Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 8, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1898
Page 24
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DAILYJPHAKOS SATURDAY. JAN. 8. 1898. extended visit Mrs. Charle Celery and oysters.-Rothermel The Mclntosh case will be called Monday. John Bowman will spend Sunday at Peru. Get Sunday's Enquirer at the Alcazar cigar store. An ol' fashion' frolic at the Korn Karnlval Monday nlgbt. A eood delivery or road horse foi sale. Eoqulre of H. B. Kennedy Suuthslde. Beginning nextMonday, the Wide Awake grocery will close at 6:30 until further notice.— T^raut. Chas. VBayOef/ last night fo Fort Beiiryj^y/aB, to resume hi duties as a>ej6ber of a U. S. cavalrj regiment. Charles Yarlott Is now traveling for the Elliott wholesale grocer company. He made his first-tri this week. Mrs. Mary Castle has gone to De catur, III., for an with her daughter, Needham. Rev Stewart conducted services a the Market street M. S. church dur ing the week, greatly interesting large audiences each evening Councilman F. A. Dykeman cele brated his 37th birthday anniversar yesterday. He did not entertain company, as stated by the Journa this morning. Rev. John K, Ford, engaged In thi alum mission work at Chicago, con ducted services at the Market stree church last e?enlng. He went tc Kokomo today. The case of the Bridge City Con structlon' company against Alvin Martin, to collect an account, was appealed from B?qulre Fry, of Boone township, to the Circuit court. John Burke, of Harrison township and John Doe, a stranger, were ar rested last night for intoxication Afjber giving each- a lecture this morning, the mayor commanded them to leave the city. James Reardon has gone to Terre Haute to take a position in the v an daila blapfcflmith /shop. Mr. R. ii one of tire best) jfiung men that ha irt to seek employ He was employed in the Panhandle here, and was with his fellow will remove his ever left L/fga ment elsewb for many blacksmith shop general favorite workmen. He family to Terre Haute, RA1LROAU BREVITIES. •7 Hhort Items of Interest Gathered From Many Sources. In the year 1897 there were forty eight persons killed in Ohio at cross ings ot railroads at grades. The Erie has thus far spent •!,• 500,000 in equipping its cars with automatic couplers and air brakes. TheSanta Fe has increased the force at its shops at Topeka to 1,500 men, and will in future build all its own cars. & That welcome vlsitbr, Paymaste: Snee, of the Panhanile lines, wil start on his monthly rounds next Monday in his new pay oar. The earnings of the Lake Erie & Western for the year ending Dec. Si show an increase over the year pre vlous of almost $100,000. The western roads are making a hard fight f jr tine passage of the antl- scalplng bill, which is expected to come up in congress within a short time. The November statement of the Pennsylvania railroad, given out on Friday last, Is the best issued by the company at any time in the year 1897. The line of the Union traction or electric company between Anderson and Alexandria Is materially affecting the passenger traffic on the BJg Four between these points. The January business this year is so far largely in excess of that lor the same period last year in both the freight and passenger departments of nearly all of the rallroa-'s. Reports rrom all of the contracting locomotl ve shops show that 1,251 engines were built in 1897. Of these, 3S6 were constructed for export. The number does not include those built by railroad companies in their own shops. More business was done by the roads passing through Peru, Ind., in the year 189T than in any former year, which was largely due to the dlisoovery of oil .at Peru, la the month olGctoh^er/jhe freight receipts ol! the.i'Wffls/paMto? through that pointYncr^«idjl7i'>bo over October, 1896. ' / •*. • On October 1 the platform mea' at the Pennsylvania city freight-.-depots bisgan basing their pay on the ton-> nuge- system, and in most cases the results have been very satisfactory to ttia freight handlers, about 'one- Julf of the nambar making from $2 to t4 par week more than nnder the d«,y 8ytt«m of paying, while the less competent receive » little leas. A CAMPAIGN OPENER Democratic Mass Convention Largely Attended. Delegates SelMted to Fern Convention, and general Harmony Prerailed. Dnnsnal Interest Manifested iin the Proceedings find Some. Good Speeches Made. The turnout at the Democratic mass meeting this afternoon in the north court room was a surprise In Its magnitude, fully 300 active aiad enthusiastic members of the party being present and participating. The business was to select twenty- four delegates, who shall go to Peru next Tuesday to participate In chos- Ing a menaber of the Democratic state central committee. B. F. Loutnairi was made chairman of the meeting, with John W. Barnes as necretary and John H. Schwerdman and Peter Wallrath assistants. After considerable discussion as to how the delegates should be chosen, it was decided to allow each township and ward to'choose its own representatives. The result was as follows: LBI/QT DELEGATES. Adams-vbaniel Woodhouse. Bethlehom-r-John Brinley. Boone—John Bites. Clay—Oliaa^Spftznagle. ,- Oli'ntonr-rtfDhfi H. Smith. i/Deer Greek^-Tbos. Flynn. Harrj£oEi-jAVm. Burton;, altercate, Wm/McEpnald Jackson^—Joseph Gray, j Jefferson—N. F. Gibson'. Miami—W. S. Anderson; alternate, Wm. Burgman. Noble—John W. Harvey. Washington—George Burkhart, Tlpton—Thomas Conn and Owen Engler; alternates, J. W. Rice and Wm. Wendllng. First ward—M. McTagrgart and Charles E, Carter. Second ward—D. D. Dykeman a,nd/ J. W. McGreevy. Third ward— G, W. Bodafer John E. Irwln. Fourth ward—A. P. Flynn and B. F. Louthaln. Fifth ward—J. H. Hench and Albert Merrltt. The above delegation was empowered to flll any vacancies that naay occur, and It was further ordered that every Bryan Democrat from Cass county attending the Peru convention be allowed a fractional part of the vote of his township or ward. It was announced that the Waoash road wll'l sell round trip tickets to Peru next Tuesday for 65 cents. Speeches were made by Hon. llllo Barnes, chairman of the Howard county Democratic committee, Olaas. E. Carter, D. D. Dykeman, George Burkhart and Major McFadin. The iatter caused great enthusiasm by calling lor three cheers for William J. Bryan. A set <ot ringing resolutions were passed which will be printed In Monday's Pharos. The convention was remarsable for the confidence shown In the Democratic prospects for success in the coming election. There was never a more enthusiastic initial campaign meeting held In the county. BI6 EXPE58E And No Terdlct In the Forgy-H(irvej Case—The Jury Disagreed, Notwithstanding the big expense of this long standing legal contest, the Forgy-Harvey case will have to- be tried over again. The jury disagreed after twenty-three hours' deliberation, and it is understood that the twelve men stood seven to five for Harvey, The expense of the jury was 1180.50 and the sheria's costs are 836, :i 5, to say nothing of the attorneys' fees. The Weather. Fair tonight and Sunday, Architect Grain is preparing plans for the new Bethel church to bei built in Clay township. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded OR. PRICE'S CREAM MM POWDER WORLD'S FAiR,CHlCA60,,I893 OIL AND (JAS FIGURES. gas Will Last Indefltoltelr If Properly Husbanded. Oil Operations Hate Almost Ceased for the Present at Least State Grfla Inspector Leach will file bis report with the governor about January 115. His careful estimate on operations In the Indiana gas belt since the first well was opened, ten years ago, will show that 5,350 wells have baen drilled. O£ this number about 2,300 are now being drawn on and are considered "good" or "fair" wells. The others have been abandoned or Invaded by salt water. Tbe original area of the Indiana gas fields was about 5,000 square miles, occupying the apex of the great La wrenceburg- Valparaiso arch. At present the area of tne gas-producing field is ocly about 2,800 square miles, the edges wnere gas once existed now being occupied by oil, and at, the extreme edges by salt water, which underlies the oil. This shows that the great reservoir of gas lies on top, oil underlies the gas, and underneath the oil lies the salt water, the hydraulic power tronl which the pressure Is derived. Thus, when the gas is drawn off, the oil begins to flow, and when the oil is exhausted salt water rides and fills the holes, arising to the height ot sea level. Lake Michigan probably furnishes the pressure for the Indiana field,. The Indiana field being on the apex of a bowl-ahaped arch, the confines of the field narrow gradually. The original pressure, according to the report, was about 325 pounds over the field. One year ago this pressure had fallen in the ten years preceding to about 220 to 235 pounds.- The pressure thi8-y*ea> will be from 215 to 225 pwrtfds on/ao averagc'oyer the field./ This l«r' a remarkably slight decline for a'year, tfiough In ound Alexaadrlav/where the territory/ lay U&t year and .ere the greatest y^as waste has durlng^the \a,n f nine months, the pressure has Declined eeventy- five pounds, whjle the product is dangerously near the water line. Tne report will give as the reason Tor the slight average decline in pressure the introduction of more economic methods In burning. Mr. Leacb takes a very bright view of the future and states that there will be gas enough, for all for an Indefinite time' and for domestic use for many yeais if the present cases against waste by oil men — now in the supreme court — ire decided in favor of the state"; otherwise the greatest blessing Indiana has ever had will be allowed to waste in short order. Mr. .Leach states that oil operations In the gas territory have almost entirely ended, at least for the present. There are only four derricks up in all the gas territory. Of that number only three are drilling. They are located near Swayzee, in Grant county, and the other derrick Is in the Alexandria field, in Madison county. This is In striking contrast to the operations going on In the Alexandria field last summer, when scores of drills were pounding away at the strata. One or two good pools were opened and one or two persons have made money out of oil. It IB estimated that the oil operators dumped 1500,000 into the field In leases and wells and have got scarcely $50,000 in oil, all told . Many men were ruined. The only trouble with the Alexandria field lies in the fact that It is not yet "ripe." When the gas is exhausted the oil will flow readily, and Indications are that it will prove one of the best oil teiritorles In the country. and aeen CHICAGO MARKETS Received Daily br W. W. Milner, at G. A. B. Building. Chisago, .Tan, 6, 1898 Wheat—May opened at 9If@9Hc; high, Wt@92c;low,9lH; olosed,9l|c. Wheat—For July opened, 82ic! closed, Sljc. Corn—May,opened,:!9f@29ic;hlgh, 29Jc; low, 29fcc; closecl, 29J@29fc Oats—For May opened, 23t@23Jc; high, 23J@24c: low, 23|c; closed at 23Jc. Pork—May opened, »9.3"; high. 19.45;low, $9.35; closed, 19.40. Hogs—Opened steady. Receipts of hogs 18,000; estimated receipts of hogs for tomorrow, 42,000 head. For mixed, »3.45@3,60; for heavy, t3.45@«3.80; rongb, $3.35@3.40; light, »3.40@t3.57. Cattle—Receipts, 3,000; sheep, 25,000. Curb, 91Hc: Puts, 90tc; Calls, 92c. The funeral of Marie" T, Forsch, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emit Forsch, of Colombia street, was held at 9 a. m. today from St. Joseph church, R«T. Father Koehna officiating. Intermit in Mt- St. Vincent cemetery. Cloaks, Blankets and Underwear •'. -!• AT COST To Glose out the Stock- SCHMITT & HEINLY. ThelGolden Rule. Helenblazes! That's what the man said when his laundry came home yellow, orn and faded. Then he concluded to try MARSHALL'S LAUNDBT, and his linen was returned as white as snow and without being torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. THEIR DAUGHTER Found Living a Life of Shame. Wrote Her Parents That She Was Employed as a Domestic. Said That Lulu Sore WillT be IProse- cuted Upon the Charge of Being a Procuress. Although 18 years of age, old enough to know better, Anna Shaffer, the daughter ot a highly respected citizen of Walton, seems to have determined to lead a life of shame. She came to this city oabout four weeks ago and become an inmate of Lulu Gore's resort over Aaron Long's grocery on Third street. In order to set the minds of her parents at ease she wrote them that she was employed /'her^ as domestic in the/family/ of a Mr. Thomas. A / /K>rnaer 7citteea,. of Walton met^'her on,/ the /'afreet yesterday afternoon iuid sawder enter the re -fort meoflooed/above. Learning the character afthe place, he notified the police. Her arrest followed, and actlngA>n the instructions of her father, she was sent back to Walton this afternoon. The Uore woman conducts one of the lowest dives of the city. She is said to be at Indianapolis at present for the purpose of Inducing other young women to join her here. It (s also said that upon her return she will be arrested upon the charge of conducting a house of prostitution, and upon the further charge of being a proc'-iress. The charter of Marion lodge No. 195, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, was restored last night and the event was celebrated with a big social session. The trouble which caused the taking up of the charter was over the initiation of Bob Fitt- simmons, the prize fighter, and the details of the whole proceedings have been published in the Pharos, HOLIDAY Shoes " and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown In the city. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green, red, lavender. In fact; anything in nice evening slippers. ^ See our Men's Bootee combinatio|§," Boot and Shoes just 'the thing' for winter. Stevenson & tlinsick. t ~ • 403 Broadway. 'TAILORS Can Suit You in Style and Prices. Annual Gas Rates A RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring- to avail themselves of the Annual Rate, commencing- December-lst ,can do so by calling at the office pnd arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself witb a good Sewing Ma^goe at a very low price. My stock include* all the leading makes. My ternt are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing macUtt n the house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSRTT THEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I make your clothes . Pm making Fall Suits and Overcoats to order front $16 to $40.00 ............. H- G. Tticfeer, "Tailor, 4th and Broadway. MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS:* Walker & Ran 42O BROADWAY. to BXJU- Now is Great Reductions in Prices of all OurHca* Millinery Goods. - r , * Spry's, Broadway and P

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