The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEU NEWS J%h-Speed v Hi^h Powered Locomotives Feature RaiIways' Comeback Iron Horse Snorts Defiance to Rivals in Transportation Race By CHARLES f. A. MANN NEA Service SpttUl Correspondent SAN FRANCISCO.—Par from being headed for the scraphcap, the Iron Hor£3 Is coming back, stronger than ever, with new blood and sinew foi the transportation race. An amazing variety of new high-speed, high-powered locomotives Is being built to heul 70- mile-an-hour freight and lOO-mlle- an-hour passenger trains, within the next few months, the railroad? will introduce some of the most startling developments in power that the rails have seen in 100 years. Some of these rail monsters will yo 2000 miles if necessary without refueling. New turbo-electric giants arc being built for service for the first, time on the American continent. They will be capable of running 600 miles without Uikirw on water. Artists are b'usy dolling up the new lightweight passenger locomotives with paint jobs and rakish lines which the auto manufacturers well maj cmj In sirup contrast to the condition of a few years ago, when practically no locomo- lives were being built, the Southern Pacific alone hns on .order 10 hugu articulated consolidated locomqtlv? which will bu the largest in th? world. MA>lMOTir, DIESIIS BUIol Hi»h speed pissonijer locomo , lives tint will haul heavi strings of Pullmin cars o^cr mountain] giad"<; at SO nut°s in hour nrc ln» dc\eloped And bigger aiifi'.usttcr Dies2l-cri- Bined locomotives, are also going Into service before the end of th? jear The"- include two giant 1000 horsepower, streamlined, stainlcsi- ste") Die"ls foi tli" Burlington ind -i 3GOO horsepower engine for the Union Pacific which \ull b' the heaviest nnd largest Diesel lo- (.cmotUe In tie world The most spectacular of Il-"sc new rail pouei jilinls to go into action recenth are the il=et of aiticulatid consolidations a nov el type of oil-burning double-en- gined monsters b°mg installed hj the Southern Pacific. Tl'es- lool like huge MalK engines ruu backwai'l \\jtii thj 'engineer and the fireman in thsi regular'cab facing the opposite di -• r-ctlon from the traditional posl '• ; tton the cowcatcher almost direct iy b"'o\\ them and a =el of broad winrtcros across what «as form-rly the open end of the cab now b= come the front. HA\ E BACKWARD LOOK The cil tank tender n attaehed at vUiat noi_Id have formerly h°en the front nov Hailing the mersed en°mc In model m present us- the appearance is that of a loco- rno«ve running backward with its tender at the wrong end. But n»uer models under construction will streamline the dru- hig cabs so completely as to leave no doubt even to the casual observer as to which nay is forward. -Tiiese giants have been de- Eign-d to haul pass»n»er trains at high speed over the Siena No vada mountains and arc 53 cnri- c.ent that they wdl gently handle a 12 car string O f Pullmans up » 2 per cent grade .at 45 miles nn. hour. 1"-oj are equally effjctlie for freight or passenger hauling and aailroad men consider ihem the • lost nearly perfect tipe of moun tain power ever developed COMPETIiION IS KEfcN The battle of-stearn, Diesel, and turbine locomotives will be a merry one in the- months to come. And electric power enthusiasts have already mapped out 20 regions in which they believe electrification may be extended advantageously The Diesel streamliners which created such a sanssTVion less than a year ago' are already, evolving. Their Diesel power plants have evolved Into separate locomotives capable of Using "unhitched" from ihe rest of the train at will. The larger Diesel plants are no longer built with the power mount- ed in one of lh> coaches, and this Arkansas^ .type seems destined for short-haul " Scarcely had the. contest bctwean steam and Diesel power gotten under, way, .when along cam3 General Electric and Union Pacific, with! word that they are buildino a tur- bo-electric'giant which will hit the rails early next year. This secretly built locomotive will have a high-pressure "flash" type bolter, similar to those used °n U. S. navy destroyers, and- a steam turbine . generator set 'to produce electricity for tho trac- .h^j nolors ' rt!ch are:geared to »<c drive wheels. "MYSTERY" FNfilVl.' WITIIT - .,- - ..- - * ^.I^VJIrt C. KSUll, I .' 1) IIP I i** 3 fully stTcam lined, and . 1^ two Identical units of 250D horsepower each. Each half can be used sepa- No, (he locomolhe ibiit pushing the tendei And, no matter how much it may seem tint way, the locomolhc isn't 'backwards" Whnt appears lo be a snucd-oll okestack isn't. That's the rear end of the engine. Note where the cowcatcher and headlights are located, extreme right. That's the front. The engine crew faces No Mormon On Public Relief, Their Goal 11 (at «, :;:b u m ;™ 5i^r,r ^s.-rsuffi «"•• ™ f °' """""" l " "'"-V In U>e groat 1(130-37 comeback of tho iron IIo,U Needy members of the Mormon Church of Jc-us Christ of Laltm r>v <s,i i „ v , , , thLs winter as Ion" as contents of church ,t,,,nhnn , L * S '" " o| " be hmsry or cold »w *un no V,UllLtIllO Ul CllUrC hold Through the summer ,„, ttent toward Supply centers e opened with the adient of cold bcrs also v,'ere being given work \ eather Jobless church inem- tion basis like automobiles So the Iron Horse, which almost died of starvation in 1933 and was freelj condemned to d»ath as outmoded among the ne\ models of 1035,Vpreparcs his comeback in the season of 1936-37 uiches cookies and coffee were served. At the next meetln" on Wecl- iicsd!>5 No; 25, oltlcers will elected for-, the coining: year. be Demonstration Club News Notes Dcgwood Ridge. Mrs. Eugene 'Dickinson entertained IB members of the Dog wood Home Demonstration club Mrs J H Smart v,ns enrolled as a new .member. In the business, session led b/ Mrs Albert Pavnc she led the devotional and the roll call «a- answered \uth Tharjksgiung quo tatious from the Bible Plans fo, Achievement 015 and Christmas actiUties were discussed During the social houi a con lest was conducted in which Mrs W J Ftiught Mrs Carl Green Mrs W S Langdon ind Mrs J A Hardm won honors Refieshments of rolled sand COMMISSIONERS SALF NOTICE is' hereby given that Ihe undersigned commissioner. : in compliance •{•jth the terms of a Sh_.igo Plane Without '' Tail To Be Tested MINNEAPOLIS (UP)— A tail less airplane fa being pcifected by Prof John D Akeimann held of the department of neronaiilical gineeniig at the University of Minnesota. Akeimann s phne, on which he has beon woiking foi the past two yeirs, resembles the ordinary plane in no waj Die fuselagp ends just about where .the pilot sits. The wings are three times as nide as the bodj h long and have flap-like rudders on i the tips. It is the piin of A>eimnnn to find out If a tall-less craft can depend for its control and st-ibihtj during a flight soMy on slots and flaps in the .wing's. The plane weighs onlj GV; pounds The wing span is 22 feet I and the v body, Ifength 7't feet A Jacobs 55 horso'p'oviet motor ilio vhles the [jower As jet Acker- minii hns not taken his plane aloft. Malay Sultan Demands Title For First-Born SINGAPORE. (UP) —The 13- year-old Sullnn of Sflnngor has announced that he will make n pll-: Ulmnge lo London to protest In licrson to the Colonlnl OHIce agiilnst behi B forced lo accept his Irani son as Ills heir and successor. "I lie siillan Intends to Interview W. a. Ormsby-Gorc. colonial secretary, and oilier high blllclnls. Ilu also expects to moot fills most Intimate English friend, Sir Frank Swctlenlmm, . tho • former' governor who negotiated the British treaty ivlth the sultan. The Snllatv also" hopes lo present Ws case in• person lo king KJn-ard wtiom he welcomed iii Malayu more tlmn 10 years : ago as Prince or Ualcs. '" : : The dispulc,-. in Sclaugor began »llh the deposing of : tho Sultan's old»st son'-from the position ol Crown Prl.npp'alter l-,e'had hold It lor 15 years:v-8rlllsh Advisers rc- )C2icd (he '.second son's ''.claims to Ins succession and Insisted 'on the Uilrd son bDh)g made Orfiwn'p-lMu and heir lq :tlie throiib'. Against this the Siiltfln protests,' The ?jd- est son whsdeijoscd-UBKirss of his •mprlnccljC innhner of living." The Sultan-contends Dint the British aut-hori;.-;s •,inye''broken their treaty : obligation not lo'-ln- lerfero with-affairs of Malay custom and religion, and : that 'when he asked the Colonial OHIee to submit the cose to the judicial Committee of the privy Council the request \viis refused. . •: . ' In Turkcj the lower class's 0 In- lest their Savings m copper utensils, tlvlr standing in the community uclnj, measured bj the number of such utensils thei uos sess IL Is said thit tha Gut"nber»'Bi- ble printing Is far better than'im ch of our modern work Many of Its Piges Inve dellcat^ marghnl dec orations of lllulnlmted scrollwork which gne it tho effect ot b-ln<- hand-u'orked. tLECTRIC «, ACEllltAC WELDING AT nrsT PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Ca PHONE 10 e use sena- rately, prtlic Uvo coupled together as a nn It ir , 163t | S(J . Hca » 0| , cheaper than Diesel fuel W l)l b' used. Noisy exhaust is cllininat-d" and the steam Is condensed to b<> used again. The locomotive will run 60.0 inlles without taking on cither water or'fuel, at 100 miles an hour, and should be Mess costly than Diesels to build and operate Small Diesel-electric twitch engines are now being turned out on • a standardized, quantity-produc- decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of. Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 28th day of September, ][)3G. wherein Home Owners Loan Corporation was Plaintiff, No. 6233, and Mattic Mac Knight, R. c. Knight, ct al, were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and jest bidder, for cash, on a credit of Ihrce months, at the front door Of the Court Hoiise.. 'between (he hours prescribed, by law, in the City of Blytlicvilte, on the 28th day of ,1930, tho following real estate, to-wit; " Lot Ten; 1 , (io>; -jiock ."C", Staudcnmiiycr, Addition to the Town cf Lcachville. Arkansas, being carved out of the Northwest Quarter 'iN\VM> of the Southeast'Quarter (SE",) Section Eight (3), Township Fifteen (15) .North, Range Eight < 8} .East, Mississippi County Arkansas. SAID sale will be lied to satlify said decree in the sum of £1,44604 with 5 psr -cent interest from July 31, 1936 to Sept. 23, 1935, and G per cent, from Sept 28 1936 lo : November 28, 1936 or until paid. ' : THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved .^security, to secure • the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money.',. . WITNESS my'hand 4 nd thc seal o[ said-Court,, on this, the 31st day ot October, 193S. \ ADDISON SMITH, Commissioner In Chancery & Fendler, . . Solicitors..for. Plaintiff. , ... lil-7-H week Sure you would—and that's all } nu need to give him a brand new Corona Portable Typewriter. Tiien watch hi? marks go up as he turns in neatly typed, correctly; spelled, well expressed work. Corona has helped thousands of students in school and all through life. Why not your boy? That new Coronas ofoitn arc the finest, ftistcst poi'fftblcs 'c c v£r handled, 'ill.'and gel Ific details. ACTON PRINTING CO; Ai-tt, . .'..^'.. Osceola Society — Personal Wiulddl-IlOHcn. V 'A- 'wedding "of. Interest to Os- ccoln and Luxoru friends -was Unit of Miss Amni V. Wiuldell ot this :lty ami. Joe lioss lioweli of Lux-' Jni. •'.'...>-. 'Iho oiremoiiy , wus performed Saturday: .'night. ill the , 1'rc.iby- tcrlnn iiiii'sannECf In- 'Cnrulhors- vllli;, Mo., by the pastor, thu Ucv. Wayne ! W. Clmy. ., . •• ; , Their altcwinnls were Howard Dowcn nnd Miss Dixie -Howard or Don't Sleep on Leftside, Crowds Heart MS nCSSlAE MM tHUSE DISCOMFORT. RIGHT SIDE IEST. If you (on In bed and onn't t.l«eo on Hull! Jldt,, try. Adlerlka. Juil ONE dos« rellove. ilomaoh OA9, prc.ilna VrT*'!*!. 10 y f" lltc E '""icily. : "- Arllcrlkn • net i on BOTH r'uWr ; nnc!. owcr bow B |« anil> out foul liiiUler you would never believe wni n your tystcm. . Thli old matter may .liavo .nolconed you: fgr; ftontlii' nilj nml Mr.,aud'Mra. Ilnll of nyev.. • ,p 'llic bildc woia n 'black satin ensemble with louche* of white She Is Ihe daughter of O. !• Wiuldi'll, u gittduntc of dccola high kihool mid Is eniploycd In tlio county ngwt'i, odtce. Mi. llowen h ibo" 'soil of Mr. mid Mis Ifowiud Jio»en of IMX- oin and a giuduqtc of Osceola high school ami Austin Peny stale Ncinuil ul ChiiksUllc, Tcnn, Ho has been connected \\ltli thu ailmlnlslmtlvo olllc^ of DH'IS Colony slnre Us c.itaUllshmcnt, Hiey will make their homo In Oscc'oln. • i « Mr, nnd Mis, Ab»ci Dihcr, nnd molhcr, Mrs A. Dilyci 1 , left yes- terdny (01 n week's \lslt lo lho Ti\\as Centennial celcbrnllou and Hot Sprliifeo, Mid. John WhU»oilh->wiw hos- lesj, (o hci bildne phib on Friday afternoon al her countiy l, om e ni'in Oliver 'Hie club pike was won b> M-i, AHc Fletcher of l)ns- sell. Ciuesls of n >6 C I,,D Vcfo M"> S. 1>, aiadlin mid Mrs Aubrey Cowan. MIS i!d L, QniHn nnd ^, s j[ J. Hale ii'tuuied niilny mtht from Kansas City where they lent the jml tin™ weeks Mis A. r. Unii; | S j llo (, llc!i(r of liw dniiijiilei, MIS. H n Marshall, in MaHcni foi two weeks 'Hie Ucv J. Wnlton Moore, ic- iriii'd nilsslomny from chcfoo, China, \\ns lho "'' • '•'»«'»'• nl' "i a "'J;?" r '',* " J '">"" i>,,mi.- Mn. Jas. Filler! ;VQ» on, my «lom- ncli wns-no bad-I'Could, hot .rat or Bleep. Even my heart ««emed to hurt. ?!}?>'"* *"• »' Adterlk* brouoM hl9 riillcf. Now I cut »• | w »h, ilctp lint »ni! ntvcr felt bettor.' 1 ' ' • * B, 1 iirdaj, of the Ilcv. Cole and Mrs. Cole Satin ionic to a too weeks unit nt tho Euclid Aveiluo - •• * ' '' * n'-? r BapUat church 'to ifltiloute. will >return'to O«eol» x ' to conduct a jchooljof lasting' one ^^k, ^ pi K*»d Courier Ne«» Want A*L*" FISTULA Every iwrson siiffoilng from p&l IIIM, Piles or olhcr rectal troubfcl Is urged to write The Thornton &l Mlnoi Clinic, Suite 1819, 926McOfe| St Kansas City, Mo, for theirl free book which explains wh»fc| complications may develop |f"th«si| ticucheious nmictlons are neglect-1 c<t This valuable book has been! pit pa red by n noted authority on I icctal and colonlo diseases and I elics full deUili, of the^mlldl Tliointon & Minor methods by! which more than «,000 paUenli hnvo been treated In tho post 5(1 years. _Ady. Drs. Wert & Wert OrrOMLTKISTS Ovei Joe Isaacs' Store 'ttr. MAKE 'KM SEE" I'hone 540 FRIED CHICKEN"^ K>rr> Mm *. Than, on I'Ijte Lunch Hot HlMUlti'Lvtry Nlfbt DECK'S CAFE ' •Across the j,lret\ From Kress- M N « • • * H • • m m ONLY 5 :W*wffims^mi^%^!£ vS 12' STAGE EDITION GEORGE WHITE S SCANDALS 35 DAZZLING SCENES- CAST OF 100 with HOWARD , HELEN MORGAN w ft • m In oTdertoSMeYoarTune^WehneATrangedontKipage the Important Facts Akoat fht ? ei " C™ '" " Q0m ' EASY - T 0-READMANNER, h « A» Mi aatfsy o* con get tie Story-THEN: See the Car Itxtfmd WITNESS the r« n NEW SOUND : PROOFING INSULATION Scientific Insulation. . . in top, floor, sides and door p.incb . ...ibsorhsorhlocks oul noise, liuni and drumming. " , ' NEW RIDING COMFORT New Rubber BodyMoijntmgs...5cp.-irM c bmly every point. ..abaiirb road vibralions. NcwAero-HyilraullcShock-Absorb«rs...oncnt c^ch^YIlccl . . .No pitching, jolting, bbimcing . . . 1 1 ympulli gives younsoIt.lcvclride—Palcntcd Moating Power Engine Mountings. More SeatWidth...3 - niorc|nfr<), i i...2i/ 2 "more in back... .more head and Icy room. ^ AMAZINC SflFETV INTERIOR Protictlonlnsido.y.nn inslrumcnt knobs and r/mtroli nro recessed . . .door handles designed 1 jorsnlcly. . -back edge of front scat padded . . . buill-in windshield dcfroslcrvcnls... windshield 3 r wider. ' "~ "~^ NEW HANKJNG EASE Sway Eliminator on «ronf«nd...uolcariing6way ' 6n curves. ' ~T~" Hew Steering Ease..;nu "wanJcrmg". . .no wheel-fight... and pnrkTrig's a cincnl Quieter, Easier Shifting. /.due to added antifriction bearings. ..Syncrp-Silcnt transmission . . .quid (gears throughout. GREATEST ECONOMY Oat Mileage . . . tests show 18 lo 24 miles per gallon! , , ' . ' Lowett Oil Consumption... jcwbr places lo lu- bricatc:.'.\vilh I lib engine 'aehl'cd la keen ollin_. dirt oull ' ' -' - 1 '. • . ~~ NEW SAFETY INTERIOR nr. [i»!kui»lrglir«ei)d WktkU eii Ealenor it EASY TO BUY 7te Comntreiil Crtdil CM pany olkn .. ihroujballDcSolo, CVtjiItr or DoJje dnlffl., .pignut Iniii ailow »l $25 . moolk. FlYNOUTH DIVISION OFCKRYSUItCORfORA'nON. 7 MWOR BOWt* AMUTtUR HOUR ColiimW>n<t«*rk T»iur*d«jj, 9 1» 10 f. mL, E. S.T GoSetfLYMOUTH!

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