The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1941 Tonight; Galento Vs. Kirksey Picks American Loop Race Results Champion Expected To Encounter No Unusual Difficulty ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 8.—| WASHINGTON, April 8. Heavyweight Boxing Cham-j (UP)—Tony Galento gets a pion Joe Louis undertakes last chance tonight to prove the April defense of his j to his public that it's as sim- crown here tonight, w i t h i pie to dra\v a head on a Raer small-statured Tony Mnsto as u beer, the intended 'victim'• in the Last summer Tonv tried il, scheduled 15-rouml bout. but both th, beer and uvinx; Bacr- t™^ 1 ™ 1 ™ ™**f*" "m T*,~ fl ^L ...MI u_:., «. n.on "iinapd un nn him Rr>Miir_r:«i*r,in uu Lne gun Ol wjn S° m 8 away will BY GEORGE KIRKSEY NEW YORK, April 8 HJ.PJ — The New York Yankees, a new streamlined outfit loaded with .speed and power, will win back the American League championship this season. And \herrs a c:iance they might win it by .such a wide margin that the old, familiar cry "Break up the Yanks" will resound again. Whether the Yanks just get un- Skeet Star Here The fight will begin at 9:30 o'clock (GST), with 13,500 persons expected to pay a top of 850,000 to see the fun that experts say won't last much longer than Louis' ordinary defense. Louis will be making the 16th defense of his crown in the same ring in which he first achieved prominence as a fighter. An amateur light-heavyweight from Detroit, the negro won the National A. A. U. championship here in 1934. In 1937. he knocked out Champion James J.' Braddock at Chicago and won the world's heavyweight ^le anc j nas ^g^ L h e crown ever since. He has not lost a fight since Max Schmeling, former champion, kayoed him June 19, 1936, and observers do not expect him to lose tonight. Third man in the ring 1 will be Arthur Donovan, veteran referee who was the man who counted out Louis thai exciting: night in 193G when Schmeling: defeated the present champion. Since last December Louir, has taken on an opponent each and he has signed for bouts in each month for the next five months of 1941. "Bum-of-the-Month" is the common title .for any and all fighters who oppose the champion in these monthly debacles. His last victim was Huge Abe Simon last month, when the giant- "Human Tank" withstood Louis' hammering attack for more than 12 rounds before going down and out in the ISfch. Simon is rematched with the champ lor May 16. Musto is a Chicago Italian who will enter the ring-weighing slightly less than the -203-pound titlist. Fight experts say that in training Musto was easy to hit by even the most inept sparring partners, Louis Will Win Easily "What will Louis do to him," they ask, "if fellows that can't even earn the title of 'Bum-of-the- Month' can pound him?" That question has been answered on all sicies by the answer that seems age-old by now. "Louis xvill win when and as lie pleases." Nevertheless, one of the largest crowds ever to see a ring attraction will attend the bout at prices of S1.25-S6 for the first heavyweight title match ever staged, hi a St. Louis ring. A number of Blytheville fans, including. Joe Craig, Ernest- Hal• sell, and 'several others, left for St. Louis this morning to attend the bout- banged up on him. Result—Galento ccukin't answer the bell for Uv? eighth round. Tony contended then that loo much grog had dulled hi.-; reflexts. Ringsider.s insisted it wns a of 100 much Max. Tonight tilings will be different though, according to Galento. Two-Ton's- fo<- in a 10-roumI- er :it the Ulrne arena will be .Max's baby brother, Buddy—u in (re yliji of a kid who stands six ft'ei six and sc:iles 245 pounds. Galento vows he has stay--d' clon> Pridl| .v. depend on two things: <i) pitching and (2) Bill Dickey. Those are Manager Joe McCarthy's big- .'.st. problems. There is every reason to believe that the rebuilt Yankee pitching .staff will measure up. With Dickey, who's caught over 100 games a season lor Yi j years, it's just a question of wheth- i <;r father time has caught up with • him. • Everywhere else the Yanks arc . terrific. The new infield of Gor- Rizxuto and Rolfe aboard tho wagon and trained f.>r this particular test, which brings him/to the cross roads of his career and holds for .the winner the bows;. to none. Prlddy mid ' R'r/.- xuLo. who work as smoothly tus a pair of ballet dancers around the keystone sack, are likely to be the i x. v* * i« * i v i * 1V ft VIO Av/l Lilt i V111 i 1 vT I L i 11 _ •> —»••*-»•., I,*-*- *, • * * *„ • j ».*_r -^^ i. t»v, promise of a July crack at Jje | sensations of the season. They can Louis' crown. - ' ' hit. throw, run and field in major Tony has boiled himself down ;oj league style. They may be the 240 pounds. There was evidence \ greatest pair of keystone rookies thus was accomplished under duress. Galento did all his training at Orange. N. J.. where, it so hnp- pens, h? operates a tavern. ever t° come up. Pitching Stuff is Great The Yankee outfield Ls likely j to be the league's best with Keller Realizing the temptation this) in left, DiMaggio in center and presented to his fighter. Manager; Henrich and Selkirk in right. Kel- Harry Mendel printed and distrib- ler's hitting has been one of the uted to clients of the tavern this \ Yanks' brghtest spots. He defin- j itely is headed for a big year. Buddy, Thc Yankee pitching staff appeal: "If you want to beat Baer, don't invite him to have a'shapes up wilh Ruffing. 0 Russo, drink until after the fight." • Gomez, Breuer, Bonham and one There's more to tonight's brawl I rookie in the first line. Ruffing than thc doubtful opportunity of•and Gomez have looked great, joining Joe Louis' poke-of-the- Bonham has been bothered by a month cltib-a strictly horizontal back ailment but is slowly round- is mo n whose most recent converts ing into form. The rookie star may include Al McCoy^ Red Burman i )e Hank Borowy, or it may be rnd Big Abe Simon. Golento is a Gcorge Washb urn or it may be charter member of the club, hav- CnarMc Stnnccu . A11 definitely' are «.<,!Li,, eCl I» lln [ teneri . "3 T Joe nfter strong possibilities. They arc the Se " d ' ! 'l±Z 10n ,,.'l *,"°° r cn»m or 11,0. best cro/of young Writers Name Yankees, Reds To Win Flags NEW YORK, April 8 (Special) —It's the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees this year, according to the crystal-ball predictions of America's four hundred leading .sports writers. In a poll in this week's Liberty Magazine, conducted by Jerry ,D. Lewis, the writers reveal their opinions as 10 how the big league races will finish. Here's how they say they will end: National Cincinnati, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Chicago,. New York', Boston, Philadelphia. American New York, C/ieveianti, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, •,;? i'inladelphhi. Sonnenberg Bumps Welch For Victory Roy Welch handed ex-champ Gus Sonnenberg one of the rudest surprises he ever saw in a wrestling ring by blasting him i 0 the canvas with flying tackles to win the first Jail in one minute but 'the cagy fellow who invented the flying tackle found his own tar*ei lateral the match and defeated Welch at the Legion Hut here last. mgiu. The occasion was a main event f- Bijj Grant Ilseng, one of America's greatest marksmen and champion many times in skeet and trap-shooting tournaments all over the country, will be in Blytheville tomorrow. Meet him at Montgomery Ward store from 1 to 2:30 p.m. tciporrow and he'll answer all questions about shooting and about many movie sttv:s he has instructed. * f • * Ilseng Here Tomorrow; Will Answer Questions At Store This particular Haer-Galento KO reeks with vengeance, an item that is expected to help materially in drawing: 3,500 fans. pitchers in Florida this spring-. Cleveland is the team the Yanks have to beat. With the Champion Tigers likely to lose Hank Green- Tony is bent on blasting Buddy bei 'S to thc arm i r and the Recl Sox cut of the picture and thus a ton- stm havin B trouble finding pitching for the indignities heaped up- in » to 'match their power, the -on him by Max. This will be Ga- Indians rank next to the Yo.nks. lento's first start since Max smashed him into a bloody mess. . . ... _ t Bucjdy is equally determined. He the Indians have the pitching to ~~^ v.ww HC1 , « 440 . ^ w ^ lt ow wants to dispose of Galento so he win the pennant. The question Js Montgomery. Fred MacMurray.'iJoan can get a crack at both Louis do they have the spirit and the , Bennett, Ginger Rogers, Claudette i kouNovn-a' couple of to? 8 Punch-? With Oscar Vitt gone : Colbert, and Don Ameche. Most of u ho did the Baer family wrong by along with such highly tempera- these stars are among the K fl Vl 1 r i"\ (7 IW Cl V i _ i i * . . ° Feller Is a Threat There is no question bur. Everyone has questions he wants to ask a champion, and Grant Ilseng, one of America's greatest marksmen and skeet-trap shooting champions, has most of the answers about shooting. Ilseng: will he in Blytheville tomorrow at Montgomery Ward store frerc 1 i~ 2:30 »>SL ; . to answer questions about shooting—and—for you movie Fans he'll discuss the personalities of many movie stars to whom he has taught the art of shoot»if. Think of teaching such persons as Clark Gable. Carole Lombard. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper. Bob Kirksey's Choices — American League NEW YORK, April 8. (UP)— Here's how George Kirksey, United Press baseball writer, predicts the outcome of the American League pennant race: 1—New York—"Break up the Yankees." 2—Cleveland — Second even without Vitt, 3—Boston—Give away too many runs. 4—Detroit—Not a chance even with Greenberg. 5—St. Louis—Might be tough with pitching. 6—Chicago—Dykes could use a miracle. "1 —Washington—Already crying for help. 8—Philadelphia—Just in for the exercise. match for next Monday night be tween Jack Curtis and Rough Red Roberts in the main go and an opener between The (Wild) Irish Angel, minus side-whiskers and now as bald on his face as hp is atop his head, and Mexican Carlos Rodriquez. a. CHOICE, '/WILD "/HAKIM'S" TOBACCO HAVE TO COSTA LOT? A (BX BELOW) team in 1937, '38 and '39, captaining the team in both '38 and '39 and on the ail-American trap-shooting team in 1937. (.The team is selected by Jimmy Robinson, skeet and trap editor of Sports Afield, whose selections are official). Ilseng has been instructing movie stars in Los Angeles for the past several years. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard participate in many shoots and are both expert marksmen after becoming interested in shooting through Ilseng. He shoots on a five-man team in California and in national competition that has won the national five-man skeet title several j times. i Manager J. T. Smith of Mont- i gomery-Ward invites the public to; see and luJk to thc husky Cali-' tomorrow. The men might! Look Selects Yankees, Reds c Back; No j mental players as Ben Chapman, skeet and trap shooters in movie-] fornian tomorrow. The men might: Johnny Allen and Frankic Pyt-' land, and Ilseng will tell you..that set some tips about hunting and' ST. LOUIS, April 8 (NEA) — The first day Ripper Collins reported to the Pirates, he worked in Still The Best NEW YORK. April 3 1NEA) -There are a number of interesting changes among top ranking squash tennis stars, but Harry P. Wolf is again honored with" the No. 1 position. Wolf won the national title for 11 consecutive years and an- ,nounced his retirement from championship competition after winning the Clyde Martin Memorial tournament in January. He represented the New York Athlete club. Joseph J. Lordi. Wolfs club- mate, is the new No. 2. But Frank Prisch's shirt and Spud | season. Davis' pants. Frisch. Collins and Davis give Pittsburgh membership in the Cardinals' original Gas House Gang. Others still in th> National League are Leo Durocher, Joe Medwick, the Deans. Tex lak. the Indians are turning over ; his best, pupils were Mrs. i,Gary new leaf under Roger Peckin- ! Cooper, who once broke ISl-.tarfje-.s ~" 1 " ? old 'in a row at skeet, and Mac-Murray rebel- ! who hits 100 straight every once lion of last June. The boys still ' talk about it and they may hear more than they want to about it from the rival dugouts during the Gas House Gang I !£T , e r ^'L"^r« Indians have Bob Feller. baseball's greatest pitcher, and he is certain to keep Cleveland somewhere close if the team shows any punch. Grald Walker is expected to take up some of the slack in r- n -.l nin ., , ~ ' • U1J ^«^t u^j auuii: UL ll 1C bllLUtv III MuSm , p BUV8CSS Whitehead - the attack but. help must come Missing arc Pepper Martin. Bill DeLancey. Ernie Orsatti. Wild Bill Hallahan. Bill Walker. Jack Rothrock. Chick Fullis. Dazzy Vance, Jess Raines and Jim Mooney. Kead Courier News want ad.s «H«HBra fimfon* CHAMPION BRONCIHTIS, BELTS BROWN ATL\ANTA — Walter Brown is out with the New York Giants after being confined for a week by bronchtis. The huge relief pitcher is still weak and" will do no work for another week. from some other direction too if the Indians hope to match the Yanks' run-making machinery. Cleveland's second base cumbina- in a while. Ilseng averages 09x100 at skeet (missing once out of every 100) shooting—the women can ask about their favoriu- movie stars and their hobby of hunting and shooting. Remember: he'll be at the store from 1 to 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. NEW YORK, April 8 — Victory for tne Reds and the Yankees in the coming baseball season. was the prediction made today by Look magazine. National League 1. Cincinnati. 2. St. Louis. 3. Brooklyn. 4. Chicago. 5. Pittsburgh. 6. New York. 7. Boston. 8. Philadelphia. American League 1. New York. 2. Cleveland, 3. Boston. -1. Detroit.. 5. St. Lcuis. 6. Chicago. 7. Washington. S. Philadelphia. match between the Boston star professional wrestler and the eldest of the Oklahoma Welch brothers. They wound up ihe two-match program at the Hut as Promoter Mike Mercney pre.sf.nued his weekly mat show before a capacity crowd. Sonnenberg was almosi annihilated by the force of Welch's first flying tackle not two seconds after the beii sounded for the match to begin. It knocked all the wind GUI of him, but IK- staggered up again and immediately was struck five times by flying tackles before Welch fell atop his prone: form for the pin. It'.s Another Tackle Gus, who weighed 220 pounds to something like 200 for the Oklahoman. took a beating in the second fall but finally cracked Welch with his famed hyiny tackle to make him an easy mark for a body pin. Sonnenberg had missed an earlier tackle when Welch jumped up over his soiling body, and Gus narrowly missed landing somewhere up in the vicinity of ' Armorel before he stopped * his dizzy roll. The fall required 2G: minutes. j Sonnenberg was in a nip-and- tuck struggle in the third fall and both workmen were perspiring freely as a warm night greeted wrestlers and fans. The great one finally, after 20 minutes, sailed into Welch with a flying tackle whose j momentum lifted Welch up onto the shoulders of Sonnenberg, and when Welch hit he didn't rise again until his shoulders were well-pinned. The opening match was a popular victory by Jack Curtis of Yicks- burg. Miss., over Gruff George Saur after three fast and furious falls that 'totalled 16 minutes. Hammer-locks Win Saur out-roughed Curtis in the opener and almost choked him into sleep for the remainder of the night by applying his famed reverse chinlock-body slam until the weary Curtis had to concede the fall in five minutes. But Curtis stayed away from the damaging hold the rest of the match and his clever wrestling tactics thai make him a real ring craftsman gave him falls two and three and the match, both times t with punishing hammerlocks thafci pleased the cheering audience when Saur groaned and grimaced until he had to yield. Fall No. 2 was s'ix minutes: the finale required only five minutes of action. , THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Promoter Meroney announced at K.j. K «.moUiTobacn)Co..svin;Mn.s»iem.N;c. 1 PUBLIC DUCK GROUNDS SLIM IIIU MiRirw ' SACRAMENTO — A bill before • <rr nmc i the California legislature would is some shooting. He won thc Cali-| t>1 - ^ouib — The Cardinals ' permit the fish and game com- fornia state• trap-shoor.iiv.i j call ^their sh.t-like short-stop,' ; m'ission to acquire public duck COOI-6URNIN6 PRINCE AlB£ftT IS PLENTy CASX ON THE TONGUE -VET B/£Ry PUFF TASTES ,ft!CH. AND IT'S EASV ON THE POCKETBOOK, TOO! fine roM- your-own cigarettes in every handy tin. of Prince Albert and 98x100 at trap-shooting, which tion of Boudreau and , Mack Ls j ern Open small-bore. 20-guagc and another one of thc club's strong j high-over-all championship's. He departments. was on the All-American .skeet Read Courier News want ads At Stud RED MCDONALD DARE r. No. This Registered Stallion will make 1941 season at BlythrviUe FairRrouwls. For foes, bookings, or information write W. L. TATE. Rlythcville, Ark. GET OUR PRICE ON SEED OF ALL KINDS ALL VARIETIES OF SEED CORN D.P.L NO. 12 REGISTERED COTTON SEED FUNKS HYBRID SEED CORN (We Recommend Funks No. 211) SOYBEANS OF ALL KINDS Pift WEEK A RECORD MAKING TIKE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th * Walnut Phone Sir NEW and USED HORSE DRAWN EQUIPMENT NEW & USED FARM ALL TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT ALL KINDS OF FARM HARDWARE 1937. '38. and T 39 and in '38 hit' tin Mnri ° n - Slim Jim. 100 straight, to take the Calitorma' state skeet title. Last year he won the Pacific Coast doubles trap- shoot title at Portland, with 115x120 and 20 straight in a shoot off for the title. He won the Cnlirornla state doubles title last year with 97xlOP and this year has popped the West- I him tinor grounds. Lee Wilson & Co ARMOREL, ARK. FEATURED IN THE SATURDAY EVENING POST FOR EASTER • Look better than ever this Easter in an i! Jusc imagine a shirt, tic, short and handkerchief, each rating the very top rung of the style ladder. Next visualize all four colorfully blended together into one related whole. Then you'll have a picture of our Arrow Aro- town ensemble ... the ultra-smart outfic for Easter. The Shirt, of fine broadcloth has neat multiple stripings. The Ties, grand patterns and variety. The Shorts match the shires and, praise be, have no annoying scams m the scat or crotch. The Handkerchiefs are a treat to the eye. The Shirts corac in several smart colorings with Arrow's most fashionable collar s:yks to choose from. R. 0. HUGHES & CO. GET A FREE SHOOTING LESSON Let GRANT ILSENG, the only man EVER to place on both the All-American Skeet and Trap-shooting teams, show you how he does it! He's coming to Wards for the sole purpose of improving YOUR shooting] Grant will be glad to answer questions on types and sixes of shot for certain game, questions on guns, chokes, leads in trap and skeet, and a host of other interesting shooting problems! Gel advice from one of the finest shots in the world! Dun't miss it! FREE See Grant perform tomorrow north of the Airport at 1. p.m. Bring your gun and shoot with Big MONTGOMERY WARD- Phone 67G 406 W. Main

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