Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 2, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1896
Page 8
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^gps^%^l^ Another Harvest for the' Fosters Kid Gloves Slaughtered Mercifully READ LETTER BELOW New York, July 25,1896. Jebmitt & Heinly, Logansport, Ind. \ Gentlemen: •••-•*• • I have shipped to you today 600 dozen of Job-GenuinelFos- Jer Kid Gloves, such brands as the William, Fowler and Posterma, which I by a rare chance got for you. These goods were sold to me as seconds but you will find upon investigation that the same are exceptional good values, and first class. They beat anything I ever saw for the price. I think they will do you a lot of good. It happens to be one of those things that you get once in so oiten. I also have sent to the Danville store 600 dozen, as I knew the quantity would not be any object it the price is right Hoping the above'action will meet with your approval. Yours Very Truly, . B. Goldstein. The above goods have arrived and we will place them on sa'e SATURDAY MORNING. These are the goods that generally retailjat $225, $2.00, $1.50 and $1.00, our pricejfor choice of entire lot will be 58c a pair. Be>a -hand early as we don't expect lot to last Ion S. SCHniTT & HEINLY. Hammocks at your own price at Geo, A ITKINLEYCLUB. Wilbur:\Viutei-s Us confined to bis Jtomv oiraccount of illne.-w. For S;de.—Now typewriter, 020. Bon Wism-an, Room 4, Crawford block, A' hoi-se atUielied to ;t mail wngon ran away yesterday morning on Third Btreef. No damage waa done. Air. mid Mrs. Fnxl Meii-ke liave re' tonied to the d'by to locate afte-r living jfor some time at Harrford City. Mr. Blenke- ha.s taken a position at Harry Thcker's. Thc licv. Mr. Neely of Young America, delivered his farewell seniiou last Sunday to the ccmgivgatlon- at that place,' he having been, transferred to other fields. • : Those who enjoy a day's outing atoukl not fall to take advantage of the Kiccedlugly low rate to St. Joseph via x ae Vandnlla Line. Train-leaves^the atation every Sunday at 7 a. m. Fare Sot lite round hip, $2. John McNamara, who is a Logansport product, is still making claims at JTCubasli that be Js the chnuipiou middle iwefeHb pug-Mini: oif ludUmii. ' He is said j to-lave- srtarted to MJ:ssourl to go into i •ifcafetoff *or a go with Joh-n Burns of | Tennessee, September 2Stih. The consolldntion of the Natural and ,- Artiflcia'J Gas companies, makes tlie pryinent of bills for consumers using »otti kinds of gas much more convenient The person paying for natural jas -who -IS also a user of the artificial <wn now pay both bills nt the same time attlic company's offlce, 317 Pearl street, . -AD bltl-i are due and collectible on the, itet of each month' with customary ten a«y»' grace. Bills for August, 1SOO, 'aow being due. • Rebublicans Will Meet Friday Night to Organize. Friday night, August 7th, after Uie Mount meeting, there will be u gathei 1 - iug of tlic RepuWlcaus of Logausport, and .aill who wL-;li to jollu with them at Broadway' I'litk. for the purpose of or- iwiiteLiwr a- JIcK'mley and Hobart Rc- publ'lc-.iu club, John . W. OTIara oC Pom, <Llsti'ic.t organizer, will be the principal xpcaker and local talkers will also be heard. Major Steele will be present. Good miisi'e will enliven njid the Ri-pn-bllcnu spirit of enthusiasm will pveva-il. All are urged-to .turn out-Friday ovenhig, August 7th at the rink.- A REPORTCORRECTED. Victims of the Crawfordsville Wreck Misrepresented. A faJse report has beiin clrculati.il tiiat tbe crew of the engine Unit went, through, the Vandal-ia. bridge near Crn-wfioixlsville knew Uie structure was not safe, and went upon it for the purpose of testing it, having left the de- itnclied cars at Craw,f«rdsvl'Uc. • The fa.ct 'is, the crew had no idea but tluit tlie biidge was perfectly safe. Tlic part that gave way under the locomotive-was iie-w, having been built IMS than a year. The victims of the terrible ncclden, were 1 on Ulio way to a point hall' a mllo 'iwrtli oit tlie bridge, to Inspect the track where a. washout had been reported. The statement that they were to inspect w tiwt the bridge or tihat they knew It was nriAiiifc, Is false. : Republican Speakings. Ui'publieaji speakings will be held at 1 live follow.l'iig places in Cass county: l''riday aitternuon. August 7th. Hon. J:uiK« A. Mount, Hon. Geo. W. Steele, nt. Logausporf. at 3 o'clock. • Kri-day ntglvt; August 7th, 1 nl'UroaJ- w,-iy 'ravk. Loga-iisport, Hon. John AV. O'Ha.i-a of Peru will-.organize a republican cJnb. '• '• 'Saturday night,-August Stli, Hon. W. D. Owen at Walton, - ' Hon. W. T. Wilson will aixxik-.atCiifc lovvay sdiool.house, Jefferson'toWnstep Wednesday evening, August Oth. - - • ;•' Hon. W. T. \VMsotr-. will 1 address a meeting Thuisday evening, August-ft, at Onward, Tlpton towish-ip. '; ANOTHEIl TALE FOH THE MARINES. \ Peru Chronicle: The Converse ,T6ur : itil's hero tile, related by Dick Millerj ls,.sui-passcd by -the etoiy of Ed Bntk;. 'tort told to the Tlpton .Tribune. Some; tlimc ago Mi'. B-im-khat*,dlsco,vcred that one of h'ls 'liens bad stolen.out her uest and evoiT effort to fekl it proved unsuc-. 'cessful. 3lir. Burkbaa-t: knew that the- hen was laying eggs .with-due regularity, but'to save Ms Itfe.hc could not find the ncsit Oae .day he-happened to be. out in the oroliard underneath, a-large npple tece, and to bis surprise when be made an Iiuvestiigatlott.nnd discovered "a nest In the forks .of ft. trec.-and-it con- taJlned sixteen eggs.. This Is the. first instance wbca-e It Ist-kiKWn that-a hen Juis laid eggs to ji.tree,;.and the'discov- .ery was Indeed n ASILVERLESSON Why Sol Cohn Quit Selling '•.,'-": Mexican-Dollars. The Free Silver Yawpers Were Afraid it Would Queer TbeirOame. What a flexican Dollar Will in That "Prosperous" . Country. buy .Sol Cohn.-'-tlic 'Broadway street cigar ilolaer, has brought':\ storm o£ trouble aliont life ear.*7-l)T indulging iu A bright advertising scbcuie. Mr Colin, I'kc ninny other merchaul.s, saw ,1 chance lo advertise his business In a iwher unusual niaime>r ITS' offering to sell his customers Ilfty'cents worth of cigars and give them one dollar iu eh.'ingc. On the face, of it, (he.proposition looks absurd, but It Is easily,done. He scni a New York dnift-j-'ooil for one hundred dollars lir gold coin, to the Governmenl treasury at.tlie City cf Mexico, the capital o-f Old Mexico. In return lie rc- ce.ived one hundred a.ud eighty-wen Mexican-silver dollars, each containing .four grains more of silver, than- the dollar of rl;e United Stairs. Figuring all expense.? iu aud averaging the cost, of bis Mexican dollars, he fo'uind that they cost him just'lll'iy-five cents each.. We offered 10 give to anyone pnrelKi^Ing tV tv cunts worth of cigars, one of tlusc'Mexican'dollars in ex- diaugc.piOTlded the customer gave him a dollar Lu the coin of the United States. In oilier word*, a customer laid down a United States silver dollar, received fifty cents worth of cigars aud a Mexican dollar. It cost Mr. .Colin ,1n.5t five cunt.s" on each sale t!ms made, but it was n good advertisement. Rut the silver, -fanatic.-*, were not pTeawid with- this practical domonstratioft &£ tlie effects of free coinage, and they went to Mi-. Colin-and 'said: "You had better alee those il—n Mexican dollars ouf of your show case ami cjnlt offering them for llfty cents, or wu will .see that yon lose your trade." The Mexican dol-' lars a.ro no longer displayed for trnge at tho terms first offered, but Mr. Cohtt has a part of Ills stock on hand and is willing to dispose»of the shiners at what they cost h-im. A .Tonriuil mnu laid down a dollar of the United States, backed by-a gold.dollar, and a five eeut piece of the .same government, and was ^Iven one of the Mexican dollars and two silver iiiuirtors of the cotaage'of the United States mints. The reason why the yawpirtg. froe''silverites iu \l~.ls neck of the woods >d Id n't want Mr. Co ha-to continue hi the business of distributing Mexican silver dollar* at their true worth is that it Is too plain and practical nu abject lesson on tlie result of free coln:ige oif silver, i Let every workingnmu, every . man , who works ; for a-"salary is a working ^ man, study carefully this list of prices . • for the necessaries of life which the . people' o£- Mexico arc paying, aud his ( :com-mon-sonse will tell him which he .-prefers, a dollar which will buy a dol- ' Inr's worth of "goods, or a dollar which iforcds the prices 'be goods to double its true worth, while his wages remain I he same. .f> Ibs.. Arbuekle coffee $2.00 20 Ibs' wlilte sugar. .2.00 12 doz. egg*: •'..:- f • 4.50 10 Ibs. crackers.-...-. 3.00 3 Ibs, mixed biscuits 1-50 , 1'edani cheese . : l.i!> 8% Ibs. bacon..: '.:£. 2.07 ii.doz. eiius dev..ham.'. 3.0( % don. cans corn boot 2.50 0 Ibs. clgiiv butter -l.SO 2 bottle* Gerkln pickles '...... l.-IO 1 bottle white pickles J..~0 a Ibs. <silt 13 4 ciz. pepper ," ciuis Swiss mill; l..jO ;{ enus exl. beet' 2.00 1 Ib. Ideal tea 2.00 2 .dm. lemons 1.20 S-12 do-/., .spoons 27 S-12 doss, knives and forks........ l.<.!7 ?-12 dox.'block tin cup,< 1.0' 8-12 dox. tin pla-ltts....'.' S4 1 ciui orange jelly 1.2." 1 ga.l. coffee pot 1.23 1% Ibs. candles 3' Total ?40.53 This bulk of goods was ' bought in Chilmaiiua. in "that prosperous country wliere tho prices are. hijjli and labor well ))aid," according to tlie Pharos. It i.< vouched for by two gouileimdi well known In Ixigan>Tiort, who bought the KO'xls themselves in April last. If uoc- essa,O' It can be vouched for Iiy nfflila- vits. and (lie gentlemen are men whose word is a.< good as their bond. They further report t.liat the wages of skilled miners in th-U "prosperous" country. ]ia.y.'iblL' in tills same fifty-five cent dol- la.r which Mr. Colin was offering his ens lomcrs. a.ro paid the magnificent sum of one. dollar per day. wliicli amounts to (ifl.v-)ive--cenls of our money. Tho helpers to those -jiiiners. iliu men who wheel the ore and do the hard work, are paid (&V> oonls pei: ilfty. Common lalwrei's. such as dig ditcho.s and work in tl'.e Holds, arc paid from .S 1-3 to 13 cents pe.r day. And that is the kind of "prosperity' 1 the Democratic free silvcr- iie.ii would bring to this UnllfyJ States. REPUBLICAN DAY. Hon. James A. flount Will Speak to Citizens August 7th. ]-'r:day, August 7lh, at 1 p! m., at the rink, there will be am address to the citizens of Cuss county by the Hon. Tames A. Mount, candidate oa the KP- publican ticket for Governor. The well knowai ability as :i spcaker'of the eminent Hoosier should be sufficient to cause a big turnout of those Interested in-the vital issues of the day. There wlJl be other prominent men present, among them being the Hon. Geo. W. Steele, member of Congress, and candidate to this district for reelection. There will be good music aud plenly of'it, and a good old Republican time. Every citizen Is deeply Interested iu the settlement of the financial problem, ,iud tho speakers Friday .will be well equipped to g[y> an honest exposition of tho silver question. CAMP MEETING. A-colored caaii'p meeting will be held at Spencer park for ten- days, opening next Friday oilght. The meeting will be in charge of the Rev. W. H. Carter and Mr. Biiiinett, wJio had the big inoot- in-g -recently at Poplar Grove. It is possible ttat n- masked inniriagc on »e platform wffl-1 take place (hiring tlie niectl'ngs at the park. It. is a big thing to say. but nevertheless true, Hint a great multitude' at people have crowned Simmons Liver Regulator, liie "King of Liver Medicines." There.is nothing like it for Mariana. Khomnattan, Chills and Fever. Constipation. Biliousness, Sio-k Headache, Indigestion nud all troubles arising from a .sluggls-h or diseased liver, % Simmon* Liver Regultitor iis the prevcnlion and cure for ('licse ailments. . Subscribe for The Journal, 40 ceate a mouth. A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one that Is a loser. Why run anj- risk when you caa have your wlieel Insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get Its value when stolen? Insure at oace and be on the safe side. Ponctored Tires Repaired, From this date on for 15 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co Greatest Discovery or the 19th Century. Dr. Xettgue't M£W HKMKDT Medicated Air JfontieCurcot Ctitjirrli. Atttliuia una all Pnlmouarr Dise»se«, It bus no fqUJtl for Sick and Nwvous H<»d- aclie, 1,000.000 people ci« nnnuiilty from the above named diseases, f- ::i CATS 6A>* guarjinwwl to c jre rou. tedl^t*(lAli-»ii<l Drtiff Co., Rlchiuonil.' Ind., 0. S. A. it li the best remedy on earth for La ,>pe. It will give Immediate relief •*4 will effect a cure where all other • —«dles fall. •flld by B. P. Keesling. PEOPLE WE HAVE HEARD OF. T,hu girl who burst into tears has been put together, and now wears PilUng's The young man who was taken by surprise at the wearing qualities of PU1- •tag's shoes, has returned, and says be intends to wear no others in the future. It is rumored that distance lentenchant- ment to tie view, and now the view. refuse to return it, without an equivalent in the shape of PiJling's shoes. The man who painted the "signs oC times" is now out of a job, and when last beard of, was trying to get a position painting Filling's signs. The man who jumped upon tbe spur of the moment, was glad to sit down, aud bas done bis jumping with PiH- ing's shoos since. Tbe gentleman who went too far lo the argument against PUling's shoes was brought back on a shutter. The man wJio was moved to tears, complains of the dampness of the premise, and wishes to be moved back again, as the only dry part of him was bis feet, .and on them be wore a pair of Pilling's shoes. NOTICE. . A. great many persons Jiave not yet responded to our request to settle their accounts by cash or note. As we lmv<* leased our store room and must vacate n .a few weeks we once more ask tlie'in :o respond before placing their accounts :n Uio liamdslof a collector. ' HARRY FRANK. .Itiilgo Dykeman, driving a horse and talking to ji friend at tbe same Umo, became mixed up iu a runaway that .'iinnisliied some excitement Friday night. Xhe horse ran to tbe stable, and no damage "was done. HARRY FRANK'SFAREWELLSALE * Creafes a Sensation-such as has never fceen equalled-all on account of its unheard and unprecedented Slaughter. isMM Goods Ms to go for whatever it brings. No person in want of anything should fail to attend most important sale. Tk Values are Simply Astonishing. . You all know that Berwanger Bros. & Co. of Knoxville, Tenn., have leased our store room and we must vacate Sept 1. To do this--to sell $15,000 WORTH OF CLOTHING within 30 days requires such a slaughter, the like of which has never been known. $2.00 WORTH FOR $1,00 CASH In this Great sale we offer Overcoats, Winter Suits, Underwear, Shirts, Gloves and Mackintoshes at half value. It wilt create gladness to the purchasers who get such Enormous Bargains for their money. Everybody cordially invited to pick some of the plums while stock and sizes are complete. Respectfully, Look out for Sensational itemized price Hst inafewdays. .' • ,• '-•-,'..- •','-< , .' •' • • ' .V • ' . ' • , ' : .', - ',T. -..'••.-,,-" -.» . '•',• ,-•..-• -i. ,,'. "-• . '.. .',,''.-. ' •.•..',,"-, :,.', •", '•'.,'. . •.',. ,.- ,'•'.- .;. , . x : - •,....>;'-'i. '-xV 1 -'-. '„•- .-,''•'".'...' '•'..,... • ,-••;;'. • •* "-:c"^*"'U*,' -.^•^vj"?.••"',*•'"''•.•.-,'.*;•,»•."

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