otherwise. Death remains by them all through the day and, what Is far worse,, all through the' small hours of the night. Make no doubt of It, when we die, Just shall be our portion. There Is nothing lo support Ihc contrary belief. No man has ever risen from (he dead. We rot in tlie gmvc. We had far 'better face (he fact. We were brave men when we were in health; let us GAS REDUCED WITH FREE PREMIUMS Regular White 8c Phis 3c In •700CTONE ANTI-KNOCK II .5 C rius 3c Tax KEROSENE 7c IN HARUEL LOTS SPECIAL OFFER ON 5 GAL OIL MARTIN OIL co. '.- ' 1 Block North, of Slop I-itfhl, Steclc, Mo. "Honey, that's the .ifuff" —irioult gleeful George. "At fait yau'v* itopperj falling for t>ioi» 10- cdlled 'fr« e premiums' and ar» getting better i«a for ihe money." No "Free Premiums" 1 -Just BETTER TEA / That's our policy. We can't afford to give you "free premiums" and at the same lime giv« you the finer, more expensive teas that are blended in McCormick's Banquet Orange Pekoe. For your sake we'd rather, and w» do, invest the money in better tea. Ridier, sweeter lea that's free from bitter after taste! Extra juicy tea that makes extra cups pec pound. Try it. Your money back if you don't agree that, iced or hot, it's the best you've ever used. McCORMICK'S be bravo mon when wo are rtyltip, If we fim.-y i hn , „.,, eo ,J, ' s ranee- |il: U -o «.,„,,,, llK , n , , "bloodl.'.v. bods-loss, boneless," let M , mt „(,„,., . uoihliiB K-iflble In life n, W | 10 | llls lnl | u,al Ihere I «s keep Iheiv lor me lite mi).-, inHfylnu uf all Ills, nolhliti! ,„ lls< stlm so I(|J we oxLv ,!,..,!], |.. ni)l wlt |, l|s b wiien dv.iih Alines (hen we do n eNist, u ,!„,... I10t (h|<]1 m either ih, n vlll| , 0] . lb( , ll( . ll(|] Vvc j.houid live each diiv HiO'M! i n were our lust, dny, 1USO live Ol .]| rt|l j, HS |( 011] . was nei,,' ,„ ,,,„,. l ,,, lw , u and . . , - • •"! I V 111 ||U time hi mv ||f,, ironuj^i mv | u ,,, a much iil.nii dying wllh dlnnlly, borne i.unk mim should iH'Ciislom his mln.i uiruiiKli iiuMUall™ to (he Iili-a t ,r j,,,,!), so h , !m> (>|Ul •we mav iiu> lunulsoini-iy—iluiL Is ' wlthoiit imifc." ] trust iiAlur*. She ,°. l " ! .' ""' W '-'''I'I"B lo my cradle ni".l sin 1 will ii'ini uu 1 iiroti'sHiiiti lo my i-.iavr i enjoy llvlnn. if r ''»> I" mi IHiysk-Hl nil In i-vwy, li"»r "I HU' dny It Is in mo a livasmwl fxeili'iiee. I have ul-l ways tnisinl my M'nsi'S. I believe lltnl niiin'.s ri'iil'ca])llnl lies not. in HIM icy or swlul slandlnif. but hit the pim.r tits bml.v IIUWSM for 1 ixnidhii! ID wcry pxiH'rleiuy of Me-, flow-ever, on the two occnsSoh'. whi'ii my illsordor Ims bronchi ili'iilli tiliirmhiijly uenr t K'nniVii Hint tlw senses In'sm-h hours of extremity lire nol to to tvusted. n Is lime llii'ii to consider real lucis of our cnse. We arc Bluutow.s. U Is by (he, niivsl rliiuico lhat we have rvpi; lived; wo shouldn't drudge when iho ho.iv niTlvej; (or u^ (0 wulk Uu 1 wuy of nil imlitro.! \Vi> should bring back to memory' i Iho sloiy of our life's exiievloncc. I Us sorrows, Us loves. In (hi 1 srnw nil will be nt (|iilts. H was In our nutiiro lo have aelcd. ns wo Imvo ncti'd. There are oc'i'uslons when « free mull should bt> remly to Blvi 1 his life for a friend, PAGE THREE i 1 wailth in I) •e nit' the ivIlocHluns of n limn wlu; has spout six J. Jones Hlylhcvllle, Ark. NUW IXHIlk'J U l lot N ortll StcoILl I ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON tiUWAKIW, l>ro|>vliilor in»k« of rtlnill! Tfnewrlitrs,, AdJ| !)|c Biacnliie, M,* C U- Stupidity 11 ml cruelly mv real sins of life. It has bii'n inv cxiierlenct' (hut wickedness ha's usoully been K>ii)))ovled uy ihe cowardly society Hint care only for tho itppoiiuince ot thlnss. Home euro not fot 1 (he frluhleiU'd truth tl.ut lies hlditen behind. "Home- HViiHV DAV I'HK.'IIS Kodak llnlshhis—any slv.c 8x roll, finished roinpluU', :il)n I'osl t'nul photographs, '1 for asc or si |»>r lini'.i 1 ]!, Ktiunps, ti for Ilk'. Wylie Picture Shop Across 1-Voiii lioxy Thciiin 1 IRENE Local Manager Wanted I'leM Stipeihilemlonl will be In lilylhcvllle fur n few days Ui M'li-el Itinueli iinsumtl Inlervlews " loial mumiger for Ill.vlhi'vllUi and vlelnllv. Wi- ttiiill it mini of InlcKiUy a nil avrtane abllliy to liiuk nflcr Inishim l, n v. $7.10 ,.';, S |, | ]lvl . s ( ....... ( (lit eeiluli, e-i'ii-s li-sx). Inv-.'slmenl fully iruli-iled. \Ve ure a tiill,,i l;l | r ,i)j:inl/a(| ( m taU-d "1 a hiilf nillllini dnllaiy. It.-feieneis r i> i| u 1 rit il \lille, jIvltiK name, aihluw, rltomi numljor, lo l.ox "I..S", t.'oiii-ln- Nv\\s, Introducing a New Used Car Standard of Specified Quality W ITH Ford Dealers, the day of the "used car" is gone. You arc'now offered an exclusive new standard of automotive quality in "U&G" cars. This new term—"R&G"—stands for Renewed and Gnarattlectf. It means that each car offered under it must meet a rigid set of specifications as to mechanical condition and appearance. And the result if.r- product so fine that it can IM; sold with a written guarantee of "Satisfaction or Your Money Back!" Undcr this guarantee, you arc the SQUARE DEAL VALUE CARS AND TRUCKS FOR EXTRA THRIFTY BUYERS judge of the car's quality. After purchase, you may drive it two days, and put it to any driving test you please. If' it fails to measure up to your expectations in any way, you may return it to your Ford dealer's, and have your money refunded in full—cheerfully, no questions asked. In addition, you will receive a wriiteni service warranty as a further protection. This double guarantee removes forever the elements of doubt and uncertainty iliat have troubled buyers of used cars for years; The R&G emblem is the mark of an exclusive Ford dealer value. Go to your 'Ford dealer now, and sec his K&G display. Your present car will be accepted at its highest cash value—you nlay not need any money to drive away a car that you can be really proud to own; Easy terms through Universal Credit Co., Authorized Ford Finance Plan; > RID ' D i A *%— L E R S * It's Easy to OWN a "R&G" USED CAR Take your choice of the exceptional values listed .below ]!>35 KORI) V-S TUDOR— Hindi painl. Good condition (liroiiRlmut .................. 1931 FORD V-S !)K UJXK TUDOK-Miiroon color. Good tires. Excellent motor ...... $375 F()U!) V-S TUDOR— This car has never (PQrr been mistreated ...................... (POJ J 1931 KORD V-S TUDOR — Reconditioned wherever necessary 1933 FORD V-S FORDOR SEDAN — lilack color. A line family car 1935 KORI) V-S PICK-UP—On (his good I'irk- U[> you will get new car service AH the above cars nrc hacked nol only by the WRITTEN "R. & G." Used Car Ouaraiilee, but nlso our <I8- Mour MONEY HACK Guarantee. All may he bought on the low U. C. C. Finance Plan. In many cases your jirescnl car will make the down paymwil on a newer one. ' Call or see Calvin, Graves, Shanks or Barber at 810 or 811 PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5th . & Walnut Open al Night

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